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Cage Farming

Cage Farming catalogue - English - 20160210

AKVA group-Cage Farming-N-08.11

www.akvagroup.com Your Aquaculture Technology and Service Partner


Your Aquaculture Technology and Service Partner C O N T E N T S :

YOUR PARTNER ...................... 4


CAGE FARMING ...................... 8

CAGES ............................... 10

PLASTIC CAGES .................. 12

STEEL CAGES ....................... 20

ANCHORING ......................... 26

MORT COLLECTION ............... 28

FIBER NETS ......................... 32

NON FIBER NETS .................. 36

CAGE CLEANING ................... 40


WORKBOATS ........................ 48

FEED BARGES ...................... 56

FEED SYSTEMS ..................... 82

CAMERA SYSTEMS ...............104



UNDERWATER LIGHTS .......... 124

SOFTWARE ..........................130

PRODUCT TRAINING............. 146

SERVICE .............................148

FINANCING ..........................150



GLOBAL TRENDS ................. 160

WORLDWIDE SALES ............. 162

Certain products and services may not

be available in all countries. Please contact
a sales representative in your country
or region for further details.

2 3
Reliable and innovative aquaculture solutions Y O U R P A R T N E R

combined with professional service and support

During more than 40 years as innovator and provider of AKVA group is a solid partner with offices and facilities in Norway, AKVA group is
technology and services to the global aquaculture industry, Chile, Denmark, Scotland, Iceland, Canada, Australia and Turkey. a leading technology
we in AKVA group have learned what really matters to our With 8 offices and several agents and distributors around the
customers as well as to ourselves. Partnerships, good globe AKVA group is present in all markets worldwide. AKVA group
and service partner
partnerships - enabling us to contribute solutions and is a unique partner with the capability to offer both cage farming to the aquaculture
services that make our customers successful in developing and land based aquaculture operations with complete technical industry worldwide
and operating sustainable and profitable aquaculture solutions and service.
operations. Good Partnerships, where our contribution
to solutions and services earn us the opportunity to The company holds strong, well-known brand names and the
develop AKVA group as a sustainable and profitable company. product line range from plastic and steel cages, mooring systems,
nets, net cleaners, work boats, feed barges, feed systems, camera
We will continue to build AKVA group with this as our mission. systems, environmental sensors, underwater lights, production and
We will be focused on our customers needs, being attentive process control software, recirculation systems, PE piping systems,
and responsive. We will develop and use our knowledge farm design, on-site services and training courses.
to contribute solutions and services that lifts our
customers performance. Partnering with AKVA group allows customers to keep their focus
on fine tuning farm operations to increase profitability, while sharing
We will take pride in being reliable and honest in what the technical challenges with a reliable partner with the right people,
As a partner our we do and how we act, and we will use our enthusiasm the right technology and the right knowledge to achieve
mission is to improve to generate the energy and joy needed to take our excellence.
your profitability and customers as well as AKVA group forward.

sustainability. In AKVA we strongly believe that we can make a difference.

We are proud to be part of the global aquaculture industry
which is playing a crucial role providing healthy seafood
world wide.

CEO, AKVA group ASA.

We are partners and in it for the long run.

Project planning Budgeting Technical solutions Installations Service & support Product training
4 4 4 4 4 4
Two heads think better than one, says Budgeting means planning years ahead Are you happy with standard solutions Plug and play may be the preferred mode Systems running year after year, some- Knowledge is always an important part
an old proverb. In terms of planning an to create an image of the size and shape or does your operation or managers for anyone wanting to connect two pieces times in extreme weather, will always of successful farm operations. Sufficient
aquaculture operation it translates into of your operations.This is imperative to require fine tuning of some of the of equipment together. In an aquacul- be subject to extensive wear and tear. training of your staff and managers
allowing people with different know- secure adequate financing and proper hardware? In a carefully planned ture facility, putting the pieces together In order to maintain reliable operations, will minimize the amount of frustration
how to work together in the planning financial control. Allowing technical complete project, specific hardware may not be quite as simple, although it preventive service agreements and that builds up while browsing through
process. Letting AKVAs technical experts considerations into the budget will also requirements can be taken into account might seem like it when our experts are regular maintenance are critical. a manual in search of a solution to a
team up with your own operational help you identify constraints or bottle- at an early stage so they wont add at work. Professional commissioning and AKVA groups Service department has problem. Hands-on training of staff,
experts will ensure well founded and necks in your operation. extra costs or delays along the way. start-up will prevent future headaches decades of experience in supporting and face-to-face is always the most effective
correctly dimensioned farming solutions. and costly mistakes. performing maintenance under such method and a wise investment.

4 5
Worldwide Aquaculture P R O J E C T S

Reliable and efficient solutions

AKVA group had designed and supplied professional
and commercially sound projects worldwide.
From complete cage farms for many fin fish species,
to land based hatcheries with recirculation systems to
break-through projects with new species.

AKVA group is the only supplier with the capability to offer

both cage farming and land based aquaculture operations
with complete technical solutions. Being a dedicated
AKVA group partner means leaving responsibility for
technical matters to external experts, while allowing your
own personnel to focus on biology and production.

AKVA groups team of professionals knows what is important

to succeed in the aquaculture industry. We are able and
willing to take on the responsibility for delivering reliable
technology with the quality, standards and service level
needed to minimize the risk of technical problems
which may lead to production down-time and associated
financial losses.

We will ensure the integration and quality of our work

by undertaking thorough and detailed planning and
pre-project design of your farm.

From single components

to complete aquaculture
solutions with professional
service and support.

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Cage Farming Aquaculture - P R O D U C T S

Complete Solutions Worldwide

Steel Cages

Feed Barges



Plastic Cages

Feed Systems

Camera Systems
Underwater Lights
Net Cleaning
Work Boats
Environmental Sensors

Mooring Systems

Current profiler Sensors

Mort Collector Systems

Feed Barges Feed Systems Cages Software Solutions Camera and Sensor Systems Workboats
AKVA group is the worlds leading The central feed system was invented AKVA group is the leading supplier Fishtalk is a unique IT concept and tool Advanced video camera and sensor The robust Polarcirkel workboats offers
supplier of feed barges with decades by AKVA group in 1980 and Akvasmart of both plastic and steel cages in that provides integrated operations and systems monitor both fish, the feeding great design, quality build, unique
of experience and nearly 300 barges CCS is today the worlds most popular aquaculture, and has since 1974 biological production. AKVAconnect is process and the environment. This flexibility, safety and low maintenance.
delivered worldwide. and reliable feed system. delivered more than 60,000 cages. the latest farm operations and technical ensures optimum operations and a
control software platform. healthy fish.
8 9

The worlds leading cage supplier

AKVA group is the worlds leading supplier of both

plastic and steel cages. Polarcirkel, the most recognized
brand in aquaculture, invented the plastic cage concept
in Norway in 1974, and has since supplied more than
45,000 cages worldwide. The renowned Wavemaster
steel cages originated in Ireland in 1985, and more than
15,000 cages have since been delivered globally.

In order to ensure the highest possible quality, competitive

pricing and on-time deliveries, the cages and components
are manufactured in many different regions. All cages are
installed by professional installation teams, and serviced
by professional AKVA group service technicians.

AKVA group invests heavily in innovative and professional

R&D in order to remain the leading supplier of cages,
not only to improve products in the short term, but also
to look into the future of tomorrows demands
for cage technology.

10 11
Polarcirkel All-Plastic-Cages A safe and stable A well proven concept in flexible cage design C A G E S

platform designed for

extreme weather
conditions. Polarcirkel Cage history
For areas prone to icing, such
as Norway, Canada and Russia,,
Experience is a crucial success another critical advantage of the
factor in the fish farming business. Polarcirkel PE brackets is that
AKVA group (Polarcirkel) invented they will not ice up as steel
the plastic cage in 1974, and has brackets do. Icing is a dangerous
since then supplied more than safety issue for all floating
45.000 Polarcirkel Cages and structures, including cages.
15.000 Polarcirkel Boats. The cages
are made from PE raw materials Forget corrosion! Polarcirkel bracket Heavy ice overloads the cage,
especially suited for the dynamic after 10 years in saltwater! reduces stability and jeopardizes
loads of the sea, and are available overall cage integrity. As the
in a wide range of models, shapes Long life - built to withstand name indicates, the Polarcirkel
and sizes to suit individual needs. extreme weather conditions cages are built for extreme arctic
Extensive use of Polyethylene in our
latest Pressure Injection Moulded
(PIM) brackets eliminates corrosion,
minimizes expensive and difficult
maintenance, and substantially
increases cage lifespan compared
to steel brackets. This is especially
important in areas with high salinity,
warm water temperatures and
Newspaper photo presenting the first
choppy seas.
Polarcirkel cage in 1974.
Polarcirkel PE brackets are tested in
Many have tried to copy these arctic areas to withstand extreme icing
products, but none have managed such as here in the Russian Sea.
to match the genuine Polarcirkel
designs and quality builds. All Polarcirkel Cage designs are
Plastic cages started out as small carried out by our professional
single pipe circles, but now our R&D department. Independent
largest models approach 200m marine engineering consultants
circumference, and with floating are also involved in advanced
pipes of 500mm diameter. Both static and dynamic load calcu-
Cages designed for extreme weather
circular and square cage systems conditions, such as here on Norways lations to ensure all designs meet
are available. Combined with AKVA stormy coastline at 70 North. or exceed expected real life loads
groups global sales and service as well as applicable industry
network, the Polarcirkel Cage is well Only strong and high quality PE standards.
proven and recognized worldwide. is used for Polarcirkel brackets,
while many suppliers use weak
and low quality rotationally
moulded medium and low density
Polyethylene. This makes the
Polarcirkelbrackets superior in terms
of structural strength, durability and
UV resistance. This is especially
important in high energy offshore
farm sites and areas with high UV
radiation from the sun. Polarcirkel Cages are used all over
the world, such as here in Tunisia.
Photos showing todays large 500mm
cages compared to the 225mm All Polarcirkel Cages are
Gigante cage 20 years ago!
NS9415 certified.

12 13
The safest and most escape proof C A G E S

cages on the market

Extra wide catamaran design Safe Polarcirkel PE walkways

Net Hooks provide Polarcirkels extra wide catamaran In order to increase crew safety
Strong and rigid simplified net handling on fish farms, another Polarcirkel
design ensures maximum cage
PE hand rails. and a secure attachment stability and railing stiffness. innovation was launched in 1999,
point for your net. Combined with strong stanchions the integrated Polarcirkel PE
and interlocked railing design, walkways.The anti-skid walkway
this makes the Polarcirkel Cages panels fit securely between the
The fully integrated two floating pipes, forming a
safe and easy to work on without
anti-skid walkway panels
sacrificing seaworthiness and stable and safe working surface.
fit securely between
strength. The PE pressure moulded panels
the two floating pipes,
are held in place with strong and
forming a stable and
Due to its low weight-to-strength flexible continuous 50mm PE
safe working surface.
ratio, the Polarcirkel Cages have tubing inter locking the panels
very high reserve buoyancy to the PIM brackets.
compared to cages with other
Styrofoam core makes brackets. This easily results in our Proven Sinker Tube concept
the cage virtually larger cages having up to 4-5 metric
unsinkable even in cases tons higher reserve buoyancy. As cages grew bigger and nets
of severe damage. This substantially increases cage became harder and harder to
safety margins in case of sudden control in strong currents,
operational problems that weigh Polarcirkel invented the sinker
down the cages (dirty nets, icing, tube concept in 1989. A concept
storms, strong currents etc.). that later has been adopted as
an industry to keep nets
Unique redundancy systems stretched out and weighed
In addition to obvious redundancy
safety factors such as individu- The Polarcirkel Sinker Tube
ally secured brackets, individually consists of a 200-280mm heavy
secured anchoring connectors and walled PE pipe filled with steel
Styrofoam inside the outer floating wires or chain (typically 20-70
A secondary redundancy pipe pipes, Polarcirkel also offer an kg/m). It is supported by strong
safety chain placed inside optional secondary continous safety ropes fastened through the
the outer floating pipe is All-rope solution. chain inside the outer floating pipe. stainless steel sleeve in the
optional. No shackles or bolts This will serve as an unbreakable PIM brackets.
that can corrode or barrier in case the cage integrity
damage the net. is severely compromised. Keeping
the chain inside the pipe leaves it
out of the water until needed and
The Polarcirkel Sinker Tube
maintains a clean exterior cage
consists of a 200-280mm
heavy walled PE pipe filled layout. All of this makes the Polar-
with chain or wire rope at cirkel Cages the safest and most
specified weight. escape proof cages on the market!

All the weight of the net and sinker

tube system is supported by the
The new Pressure floating pipe - NOT by the handrail.

Injection Moulded brackets

design provides superior

14 15
To avoid fish escapes Simplified net handling and maintenance C A G E S

we need to ensure that

all potential sources of
chafe and net damage A wide range of accessories

are eliminated. with smart features

AKVA group offers a wide range of

optional accessories for the cages.
This equipment will improve the Support rope
safety and efficiency on the fish Lock-in rope
farms. Dedicated accessories will Steel ring lifting rope
also make it easier for the farm staff Net lifting rope
to do their job. Heres some of the When harvesting, the net volume is
accessories we can recommend, reduced by lifting thr vertical ropes
anti-skid walkway panels, center of the sinker tube system. This leaves
support stands, cart wheels, net no load on the handrails. Net connecting rope
hooks, harvest trawl float rope etc. Steel ring
Rope slings
Sliding deadweight

Sinker tube
Sinker tube strop

Various types of net hooks are available. Rugged Polarcirkel Cages combined
Sliding deadweight principle
The systems simplify net handling on the with a Wavemaster Feed Barge will
cages and provide secure attachment always makes a perfect match. - a new sinker tube solution
points for your nets.
In terms of our sinker tube concept,
this means going from chain to an
all-rope solution, including the use
of new type of sliding dead weights
as an option. This means no poten-
tial chafe from metal parts, practi-
cal ways of handling the net and
replacing parts, excellent stretching
out of the net (maximum water
exchange) and no shackles or bolts
Most plastic cages are moored in a grid Polarcirkel Cart Wheels Center that can loosen or corrode.
system and include sinker tube, center Support Stands can be offered with
support stand, feed system/barge, circumference from 30 up to 72m. When you need to lift or lower
cameras and sensors.
the net for harvesting, grading
etc, the sinker tube is lifted 5m
at a time using the lifting and
lock-in loops in the support ropes.
These rope runs through the PIM
cage bracket and locking pins are
used to secure it at the various
levels. Number of loops and net
hooks can be customized to suit
individual needs.
Both fiber nets and non fiber nets Center Support Stands keeps the bird nets
(EcoNet) can be installed in all high off the water. Standard sizes from
Polarcirkel cages. 4m to 5m high. Other hights can also be
delivered on request.

16 17
Plastic Cage Specifications C A G E S

Cage Models:  225/250 315 400 450 500 Comments

Cage sizes 225/250mm 315mm (12) 400mm (16) 450mm (18) 500mm (20) Imperial sizes to be confirmed.
Floating pipe diameter: (9/10)

Cage sizes 40 - 90m 60 - 100m 90 - 160m 120 - 160m 130 - 200m

Standard circumferences: (130 - 300) (200 - 330) At centre of inner floating pipe.
(300 - 530) (400 - 530) (430 - 660)

Cage sizes 13 29m 19 32m 29 51m 38 51m 41 64m At centre of inner floating pipe.
Standard diameters: (42 94) (63 104) (94 167) (125 167) (136 209)

Center - center distance 52cm 66cm 85cm 100cm 110cm

between floating pipes: (20) (26) (33) (39) (43)

Bracket PE Injection PIM Bracket (Pressure Injection

Yes Yes Yes Yes Moulded Bracket) with plastic
Moulded (new PIM Type):

Bracket PE Welded Yes

Yes Original welded NOVA bracket.
(original Nova type)

Bracket PE Injection
Yes - Original injection moulded bracket.
Moulded (original type):

Standard distance
2m (6 7) 2m (6 7) 2.5m (8 2) 2.5m (8 2) 2.6m (8 6) Can be customized to fit nets.
between brackets:

Dimension PE
125mm (5) 125mm (5) 160mm (6,5) 160mm (6,5) 160mm (6,5) Not applicable for steel brackets.
Handrail Upright:

Dimension 140mm (5,5) Applies for both PE and steel

110mm (4,5) 110mm (4,5) 140mm (5,5) 140mm (5,5)
Handrail Pipe: brackets.

