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Achieving and sustaining meaningful educational transformation requires

that we elevate our collective efforts.

The multi-colored bands of the balloon signify both the individual roles
and the interdependence of Ford NGL network members. Unity of purpose,
collaborative relationships, and mutual support capture the energy
required to create impactful community connected learning opportunities
and lift the students we serve to new heights.


Allie Bateman, Community Relations Manager, Ford NGL, Charlottesville, VA
Cheryl Carrier, Executive Director, Ford NGL, Dearborn, MI
Paula Chaon, Advocate and Coach, Ford NGL, Ponte Vedra, FL
Rick Delano, National Advocate, Ford NGL, Bridgehampton, NY
Jessica Delgado, Marketing Architect, Ford NGL, Chicago, IL
Jenn Edge, Ford NGL University Director, Ford NGL, Pensacola, FL
Jessica Juliuson, Senior Professional Learning Specialist, EDC, Waltham, MA
Ilene Kantrov, Director of Pathways to College and Careers, EDC, Waltham, MA
Rebeca Maxon, Operations Specialist, Ford NGL, Chicago, IL
Millie Mitchell, Administrative Manager, Ford NGL, Dearborn, MI
Janet Padilla, COO, Ford NGL, Chicago, IL
Scott Palmer, Coach, Ford NGL, Romeo, MI
Patrice Washington, Student Relations and STEAM Coordinator, Ford NGL, Dearborn, MI

5 11 16
A Ford Fund and Community
Services Perspective
by Jim Vella How the Ford NGL Family The Next Level: Highlights from the
Has Grown! by Rick Delano 2016 Ford NGL National Conference
Ford NGL is Making a by Jenn Edge
Real Difference Californias Second
Ford NGL Community Coachella Valley, California Hosts Ford
Students and Educators Agree NGL Conference
It Wont Be Long Now!
2016 Events and Milestones
Progress is Big

22 29 35
First and Foremost
by Janet Padilla
A Set of Common Values
Guides Our Communities
by Scott Palmer Business Partnerships are Key to
Agriculture Biotechnology Rules Success and Sustainability
Driven by a Shared Vision by Paula Chaon
Finding the Right Career Path
Master Plan Reflects Ford NGL Externships Bring Authentic
A Refugee from Uganda
Network Common Values Learning to the Classroom
Finds His Calling
Students Make a Difference People Helping People
From Homeless to Work-Based
Learning Specialist Wall-to-Wall Academies Offer The Importance of a Strong Workforce
Career Pathways for
Triple the Challenge but Ramp Up! Taking Partnerships
All Students
Triple the Benefits to the Next Level
When Life Is Not Fair

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and the Ford STEAM
Educational Equity and Justice Community Challenge What the Numbers are Saying
by Ilene Kantrov by Patrice Washington by Allie Bateman
Updates from Communities PbF Reports from the Field The Trend is Up
Currently Completing the Master Self-Assessment Rubric Guides
Planning Process Progress and Measures Performance
The Numbers and the
FORD MOTOR COMPANY FUND 2017 Students Tell the Story
All rights reserved.



Taking Our Mission

to the Next Level
Each new year serves as an opportuni-
ty for reflection and resolve. For the Ford
I bleed Ford blue and always will.
NGL Network, 2016 was a year of growth,
Not only because my family all
unification, sharing, and renewal. It was a worked for Ford and it was a given
year of connecting, facilitation, and inno- I was going to do the same, but
vation. Driven by our goals and values, we honestly because of the incredible
shook things up, challenged the status quo, heart of Ford Motor Company. They
and pushed the boundaries of what is pos- and the Ford family have always
sible. We clearly dared to go further in our been amazing corporate citizens,
mission to prepare students for success in and they do it without fanfare. They
life and the 21st century economy. do it because it is the right thing
One of the true benefits of approaching to do. Further, the Ford employees
learning with real world problems is that are just good people who want to
it nurtures a reflective mindset. It is from give back. Ford is my hero when it
this mindset that students gain under- comes to a business partnership.
CHERYL CARRIER standing, knowledge, and a vision for what They have allowed us to do this
Executive Director, Ford NGL is possible. In a similar way, this report is work and to go deep, and for that I
our opportunity for reflection. It contains am grateful. Cheryl Carrier
information, experiences, thoughts, and
stories about your community that you felt as we strive to meet the high expectations
important to share. Your input is not only of Ford NGL students, the Ford NGL
appreciated, but it is another chance for us framework, and your own master plan. We
to learn from each other. It is a way to share must keep equity and educational justice
with one another what we do as communi- at the forefront of our work as we navigate
tiesindividually, collectively, and why. It is each strand of the transformational process.
also a way to promote awareness and inter- Together we can resolve to take student ed-
est in cities throughout the country which ucation to the next level, always keeping in
can benefit and learn from your leadership. mind that these are our children and they
Whether inspired by the leadership and are the future.
achievements of our students, the dedica-
tion and caring of our educators, or the col-
laboration and commitment of community
stakeholders, we should enter 2017 with
optimism and energy. We will need both

Study Visits
the Ford NGL model for
people from about how to
transformation in action, across the take your
including key tactics, country. community to
structures, and roles. the next level.


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A Ford Fund and Community

Services Perspective
Innovation in education is one of their chosen field, experiencing the day-to-
the most important ways Ford Motor day challenges of a job in a manufacturing
Company Fund is building stronger com- plant, design studio, or hospital.
munities. Henry Ford believed that learn- As our country faces a looming short-
ing by doing was the best way to connect age of skilled workers in the fields of sci-
classroom knowledge with workplace ence, technology, engineering, and math,
skills. Its a proven strategy for econom- Ford NGLs ability to mobilize educators,
ic success that is embraced by Ford Next employers and community leaders to work
Generation Learning (Ford NGL) and together is especially important.
advanced through our nationwide net- After all, education is the foundation
work of Ford NGL communities and ca- of individual and community prosperity. It
reer academies. was true in Henry Fords day, and its still
Ford NGLa signature program of true today.
Ford Fundis transforming high school
education by putting students in the drivers
JIM VELLA seat of their own future. Ford NGL pro-
President, Ford Motor Company vides students with hands-on opportunities
Fund and Community Services to work side-by-side with professionals in

Community Connected Learning

Imagine schools in your community where students are enthused about what they are doing in class and
can see the relationship between what they are learning and the real world where they have a vision for
what they would like to do with their life and how to get there. Imagine teachers who are connecting with
students and business and community leaders like never before. Imagine employers finding new employees
right in their own communities who come to them with knowledge of their business and certifications
needed to go to work. Now see yourself living in a community in which unemployment rates are falling,
economic health is improving and the quality of life is better and more desirable as time goes by.

Students need:

Why do your an education that prepares them for life after high school;
opportunities in a safe environment to experience and
practice real world problem solving;
students need CCL? help finding their passion and making a plan;
and deserve a path to success.


A well-educated and well-skilled
workforce is essential for our
democracy and our countrys
continued growth. Career academies
allow teachers to be creative around
specialized themes, addressing
many of the educational concerns
that exist today. These are the kinds
of transformational experiences our
students and schools need for the
21st century.
Dr. Willis Walter
Career Connection Cadre, Chair
Dean, School of Education/Associate Professor, Education
Bethune Cookman University



Ford NGL is Making a The student teacher has been an awe-

some asset and role model for my fourth

Real Difference
grade students. Her presence is known, and
her absence is felt when she has meetings
and or other school obligations. She has
actively participated from day one. She is
Five educators share their stories of school and classroom involved at a whole class, small group and
transformation in Independence, Missouri individual level, thus impacting all of my
students every day.
Sharing my experience with other staff
members and the community is effortless
and a pleasure. I hope that I may have the
opportunity to share this experience with
others and continue to be part of this pro-
gram for years to come. As a cooperating
teacher in the K-12 Academy Capstone,
I have found the program to be extremely
valuable in my classroom and our school.



Student Ambassadors, Independence, MO
Van Horn High School Freshman
Academy Teacher

1. to apply the same principles of learning to As educators, we are always seeking to

my staff during professional development as find ways to improve the educational ex-

DR. PAM BOATRIGHT a way to model the importance of relevance, perience for our students. Most of these
rigor and real world connections. As we con- endeavors are noble and effective, but I
Truman High School Principal tinue our journey with Ford NGL, my staff have found none to be so rewarding or
and I are changing our own behaviors and impactful as the Ford NGL communi-
As an educator of 20 years and a mom, beliefs on instruction, ultimately transform- ty-driven model. In just three years, my
Ford NGL has transformed my perspec- ing the high school experience altogether. experience as an educator has changed
tive on the way education should be struc- completely, and the high school experi-
tured for 21st century learners. The struc- 2. ence for my students has been entirely
tures and leadership Ford NGL provides transformed.

assist me with guiding my own staff with LORRIE LOOK My academy assignment is Freshmen
professional development, which directly Academy. The biggest impact of acade-
impacts the way students learn and receive Ott Elementary 3rd Grade Teacher mies on my students is that high school
information. Bringing the world-of-work
to my staff through externships and job This program has the potential to
shadows has provided an experience I change so many lives. In the early stages
could not recreate in the building. These of implementation, it has already impact-
experiences have bridged the world-of- ed a tremendous amount of people. It is
work to the classroom, allowing students wonderful to know that my student teach-
and staff to see the relevance in our efforts er, Miss Moss, who is still in high school,
as educators. is building her schema of classroom man-
In the past, students pursued careers agement, planning and implementation
after their high school experience instead of lessons even before taking classes in
of during their high school years. The idea college. Engaging in these activities al-
that these experiences are threaded through- lows for authentic learning. The benefits
out academy course work has changed not of having a high school student present in
only how I believe students should learn, but my classroom have been appreciated, wel-
Academy student in class, Independence, MO
also how teachers should learn. I have tried comed, and enjoyed.


I have been able to implement

projects in my classroom that
focus on a theme from each
Freshman Academy Team Lead, Pathways in Education
upperclassmen academy and student teacher,
engage students in more authentic Van Horn High School Independence, MO
development of Algebra I concepts.
Being able to tie these projects This is my third year being involved in Freshman Academy class was one of their
to an academy engages students the Ford NGL model. During my three most beneficial classes. They said that with-
and gives the content validity to years, I have served as Freshman Academy out the class, they wouldnt have passed
their future. This is a powerful Team Lead, and I have one year experi- other classes and probably wouldnt know
experience for a core teacher ence teaching Freshman Academya what they wanted to do when they grad-
whose course is not directly tied to class designed to help all freshman decide uated. This class has been vital in building
a career. on a career that he or she would like to a firm foundation for their high school en-
pursue in the future. deavors. Students wish they could take this
During these three years, I have seen class every year. As a teacher, I am grateful
becomes immediately purposeful. In the what a difference Freshman Academy to be a part of the Ford NGL model and
past, freshmen have had the impression can have on students. In the beginning can testify that it does make a huge differ-
that they should start to think about GPA, of the year, most freshmen enter high ence for students.
internships, careers, and college when they school with one goal: graduate in four
become juniors or seniors. With the im- years. However, many of the students 5.
plementation of academies, freshmen now are unaware of the career path he or she
realize that the time to focus on the future would like to participate in. But through D. NEGAARD
is now. Freshmen are having thoughtful, Freshman Academy, students are intro-

purposeful conversations about graduation duced to many different careers. Pathways in Education II Instructor,
requirements, GPA, credits, elective cours- In their exploration of potential careers, Van Horn High School
es, and college entrance requirements. students are able to attend a career fair and
My content area is mathematics, spe- meet with various business partners. During Focused-teamwork in any area is pow-
cifically Algebra I. A frequent question in the career fair, students are able to have erful. Its most powerful in education. Ive
all math classes is, When will I ever use a one-on-one conversation with various taught for many years and have watched
this? The academy model has helped an- businesses and then see if he or she would students play through ideas that, for some,
swer this question for my students through like to enter that specific career. Freshman direct their future. Others head for college
its component of project-based learning. Academy has brought in guest speakers and or delay attending college, because there
In Freshman Academy, there is not a ca- programs that help students navigate high is limited direction about their choice for
reer theme. Our theme is Freshmen! school. Throughout the year, teachers col- their future. Ford NGL is addressing this
However, I have been able to implement laborate to create various projects that help uncertainty in a pragmatic way.
projects in my classroom that focus on a students decide on his or her career path; My students spend their afternoons
theme from each upperclassmen academy help students pass classes and be at school; coached by expert practitioners/teachers
and engage students in more authentic and finally, help students possess knowledge and working in elementary and middle
development of Algebra I concepts. So far to successfully solve conflicts. school classrooms with children. By watch-
this year I have included four projects. Each Many students have expressed how ing the best and engaging with students and
project has focused on a different academy teachers, relationships are created, responsi-
theme, from building a handicap ramp to bility is honed, and confidence is built. One
writing a childrens book for a local elemen- very practical point is that the high school
tary school. Being able to tie these projects students attendance is near perfect. The
to an academy engages students and gives pressure theyve put on themselves to not
the content validity to their future. This is disappoint their young students and co-
a powerful experience for a core teacher operating teachers is impressive.
whose course is not directly tied to a career. Were growing our next community
of teacher-leaders. These young adults are
now focusing on that timein the fu-
turewhen they might be colleagues with
the very same teachers they now work with,
Academy student in
Culinary Arts class, or at least move confidently into their own
Independence, MO classrooms, wherever they are.



