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5 Behaviors That Could Be

Killing Your Confidence and

How to Avoid Them

Nick Bastion
Love Expert, Relationship Coach, Author

We all know what an advantage it is to be confident and how

having self-confidence can make a huge difference in your
professional, social, and personal life. Most of us have heard of
some easy practices to help increase confidence, but its equally
important to make sure youre not unknowingly doing things that
undermine your confidence.

Here are 5 behaviors that could be killing your confidence and

how you can avoid them.

1. Seeking Approval From Everyone

Truly confident people have no interest in pleasing everyone they
meet. They understand that not everyone is going to agree with
them, and thats okay. Instead, they focus more on building
quality relationships with the people they respect and value,
rather than focusing on winning over every person they meet.

Dont let the opinions of the masses (or those whom you dont
value) define who you are or what you can and cant do in life. It
may outrage some of the people around you, but by letting go of
the need to impress everyone, you will begin to truly impress
those who actually matter to your future. When the important
people in your life truly have your back, youll feel way more
confident where it counts.

2. Focusing More On the Obstacle Than the

Life is full of obstacles, with everything from learning to ride a
bike to building your first company. Every obstacle is an
opportunity to grow as a person. Personal growth on a consistent
basis is what generates the kind of confidence that
lasts. However, challenges can often send us spiraling into doubts
and worries, as you imagine all the worst possible outcomes and
become paralyzed. For instance, when a relationship is
challenged, some people will often immediately assume that
their partner is losing interest in them. Sadly, this often becomes a
self-fulfilling prophecy.

You have a choice. You can choose to focus all of your attention on
the problem, which gets you nowhere, or you can choose to
acknowledge the problem and then quickly move to finding a

Confident people spend the majority of their time focused on

finding a solution. They dont spend time torturing themselves
with the thought that their partner is withdrawing and their
relationship is over. Instead, they take action in the direction in
which they wish to go, even if they cant see all the pieces falling
into place yet.

3. Getting Caught Up in Needless Drama

We all love a bit of drama. Thats why movies and reality TV shows
can be so captivating. They catch our attention and allow us to
clarify our values. However, some people really love drama, so
much so that they create it in their lives for the sake of non-stop
excitement. Dont buy into their propaganda that sustains
it. Unnecessary and ongoing drama in your life leads to more
stress, and stress kills confidence. Stay out of other peoples
drama and dont needlessly create your own.

Imagine if you spent all of your time each day directing your
energy towards your most positive possibilities and solutions to
real problems. How much happier would you feel? Instead of
getting angry, get curious. Instead of getting annoyed, be amused.
Replace envy with admiration. Dont spend your precious time
caught up in negativity.

Instead, count your blessings, value the people who matter most
in your life, bless and release the haters, and rise above the petty
drama with your head held high and your focus on how to create a
better life for you and for others.

4. Interpreting Failure as a Reflection of

Your Worth
One thing is certain: successful and unsuccessful people differ in
the way that they view failure.

Successful people understand that failure is simply part of the

learning process. Every time they figure out a wrong way to do
something, they get one step closer to discovering the right way of
doing it. Its a matter of perception. On the other hand,
unsuccessful people tend to take failure personally. They see
failure as a reflection of their worth. Furthermore, they think that
when they fail it also proves that they are a failure in life.

Thomas Edison failed 1,000 times while inventing the light bulb
before he got it to work. Michael Jordan was cut from his high
school basketball team and is quoted as saying, Ive failed over
and over and over again in my life. That is why I succeed.

So, the next time you fail at something, before you start beating
yourself up about it, take a moment and remember that failure is
simply part of the growth process. Persistence and positivity pays

5. Hiding From New Life Experiences

Its so easy to get stuck in a weekly routine, doing the same things,
watching the same shows, eating the same foods. This may keep
you feeling comfortable, but it could be killing your confidence.

Just as in nature, if youre not growing youre dying. Get out into
the world and explore. Meet new people and travel. Do something
that kind of scares you. New positive experiences in life will keep
you feeling on-fire and excited about your future,
Because you will feel alive in new ways (as well as feeling that you
are expanding your resources, your experiences, and your
wisdom), you will fuel your self-confidence every day of your life.

Make Anyone Addicted to

Every Word You Say

Chris Nosal

We know the power of communication it wins elections, jobs,

friends, creates billionaires it decides destiny.

Its the one skill which skyrockets our success in every situation.

In five words:

It can transform your life.