Stainless Stainless Stainless One single hook per upright

Net hook on uprights: PE (SS opt.) PE (SS opt.) included. Custom hooks available
Steel (12mm) Steel (12mm) Steel (12mm)

Polystyrene Safety Available in all floating pipes on

Only inner pipe Only inner pipe Only inner pipe Only inner pipe Only inner pipe
Floatation added: request.

Available with Secondary Continuous internal safety chain

Inside outer pipe Inside outer pipe Inside outer pipe Inside outer pipe Inside outer pipe inside the outer floating
Safety Chain (redundancy):
pipe for an extra safety

Materials used
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Applies to plastic components.
PE80 & PE100:

NS-EN ISO 9001:2000 Yes The Polarcirkel factory is ISO

Yes Yes Yes Yes
Certification: 9001 and ISO 14001 certified.

Norwegian Standard
Yes Yes Yes Yes Mandatory for Norway only.
NS9415 Certified:

Available as Two-Ring Cage: Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Standard Cage

Available as Three-Ring Cage: Yes -

Available with Sinker Tube: Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Available with Walkway Decking: Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Mainly used for 315 model and up.

Avail. as Submergible Cage: Yes Not yet Not yet Not yet Ask for specific details.

Polarcirkel Square Cages - 3x3m (10x10) / 5x5m (17x17) / 7x7m (23x23) / * Available outside Norway only
Standard sizes available: 9x9m (30x30) / 11x11m (37x37) 13x13m (43x43) as individual cages or cage systems.

Polarcirkel quality and certification AKVA group delivers

All Polarcirkel Cages are manufactured and assembled
in accordance with AKVA groups Quality Assurance
complete cage farming
System (ISO 9001 and ISO 14001) which is certified by solutions worldwide.
DNV (Det Norske Veritas). All cages in Norway are designed
in accordance with NS9415 (Norwegian Standard 9415
for cage farming equipment to prevent fish escape).

18 19
Wavemaster Steel Cages Safe and strong steel cage solutions C A G E S

The upper surface of each float

Wavemaster Cage history
incorporates sloping surfaces so
Wavemaster began producing that any feed or debris deposited
steel cages in Ireland in 1985, can be washed away by wave
in Canada in 1988 and in Chile in action or water hose. High reserve
1990, and today supplies cages buoyancy is crucial in case of
to all world markets. The large sudden excessive or mooring loads.
number of cages currently in
use on a wide variety of sites, Hot dip galvanizing
operating under diverse wave and The wide walkways provide superior
support for predator nets, well spaced All components are hot dipped
wind conditions world wide, has
from the fish net. This is a crucial galvanized after manufacture.
demonstrated the reliability of
feature for some areas. This has proven to be the most
the Wavemaster design.
effective and durable coating for
Superior design makes an use on fish pen structures.
ideal platform for fish farming

Wavemaster is the worlds leading

brand of steel cages with over
to 15.000 cages delivered since
1985! The cages provide an ideal
platform for fish farming. Wide
non-slip walkways with high free-
The first Wavemaster cages was designed board around all sides of the cages
and delivered in Ireland in 1985. allow the operator full flexibility
of operation and easy access from Wavemaster cages produced by AKVA
Produced locally and designed to cage to cage. This is becoming group Chile.

suit local markets, Wavemaster essential for good fish husbandry

and maintenance. Ongoing R&D
provides the most cost effective
steel cages available to the The compactness and simplified All of the Wavemaster designs are
industry. Steel cages are suitable mooring arrangements make continuously updated to reflect
for sites with moderate exposure Wavemaster Steel Cages a very operating experience and the
and strong tidal currents. attractive option for many sites. changing work practises of the
fish farmers using the equipment.
Combined with a global sales and This continues to make Wavemaster
service network, the Wavemaster the leading edge steel cage in the
Steel Cages are a well proven fish farming industry.

Safe and stable cage construction

make a safe workplace.

Wavemaster cages are available in

Wavemaster cages include smart
Wavemaster has a proven track record a wide range of models, single- or
solutions for fully integrated non-slip
of installations on a wide range of sites double string systems and sizes up walkways, net supports and floats
and in many different climates around to 40x40m to suit individual needs. with self-draining top.
the world, such as here in Chile.

20 21
A trusted and well proven steel cage concept Patented moulded rubber C A G E S

hinge system reduces loads

and increases life-span.

The rugged galvanized

walkways are designed
to withstand rough
daily use.

All components Bushing type Self-draining tops Secure floats filled

are hot dip hinge for less make it easier with expanded
galvanized. exposed sites. to maintain. polystyrene.

A wide range of strong, high quality The removable handrail system

mooring systems are also available provides tie off points and posts to
in various dimensions. support the net.

Feed barges can be moored at the Wavemaster steel cages are also
end of steel cages and provide easy available with driveable centre
access to the cages for farm staff. walkway, such as here in Canada.

22 23
Galvanized quality cages with wide walkways Steel Cage Specifications C A G E S

Wavemaster Cages:  EX-1 EX-2 Comments

High Performance High Exposure Please consult your Wavemaster

Model description: representative for expert advice
on proper model selection.

10x10m (30x30) 25x25m (82x82)

Cages sizes available -
12x12m (40x40) 30x30m (100x100)
inner measurements:
15x15m (50x50) 40x40m (130x130)
Others sizes available on
20x20m (60x60)
25x25m (82x82)
30x30m (100x100)
40x40m (130x130)

1.1 - 3.0 m (33 - 10) Others sizes available

Main walkway width: 1.1 - 2.5 m (33 - 82)
on request.

1.1 - 2.5 m (33 - 82) 1.1 - 2.5 m (33 - 82) Others sizes available
Perimeter walkway width:
on request.

Suitable for shipping into Yes Yes On request.

40 containers:

Driveable (Forklift): No Yes On request.

2 or 3mm stamped plate, 32x5 or 38x5 2 or 3mm stamped plate, 32x5 or 38x5
Deck type: Others design on request.
serrated vertical grating serrated vertical grating

Main beam sizes: 80x40x5mm up to 150x50x5mm up to

200x70x6mm 200x70x6mm

35mm (1 3/8) - 45mm (1 3/4) 35mm (1 3/8) - 45mm (1 3/4) Available in both moulded rubber
Hinge bushing:
or nylon type.

Cage configuration layout: Single or double string Single or double string

Yes Yes Rotational moulded PE or blowing

Floats available - standard:
PE (Colors under request).

Yes Yes Rotational moulded polyethylene

Floats available - increased volum:
(Colors under request).

Floats filled with expanded Yes Yes

polystyrene and sealed for
added safety:

Ralling height: 1000mm (39,7) 1000mm (39,7) Others sizes available on request.

Ralling net hooks included: Yes (Pointed up, down or both) Yes (Pointed up, down or both)

Post options for: Predator net, bird net, Lifting. Predator net, bird net, Lifting. On request.

Others accesories: On request On request Please inquire.

Hot dipped galvanizing: Yes Yes

Wavemaster Steel Cages in Scotland.

24 25
Mooring Systems Safer mooring with low cage point loading C A G E S

Extra safe and strong

mooring solutions

We are introducing a new and

innovative mooring connector
system that simplifies the mooring
process and improves the structural
strength of the cage when
moored at the site. All anchoring
connections and components are
NS9415 certified. (Norwegian
Standard 9415).

The new Polarcirkel anchoring

connector eliminates most of
the weak points typical of steel
brackets: Corrosion, damage to
work boats, sideways jamming of
brackets, chafe on floating pipes,
Quality buoys in various
need for chafe sleeves, point
loading floating pipes, bending
connection lugs, icing loads etc.

Practical and safe shackle

point connection.

All ropes are connected to the mooring A wide range of anchors, depending
plate well below propeller depth, gives on depth and bottom conditions.
safe transport aroiund the cage. mainly All steel components used near or
use of rope close to the cage prevents under the surface are hot dip
damage to the nets. galvanized.
Experienced crew and certified mooring

Anchoring of Polarcirkel cages outside The bouys are made of rotation moulded A typical mooring design showing grid,
Lofoten in the North of Norway. polyethylen filled with polystyrene foam. anchors, buoys and barge locations
This retain full floating capasity even if etc. This design allows for for custom
the shell has been damaged. positioning to the farm site.
Our mooring systems have
been tested in rough weather
conditions worldwide.

26 27
Mort Collection concept Centralized system for collecting morts C A G E S

A mort concept based on air

An examle showing a centralised
and the eductor pump principle mort system with 9 cages
A basis for a continued healthy
environment for the live fish in
Return pipe
the system is that all morts are Screen box
removed as soon as possible
from the cage.

Y-units with
non return valves

Central pipe
(PE) 225mm

Most feed barges from AKVA group have

integrated silage tanks in the hull below
the feed selector valves.

AKVA group, HSE and several fish

Air pipe
farming companies has developed
(PEM) 40mm
an automated, robust and very
practical system for removing
morts. The system is adapted to
todays Polarcirkel plastic cages,
Wavemaster steel cages, nets and
various other site infrastructure

The Akvasmart Mort System is

offered as semi-open or as a fully
closed system. The system can be
delivered with central collection
where the fish goes right from the
cages for further treatment.
The illustration above shows a system
for collecting morts from 9 cages directly
into the feed barge. This ensures that
no people will come into contact with
mortalities which will in turn improve
the level of hygiene on site. By installing
centralized collection of mort you will
save a lot of time. The mort registration
can also easily be done on the feed barge.

Mortalities are pumped through PEH pipes Correctly measured return pipes are important
from the cages to the screen box on the to ensure the smooth transport of mortalities
barge. A centralized collecting system con- away from the cage. Non return valves prevent
sists of customised standard components. any wastewater transfer between cages.

We have developed a new float ring

for protecting pipe connections to
Eductor pump principle
avoid net damage. The solution is The compressed air is injected through
patent pending. a number of small holes in a separate air
chamber. The benefits obtained by the
The screen box is offered in varous standard To secure optimal water flow carrying morts stream of injected air entered through
types. We can also offer tailormade, through the system, air vents are mounted many holes, is to create a constant and
customized solutions. on each cage. This solution is tested and rapid flow.
patent pended.

28 29
Cage Nets

The highest quality nets safeguards

your fish

AKVA group offer several types of nets for your cages.

Both traditional and proven fiber nets (mainly nylon)
made by Egersund Net in Norway, as well as the
innovative and promising non-fiber EcoNets (solid PET
wire), made by the Italian company Maccaferri.

As the net is the only barrier keeping your valuable

farmed fish inside and predators outside, it is the most
critical piece of equipment on a cage farm that prevents
fish escapes and other fish losses. Consequently, only
the highest quality and design must be used, combined
with Norwegian Standard (NS9415) certification.
In order to ensure correct net specifications for your
farm site, documented site environmental loads from
currents, waves and wind must be used for dimensioning
and design. This must be followed by professional and
systematic inspection, maintenance and testing
throughout the life span of the net.

The end result is a net you can trust, whether fiber

or non-fiber materials.

30 31
Fibre Nets Egersund Net - top of the line for N E T S

more than 40 years

One of worlds leading net Quality control and ISO

and net service suppliers certification

Egersund Net has developed into Egersund Net supplies nets with
one of Europes leading suppliers of both square and hexagonal mesh
fish farming nets and net services. made of high quality materials at
the modern plant in Egersund.
A stringent quality assurance
program ensures a high quality
An efficient manufacturing line with a
manufacturing process. They supply
highly qualified and experienced staff.
knotless net, super knotless net and
Construction and design Dyneema net materials. The entire
net fabrication process is ISO
It is very important to ensure the 9001 certified by Det Norske
nets are easy and safe to handle. Veritas (DNV) and NS9415.
A good user manual as well as clear
These quality nets are based on years marking of lifting points facilitate
of experience with the safety of our
safe and secure handling. The risk
customers at heart.
of escape is thereby reduced.

The new ENCA (Egersund Net Circle

Angled) net design is an example
of a design which facilitates easier/
faster and safer net handling.

The three main fibre net designs are:

Standard knotless netting, Super netting
and Hexagonal netting in nylon.
Egersund fibre nets are designed for
a wide range of round and square
cage sizes.

Net testing and research

Egersund Net invests heavily into

R&D to ensure leading edge net
products and new concepts.
Including material testing, net
New dedicated database for documentation All new models are tested under different
shape designs, net weight concepts of net, floating and mooring components current conditions at SINTEFs research
and new anti-fouling treatment developed by Egersund Net. tank facility in Hirtshals, Denmark.
methods. Extensive scale testing is
performed at SINTEFs large tank
Egersund Net is testing facility in Hirtshals, Denmark,
in order to determine optimum
recognized for providing performance in various current and
a high level of service. wave conditions. The end result is
a powerful combination of high-
tech modern R&D with decades of
personal craftsmanship and practical
experience. New advanced software is used to Testing of the new cone-shaped model
develop optimum net designs by without a sinker tube proved that it
simulating scenarios. was structually stable even at current
speeds in excess of 2 knots.

32 33
1 2

3 4

Advanced net load calculations N E T S

Loops for proper connection of

nets and bottom ropes

All connection loops are color coded

to ensure that it will be easy for
operators to ensure they lift the net
9 using the correct loops and ropes.
The loops have been lab tested in
Egersund Nets lab to document the The service package includes cleaning The nets are lifted safely during
horizontal and vertical forces acting of nets, inspection, repair and anti-fouling/ harvesting and cleaning. We also supply
7 on them. abrasion protection. (Some areas only) sweep nets for all types of cages.
1.Yellow loops at the top of the
jump net connects the net to the 5 The loops are fitted in such a way Service and documentation
cage. Yellow color means the loop
may be used for lifting the net.
that a failure will not result in net
damage. It is also easy to replace Egersund Net provides services
worn out loops when the net is for the fish farming industry from
serviced. their modern facilitiesin Norway and
Turkey. Emphasis. on high quality
and environmentally friendly products
and services ensures high capacity
installations adapted to the needs All nets are shipped on a pallet or in
2. Red loops at the top of the jump 6. All the cross ropes meet in the a big bag. This makes it simple and
of our customers.
net connects the net to the cage. center of the base in a stainless safe to install them in the cage.
Red color means that this loop steel ring. This is used for securing
should NOT be used for lifting the mort ring system
All nets are quality assured and
the net. fabricated to stringent quality
requirements. All fabrication at
Egersund Net is ISO 9001 and
The bird nets are offered in standard
NS 9415 certified.
sizes or tailor made on request for
each farm.

Net materials
3. Red loops at the waterline 7. Double loops at the base where
connects the net to the cage. downward lines and cross ropes are Customized cage nets and bird Proven and thoroughly tested knot
Red color indicates that this loop connected. One loop is used for lifting nets are available for a wide range solutions in different colors make it
should NOT be used for lifting the rope and the other for the weight easier to locate the correct lifting point.
of fish farming installations.
the net. system.


Special knotless netting made from

nylon ensures high quality netting Anti-fouling
with a long lifespan. Such netting
Advanced anti-fouling technology
is available in various thread and
ensures optimum antifouling effec-
mesh sizes. Color: Black or green.
4. Yellow loops at the waterline 8. Leadline with extra rope. There is a rope tiveness, product safety, environ-
connects the net to the cage. or leadline around the base of the net,
Dyneema mental friendliness and HSE. Coating
Yellow color means the loop may shown here with an extra rope. The purpose A wide range of special design nets are
be used for lifting the net. of this rope is to obtain the same breaking
without use of antifouling agents
Cage nets made of knotless available, including saithe nets, bird
strength throughout the entire net. is also available. The coating helps nets, harvest nets for both round and
Dyneema are lighter in weight and
protect the nets from UV radiation, square cages.
have better water flow properties
The new stable cone than regular nylon nets.
makes cleaning of the nets easier and
increases the life-span of the nets.
shaped net design without Color: White.

sinker tube will reduce MSYS 004


the risk of net damage

5. Double nylon rings on down- 9. All machine stitched seams are sewn
ward ropes to keep the lifting both ways and are much stronger
ropes inline. than the rest of the net.

34 35
Fibre Nets
EcoNets High performance, durability N E T S

and escape prevention

High performance and
max water flow
High durability and strength
Escape and predator prevention
No need for antifouling paint
No net changes
EcoNet ensures maximum water flow
EcoNet is handled in very similar ways
to the fish. This is due to the very low A long cut in an EcoNet will tend to stay
to a nylon net, including drying up the
water drag resistance of the smooth closed due to the double twisted thermo
net for crowding fish during harvest.
monofilament PET and the semi-rigid formed semi-rigid structure and non-
structure that retains mesh opening tearing weaving.
Deformation and loads
and prevents overall net shape collapse. Polyester Monofilament 3mm Nylon Monofilament 3mm

This has resulted in some of the best

. . . . . .
.. .. .

