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Financial Consolidation, Process Management,

Reporting and Performance Dashboards
What is DataClarity
Financial Analytics?
DataClarity Financial Analytics is a fully-integrated
enterprise financial management system comprising
financial consolidation, planning, process management,
statutory reporting and performance dashboards
all in one solution.
Improving performance management is critical to any organization, and the closing, consolidating, and
reporting process is acknowledged as the foundation for performance management in the office of
finance. Successful performance management strategies demand a single integrated solution for
preparing and delivering financial reporting and analytics. In addition, they require consolidation
solutions that support compliance standards and offer controlled delivery of financial and management
information. On top of that, these consolidation and reporting solutions must also reflect accepted
practices and be stable, rigorous, reliable, and free of control risks that require manual intervention and
the maintenance of spreadsheet-based systems. And most importantly they should be combined in
one integrated application environment to eliminate the issues caused by performing tasks in different
and often incompatible systems.

To meet these requirements and new governance and financial reporting standards, your finance
organization can rely on DataClarity Financial Analytics (DFA).

DFA offers powerful capabilities that meet the most demanding accounting and financial reporting
requirements. It is a full suite of financial and management consolidation and process management
capabilities that deliver a portfolio of financial results, extend core consolidation functions, and provide
an integrated enterprise business analytics platform for financial reporting and performance management
dashboards. DFA is a comprehensive, solution that offers power and flexibility for streamlined, best-practice
financial reporting, consolidation, planning and process management - all in one solution. Typically,
organizations prepare the information for management reporting in different systems because the
process requires allocations and data calculations unique to this type of reporting, including additional
dimensionality and operational detail. This leads to several challenges, including questions about
reconciliation with management reports, alignment, and auditing.

With DFA, finance organizations can

prepare financial information and
analyze investigate and understand it
in a centralized, controlled, Planning
compliant environment. DFA
consolidates global
reporting and analysis Self-Service Modeling
in a single solution as well Analytics
as individual segment report-
ing by customer, product or
market, and generates an
extensive audit trail DFA
DataClarity Financial
to satisfy the needs
of external and
internal auditors. Operational Consolidation

Statutory Close Process

Reporting Management
Key Benefits
Powerful Financial Consolidation
and Reporting Capabilities DFA
Inter-Company Transactions
provides out of the box financial consolidation
capabilities such as multicurrency translations,
minority interest holdings, intercompany Elimination
eliminations, closing adjustments, management GL / ERP Cube
adjustments, allocations, advanced formula Inter-Company
I/C data entered via Input I/C eliminations
calculations, and multilingual consolidated TI data loads from are held in
ERPs / GLs or via separate cube
financial reporting. manual input via which includes
Websheet / Excel a Trading Partner
Enterprise-ready Financial or API dimension
Analytic Application Offering a
single shared source for rapid, enterprise-wide, Data Mapping
menu-driven data access, DFA provides a solid
foundation for smooth data collection and Data
dissemination of information. Load
Process Mapping
Integrated Financial Management GL / ERP
Process DFA collects and consolidates X Mapping cube
CSR is used to map data
financial information from multiple sources and Data is loaded
from various General
into DFA via either Flat Files
systems while delivering a single version of the Ledgers into the
ODBC connections
consolidation Finance
truth across the enterprise eliminating the risks or flat files
cube. Mapping cube
associated with collecting, mapping, verifying, allows different COAs
to be mapped to
and moving financial data. a common COA

Better Control of Financial

Processes DFA provides comprehensive Journal Entries
process management capabilities that empowers
the office of finance with an easy to use system Journal Entry JE is held in Journal Entry
to automate financial processes, centralize Input a separate Approval
cube until it
JE data entry via
information and increase collaboration within Websheet, Excel, or
is approved
and across departments and systems. API. Posting is done
via a process that
moves the JE to the Approved
Easy-to-Use Financial and holding cube for JE JE Cube
Management Reports and approval. Approver
notified when
After approval,
Dashboards Besides streaming financial JE posted JE is moved to
processes and supporting international and Finance cube
via a rule
local accounting standards, DFA offers
financial reporting capabilities to support
confident decision-making. Allocations
Easier Planning, Streamlined Allocations
Budgeting, and Better Forecasting Process
Allocation Multi-tiered
By simplifying and accelerating planning, Allocation rules Rules allocations using
entered via templates drivers or data
budgeting, and forecasting processes, DFA by designated users relationships
can help improve efficiency and better manage
performance in any organization.
Enterprise Solution Diagram