We look for writing tips or speaking tips or how-tos to

become a master communicator.

Yet, we can practice for months, and still, know were not great,
but have no idea what separates us from a genius.


In this article, we explore, in under 5 minutes, strategies every
speaking person should know.
Ive analyzed the most successful authors, speakers, and
presenters, and found they all apply 3 simple strategies:

1. Focus on whats important

2. Make information as accessible as possible

3. Eliminate crap and move quickly


Greatness is distilled to core essence it gives a person what they
need nothing more.

We rarely understand why we do what we do, or the x factor

which makes something work.

People have short attention spans.

If they must put in tremendous effort to process

something most will leave.

This doesnt mean what we communicate cant be 4,000 words.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is 257,045 words and
sold 11,000,000 copies in 24 hours.

How do we create communication which captures everyones



Brilliant communication focuses on whats said.
We know exactly what our audience wants, and throw away
everything they dont.

To do this, we search for:

1. Unnecessary language.

2. Repetitive language.

Here is an example from actor Kiefer Sutherland:

Their circumstances are very different and what they end up

having to deal with is very different. But this idea of self-sacrifice
for a larger good was something that is very much a common
thread in both of those characters. I found that interesting,
actually, that in the first pass of a read I didnt get that at all.
Only until I was playing it did I realize, Ah, thats why I like this
character that much. Thats why I like Jack Bauer that much.

Save time, effort, and make it great

Their circumstances, and what they end up having to deal with,

is very different. Self-sacrifice for a larger good was common in
both characters. In the first read I didnt get that. Only until I
was playing it did I realize, thats why I like this character.
Thats why I like Jack Bauer.


We went from 85 to 55 words a 36% improvement while
removing none of the message, wasting less time, and giving the
reader a better experience.
In a 2,500 word article or video, thats 900 words.

Based on the average read speed of 200 wpm, thats nearly 5

minutes of a 12-minute article, which can be trimmed to 7 minutes
by removing unnecessary text.

Do we want to spend 30 minutes learning something we can learn

in 15?

When we focus on creating engaging communication:

1. It takes less effort

2. We feel our time is better used

3. Our audience prefers our simplicity over competitors


In 4 words:


Ask yourself:

1. What wouldnt be missed if I eliminated it?

2. What distracts from my core message?

3. How can I make my communication quicker and more


With practice, our brain gains intuition, and we become a master

communicator automatically.
Take any piece of communication see how efficient you can
make it.

Want to be the best?

Commit to doing everything to deliver a brilliant experience.

Practice this skill over and over it will transform your success in
every area more than any other technique.

Small details make the difference between good and great

whatever you do, make it great.

3 Challenges for 2017

Farida Karimova
Freelance translator & English teacher

For me, 2016 was full of unexpected challenges; however, now

when I think about it, it definitely was for the best. I would like to
encourage everyone to spice up their life without waiting until
faced with encounters. I consider myself an open-minded person,
yet it turned out that there are tons of aspects in life that I was
missing out on. They say there is no limit to perfection; well at the
end of this year I would like to state that there is no limit to open-
mindedness. Below are three challenges I had to face that made
me a better, more patient and curious person, that you should try
in 2017.
1. Travel to a country where you could see
the world unknown to you
When I was 10 years old, I used to tell my mother that I would go
to India when I grew up and would volunteer to help out the less
fortunate. My mother, being Russian and having a rather close-
minded mentality, about had a heart attack every time she heard
my speech.

Time passed, and this year (now Im 28-years-old and make my

own decisions on where to travel), I happened to travel to
Pakistan. Even though it was not India, I thought there quite a few
similarities between those countries. After my trip, I read a book
in which the main city described was Bombay, and it was
described in so much detail that I built an image in my head,
which I then compared to the city Lahore in Pakistan. This trip
opened my mind to a completely new world, people and culture.
Though I did not got there as a volunteer this time, now I am even
more sure that I will keep making a positive influence on people,
regardless of the country.

2. Dont wear makeup for a week

Girls like to be pretty; I guess this is just a consequence from an
evolutionary process. Makeup, extensions, perfect nails we all
know that the list can go on and on. However, I have one example
in my life that goes against all that, and despite all my love for
perfection, I would like to propose a challenge.
My mother, who is now 58 years old, has used makeup
approximately 10 times in her entire life. When I was a kid, I was
upset that I had nothing to snatch so I could secretly use it; on the
other side now, I just truly admire her and her confidence. She has
been using face care products all her life, and that was the furthest
she ever went.