Tensile strenght retention %

ever production results in large 100
scale salmon farming, such as higher
SGR, lower FCR, lower mortality and .
higher fish harvest quality.
70 . .
. .

0 1 2 3 4 5
Years of exposure

The semi-rigid structure keeps the net The PET netting wire retains high tensile
shape intact to maximize water flow strength for decades below and above
and oxygen to the fish. water.

Polarcirkel EcoNet has proven

very resistant to predator attacks
EcoNet is used as shark nets as
(Grey Seals, Fur Seals, Sharks,
protection outside popular beaches.
Tiger Tooth Fish, Barracuda etc.)
due to the strong PET monofilament
and semi-rigid and tightly stretched
net walls. Should damage to the net
occur, the semi-rigid structure has
proven to have self-closing proper-
Net sample after 20 years use in
ties that prevent fish escape. The
seawater in Japan. High tensile
mesh are also thermo-formed double
strength is retained.
twisted to prevent unraveling.

The real strength of the EcoNet is well

tested when used as rock slide nets!

EcoNet has very high durability,

strength and other escape prevention
properties. It is certified under
NS 9415:2009 to stay in the water
for upto 14 years. This eliminates
costly net changes and reduce the
risk of net damage and fish escape
during net handling. The EcoNet is EcoNets are made to withstand rough NS9415 certified EcoNets are made
easily cleaned, inspected andmain- conditions, stormy weather, predators, in Malaysia by the Italian based
biological or mechanical damage. Maccaferri Industrial Group.
tained while in the water (no anti-
fouling used).

Extreme Predators Mechanical Biological

weather damage deterioration

36 37
Extra strong long-life Polarcirkel EcoNets Easy to install - easy to keep clean N E T S

Experienced salmon farmers state

that EcoNet is easy to operate,
handle and clean during ongoing
farming operations. The low water
drag resistance allows use of light
weight sinkertube (10-15 kg/m
compared to 40-70 kg/m). This
makes handling the net during
harvest, grading, sea lice treat-
The upper section of the EcoNets have The Polarcirkel EcoNets are made for
ments and similar, easier and
slightly tapered vertical walls with a rough, daily use, from very strong
safer for the farm crew. but light weight PET.
Polarcirkel EcoNet 1m jump-net up top and the bottom
can be hooked onto is normally cone shaped.
Strong but light material
the railing net hooks
when dried up. The shape of the EcoNet wire mesh
is designed to remain intact if a
single wire is cut. This means the
mesh will remain relatively stable
and the shape intact with minimum
negative effect of the strength
of the net cage structure.
The floating collar is the
component of the fish farming The Polarcirkel EcoNet is made from
The hard non-fibre wire reduce settling
cage that supports the entire Polarcirkel EcoNet being installed by use very strong but light weight PET, of marine fouling and makes the net
weight and loads of the entire of cranes and skilled farm technicians. (Polyethylene Terephthalate). easy to clean with a net cleaner from
EcoNet (not the railing). AKVA group.

The EcoNets can be delivered
in tailor made sizes. A If overloaded, EcoNet stretch about
60-70% before it finally breaks.
For shorter periods, Polarcirkel EcoNet D
can be hooked onto the railing net
hooks when dried up.

A = Mesh width D = Mesh diagonal

B = Mesh pitch T = Wire thickness In comparison, nylon stretch about
C = Mesh height 40% before it finally breaks.

The floating plastic cage (floating collar) EcoNet is available in three different mesh sizes. Small is suitable for 150g
The net are connected to
Atlantic Salmon smolts and up.
the sinker tube using is the component of the fish farming cage
rope loops. that supports the entire weight and loads Mesh size: t (mm) A (mm) B (mm) C (mm) D (mm) weight
of the entire EcoNet (not the railing).
Small: 2,5 35 40 43 37 570g/m2
The bottom of the nets are
3,0 45 50 71 59 590g/m2
normally cone shaped to
simplify removal of morts.
EcoNet is approved for Large:

Super large: 3,5 73 80 100 85 450g/m2

(See page 28.) fishfarming use according to Note: Super Large is not a fish net and therefore not NS9415 certified.

Norwegian Standard 9415 -

NS9415, to stay in the water
for up to 14 years.
38 39
Quick and easy cleaning of floating pipes Effective high pressure cage cleaning C A G E C L E A N E R

and sinker tubes

The Akvasmart Cage Cleaner Installation and use
is developed to simplify and Connection points are included
streamline the cleaning and for the stern of the workboat.
removal of marine fouling. Dedicated work platforms can also
The washing unit can easily be offered to simplify the access
be mounted at the stern of a inspection and maintenance.
workboat. The Cage Cleaning The whole cleaning process occurs
system consists of a lifting without any people close to the
unit, a submersible part and a cage and can be operated by
A standard version of Akvasmart Cage hydraulical driving wheel system one single man in a workboat.
Cleaner is equipped with a high pressure that rotates the cage while it
washer for floating pipes with two rings. is being flushed and cleaned. Specifications:
Size: L:4946mm. H:3993mm.
For cages without sinker tubes,
W:2450mm + 540mm in telescope
the cleaner is submerged below
Weight: Approx. 3000 kgs
the floating pipes. The unit is
(without sinking tube cleaner)
placed with the inner pipe con-
Surface treated steel profiles
nected to the drive rolls while
(galvanised and coated)
the outer pipe is positioned
Akvasmart Cage Cleaning system Rotation speed while flushing:
is easily operated by one person. against the sliding surface and
Approx. 4m/min
The complete cleaning process steering rolls. The Cage Cleaner
The cleaners are hydraulical
is performed safely with people All Akvasmart Cage Cleaners are can also be delivered with a
adjustable and its possible to
standing well away from the designed with rugged, galvanised system for flushing sinker tubes
operation. clean pipes in various widths for
and coated steel profiles. where the sinker tube and
example; Polarcirkel 160m 500
floating pipes are cleaned
pipe 190cm or Polarcirkel 160m
simultaneously. It is generally
450 pipe 150cm.
enough to rotate the cage one
turn to ensure proper cleaning.
The Cage Cleaning Systems are
An effective and well proven developed in close cooperation
concept with large aquaculture companies
The cleaning unit hydraulically lifts and are produced by SMV
a part of the cage above the surface Hydraulic as.
The washing unit can easily be mounted and the flushing occurs when the
at the stern of a workboat or feeding cage is rotated around its own
axis, while a pressure washer
mounted on rotating arms performs
the cleaning using water under
high pressure.

A special designed hook for the crane

will simplify the handling of the sinking
tubes in the cages.

Regular cage cleaning

ensures stable cage weight
and reduces the risk of
infection in the cages.

40 41
Net Cleaning Systems Effective Net Cleaning ensures optimum N E T C L E A N I N G

oxygen levels and faster growth

Idema Net Cleaners were launched
in 1987, and are today renowned for

Growth (gram/day)
quality, high performance and their
ease of use. The first Net Cleaners Ava
ila ble
had single 30cm diameter cleaning en in
discs, operated from the cage edge 9.0

using a shaft. Underwater pressure 8.5

washing of cages containing fish 8.0

has become even more common as 7.5

the requirements to environmentally ne
6.5 en
friendly aquaculture in larger cages s
6.0 on
provides the best scale of economics. 5.5

With this in mind we have developed Temperature 4 7 10 13 16 19

and improved the Net Cleaners and
can now present the best range of
Growth curve for salmon Growth
net cleaners and high pressure
Good waterflow through the nets are Temperature
pumps ever. This combination offers
crucial at high water temperatures.
you the most efficient cleaning
system suited for all types and sizes
of cages.

Reduced marine fouling improves

the environmental conditions

The growth curve is almost identical

for most aquaculture species such
Strong marine fouling on the net will
as; trout, cod, halibut, sea bass and
reduce the oxygen supply. Algae growth
sea bream.
can increase bacterial loads and cause
diseases and stress in the biomass.

Fouled net:
Water with oxygen
is flowing around
the cage.

Clean net:
Water with oxygen
is flowing through
the cage.

It is proven that increased marine fouling It is important to keep the weight Idema Net Cleaners also keep nets
leads to reduced water flow. As a result, of the cages light in cold periods. clean in tropical waters, as here in
the oxygen rich water will mostly flow Icing and fouling can indirectly cause Thailand.
around the cage. breakdowns and serious damage.

42 43
Environmentally friendly and flexible solutions - a wide range of Net Cleaners N E T C L E A N I N G

In Net Cleaning, filtered high The large Net Cleaners can be

pressure sea water is used to operated in automatic mode by
remove marine fouling on the two persons using a crane, winch,
nets. Idema Net Cleaners use cap stand or as a integrated
rotating cleaning discs mounted option on ROV (Remotely Operated
on support frames in various Vehicle). The smallest Net
shapes and combinations. We Cleaners can easily be operated
use rugged, tailor-made high- from the cage by a single
pressure pumps to drive the person.
cleaning discs. The cleaning
process starts with submerging
the frame on the inside of the
net, using only sea water under
high pressure. Idema cleaning
systems do not use chemicals
or scrubbing action making
them environmentally friendly One of the new models is the net
while ensuring minimal wear cleaner, an effective 7 disc washing
rig with a stainless steel protective
on the nets.
net guard.

Video camera control

On the larger Idema frames we

offer tailor-made camera and
video systems that provide a
full overview, and the possibility
to inspect the nets.

The Heavy Duty center bearing with

silicium-carbide pressure housing
mean less service calls and minimal
down time. A new series rugged washing rigs with improved
features and long lifespan:
Extra strong 2-layer steel
The width of the cleaning path ranges New washing rig with pan/tilt camera and new water jet thrusters
reinforced high pressure hose
from 80cm, up to 290cm for the with strong connector fittings that create significantly better push against the net.
largest model using 7 washing for heavy duty use. Stainless shock absorbers reduce vibrations and water pressure
discs. The discs are generally hammering in connections and pipes.
delivered in 40cm diameter but The new water jet Large integrated particle filter included.
can also be ordered in 30cm thrusters creates a
or 50cm diameter. significantly better
push against net.
It is available as an
option on all new
systems, or as an
upgrade-kit for
already delivered
net cleaners.

Heavy duty cleaning discs with smooth

front rail in stainless steel ensures
minimal wear of the net. The discs All Net Cleaners are offered with
A camera installed directly on the The environmental conditions in the
have low resistance in the water, extra smooth front discs in stainless steel
net cleaner will send you clear video cages are the most vital parameters for
high rotation speed - from 750 to 1500 that ensure minimal wear of the net.
images that can be saved for later top quality and faster biomass growth.
rpm depending of water pressure, flow
inspection and documentation.
rate and cleaning disc diameter.

44 45
Net Cleaning Specifications N E T C L E A N I N G

High Pressure Washers: F-Drive K-28-280-SB D-Drive K-28-250-SD D-Drive K-136-300-SD D-Drive K-188-300-SD-JD D-Drive K-240-280-SD-JD High Pressure Washers: H-Drive K-28-280-SH H-Drive K-30-200-SH H-Drive K-41-210-SH H-Drive K-136-300-H H-Drive K-188-300-H

Engine: Vanguard V-Twin HATZ 2G40 John Deere John Deere John Deere Engine: Fitted to workboat Fitted to workboat Fitted to workboat Fitted to workboat Fitted to workboat

Max hp: 22hp 22hp 150hp 150hp 150hp Max hp:

Size: 120x60x75cm 120x80x80cm 400x200x200cm 400x200x200cm 400x200x200cm Size: 60x35x25cm 60x35x25cm 60x45x25cm 113x73x52cm 113x73x52cm

Weight: 80kg 180kg approx. 2300kg approx. 2400kg approx. 2400kg Weight: 40kg 40kg 40kg 350kg 350kg

Fuel: Gasoline Diesel Diesel Diesel Diesel Fuel: Hydraulic Hydraulic Hydraulic Hydraulic Hydraulic

Max cleaning discs: 2 2 8 10 10 Max cleaning discs: 2 2 2 8 8

Recommended Up to 90 meter Up to 90 meter Up to 200 meter Up to 200 meter Up to 200 meter Recommended Up to 90 meter Up to 200 meter Up to 90 meter Up to 200 meter Up to 200 meter
cage circumference: cage circumference:

Standard equipment: 40m high pressure Delivered on a stainless Delivered with Delivered with Delivered with Standard equipment: Integrated pump As stand alone unit As stand alone unit
Integrated pump Integrated pump
hose, 3m suction hose, steel frame in Euro pallet sound proof stainless steel sound proof stainless steel sound proof or dedicated water or dedicated water
power nozzle with size with lifting lugs. cabinet and cabinet and cabinet and supply. supply.
40cm extension CAGE SIZE integrated pump. integrated pump. FRAMES integrated pump.
and swivel coupling.

Water, liter/min: 28 28 136 188 240 Water, liter/min: 28 30 41 136 188

Bar: 280 250 300 300 280 Bar: 280 200 210 300 300


Gasoline, diesel or hydraulic driven HYDRAULIC DRIVE

High Pressure Washers
C=120-200m We offer a rugged series of High Pressure Washers for
seawater, suited to various system solutions and cage sizes.
The gasoline driven washers (F-Drive), are light-weight
and perfect as portable units. The diesel driven units (D-Drive),
C=120-200m are almost maintenance free, use less fuel than the gasoline
models and are well suited for large, powerful, permanent
K 188-300SD
The cleaning Kdiscs are generally installations. The hydraulic driven high pressure models
delivered with 40cm diameter. They (H-Drive), are small, compact and almost maintenance
K 136-300SD
can also be offered in 30cm or 50cm
K 136-300SH C=90-160m
180cm free, perfect for below deck installations in workboats.
diameter. PRESSURE WASHERS Diesel (D-Drive) 2-10 cleaning discs
K 60-300SD Idema K-188-300-SD-JD-150
K 188-300SD
K 188-300SH Size 400x200x200cm. Cleaning discs: 5+5.
Net Cleaning system solutions
K 28-250SD
K 136-300SD
28-280SB 90cm
K 136-300SH
C=90-160m The table above presents a range of effective Net Cleaning
K 28-280SH frames for different cage constructions and sizes. The high Hydraulical (H-Drive)
K 60-300SD
K 60-300SH
18-280SB pressure pumps can be driven by gasoline, diesel or hydraulics, 2-8 cleaning discs
K 18-280SH C=<30m
30cm (Shaft model) Idema K-30-200-SH
K 28-250SD depending on the best solution for your farm. Heavy Duty
K 28-280SB Size: 60x35x25cm.
C=30-90m Cleaning discs with smooth frames in stainless steel ensure
K 41-210SH Cleaning discs: 2.
K 28-280SH Fuel
Diesel Hydraulic
minimal wear on the net. Additional benefits include low
K 18-280SB drag in the water and extra high rotation speed, from
New improved and corrosion free
K 18-280SH C=<30m 750 to 1500 rpm. Gasoline (F-Drive)
MVN pumps from Prattisoli with
2 cleaning discs
extra long life-span.
Idema K-28-280-SB-VA-22
Diesel Fuel Hydraulic
Stainless steel cabinet with hydraulic winch and
C=Circumference Size: 120X60x75 cm.
remote control for raising and sinking the washing rig.
Cleaning discs: 2.
New corrosion free pumps with extra long life-span.
Dedicated pre-feeder pump boosts water flow.
Hydraulic driven hose reel for 100m hose.

46 47

Designed for extreme conditions

The robust workboats offers great design, quality build,

unique flexibility, user-friendliness and low maintenance.
More than 2000 boats are in use in fish farming, marine
industry, gas/oil industry, emergency services, military,
arctic tour operators and pleasure boaters who need
an indestructible boat.

All AKVA group boats are tested in extreme weather

conditions all over the world. All models are loaded
with smart details and unique features for safe operation
in tough conditions and we ensure our products have
an emphasis on safety and the environment.

