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Computer and Professional

Development Workshops
All classes are FREE and held at the PPL Learning Center
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
2 3 4 5 6
Computer Basics 1: College Exploration: Computer Basics 2: Resumes and Cover
1—3 PM 10 AM—12 PM 1—3 PM Letters #1:
10 AM—12 PM

9 10 11 12 13
Computer Basics 1: Job Search: Resumes and Cover Computer Basics 3:
1— 3 PM 9:30—10:30 AM Letters #2: 10 AM—12 PM
1—4 PM
Interview Skills
Computer Basics 2: 1— 3 PM
1— 3 PM

16 17 18 19 20
Computer Basics 1: Career Exploration: Computer Basics 2: Computer Basics 3:
10 AM—12 PM 10 AM—12 PM 1— 3 PM 1— 3 PM

Resumes and Cover Managing E Mail: Effective Network-

Letters #1: 1— 3 PM ing to Improve Your
1—3 PM Job Search
1— 3 PM
23 24 25 26 27
Computer Basics 1: Job Search: Computer Basics 2: Resumes and Cover
10 AM—12 PM 9:30—10:30 AM 1— 3 PM Letters #2:
9—12 AM
College Financial Aid
1— 3 PM Computer Basics 3:
1— 3 PM

* Required of all Classroom-Based Training Applicants

Ask us how you can
earn a FREE gas/bus
Call 612-455-5300 now to
card for attending
reserve your spot while THREE workshops!
there is still space available!
August 2010
Road Construction Project! PPL Employment Training Announcements
We offer education, career advancement, classroom training,
As you have probably noticed, the city is
doing substantial road construction on
computer skills workshops and one-on-one coaching.
Chicago Ave., north of Franklin Ave.
Working full-time? Part-time? On-call? Not working at all? Are you a student?
The city is completing renovation work We welcome anyone, no matter where they are in their lives!
that includes: replacing pavement, add-
ing turn lanes, and narrowing the streets It’s “Back To School” Time! Do you or your children need school
for a boulevard with trees and grass.
During the construction, Did you know that most local food shelves are distribution points for free basic
they will maintain local school supplies as the school year begins again? If you or your child are in need of
access to Chicago Avenue. basic school supplies and you have a relationship with a food shelf, check with
Here are the options for them for more information.
parking when you come to
visit the Learning Center: The United Way 211
service is also a great
You will still have access to our resource to connect you
parking lot. At various times they to agencies that help
may need to close the lot—this will
with distributing school
be designated by orange cones.
Remember there is one-hour park-
supplies at no cost.
ing on Franklin Ave.
There are additional parking spots You can connect with
on Chicago Ave. south of Franklin as the United Way by dialing 211 from a “land line” phone, or by calling 651-291-
well as on Elliot Ave. 0211 from your cell phone.

Please be patient during this process.

The road work should be completed Job Search Tip….
sometime in the fall, after which we will
have a nice, smooth road to drive on!
Do you have a “ringback tone” on your voicemail greeting? Consider
eliminating it as many hiring managers view music or other distracting
PPL Learning audio backgrounds to be inappropriate for a professional setting. Ask
Center Information yourself “Would you hire someone if you had to listen to an inappropri-
ate song when calling?”
Do you have questions about any of Is your voicemail greeting professional as well? Make sure your message
the resources the Learning Center for incoming calls is polished and concise. Remember to check your
has to offer? voicemail often!
Call our new information line to
get all of your questions an- Financial Tip….
swered! It is available 24/7. Call Are you over your head in debts? What you should know:
612-455-5317. Creditors sell old debts so you may not recognize the name of
Come to an Information Ses- the company trying to collect
sion held every Monday from If you agree on a payment plan, make sure it’s realistic, that it reduces the
9-10am. No registration re-
debt and get the terms in writing
Visit our website at: If you get a summons and complaint, it means you are being sued and the
www.ppl-inc.org case is going to court. Respond promptly in writing even if the case hasn't
Speak with Lindsay, our Em- been filed in court yet. Keep a copy of your answer
ployment Resource If you need forms or help understanding the legal process, ask a court
Guide (612-455-5295). clerk for assistance, they can guide you to volunteer attorneys. You can
also contact the MN Court Self-Help Center: 651-259-3888

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