Managed Statutory
Financial Reporting

Currency Translation
Models Profit and Loss
X Currency Balance Sheet
CSR Translation Direct & Indirect
Flat Files Exchange Process Cash Flow
Rates Spot, average,
Statement of Equity
Exchange historical, and Adjustments
Rates Loaded budget rate
via file extracts translations Hierarchy
or user input

Financial Analytics Engine

Planning Analytics

Revenue Executive Scorecards

CapEx Workflow Final Calculations Departmental Expenses
HR and Plan
Approval Impact Analysis

Business Modeling Processing Self-Service Analytics

Revenue Recognition Revenue Analysis Storyboards that provide

deeper analysis of
Forward Pricing Rates Business Productivity
financial data to better
Return on Investment Price/Volume/Mix understand profitibility
and overall performance
Purchasing Analysis
Data Store
Financial Consolidation


Modernize your financial consolidation
and corporate reporting for compliance
and performance
Out of the box financial consolidation capabilities such as
multicurrency translations, minority interest holdings, intercompany eliminations,
closing adjustments, management adjustments, allocations, advanced formula
calculations, and multilingual consolidated financial reporting.

DFA enables an integrated financial management process with strong data

collection and validation capabilities, robust finance controls, automated and
standardized processes, and comprehensive audit trails.

It collects and consolidates financial information from multiple sources and

systems while delivering a single version of the truth across the enterprise
eliminating the risks associated with collecting, mapping, verifying, and moving
financial data. All the data collection, currency conversions, and other calculations
may be entered automatically or loaded manually. Once an entry or upload is
complete, data is inspected for accuracy, users are notified of inconsistencies,
and discrepancies are reconciled. With DFA, individual data entry forms and
templates are easy to create and manage.

DFA also supports GAAP, IFRS, and local statutory standards to ensure compliance
with stringent reporting regulations. The solution combines ease of use with
functionality that facilitates full compliance and provides depth in consolidation
and reporting. All of this can be done without IT assistance.

DFA provides multilingual consolidated financial reporting and support. A local

currency may be used on any account, so that operating entities can effectively work
in their own currency, while corporate finance can present figures in any currency
suited to its reporting purposes using standard currency conversion methods.

Allocations and advanced formula capabilities represent a significant breakthrough

since allocations and data calculations are normally performed in separate
spreadsheets and are not included in the consolidation process, creating
performance and reporting issues.
All the financial and management consolidation
capabilities your office of finance needs to:

Prepare and Manage and control Automate and control Insure the end to end Support new
consolidate financial financial statement consolidation activities completion of the governance and
information in a reporting and accounting close process financial reporting
centralized, controlled, processes standards
compliant environment
Planning and


Business Modeling
Planning, budgeting and forecasting
are essential processes for almost
all organizations
Understanding past performance and aligning business
results with the corporate strategy is key to unlocking
business value and seizing new opportunities. DataClarity
Financial Analytics can help organizations gain a deeper
understanding of the true drivers of their business while
simultaneously improving upon the accuracy of their forecasting.

By simplifying and accelerating planning, budgeting, and

forecasting processes, DFA can help you improve efficiency
and better manage performance in your organization.

Designed with purpose-built financial performance

management functionality, DFA enables you to make more
confident decisions with immediate access to historical
financial and operational data, current actuals, and future
budgets and plans all in a single application.