44 45
48 49
Polarcirkel Open Workboats Virtually maintenance free and unsinkable W O R K B O A T S

These robust Open Workboats

Open Workboats, standard equipment:
offers great design, quality build,
unique flexibility, user-friendliness 4 pcs mooring cleats RPM gauge, temperature gauge,
and low maintenance. Polarcirkel Extra protective hull strips oil pressure gauge, voltmeter and
Stowage space with hatch tilt indicator
RBBs (Rigid Buoyancy Boats) are Manual bilge pump Steering console with instrumentation
self-bailing, in contrast to a Self-bailing deck and antenna arch with nav-lights
Red gunwales
conventional RIB, and have rigid Outboard only:
Fire extinguisher
pontoons filled with polystyrene. Non-skid rubber deck mat outside
4 x lifting eyes
Step boards
Combined with 21o V-shaped hull, Red PE rub rail on pontoons
Fuel tank: 103L (560)
Built-in steps in aft pontoons
this design makes a virtually Hydraulic steering wheel
or 210L (685, 785 and 845)
Fuel gauge
unsinkable boat with unique stability CE approved, category C
Battery compartment under bench
and excellent seaworthiness. Inboard only: Guard rails around bench
Dashboard mounted controls Seat with stowage space
Electric bilge pump with sensor
Optional equipment:
Battery, main switch & ignition lock
Search lights, work lights, antenna
Insulated engine hatch with
arch, bow platform with pulpits,
pneumatic lifters
marine electronics, etc.
Built-in diesel tanks 2 x 220 litres
or 1 x 310 litres

Open Workboats 560 685 785 845

Lenght (LOA): 560cm (18'5") 685cm (21' 8") 785cm (25'8) 845cm (27'7)
We offer Polarcirkel Open workboats
with outboards in sizes from 5,85 up Beam (BOA): 207cm (6' 9") 248cm (8' 2") 271cm (8' 10") 271cm (8' 10")

to 8,45 meters. The inboard series Displacement: 750kg/1650 lbs 950kg/2090 lbs 1250kg/2750 lbs 1375kg/3025 lbs
ranges from 6,85 to 8,45 meters.
Max HP: 100HP 250HP 300HP 350HP

Recommended HP: From 60HP From 100HP From 115HP From 150HP
All Polarcirkel boats are tested in
Max load: 1000kg/2200 lbs 1250kg/2760 lbs 2250kg/4960 lbs 2250kg/4960 lbs
extreme conditions all over the
world. They are loaded with smart Max persons: 10 10 12 12

details and unique features for Shaft: Long X-Long X-Long X-Long/Ultra long

safe operation in tough conditions, V-bottom : 21 o

21 o
21 o
with emphasis on safety and the Inboard engine: Not available Available Available Available
environment. The PE-100 plastic
Water Jet: Not available Not available Available Available
is LNG-based with great recycling

The 685, 785 and 845 models are

offered with new hull design, which
gives better lift, and forces the spray
out to the sides. These improvements
provides better seaworthiness and
Hydraulic steering wheel, self-bailing deck, sloping pontoons with integrated
and a more comfortable ride.
steps and smart options like hinged gunwale.

Polarcirkel has flexible model solutions, We deliver tailor made workboats for The boats have performed exceptionally
such as Polarcirkel Sport, with removable professional users such as, fish farming, well in arctic and tropical regions and
cockpit canvas for windy or rainy days. coast guard, navy, fire department, can handle temperatures from -40C
police, tour operators etc. to +55C.

50 51
New bow and hull Customized to suit your needs
Polarcirkel Cabin Workboats W O R K B O A T S

design provides better

seaworthiness and
less sea spray. AKVA groups tough and reliable Cabin Workboats, standard equipment:
hand-crafted Polarcirkel Cabin
4 pcs mooring cleats Non-skid rubber deck mat outside
Workboats benefit from great
Extra protective hull strips Red PE rub rail on pontoons
design values, high quality build, Stowage space with hatch in bow Built-in steps in aft pontoons
unique flexibility and extremely Manual bilge pump CE approved, category C
Self-bailing deck
low maintenance. Polarcirkel Optional equipment:
Red gunwales
RBBs (Rigid Buoyancy Boats) are Fire extinguisher Search lights, work ligths, hydraulic
installation, capstan, bow platform with
self-bailing, in contrast to a Hydraulic steering wheel
pulpits, marine electronics, etc.
Dashboard mounted controls
conventional RIB (Rigid Inflatable Electric bilge pump with sensor
Boat), have rigid pontoons filled Insulated engine hatch with
pneumatic lifters
with polystyrene for ultimate
Battery, main switch & ignition lock
safety. Insulated cabin
3-passenger bench seat
RPM gauge, temperature gauge,
oil pressure gauge, voltmeter and
tilt indicator
Built-in diesel tanks 2 x 220 litres
Head available on the 910 model
New bow and
hull design.

Polarcirkel Cabin Workboat can also be

delivered in a popular outboard version.
A smart solution with large deck space. Volvo Penta inboard turbo-diesels from 130hp to 435hp and hydraulic
steering wheel. Useful options like hydraulic winch and search lights.

New hull design

Cabin Workboats, inboard 785 845 910
The Polarcirkel Cabin 785 and 845 Length (LOA): 785cm (25,8') 845cm (27,7') 910cm (30")
models have a new and improved 270cm (9')
Beam (BOA): 270cm (9') 300cm (10')
bow design. The bow is raised with
Displacement: 2400kg/5290 lbs 2600kg/5730 lbs 3600kg/7940 lbs
25cm. The bow has been raised
Max Hp: 260hp 310hp 435hp
25cm to improve ride comfort and
reduce spray. Recommended HPS: From 225hp From 225hp From 370hp

Max load: 1600kg/3530 lbs 1400kg/3090 lbs 1400kg/3090 lbs

Max persons: 5 5 5

Material, Polyethylene: 12mm 12mm 15mm

Shaft (Outboard versions): X-long X-long

V-bottom 21 : o

Polarcirkel Cabin can be used in various The models have a comfortable cabin Polarcirkel RBB hulls are self-bailing
applications. The photo above shows and can be equipped with cage control and have rigid pontoons filled with
a fire service boat with fire pump and monitors and advanced software. polystyrene that makes them virtually
fire fighting equipment. unsinkable.

52 53
Polarcirkel 1050 New model with double sloping pontoons W O R K B O A T S

New smart work boat concept Polarcirkel 1050 standard equipment:

AKVA group has developed a new Engine: Inboard engines with Ladder to roof (mounted on rear side)
prototype for a larger cabin boat. water jet, inboards with stern 3 window wipers for front windows
drive, or outboard engines. Adjustable pilot seat, for the rest of
This boat is based on an entirely
the seats it can be choosed between
new concept. The boat has double Bow propeller 6hp, continuously variable chairs and benches with lockers.
Manual bilge pump
buoyancy pontoons manufactured LED mlights in ceiling
Electric bilge pump with sensor Exit on rear side. (Libra door)
from 500 mm PE tubing. The hull is Self-bailing deck Mast with lanterns on roof
approximately identical to our other Hydraulic steering with servo assisted Dashboard with motor control
steering wheel
boats, featuring a 21 V-bottom, instruments, navigation equipment, etc.
Motor installation includes battery, 2 cupholders
however, this model has 3 pressure- cabling, main power switch Control handles mounted on dashboard
tested chambers. This ensures very Built-in fuel tanks, 630 litres Two 12V sockets in dashboard
Built-in steps in aft pontoons
good buoyancy. Fire extinguisher
Pulpits Large stowage space under forward
Insulated motor hatch with pneumatic lifters pulpit (A toilet can be installed here)
Stowage space in bow Rescue door in pulpit. Libra door.
Step mouldings Defroster 10 KW
Automatic fire estinguisher in engine room Railing along roof and walls
6 heavy duty cleats Compass
Cabin Equipment Options: Chart plotter, radar, AIS, VHF,
Material: aluminium, WXL =1,9mx4,2m hydraulicss, capstan, lifting crane, refridgerator,
or 1,9mx3,2m pantry, toilett.
Windows, sliding windows for captain
and helmsman
Polarcirkel 1050

Length (LOA): 1050cm (32)

The new Polarcirkel 1050 model is
a tailor made workplace with many Beam (BOA) 350cm (11)
practical solutions and smart details. Displacement: 5.700kg

Max speed: 40 knots

The new 1050 model can be offered
Max persons: Depending of model
with an inboard motor with drive
propulsion, inboard motor with water V-bottom : 21o

jet, or ordinary outboard motors. Material, hull: PE 100

The cabin boat can also be delivered Cabin: Aluminum 1,9x4,2m
with twin motors. The Polarcirkel 1050 models have
Pontoons: Double, 0,5m
got new spacious cabins with entrance filled with polystyrene
The prototype has been equipped with aft and emergency exit at the front.
Buttwelded hull with 3
two 265 hp motors, and the boat has Both pilot and co-pilot have sliding water proof bulkheads
a maximum speed of around 40 knots. windows.
Window wipers are installed for all front
windows. A number of useful details
are included, such as stainless steels
shackles, lots of cabin space, slanted
stern tube with incorporated steps
and comfortable padded seats.
The new 1050-series has well arranged dashboard. All antennas, radars o.e.
are mounted on the roof and are easy available with an aft ladder. Exterior
steering position can also be installed.

Polarcirkel 1050 can also be delivered Polarcirkel 1050 can also be offered The boat is equipped with a large cabin
with a crane solution, an external control with other engin alternatives, heres type walk-around. Inside the cabin,
position for the helmsman, rescue net, a new version with two outboard there are four padded seats and a
bow thruster, and maritim electronics, motors. large bench seating three persons.
such as chart plotters, radars and
Thermic cameras.

54 55
Feed Barges

AKVA group is the worlds leading

supplier with decades of experience
and with close to 300 barges
delivered world wide.

The latest models provide true scale of economics

efficiencies to a wide range of cage farming operations
with sizes ranging from 96 to 850 metric tons. They
include the latest innovations in FEED CARE OPTIMIZED
and efficient feed handling, storage, logistics and
personnel comforts to ensure a functional and safe
farm base for your crew.

AKVA group has feed barges suitable for a wide range

of sites and climates, including inshore, offshore, arctic
and tropical areas. All barges are delivered complete,
fully self contained with Akvasmart CCS Feed Systems,
generator(s), control room, living quarters, safety
equipment and all other optional equipment installed,
such as integrated mort silage systems, camera- and
sensor systems.

10 57
Wavemaster Feed Barges F E E D B A R G E S

The main purpose for a feed barge is to provide the most

efficient and reliable feed system for your farming operations.
The second purpose is to provide a safe and seaworthy barge
that can withstand the forces of nature at your farmbase site.

Each individual barge model has been optimized to ensure Tailormade quality
the lowest possible cost compared to size of barge. As a result,
the AKVA group Feed Barges are the most cost efficient barges
barges for a wide range
on the market with no material or space wasted. of sites and climates.

Up to 24 feed lines Full overview and control Just like home

AKVA group is the worlds leading The control room is the heart of the Modern feed barges today are
supplierof feed barges with decades of feed barge. This is where the operator becoming a main work place with
experience and a wide range of high has all the information available and proper facilities, living areas and
entertainment centers.
quality models up to 850 mtons. controls the entire feeding process.

Designed for rough conditions Integrated silage tanks Flexible crane solutions
The feed barges are constructed to The mort silage tanks are integrated Cranes of high quality and different
withstand heavy weather. They are inthe hull below the feed selector sizes can easily be installed on the
tested in demanding arctic conditions valves. This is the most effective barges.
in the north of Norway. silage system in the marked today.

Reliable feed system Gentle feed handling Sound proof machine room
The central feed system concept was Custom designed feed doser valves A big machine room with sound proofing
invented by AKVA group in 1980 and transfer the feed into the air flow. makes the maintenance easier, and
CCS is today the most popular and Air control ensures gentle feed leaves room for more equipment.
reliable system world wide.

58 59
Up to 850 tons and 16 parallel feed lines F E E D B A R G E S

The silo sections The new automatic The feed is loaded into the silos The feed storage capacity in each
are often made with silo hatches will open using either bulk bags or bulk silo range from 15-84 metric tons
corrugated steel safely and easily blower/conveyor systems. (based on a density of salmon
plates in order to with a new electrical Hatches are available in feed at 650kg/m3).
achieve high strength remote system. various sizes.
to weight ratio and New silo loading
smooth internal system means only
surfaces. 4 hatches are opened
to load 16 silos,
In addition to the required
thereby shortening
safety gear onboard, most
loading time.
Wavemaster feed barges also
include water intrusion and
fire alarm systems.

Metallization of outer
surface above water line
is an option to decrease
Steel plate thicknesses maintenance and increase
of 5.5 - 6.5mm. life-span.

Air control system allows Subject to local safety Most barges are supplied
Reinforced bottom trumpet High quality and durable
Heavy duty internal mooring for real time measurement regulations, most barges with large fuel tank(s),
mooring pipes distributes Polarcirkel feed pipes in coil
pipes with flared bottom of airflow, back-pressure include 3-5 watertight freshwater tank, hot water
loads and prevents chain lenghts up to 1000 metres.
openings. Oversized to allow and temperature ensuring bulkheads with two tank, sewer tank and
for two anchor chains in being snagged during
optimum feed handling. automatic bilgepumps optional integrated mort
each pipe. tightening.
in each. silage tank(s).

60 61
AB 650 Comfort AB 450 Comfort F E E D B A R G E S

A 450 Comfort features


Feeding capacity Hexa System - 6 silos, 75 ton each

Big storage room under main deck up to 100 m2

Working area on main deck up to 80m2

Spaceous engine room prepared for the advanced
power management system
Dimensioned to withstand up to 4,5m significant
wave height (Hs).
Design & comfort are key interior features.
Great stability features.
Large crane capacity located on the mid barge.
Metallized above waterline to ensure high quality
Silo deck level corrosion protection.
Five years paint warranty
Integrated mort grinding tank system.


Feed storage capacity: 450 tons (6 silos)

Silage: Up to 50 tons

Fuel Oil: Up to 36 tons

Fresh water: Up to 6m3

Sewage: Up to 5m3

Main Dimentions

Length (ex. platforms): 30m

Beam: 19m

Hull height: 3,3m

Main deck level
Minimum freeboard: 1,210m

Control room
and living Gallery
Cabin level

Deck level

(New ill.)
62 63
AC 850 Panorama AC 650 Panorama F E E D B A R G E S

AC 850 Panorama features AC 650 Panorama features

Feeding capacity up to 4 x Quattro System (16 x lines). Feeding capacity up to 3 x Quattro System (12 x lines).
Dimensioned to withstand up to 4,5m significant Dimensioned to withstand up to 4,5m significant
wave height (Hs). wave height (Hs).
Design & comfort are key interior features. Design & comfort are key interior features.
Panorama provides the view control of the silos Panorama provides the view control of the silos
and the cages. and the cages.
Suitable accomodation perfect for long stays onboard. Suitable accomodation perfect for long stays onboard.
Spaceous engine room prepared for the advanced Spaceous engine room prepared for the advanced
power management system. power management system.
Metallized above waterline to ensure high quality Metallized above waterline to ensure high quality
corrosion protection. corrosion protection.
Control room and silo deck level Control room and silo deck level
5 years paint warranty. 5 years paint warranty.
Integrated mort grinding tank system. Integrated mort grinding tank system.

Capacity Capacity

Feed storage capacity: 850 tons (16 silos) Feed storage capacity: 650 tons (12 silos)

Silage: Up to 60 tons Silage: Up to 60 tons

Fuel Oil: Up to 24 tons Fuel Oil: Up to 24 tons

Fresh water: Up to 8m3 Fresh water: Up to 8m3

Sewage: Up to 3m 3
Sewage: Up to 3m3

Main Dimentions Main Dimentions

Length (ex. platforms): 44,6m Length (ex. platforms): 31,3m

Beam: 12m Beam: 12m

Main deck level Hull height: 4,0m
Main deck level Hull height: 4,0m

Minimum freeboard: 1,391m Minimum freeboard: 1,233m

Control room Control room

and living and living
room room

Cabin level Wardrobe Cabin level Wardrobe

Deck level Machine Deck level Machine

Storage/ room Storage/ room
Workshop Workshop

64 65
AC 600 PV AC 450 Panorama F E E D B A R G E S

AC 600 PV (Panorama V-bottom) AC 450 Panorama features

Feeding capacity up to 2 x Quattro System (8 x lines) Feeding capacity up to 2 x Quattro System (8 x lines).
alt. 4 big silo hatches. Dimensioned to withstand up to 4,5m significant
Dimensioned to withstand up to 4,5m significant wave height (Hs).
wave height (Hs). Design & comfort are key interior features.
Design & comfort are key interior features. Panorama provides the view of the silos and the cages.
Panorama provides the view control of the silos Suitable accomodation perfect for long stays onboard.
and the cages. Spaceous engine room prepared for the advanced
Suitable accomodation perfect for long stays onboard. power management system.
Spaceous engine room prepared for the advanced Metallized above waterline to ensure high quality
power management system. corrosion protection..
Metallized above waterline to ensure high quality 5 years paint warranty.
Control room and silo deck level Control room and silo deck level
corrosion protection. Integrated mort grinding tank system.
5 years paint warranty.
Integrated mort grinding tank system.