Let me get to my point, though. Unfortunately, I do not have my

mothers confidence, or the skin perfection either, so I am
addicted to all the beauty products out there. Recently, I had to do
a health related test, and five days prior to the test I could not use
any kind of face care products or makeup. I cannot describe how
strange life felt without those extra layers on my face. I felt more
naked than I would have felt if I was actually naked. But I realized
something: Instead of investing big amounts of money on
makeup, we should invest in face care products, to help perfect
our skin (I do understand there are some days when we need to
cover some things up). I want to encourage all the girls out there
have a makeup free week; be strong and get through that week I
have a strong feeling that it will make a positive influence on the
way you feel about yourself.

3. Be a better person
One might think this is so easy, or that it does not even have to be
mentioned. Well for me, this is a desperate scream out to the
world! Yes, for some people it is a challenge to be a truly good
person, as sad as it might sound. It makes me extremely upset that
I see people being rude to waiters (for no apparent reason),
throwing trash out on the street, being impatient with elders and
children, being extremely self-centered, wasting natural resources
without thinking about consequences, etc. (This list will get very
long if I continue).

There is a quote from the novel Don Juan by Tirso de Molina:

For us, nothing is as cheap, and for others, nothing is as
expensive as politeness. This is extremely accurate, yet nowadays
very few people use this logic. We are so evolved that we believe
the world revolves around us and no one else deserves a good
word, compliment, or any other kind gesture for that matter. With
everything that is happening in the world these days, there is no
better time to act, and to act nicely.

Learning New Words Every

Day Can Make You Much
Smarter, Study Finds

Jenny Marchal
Freelance Writer

Learning a new language is well-known to improve cognitive

ability, but what about expanding vocabulary in your own native
language? Many of us fall out of the habit of learning new words
as its often synonymous with our school years meaning we dont
always actively seek out new words to improve our range of
vocabulary in adult life. However, developing the habit of learning
new words can be beneficial (and enjoyable) in many areas of your

How Learning New Words Can Make You

A recent study looked at the impact that learning new vocabulary
has on different areas of the brain. The correlation between
vocabulary, intelligence and real-world ability has been found to
exist from a very early age right through to adulthood. It primarily
stretches our working memory as well as our ability to
communicate more efficiently with the world around us, subtly
opening up our perspectives and ways of communication.

Our working memory can only hold so much information so

learning new words actually helps our brain to create more ways
of retaining information. Each new word we learn gets placed into
our long-term memory. While this may seem to be
counterproductive, it actually allows us to associate much more
information with each word, meaning our brain doesnt need to
dredge through and reach for information in order to express
ourselves better. In other words, we are able to express more

The concept of increasing vocabulary can be applied to whole

spheres of knowledge and experience. So in effect, a large
vocabulary is a powerful coping strategy that enhances our general
cognitive ability and increases intelligence.
Ways To Make Learning New Words A Habit
We may think our vocabulary range is pretty wide, but it can
always be widened even further. Making a habit of finding new
words and putting them into practice will go a long way to
increasing your brain capacity and expanding your mind to the
world around you.

1. Really notice new words: We come across new words daily

whether through reading, watching TV or talking with others; it
may surprise you how often we skim over the new word or just
second guess what it means through context.

Alternatively, there may be many words we think we know but

when asked to give a true definition we may struggle. Making a
conscious effort to look up any words were unsure of and
understand their meaning will go towards making sure we will
always use those words in the right way with confidence.

2. Read more: Reading is a great way to increase vocabulary if

done in the right way. Make sure you read something interesting
to you with the intent of questioning which words you dont fully
understand. Reading on a regular basis will expose you to many
more words.

3. Use a dictionary: An obvious one, but more often than not a

dictionary is only pulled out once in a blue moon to check a word.
One habit is to pick a random word to learn each day, write it
down and find ways to use it in conversation. Circle words youve
learned and flick back through it every so often to refresh and test
yourself on the highlighted words.
Recommended Resources
There are many apps and online resources to help you to develop a
habit of learning a new word every day.

Vocabulary.com is a combined learning tool and game that

helps you find new words and remember them.

Word A Day Widget can be downloaded on any device and

gives you a new random word to learn each day.

Words With Friends is a great game that forces you to find

unusual words to win and gets your mind reaching for those
forgotten words.