Students and Educators in

Newton County, Georgia Agree
Through my experience as an educa-
tor at a Ford NGL academy, Ive come to
understand and appreciate the benefits
that come from education and business
working together to prepare students for
college and career. Just as it takes a village
to raise a child, it also takes a communi-
tya Ford NGL Communityto edu-
cate the whole child. Students who leave
our school have strong and more refined
soft skills and critical thinking skills when
compared to their peers who have not had
a similar educational experience.
By partnering with local business and
industry, schools can provide more oppor-
tunities for relevant, real-world learning
Students working with media, Newton County, GA experiences. Since students become more
aware of and prepared for postsecondary
My major takeaway from my Ford learning. Due to block schedules, teachers and career opportunities in the local area,
NGL experience as a whole is hope. I can spend more time on topics, so stu- there is tremendous potential to strength-
have hope that people are working to dents gain a better understanding of the en the local economy and prevent brain
change education to be more effective and content. The entire school is a support drain in the community. If a communi-
beneficial for every student. The 2016 system with students connecting with and ty is looking to produce well-rounded,
Ford NGL Conference was filled with helping each other. That is why I would meaningfully educated graduates and a
educators who were dedicated to taking tell other students who have not had my stronger local workforce and economy, I
the knowledge they gained there back experiences that they should definitely ap- would definitely encourage them to par-
to transform their school systems. I was ply to NCCA. They will have better help ticipate in the Ford NGL Network.
blessed to work at the conference with a and focus in class, and the things they will Gina Clark, Instructional Coach,
team of high school and college students learn are applicable and fun. Overall, the Newton College & Career Academy
from around the United States. I was also academy model promoted by Ford NGL
given an opportunity to speak on how to is beneficial for better learning, and I can Ford NGL has allowed our education-
address challenges and make changes to say it has truly benefited me. al doors to open at Newton College &
the student learning environment. Alexander Lowe, Student Career Academy (NCCA). The NCCA
At the Newton College and Career Way has built a culture that encourages
Academy, my favorite class is my engi- our associates to embrace a more engaging
neering pathway. I have access to a lab level of instruction. The partnerships that
full of equipment that I can use to design, are being created allows our associates to
prototype, and build projects. I find this identify their strengths and make a true
level of hands-on collaborative learning connection with the needs of the indus-
to be inspiring and fun. Many students tries in the community. I look forward to
take these skills and work in internships focusing on the Ford NGL strands and
and jobs using what they learned. College transforming our learning environment to
alumni have come back and shared with enhance our associate experiences.
us how they benefited from learning these Dr. Allison Woodard, Ed. D.,
real-world skills and processes that made Coordinator of Business Engagement,
them even more prepared for their future. Assistant Principal
I can see that students are more en- Student in welding class,
gaged and focused with this style of Newton County, GA


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How the Ford NGL Family

Has Grown!
From 2006 when the first communities and civic engagement are being offered.
joined what is now known as Ford NGL, We are building the Ford NGL University,
our network of community-based agents which will become a one-stop-shop for
of change has gained momentum. This community learning opportunities, re-
year alone, Ford NGL is guiding and sup- sources, and tools.
porting 15 new communities as they em- Ford NGL is committed to helping
bark on the Ford NGL Roadmap. This ho- communities in all phases of the transfor-
listic approach to transformation includes mation process. Whether exploring a vision,
a three-year master plan, implementation, preparing the community-driven master
evaluation, continuous improvement pro- plan, implementing the master plan, or go-
cesses and much more. During the course ing further with continuous improvements
of 2017, at least nine new communities are and mentoring, we are there to help com-
expected to achieve designation status. munities be successful. We are enthused
Overall, Ford NGL is supporting 36 about transforming the high school experi- RICK DELANO
communities and 10 Powered By Ford ence to make it more engaging and exciting National Advocate, Ford NGL
STEAM Academies, all driven by a desire for the students while providing the kind of
to give their students a thirst for lifelong authentic learning that will prepare them
learning. Critical mass has been attained as for college, career and life. Our three latest
we benefit from communities who are now designated communities, Elk Grove, Racine,
able to mentor other communities. This and the Academies of the Rio Grande Valley
drives future growth and accelerates the ex- are on track to do just that!
pansion and achievement process.
In support of network growth, the Ford
NGL team has added more full time staff,
new coaches and interns, as well as experi-
enced and caring professionals at the local
level. Workshops on transforming business



Elk Grove Unified Named Californias
Second Ford NGL Community
Academies and pathways have been
a longstanding practice in the Elk Grove
Unified School District (Elk Grove
USD), and the partnership that began a
decade ago with Ford NGL helped bring
programs further into focus. That part-
nership started with Ford Partnership for
Advanced Studies (Ford PAS) with Elk
Grove as one of the training hubs. As Ford
PAS developed into Ford NGL and fo-
cused on the three strands, it was a natural
fit for the relationship to continue and for
Elk Grove to become a Ford NGL Hub.
On January 14, 2016, Elk Grove Unified
School District was designated as the Elk Grove Unified School District Building Trades Internship, Elk Grove, CA
second Ford Next Generation Learning
Community in California.
Elk Groves learning vision is every stu- and local employer from the Sacramento
dent learning in every classroom, in every Metropolitan Utility District reported, I Ford NGL has allowed me to not only
subject every day to prepare students to be- see a more-engaged student who is bet- think about what I want to change in
come graduate college- and career-ready. ter-prepared for the workforce. That prepa- teaching but has given me the tools
This is accomplished through ration is beyond just academics. Students to actually transform school culture.
high quality teaching and gain an appreciation for what it
learning, transforming the means to work in a corporation, process, they narrowed in on desired out-
secondary experience and something beyond a typical high comes. With the community stakeholder
engaging businesses and school experience. While jobs in group guiding the work, great awareness
our community. Ford fast food and retail are also very was raised regarding the value of a career
NGL and Elk Grove valuable experiences, they often academy/pathway approach in preparing
share a visionary approach dont expose students to corporate students for college and career success.
to education with the goal culture or give them the opportu- Teachers find they are able to grow
to develop healthy, produc- nity to work across departments. personally and professionally as well. One
tive graduates who become The SME continued, The Ford teacher noted, Because of Ford NGLs
support for a sustainable NGL framework lets teachers STEM Community Challenge contest,
workforce. see that we are available and it has given me the opportunity to learn
Many school districts talk interested in helping them CAD at a level needed for implementation
about business engagement, and their students suc- for our academy program. It has enabled me
but this past year, Elk Grove ceed. to think broader in terms of partnerships,
piloted Ford NGL Community Through their student options beyond high school, and
Connected Learning (Ford NGL Community collaboration and articulation with other
CCL). Through the pilot, the Elk Master Plan in community instructors. Another observed,
Grove USD developed a rich working re- c o l labo r at i on Being part of the robust CTE/Pathways
lationship with two of their business part- with a commu- challenges me as a Broadcast Production
ners that transcended the traditional roles nity stakeholder educator to seek out professional develop-
and involvement. Through the relationship, group, Elk Grove ment and keep up to date with best prac-
there was a contribution to an increase in USD identified ar- tices. An engineering program instructor
teacher and student engagement, and the eas of growth. The community stakehold- feels empowered and says, Ford NGL has
businesses observed increased employee er group is comprised of more than 100 allowed me to not only think about what I
morale among the business partners. business leaders, educators, and community want to change in teaching, but has given
A Subject Matter Expert (SME) partners. Through the needs assessment continued on page 14



continued from page 13 It Wont Be Long Now!

me the tools to actually transform school
Students see and experience real bene-
fits, too. One student said, Before I entered
the academy, I wanted to be a police officer,
but after I began the academy I changed
my plans to be a civil engineer. Another
who was considering the academys indus-
try-sector focus, now is planning to be a
music therapist. Without an academy pro-
gram, the student would not have visited a
number of universities or have been intro-
duced to such a wide variety of majors and
programs. The student realized that she had
a desire to help people and shared, With
the new knowledge that I gained from the
academy, the people in it, the teachers, and
Academies of Racine students, Racine, WI
from my experiences, I found a direction
and the path to get there. Still, another First students to graduate from the Academies of
student is thriving in the Digital Broadcast/
CTE program pathway. With access to Racine, Wisconsin in 2020
broadcast production equipment, he is able The planning and work to transform the Grand Champion award for their work
to express his creativity and create videos Case, Horlick and Park High Schools into in engineering design, engineering port-
that have a positive and significant impact the Academies of Racine is a collaborative folio, teamwork, and machine operation
on the school culture. Now he also creates effort between Racine Unified School at Milwaukee School of Engineerings
content for local cable stations. District (RUSD) and many partners. For National Fluid Power Challenge.
almost two years, Racines teachers, prin- We outscored 30 other teams in all
cipals, businesses, post-secondary institu- areas of the competition, says Destiny. It
Elk Grove, CA
tions, families, and other community part- was a team effort and definitely a lot of
ners worked to research, plan, and begin fun. While her hobby list is long, science
implementation of the RUSD Academy and experimentation are right at the top. I
model. It took a village, but everyone was like building things and figuring out what
focused on the same goal. makes them work. Now as she begins
I think back to when my own daugh- her high school years at Case, she has her
ter was in high school and they thought eye on the Academy of Arts, Science and
about these career choices but they never Health/Public Services.
experienced it, said Julie Hueller, Director Im excited because Ive really been in-
of Mission Integration and Community terested in science and a lot of other sub-
Relations at Wheaton Franciscan jects. I do like to learn, but I would rather
Healthcare. Thats what really excites me focus on one key thing to improve upon,
about the Academies of Racine. We are says Destiny. Most of the time you learn
giving our students a flavor of what all the from seeing how its done. You cant just
different opportunities are for them after learn from sitting in front of a computer
In his remarks at the Ford NGL high school. doing nothing.
Community Designation Ceremony, John For Destiny Klinkhammer, a freshman In 2020, Destiny Klinkhamer and her
Shook, the President Elk Grove Regional at Case High School, it opens up a whole classmates will be among the first to turn
Scholarship Foundation summed it up well new world of possibilities. Not long ago she their tassels, ready to thrive and excel in
when he said, We all need to be involved. was sitting in Keith Kohlmans classroom life and the work force. Thanks to the de-
FDR said we cant always prepare the fu- at Mitchell Middle School. Destiny and termination of the collaborative Racine
ture for our youth, but we can prepare our other members of the AfterZones STEM community, students graduating from their
youth for the future. And thats what these class were showing off their award-winning academies will be well-prepared for job
academies are doingthey are preparing fluid power model. For six of seven years, opportunities, careers and postsecondary
our youth for the future. Mitchell Middle School had taken home education.



Progress is
The first five academies of the La Joya
Independent School District are up
and running. Academy directors are
preparing for their third cohort of 9th
grade students, and they are experi-
encing increased demand, especially

in Rio for the Academy of Health Sciences

In the Pharr-San Juan-Alamo District

Grande (PSJA), their new Academy of Health

Professions boasts high-tech medi-

cal procedure simulators, including a
$100,000 computerized surgery simu-
lator. Students from all four high schools

in PSJA are getting certified in CPR and
CTE courses. During the 2017-2018 year,
a collegiate campus will be launched
where all academies will be located.
In the southernmost tip of South Harlingen CISD is developing their
Texas, the Rio Grande Valley (RGV) business and community engagement
stretches across the northern bank of the platform and brainstorming how they
Rio Grande River. It is one of the fastest can create a Business and Community
growing areas in the United States. This Engagement Department to support
vast region covers approximately 4,300 their academies. The Academy of Health
square miles and is home to over 1.3 mil- Sciences is the most advanced when it
Students, La Joya
lion people. While the region has a rich Independent comes to having an Advisory Board and
history of agriculture and manufacturing, School District, Rio business engagement activities in the
Grande Valley, TX
the economy is changing. Jobs in a vari- medical field. Starting with the Academy
ety of fields including health, education, of Communications, in partnership
retail, and others do offer careers but only brings relevance to learning in the classroom, with the Public Relations Office, they
for those young people who are prepared. allows students to explore different career are transforming their traditional high
Preparing youth for these emerging paths paths at an early age, and prepares them schools into academies.
is especially critical, since the populations with the essential skills necessary for college, In the Brownsville Independent School
median age is 29 years old, and many of its career and life success. District, with ongoing support from the
youth live in economically disadvantaged Rio Grande Valley Linking Economic Brownsville Economic Development
or impoverished households. & Academic Development (RGV LEAD) Council, the Science, Technology,
serves as the community convening orga- Architecture, and Medical Professions
College 1st Expo, La Joya nization and led the community to create (STAMP) Academies have expanded to
Independent School District,
Rio Grande Valley, TX
a five-year master plan for the Rio Grande all six high schools and greeted a class
Valley. During the designation ceremony in of 360 students for 2016-17.
December 2016, eight school districts were Mission, Hidalgo, Los Fresnos and Point
recognized: Brownsville ISD, Harlingen Isabel Districts are part of the first Ford
CISD, Hidalgo ISD, La Joya ISD, Los NGL cohort of designated districts and
Fresnos CISD, Mission CISD, Point Isabel continue their work on Ford NGL devel-
ISD, and Pharr-San Juan-Alamo ISD. opment with business and industry.
In 2016, RGV LEAD offered all the In 2017 development and consolidation
school districts in the Rio Grande Valley of existing academies will continue with
the opportunity to participate in year-round sights set on one day becoming a Ford
The Rio Grande Valley community rec- Ford NGL Business and Community NGL model community. Efforts will be
ognizes the challenge. They have stepped up Engagement Training. This is the first Ford made to develop new academies within
and are making a difference for their stu- NGL Training of its kind, bringing togeth- the first cohort of school districts desig-
dents. What is most exciting is that, through er best practices from Nashville, Tennessee; nated as Ford NGL partners and explore
Ford NGL, thousands of minority, at-risk Coachella Valley, California; and Pinellas the possibility of expanding the Ford
students are preparing to complete a post- County, Florida. NGL model to other school districts as a
secondary credential in a career they are re- See more at: possible second cohort.
ally passionate about. The Ford NGL model https://vimeo.com/182168993.