Feed storage capacity: 450 tons (8 silos)
Feed storage capacity: 600 tons (8 silos) alt. 4 big hatches
Silage: Up to 50 tons
Silage: Up to 75 tons
Fuel Oil: Up to 30 tons
Fuel Oil: Up to 30 tons
Fresh water: Up to 6m3
Fresh water: Up to 8m 3

Sewage: Up to 5m3
Sewage: Up to 5m3
Main Dimentions
Main Dimentions
Length (ex. platforms): 22m
Length (ex. platforms): 39,2m
Beam: 12m
Beam: 12m
Main deck level Hull height: 5,2m
Hull height: 4,0m
Living quarters, wardrobes, silos
Minimum freeboard: 1,074m
Minimum freeboard: 1,37m

Control room
and living
Wardrobe Control room room

Cabin level Wardrobe

Cabin level

Machine Storage Deck level Machine

room Storage/ room
Workshop Workshop

66 67
AC 350 Comfort AM 400 12S F E E D B A R G E S

AC 350 Comfort - features: AM 400 12S - features:

Feed capacity dimensioned based on customer needs. Feedcapacity dimensioned based on customer needs.
Dimensioned to withstand up to 4,5m significant Calculated strentgh to stand up to 4,5 m of significant
wave height (Hs). wave height (Hs).
Design & comfort are key interior features. Design & comfort as one of the main interior features.
Spaceous engine room prepared for the advanced Raised control room, provides complete view control
power management system. over the silos and the cages.
Metallized above waterline to ensure high quality Modern and comfortable accomodation.
corrosion protection.. Metallized above main deck to ensure high quality
5 years paint warranty. protection against sea conditions.
Integrated mort grinding tank system 5 years warranty on all painted surfaces.
Silos, control room, living room Hull integrated mill tank of high processing capacity.
Control room and silo deck level
(AC 350 can also be delivered in a Panorama version.) Large deck with high loading capacity pr. m2.

Capacity Capacity
Feed capacity: 350 tons (8 silos) Feed capacity: 400 tons (12 silos)
Ensilage: Up to 50 tons Silage: Up to 50 tons
Diesel tank: Up to 30 tons Diesel tank: Up to 30 tons
Freshwater tank: Up to 6m3 Freshwater tank: Up to 8 cubic meters
Sewage: Up to 5m3 Sewage: Up to 5 cubic meters
Main Dimentions Barge Spesifications
Length (ex platforms): 22m Length (ex platforms): 27 m
Breadth: 10m Breadth: 12 m
Depth till main deck: 4,0m Machine room, silos, aft deck Depth till main deck: 4.0 m

Living quarters, wardrobes, silos Minimum freeboard: 1,074m Minimum freeboard: 1.159 m

Gallery Control room and

Control room and Pantry
living quarters
living quarters
Wardrobe Cabin level
Cabin level/ Wardrobe
Deck level
Machine room Storage/
Storage/ Machine room

68 69
AM 320 Comfort AM 240 Classic F E E D B A R G E S

AM 320 Comfort - features: AM 240 Classic - features:

Feed capacity dimensioned based on customer needs. Feed capacity dimensioned based on customer needs.
Dimensioned to withstand up to 4,5m significant Dimensioned to withstand up to 4,5m significant
wave height (Hs). wave height (Hs).
Spaceous engine room prepared for the most demanding Spaceous engine room prepared for the advanced
power management system. power management system.
Comfort models raised control room, provides full view Metallized above waterline to ensure high quality
control over the silos and the cages. corrosion protection.
Design & comfort are key interior features. 5 years paint warranty.
Metallized above main deck to ensure high quality Hull integrated mill tank of high processing capacity.
protection against sea conditions Large deck with high loading capacity pr. m2.
Control room and silo deck level
Control room and silo deck level 5 years warranty on all painted surfaces.
Hull integrated mill tank of high processing capacity. (AM 240 can also be delivered in a Comfort version.)
Large deck with high loading capacity pr. m2.

(AM 320 can also be delivered in a Classic version.)


Capacity Feed capacity: 240 tons (6 silos)

Feed capacity: 320 tons (8 silos) Silage: Up to 30 tons

Silage: Up to 40 tons Diesel tank: Up to 30 tons

Diesel tank: Up to 30 tons Freshwater tank: Up to 4m3
Freshwater tank: Up to 8m3 Sewage: Up to 5m3
Sewage: Up to 5m3 Main Dimentions

Main Dimentions Length (ex platforms): 21,5m

Length (ex platforms): 28,4m Breadth: 10m
Machine room, silos aft deck
Machine room, silos, aft deck Bream: 10m Hull height: 3,5m
Hull height: 3,5m Minimum freeboard: 1,065m
Minimum freeboard: 1,182m

Control room and Gallery Control room and Gallery

living quarters living quarters

Cabin level/ Wardrobes Wardrobes

Cabin level/
Deck level Deck level
Machine room
Storage/ Storage/
Workshop Machine room

70 71
AJ 150 Classic Med AJ 130 Comfort Med F E E D B A R G E S

AJ 150 Classic Med - features: AJ 130 Comfort Med - features:

Feeding capacity dimensioned based on customer needs. Feeding capacity dimensioned based on customer needs.
Dimensioned to withstand up to 4,5m significant Dimensioned to withstand up to 4,5m significant
wave height (Hs). wave height (Hs).
5 years paint warranty. Comfort models raised control room, provides full view
control over the silos and ther cages.
5 years paint warranty.

(AJ 130 can also be delivered in a Classic version.)

Silo deck
Silo deck

Capacity Capacity

Feed capacity: 150 tons (6 silos) Feed capacity: 130 tons (4 silos)

Silage: - Silage: -

Diesel tank: Up to 12 tons Diesel tank: Up to 11 tons

Freshwater tank: Up to 2m3 Freshwater tank: Up to 2m3

Sewage: Up to 2m 3
Sewage: Up to 2m3

Main Dimentions Main Dimentions

Length (ex platforms): 13,3m Length (ex platforms): 14,5m

Beam: 12m Beam: 10m

Hull height: 3m Control room, living quarters, silos Hull height: 2,5m
Minimum freeboard: 0,926m Minimum freeboard: 0,947m
Control room, living quarters, silos

Control room and Control room and
living quarters living quarters

Machine Room Machine Room

Deck level Deck level

72 73
AJ 96 Classic AWB 50 Work Barge F E E D B A R G E S

AJ 96 Classic - features: AWB 50 Work Barge - features:

Feed capacity dimensioned based on customer needs. Deck area of 17x5m designed for optimal cargo
Dimensioned to withstand up to 4,5m significant handling and operations.
wave height (Hs). Dimensioned to withstand up to 4,5m significant
Spaceous engine room prepared for the most wave height (Hs).
demanding power management system. Accomodation of 6.5x4m, with living room, kitchen,
5 years paint warranty. toilet and garage available areas.
Metallized above waterline to ensure high quality
corrosion protection.
Silo deck 5 years paint warranty.
Max cargo capacity up to 100 tons (including deck
Control room, living quarters, deck area cargo, excluding ensilage)

Capacity Capacity
Feed capacity: 96 tons (4 silos) Feed capacity: 50 tons
Silage: - Silage: Up to 125 tons
Diesel tank: Up to 5,5 tons Diesel tank: 1 cubic meter
Freshwater tank: Up to 2m3 Freshwater tank: Up to 125 tonn
Sewage: Up to 2m3 Sewage: 1m3
Main Dimentions Main Dimentions
Length (ex platforms): 14,5m Length (ex platforms): 25m
Beam: 8m Beam: 10m
Control room, living quarters, silos
Hull height: 2,2m Hull height: 2,2m

Minimum freeboard: 0,947m Machine room, storage Minimum freeboard: 1,000m

Control room and

living quarters Wardrobe/wc
Pantry/WC Control room/
Living room
Deck level Deck level
Storage Machine Room Machine Room

74 75
Wavemaster Feed Barges - Specifications F E E D B A R G E S

Model: AB 650 AB 450 AC 850 AC 650 AC 600PV AC 450 AC 350 AM 400 12S AM 320 AM 240 AJ 150 Med AJ 130 Med AJ 96 AWB 50
Feed capacity

Loading capacity - feed (tons):** 650 450 850 650 600 450 350 400 320 240 150 130 96 50 (on deck)

Loading capacity - feed (m3): 1052 715 1377 1050 976 729 579 645 495 405 250 210 155 No silos

Number of silos: 8 alt. 4 silo hatches 6-8 16 12 8 alt. 4 silo hatches 6 8 12 8 6 6 4 4

Barge spesifications*

Length - total (LOA) excl. platform m: 30 30 40,6 31,3 37,2 30 22 27 28,35 21,5 13,33 14,5 14,5 25,0

Beam - total (BOA) m: 19 19 12 12 12 19 10 12 10 10 12 10 8 10

Hull height (m): 3,6 3,3 4 4 5,2 3,3 4 4 3,5 3,5 3 2,5 2,5 2,2

Water proof sections: (Subject to app. reg.) 4 4 5 5 5 4 5 4 4 4 3 3 3 3

Min. freeboard Hs >=3m, stand. mooring: 1,21 1,0210 1,391 1,233 1,332 1,21 1,074 1,159 1,182 1,065 0,926 0,947 0,947 1,125

Min. freeboard Hs >=3m, cross mooring: 1,4 1,315 1,591 1,4 1,532 1,41 1,274 1,139 1,382 1,265 1,198 1,147 1,147 1,325

Deck house - options available: Panorama/Comfort Panorama/Comfort Panorama/Comfort Panorama/Comfort Panorama V-bottom Comfort/Panorama Comfort/Panorama Comfort Comfort/Classic Comfort/Classic Classic Classic Classic

Veterinary/divers room possible:*** Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes *** No No No

Biosecure zones: Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No No No

Max number of generators: 4 3+1 small 3 3 3 4 3 3 3 3 (small) 2 2 1 1

Diesel tank, construction: Steel Steel Steel Steel Steel Steel Steel Steel Steel Steel Steel Steel Steel Steel

Diesel tank capacity (m3): 2x15 1x36 2x15 2x12 5x15 2x13 2x10 2x11,5 2x11,75 2x11.5 2x3-2x6 5,5-11 5,5 5,5


Freshwater tank, capacity (m3): 2-10 2-6 2-8 2-8 2-6 2-10 2-6 2-8 2-8 2-4 1-2 1-2 1-2 1-2

Sewage, construction Steel Steel Steel Steel Steel Steel Steel Steel Steel Steel Steel Steel Steel Steel

Sewage tank, capacity (m3): 3-10 3-5 3-5 3 3-5 3-10 3-5 3-5 3 3 1-2 1-2 1-2 1-2

Silage tank, construction: Painted steel Painted steel Painted steel Painted steel Painted steel Painted steel Painted steel Painted steel Painted steel Painted steel N/A N/A N/A Painted steel

Silage tank, capacity (m3): 32-90 32-60 32-76 32-60 5x15 42 2x25 2x24 23-40 20-30 N/A N/A N/A 50-100

Mill tank, capacity, construction: Integrated in the hull Integrated in the hull Integrated in the hull Integrated in the hull Integrated in the hull Integrated in the hull Integrated in the hull Integrated in the hull 2 m stainless steel 2 m stainless steel 2 m stainless steel
or aft plattform or aft plattform or aft plattform or aft plattform or aft plattform or aft plattform or aft plattform or aft plattform in aft plattform in aft plattform in aft plattform

Control room + pantry (m2): 42 53/33,5 49,5 42 28 38 23/13 23/13 25 14 8 7

73 53/33,5
Living quarters, wardrobe, wc (m ): 2
69 45 42 69 22 39 23/8 23/8 29 4
12 45
Workshop (m2): 63 67 24 24 35 63 18

Technical room (m2): 30 36 36 30 21 54 28 28 8 8 4

47 36
Machine room (m2): 72,5 36 36 72,5 39 72 46 30 27 20 16,5 17
58 36
Metallized above water line: Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional
Optional Optional
Certified according to: NS 9415/NYTEK NS 9415/NYTEK NS 9415/NYTEK NS 9415/NYTEK NS 9415/NYTEK NS 9415/NYTEK NS 9415/NYTEK NS 9415/NYTEK NS 9415/NYTEK NS 9415/NYTEK NS 9415/NYTEK
Designed according to: DNV 1A1 Barge R3 DNV 1A1 Barge R3 DNV 1A1 Barge R3 DNV 1A1 Barge R3 DNV 1A1 Barge R3 DNV 1A1 Barge R3 DNV 1A1 Barge R3 DNV 1A1 Barge R3 DNV 1A1 Barge R3 DNV 1A1 Barge R3 DNV 1A1 Barge R3 DNV 1A1 Barge R3 DNV 1A1 Barge R3
DNV 1A1 Barge R3
Optional equipment: Please inquire Please inquire Please inquire Please inquire Please inquire Please inquire Please inquire Please inquire Please inquire Please inquire Please inquire Please inquire Please inquire
Please inquire
Feeding system

Possible number of feed lines: 2-16 4-16 2-12 8 (12) 8 Max 8 6 Max 8 2-4 2-4 2-4 2-3
Standard location of selectors: Side Side Side Side Side Side Side Bow Bow Bow Bow Bow
Air cooling system: U-profile 110mm steel cooling U-profile U-profile U-profile U-profile U-profile U-profile U-profile U-profile Air-to-air cooler Air-to-air cooler Air-to-air cooler
pipes/ U-profile or U-profile or U-profile or U-profile

*Barge specifications are subject to change without any notice. ** Density of 650kg/m3 *** Optional divers room

High quality on all windows, watertight doors and hatches. All barges are constructed according to
Certification guide, construction/anchoring: performed in accordance with NS470, and all welding is tested
NS9415:2009 Norwegian standard for
The Wavemaster Feed Barges are designed in accordance by certified NDT (Non Destructive Testing) inspector. The silo Extended bow and aft platforms is available as options. floating fish farms. The barges are
with DNV 1A1 Barge R3 classification. Steel hull, superstruc- modules are constructed with corrugated steel plates in order Well proven design and construction, combined with certified by Noomas.

tures and feed silos are manufactured using marine grade to get smooth internal surfaces and a high strength to weight innovation makes Wavemaster Barges reliable, efficient
mild steel, type NVA or equivalent. All steel construction is ratio (not all models). and seaworthy barges. A wide range of models are
available at a competitive price.

76 77
APW Work Platform AP Platform Feed Barge F E E D B A R G E S

Wavemaster Work Platforms Wavemaster Platform Feed Barge

Load-capacity dimensions calculated according to Load-capacity dimensions calculated according to

customer needs.
customer needs.
Structural strength calculated to withstand a significant
Structural strength calculated to withstand a significant
wave height (Hs) of up to 2m.
wave height (Hs) of up to 2m.
The modular construction/solution allows for easy
The modular construction/solution allows for easy
containerisation and shipment anywhere in the world.
Side view with floats and fendering. containerisation and shipment anywhere in the world. All Platform Barges include a control room for the feeding
process using a CCS Feed System, sensors and cameras.
Silos with 3 tons capacity are located in the bow.
Equipped with a chain hoist trolley to lift up the feed to fill
the silos. The number of silos per barge can be adjusted.

Side view with floats. Transparent illustration showing silos and feed
system. The house modules are flexible and
Float grid below the platform.
can easily be tailor made for each location.

Local deck installation Modular deck sizes Withstands heavy loading Tailor made platform barges Hot dip galvanized construction Designed for remote locations
The modules are transported to the The deck modules can be offered in five The modules are very stable and have Tailor made solutions can be adapted All structural steel components are hot The latest feed technology can be
locatation in parts and installed by different sizes; 6x5m, 8x5m, 10x10m, a loading capacity from 6 tonns up to for installation of any equipment that dipped galvanized after manufacture. shipped to lakes and places that were
experienced Wavemaster staff. 20x10m and 30x10m. 40 tons on the largest deck model. the customer need for the farm This has proven to be the most effective inaccessible before, like here at DunAn
operation. and durable coating for use on fish in the Tibet mountain regions of China.
farming structures.

