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is a problem
Powerful DESIGN to strengthen
teaching and learning or Structure Representation

four-stage 1. Problem framing Well- Can vary based

model 2. Collecting evidence structured on
3. Analyzing evidence problem
4. Celebrating and sharing
Not all problems are
created equal!
Influences how
Working with someone to BUT
produce or create something
Must have:
Collaborative Inquiry Start with a problem 1. Unknown entity
it is a 2. Social, cultural, or intellectual value

Purposeful relationship with a can result in meta- sequence of
collaboration Collaboration Problem- cognitive events
common goal Solving

Define, represent, and

explore strategies
Metacognition Inquiry to

as a means to essential for might involve

Generating and
increase Goal-oriented Solve a problem evaluating
effectiveness must be alternative solutions
of inquiry
starts with also known as
The act of asking for to
?? Questioning ??

Collaborative Inquiry for Instructors Collaborative Inquiry for Students

to seek Are there certain scenarios that lend themselves How do we teach students about collaborative
Inquiry question must:
better to applying a collaborative inquiry design? inquiry? What is the most effective way?
Contain neutral exploratory language
Begin with the words how or what What are the best strategies to bring people How do we convince students of the benefits of
Specify the focus of the teams inquiry Truth, information, or together if it is not initiated and supported by the collaborative inquiry when they believe that they
knowledge leadership? should learn everything from the teacher?

What other design models of collaborative How do I ensure that I am properly guiding and
inquiry have been documented? Do they work? mentoring collaborative inquiry for my students?