IS 2016
IN TH ht s fro m the
l : Hi ghlig enn Edge G L Confer
eve yJ rd N
ext L nce b ts Fo
The N al Confere rnia Hos
ll ey , Califo
Va nes
Coac d Milesto
ts a n
Undoubtedly, Ford NGL has shaped my
high school experience for the better.
Ive witnessed the amazing influence that
the Ford NGL Network has on reforming
education nationwide. This years
conference sessions were informative and
engaging and allowed each participant
and session host to take advantage of
varying perspectives. It was an amazing
Heather Mischle, Student Ambassador
Academy of Communication and Multimedia Design, Mainland High School
Daytona Beach, Florida



The Ford NGL National Conference is inspiration came from our students.
always a time of affirmation and inspi- Students were selected to participate
ration. Its a time to connect with others in the conference based on short videos
who share a bond of common values when they created in which they described their
it comes to educating our youth. Its a Ford NGL experience. At the event, it
time to network, to share ideas and meth- was the students who time and again stole
ods, and a time to discuss and debate what the show. They shared passionate, moving
works and what doesnt. stories about what Ford NGL means to
There was a lot on the agenda this year them, wowed the audiences with amazing
from October 1821, from dawn to dusk EdTalks, prepared songs, skits and anima-
in Coachella Valley, California. As always, tions to enliven the experience, and actively
there was a bit of fun along the way to participated in session design and pre-
help keep participants relaxed and ener- sentation. As one participant put it, Our
gized, from the 6 a.m. Zumba workout students demonstrated the impact and the
to shed a pound or two, to the ice cream difference a community-driven approach
socials during community Huddle Time to transform the student experience has!
where we found those lost calories. Most They are the source of our motivation and JENNIFER EDGE
of all the national conference was a time inspiration for our network. Director, Ford NGL University
to learn from others and reenergize for the
challenging but vital work ahead. This year
there was unanimous agreement that the




Top left to right: Iveliz Garcia, Philadelphia, PA, Hannah White, Pasco County, FL, Donielle Gerrell, Coachella
Valley, CA, Heather Mischle, Volusia County, FL, Anna Perkins, St. Johns, FL, Alexander Lowe, Newton
County, GA, Desiree Cole, Louisville, KY, Alex Torres, Harlingen, TX, Alex Beebe, Louisville, KY
Bottom left to right: Kevin Martin, Nashville, TN, Austin Perkins, St. Johns, FL, Mikie Bowman, Coachella
Valley, CA, Steffany Zuniga, La Joya, TX, Shakarah Nelson, Nashville, TN, Jebari Wooten, Coachella Valley, CA


Superintendents Council In Action, Ford
NGL National Conference: The Next
Level, Palm Springs, CA

Superintendents Council, Rod Thompson, Andrew Melin and

Steven Ladd, Ford NGL National Conference: The Next Level,
Palm Springs, CA

Superintendents Council Group Photo, Ford NGL National Conference: The Next SUPERINTENDENTS COUNCIL
Level, Palm Springs, CA

Talk Show Time!, Alex Beebe, Mikie Bowman,

City Mayor, and Kim McKnulty

Heather Mischle

Mike Schmidt receiving

his Ford NGL Jersey

Hannah White

Steffany Zuniga

Alexander Lowe, Newton County, GA

Shakarah Nelson, Nashville,


Dr. Andrew
Greater Clark
County, IN

Desiree Cole, Louisville, KY

Alexander Beebe,
Austin Perkins, St. Johns, FL Louisville, KY



Coachella Valley, California

Hosts Ford NGL Conference
A students perspective: access and opportunity
2016 was an exciting year in the four times more likely to enroll in col-
Coachella Valley! Partners did outstand- lege than students who do not complete
ing work to advance the goals of the the FAFSA.
Regional Plan, and the capstone came in The number of career academies and
October when the Ford NGL National pathways increased to 38 (up from 5
Conference was held in the Coachella in 2005) with 4,371 students (up from
Valley desert. Over 35 local partners had 500 in 2005), and their performance is
an opportunity to experience the confer- excellent.
ence and host the Ford NGL network Graduation rates have increased over-
for special tours of our program. Three all, with academy seniors graduating at
local students participated on the student 98% and non-academy seniors at 80%.
leadership team for the conference. Mikie Pathway students are much more likely
Bowman, a junior at Cathedral City High to attend college, with 52% enrolling the
School and member of the Digital Arts fall immediately following high school
Technology Academy was one of those graduation vs. 39% for non-pathway
students. Mikie reflected on the value of Mikie students.
Ford NGL: Bowman

The Postsecondary Completion Team

Ford Next Generation Learning set the want to do it for the rest of my life. I discovered piloted a wildly successful Regional
model for career pathway and academy pro- that I loved filming my team and telling their College Fair called Next? Think BIG!
grams that have impacted me in many ways. stories. Its because I attended Industry Council More than 2,000 local students connected
Im lucky, because I had access to opportunities, meetings that I knew the valley had a career with over 100 college, university, and other
which were made possible because our busi- pathway for students interested in film. postsecondary providers at the fair planned
nesses and schools work together to make the The access that I had from 9 years old, by counselors, administrators and students
Coachella Valley a place where kids can learn learning hands on programming in robotics, to from all three K-12 districts. It was so suc-
and apply the 21st century skills needed to pur- my junior year where Ive already submitted cessful that planning for a 2017 fair is al-
sue their career dreams. and won two film festival awardsthis was ready underway.
When I was 9 years old, I didnt really all possible because of the access I had to these Using GIS technology, the Business
know what I wanted to do in life, but I had unique opportunities. Opportunities created Engagement team created a Story Map
access to a hands-on robotics program. It made when educational institutes, businesses, and depicting where local career academies
it possible for me to learn how to learn, think economic leaders came together to invest in my are located, information about individu-
critically, and realize that I had to fail and future. Our community rallied together to not al programs, and short stories about some
get things wrong to learn what was need- only teach us about what we want to do, but of the business partners who support
ed to get things right. This was all part of the gave us the hands on experience and the skills Coachella Valley students. The team is us-
Coachella Valley Economic Partnership and to actually go out and do it! ing this technology to map the location of
the Workforce Excellence Initiative. Together business partnersby business sector and
with Ford NGL, they have been crafting a re- Across the board, Coachella Valley drive-timeto individual school campus-
gional plan for College and Career Readiness Regional Plan Progress Indicators increased es. Ultimately, this tool will help target and
that puts all students on a path for career and during 2016, and several Alignment teams recruit additional work-based learning sites
skill exploration starting in elementary school. piloted innovative and effective projects. for area students.
One of the career pathways created is the After four years of deep, collaborative work, In September, 75 stakeholders, includ-
Digital Arts and Technology Academy. The the Alignment Data Team created a data ing chairs of all six Alignment Teams,
program teaches graphic communication, an- scorecard for the Regional Plan. The data gathered to share updates and celebrate
imation, advertising, and photography and shows that many indicators are improving progress. Each of six students who came up
then pairs students with industry leaders and for local students. Specifically: through the pipeline introduced one of the
companies to work on those skills in real life. team reports. Their stories and the results
This is where I come back to how I benefited Free Application for Federal Student of a 12-year focus on student success was
from access. I loved robotics but knew I didnt Aid (FAFSA) completers are almost gratifying and inspiring to all attendees.


2016 Events and Milestones
14 - Elk Grove Community
Designation Ceremony

17-19 First Ford NGL Winter Conference in Pinellas
Including A Powerful System of Change Learning Lab

1-3 Leadership Council Meeting
1-3 Superintendents Council Meeting
7-9 Academies of Nashville Study Visit
18 Racine Community Designation Ceremony
Kickoff of Community Connected Learning in
Elk Grove, CA

1-3 Ford NGL STEAM Coaches Retreat
20-22 Nashville Learning Institute

25 7th Annual Ford NGL Florida Gathering

7-8 Ford NGL Strand 3: Transforming Business and Civic
Engagement Workshop in the Rio Grande Valley
26-28 Academies of Nashville Study Visit
28-29 Ford NGL Community Connected Learning Session at October
the ACTE Conference
2-5 National Dropout Prevention Conference in Detroit
29 Ford NGL hosted a booth at the Rockford Academy Expo
18-19 Ford NGL Superintendents Council
19-21 Ford NGL National Conference: The Next Level

1 Rio Grande Valley Community Designation Ceremony



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Tri nL


First and Foremost
First and foremost, students are at
the center of everything we do. They are Its exciting to partner with
the scientists and inventors, the engineers employers, educators and
and the architects, the doctors and med- community leaders committed to
ical technicians, the educators and public this movement to transform the
servants, and the builders and the entre- secondary school experience for our
preneurs of tomorrow. Lest we forget, they youth while promoting community
are also the parents of the next generation. growth and prosperity throughout
Whether a student chooses to follow their the process.
academy career path or another, we share
an opportunity and an obligation to pro- That really hit home again at this years na-
vide them with learning experiences that tional conference where students articulat-
fully prepare them for success in college, ed the significance of their real-world, rel-
career and life. Its exciting to partner with evant high school learning experiences and
employers, educators and community demonstrated their confidence and lead- JANET PADILLA
leaders committed to this movement to ership skills. The stories contained in this COO, Ford NGL
transform the secondary school experi- annual report do the same, and they un-
ence for our youth while promoting com- derscore the unique and individual poten-
munity growth and prosperity throughout tial each and every student holds. Working
the process. with the students is always a personal high-
Walking the talk is the challenge. light for me, and continues to remind me
Building the collaborative structures and that students are the leaders of today and
implementing the solutions required is a the future!
difficult and demanding process. Yet, for
me, time and again it is the students and
their stories that remind us of our focus
and inspire us to pursue our shared mission.



Win up to $20,000




Agriculture Biotechnology Rules

in Bay County, Florida
equipped with skills and knowledge to help
them be successful, whether they want to
enter the workforce immediately after high
school or continue their education at a col-
lege or university.
One student who decided to go di-
rectly to work, Amanda McCreight (class
of 2016), stated, Because of my certi-
fications, I was able to secure a job as a
plant botanist at $2.00 more an hour than
my co-workers. I was also exempt from
pre-training before beginning the job. This
year, students will also be taking certifica-
Shoreline Restoration Project, Bay County, FL tion exams in Animal Science and Florida
Veterinary Medical Association Certified
Vet Assisting. McKenzie Galbreath (class
Students gain knowledge and skills needed to be of 2017) shared, I was interning at a vets
successful after high school
There are 47 schools serving nearly (plants and animals) while respecting the
28,000 students that comprise the Bay environment and its natural resources. The
County School District. The entire department is run as an
Deane Bozeman School agribusiness to give students
is located in a rural area of experience in production, pro-
Bay County, Florida. The cessing, and marketing. In the
campus is on 33 acres, locat- Biotechnology classes, students
ed about 12 miles north of learn to operate lab equipment
Lynn Haven. There are ap- such as autoclaves, electropho-
proximately 1,300 students
in grades Pre-K through 12.
60,000 resis machines, centrifuges,
and micropipettes to perform
Deane Bozeman is a Title I AGRICULTURE-RELATED experiments with cloning, re-
school with a high percentage JOBS WILL BE OPENING IN striction enzymes, and gene
of students receiv- transfer/identification.
ing free/reduced Last year, the
meal services. program had a
The Agricul-
ture Biotechnol-
ogy program at
94% 75% 94% pass rate on
the Agritechnolo-
gy Industry Certi-
Showcasing Goats!
Bay County, FL

Deane Bozeman fication Exam and

School current- PASS RATE ON THE
a 75% pass rate on office this summer and knew everything
ly has 160 high AGRITECHNOLOGY BIOTECHNOLOGY the Biotechnology she was talking about. When a vet tech
school students INDUSTRY INDUSTRY Industry Certifi- went on maternity leave, the veterinarian
enrolled in Agri- CERTIFICATION EXAM CERTIFICATION EXAM cation Exam. It hired me to take her place.while Im still
science Foun- has been projected working on my certification because of the
dations, Agriculture Biotechnology 2, that 60,000 agriculture-related jobs will be knowledge and skills I had from my class-
Animal Biotechnology, and Agriculture opening in the next few years. Because of es. McKenzie plans to go to college after
Biotechnology 3. The Agriculture classes the diversity, only 20% of those jobs will re- her high school graduation and work to-
teach students to be more self-sustaining. quire a college degree. Students in the Ag- wards becoming a veterinarian.
Students learn how to grow their own food riculture Biotechnology program are being


A Refugee From Uganda

Finding the Right

Finds His Calling in Nashville,
The Eric Balire story

Career Path Before arriving in the United States

from a refugee camp in Uganda in 2013,
Eric Balire had never seen a computer.
Speaking only Swahili and a few words
of English, he enrolled in the Academy
of Information Technology at Overton
High School where he discovered his
love of technology. Over the next three
years, Eric simultaneously began to learn
English and the mysterious language of
computer programming. In other types
of schools, Eric would have only been en-
rolled in English language learner classes.
He would not have had the opportunity to
start working on real world IT projects.