78 79
Wavemaster APW Work Platform - Specifications Wavemaster AP Platform Feed Barge F E E D B A R G E S

Deck models:  APW 30 APW 40 APW 100 APW 200 APW 300 Comments Platform models:  AP 50 AP 100 AP 150 AP 200 AP 300 AP 400 Comments

Length - Total (LOA) m: 6 8 10 20 30 Feed capacity

Beam - Total (BOA) m: 5 5 10 10 10 Loading capacity: 50 tons 100 tons 150 tons 200 tons 300 tons 400 tons

Deck (m2): 30 40 100 200 300 Number of silos: 2-4 2-4 2-4 2-4 2-6 2-6

Load capacity: 6 tons 9,7 tons 13 tons 27 tons 40 tons Barge specifications

Depth to deck (mts): 1,5 1,5 1,5 1,5 1,5 Length - Total (LOA) m: 20 26 33 40 40 50

Freeboard full load, standard: 400mm 400mm 400mm 400mm 400mm Beam - Total (BOA) m: 12 12 12 12 17,5 17,5

Floats standard: Rotational Moulded Rotational Moulded Rotational Moulded Rotational Moulded Rotational Moulded Color on request Depth to deck (mts): 1,5 1,5 1,5 1,5 1,5 1,5
Polyethylene Polyethylene Polyethylene Polyethylene Polyethylene (styrofoam filled)
Freeboard full load 400mm 400mm 400mm 400mm 400mm 400mm
Floats Increased Freeboard: Rotational Moulded Rotational Moulded Rotational Moulded Rotational Moulded Rotational Moulded Colour on request (Standard Floats):
Polyethylene Polyethylene Polyethylene Polyethylene Polyethylene (styrofoam filled)
Standard Floats: Rotational Moulded Rotational Moulded Rotational Moulded Rotational Moulded Rotational Moulded Rotational Moulded Colour on request
Handrails: Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional
Polyethylene Polyethylene Polyethylene Polyethylene Polyethylene Polyethylene
Mooring points: 4 6 6 10 14 Mooring plate or pipes with
flared bottom openings
Floats increased freeboard: Rotational Moulded Rotational Moulded Rotational Moulded Rotational Moulded Rotational Moulded Rotational Moulded Colour on request
Polyethylene Polyethylene Polyethylene Polyethylene Polyethylene Polyethylene
Fendering: Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Along sides on request

Deck: 2-3mm stamped 2-3mm stamped 2-3mm stamped 2-3mm stamped 2-3mm stamped Handrails Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional
plate, 32x5 grating, plate, 32x5 grating, plate, 32x5 grating, plate, 32x5 grating, plate, 32x5 grating,
Mooring points: 10 10 10 12 12 14 Mooring plate or
4 mm checkered 4mm checkered 4mm checkered 4mm checkered 4mm checkered pipes with flared
plate plate plate plate plate bottom openings

Hot Dipped Galvanizing: Certified according Certified according Certified according Certified according Certified according Fendering: Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Sides on request
to ASTM 123 to ASTM 123 to ASTM 123 to ASTM 123 to ASTM 123
Flooring: 4mm checkered 4mm checkered 4mm checkered 4mm checkered 4mm checkered 4mm checkered Others on request
plate plate plate plate plate plate
Duplex System Available on request Available on request Available on request Available on request Available on request
(Galvanizing + Painting):
Discharge area (stern,m2): 24 24 24 24 35 35

Cathodic protection: Available on request Available on request Available on request Available on request Available on request Control Room (m2) 14 14 14 14 14 14

Other equipment: Please inquire Please inquire Please inquire Please inquire Please inquire Room + Toilets (m ):2
14 14 14 14 14 14 Additional on request

Fuel Tank: 1000 to 4000 lts 1000 to 4000 lts 1000 to 4000 lts 1000 to 4000 lts 1000 to 4000 lts 1000 to 4000 lts Optional

Hot dipped galvanizing: Certified according Certified according Certified according Certified according Certified according Certified according
Rugged and UV stabilized to ASTM 123 to ASTM 123 to ASTM 123 to ASTM 123 to ASTM 123 to ASTM 123
rotational moulded MDPE
Floats, filled with expanded Duplex System Available on request Available on request Available on request Available on request Available on request Available on request Extra protection
Polystyrene foam. (Galvanizing + Painting): for harsh
Cathodic protection: Available on request Available on request Available on request Available on request Available on request Available on request

Others Equipments: Please inquire Please inquire Please inquire Please inquire Please inquire Please inquire

Feeding System

Number of possible 2-4 2-4 2-4 2-4 2-6 2-6


Standard placement Bow Bow Bow Bow Bow Bow

of selectors:

Aircooling System: Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional

Certification and construction/anchoring:

Wavemaster Modular Decks and Platforms are designed All welders are certified under AWS D1.1/D1.1M, and
and built supervised by professional naval and mechanical all welding is tested by a certified NDT (Non Destructive
engineers to meet all required regulations. Steel hulls, Testing) inspector. As a standard all the deck/platform
superstructures and feed silos are manufacturing-certified are hot dip galvanised in accordance with ASTM 123.
Safety details Design & Construction steel.
All decks and platforms are supplied with all the safety gear All Wavemaster modular decks/platforms are designed/built
required for the country of operation as a minimum. Typical supervised by professional naval/mechanical engineers.
standard / optional safety equipment may include: Safety All welders are certified under AWS D1.1/D1.1M ed.2010
handrails and non-skid surfaces, life rings with heaving line,
boarding ladders, etc.

80 81
Feed Systems

Matches fish appetite

The central feed system concept was invented by AKVA group
in 1980 and Akvasmart CCS is today the most popular and
reliable feed system world wide. The system is suitable for
all species feeding on pellets. It is now also fully integrated
with camera control, pellet- and environmental sensors,
as well as Fishtalk production control software. All feeding
and environmental data is stored in the Fishtalk database.
This unique integration allows for full overview and control of
all operational activities from farm site to top management

The Akvasmart CCS Feed System will feed the correct amount,
at the optimal rate, on time and every time. This powerful
system provides great opportunities to optimize the entire
feeding process.

AKVAcontrol is the leading edge feed system software, now

part of the Fishtalk software family. New functionality includes
meal planner, group feeding and adaptive feeding. Combined
with data from environmental sensors, this allows for efficient
analysis and benchmarking between farm sites.

10 11
Akvasmart CCS Feed System F E E D S Y S T E M S

Wireless Transmitter
with surface camera

The Akvasmart CCS Feed System

is designed to handle more than
AKVAcontrol AKVAconnect Fishtalk Control 40 feed lines running in parallel
and more than 1000 cage/tank
units, centralized- or hopper
feeders, all operated from one
PC, iPad or smartphone.

Akvasmart CCS is the perfect

choice for feeding fish, designed
CCS Feeding
Computer to fit the requirements from low
capacity system such as CCS-32,
Feed Silos: up to high capacity systems
such as CCS-110.
Up to 8 silos can be connected
in series for each feed line.

Feed Blower:
Generates transport
air for the feed

Air Control system:

Regulated air speed and keeping
the pellet in the gentle feed
handling area significantly reduce
the risk of blockage and feed

Cleaning Plug Injector: Feed Dosers: Feed Selector Valve: Integrated accessories: Feed Pipes:
The Cleaning Sponge is inserted With capacities from 10g/sec Distributes feed to the correct A wide range of Akvasmart units A wide range of high quality and
into the feed system via the up to 192kg/min. Up to cage and ensures gentle such as sensors, cameras, and durable Polarcirkel Feed Pipes
Feed Pipe Cleaner, and will be 8 dosers can be connected feed handling. The Selector rotor spreaders can easily be are available in various dimensions
transported through the system in series for each feed line. Valves can be offered with integrated to the CCS Feed and coil lengths up to 1000 metres.
by using pressured air. The sponge connections from 4 to 60 System.
will attract feed residues and feeding pipes.
condense when going through,
reducing deposits inside the
Air Cooler:
Reduces the temperature
pipes to a minimum. Preventing only 1%
of the transport air. feed waste on a larger
fish farm, can easily
increase the bottom line
by 50-100.000 US$. Environmental Camera

84 85
Feed accounts for 60-90% AKVA group Feed Care F E E D S Y S T E M S

of the production cost in

most fish farming around
the world today. That makes
every pellet count when it Commercial Scale testing

comes to financial results. AKVA group has developed a special

feed durability test machine (Doris)
that makes it possible for farmers
and feed manufacturers to test and
document the physical quality of
different feed types. We work closely
with expereinced feed suppliers to
optimize feed handling. Centre of Aquaculture Competence, CAC.
The worlds largest full scale test site for Important elements in
salmonidae is owned by Marine Harvest, the feeding process
Skretting and AKVA group.

(Feed waste) Feed storage, how to:

Fill silo
Store feed
Air speed Take feed out of silo
Pellet speed
Dust and breakage Pellet transport
Pipe work
Our patented feed test unit Doris, Connections
is also used by leading fish feed 60% 70% 80% (Speed level) Adjustment
manufacturers and other aquaculture Graph showing how pellet speed Cleaning
companies. influences dust and breakage.
Air transport
Air temperature
Preventing up to 3% feed waste Cooling
Air speed
It is quite common for large scale
Back pressure
fish farms today to spend 10-20.000
US$ average per day in fish feed. Adjustment in control system
Preventing only 1% feed waste (dust Feeding speed
and breakage) can add a total of 50 - Air speed
100.000 US$ to the bottom line each
Feed spreading
Video control of the pipes. year! Consequently, it is critical that
Type of spreader
your feed system reliably deliver the
Monitoring and regulating the Spreading area
feed to the fish 100% intact, at the
transport air speed is one of the
correct rate, exactly the amount the General maintenance
most important factors. Speed kills
fish wants to eat and with optimal All equipment
also when it comes to feed systems,
and only a 10-20% reduction of
All issues above are down to
transport air speed make a signifi-
how to transport the pellet
cant reduction in feed dust and pellet
undamaged to the fish!
breakage. This is where most of the
feed dust has been created histori-
cally. Using the Air Control System
combined with our highly effective
(low friction start) Rotor Spreaders
allow reduction in air speed while
still getting excellent spreading.

All feed system equipment is tested by

experienced AKVA group technicians to
make sure all equipment meet our
high standard.

86 87
Cooled and controlled air flow Air Blower, Air Cooler and Air Control F E E D S Y S T E M S

Feed Blowers Air Coolers Air Control System

The blower generates the air Depending on the transport Akvasmart Air Control System
pressure to transport the feed to distance and ambient temperature, with regulated air speed ensures
each tank/cage. The combination many feed types and feed systems optimal pellet flow, significantly
of air control system and frequency will benefit from installing air reducing the risk of blockage
regulated blowers makes it cooling systems. and breakage. If the pellet/air
possible to optimize the pellet speed is too low, the risk for
transportation. The air speed can Too high temperature may cause pellet blockage is increased. If
be adjusted to optimize both feed lipids to be released from the the pellet/air speed is too high,
spread and gentle feed handling. pellets and even proteins to be dust and breakage is increased.
The blowers are delivered in high denaturated. This will lower the The system also monitors and
quality silencer cabinets which nutritional value of the feed. logs air speed, back-pressure and
ensures a comfortable work
environment. If the lipids are released from
the feed during transportation
this will increase the risk of pipes
being blocked hence increasing
the need for pipe cleaning.

AKVAconnect provides detailed feeding The Air Control unit is installed between
data from the silos to the cages/tanks. the Air Cooler and Feed Doser Valve.

The feed enters the air flow

The Air Control system is visualized
through the Doser Valves and
in AKVAconnect through a simple
is then blown through seamless Feed blowers and air coolers come in
graph per feeding line. The graph
stainless pipes and up to the a variety of models.
displays real-time data for each
Selector Valves.
unit being fed.

Sound protected machine room with The cooling pipes are integrated in the hull
Feed Blowers and generators. construction on most of our Feed Barges. Too low pellet speed.

Optimal pellet speed.

Inspection of a Feed Blower installation, AKVAconnect process control offers special Too high pellet speed.
noice cabinets with easy access. alarm functions for air control (speed,
temperature and back-pressure).

88 89
From silo to fish - A critical part Feed silos and Feed Doser Valves F E E D S Y S T E M S

of the feed transport

Feed Doser Valves A smart silo outlet gate, made from
galvanized steel, can easily be installed
A custom Feed Doser Valve is used at the doser top in between the silo
to transfer the feed into the air flow. flange and feed doser valve.
As this is a critical part of any feed
system, it is important that only
is used. In order to meet all our
customers needs, we can offer both
Feed Doser Valves and Feed Augers
with Sluice Valves for this purpose.
Compared to the
The CCS Feed Doser Valves are auger concept, the
designed in two main models. doser rotor will
Vari Doser 1500 and Feed carefully and accu-
Doser 4000. rately transfer the
pellets down to
the feed pipe with
minimum pressure
contact and pellet

The Akvasmart Feed Doser Valves

have capacities from 10g/sec. up to

Silo Systems

A wide range of different feed The pellets from the silos are
tank solutions and sizes can be transported in controlled separate
delivered to suit any requirements. doses to the feeding pipe below
We can deliver square or round and then blown to each cage.
silos in both aluminum and steel.
Contact our sales department for Service and cleaning of the feed
more details and specifications. doser can easily be done in
30 minutes. See more details
in our CCS user manual.

Feed Doser: VariDoser Start VariDoser Doser 4000

Feed silos can be delivered in wide range Min. feed rate (g/sec): 30 100 200

of types, shapes and sizes. Min. feed rate (g/sec) - pulse: 15 75 150

Max feed rate (g/sec): 400 1250 2500

Material: Polyethylene (PE) / Cast iron/ Stainless steel

Weight: 75kgs 75kgs 95kgs

90 91
The leading feed concept since 1980 Feed Selectors F E E D S Y S T E M S

Feed Selector Valve

Pipe length up to 1400m.
The Feed Selector Valves are
programmed to distribute the feed
to the correct cage through the
PE feeding pipes. The pipes are
exposed to the full forces of the
ocean, and consequently we have
designed a very rugged strain
relief bracket that can handle
the expected loads. Our product
line includes a wide variety
of Selector Valve models with
connections from 4 to 60 feeding
pipes (depending on model).
Pellet sizes from 1.2mm
up to 25mm+.

Materials; aluminium, galvanized

and stainless steel.

The CCS system is designed to withstand

the extreme forces of weather and salt

The new Wavemaster AC650

Feed Barge has 12 silos and
6 Feed Selector Valves.

Feed Selectors can easily be installed

at the front or the side of the barge.

Feed Selector CCS32 CCS63 CCS90 CCS110

PE pipe dimension: 32mm (1) 63mm (2) 90mm (3) 110mm (4)

Max pellet size: 5-7mm 9-12mm 25mm (1)* 25mm+ (1)*

Outlets: 32-60 24-32 4, 10 or 24 4 or 8

Materials: Stainless Steel/ Stainless Steel/ Stainless Steel/ Stainless Steel/

Aluminum Aluminum Aluminum Aluminum

A new improved construction makes Weight: 45-55kg* 45-55kg* 50-65kg* 50-65kg*

the Feed Selectors easier to open, * Depending on model/ex. pipe restrainer

clean and maintain.

92 93
AKVA basic Feeding System A compact solution for smaller locations F E E D S Y S T E M S

A user friendly and affordable steel pipes

feed system

Semi-automatic feeding system

for fish farming. The centralized Hopper

Feeding system AKVA basic has Blower

been specially designed for use in all On/off

types of farms due to its versatility Switch & Feed
Emergency Doser
in installation, easy operation and
maintenance. During feeding, the
feed pipe is manually operated by a
single person, in communication with Control
a AKVA basic operator in order to cabinet

coordinate on and off times.

The new feeding unit is made of a stainless steel case containing

an Akvasmart blower, doser and control cabinet, which makes
the AKVA basic a durable and reliable equipment.

By opening/closing several guillotines

strategically located on the system we
are able to select the cage to be fed.

The AKVA basic is loaded manually Easy installation, operation and low maintenance makes
with 20-25 kg feed bags, has a standard AKVA basic an ideal and reliable equipment on smaller
capacity of 125 kilos. Silos with extended locations or isolated farms.
capacity are available upon request.

AKVA basic feed system Comments

Silo Feeding pipe Frequency Air Cooler Selector CCS

capacity inverter Valve Control

Standard * 125kg 90mm - - - - Engine and Blower always works at 100% of capacity.

Upgrade 1 300kg 90mm - - - - Increase silos feed capacities.

Upgrade 2 125kg 63-110mm - - - - Based on client needs.

