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Christa Minielly

(604)356-7780 | christa_m2@hotmail.com | 4486 Highland Blvd, North Vancouver BC, V7R 2Z9

July 23,2017

Part Time Employee

Booster Juice
333 Brooksbank Avenue
[North Vancouver, BC V7J3S8

Dear recipient:
My name is Christa Minielly and I am interested in working in your store as a part time employee. I
recently came across a job posting that you are looking for new employees. I would love to inform
you on why I would be a great Booster Juice employee.

Over the years of work experience as a gymnastics coach, and a qualified babysitter I have gained
responsibility, independence, teamwork, and determination. I understand hard work is how you
reach your goals and I have learned how to work in fast pace environments. Going forward I will
continue to grow with these traits.

I am very well fit for this job because I have great listening skills, and can learn a large amount of
information in a short amount of time. I also really enjoy working with other employees and
customers and consider myself very extroverted. I would love to join your booster juice team and put
smiles on many customers faces.

I look forward to speaking with you about how I can benefit booster juice as a part time employee.
Feel free to contact me regarding an interview.


Christa Minielly
Christa Minielly
Part time booster juice employee
(604)356-7780 | christa_m2@hotmail.com| [4486 Highland Blvd, North
Vancouver, BC V7R 2Z9

I have had about two years of work experience working with families and kids. I have volunteered at
Flicka Gymnastics for about two years. As well as that, Babysitting is another job that I've had a big
interest in throughout the years and have worked with over five families.

Babysitting, Lisa and Iain Kelso, North Vancouver BC 2015-continuous
Babysitting, Erin and Kelly Brun, North Vancouver BC 2016-2017

Handsworth Secondary School, North Vancouver BC 2015-2020
I am heading into grade 10 next year with a straight A report card.

Community Service
Gymnastics Coach, Flicka Gymnastics, North Vancouver BC 2015-2017
Volunteering as a gymnastics coach for two years helped me to learn new things. I learned how to
work with the wild behavior of young children in a fast-paced environment, as well as that, I learned
how to respect my peers. This was a very great experience and it taught me lots about the expected
work behavior.