Automotive Pathway Collision Repair, Golden Isles, GA

In Golden Isles, Georgia, alternate career pathways

combined with support from the business community
helps students identify their passion
Overton High School Student, Eric Balire with Host
Its normal for teens to worry. They wor- automotive field. He was completing his Parents on Graduation Day, Nashville, TN
ry about schoolwork, stress, and social is- pathway when his instructor called. He
sues. Many worry about body image and asked Walker if he was interested in be- At an academy event, Eric heard a
bullying. Another big worry is choosing a ing nominated for an interview for a speaker talk about hacking and cyber
future career. Teens are so often asked by Gulfstream apprenticeship. security. Eric was immediately hooked.
family and friends, What are you going Excited about the opportunity, Walker When Overton started a Cyber Patriot
to do when you finish school? Teenagers applied for the two year apprenticeship. He Club, Eric was the first to join. Through
often have to make early decisions about interviewed, was selected by Gulfstream, this club, Eric was exposed to a deeper
school subjects, study, careers and work. It began his apprenticeship as a senior, and level of learning by networking with local
can be a lot of pressure, and its not always completed it the following year. Since then experts in the cybersecurity field. When
easy. Walker was a typical teen in that re- he has decided to follow his new found Erics family chose to move to a differ-
spect, but found help and direction at the passion and enroll to be an aircraft me- ent school zone, one of Erics teachers
Golden Isles Career Academy. chanic. His goal is to earn his Airframe & opened his home to Eric and allowed him
Walker started at the academy in ninth Powerplant (A&E) license. to complete his education at Overton
grade. He first thought he wanted to be a Because Golden Isles maintains strong High School and pursue his passion in
veterinarian and completed the vet science working relationships with the local busi- information technology. Without the re-
pathway. The experience helped him realize ness community and offers a multi-facet- lationships developed through his acad-
that he wasnt passionate about becoming ed work based learning program, students emy, this might not have been possible.
a vet. As a sophomore, he explored the like Walker can find and follow their pas- At a luncheon sponsored by an FBI
HVAC pathway with the Academys tech- sion while in high school. He developed a affiliate, a professor from Nashville State
nical college partner. He soon learned that strong work ethic at the Career Academy Community College sought Eric out to
the HVAC field wasnt for him either. The and was given the support required to ex- inform him that a cybercrime program
internal pressure had to be building. The plore, reflect and plan his future. Now that was offered at the school. Using
great news was that Walker had a great Walker is well on his way to a successful funds from the Tennessee Promise
work ethic and the all the teachers enjoyed career. Golden Isles Career Academy puts Scholarship, Eric is now a student at
working with him. students first, so young people like Walker Nashville State pursuing a degree in cy-
Another pathway in automotive was and many other deserving students can bercrime. His future plans include being
available, and he gave it a try. He applied benefit from the rigor and relevance a Ford a white hat hacker and working on na-
himself and as a junior excelled in the NGL Community provides. tional security issues.



to Work-
With self-determination
and support from the
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Academies, Janette
achieves success
Born to a single mother who worked two
jobs to keep a roof over their heads, life for
Janette and her five siblings was challeng-
ing and unpredictable. With her father
in and out of prison, the family moved
to Massachusetts to live with an aunt.
Unfortunately, her mother struggled with
mental health issues, and it wasnt long be-
fore Janette and her siblings found them-
selves homeless. With options exhausted,
they moved back to Philadelphia to live
with their grandmother.
Early on, books became Janettes ref- Dorothy had her interests at heart. At the She was awarded the internship and ended
uge. Books were the one thing that could Academy, Janette developed her network- up working with the company for two years
transport her from the chaos that was her ing and communication skills. She learned during 11th and 12th grade. She attended
day-to-day reality to a safe place of learn- how to use social media, and she learned her classes during the day and then, after
ing, hope and possibilities. Instead of giving how to look, act and convey the image of school, traveled to her job. Through her in-
up, Janette drew strength from her life ex- someone destined for success. Even though ternship, Janette met with many executives.
perience. She knew firsthand the negative her home life hadnt changed much, Janette But perhaps her most memorable execu-
impact and consequences of a mother who didnt let that stop her. She continued on tive moment came when she had the op-
did not have a good education and a father her path to success. In Dorothy she found portunity to introduce former President
who was incarcerated. Janette decided she an ally in her quest, and found another Bill Clinton during a policy convention.
wanted more, and she was going to be dif- family in the academy. Janette now works for the Philadelphia
ferent. She was going to college. She was Janette participated in academy com- Academies, Inc. as a Work-Based Learning
going to be a success. petitions including a speech competition. Specialist. She provides the same kind of
When it was time for her to start high It was during this event that Janette was support, resources and opportunities for
school, Janette was excited to take that next noticed by an HR manager. The manag- students that she herself once received.
step in her journey. It was there she met er offered her an opportunity to apply for Janette truly knows what can be accom-
Dorothy Lemanski from the Philadelphia an internship working with the CEO of plished when students come first, and in
Academies, Inc. Janette soon learned that Independence Blue Cross of Philadelphia. that calling, she has found success.


Triple the Challenge, but Triple
the Benefits in St. Johns, Florida

St. Johns Technical High

Creekside High School students, St. Johns Technical High
School student, St. Johns
St. Johns County, FL School students in culinary
County, FL
class, St. Johns County, FL

For a high school student, finding an area all are now benefiting from being in pro- schools in subject related contests. All three
of career interest that you are passionate grams that are tied to their career interests. have earned multiple industry certifica-
about can be stressful and worrisome. For They all liked the project-based learning, tions. One has had an internship.
a parent, you too worry that your son or field trips and speakers. My daughter es- We are now visiting colleges. From
daughter finds something they love, that pecially loved competing against the other class, they know which ones have the best
their high school supports that path, and majors that fit their individual interests.
that there are viable employment and They are confident in their future plans. As
postsecondary options available. Now, All three of our triplets are in a parent, thats a blessingwell, at least un-
take that situation and those concerns and different career academies. They til the bills come times three!
multiply them by three! are now juniors. One changed his Ford NGL is a great resource for dis-
Thats exactly what happened to one academy after the first year, but tricts needing closer guidance as they de-
family in the St. Johns County School all are now benefiting from being velop career academies for the first time.
District of Florida when their triplets started in programs that are tied to their They are also a good resource for districts
high school. Fortunately, the district is part career interests. They all liked wanting to fine-tune an area of the nation-
of Ford NGL and offers 17 career acade- the project-based learning, field al standards of practice needing improve-
mies. We asked a parent of the triplets, who trips and speakers. My daughter ment. Ford NGL can help districts col-
serves on three of the Academy Advisory especially loved competing against laborate with districts in other parts of the
boards, about their familys experience. the other schools in subject related country. This collaboration can help devel-
All three of our triplets are in different contests. All three have earned op new academies quicker and without the
career academies.They are now juniors. One multiple industry certifications. One pitfalls that sometime occur when starting
changed his academy after the first year, but has had an internship. new programs.

Guess what...our family is growing!

We expect to have 9 Ford NGL Designation Ceremonies in 2017!


When Life Is Not Fair

A South Texas student finds new direction
The days when our lives change always Texas at Austin and a $20,000 University
catch us by surprise. I guess thats what Leadership Network scholarship. Its fun-
makes them so important. I will never for- ny that a program that I had no idea exist-
get that day: May 8, 2015. I didnt think ed prior to my sophomore year has made
anything could ruin the way I was feeling such an impact on my life. If Ms. Aguilar
that day. That was precisely when life de- had not led Lopez Early College High
cided to prove that I was very wrong. School to join the Ford Next Generation
My mom and grandmother had traveled Learning initiative, and if Ford NGL and
into Mexico to visit family. They often did RGV LEAD had not introduced her to
this, even though it was eight hours away the Student Ambassador program, I might
and a dangerous trip because of the risks have never moved beyond high school.
that exist in Mexico. We were accustomed
to this, and when she returned Friday as
promised, we would spend Mothers Day Its funny that a program that I
weekend with her, being lazy and laughing. Ignacio Andrade had no idea existed prior to my
That Friday was different. I remem- sophomore year has made such
ber that sick feeling of worry when it an impact on my life. If Ms. Aguilar
was 7 p.m. and she still wasnt here. Then I tried harder in my classes because of my had not led Lopez Early College
my brother John called and told us to eat mother. I tried to make jokes as usual, but I High School to join the Ford Next
something and pack clothes for the week- was not as happy as I seemed to be. I didnt Generation Learning initiative, and
end. His usual calm but firm voice was now want anyones pity. I just wanted to feel if Ford NGL and RGV LEAD had
trembling almost frantic. I started to feel happy again. not introduced her to the Student
afraid. When my brother arrived, he was in Ambassador program, I might have
a near state of panic. Mom and Grandma never moved beyond high school.
had been in a car accident! He called my The rest of the school year was
other brother to say we were on our way. uncomfortable. My father tried to
Then we heard John cry and shout, No, be more involved in our lives. My Ive tried to tell myself that my moth-
Please! No Mommy! I knew what had friends at school tried to help, but I ers death did not affect my way of doing
happened. Sobbing and whimpering reso- just wanted to be alone. things, but in fact, it did. Ive learned to
nated throughout the house. That day I felt open up and talk to people when I need
like the light in my life was extinguished. someone. I have taken on challenges that
I was in a state of denial, but at the What really helped me was the com- I knew might be too much for me. Now,
funeral home, everything became real. I pany of my family and my friends and considering all that has happened, I have
wanted things to be right again. I wanted school starting again after the summer. achieved some pretty great things. Best of
to apologize for all the times I disappointed My Principal Ms. Aguilar introduced all, I have a special and comforting feeling
my mother and the times I was ungrate- me to the Student Ambassador Program. of satisfaction knowing my mother is still
ful and stupid. I felt as if all the joy in my RGV LEAD (Rio Grande Valley Linking smiling towards me.
life had been lost and I would never smile Economic and Academic Development) Ignacio Andrade, Student,
again. The saying, You do not really appre- and Student Ambassadors offered me a Lopez Early College High School
ciate what you have until its gone,well, different kind of shelter where I am gen-
that still leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. tly forced to meet people and become in-
I live with a pain that never goes away and volved outside my comfort zone. I have met
never will. people from other high schools, learned to
The rest of the school year was un- approach and greet people I do not know,
comfortable. My father tried to be more and discovered that I have leadership skills.
involved in our lives. My friends at school These skills have led me to a summer
tried to help, but I just wanted to be alone. leadership program at the University of


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St l-to-



A Set of Common Values Guides

Our Communities
Ford NGL and our communities share a perspectives. There is an understanding that
set of common values. These values guide all stakeholders must be part of all phases of
our collaborative quest to deliver authen- the process to achieve the desired outcomes
tic educational experiences and elevate and assure sustainability.
student achievement while improving the Ford NGL Communities are commit-
workforce, economic development and ted to modeling the practices necessary to
community prosperity. Our values and transform classrooms. They understand the
guiding principles include igniting pas- importance of cultivating student success
sion, cultivating trust, demonstrating and their obligation to demonstrate quality
leadership, and encouraging innovation. leadership. Throughout the process, com-
Ford NGL Communities are commit- munities are always learning and adapting,
ted to preparing all students for success in demonstrating flexibility, and promoting
college, career and life and helping them innovation. Our shared values and guiding
ignite their passion in lifelong learning. principles are core to our motivation and
Communities foster a culture of collab- essential to achieving our mission.
oration in which everyonestudents,
teachers, administrators, families, employ-
ers, postsecondary educators, and non-
SCOTT PALMER profit and civic leaderswork together to
Community Coach, Ford NGL build a climate of trust that welcomes all

Ford NGL Communities around the world will achieve

the following long-term outcomes:

Young people prepared Community prosperity Strengthened

for college, careers, lifelong shared by all talent pipeline
learning, and leadership

Educational equity Capacity to contribute

and justice for all and go further

Ford NGL will achieve the following organizational outcomes:

Increased number of communities Increased capacity of communities

achieving the above five outcomes to sustain and improve


Driven By a Shared Vision
In Effingham County, Georgia, the community unites
behind a mission to serve their students
Effingham College and Career
Academy (ECCA) is a charter program
high school. ECCA proudly serves as
the model for Effingham County School
Systems commitment to develop and
sustain partnerships with local employers
and postsecondary education providers in
order to meet current and future demand
for skilled labor in the workforce. To meet
the demand and further high school stu-
dent education and career opportunities,
ECCA offers dynamic and interdisciplin-
Effingham College
ary learning opportunities supported with and Career
state of the art classrooms and labs. Academy, STEM
Math Teacher Jessie
The mission of ECCA is to create a high- Gardner
tech career focus to better serve the needs of
students entering the workforce from high
school and for those planning further post- College; the Effingham Board of Education; of the Move on When Ready (MOWR)
secondary options. In pursuit of this mission, the ECCA CEO; parents and students; college classes. This program allows students
ECCA strives to increase the level of student and the Director of the STEM Institute of to earn college credits for free while still in
motivation, aspiration, commitment, and ac- Georgia Southern University. high school.
ademic achievement. Enrollment is open to The CEO of ECCA is responsible for
all students attending both base high schools overall operations, participates in numerous
in Effingham County. community boards and advisory commit- The partnerships formed within
The governing Board of Directors of tees, and meets regularly with executives the community strengthen the
ECCA is comprised of members from lo- and managers from local industries and sustainability of ECCA programs
cal and major industries representative of government entities. The CEO delivers and help provide viable workforce
the career classes offered: the Effingham presentations to civic and professional orga- opportunities for students.
Industrial Development Authority; nizations and works closely with technical
the Effingham County Chamber of and academic representatives from post- The partnerships formed within the
Commerce; the Effingham County System secondary institutions, ECCAs Director community strengthen the sustainability
CTAE Coordinator; the Vice President of of High School Programs, and the system of ECCA programs and help provide via-
Academic Affairs of Savannah Technical CTAE Coordinator. ECCAs CEOs focus ble workforce opportunities for students.
is to promote the career programs offered at Students earn technical college certificates
Nasa Challenges ECCA to business and community stake- and industry certifications and credentials.
STEM in Dr. M.
holders; to create ongoing job learning and Supporting the process are over 40 part-
Scientific Research work opportunities for students; and to sup- nerships with educational boards; colleges
Class, Effingham
County, GA
port postsecondary education options for all and universities; community organizations
students. and authorities; and businesses of all sizes.
A STEM program was added to ECCA Together, these partners plan, council, coop-
in August 2016 in response to employers erate and collaborate. All are driven by the
increased need for STEM skills in their in- shared values and goals necessary to pre-
dustries. The citizens of Effingham County pare students for successful careers and lives.
overwhelmingly voted for a $7 million Effingham College and Career Academy
ESPLOST plan in support of a building demonstrates the level of transformation
addition to address workforce demand. and opportunity that can be achieved when
Sixteen additional classrooms and labs were a community unites behind a mission for its
added as a two story addition to ECCA. students.
The new facilities also support the growth



Ford NGL
Common Floyd County Schools, Robotics and Engineering students fine tune a robotic arm

Values Internal Factors:

Increase graduation rate and maintain
Universal student access to pathway op-
at 90% or higher Professional development for CTAE
Preparing students to Increase student enrollment in CTAE teachers, counselors and administrators
transition successfully courses
Increase dual enrollment opportunities Consistent with the values shared by
from school to life in Floyd Increase student success in End of the Ford NGL network, the Floyd County
County, Georgia Pathway Industry Certifications School System is committed to preparing
Increase STEM collaborative opportu- students to transition successfully from
nities school to life. A significant part of that
The Floyd County Schools College and Strengthen and increase CTAE/ transition is the realization that ultimately
Career Academy serves students from Academic teacher development, sup- every person needs to earn a living. A stu-
four high schools within the county and port and retention dent that is prepared for work is prepared
offers 16 career pathways. Dual enroll- for life.
ment programs are in place with Georgia External Factors: In the past, CTAE has catered to those
Northwestern Technical College and Strengthen and increase partnership students whose primary goal was to tran-
Georgia Highlands College. Before the base sition directly from school to work. While
end of the 2017 school year, the Career Improve and increase CTAE Program the education and training provided met
Academy expects to serve approximately awareness throughout the District and the needs at that time, the focus on very
840 students. Seniors attending earned the Community specific jobs was narrow. Today, with the
170 industry recognized certifications, help of the Ford NGL Community, the
and 99% of academy students complete The Floyd County School Systems Floyd County Schools College & Career
a Career, Technical, and Agricultural CTAE/Ford NGL Community Master Academy provides broader education and
Education (CTAE) Pathway compared Plan incorporates the Districts regional training to career pathways as opposed to
to 90% of students in the Floyd County economy and employment by industry sec- specific jobs. Students are provided the
School System. tor and occupation, and describes an align- skills they need for success in any number
The primary purpose of the Career, ment of the Districts CTAE programs of jobs within broad career pathways.
Technical, and Agricultural Education with the state standards and the Districts The Floyd County Schools College
(CTAE)/Ford Next Generation Learning CTAE program structures. Floyd College & Career Academy continuously evolves
(NGL) Community Master Plan is to pro- and Career Academy serves as a dynamic to meet the needs of potential employers.
vide students with the skills and abilities to resource in the Floyd County school sys- Employers view skills such as communi-
make a successful transition from school tems overall CTAE program. cation, critical thinking, problem solving,
to a college and/or a career, whenever and teamwork as essential prerequisites
that transition might occur. The Districts Current initiatives within the frame- for work. The knowledge and experience
CTAE/Ford NGL Master Plan reflects work of Ford NGL Master Plan include: gained provide students with the solid
the following key goals for the District. Industry credentialing foundation and transferrable core employ-
Rigorous assessment of student learn- ability skills that serve them for a lifetime of
ing in career programs success in a chosen field.