A complete, portable feed Upgrade 3

Upgrade 4






Accurate control of air lines speed and feed calibration.

Reduces temperature in the air line.

system in one small compact Upgrade 5 125kg 90mm - - yes - Equiped with manual control for the Selector Valve.

unit, provides better feed 125kg 90mm yes - yes yes

Rotor Spreader can be install in each cage.

Centralizes all parts of the system in one computer.

Upgrade 6
control and growth
* The AKVA basic standard models size is 2x1x1m, manual operation and is equippet with;
22kW Blower, 4000 Doser, On/off Switch, Timer, Manometer and Emergency Stop.
AKVA compact system is larger with 20- 40containers, CCS Control and automatic operation.

94 95
Surface Spreaders Faster and more even growth and better F E E D S Y S T E M S

feed care with adjustable feed spread

Extra careful feed handling
One of the most important factors A light weight
for gentle feed handling is regulating but strong
transport air speed. Speed kills construction
ensures reliable
also when it comes to feed systems.
performance in
rough water.
Akvasmart Surface Spreaders are
designed to provide excellent feed
spread in cages. All our models The twistable rotor tip are
have adjustable light weight less curved and ensures
aluminium rotor pipes that allow more gentle feed care.

for lower air speed for start-up

and rotation. This means less dust
and breakage, power consumption,
back pressure, air temperature,
noise and wear and tear on the
feed pipes. Our unique ventilated
Zenon bearing requires no regular
RS-63 and RS-90
cleaning and does not corrode. The new ventilated bearing have a heavy keel
has extra low friction and weight in galvanized
requires no regular cleaning steel is keeping
and does not corrode! them stable in
rough seas.

Akvasmart Surface Spreader has a

light weight construction, and is easy
to install and to move around. The new Surface Spreader
with unsinkable floating base.
Preventing only 1% feed waste in No protruding parts eliminates
a larger fish farm can add a total the risk of net damaging.
of 50 - 100.000 US$ to the bottom
line each year!

Rotor Spreader RS-63C RS-90C CF-90

PE pipe dimension: 63mm (2) 90mm (3) 90mm (3)

Max pellet size: 12mm (1/2) * 25mm (1) * 25mm+ (1) *

Recommended RPM: 50-100 * 50-100* 50-100 *

Spread diameter Approx. 4-12m * Approx. 5-18m * Approx. 5-18m *

Akvasmart Rotor Spreaders are designed (adjustable): Approx. 12-40 * Approx. 16-60 * Approx. 16-60 *
for all types of cages. More than 8000
Materials: Stainless Steel/Alum. Stainless Steel/Alum. Stainless Steel/
units are delivered world wide.
Rotor/POM (Delrin) Rotor/POM (Delrin) Alumium
Polyform buoy Polyform buoy Floating ring: HDPE

The Surface Spreaders Height above water:

1,2m (4)

1,8m (6)
1,2m (4)

1,8m (6)
1,5m (49)

0,1m (3.3)

are easy to install and very Total weight: Approx. 30kg (66 lbs.) 33kg (73 lbs.) 35kg (77 lbs.)

simple to maintain. * Depending on feed system and feed type. (RS spreader can also be delivered in a 110mm version.)

96 97
Subsea Feeder An effective feeding system that provides F E E D S Y S T E M S

increased growth and improved fish welfare

AKVA Subsea Feeder is an underwater feeding system that feeds
fish at a depth of approximately 7 metres. The feed is transported
to the cages through a regular air hose. Water is added and passed
down through a main pipe. The water is added by using a pump that
draws deep water of good hygiene, in order to ensure the required
speed of the feed. The feed is then spread using a dispersion unit
of 17 meters in circumference with 12 feeding units so that the feed
is spread about the cages in a satisfactory manner. The feeding rate
is up to 50kg of feed per minute. Experience from using the system
The cyclone is equipped with a floating
shows that bird netting is not required.
element, which is easy to place and
move during maintenance and other
necessary operations. The principal advantages of the AKVA Subsea Feeder:

Fast and efficient underwater feeding (approx. 50kg/min.)

Good feed distribution
Good hygiene
Easy to operate and maintain
No bird netting required

Certified in accordance with NS 9415.

The fish are fed at a depth of just over

7 metres. Recent tests show reduced
louse infestations and increased growth.
Weight on cyclone: 63kg Cyklone
The entire feeding unit:
approximately 570kg

Ocean surface

Main pipe
Flotation collar


The feeding cameras show that the fish

Pipe from the pump
now reside in deeper waters, most of
to the distribution
the time around the feeding points.
chamber and Manifolds

Sinker tube

The feed is dispersed using a dispersion Promising test results

unit of approx. 17 metres in circumfe-
rence with 12 separate feeding units. The AKVA Subsea Feeder has been tested by a aquaculture company,
Sinkaberg Hansen, and initial tests show that the fish exhibit good growth
and welfare because sea lice infestation is reduced. Experience so far
shows that the fish remain by the feeding point during daytime.
Subsea feeding combined
Further tests will be carried out over the coming year. The tests will
with sub lights will keep the include the use of light in combination with the AKVA Subsea Feeder,
fish in deeper waters. and tests will be carried out in facilities in several locations along
the coast.

98 99
Feed System capacities and transport lengths Feed System Specifications F E E D S Y S T E M S

System CCS-32 CCS-63 CCS-90 CCS-110 Comments

Feeding pipe size: OD (mm) 32 (1) 63 (2) 90 (3) 110 (4) Imperial (North America)

Wall thickness: (mm) 2,9 (0,11) 4 (0,16) 7 (0,28) 6,3 (0,25)

Feeding data (for each feed line):

Max.(mm) 5-7 9 - 12 17 - 25 25+

Pellet sizes: */**

Min.(mm) No.2 crumb. 1,2 3 3 This must be evaluated in each specific case.

648 2 520 5 220 5 220 with "VariDoser 1500"

Max. feeding kg/hour
capacity: */**/*** 11 520 11 520 with FeedDoser 4000

10,8 42,0 87,0 87,0 with "VariDoser 1500"

Max. feeding rate:
*/**/*** 192 192 with FeedDoser 4000

Min. feeding rate: kg/min. 1,2 2,4 3,0 3,0


10 20 40 50 with "VariDoser 1500"

Min. feed dose
(single dose) */**
200 200 with FeedDoser 4000

Transport lengths:

Max. feed pipe length: m 300 600 800 1400 */**

Max. feeding rate

at max. feeding kg/min. 3,6 12 10 30 ***
pipe length:

Max. feeding rate

at half of max. kg/min. 5,4 21 108 150
feeding pipe length:

Max. feeding rate 10,8 42,0 87,0 87,0 with "VariDoser 1500"
at short feeding kg/min.
pipe length */** 192 192 with FeedDoser 4000

Power consumption (max):

Feed Blower: kW 7,5 15 - 18,5 22 - 30 45

FeedSelector Valve: kW 0,18 0,18 0,18 0,18

Feeder: FeedDoser/
kW 0,37 0,75 Max. load/unit
The Akvasmart CCS Feed System The configuration of the system VariDoser:
0,37 0,75
is designed to fulfill all feeding is based on the following factors: Feeder: Auger &
kW 1,5 1,5 1,5 1,5
Sluice Valve:
requirements, regardless of species
Transport lengths
or how you want to feed your fish. * Depending on actual transport distance ** Depending on type of feed, technical feed quality, pellet size, feed rates and system settings
*** At continuous feeding **** Depending on actual feeding pipe length
Biomass (feed amount)
Number of units (cages)
Species Control Cabinet Standard 400VAC 50Hz Comments

Power consumption: From 8kW to 185kW Single CCS 32 to Quatro CCS 110

Size: 2100mm x 1200mm x 500mm HxWxD - in mm

192kg/min Weight: From 120kg to 400kg Single CCS 32 to Quatro CCS 110

CCS 110mm
Pellets 3mm to 25mm+ PE Feeding pipes Dimensions
CCS 90mm
OD ID Wall thickness SDR** Weight/m
42kg/min Pellets 3mm to 25mm
CCS 63mm 32mm 32mm 26,2mm 2,9mm 11 280g/m
Pellets 1.2mm to 12mm 63mm 63mm 55mm 4mm 15,75 750g/m
CCS 32mm
75mm* 75mm 66,4mm 4,3mm 17,6
Pellets no. 2 crumb. to 7mm 980g/m

10kg/min 3kg/min 10kg/min 10kg/min 30kg/min 90mm* 90mm 79,8mm 5,1mm 17,6 1390g/m

90mm 90mm 76mm 7mm 12,8 1900g/m

300m 600m 800m 1400m 110mm 97,4mm 6,3mm 17,6
110mm 2090g/m

* The capacity of the feed system depends on the technical quality of the pellet, the feeding regime as well as the length of the feed pipe.
* Not standard dimensions for Akvasmart CCS Feed System. ** SDR = Outer diameter (OD) / Wall thickness.

100 101
CCS Feedsystem Software Correct amount of feed, always served on time F E E D S Y S T E M S

AKVAcontrol is a powerful and

advanced software for daily control
of all your feeding processes.
Combined with Akvasmart CCS
Feed System, it is the most
adaptable and user friendly system
All feeding data is Alarm output to site The feeding can be
on the market. AKVAcontrol is easily accessible in alarm. remote controlled
developed over the last 30 years Fishtalk Control. from an iPad or
in close cooperation with fish smartphone.
farmers all over the world. This
has resulted in full integration
with camera systems, pellet-
and environmental sensors.

AKVAcontrol software combined with

the new AKVAconnect process platform
provides full overview and control

Biological approach

The only feed system software with

biomass regulated feeding regimes
based on accurate monitoring of
fish appetite and environmental Accurate Environmental Automatic or Feeding
data. monitoring of data displayed manual camera according to
fish appetite. in real time selection. received data.
and logged.
Environmental sensor data
Oxygen-, temperature- and cur-
rent sensors are fully integrated in
AKVAcontrol. All sensor data are
displayed in real time and logged
for further analysis. This allows for
optimal feeding at all times.

Fishtalk software integration

All data generated in AKVAcontrol
is accessible in Fishtalk Control,
providing end-to-end production
overview, control, analysis, bench-
marking and reporting. Key functionality:
Full farm overview at a glance Integrated feeding camera control
System capacity planning Accurate Air Control System
The most adaptable Advanced meal planning Wizards
and user friendly feeding Multiple group feeding regimes Powerful reporting and analysis
system on the market. Hopper control tools.

102 103
Camera and Sensor

Full overview, complete control

Akvasmarts advanced video camera and sensor

systems monitor both the fish and the feeding
process. This ensures optimum operations and
a healthy environment for the fish.

Flexible camera solutions, like monochrome feeding

cameras or winch controlled pan & tilt 360o Twin
colour cameras, provides crystal clear pictures.
Wireless transmission of surface and underwater
video images, feeding- and environmental data
to the farm base.

104 105
Dedicated camera and sensor solutions Underwater- and surface cameras C A M E R A S / S E N S O R S

SmartEye Surveillance Camera Akvasmart cameras have been An important part of the sensor
Detects unwanted visitors, predators produced for more than 20 years. and cameras is the infrastructure
or feed spread. Powerful optical zoom provides Based on this experience AKVA group that transmits the signals/video
close-up details from over 1000m away.
has a wide product range of cameras from cage to office. In the Akva-
from basic fixed monochrome and smart system there are several
dual pan/tilt colours to surveillance possibilities either wireless or
cameras tailored for aquaculture. with cable.

Akvasmart Cameras can Akvasmart cameras provides perfect

be used to monitor: overview and ensures fast and accurate
camera control.
Underwater feeding activity
Surface feeding activity
Fish maturation
Fish behaviour
Morts at the cage bottom
Fish parasites (i.e. sea lice)
Akvasmart cameras can monitor fish
General surveillance surface activity and feed spread,
HR Cameras even in poor light conditions.
These monochrome underwater The video camera looks straight up
video cameras are the worlds towards the surface during the feeding
most popular feeding cameras. in order to see uneaten pellets.

SmartEye Cameras
The SmartEye Camera System
is a class above and the most
advanced system on the market.
SmartEye 360 Twin can pan
Environmental Sensors
and tilt 360!

Environmental sensor data is There are increasing numbers of

Multi Sensor becoming an important factor in fish parameters that help the fish farmer
New environmental sensor houses farming, to know the environment to understand the environmental con-
six smart water quality sensors and
will always improve your production. ditions in the cage and how it effects
measures parameters as: Dissolved
the biomass. This knowledge is highly
oxygen, salinity, pH, temperature
and conductivity. Every pellet counts important in industrial fish farming.

Feed accounts for 60-90% of the

Oxygen Sensor production cost in most fish farming
Using environmental sensors combined
Environmental sensor for measuring today. That makes every pellet count
with AKVAconnect will monitor and control
oxygen and temperature, (only in when it comes to financial results. secure the stability in your system.
The first parameter measured is
temperature - to know the water
Current Sensor temperature help to feed the fish
The current sensor will prevent feed correctly. The second parameter
waste caused by tidal current that
is oxygen, an important parameter The current sensor system will prevent
is pushing pellets out of the cage.
helping to decide when to feed. feed waste caused by tidal current
The system will stop the feeding pushing pellets out of the cage.

Temperature Sensor at low oxygen levels in the water.

Environmental sensor for measuring The third parameter is current.
temperature, (only available in the When the current speed exceeds Full control of the environmental data
will ensure correct farming decisions.
Full overview ensures
AkvaControl/CCS system). the limit, the feeding temporarily
stops in the cages and resumes at
safer environment
slack current later. All other cages
will be fed as scheduled.

106 107
SmartEye Twin 360 Camera System Top of the line - feeding C A M E R A S

and inspection cameras

The SmartEye 360 Twin Camera

System is a class above and
without doubt the best system of Robust and
its kind on the market. It is an waterproof
advanced feeding and inspection
colour camera with unique
features that can be operated
from the cage, a work boat, the
feeding control room and via
the internet. It provides sharp, Synchronized
colour and/or monochrome video endless 360
underwater images. pan and tilt.

Advanced upper
colour video
camera and a high
light sensitive
monochrome or
colour underwater

SmartEye 360 Twin with 2 colour cameras

Fast and accurate camera
Exceptionally sharp and clear video
and winch control using
images in full colour provides useful
a PC, iPad or smartphone.
information about your fish.

Standard configuration includes

upper camera and lower camera
in high resolution colour, but
monochrome is used to get very
high light sensitivity for looking
down into deep and dark cages.
Both cameras are syncronized for
full 360o vertical movement using
one joystick. No external moving Dual SmartWinch
parts will reduce the risk of leaks. Monitor Portable PC SmartPhone

Combined with the dual Smart- CAP

Winch system, SmartEye 360 Twin

SmartEye Cameras
provides a great insight into the
feeding response and condition
of your fish. It is a highly reliable
camera that is connected to the
base via our new CAP wireless
video transmitter. SmartEye 360
Twin is also available with built-in
depth- and temperature sensor.

Unique camera features A flexible dual SmartWinch allows easy

and accurate vertical and horizontal
Cameras, cables and connection plugs
are pressure tested down to 40m to
- a class above! positioning inside the cages. ensure that the equipment is 100%
pressure proof.
SmartEye 360 Twin

108 109
Crystal clear first choice feeding cameras HR Feeding Cameras Robust and reliable C A M E R A S
suspension bridle.

The Akvasmart HR cameras are

the worlds most popular feeding
camera series. These are stationary
cameras hanging below the fish
eating area (typically 5-8m) aiming
straight up to detect uneaten
pellets sinking towards the camera.

All of our cameras can be used

with Akvasmart hardwired or wire-
less camera systems and can be
operated from the cage, a work-
boat, feeding control room or via
the Internet. One camera is usually
The camera is built
permanently installed in each
into the non-fouling
bronze top of the
Super HR housing.
Basic HR Camera
The Basic HR Feeding Camera is
a simple, reliable and affordable
monochrome camera and a smart
choice if you need effective feeding
control in cage.
Robust urethane
underwater cable
Basic HR Feeding Camera includes a waterproof
connection plug.


Super HR provides exceptionally

sharp and crystal clear video images,
even during poor light and visibility HR Cameras Farm Inspection Monitor

Hardwired network
Super HR Camera
The Super HR Feeding Camera
is a rugged and reliable high-
resolution monochrome camera
designed for use under all
Super HR Feeding Camera

A flexible, popular and Looking straight up towards the bright

surface makes it easy to spot uneaten
Up to three HR cameras works with the
advanced wireless CAP transmitters.
affordable camera solution! pellets. These also include built-in surface

110 111
SmartEye Surveillance Cameras Complete overview of your barge and sites C A M E R A S

A range of SmartEye Surveillance

cameras provide better control
over unwanted visitors, predators,
feed spread or simply added
safety when working alone at
the farm.

