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Caterpillar Asia Pacific

Acting for and including:

Caterpillar of Australia Pty Ltd
A.B.N. 97 004 332 469
Caterpillar Asia Pte Ltd
Caterpillar China Limited
Caterpillar India Pte Ltd
Caterpillar SARL, Singapore Branch

7 Tractor Road
Singapore 627968

Telephone: 65- 662 8333

Facsimile: 65-662 8302
June 1, 2002

GL No: 25/02
PA No: 21/ 02 R1-3 (CAPL)

To: All Dealer Sales Managers

All District Managers and Field
Representatives of Asia Pacific

Announcing the Caterpillar 385B & 5090B Hydraulic Excavators


Caterpillar Asia Pacific is pleased to announce the availability of the 385B / 5090B Hydraulic
Excavators for sale into the territory. The 385B / 5090B replaces the successful 375 / 5080 as
the flagship of the 300 Series excavators.

The attached NPI Marketing Bulletin has been designed to provide essential product and product
support related information to support your NPI activities. The electronic version of this 385B /
5090B NPI bulletin, together with 385B specalog, price list and other available sales support
information are also available now on Asia Pacific Net (APD Net - https://apd.cat.com).

Please share this information immediately with your respective operational groups. We wish you
every success in introducing the new 385B / 5090B excavators to your customers.

Very truly yours,

Andrew Mason-Jefferies
Tel: (65) 6662 8481
Fax: (65) 6662 8452
NPI Caterpillar Asia Pacific
New Product Introduction Marketing Bulletin
June 1, 2002
GL No. 25/02
PA Ref. No. 21 / 02 R1-3

Announcing the Caterpillar 385B Hydraulic Excavator

385B 5090B

The 385B replaces the 375 as the new flagship of the 300 family line-up. It will be available in a
number of configurations to meet a wide variety of customer application needs. The 385BL
(83,300 Kg) and the 385B (81,600) are designed to provide a high level of performance,
versatility and production capability to fill the gap between the 365BL and the 5110B. The 385B
receives significant increases in horsepower and hydraulic pump flow over the previous 375.
The 385B incorporates state of the art technologies proven in the recently released Caterpillar
excavators. Primary market segments include underground utility, pipeline, road building, site
development, commercial and residential developments, quarry and aggregate production,
landfill construction, demolition, material handling applications and general excavation.

Whats New:
Productivity and Performance (385B Versus 375)
10% Larger Bucket Capacity.
18% Increase in Production.
Stick Force +3%.
Productivity and Performance (5080 Versus 5090B)
11% Increase in Production.
Faster Load Time (8% faster cycle / no change to bucket).
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Productivity and Performance (Common Improvements for 385B and 5090B)
Well Matched to 773D / 775D Off-Highway and 740 Articulated Trucks.
Engine Horsepower + 20%.
Pump flow + 14%.
Swing Torque + 16 %.
Swing Speed +9%.
Drawbar Pull + 5%.
Increased Lifting Capacity.
Improved Controllability.

3456 Electronic Engine with side-by-side cooling package.
Variable speed hydraulically driven cooling fan with high ambient standard.
Tier II EPA / EU Stage II compliant.

New longer Reach Boom 10 m availble for 385B for deep trenching.
New JB bucket linkage for ME and GP booms and sticks.
New HB bucket linkage for GP and R booms and sticks.
Updated buckets for more durability

Operator Station
Climate control, pressurized cab with a more adjustable seat allowing better visibility to
the work area.
VIDS Monitor with text messaging for better operator/machine interface and servicing
12-volt power supply equipping two auxiliary outlets.

Larger pumps with increased flow and pressure.
Larger boom cylinders with increased forces.
State of the art, electronic control.
Heavy lift standard.

Maintenance, Serviceability and Environmental

Extended Service Intervals for front linkage, engine oil and hydraulic filters.
Fine filtration system available for hydraulics, further increases change interval.
Meets EPA Tier II / EU Standard II Emission Regulations.

Product Source / Availability

SCM Akashi Plant in Japan will continue to be the source for 385B / 385B L in Asia Pacific
Marketing Areas. The serial number prefix for the 385B / 385B L are:

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385B BKF (Standard U/C)
385B L BLY (Long U/C)

Gosslies Plant in Belgium will be the worldwide source for the 5090B (Std. U/C).
The serial number prefixes for the 5090B (Front Shovel Arrangement) are:

5090B SJY (NACD / LACD / Asia Pacific)

5090B CLD (EAME For Reference Only)

Machine Availability
Order boards for 385B / 385B L / 5090B are now open for order placement. Orders will be
accepted on a first come, first served basis.

The new 385B / 385BL / 5090B price list reflects applicable NPI increase over the 375 / 375L /
5080. The eclectronic version of these price lists is now available on Asia Pacific Net
(https://apd.cat.com). A separate pricing letter will be issued to communicate applicable price
factors where applicable.

A wide variety of work tools and hydraulic arrangements are available to meet a variety of
application requirements. Due to 385Bs increased forces, there is no interchangeability of
buckets and front linkages between the 375 and 385B (this applies to the 5080 and 5090B).

The 5090B will be available in standard undercarriage only and a choice of bottom dump or front
dump bucket arrangement. Most of base machine attachments (except for the front linakage /
attachments) for the 5090B are common to that of 385B / 385B L.

