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In my college time, I read a book named The road to success by Mr. Faiez Hasan Seyal. It
mentioned one key point that service and pursuit of excellence is the key to happiness and
fulfilment. This served as a premise for me to unconsciously love an innate desire to serve
people around me. Since then, I used to counsel my peers and juniors in academic and
personal issues. When I chose the field of accountancy afterwards, I read a lot of other books
on success and discovered that I was quite good but not much interested in finance. In the
words of Gardner, interpersonal intelligence was my key strength. Developing on this and on
the perception of greater good, I further researched and found out that Psychology and
specifically Business Psychology is what I am meant to study in my educational career. It
seemed as the voice of my heart moved me to pursue this field. My passion in Work,
Organizational and Personnel Psychology has developed further when I actually savoured the
flavour of my favourite topics. The work of Maslow on fear of Success, Daniel Golemans
work on EQ and even the understanding of my own deviated tendencies fascinated me a lot.
All this love for the very field continued and has practically moved me again to apply for this
WOP-P Master program.

The foremost reason I want to pursue this programme is it specialized focus on

scientist/practitioner model. As it is obvious from my profile that I persisted with my field in
both education and practice, I will be pleased to join this highly tailored program because of
its unique and balanced approach. Specifically the breadth across all the three realms indicate
that it is a thorough program to facilitate me become a complete WOP-P Professional.

I am also strongly interested in pursuing this program so as to become a specialist practitioner

in the field of workplace and personnel management. Another important significance for me
is my interest in exploring strategies by which we can work out solution for the common
global issues faced by management in cross-cultural organizations. For instance, how can we
best motivate blue collar employees? What is the impact of overtime on labour performance
across developing nations? How can we create an organizational policy so that most
competent employees can surpass the normal promotion path? How can we maintain
objectivity in unstructured modes of recruitment? How can companies retain unique talent?
And many other key areas.

The interventions related courses fascinated me as they on one hand will impart key practical
skills such has how to implement intelligent practices and on the other hand will inculcate
decision making competency. These focused interventions complemented by research work
mean that no side is kept unpolished. As modern scientific practitioners focus on research to
create the best and optimal intervention strategies, so the WOP-P program exactly addresses
these contemporary demands of the employment world.

Real world has complex and ever changing problems, the winter school therefore will help
me in learning how these open ended real time cases are solved creating new and
contemporary interventions. Apart from this, cross cultural teams give an invaluable
experience that will impart a one of its kind advantage.

I expect this program to enhance my present research and practical skills and to build those
competences in me that are vital for success in the international business environment. In my
home country Pakistan, there is a serious lack of WOP-P professionals, even then I believed
in my abilities and skills to outshine in this domain. I have progressed gradually but I made
sure I am well-versed with the research and practical competences necessary to excel in HR
and Management. I would also love to continue the legacy by taking back all the knowledge
and exposure back to my home country and set a trend for this emerging field of psychology.
My long term goals include setting up a WOP-P consultancy in Pakistan that will not only
provide practical solutions but also will be a research centre for the development of Industrial
and Organizational Psychology. Similarly, up until now I have shown my commitment to
stick to my circle of competence. For I believe, four elements are vital for success in this field
natural and innate strengths, motivation, interest and actual nurturing via learning and
practice. I am pretty sure that I carry all the desired ingredients to give the best output.

I have worked upon a research project in my 7th semester course Human Resources
Management on Impact of Motivation on Employees Performance. Also being a student of
last semester, I will be initiating my Thesis/Final Year Research Project in few weeks.
Similarly, during my last internship I worked in a leading telecom company (Ufone PTML)
and completed a project on Why Money is not always a motivator at work and its
alternatives. Similarly my proposal on performance management modelling got accepted
with highest recommendation. In this project, I pointed out that calibration system had many
flaws so the model of Welch from General Electric needed an alternative especially in our
local Pakistani culture, where money is a major motivator due to low average income level. I
found out that, comparative calibration and thus disbursing respective bonus is not a fair deal.
Alternatively, absolute calibration is more effective that not only promotes cooperation but
also enhances the overall output and effectiveness of organization.

I am all motivated to research further on talent acquisition methods as referral based hiring
was a popular practice in previous internships. However, this created a culture of favouritism
and biasness and therefore in many cases brought about a downfall in the output for
organizations. I am also interested to find out the best methods to train and develop
employees at different levels. Starting with a cognitive dissonant statement wont help
forever. I am quite sure that working with Miss Chiesa at Bologna University can also further
my volunteer interests in career and academic counselling. Up until now I have counselled
hundreds of students in their educational and career areas. I am holding a workshop as well to
cater the needs of intermediate students in transition phase to university study. My main
research interests since my time at International Islamic University included talent
acquisition, recruitment and selection and training and development. I believe this program
will be a major extension as well as addition to my existing work in WOP-P just as I believe I
have all what it takes to get selected for this highly competitive and meritorious program.
Additionally, my overall objective is to become a well-rounded WOP-P professional.

Up until now, it has been a good start but this is just a beginning which I want to convert into
something substantial. I want to achieve much more in my field through this distinctive
opportunity. Success is incomplete without legacy therefore I want to give back to global
community, WOP-P profession and to serve humanity in general. I chose the path of
excellence and in the pursuit of it, I thus far have achieved whatever best was possible for me
in my limited available resources and challenging circumstances. With this highly
international and relevant degree, I strongly believe I can thrive forward to a more fulfilling
career in my chosen field of study. To conclude, this WOP-P master program is a building
block for my passion to serve this under addressed yet very vital field, paving the way to
serve and lead with impact and excellence. I look forward to a thrilling experience.

Thank you for reading.

Muhammad Sohaib Niazi