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Warding Bond
Light Zone of Truth
Spare the Dying 3rd Spell Level (3)
Animate Dead
1 Spell Level (4) Beacon of Hope
Bestow Curse
Bane Clairvoyance
Bless Create Food and
Command Water
Create of Destroy Daylight
water Dispel Magic
Cure wounds Glyph of Warding
Compelled Duel Magic Circle
Detect Evil and Mass Healing
Good Word
Detect Magic Meld into Stone
Detect Poison and Protection From
Disease Energy
Guiding Bolt Remove Curse
Healing Word Revivify
Inflict wounds Sending Spell Save DC : 8 +
Protection from Slow
Evil and Good Speak with Dead Wis + Prof = 15
Purify Food and Spirit Guardians
Drink Tongues
Spell Attack Bonus :
Sanctuary Water Walk Widom + Prof = 7
2nd Spell Level (3) 4th Spell Level (2) Channel Divinity
Aid Banishment
(2/rest) (Turn
Augury Control Water Undead/Radiant
Blindness/Deafnes Death Ward Defense)
s Divination
Calm Emotions Freedom of Maximum Spells
Continual Flame Movement
Prepared = Level +
Enhance Ability Guardian of Faith
Find Traps Locate Creature Wisdom = 12
Gentle Repose Otilukes Resilient
Hold Person Sphere
Lesser Restoration Stone Shape
Locate Object
Prayer of Healing
Protection from

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