Sales Support Materials

Description Media Number
385B Specalog (Cat Asia version) AEHQ5464-01
385B vs. 375 Comparative Bulletin (To be announced)
385B Introduction Video AEVN5246
385 vs. Hitachi EX800H-5 Comparative Bulletin TEJB8097
385B vs. Liebherr 974B Competitive Bulletin (To be announced)
385B vs. Komatsu PC750LC-6 Competitive Bulletin (To be announced)
385B vs. Hitachi EX750LC-V Competitive Bulletin (To be announced)

The following materials are being developed for publication prior to first shipment of the 5090B
in June 2002. Availability and applicable form numbers will be communicated separately as
soon as these materials become available.
Spec-A-Log (preliminay 5090B specification data is now available on APD Net).
Feature Comparison versus competitors
Performance Report vs. Former 375 and competitors

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Product Support Materials
Description Media Number
385B Service Manual RENR5400
5090B Service Manual RENR5460
385B Operation and Maintenance Manual SEBU7440
5090B Operation and Maintenance Manual SEBU7447
385B Parts Book SEBP3250
5090B Parts Book SEBP3151
Service Tools (385B / 5090B) Available on APD Net
Recommended Dealer Parts Stocking List Available on APD Net

Service Training
A 385B / 5090B NPI Service Training has been scheduled / conducted in early June in Singapore
(Asia Pacific Learning Service Training Center). For additional service training requirement
and course availailability, please contact contact Asia Pacific Learning.

Parts Availability / Recommended Parts Stocking List

The Parts Consumption List (PCL) and Recommended Only List (ROL) for the 385B / 5090B
can be obtained from Asia Distribution Center (ADC) in Singapore and Melbourne Distribution
Center (MDC). You may also contact ADC / MDC for parts availability.

Additional Information

For additional information, please contact:

Daizo Koda Machine Manager (Singapore) +65 66628-468

John Edwards Machine Manager (Melbourne) +61 03 99539-214
Anthony Scales Product Specialist (Melbourne) +61 03 99539-209
Williams Lee Product Specialist (Hong Kong) +852 2848 0403
G.Perich Service Engineering (Singapore) +65 66628-545
Paul Wong Business Planning & Pricing (Singapore) +65 66628-358
C.S Cheong Asia Distribution Center (Singapore) + 65 66601-678
Jim Dres Melbourne Distribution Center (Melbourne) +61 03 99539-415


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Comparative Specifications (Preliminary)
385B & 5090B
Long Long
Undercarriage Undercarriage
Mass Excavation Reach (GP) Boom Front Shovel
375L 385B L 375L 385B L 5080 5090B
Operating Weight Ton 80.5 84.8 80.7 85 85.5 87.5
Engine mode 3406C 3456 3406C 3456 3406C 3456
Horsepower KW 319 382 319 382 319 382
Boom Length M 7.25 7.25 8.4 8.4 4.6 4.6
Stick Length M 3.4 3.4 3.4 3.4 3.48 3.48
Stick Force (ISO) KN 301 308 301 308 423 432
Bucket Force (ISO) KN 432 442 422 461 426 435
Reach @ G.L. Mm 12420 12410 13690 13960 9760 9890
Max Dig Depth Mm 7410 7380 8500 8480 2720 2840
Lift over Front @ Kg 18550 21850 16410 17050 na na
9m Ground Level
Lift over Side @ Kg 13050 13700 12060 12050 na na
9m Ground Level
Swing Speed Rpm 5.7 6.2 5.7 6.2 5.7 6.2
Swing Torque kN-m 224 260 224 260 224 260
Tail Swing Radius Mm 4200 4590 4200 4590 4200 4590
Fuel Tank Liter 990 1240 990 1240 990 1240
Max Dump Height Mm Na na na na 7290 7440
Crowd Distance Mm Na na na na 4130 4110
Max Drawbar Pull KN 562 591 562 591 562 591
Main Pumps/Max L/min 2 x 430 2 x 490 2 x 430 2 x 490 2 x 430 2 x 490

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Spec Comparison Charts:

385BL vs 375L Specifications

GP Boom with R4.4 (145) stick

375L 385BL Change

Power HP 428 513 +20%
Operating Weight Kg 79000 83,300 +5
Pump Flow L/min 860 980 +14%
System Pressure kPa 34,300 35,000 +2%
Swing Speed rpm 5.7 6.2 +9%
Swing Torque kNm 260 224 16%
Travel Speeds km/h 4.5/2.7 4.5/2.8 +4%
Drawbar Pull kN 562 591 +5%
Stick Force kN(ISO) 212 219 +3%
Bucket Force kN(ISO) 317 350 +10%
9M Reach/GL Front kg 18250 20350 +11%
9M Reach/GL/+3M Front 16,100 18450 +14%

385BL vs competition
GP Boom with R4.4 (145) Stick
Hitachi Komatsu Liebherr 385BL
EX750LC-V PC750LC-6 974B
Power HP 434 444 465 Liebherr 513
Cummins Komatsu
Operating Weight Kg 73,200 79,000 78,000 83,300
Pump Flow Lpm 980 1015 992 980
System Pressure kPa 30,890 34,300 32,000 35,000
Swing Speed rpm 8.6 5.7 5.5 6.2
Swing Torque Na Na 86636 86985
Kilogram force
Travel Speeds mph 4.6/3.3 4.2/2.7 2.8 4.5/3
Drawbar Pull kN 491 559 715 592
Stick Force (kN) 137 219
Bucket Force kN (SAE) 155 311
Lift at 9M/GL FRT - kg 20350
Lift at 9M/GL +3M FRT 18450
- kg
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