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Omneo Delivering product performance intelligence in a global value chain Benefits • Search multiple contextualized

Delivering product performance intelligence in a global value chain


Search multiple contextualized big- data sources in seconds

See all harmonized big data in one place for the first time

Eliminate time and costs required to repeatedly consolidate and search data

Uncover the missing data needed to solve

supply chain and customer problems

Leverage data that was previously inaccessible or untapped

Ensure every stakeholder is using the same criteria to make data-driven decision

Summary Omneo™ is a cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) solution for product performance intelligence. The base configuration of Omneo includes the unified data foundation, Omneo Data Quality solution and Omneo Fast Contextual Search solutions.

Product intelligence is difficult to obtain in a complex global-value chain. Data is disparate and often inaccessible, yet customers increasingly demand more rapid resolution of product issues. Omneo cleanses, unifies, searches and drills down into contextualized big data to deliver product performance intelligence.

Omneo significantly reduces the cost and time spent searching for the source of value chain problems, enabling your teams to focus on solutions. Empower your global decision makers with the intelligence needed to rapidly resolve value chain problems, increase revenue and improve customer satisfaction.

Creating the complete big-data picture Omneo connects your products with a worldwide value chain by unifying all your big-data sources – such as product lifecycle management (PLM), enterprise resource planning (ERP), manufacturing execution systems (MES), quality man- agement systems (QMS) and customer relationship management (CRM) – into one easily accessible hub. Providing the ability to search across billions of sup- plier, manufacturer and customer field data events in seconds for the first time gives you the complete picture of your big data. You can trust this comprehen- sive big-data picture to make data-driven decisions because Omneo only leverages clean data.

Omneo enables you to use a single source of data to manage more than:

2 billion annual events

1 million customers

80,000 parts

1,600 products

200 suppliers



Limitless data sources consolidated into a single unified platform

Hadoop-based cloud computing foundation

Prompt identification of common errors that occur across data sources

Charts data quality errors for rapid resolution

Prioritized, graphically- displayed results to easily identify data changes or abnormalities

Detailed search results to identify what issues require further investiga- tion and troubleshooting

Unified data foundation The unified data foundation is the core of Omneo, seamlessly connecting your product with upstream data from design, manufacturing and suppliers, as well as downstream data from the Internet of Things (IoT), warranty repairs and customer service. For the first time, you can experience a com- pletely visible, unified value chain for all of your products. Gone are the days of spending countless hours and resources trying to consolidate disparate, siloed data sources from a global supply chain.

Keys to building a strong foundation Read – Establish the raw data stream from the supply chain data source. Data streams can be automated, semiauto- mated or manually connected. Raw data is then read into the software.

Validate – The extract, transfer and load (ETL) layer validates the raw data to ensure it conforms with your master data management and data governance rules. Nonconforming data is stored separately for analysis, ensuring your unified data foundation contains only clean data.


Normalize – To begin unification, the normalized data inside the proprietary ETL layer enables the synchronization of disparate data sources and types.

Create the Event Descriptor Framework (EDF) – The proprietary EDF synchronizes multiple data types into a common language for describing data. The EDF then acts as a processing framework and engine, enabling rapid access to big data.

Modeling and configuration – A contextualization layer is then added to further configure data structures. Modeling translates these structures into user-friendly syntax.

Load and index – Layering structures on top of the contextualized common language provides additional applica- tions and creates a user-friendly user interface (UI).

The power of contextualized intelligence Unified data is the only way to gain a complete picture of your product. By spanning siloed, disparate data sources, the unified data foundation provides you with the precise data required for more accurate decision making across all parties.

unified data foundation provides you with the precise data required for more accurate decision making across

Companies can now align resources to focus on product challenges instead of data manipulation.

No more dark data Every company has data that is going untapped or is inaccessible. This is also known as dark data. What if this type of data is the key to uncovering the source of poor product performance? The unified data foundation takes this dark data and integrates it so that it can be searched and analyzed in context. Having access to your previously hidden data will give you a new understanding of your product performance issues and lead to better decision making.

Omneo Data Quality Omneo Data Quality enables you to clean, maintain and analyze big-data integrity at the source. It validates data based on your master data manage- ment rules during ETL and then stores the nonconforming data in a separate, searchable environment.

Omneo Data Quality ensures your big data is maximized to its full potential by leveraging untapped data to complete an overall comprehensive big picture.

Cleanse your data Validate – Validates the data based on your rules during ETL and then stores data quality errors in a cloud environment.

Search – Rapidly searches and charts the data quality errors that did not meet the validation rules.

Analyze – The intuitive user interface enables prompt identification of com- mon errors occurring across data sources. Errors are racked and stacked, enabling you to eliminate the largest errors first, rapidly increasing value.


the largest errors first, rapidly increasing value. OMNEO Clean – Correct the errors identified by Omneo

Clean – Correct the errors identified by Omneo Data Quality at the source and clean the data not only for analysis by Omneo, but also for every stakeholder that leverages the data source.

Reload – Rapidly revalidates and loads the newly conforming data into the cloud environment.

Repeat – Facilitates an iterative process for continually creating better data integrity.

Monitor – Continually monitor existing data sources, ensuring no future corrup- tion of data due to changes at the source.

Make data-driven decisions Accurate decisions are based on com- plete high-quality big data. Omneo Data Quality gives you the trust and confi- dence to make rapid, accurate decisions. These decisions dramatically improve efficiencies across supply, manufacturing and field/customer service that ultimately improves the customer experience.

Omneo Fast Contextual Search Users of search engines know that you have to search in the right context to get meaningful results. Typically, it requires days or weeks to create an accurate context for multiple big-data sources, and much longer to search and analyze this data. Omneo Fast Contextual Search saves valuable time by only searching fully contextualized big data. Simply type in a keyword as you would in a web-based search engine and you are seconds away from discovering new insights about your products.

Search from every angle Omneo Fast Contextual Search takes detailed searching to a new level by presenting more data points to consider and manipulate than a traditional business intelligence search query. Small changes in a global supply chain often have a large downstream impact. By adding and eliminating filters during faceted search, you are able to uncover the source of a previously undetectable value chain issue.


OMNEO Omneo Fast Contextual Search offers a wide range of advanced search options and allows for

Omneo Fast Contextual Search offers a wide range of advanced search options and allows for complex search expres- sions, including string values. All types of searches (keyword, filter, facet, etc.) can be combined.

Global sharing All searches and facet combinations can be saved and shared with other users. Now everyone from suppliers and manufacturers to the field and cus- tomer service can use the same criteria

Secure supplier access

Drilling for insights Along with results displayed as graphs, Omneo Fast Contextual Search also provides detailed text listings of search results. Individual rows can be selected for further investigation and analysis. Each drill down brings you closer to truly understanding the data connec-

to gain global intelligence to improve products and the customer experience.

With Omneo’s secure supplier access, suppliers can see how their components are performing in the original equip- ment manufacturer (OEM’s) products. OEMs have visibility into all supplier

Siemens PLM Software www.siemens.com/plm

tions throughout your value chain. Finding these connections will be the

data in Omneo, but individual suppliers only see information pertaining to their


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key to making impactful and financially

parts, components, or subsystems.


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beneficial product improvements.

Giving suppliers direct access to their performance data enables them to provide higher quality components which improves product performance.

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