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Due Date Monday 20th of March (Week 4)

Weighting 5%
Length 500 words
Submission Type Individual Statement
Task A preliminary step in the Innovation and Design process is the identifying of a problem and
then understanding the opportunity that is presented by virtue of this problem existing.
The focus of this individual assessment task is to craft convincing statements that articulate
a problem, explain the opportunity presented and introduce an idea that will lead to a new
product that can solve the problem/meet the opportunity.

The Problem (200 words) Clearly explain the problem that your idea addresses. Include in
your explanation: who has the problem, why it matters to them and any solutions that are
currently used for the problem [1].

The Opportunity (200 words) Clearly explain the opportunity associated with the problem
described above.

Idea Description (100 words) Cleary explain your idea for a new product in simple terms.
How does your idea solve the problem and meet the opportunity described [1][2].


Assessment Criteria
1 2 3
Structure Poor paragraph structure Basic flow from one section to the next Presentation of the statements in
Failure to structure the answer so that Limited evidence of appropriate relevant themes with evidence of
each element of the statement is language or terms associated with the flow
clearly addressed idea presented, the problem/opportunity Appropriate transitions within and
Poor choice of language associated identified. between paragraphs.
with design idea, problem and Confident control of language.
Knowledge Basic understanding of key concepts Clear understanding of key concepts/ Thorough understanding of key
and Analysis related to problem and opportunity issues as they relate to the problem and concepts/ issues as these relate to
statements. opportunity statement. problem and opportunity statement.

Limited understanding of presenting an The relationship between the The relationship between the
idea description problem/opportunity and the idea is problem/opportunity and the idea is
somewhat established clearly established

Sources and No sources used or limited evidence Adequate use of sources to build Superior use of sources to provide
Referencing that sources were used but not properly arguments presented. weight and clarity to the arguments
referenced significant improvement Good adherence to UOW referencing presented.
required in this practice. policy Systematic and consistent use of
UOW referencing policy.

Presentation Minor spelling mistakes and Relative absence of spelling or Absence of spelling mistakes,
grammatical inconsistencies grammatical errors. grammatical inconsistencies and
Basic formatting issues Formatting and style appropriate to corrections.
statement Superior presentation and attention
to detail

High distinction 85-100% All criteria at level (3)

Distinction 75-84% The majority of criteria at level (2), with some at level (3)
Credit 65-74% The majority of criteria at level (2), with some at level (1)
Pass 50-64% The majority of criteria at level (1)

Fail: Very poor presentation; no grasp of theories or concepts, waffled, incomplete, unreadable, not on topic, no evidence of genuine
effort, no line of argument, misunderstanding of set material, superficial, major errors of focus, way over length, way under length. A
fail grade will also apply to submissions that does not satisfy lateness of work and plagiarism policy provided in Subject Outline