Magoosh is great for differing levels of vocabulary and uses

strategies to help you remember the new words youve

10 Ways To Peacefully and

Effectively Change The

Alexandru Buta

We are living in a time of change and a lot of us are waking up to

our true selves. Maybe one of the most persistent thoughts in this
process is how crazy and messed up our world is.
Yes, no matter how positively we think, as soon as we open our
eyes and realize how disconnected and divided we humans are,
how wrong our society is, or how carelessly we treat our planet,
our mood can be affected. We can become anxious, disturbed,
worried about where we are heading and how our world is going
to look like if we dont change something.

I put a lot of pressure on myself trying to figure out what I can do

to change this system, trying to figure out the best way to fight it
and create a better world. I overthought and struggled so much so
that I was almost close to depression. Thats because I couldnt
accept this world I hated it. I focused my energy on fighting the
old, but as time passed and my energy drained, I found out that
there is another way.

There are a lot of people who get involved in political fights with
the intention to fight something that is bigger than themselves.
Then, they lose hope and dont know what to do anymore. The
first survival instinct is, of course, lets fight! If that works for
them, thats fine, but that didnt work for me and I really believe
that it doesnt work for anybody in the long run.

I have a strong sense of empathy and I intuitively knew there are

better ways than fighting. So, as I overthought the sh*t out of my
mind while trying to figure out a better way, it suddenly hit me!
The best way to fight the system is not fighting at all! You never
change things by fighting the existing reality. You see, whats the
point investing valuable energy into fighting the old, when we can
invest in building the new? To change something, build a new
model that makes the existing one obsolete.
Our everyday consumption, our decisions each day can contribute
to maintaining the old and outdated system or can contribute to a
new and better one. So here are 10 peaceful ways to change the
world into a better one, having fun while you are at it.

1. Spread positivity
Improving your attitude and living a more positive life overall
can sometimes be difficult and takes a lot of effort. But a part of it
can also be more simple. You can spread positivity around you
with small actions: give compliments, help someone in need, play
positive music, encourage someone, smile, hug someone, do
sports, read positive books, learn or do something new every day.
These actions can help you maintain an optimistic mood and help
others feel the same because we all know that emotions
are contagious.

2. Ditch or at least reduce consumption of

animal products
The worlds top scientists, including Stephen Hawking, consider
climate change to be one of the worlds greatest threats. Science
shows that going vegan is one of the most effective ways to fight
climate change. Here are some stunning facts:

A staggering 51% or more of global greenhouse-gas

emissions are caused by animal agriculture.

5% of water consumed in the US is by private homes. 55% of

water consumed in the US is for animal agriculture. 20%-
33% of all freshwater consumption is caused by animal

Livestock covers 45% of the earths total land mass, and

animal agriculture is also the leading cause of species
extinction, ocean dead zones, water pollution, and habitat

130 times more animal waste than human waste is produced

in the US 1.4 billion tons from the meat industry annually.

5 tons of animal waste is produced per person in the US.

3/4 of the worlds fisheries are exploited or depleted. As

many as 2.7 trillion animals are pulled from the ocean each
year. We could see fishless oceans by 2048.

These are just a few facts and reasons to completely ditch, or at

least reduce, the consumption of animal products.

3. Ditch or at least reduce consumption of

processed foods, chemicals, and
conventional medicine
Processed foods dont come from nature; they come from
factories. The more productive the factories, the more money the
corporations make. The more money the corporations make, the
more energy and resources will be consumed and more important,
our health will be at risk we will eat exactly what they want us to
eat. Control the food and you can control the world.
The same goes for chemicals and conventional medicine.
Believe me, we dont need to ingest chemicals and conventional
medicine. In fact, eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly
will keep them away for good and will inspire other people to do
the same.

4. Recycle, live more sustainably, buy

organic and fair trade, pay attention what
you support when you buy something
In the age of consumerism, recycling is a must. Why? Because our
resources are going to end soon enough if we dont put a price on
recycling. I try to buy everything recycled and cut unnecessary
consumption as much as I can, and I still live a modern and
comfortable life.

Did you know that a lot of valuable brands practice labor slavery
and exploit their workers? Why? Because people have become
ridiculously addicted to the paper. Human value, quality of life,
and our environment have to suffer because of the psychotic race
for wealth and power. We spray and poison the earth with
chemicals, reducing the costs of the production of food, making
ourselves and our environment sick. Then we wonder why we are
prone to diseases, why organic farmers are almost a story of the
past, and why they are so expensive.

Every time we consume and buy something, we vote for a clean

sustainable future or for chaos. If you didnt know this already,
next time when you go shopping, keep that in
mind. We literally reap what we sow.