Rockford, Illinois Students
Make a Difference
Guilford to the second-largest in two
years. Its been amazing for Guilford High
School, he said. As soon as the kids see it,
they swarm to it.

Rockford Public High School Students, Guilford High School Rockford, IL

Its not just how the community supports education but

how students learn while they give back
Guildford Shop
Creation for
Latara Webb and her three children got Mark Anderson a hero. He dreamed of a Valentines Day,
the keys to a homeand a dreamthat day where students had the opportuni- Rockford, IL

Guilford High School students helped ty.where they could learn how to build a
build. The home at 229 Pearl Avenue in house. And that dream is becoming a real-
Loves Park was donated by the Rockford ity. Last spring, students in the Orientation Senior student Manuel Ceniceros was
Area Habitat for Humanity. All the interi- to Construction class assembled 44 panels raised around family who worked in con-
or and exterior walls were built by students for the home in the Guilford High School struction, so he wanted to take the opportu-
in teacher Mark Andersons construction field house and attached the panels to one nity to learn more. This is the career I actu-
classes at Guilford High School. another. A semi-truck hauled the prefab- ally wanted to do, he said. I like building
Keri Nelson, Habitats executive direc- ricated structure in segments to the Pearl and working with my hands. Likewise,
tor, mentioned Anderson and the Rockford Avenue site.
Public Schools students during the ded- The partnership between Guilford
ication. In my world, she said, we call students and Habitat was envisioned Senior student Manuel Ceniceros
more than two years ago, when Anderson was raised around family who
and Nelson were both members of an worked in construction, so he
Alignment Rockford Academy Support wanted to take the opportunity to
Team at Guilford. The teams are made up learn more. This is the career I
of local business and nonprofit volunteers actually wanted to do, he said. I
who support career academies and assist in like building and working with my
project-based learning. hands.
Anderson said the home-building proj-
ect has sparked a lot of interest among fellow senior Quantel Blaylock said he
students at Guilford. There are now 16 hadnt previously considered working with
classes associated with the career pathway a volunteer organization, but now its on his
Architecture and Construction, which is mind. This is what I actually enjoy doing,
part of the Engineering, Manufacturing, he said. I plan to build stuff here and help
Rockford Public High
School Students,
Industrial and Trades Technology with the Habitat for Humanity. Later on as
Manufacturing Day, (EMITT) academy at Guilford. EMITT I finish school, I might come back to work
Rockford, IL
has gone from the smallest academy at with them.



Wall-to-Wall Academies Offer Career

Pathways for All Students

Volusia County Public High School Students, Mainland Academy of Hospitality and Culinary Arts Team

Volusia County, Florida The Volusia County School District Kelly continued, Ford NGL provides
continues to move forward with expand- a framework to organize and shape the
opens its first of two ing career academy opportunities for all work. Professional learning opportunities,
wall-to-wall academies students. With 35 career academies across collaboration tools, and advocacy are all
ten comprehensive high schools, Volusia important parts of the Ford NGL experi-
has many exciting options for students. ence. Volusia is very fortunate to be part of
2015-16 was the planning year for the this vibrant educational movement that is
first wall-to-wall career academy mod- transforming educationone academy at a
el at Mainland High School, set to open time and one student at a time.
in 2016-17. In addition, Atlantic High
School is also planning for the transi-
tion to a wall-to-wall approach where all From the viewpoint of economic
students will be part of a career academy development, the preparation of
pathway. The wall-to-wall models at both our youth for needed-now jobs
Volusia high schools will boost the overall acade- and future career opportunities is
County Public my offerings to 40 at the start of the 2017- of utmost importance.
High School
Students, 18 school year. This exciting growth began
Academy through extensive planning and collabora- Jerry Mayes is the Economic
of Law and
Government tion with all stakeholders during 2015-16. Development Manager for Volusia
students The Ford NGL Network is tremen- Countys largest city, Deltona. He believes
how to make dously important as a large scale commu- the Career and Technical Educations acad-
footprint casts nity of practice for districts around the emies, programs and labs are extremely
country who are implementing the career valuable to the city and the regional work-
academy model, says Kelly Amy, Volusia force. From the viewpoint of economic de-
Countys Coordinator of Career and velopment, the preparation of our youth for
Technical Education. It connects you with needed-now jobs and future career oppor-
educators, district administrators, students, tunities is of utmost importance, observes
and business partners who share the same Jerry. The work and support Ford NGL
excitement and dedication to the work of and the staff of the Career and Technical
Ford NGL as it translates down to their Education Department dedicate to this
specific community. program pays benefits now and will for
years to come.


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I S ip s ticL ve
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Pe Impo Takin
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Th p Up



Business Partnerships are Key to

Success and Sustainability
The Ford NGL roadmap outlines a pro- opportunities for teachers and students to
cess that involves all stakeholders in the gain contextual knowledge and experience
school transformation journey. It requires in a real-world environment. They provide
community-wide understanding and services internal to the classroom and often
consensus. It requires the capacity to de- serve as ambassadors for the academy mod-
velop, roll out and continuously improve el. They engage students with real business
the master plan. The ability to implement, problems making learning relevant and
deepen and broaden the transformation bringing clarity to work, career and pathway
requires robust, sustainable community alternatives. Business partnerships also pro-
involvement. All stakeholders are vital, yet vide consistency, advocacy, and support over
in many ways, business partnerships can time, even in the face of changing school
be considered a linchpin of the process. and district leadership and governmental
Business is motivated to foster a com- policies.
munity with a healthy economy and an Our business partners are indeed a
employable and educated workforce. It has lynchpin of Ford NGL Network. We, and
National Advocate and
every reason to build a community that is a the students whose lives are being changed
Community Coach, Ford NGL
desirable place to live, work and raise a family. for the better every day, are truly grateful for
Business leaders want these things for their the time, resources and commitment busi-
employees, their customers and certainly for ness brings to transforming the educational

STEAM Challenge
their own families and business interests. process.
Employers have the perspectives, re-
sources and social capital needed to identify
and facilitate real-world learning experienc-
es. They identify candidate requirements
for jobs today and tomorrow. They provide

Hey Ford NGL High School Seniors!

Are you interested in
pursuing an engineering
or technology-related degree?
Apply for the SAE
International Scholarship!

Look for the application each winter,
with a deadline in the early spring.


Externships Bring Authentic
Learning to the Classroom
Jefferson County Public
Schools Externship
Experience, Louisville, KY

Jefferson County Public

School Students taking
apart a computer, Jefferson County Public School Students
Louisville, KY practicing their medical skills, Louisville, KY

A local business partner offers a professional

development opportunity in Louisville, Kentucky
As a Ford NGL community, one of their industry, along with skills and applica- above and beyond the call of duty in offering
the first steps Jefferson County Public tions needed to be successful in those roles. a summer internship and cash rewards for
Schools took to help launch project-based We became extern teachers and spoke the best student presentations and projects.
learning and foster school business part- during our three-day visit with a represen- Without the guidance of Ford NGL
nerships was to begin a teacher externship tative of every department within Strategic and the support from district administra-
program. The following is one teachers Communications. Experienced profes- tors, my students would not have had this
description of the power of the externship: sionals presented their job roles and dis- rich, authentic experience. I am proud to
HS English and IT careers. cussed needed employee abilities. Using teach in a district and school that works
Can you see the connection? I can. on-the-job experience, we crafted a Project with our local industry leaders to inform
Because I was privileged this year to be Based Learning experience for our students and inspire the education of our future
part of an externship team of teachers. that mirrored a real world industry chal- community leaders. Thank you for this in-
For the externship, we were partnered lenge for Strategic Communications. This credible experience!
with Strategic Communications, a locally school-business partnership brought re- SK Draewell, English Teacher,
operated/founded, women- and minori- al-world, authentic learning to my students Eastern High School
ty-owned IT company. They hosted three in my classroom. Students were motivated
teachers for three days, sharing and mod- and engaged in practicing their real-world
eling the roles and responsibilities within job roles. Strategic Communications went



People Helping People

Vystar Credit Union combines business focus and
philosophy in Clay County, FL
Since 1952, VyStar Credit Union has at Fleming Island High School. We then Over the years, as a dedicated business
been focused on providing members with went on to establish two more high school partner of Clay County School District, we
financial services and budgeting life skills branch programs: our VyStar Academy have been honored to help the students of
in order to help them make more informed of Business and Leadership at Orange Clay County become college, career and life
decisions for their future. Developing our Park High School in 2013 and our VyStar ready by: investing over $480,000 in capital
amazing high school branch program Academy of Business and Entrepreneurship outlay, offering our paid internship oppor-
with local school districts was one of the at Middleburg High School in 2016. tunity to 168 students, awarding $11,000
most effective ways for VyStar to continue in scholarship money, providing either full
achieving this objective while living out VyStar or part-time employment to 10 students
the credit union philosophy of people of Business upon graduation and delivering financial
helping people. Students, literacy training to over 5,500 students! We
Through our VyStar Academy of County, FL
truly appreciate our partnership with Clay
Business-Career Academy partnerships, County School District. Their hospitality,
weve been able to provide highly desirable commitment to their staff and students
business and financial literacy training to and support of their business partnerships
thousands of high schoolers throughout makes Clay County School District fertile
northeast Florida. Currently, three of our soil for businesses to plant their operations
eleven high school credit union branches and sow their seed. Were looking forward
are proudly located within the Clay County to the continued success of our highly valu-
School District of Florida. Our partner- able partnership!
ship with Clay County School District Michael Rathjen
began in 2008 with the opening of our High School Program Manager
VyStar Academy of Business and Finance Vystar Credit Union

Are you a student planning

to major in a STEM field in college?
Apply for the
Blue Oval

Contact pwashington@fordngl.com for more information.


Mohawk Industries: The importance
of a strong workforce in
Gordon County, Georgia
Mohawk Industries, the worlds larg-
est flooring manufacturer and Gordon
Countys largest employer, knows the im-
portance of developing a strong workforce
in the communities where they do busi-
ness. The Fortune 500 Company is shar-
ing its resources with the Gordon County
College and Career Academy (GCCCA),
as well as Calhoun CCA and Northwest
Georgia CCA, to ensure that current and
future students have the skills necessary
to thrive in the workplace. Furthermore,
Mohawk Industries utilizes its partner-
ship with Gordon County College and
Mohawk Externship for Teachers, Gordon County College and Career Academy, Gordon County, GA
Career Academy as a national model for
educational partnership best practices.
In 2015, Mohawk Industries and
GCCCA were recognized by Georgias During the 2015-16 school year, At the GCCCA Academy Awards
Lt. Governor Casey Cagle for their unique Mohawk began a professional development night in May 2016, Mohawk provided
partnership that was designed to ensure series on soft skills for students. Multiple a full tuition scholarship to a GCCCA
students in the GCCCA mechatronics volunteers visit GCCCA quarterly to run graduating senior that included a paid
program will receive quality, real-world these interactive seminars for students in all apprenticeship for that student while in
training while in high school. This was levels. Additionally, they provided profes- school, as well as a promise of a contract
done in part by Mohawk providing a ded- sional development for teachers in Gordon for full-time employment upon successful
icated full-time employee to GCCCA to County Schools in the form of externships completion of his studies. This is slated to
serve as the mechatronics instructor and and tours, career awareness activities at all become an annual scholarship for students
an adjunct for Georgia Northwestern levels, and monetary donations for multiple pursuing industrial fields. Much press was
Technical College. school and system events. This illustrates generated about this award, which in and
Since that time, the support that the commitment Mohawk Industries has of itself was a life-changing opportunity
Mohawk Industries has continued to pro- placed on furthering the district Ford NGL for the recipient. However, what is often
vide has multiplied exponentially. They Master Plan, designed to focus on work- missed is the commitment of Mohawk
have seen to fruition the pledge they made force education in PreK-12. Each time one employees to go above and beyond this
to GCCCA students to equip the indus- of these events occurs, Mohawk sends in a responsibilitythe offer to purchase stu-
trial maintenance lab with new and do- team to debrief with school officials on how dents clothes for interviews, provide ac-
nated equipment. GCCCAs mechatronics the event could be improved as they pledge commodations in the form of transpor-
lab has been given additional equipment their commitment to continue and expand tation and apartment rental for students
and supplies as well, including an indus- the efforts. The results of these debriefings who may not be able to make it to work/
trial robot for students to utilize in the have resulted in expanded and improved school, and offer flexible schedules for stu-
classroom. Additionally, they have placed efforts in 2016-17. To kick off the cur- dents with home or school commitments.
several GCCCA students in paid appren- rent school year, executives from Mohawk This level of commitment is a testament
ticeship programs throughout their plants have spearheaded an endeavor to expand to Mohawks overall commitment to this
in Gordon and Whitfield Counties, and their support of all areas of instruction at strategic partnership as an organizational
high-level executives serve as members of GCCCA, with curriculum enhancements promise, not a top-down directive.
the Boards of Directors at GCCCA and on through project based learning and cap-
Local School Governance Teams through- stone projects leading to paid apprentice-
out the district. ships in all areas.