With DFA, you get more reliable and timely data, perform
root cause analysis, and model business scenarios to
optimize future performance. By unifying planning with
budgeting, forecasting, and reporting, DFA helps improve
the consistency of your plans and increases confidence
in the accuracy and integrity of your budgets.
Managed Reports

DFA offers financial reporting capabilities
to support confident decision-making
By optimizing the delivery of close reports and financial
statements to finance team and financial reports to line of
business executives and managers, DFA meets the
information requirements for different types of reporting
by offering a variety of finance-focused dashboards with
pre-defined KPIs and ratios including:

Executive and Summary Dashboards

What-If Analysis and Impact Diagrams

Performance Indicators

Statutory Reports

The result is confidence in the accuracy of financial

consolidation, reports to external and internal stakeholders,
and data for decision-making. With DFA, users have access
to real-time data in the reporting environment, enabling OLAP
style analytical reporting, using the patented in memory, 64-bit
OLAP. DFA connects stakeholders with the right financial
information and creates a collaborative and user-friendly
environment where finance teams can share dashboards
and reports through notes, bookmarks, and alerts or by
exporting their reports into Excel or PDF format and
sending them through e-mail.
Executive & Summary Dashboards Performance Indicators
Executive Scorecards (KPIs: Net Revenue, EBITDA, Net Division Performance (KPIs: Net Revenue,
Income, Working Capital, EBITDA Margin %, ROE %) EBITDA, Net Income, Working Capital)
Executive Ratio (Ratios: Current Ratio, DSO, Inventory Product Performance (KPIs: Net Revenue,
Turns, AR over 90 days, EPS, R&D % to Sales) EBITDA, Net Income)

What-If Analysis & Impact Diagrams Statutory Reports

Impact Diagrams (KPIs: Net Revenue, EBITDA, Net Profit and Loss
Income, Working Capital) Balance Sheet
What-If Analysis (KPIs: Net Income) Direct and Indirect Cash Flow
Statement of Equity
Self-Service Reporting


All Values


Author Content
All Values

Using SmartBusiness Month

All Values

Users can drag and drop Group

visualizations, select a dataset All Values

and recommended options

from the configuration panel, All Values

and press the Visualize button

Product Type
to author content. All Values

All Values

MyInsight Capabilities
Easily discover and create new insights with
numerous visualizations, content, widgets,
and pictograms, using multiple pages, layouts,
colors, exporting and sharing options.
MyInsight Library Includes: SmartBusiness
Visualizations, Widgets, Pictograms and More
Users can quickly add new MyInsight capabilities by downloading new visualizations,
content, and widgets on demand from the DataClarity SmartBusiness Cloud.

Blend Datasets
Blend multiple dataset files
including SPSS SAV, Excel,
CSV, and XML and rapidly
author using recommended
SmartBusiness Visualizations
for your views.

Assemble Compelling Storyboards

Become a story teller by assembling multi-page storyboards
using an intuitive drag and drop interface to add and configure
visualizations, content, widgets, and infographics.
Workflow Manager

Empower the office of finance with an easy to use

system to automate financial processes, centralize
information, and increase collaboration within and
across departments and systems
Designed for Ease of Use
Enabling finance teams to model
repeatable processes using a
graphical drag and drop interface

Organizations can reduce expense and lost productivity by minimizing costly errors, manual steps, duplication of efforts and
unnecessary or redundant financial operations. DFA empowers organizations to automate, standardize, optimize, and track
complex approval-based financial processes by capturing relevant financial information inherent to the process, identifying
personnel engaged in the process and documenting their respective roles. Users gain end-to-end control over financial
processes by managing and automating standard recurring workflows to comply with your organizations policies and best
practices. Designed to bring simplicity to your financial processing, DFA ensures that users are notified when sequential
tasks are ready to start and be approved. Monitoring the time it takes to execute a process helps to analyze bottlenecks,
optimize process improvements, and increase overall efficiencies and productivity.
B usiness
DataClaritys DashInsight analytic platform brings together
market leading platforms in a fully-integrated architecture and
user experience that streamlines the development, deployment
and management of web and mobile analytic applications
for both industry and line of business use cases:

Financial Consolidation & Reporting Work Force Analytics & Planning

Sales & Operations Planning Predictive Customer Intelligence
Product Profitability Analytics Performance Scorecards
Predictive Planning & Optimization Reporting & Performance Dashboards
Retail Assortment Planning Enterprise Financial Budgeting
& Optimization & Forecasting
Trade Promotion Analytics, Planning Survey Management, Data Collection
& Optimization & Analytics

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