The good news is that there are a lot of sustainable

alternatives. There are still organic farmers out there who produce
delicious and healthy foods for us. We have a choice. We dont
have to make our children responsible for our ignorance and our
mess. Our money has the power to change the world!

5. Get rid of your television and stop

consuming corporate media
We all know that television sells lies, fear, and negativity to
control the population and to keep us asleep. Theres no
conspiracy here anymore. Stop watching and supporting their
madness. Turn off your TV and get rid of it or use it as a
screen to connect to the internet with. Get educated, not dumbed
down. I am not saying that there arent any good TV channels out
there, but is it worth it to pay for it when you have an internet
connection and you can choose your own news sources?

Nowadays, corporate media is also on the internet, so when you

see negative news, drama, gossip, and so on, click on the small
button on the right corner of your browser, usually marked with
an X. Nothing good will come of it. The Internet is ours! We finally
have the chance to educate ourselves independently, so lets keep
it clean and use it wisely!
6. Dont remain quiet about injustice and
learn to stand up for yourself
This could happen everywhere and could come from everyone: in
institutions, the workplace, on the streets, by the bank and
insurance companies, even our loved ones can abuse us. I took
part in plenty of situations where I got abused or taken advantage
of until I learned to stand up for myself. Dont let yourself be
abused speak up for yourself.

7. Help where you can, and if you cant, then

dont hurt
If someone is helpless and you can really help them but you
choose not to, then put yourself in their place. How would you
feel? That doesnt mean you have to sacrifice yourself for them,
but at least try to understand and help them if you can. We all
have moments of struggle in our lives. It is very important not to
laugh at peoples situation or make fun of them. A person in need
is very vulnerable. Walk away if you cant or dont want to help.

8. Talk about important topics rather than

small talk whenever you can
People like to talk about every little thing, and thats OK. We need
that from time to time, but it shouldnt be the standard
conversation type. We should talk more about
important topics, topics that make us think and build our
imagination and creativity. Topics that make us aware of who we
are and our surroundings. Ideas, personal talents, and
discoveries are born from these topics. I recently found out that
someone I love has a talent for singing. She just never talked
about it, although we see each other every day. Dont hide your
thoughts. They can inspire, change, or transform the world!

9. Never lose hope in humanity

There are a lot of positive things happening right now in the
world. Free energy solutions, veganism being on the rise,
sustainable alternatives, innovative technologies and ideas that
will help us in the future. Well-known people and millions of
normal people are interested in making the world a better place.

Humans have unlimited potential. We can change our society

simply with our thoughts and actions. There are so many beautiful
things in the world to care for, and so many beautiful people
contributing and helping humanity so many innovative people
that create futuristic inventions and solutions. Whenever you have
a tough time and you lose hope, just try to point your focus in a
more positive direction, to concentrate on the change, and
remember that it is only a temporary feeling. What seems
impossible at the moment will become possible it was always
this way!

10. Get active, donate, help create a better

There are plenty of non-profit organizations who care and commit
to a better world. If you have the extra money and time, make
donations or volunteer to do their work. If not, search and educate
yourself on the internet, sign petitions, share awareness, or create
something that could help to build a better world. Be the change!
It costs nothing and you will feel amazing.

So, there it is. Ten of the best ways I can think of to change the
world for the better. If this list resonates with you, thats awesome.
If it doesnt, then find better ways to do it. But dont fight to
change the world do it peacefully!

8 Life-Changing Skills You

Can Learn in Less Than 6

Sean Kim

Everyone has the ability to learn a life-changing skill not just this
year, but in the next 6 months.

By life-changing, I mean something that can have a positive

impact in your life moving forward, even if its something you
cant envision today. Certain skills we can immediately reap the
benefits of, while others will be life-changing when we least
expect it.
In this article, well share 8 life-changing skills you can learn in 6
months, where you can learn them, and how you can get started

1. Speed reading
Bill Gates has been known to state that if he had one superpower,
it would be the ability to read faster. What Bill and the rest of the
mega-successful understand is that knowledge is power. The
ability to process information faster from books, articles, and
reports is what will help us learn faster, and therefore improve
each aspect of our life faster as well.