Ramp Up! Taking Partnerships

to the Next Level
RGV LEAD, in partnership with Ford
NGL, kicked off a year-long train the
trainer program around maximizing busi-
ness/education partnerships. The series
began with a workshop on September 7-8,
2016, that was hosted by the Ford NGL
National Team and leaders from across
the Ford NGL Network. Through this
workshop, participants had a chance to
understand what meaningful partnerships
can look like in their communities, explore
the best models for engaging business and
community partners in education, build
collaborative relationships with others in
their region, and gain practical skills and
knowledge to help them build powerful
partnerships in their communities.

Participants had a chance to

understand what meaningful
partnerships can look like in their
communities, explore the best
models for engaging business and
community partners in education,
build collaborative relationships
with others in their region, and gain
practical skills and knowledge
to help them build powerful
partnerships in their communities.

The series continued with a session at

the Ford NGL National Conference: The
Next Level in October, meetings during
the RGV LEAD Regional Conference and
Workforce and Education Summit hosted
by Workforce Solutions in December, and
will continue with in-person and virtual
sessions in 2017.
This train-the-trainer session was de-
signed to provide a continuum of experi-
ences for local participants to learn and
Ford NGL and RGV LEAD Business & Community Engagement Train the Trainer Series, Rio Grande Valley, TX apply. We hope that multiple communities
in the area will begin to share best practices
and learn from each other!
Paula Chaon
Ford NGL Advocate and Coach


r Plan
tro v Maste
an the
C T ION Ile ne K let ing
H IS SE s tice
t ly C
IN T d Ju re n
u ity an e s Cur
l Eq mun
a tiona C o m
Edu s fr
a t e



Educational Equity and Justice in

Career Academies
Career academies were originally in- in career and technical education (CTE)
vented as a strategy to achieve more equi- more broadly, as well as selected research
table education for students who had not on equity in schools in general.
been well served by their schools. Research Titled Achieving Educational Equity and
by MDRC, a nonprofit and nonpartisan Justice in Career Academies: Challenges and
education and social policy research or- Promising Strategies, the paper identifies
ganization, and others shows that career two broad, interrelated categories of chal-
academies indeed have great potential to lenges:
reduce achievement gaps for underserved Access: Ensuring that all students have
students. equitable opportunities to enroll in ca-
Key features of academies that contrib- reer academies and to pursue career
ute to their effectiveness include teachers pathways of their choice that lead to
working on teams; teachers forging strong high-skill, high-wage jobs.
relationships with students and one anoth- School culture: Ensuring that the
er; integrating curriculum around central academy is a welcoming and supportive
ILENE KANTROV career themes; and providing work-based place for students of all demographic
Director, Pathways to College learning experiences through partnerships groups and their families, and that ed-
and Careers, EDC with employers. The combination of aca- ucators are culturally proficient and able
demic rigor and career relevance that is the to help students capitalize on their di-
hallmark of quality career academies makes verse strengths.
high school more meaningful and coher-
ent, increasing students motivation and The paper also identifies a number of
achievement. strategies, grounded in Ford NGL com-
Students who live in Ford NGL com- munities experience and in the research,
munities that are implementing academies that have the potential to help districts ad-
have the potential to benefit from these dress these challenges.
academy features. However, these commu- Ford NGL has specified educational
nities are dealing on the ground with some equity and justice as a core desired outcome
challenges to fully achieving the vision of of our work. We are becoming better in-
educational equity and justice in academies. formed, sharing relevant publications, initi-
As a Ford NGL team member I have writ- ating meaningful dialogue, and promoting
ten a white paper that provides an overview awareness. To better understand the chal-
of both the potential and the challenges to lenge and the opportunity please read the
achieving educational equity and justice in white paper which is currently available at
academies. The paper draws on a discus- http://ltd.edc.org/career-academies-equi-
sion at the Ford NGL Leadership Council ty-white-paper and will be made available
meeting in March 2016 and input from on the Ford NGL website.
nine individuals in six Ford NGL com-
munities. Also drawn upon was a review of
current research on equity in academies and



Akron will complete its master plan by the late win-
ter of 2017. The steering committee meets regularly,
and an operating committee meets weekly. The con-
vening organization, ConxusNEO, hired a full time
Community Coordinator who works collaboratively
with the District Lead of the academy initiative.
The goal is to move from the current, small num-
ber of pathways to wall-to-wall academies in all high
schools by Fall 2019. To date, a pilot implementation of
a Freshman Academy has been launched in one loca-
tion and will expand to all high schools in Fall 2018. A
comprehensive communications plan that addresses
all community audiences is being developed in order
to build a shared and current understanding of the
school transformational process.


Bartow County Schools, School Board, Bartow County, GA

Barrow County Public Schools, Students building Go-Kart, Barrow County, GA GEORGIA
The Bartow County School system is committed to
preparing students to transition successfully from

BARROW COUNTY, school to life. Significant to that transition is the re-

alization that ultimately every person needs to earn

a living, and that a student prepared for work is pre-
pared for life.
In the past, career education catered to students
Barrow County Schools, employer partners, and postsecond- whose primary goal was to go directly from school to
ary partners have been engaged in the Ford Next Generation work. While addressing some needs of that time, the fo-
Learning Master Planning Process since early 2016. The goal is to cus was too narrow. Today, the focus of Bartow County
begin final plan implementation in the 2017-18 school year. Schools is on a much broader scope of education, train-
The Sims Academy of Innovation and Technology, which is ing and career pathways that includes multiple disci-
part of that process, opened in Fall 2014. The Sims Academy fo- plines and career goals. The Bartow school systems
cuses on developing workforce-ready students in the robotics, Ford NGL Community Master Plan incorporates the
culinary arts, broadcast video and marketing industries while Districts regional economy and employment by indus-
building an entrepreneurial foundation. try sector and occupation. It describes an alignment of
Through a partnership with the University of Georgia and the the Districts programs with state standards and the
South Korean-based Roborobo Company, teachers participate in Districts career focused program structures.
workshops and receive training on how to best integrate robot- Bartow County College and Career Academy
ics education into classrooms beginning as early as elementary serves as a dynamic resource in the Bartow County
school. Sims Academy students learn about robotics, showcase school systems overall career-focused program. The
their own robotics creations, and participate in competitions at goal of the College and Career Academy is to continu-
the Robotics Education Center. ously evolve to meet the needs of potential employers.
Employers view skills such as communication, critical
thinking, problem solving and teamwork as essential
prerequisites for work. Teachers strive to ensure these
skills are inherent in all graduates.

Barrow County Public Schools, Student driving Go-Kart, Barrow County, GA

Bartow County College and Career Academy students practicing
cosmetology, Bartow County, GA


Bowling Green is currently in Phase 3 of the Ford NGL roadmap and is focusing on
SCK LAUNCH: Career Immersion, a collaborative community approach focused on
supporting students in launching their careers. Using this approach and a tactical
planning process supported by Ford NGL and Alignment Nashville, Bowling Green
hopes to create powerful partnerships between education and business that will
close the skills gap, increase talent development, and ensure that all students
graduate high school with a career-related experience. Bowling Green is currently
focusing on the following tactics:

While adjusting to major 2016 personnel
changes within the district, the com-
munity remains close to completing a
Ford NGL master plan. It awaits a re-
newed commitment from the district
to approve and implement. The Greater
Cleveland Partnership remains com-
mitted to supporting the process and
continues to oversee a strong middle
school program within the district.
During 2016, future ambassa-
dors from Cleveland schools visited
Grady County Public Schools, Cairo High School their counterparts in the Academies
student checking his schedule, Grady County Public Schools, Cairo High
Grady County, GA School students, Grady County, GA
of Nashville, Tennessee, for mentor-
ing and training. This represents a best

practice within the Ford NGL Network.
According to Devin Long, student at
Max Haynes High School in Cleveland,

GEORGIA The time we spent at the Academies

of Nashville opened my eyes to a new
In the summer of 2011, Grady County joined the University of Georgia Archway world. Im going to take my experienc-
Partnership. The Archway Partnership process launched with key leaders from es back to Cleveland and try to repli-
13 community institutions, businesses and industry. It expanded to a collab- cate some of the same great things.
orative working group including stakeholders from the public school system, For more information, please see
higher education, business and industry, media, local government, state agen- https://vimeo.com/173901515.
cies, the public library, and health care providers.
Over the last three years, the Archway Partnerships Education for a Quality
Workforce has achieved two major goals. It established a College and Career
Academy at Cairo High School and assembled a local business and industry
advisory board. The board identifies workforce trends, promotes opportunities
for student learning in the workplace, assists college and career pathway im-
plementation, and seeks additional funding for educational efforts.
To further this work and to ensure that all students graduate and are fully
prepared for postsecondary education and/or careers, Grady County is work-
ing with Ford NGL coaches to create a holistic approach to educational trans-
formation including a community-driven master plan. The community expects
this plan to be completed in early 2017.


Greater Clark County Schools, GCCS
Students in class, Greater Clark County, IN

At the end of 2016, Hampton was in the process
of completing its master plan. The Steering and
Operating Committees are in place and reviewing
Greater Clark County (Jeffersonville) has embraced the Ford NGL several tactical plans in development. The goal is
community-driven transformational model by assembling a di- to move from a small number of current pathways
verse group of business, community and district people to help to wall-to-wall academies in all high schools by Fall
vision and plan for transitioning to wall-to-wall academies in their 2018. Currently, the freshman experience is being re-
three high schools. During the 2016-17 school year, all three high designed and began a staged implementation in the
schools began implementation of freshman academies. Due to 2016-17 school year.
highly effective teaming training, visioning and scheduling help A number of significant actions have also been
from the Nashville Hub, the culture and ownership of the teach- taken. Professional development initiatives are being
ers in each Freshman Academy has exhibited a positive shift in implemented, with major attention given to teacher
culture and ownership of the model. With an already exempla- training and problem-based case learning. A full-
ry work ethics program, the district could have easily decided time Director of Academies has been appointed,
they were doing enough, but through the process that Ford NGL who is working collaboratively with the Community
brought to the district, they realized their students needed more Organizer from the Peninsula Council for Workforce
to be prepared for the world after high school. Development. The Council serves as the community
convening organization. In addition, Hampton has de-
veloped a comprehensive communications plan. The
Greater Clark County Schools, GCCS
Student color run, Greater Clark County, IN plan aims to achieve a community-wide understand-
ing of the school transformation process and of the
linkages that need to be established with the busi-
ness community, postsecondary learning institutions,
and other community partners.


Lexington is home to the 2016 Chamber of the YearCommerce Lexington,
Inc.! The Fayette County School District partners with Commerce
Lexingtons Business and Education Network to engage business and the
community in efforts to further educational excellence for all students. As Romeo Public Schools, Students
attending a Career expo, Romeo, MI
the Lexington community continues master planning efforts, Freshman
Academies are being implemented at Bryan Station High School. This

pilot effort will expand to the new Frederick Douglass High School next
year with anticipated expansion to additional high schools. Partners are
working on the communitys master plan to define and implement Career
Academies that align with high-skill, high-wage industries.
Romeo Community Schools (RCS) has com-
pleted Ford NGL Phase 1: Explore activi-
ties and is moving forward with Phase 2:
Envision. The Macomb County Department
of Planning and Economic Development has

committed to serve as the convening orga-
nization and has designated co-communi-
ty coordinators from their staff to support

FLORIDA this initiative. The leadership from the dis-

trict and convening organization has begun
Pasco County benefits from a highly energetic group of partners com- structuring the steering committee in antici-
mitted to educational transformation efforts. With the Pasco Education pation of kickoff meetings scheduled for the
Foundation as the convening organization, this group provides tours of end of January 2017.
their excellent Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs to help A team of both district and steering com-
jumpstart transformation and engagement efforts. Taking CTE programs mittee members will attend the Academies
to fully-transformed Career Academies involves strategic direction from of Nashville study visit in March 2017. June
partners such as the Economic Development Council. Key leadership has 2017 is shaping up to be a very important
begun visiting model communities to gain insight into transforming aca- month with an externship for RCS admin-
demic instruction through integrated academics. istrators and a visioning/framing work-
shop scheduled for representatives from all
stakeholder groups.
The district is preparing to break ground
on a new Romeo High School. The facility is
designed with transformation in mind. The
plan is to implement a freshman academy in
the existing high school building in Fall 2018,
with the wall-to-wall academies opening in
conjunction with the new facility in Fall 2019.
Pasco County Public Schools, Pasco Over the next two years, this significant goal
County students on an industry tour,
Pasco County, FL serves as a beacon and point of focus as the
master plan is created and tactics are imple-
Even more great things are happening
in Romeo, Michigan. See Powered by Ford
STEAM, Reports from the Field section for
the latest update.


Both the Chamber and the Richmond District are enthusiastic in their pursuit
of school transformation using the Ford NGL model. In October 2015, a team
completed their Phase 1 visit, and discussions regarding the readiness and mo-
bilization of key stakeholders is ongoing. Several project leaders have transi-
tioned in the past twelve months making progress more challenging, but the
commitment is strong and the work continues. The need to build the process
and infrastructure necessary to effectively support the transformation model is
vital to next steps. Ford NGL continues to work with the leaders of Richmond, in-
cluding the Richmond Public Schools Education Foundation, to move the effort
forward and achieve significant progress in 2017.

