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Year 2016/17

ENG757s2 Communications Security

2nd attempt coursework

Deadline For Submission: 28 July 2017

Submission Instructions Moodle submission.

Instructions for completing the Nil


Examiners: Dr Salem Aljareh and Dr Shikun Zhou

You are invited to apply for a job, where understanding the principle of secure communication
networks is essential. To demonstrate that you are asked to submit a technical report in form of
IEEE paper to convert the following

1. Title: security and efficiency of Merkle-Hellman Knapsack algorithm
2. Abstract
3. Introduction
4. Literature review for security and efficiency of asymmetric encryption in general and
Merkle-Hellman Knapsack algorithm in particular.
5. Case study includes:
a. Generate your own at least 4 different size pair of keys Merkle-Hellman Knapsack.
b. Use each of them for at least two different sets of plain text (show all the workout
c. Evaluate the security and efficiency of the Merkle-Hellman Knapsack algorithm using
the results of your case study.
6. Conclusion

Marking scheme:
The work will be assessed on pass/fail bases:
To pass the submitted report should meet all the following requirements:
1. No omission of any of the above sections
2. Literature review should include your comments (not purely read and write)
3. Correct IEEE format (see the attached template)
4. Correct citation and referencing
5. Free of errors (e.g. correct calculations, correct units)
6. The set of data is new, your own data and never used before (e.g. shouldnt match
probabilities that have been used)
7. Correct language and presentation (e.g. free of typographic mistakes, correct captions)

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