Where you can start learning: Speed reading courses are

becoming more popular, as more people realize how important it
is with the limited time we have. You can check out free courses
like Read Speeder or you can start learning how to use Spritzlet,
which allows you to speed read articles online with a browser

2. Public speaking
Research shows that people fear public speaking more than death
itself. Theres something terrifying about being in front of dozens
or hundreds of people, and exposing yourself completely. Its
when youre most vulnerable, but learning how to public speak is a

Warren Buffett has given advice to recent graduates that the

number one skill you can have to succeed is public speaking skills.
Everything from communication, confidence, and sales is
developed when you develop your public speaking skills.

Where you can start learning: Luckily, there are great

communities out there like Toastmasters that organize local
meetups all around the world. Youll find amazing public speakers
that are looking to get to the next level to beginners that are just
getting started. Check out Toastmasters website here.

3. Spanish
As the third most spoken language in the world, the ability to
speak Spanish will allow you to reach over 500M people around
the world. No matter where you live, knowing how to speak
Spanish is becoming increasingly more important, with the
Hispanic population and economy spreading quickly worldwide. If
youre living in the US, this is even more important, with over
30% of the population being Hispanic.

Spanish is also on this list, because its one of the easiest

languages to learn. Sure, Mandarin is an important language to
learn, but its an incredibly difficult one to learn. If we were to
measure the level of importance and the time to learn for all the
languages available, Spanish would make it to the top of the list.

One of the biggest reasons why people never reach fluency in any
foreign language is: using the wrong method, and lack of time. In
this free course on how to learn a new language in 90 days, theres
proven research which points out how humans best learn.

It turns out that humans retain only 5% of what we learn from

lectures, 20% of what we learn from apps (visual cues), and 90%
of what we learn from immediate immersion. Yet, how do 90% of
learn a new foreign language? Language schools (lectures), books,
Duolingo (apps), etc that dont provide the real-life immersion
required for our brains to learn faster.

Where to get started: If you want the most effective way

to learn a language, learning from real-life interactions is the best
way to do it. There are great websites like Rype, which offers
Spanish coaching for busy people, solving the issue of lack of time
and bringing real-life immersion to your screen. With Rype, you
can book as many lessons as you want, at any time of the day, any
day of the week, allowing you to fit it into your schedule, no
matter how busy you are.

4. Accounting
If youre looking to get into business, accounting is one of the core
fundamentals youll need to succeed. While you dont need to be
an expert, you definitely should understand the basics.

This skill can also be used to manage your personal finances, to

meet your financial goals, and having more control over your life.

Where to get started learning: If you didnt learn accounting

in school, no worries. You can either teach yourself using books,
or check out free accounting courses online.

5. Microsoft Excel
Most people reading this probably have a basic understanding of
Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet. While this is a good start, there are
so many powerful functionalities that are hidden, which could
make your life a lot easier.

Excel is also a great asset to have whenever youre looking for a

job, as many corporations rely on Excel to organize and manage
multiple parts of the business.

Where to get started learning: With the popularity of Excel,

you can find tons of free resources and videos online to learn.
Check out Excel Exposure, Lynda, and Excel with Business.

6. Blogging/Vlogging
Blogging is a powerful tool if you want to spread your ideas, build
your brand, or grow your business. Since it was introduced,
blogging has taken on a life of its own, and today there are ~2M
blog posts being written on a daily basis.

Where to get started learning: Anyone can start blogging

today. All you need is a content-management system like
WordPress, which is completely free. Personally, I think the best
way to start learning how to blog is to just start writing. There are
techniques you can learn on how to promote your blog, but the
best way to grow your blog is to write great content.

7. Weight training
Yes, weight training is a skill. Its not as advanced as learning how
to code, nor will it take as long as learning a new language, if you
just want to learn the basics.

Were not promising that youll get a body like Arnold

Schwarzenegger, but you will see much faster results for whatever
goal you have, just by understanding how to workout properly.
And of course, when youre dealing with an activity that involves
physical strain, youll always want to caution yourself.

Where to get started learning: There are amazing body

builders that are sharing all of their secrets for free on Youtube.
You can check out Bodybuilding.coms Youtube channel to get

8. Photo and video editing

In the digital world that we live in, from Youtube, Instagram, and
Facebook, there is no avoiding photos and videos. In fact, social
media has increasingly gone away from text sharing and almost
everything to photo and video editing.

Where to get started learning: For photo editing, you can use
Photoshop. For video editing, you can use iMovie or Final Cut Pro.
Keep in mind, there are dozens of editing software tools for video
and photo editing, but whats more important are your editing
skills, not the tool itself.

Check out education websites like CreativeLIVE or Skillshare,

where you can learn from experts themselves on how to best use
design and software tools.