Shakopee Public Schools, Shakopee workshop, Shakopee, MN The Vicksburg-Warren School District (VWSD), un-
der the dynamic leadership of superintendent Chad
Shealy, has embarked on transforming education

SHAKOPEE, while engaging key business leaders and postsec-

ondary partners. As they enter Phase 3 of the Ford

NGL Roadmap, the community has been energized
by strong leadership from the Chamber, key com-
munity members, and the school district. Planning
Shakopee has masterfully planned their high school transfor- sessions averaging 75 attendees from various sec-
mation by following the Ford NGL roadmap. Key to their prog- tors have led to shaping the structures necessary
ress was assembling a committed and collaborative group of to be successful. They have helped create a vision
district and community representatives. Together they envi- of the ideal graduate and what students, parents,
sion their plan and determine accountability and data mea- teachers and employers will experience under the
sures in order to track results and performance. In the midst Academies of Vicksburg Master Plan.
of writing their master plan, they benefited from insights and The community has embraced the philosophy
expertise drawn from their newly formed industry councils of preparing all children to learn and succeed while
to align their pathway courses, equipment, and work spaces simultaneously enhancing community prosperity
with regional workforce data. through workforce preparation. VWSD has invest-
Shakopee is in a unique position to plan for two years. ed in highly-engaged teacher training to transform
When the new addition to the high school opens in 2018- how students learn. This community is poised to be
19, they will be ready to implement wall-to-wall academies. a model for the State of Mississippi.
Academies will be branded with unique logos and a structure
within the high school that uses a hub design. Academies,
the Shakopee way, are transformative and innovative.


rd ST
SE th
d n
T ies an hingto
IN em d as eld
M Aca trice W the
A a m
STE by P ts f
PbF llenge epo r

Powered by Ford
PbF STEAM Academies and the
Ford STEAM Community Challenge
Ford Motor Company continues its Students were challenged to think broadly
efforts to train future engineering, man- about projects that would have a significant
ufacturing and IT professionals through impact and explore fields such as alternative
the nationally-expanding Powered by energy, community health and student well-
Ford (PbF) STEAM Academy Network. ness. Representing their schools, winning
According to Felicia Fields, Group Vice teams of students were selected to lead the
President, Human Resources, Ford Motor following initiatives:
Company, These academies are an inno-
vative way to invest in our future work- Van Horn High School, STEM
force. Not only do they help students Academy in Independence, Missouri
make the connection between the class- was awarded a $10,000 grant for their
room learning and a career, they address Community Assistance through the
our need for workers with strong technical Service of Technology (CAST) pro-
backgrounds. gram in which students repair and re-
This past year, weeklong professional store donated computers, while acting
PATRICE WASHINGTON as a Registered Microsoft Refurbisher.
development workshops were held for PbF
Student Relations and
STEAM Academies. During the work- The first of these computers has already
STEAM Coordinator, Ford NGL
shops, Detroit area STEAM Academy been distributed to families in need, and
teams and business partners from Ford the effort continues in 2017.
Motor Company came together to explore
Community Connected Learning (CCL). Whites Creek High School, Academy
Facilitated by Ford NGL Leadership of Alternative Energy in Nashville,
Council Member Jessica Juliuson, Tennessee was awarded a $10,000
participants collaborated on needs grant for Fueling Future Innovators of
analysis,strategic planning,and instructional Tomorrow. Traveling across the USA
development. using a Ford diesel truck as a mobile
When students can make tangible educational laboratory, students taught
connections between the classroom and thousands about the types and sustain-
the community, real innovation is often ability of alternative energy.
the result. Because Ford Motor Company
believes that education is the engine that Case High School, Health and
drives the kind of innovation that brings Biomedical Sciences Academy and Park
individual and community success, it High School, Construction Academy
launched the Ford High School STEAM both of Racine, Wisconsin were
Community Challenge in 2016. The awarded a $5000 grant for the design,
Community Challenge empowers high build and promotion of a Community
school students to put their knowledge of Walking Path on the grounds of
science, technology, engineering and math Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare. The
to work creating positive change in their path serves the entire community as
communities. well as employees, patients, their fami-
Winning projects for the inaugural high lies and caregivers.
school STEAM Community Challenge
were selected by a panel of Ford Motor Jefferson High School, Health and
Company reviewers. The winning propos- Sciences Academy of Rockford, Illinois
als addressed an unmet, real-life need in the was awarded a $5000 grant for a Fitness
community and incorporated community Trail. The installation is designed with
partners, diversity, and student leadership. four activity stations which can be used


for a circuit workout, high intensity in- technology. It is an opportunity to edu- the practical and environmental benefits,
terval training or single focus applica- cate young, often underserved students along with operation and maintenance
tions. It is available to students, staff and on the importance of being technolo- procedures, were offered.
the community. gy-savvy in the 21st century.
Creative initiatives such as the PbF
Laguna Creek High School, Green Rockford East High School, of STEAM Academy Network and the Ford
Energy Technology Academy of Rockford, Illinois was awarded a grant STEAM Community Challenge encourage
Elk Grove, California was awarded a of $5000 for One Plant at a Time. students to pursue an education and career
$5,000 grant for Bicycle Trailers for the Students, in collaboration with com- path in science, technology, engineering or
Homeless. The initiative is a high school munity organizations, benefited other mathematics. This fosters a lifelong learning
and community college collaboration students and the local community by mindset and expands career choice opportu-
which uses the design and fabrication expanding the schools garden, donat- nities for the individual. Over time, this leads
of mini-RVs as a way to address the ing crops and sponsoring a horticulture to a robust workforce pipeline responsive to
needs of the homeless. reading series. the 21st century needs of the community
and its employers.
Lakewood High School, Center William Chrisman, STEM Academy
for Advanced Technology of St. of Independence, Missouri was awarded
Petersburg, Florida was awarded $5000 a $5000 grant for Automated Compost
for FLASTEM Outreach. This project Tumblers. Easy to use, elevated, so-
enables high school students of Pinellas lar-powered tumblers were designed and
County to mentor elementary students built for the Independence Community
who lack previous exposure to STEM Gardens, reducing the need for chem-
fields such as robotics and computer ical fertilizers. Workshops promoting

Now available!
Challenges associated with access and school culture
can often hinder equitable outcomes for students.

How do your academies measure up?

For concrete strategies and tips, check out this inspiring white paper by
Ilene Kantrov at http://ltd.edc.org/career-academies-equity-white-paper.


Ford NGL U

Ford NGL U will be

chock-full of how-tos,
tools, resources, and
plenty of eLearning
fun for the whole



THE INDUSTRY, TECHNOLOGY, AND INNOVATION Students are working with greater frequency on proj-
ACADEMY AT CENTERLINE HIGH SCHOOL ect-based learning activities. These experiences help them see
CENTERLINE, MICHIGAN the links their teachers are making between the core curriculum
and career based courses. As the school year continues, the ITI
The Industry, Technology and Innovation (ITI) Academy Academy looks forward to working with our Ford NGL Coach,
opened at the beginning of the school year. We are up and run- focusing on multiple parts of our strategic plan, and developing
ning, but the full execution of the academy is still in process. units using design thinking.
The basic infrastructure is in place, and enthused students have
chosen to be a part of the academy. Core content teachers are
in the beginning stages of developing the curriculum to align THE DETROIT INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY
and relate to the career-based classes in each pathway. COLLEGE PREP HIGH SCHOOL AT CODY
Established pathway courses are fully developed, and stu-
dents began their DETROIT, MICHIGAN
journey in one of
the following areas: Detroit Public As the coun-
engineering technol- School students selor of Cody
from the Detroit
ogy; innovative art Institute of Detroit Institute of
and design; business; Technology at Technology (DIT),
Cody High School
commerce and en- exploring STEAM I have noticed a shift
trepreneurship; or careers in attitudes with-
digital design and in the student body
communication. The now that we have
students have had 30 under 30 employer partners with STEAM team begun to implement
opportunities to visit the Ford STEAM
industry businesses, and two students will begin their first job Academy model. The
shadowing assignments soon. Entrepreneurs have been in our students are more
classrooms, sharing their experiences with the students. continued on page 54



continued from page 53

engaged in their classes. More project-based learning activi- partners tell us they
ties are being used in class, and students are being exposed to need. This gives me a
career pathways that make the curriculum in school relevant great context within
to their lives. which to present the
Moving to a block schedule makes it possible for our com- lessons that make it
munity partners to come to the school during the day. They are real-world based for
able to work with the teachers and team teach the class. This my students. In turn,
has allowed for more interactive learning opportunities for the student engagement
students and greater connections between the classroom and the Henry Ford Early college students during Fridays
increases because they
world of work. with Ford, Dearborn, MI see the WHY when
Overall, becoming a Ford STEAM Academy has been very it comes to lessons.
beneficial to Cody DIT students, staff, parents and the com- I am most im-
munity at large. We are in the process of changing not only the pressed with Design Thinking and am excited that our students
academic and social culture within the school, but more impor- are in on the ground floor with this new practice. The hab-
tantly, changing the perceptions and attitudes about Cody DIT its of the mind associated with this process are beneficial to all
within the surrounding community. studentsregardless of future goals. What makes it even more
exciting is that it is something business and industry are looking
for. To me that is a win-win. Though we are only beginning year
FREDERICK DOUGLASS ACADEMY two of our school, I can already see the start of great things. I am
FOR YOUNG MEN eager to see what sprouts as a result of seeds planted today.

The teaching and learning experience at Frederick Douglass
is guided by three principles. We care for all students. We cus- LOUISVILLE, KY
tomize academically, socially and emotionally. We challenge
with academic rigor. Through this unique model we engage I would encourage other schools and communities to par-
the learner to be successful beyond the secondary level and ticipate in the Ford NGL network. Becoming a Powered by
ready for the various institutions of higher learning. Ford STEAM academy has transformed the way students in
We are in the beginning stages of launching a Powered our building learn. In order for students to learn they need
by Ford STEAM academy program. In October 2016, Ford to be engaged. With the Ford NGL Community Connected
NGL sponsored our principal and one of the teachers, who will Learning (CCL) model our students are not only engaged
work within our proposed academy, to the Ford NGL National mentally, but are physically interacting and collaborating with
Conference in the Coachella Valley. There they gained a better other students and Industry mentors on exciting real world
understanding of how such a program can be best utilized to projects and manufacturing processes. Being a Powered by
benefit our students and the community. Ford STEAM Academy has allowed our school to implement
CCL on a school
wide scale. Teachers
HENRY FORD EARLY COLLEGE in all content areas
challenge students
in their classes each
As a teacher at the Henry Ford Early College -Advanced year. Since being rec-
Manufacturing Academy, I am excited about all of the unique ognized as a Powered
opportunities that partnering with Ford Next Generation by Ford STEAM
Learning offers. We academy with Ford
get a window into NGL three years
what types of skills ago, we have seen
employers are inter- a steady increase in
ested in for our stu- graduation rates, col-
dents. I am pleasantly lege and career read-
surprised about how iness, and Industry
much overlap there certifications.
is between what and Jason Stepp, CAD
how we teach and Ford employee Scott Georges teaching Henry Ford Early Jefferson County Public Schools, JTown student Instructor
what our employer college students during Fridays with Ford, Dearborn, MI working on industry certification, Louisville, KY


This years focus on
alternative energy and ROMEO ENGINEERING AND
the Solar Car Challenge TECHNOLOGY CENTER
has captivated, motivated,
and inspired our faculty ROMEO, MI
and students. The whole
school is highly engaged RCS opened a Powered by Ford STEAM Academy at its
in hands-on projects re- Romeo Engineering & Technology Center (RETC) this fall
lated to alternative energy after completing a planning year in 2015-2016 to serve as a
sources, especially with Jefferson County Public Schools, Alex Britt model in preparation for wall-to-wall pathway academies. This
solar energy. Students are working on industry certification, small but mighty group of 35 students is being guided by a
learning by doing as they Louisville, KY dynamic team of teachers. These teachers completed a sum-
re-engineer and convert mer externship in advanced manufacturing at PTI Engineered
gas powered go-karts to solar vehicles. Engineers from Ford, Plastics as well as extensive professional learning with John
UAW, and the University of Kentucky Solar Race Car team McCarthy from Opening Paths around project-based learning
are mentoring students as they learn valuable skills that will and creating authentic learning experiences in the classroom.
prepare them for the 21st century workforce. The students have had several industry related learning expe-
Don Reid, Assistant Principal riences and are working on a project researching applications
for, designing, and building a UAV (drone).
The Powered by Ford STEAM Academy has really The 2016-17 school year is our inaugural year working with
changed the direction my life was headed. Originally when I Ford NGL. Our STEAM Academy has just begun its maiden
came to this school I was lost and had no idea what I wanted voyage. While there is much to improve upon, we have already
to do. After being in the program for four years I know that I seen benefits for students and staff using the academy model.
want to do something that relates to engineering. The program One of those benefits is the ability to compare notes on stu-
has really helped me see the power of math and applying it to dents with other cohort teachers, because we share the same stu-
the real world. When I talk to my friends about the program I dents. It is empowering to encourage a students hidden talent
am shocked that they do not get to do the fun and interesting in my class, because it had already been discovered by another
things we get to do. Every year its something new and excit- teacher in their class.
ing. Freshmen year we got to design, build, and ride our very For example, one of my students was struggling to connect
own cardboard boats. Sophomore year we built robots to carry with the literature we were studying. Because of the academy
out our commands. Last year we fabricated circuit boards to model, and the conversation I had with the students science
think for us, and now in our senior year we are working on so- teacher, I was able to encourage the student to employ his tal-
lar powered go-karts! I feel like I have won the lottery by com- ent from science as it applied to a literature assignment in my
ing to this school. Its fully equipped with electronics, CAD, English class. The students confidence and level of success have
and robotics labs, as well as welding and machine tool shops. improved as a direct result of academy collaboration.
Ross Hartmans, Senior Student A second benefit of the academy model that we had not
anticipated is the immediate impact on teaching and learning
fostered by teacher collaboration. Our design challenges, lesson
OSBORN COLLEGIATE ACADEMY OF planning, and classroom instruction have taken on new dimen-
MATHEMATICS, SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY sions, because the different subjects are connected in a meaning-
ful way. Projects have new elements that did not exist prior to
Jason Frieling, Teacher with STEAM Team
Osborn Collegiate Academy of Mathematics, Science and
Technology is a unique school-of-choice where students re- Within the first few months of my STEAM academy expe-
ceive real-world experiences through a challenging, cross-cur- rience, I witnessed a different way of learning that makes class
ricular, and work-based approach to education. College and more valuable and fun. With the projects I have worked on
career readiness is promoted through Science, Technology, and things that I have learned, I feel I can apply that knowl-
Engineering, Art, and Mathematics (STEAM). The imple- edge now and after high school. I have learned things that can
mentation of academic support services, centered on a strong be applied to future jobs and situations regardless of my career
foundation of cross-curricular literacy, is enhanced by profes- path. It has opened the door to a different way of thinking and
sional partnerships within the community. This includes job approaching a project or problem.
shadowing and internship experiences. These experiences give I like the academy because its more of a hands-on or do-
students an opportunity to grow academically while pursuing it-yourself type of learning instead of just memorizing things
and achieving their collegiate and career goals. continued on page 56



