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Surname: Katela
First name: John
Contact details: 071 000 0000
Home address: Unit X, X Street
Johannesburg, 2000
Driving license: Code 10


A first class student in electrical engineering with an excellent academic record and with a wide range of
interest and knowledge including electronic design, telecommunication, automation and software development.
Possessing an excellent communication skills and an ability to communicate professionally with people at all
levels and adapt quickly to new environment.
Reliable, punctual, hard working, willing and eager to learn new tasks or skills quickly.
Looking for a P1 trainee position with a reputable company.


Tertiary Education

Institution: XX University of Technology

Period: 2010-2011
Qualification: National diploma in electrical engineering (light current)
Completed subjects: Communication skills 1 and 2 (oral presentation, technical writing)
Computer skills 1 (Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint)
Design projects 3 (group project design)
Digital systems 1 and 2 (logic, multivibrators, memory)
Electrical 1 and 2 (DC circuits, single phase and 3 phase circuits)
Electronics 1, 2 and 3 (components, biasing, rectification, regulation...)
Electronic communication 2 and 3 (telecommunication technologies
Electronic application 3 (microcontroller programming)
Industrial electronics 2 (PLC programming and industrial design)
Mathematics 1, 2 and 3
Microwave communication 3 (microwave communication and devices)
Power electronics 3 (AC drives, DC drives, rectifiers, converters)
Software design 2 and 3 (Microsoft .Net programming)

High school

Institution: Central High School

Period: 2004-2009
Qualification: Standard 10 (Matric)
Subjects: Biology, English, history, mathematics, physical science and Zulu
Achievements: Merit Awards for second semester 2010 and first semester 2011 at XX
University of Technology.


Computer skills: Microsoft Windows 7 / XP / Vista, Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint,
Access), programming (ASP, C#, Visual basic).
Engineering skills: PCB design (OrCAD and Proteus), programming PIC microcontrollers (MikroC
and Flowcode), PLC programming (Siemens Step 7), the use of oscilloscopes,
spectrum analysers, multimeters, signal generators, power supplies, soldering
irons and other various hand tools.


Period: Since January 2010

Company: Self employed
Position: Technician
Work description: Responsible for meeting customers, identifying their requirements and then
professionally suggesting, explaining and providing technical solutions to them
Repairing customers personal computers.
New/upgrade software installation including windows operating systems.
Providing customers with quotations.
Providing technical support to end users over the telephone.
Key skills acquired:

Able to prioritize workloads to meet deadlines.

Excellent fault finding and diagnosis skills.
Keeping up to date with the latest developments in technology and
Able to explain technical issues to non technical customers and colleagues.


Hobbies: Reading books, listening to music, being around with friends, watching soccer
and designing electronic gadgets.
Professional registration: Student member of the South African Institute of Electrical Engineers (SIEE)


Name: James Jacques

Position: Senior lecturer at XX University of technology in Electronic department
Contact number: 011 000 0001