continued from page 55

to pass a test. The type of learning in the STEAM academy UTICA CENTER FOR SCIENCE AND INDUSTRY
gives you the kind of knowledge that will stick with you longer STERLING HEIGHTS, MICHIGAN
than the class itself. So far in my experience with the STEAM
academy, I have gone on two field trips, redesigned the shopping Through our PbF STEAM partnership, four members of the
cart to make it more efficient and eliminate bugs in the current Center for Science and Industry (CSI) teaching staff were able
design, and modified a current piece of technology. to attend professional development in Design Thinking. Teacher
I really enjoy being part of the STEAM academy and want Megan Berry describes how this has impacted her classroom.
to finish my high school career in it. For me the STEAM acad- Since I attended the design thinking workshop at the Henry
emy classes are far more efficient, interesting and beneficial. Ford Learning Institute in the summer of 2015, I have embed-
Sarah Bart, STEAM Academy student ded the design thinking process in the CSI design principles
curriculum. Empathy, ideation, defining, feedback, prototyping,
testing, and reflection are all crucial steps in designing and cre-
SPRUCE CREEK ACADEMY OF IT AND ROBOTICS ating. For example, the ninth grade students initially learned
the steps of the design thinking process in early September by
VOLUSIA, FLORIDA designing a product or a system to improve the morning rou-
tine of a classmate. Instead of jumping into the creation of the
Ford NGL has had an impact on my academy and high final product, they went through a series of interviews, ideations,
school experience by using the NGL pillars to create the best receiving of feedback, and prototypes to figure out the best
learning environment possible. From applying knowledge possible solution for their partner. Soon after this project, they
to actual projects to teamwork and communication, Spruce worked in teams of four and used the design thinking process
Creek Academy of IT and Robotics (AITR) strives to instill to design, construct, and fly a kite. Upon completion, they pre-
the attributes of the NGL pillars in all students. sented to the class what they experienced during each step of the
This is achieved through a number of methods, but prin- kites creation. Reflection of the process becomes just as import-
cipally using a project based learning approach. Instead of just ant as the project itself.
exams, we are graded on the successful completion of six week Design thinking has become the framework for most proj-
long, group projects. By applying the pillars of Ford NGL to ects in the class, whether working individually or with a team.
everyday curriculum, AITR makes our students so impressive Each time students use design thinking, the process looks a bit
that many are getting internships even before graduating from different. They learn how to modify the steps and best use design
high school! thinking for the task at hand. Students learn how to reach the
Gavin St. John, 12th grade AITR Student Ambassador best possible solution to a project and know that their first idea
isnt always the best idea. They also learn that the design think-
ing process often repeats as they sometimes have to go back to
the drawing board. They come to terms with the fact that going
back to the beginning isnt failure. Reflection and revisiting steps
is simply part of the process.

Leadership for Principals: A Ford NGL Community of Practice

New for the

school year!
Through e-learning and virtual meetings,
10 Ford NGL principals from communities
in Phase 4 or 5 will collaboratively
explore topics of mutual concern, such
as: leading through change, collaborative
leadership, and equity.


an manc
N rfor
E C Allie es Pe
IS S g b y sur
TH Sayin n d Mea
IN s ar
u m ber Progr ory
t the N Gu ides
l the St
Wha Up ic Tel
e n d is t R ubr ents
T r n tud
The me he S
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-A sa n
Self m ber
N u



What the Numbers Are Saying

Data helps us measure and evaluate re- Also critical to our reflection and plan-
sults. It helps us consider actions and al- ning is the gathering and analysis of data at
ternatives and make informed decisions. the local level. Its important to evaluate that
Our data-rich society requires us to pre- data in context with the feedback from stu-
pare our students with skills to describe dents, educators, local businesses and com-
data, develop and apply statistical models, munity leaders. Examples from Lee, Pinellas
and formulate and evaluate decisions and and Polk Counties in Florida are included.
their consequences. These are skills our Their reports are encouraging and challenge
young people will use in future learning us to stay the course, maintain our collabo-
and work experiences and throughout life. rative, continuous improvement efforts and,
Data also shows that career academies most importantly, our shared commitment
have a positive impact on high school stu- to go further.
dents motivation, graduation rates, and
career outcomes. Based on information
ALLIE BATEMAN provided by Ford NGL communities, the
Community Relations Manager, following summarizes some of the overall
Ford NGL Ford NGL Network statistics and compar-
isons. What it tells us about growth and the
results of our efforts is significant.

Ford NGL Lunch & Learn

Grab your lunch and join our 45 minute
Lunch and Learn sessionsdesigned to
help you take partnerships to the next level!

Join us in April as we discuss the ins and outs of

launching an internship or in July with a session that
reveals the best practices for onboarding business
partners to the work happening in and out of school.

In only 45 minutes you can begin taking

your community to the next level.


Ford NGL
Ford NGL
10 Powered by
Ford STEAM Academies
Communities Communities

School Districts
258 376
High Schools Academies
Involved in Ford NGL in Ford NGL Communities in Ford NGL Communities
Community Work & PbF STEAM Communities & PbF STEAM Communities

Academy Students
in Ford NGL Communities & PbF STEAM

92.4 %
249,528 91.5%
Attendance Rate
Attendance Rate for Non-Academy
Non-Academy Students for Academy Students Students in Ford
in Ford NGL Communities & PbF STEAM in Ford NGL Communities NGL Communities
(many will become academy students)

19,721 Industry Certifications Earned by Academy

Students in Ford NGL Communities &
Graduation Rate
for Academy Students in
Ford NGL Communities

PbF STEAM Communities in 2016
Graduation Rate
for NON-Academy Students in
Ford NGL Communities
*All data is self-reported by communities or sourced from publicly available data.



The Trend is Up in
Lee County, Florida
Lee County Public Schools, Lee County 2,000 high school students applied to
Public School STEM students, Lee participate in 2016-17.
County, Florida

Digital Lee provides an opportunity

for students to compete in digital de-
sign. Local businesses and communi-
ty members judge entries and provide
sponsorships to sustain the program
During the 2015-16 school year, all 13
high schools, 3 middle schools, and 2
technical colleges participated in the
showcase, representing approximately
300 students.

Throughout the school year, 15 evening

workshops are available to all students
from the 13 Lee District high schools
offering sessions on resume writing, in-
terviewing skills, ACT test preparation,
scholarship search, financial literacy, ca-
reer and military exploration, and more.

A four-module program called Success

After High School was developed in
partnership with the business commu-
CTE enrollment and certifications grow since joining Ford nity. The program is delivered in High
NGL Network School Advancement Via Individual
Determination (AVID) classes.
Lee County Public Schools is the Over 55% of Lee Countys high school Modules cover options after high
ninth-largest district in Florida and the students are enrolled in at least one school; strengths, interests and passion
33rd-largest school district in the United CTE course. assessment; and financial literacy. Each
States. Its stated mission is to ensure that student receives a certificate upon full
each student achieves his/her highest po- In 2016-17, middle schools began of- participation and successful completion
tential and its vision is to be a world-class fering the CIW Internet Business of the program.
system. To that end, Lee County believes Associate certification.
active membership in Ford NGL is a key By being a part of the Ford NGL net-
to making that vision a reality, but it is The Success Academy, a revolutionary work, the Lee County CTE programs have
more than just a belief. The numbers show alternative school, opened its doors and accomplished more for its students than it
that student enrollment in Career and offers certification opportunities via a would independently. The Ford NGL net-
Technical Education (CTE) programs Digital Design program. work provides valuable guidance and sup-
and student certifications have continued port to Lee Countys CTE programs and
to grow since Lee County joined the Ford The CTE Department partners with that results in better experiences for stu-
NGL Network. The Foundation for Lee County Public dents. Lee County also actively seeks and
Recent highlights include: Schools to coordinate the STEM@ benefits from the guidance and consultation
Work program as well as an annu- of other Ford NGL Communities. Sharing
Middle and high school students earned al STEMtastic event. STEM@Work best practices, methods and experiences with
over 3,600 industry certifications during provides students with opportunities to communities of the Ford NGL Network
the 2015-16 school year. visit and interact with STEM business- from across the country has proven a major
es throughout Southwest Florida. Over plus for its members.


Self-Assessment Rubric
Guides Progress and
Measures Progress
Ford NGL

Academies of Pinellas, Pinellas Academies of Pinellas, Pinellas

student in class, Pinellas, FL students collaborate, Pinellas, FL Dive into the Ford Next
Generation Learning
webinars. Maximize
transformation in your
community by taking
advantage of the
Tactics series.

Academies of Pinellas, Second Annual Academies of Pinellas, Pinellas

BBQ Sauce Competition, Pinellas, FL student in class, Pinellas, FL

Rubric is critical to school performance and conducting

audit site visits in Pinellas County, Florida Join our network experts as
they reveal their tips, tools,
During the 2012-2013 academic year, demonstrating the ability to make postsec- resources, and best
the Academies of Pinellas Five-Year ondary choices that complement their inter-
practices on:
Strategic Plan was formally adopted by the ests and intellectual capacity.
School Board. It will expire at the end of Progress is formally audited twice each Scheduling for Career
the 2016-2017 academic year. Still a work academic year. One audit is conducted at the Academies.
in progress, Pinellas County high schools beginning and again at years end, during site
meet or exceed every performance metric visits conducted by the Pinellas Education Critical Implementation
established by the State Department of Foundation Career Education Board. Their Decisions. Wall to Wall
Education. members represent private sector business- Academies or Pocket
At the Academies of Pinellas, the Ford es, public sector representatives, and parents. Academies?
NGL model provides ample opportunities Advisory Boards from the same cohort meet
for students to experience relevant learn- at regular intervals to offer advice and coun- Work-based learning.
ing. Individual achievement is the goal, es- sel to principals and faculty members.
pecially as it pertains to preparing students To ensure district-wide consistency, the
for post-secondary options. Students are Strategic Plan features a self-assessment ru-
prepared for choices including progression bric which is used by each school to guide
to institutions of higher learning, a military progress and measure performance through-
career, private sector apprenticeships, other out the academic year. The rubric is critical to
skilled training, or white collar entry-lev- school performance and conducting of the
el positions which promise functional ad- audit site visits. It invites the participation
vancement. Using State of Florida CAPE and contribution of all stakeholders.
certifications as a benchmark, students are



In Polk County, Florida, the Numbers

and the Students Tell the Story
By the Numbers According to the Students
In 2016, a total of 24,740 high school students were en-
rolled in the 15 public high schools across Polk County, of My academy helped me realize a love
which 9,674 (39%) were enrolled in career academies. for agriculture and the outdoors that I
didnt know I had. Ive learned so much
and I plan on continuing to learn more.
Nolan Gilmore, 10th grade,
Agritechnologies Academy,
Auburndale High

Polk County Public Schools, RCHS

Medical pathway students in class,
Polk County, FL

The average grade point average (GPA) of academy stu-

dents is 3.05 compared to the 2.72 grade point average of
other high school students. That means academy students Polk County Public
Schools, RCHS Medical
consistently earn a higher grade point than their non-acad- pathway students in
action, Polk County, FL
emy peers.

Polk County Public Schools,

Student in design class, The Medical Academy at Winter
Polk County, FL Haven High has allowed me to
be introduced into so many new
opportunities that I doubt would
have ever happened before. The
Academy has allowed me to become
a leader over many school clubs, gain
knowledge, and most importantly,
gain a new understanding of true
Michael Spiker, 11th grade, Winter Haven
Medical Academy, Winter Haven High
1,922 academy seniors graduated at the conclusion of the
2015-16 school year. The contrast in academy performance
is illustrated by the fact that 93% of the 2,062 academy se-
niors graduated, while only 83% of the 2,979 non-academy
seniors did the same.


In 2016, 40% of academy seniors earned at least one in-
Finance is something you see and use every
dustry certification compared to only 8% of non-academy day. Its one of the key elements in life. Youre
seniors. dealing with money every day so why not
be knowledgeable in doing so. My Finance
Academy has led me on the path I want to be on
Polk County Public Schools, Polk County student in in life.
Agriscience class, Polk County, FL Susan Bunce, 11th grade, Academy of Finance,
Lake Gibson High

I went from not wanting to come to school and

not knowing anything about cooking, and now I
cant wait to come to school. I want to cook for my
life long job now. Culinary truly changed my life.
William Jones, 11th grade, Bartow Culinary
Academy, Bartow High
Academy enrollment reflects an even blend of demograph-
ic data including race, age and gender.

IMAG is a student-run business with a

curriculum that revolves around graphic design,
marketing, and entrepreneurship. Because of
IMAG, I am certified in various Adobe programs.
Ive also had the opportunity to collaborate with
business professionals in my community.
Christina Fail, 12th grade, Imagination Inc., Lake
Polk County Public Schools,
Aerospace Academy students Region High
practicing their aviation skills,
Polk County, FL

In 2016, 38% (775) of academy seniors in Polk County

earned dual enrollment credit prior to high school gradu-
As a member of the WHHS Academy of
Hospitality & Tourism, I have the opportunity to
earn certifications that will set me apart from
job applicants. Not only my Microsoft Office, but
Academy students demonstrate a consistently positive at-
hotel front desk certified as well. I also am able to
tendance record with only 23% of academy students being connect and network with partners from various
absent from school at least 5% of days enrolled compared businesses such as Sea World, Walt Disney World
to 32% of non-academy students. Resorts, and Legoland. Overall, this academy
gives me insight to my future career.
Brooke Dawson, 11th grade, Academy of
Hospitality and Tourism, Winter Haven High


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