These are advanced IP cameras

with powerful 32x optical zoom, The camera can pan 360, and tilt 90.
Surveillance cameras provides added
clear pictures and smart function- safety when working alone on the
ality, which can easily be operated feed barge.
from the cage, workboat, control
room or via Internet.

Surveillance cameras can monitor the

deck, machine room, feeding system
Surveillance camera with 90o to 10o
or other vital areas on the barge.
Smarteye Surveillance cameras have zoom (32x optical) and electronic
full color but they will switch to mono- image stabilizer.
chrome under low light conditions.

Detects predators and un-

wanted visitors and increase @
safety when working alone Surveillance camera Monitor Portable PC SmartPhone

on site.

Camera Specifications

Cameras SmartEye 360 Twin 360 Twin w/ 2 colour cameras Super HR Basic HR Surveillance

Colour: Upper: Colour Lower: Mono. Upper/Lower: Colour Monochrome Monochrome Colour Colour Colour

Type: Analog Analog Analog Analog Analog IP IP IP

Resolution: 480 TVL 570 TVL 650 TVL 600 TVL 600 TVL HD 720p HD 720p HD 720p

Angle of view: Fix: 60 Fix: 70 Fix: 72 Fix: 72 Fix: 72 52o-4,4o optical Fix: 84o dig. zoom Fix: 84o dig. zoom

Cable: 75m (246)* 75m (246)* 30, 50, 75m (99, 165, 246) 30m to 100m 30 to 100m > 100m > 100m > 100m
PUR PUR PUR (99-328) PUR (99-328) PUR (>328) (>328) (>328)

Depth rating: 75m (246)* 75m (246)* 75m (246)* 100m (323)* 100m (323)* Outdoor IP 54 Outdoor IP 54 Outdoor IP 52

Power: 12V DC 12V DC 12V DC 12V DC 12V DC PoE PoE PoE

* Limited by cable

112 113
Fish Farm Inspection System - rugged, portable C A M E R A S

feeding control
The Fish Farm Inspection System

gives crystal clear video images
from the submerged camera during

= 120m

= 160m
= 90m
= 40m

= 60m
feeding, and therefore provides a
unique possibility to feed according
to the fish appetite. The built-in

battery gives the flexibility to use



the system without any other





infrastructure and the ruggedized






system is built into a PELI-case.




Visible area (%):
5m depth and
7m width.

Why use a camera

to monitor feeding?

Accurate fingertip control provides full Cage sizes have rapidly

overview of the cage in a few seconds, increased over the last 20
a smart and userfriendly solution. years, and as a result, the
visible area has decreased
The new inspection system can
accordingly. In a cage
easily be connected to Akvasmart
of 160m circumference,
cameras such as; SmartEye 360 only 0,2% is visible from The Inspection System is tailor made
Twin, Basic- HR and SuperHR. the surface. Therefore a for control of feeding and fish behavior,
There is also an integrated Pan/ submersible camera is a and can easily be connected to
Tilt controller for the SmartEye requirement for monitoring Akvasmart cameras like SmartEye,
360 Twin Camera. and controlling feeding. Super HR and Basic HR.

Basic HR Super HR SmartEye 360 Twin Fish Farm External monitor

Inspection unit (or VCR)

Fish Farm Inspection System

LCD screen made for rough, daily use
Power supply: 230v AC
and provides excellent readability in
all light conditions. Power supply: (optional external battery) 12V DC

Power consumption: 30W * 230v AC - 400mA

12v DC - 2,75A

Internal battery capacity: 13Ah/12v DC

3 - 6 hours *

Sizes: (length/width/height - weight) 470mm x 350mm x 180mm - 10kg

(18,3 x 14,3 x 7 - 22 lbs)

Ingress Protection. Lid closed: IP68

Lid open: IP65

* Depending on connected equipment

A rugged, portable unit with internal
battery and waterproof connection

114 115
Environmental Sensors Environmental data - a critical S E N S O R S

feeding parameter

To know the environmental data Accurate real time readings are AOS OxyBox stand alone system
such as temperature, oxygen, displayed and logged in the con- for oxygen and current measure-
salinity, pH and current speed trol software and AkvaControl will ments
and direction is important when calculate the expected daily feed Its a flexible system thats self
feeding fish. Akvasmart Feeding amount based on feed tables powered from battery and commu-
Software allows full control of the with these temperature data. nicate via Internet. Communication
environmental status on the site,
is standard via Iridium (satellite).
at all times. The data can be
All information from the AOS Oxy
viewed real-time or logged for
Box are presented on a WEB page
later analysis. The Akvasmart
that makes it easy to access and
software can also be set to
automatically control the feeding
based on these parameters.

Oxygen data an important factor for

growth and fish welfare.

Oxygen measurements are done

with our different oxygen and
multi parameter sensors and will
also be logged and displayed in AOS OxyBox - a complete stand alone
the control system. system for measuring oxygen and current.
Temperature the foundation for all
feeding regimes and growth models.

There can be high temperature

differences in different water
layers. It is therefore important
to know the exact temperature
in the depth where the fish are

Temperature measurements are AOS oxygen data outside (blue) and

Environmental current knowledge will
done in our oxygen and multi- inside (red) the cage. (mg/l)
help you to prevent feed waste.
parameter sensors and in the
Akvasmart Temperature Sensor. Water flow or current is an impor-
These sensors are reliable and tant parameter when it comes to
robust and can be submerged feed waste. To feed when its to
at the desired depth. high a current will lead to feed
waste and uneaten pellets.

AKVA group offer two types of

current sensors. The Tilt sensor
measures only one current value
AOS Sensor Buoy Current is a virtually
while the Doppler measures
maintenance free satellite based system
current speed and direction at
for measuring real time current from
three different depths.
3 depths.

The new compact Multi Sensor has

6 different functions and 12 para-
Environmental sensors
meters including temperature and are a smart investment that
oxygen control.
will ensure efficient feeding.

116 117
AOS Sensors - online sensor data worldwide AOS Sensor Buoy Current S E N S O R S

You can simply receive oxygen-

current,- temperature-, and salinity The Sensor Buoy messure current
speed and current direction from three
data from all your farms and
different depths, (5, 10 og 15 meters)
locations from a WEB-site, using
below the buoy. We are usings the
an AOS online system with internet most avanced doppler technology
connection. The main part of AOS to ensure accurate data supply.
is a receiver of sensor data that
transmit the data further to a
sentral server, using an international
satellite network called Iridium.
The network is available almost in
every corner of the world without
using any local network suppliers.
You will get access to the server with
your own username and password AOS Doppler Current Sensor unit

and can enter and check your status

whenever and wherever you want.

AOS is logging and saving data

for export to Excel and eventually
local saving and later analyzis.

The AOS Sensor Buoy Current is

moored two diameter lenghts away
from the location to avoid impact
from the cages.

AOS Sensor Buoy Current are equipped

with a yellow coloured top, a warning
light and a reflex tape to ensure better

The system is driven by a built-in

Current data is a very important battery with approx. 3 - 4 months
factor for correct feeding and duration.
various operations like debugging,
sorting, retrieval and delivering The AOS buoy is made of Polyehylene The AOS OxyBox can messure oxygen
of fish etc. (PE), has no moveable parts and is and temperature from up to 3 sensors.
therefore virtually maintenance free. See more data on next page.

AOS Sensor Buoy Current


Height: 250cm

Diameter buoy: 36cm

Width incl. handles: 60cm

Above sea level: approx. 100cm

Weight: 45kgs
The blue line is showing current speed
(m/sec) and the red dots are showing Material, buoy: Polythylene (PE)

current direction on a selected depth

the last 5 days.

118 119
Environmental Sensor Specifications Infrastructure for cameras and sensors S E N S O R S

Temperature - the foundation Temperature Sensors Separate Inside

AOS OxyBox - ideal for accu- AOS OxyBox
for all feeding regimes and rate environment logging
Resolution: +/- 0.1 C
+/- 0.1 Co
Iridium communication: Standard
growth models and site surveyor
Accuracy: +/- 0.5o C typical +/- 0.1o C typical Doppler Current Optional - 1 sensor
There are two different tempera- No need for additional infra- sensor/profiler
Operating temp.: 0-50o C / 32-122oF 0-50o C / 32-122oF
ture sensors: a separate sensor/ Temperature Sensor structure, the system has built AOS OxyBox
Depth rating: 30m ltd. by cable 210m ltd. by cable Oxygen Sensor 1 - 3 sensors
stand-alone sensor for connecting in Iridium communication and
to AKVAcontrol or integrated in Housing: Bronze Polyethylene battery. One standard unit Power supply: Internal replaceable battery
the optical oxygen sensor for using Cable: 30m urethane 30m urethane and optional number of 3 - 6 moths lifetime
in AKVAconnect and OxyBox. Inside Sensor sensors

Oxygen an important factor Oxygen Sensors RDO sensor Sensor OxyBox

CAP and SmartBox - wireless
Model SmartBox CAP

for growth and fish welfare Accuracy: +/- 0.1mg/L 0-8mg/L +/- 0.1o C typical infrastructure for cameras Video: Maximum 6 parallel channels

The oxygen sensors are with opti- +/- 0.2mg/L 8-20mg/L Above water camera: In front In the top
A connection point for all
cal reading which reduces the need +/- 0.10% 20-50mg/L Under the water:
our underwater cameras and All models of our underwater cameras
of calibration and maintains high
Operating temp.: 0-50o C / 32-122oF 0-50o C / 32-122oF winch. With transmission of Camera Winch: Standard HT Winch
accuracy and operates with no CAP
Depth rating: 210m ltd. by cable 300m ltd. by cable RDO Sensor up to 6 parallel video channels Power supply: Battery (12V) or mains 230V
drift over long-term deployments.
On the Oxygen RDO all this infor- Housing: Polyethylene Polyethylene the system suits all types
Housing: Aluminum/ Aluminum/
mation is stored in the replaceable of farm sites. Delrin PC/Stainless steel
Cable: 10 or 50m 10 or 50m
CAP tip. The optical sensors have
a fast respons and maintains
stability, even in dynamically Current Sensors 0-50cm/sec 0-100cm/sec Sensor OxyBox CSU - Wireless infrastructure
Model CSU
changing conditions. for both HR cameras and
Accuracy: +/- 0.1cm/sec +/- 0.2cm/sec Video: Maximum 6 parallel channels
Measurement range: 0-50o C / 32-122oF 0-50o C / 32-122oF Above water camera:
Environmental current know- In front
One connection point for
ledge prevent feed waste Measuring principle: Electronic tilt sensor Electronic tilt sensor Under water: All our models of underwater cameras
camera and sensors as
Power consumption: 75mA 75mA Winch: Standard Winch
An important parameter is the cur- oxygen, current, temperature
Depth rating: Polyethylene PE/alu. or SS wings
rent or water flow when you feed and Doppler Pellet Sensor. Power supply: Battery (12V) or mains 230V
but also to know your site. We can Housing: Acrylic/Pom/Alu. Acrylic/Pom/Alu. With transmission of up to Sensor: Aluminum/
offer two types of current sensors, 30m Polyethylene 30m Polyethylene 6 parallel video channels CSU
Cable: Delrin
the Tilt sensor that gives current
Tilt Sensor the system suits all type of
speed in one layer and the Doppler
farm sites.
current profiler that gives you Multi Sensor
speed and direction at three diffe- Hardwired transmitter
Supported parameter: Actual conductivity, specific Hard wired solutions -
rent levels in the water column. conductivity, dissolved oxygen, Wired network: Ethernet 100/1000Mbit
pH, OPR, temperature, water
when simple stability - customized solutions, depend
level/depth/pressure (absolute) counts of site layouts and distances
Full environmental overview
Ethernet, Coax or fiber cables.
- know your site Oxygen: +/- 0.1mg/L 0-8mg/L +/- 0.2mg/L Infrastructure that fulfil your
8-20mg/L +/- 0.10% 20-50mg/L Above water camera: Surveillance camera with P/T/Z
need for fixed solutions.
The new Multi Sensor is a compact
Adapted and customized for Under water: All our models underwater cameras Wired Network
instrument that houses six water Conductivity: +/- 0.5% +1uS/cm typical
quality sensors and measures 12 +/- 1% max range each site various sensors Winch: Standard and Winch HT

parameters: Actual and specific and cameras can be adapted Sensors: Both Optical Oxygen sensor
ORP: +/- 0.5mV
conductivity, salinity, total dissol- Multi Sensor
to the system. and temperature sensors and
pH: +/- 0.1 pH unit either current sensor tilt or
ved solids, resistivity, and density
Doppler pellet feed sensor
Dissolved oxygen ORP pH Temperature: +/- 0.5o C
Temperature Water level and Power supply: Mains 230V
Housing: PVC, acetal, titanium, 316 stainless steel
water pressure (absolute)

Doppler Current Sensor

Oxygen Sensor
AOS OxyBox GPS Satellite

Oxygen Sensor Software:

Current Sensor (tilt) AKVAcontrol
Multi Sensor AKVAconnect
Salinity Hardwired Network Fishtalk Control

Oxygen Sensor
Current Sensor (tilt) Wireless Network Receiver
Doppler Pellet Sensor

120 121
Vicass HD Biomass Estimator Measures length and height V I C A S S H D

with high accuracy

The new Vicass HD (High Definition) New Vicass features:
will provide farmers with accurate and
Possible to zoom images for
efficient biomass estimation, taking
exact data input.
high quality digital stereo images of 1 2 3
The weight distribution curve is
the live fish swimming in the cage. continuously updated while fish
is being entered/recorded by
The images are analyzed in order to
determine average weight of each Measures fish sizes at a distance
fish. Vicass HD has high accuracy, from 60cm up to 2m from the Grabbing of images
capacity and speed and the camera camera.
unit captures 300-500 images at Better image overlap because
three different depths before lenses on the new camera are
they are analyzed. located as little as 15cm apart.

Vicass HD estimation
A stereoscopic video image
measures the height and length
of each fish. Advanced geometry Analyzing
algorithms accurately calculate
the live weight of the fish.

Models are now available

for species like:
Atlantics, Chinook, Coho, Tasman
The red graph is here showing calcultated
Salmon, Rainbow Trout, Altantic
fish weight in different weight classes. Haddock, Red Sea Bream, Med.
Sea Bass/Bream, Striped Jack,
Yellowtail, Japanese Amberjack
and Southern Blue Fin Tuna.

Accurate biomass estimation, taking

high quality digital stereo images of Biomass calculation for
the live fish while swimming in the
cage or tank. a wide range of species
Vicass HD

Power supply: 4A

Ingress protection: Camera unit: IP68

Field computer lid open + plugs inserted: IP64

Field computer, lid closed: IP67

Camera size: length/

515mm x 130mm x 195mm - 16kg
width/height - weight:
Vicass HD Monitor PC
Field computer size: length/
485mm x 392mm x 195mm - 12kg
width/height - weight:

122 123
Underwater Lights

Stable and accurate lighting

increases profits
The correct use of underwater lights for many aquaculture
species, ensures reduced fish maturation. In addition it
results in faster growth and more effective feed utilization.
The Idema Underwater Lights series are adapted for smolt
and juveniles in small tanks, as well as for salmon, cod and
other fast growing species that require light in larger cage
farms. The high quality underwater lights have excellent
light distribution, the design allows for for easy bulb
replacement, functional design and a rugged construction.

- Qualty is always profitable.

124 125
High quality underwater lights BlueLED and metal halogen lights U N DE R WAT E R L I G H TS

Expected service
life on the LED
bulbs is in the
region of 50.000

For indoor locations we recommend 100W Idema BlueLED 400W is a perfect light
to 400W illumination. BlueLed or SubLite solution for cage farms with medium
250W/400W is the smart choice here. or large cages.

ISO approved
Pyro Borosilicate
glass to withstand
rough use in
cage farming
Underwater lights and subsea feeding
Idema Underwater Lights are a smart
will keep the fish in deeper waters around
solution in Artic areas where the light
conditions are poor during winter time. the feeding points most of the time.

Idema BlueLed 400W

Standard 35m or 55m

rugged underwater
cable (urethane cable),
and a waterproof
connection plug.

Accurate even light distribution throughout Light treatment is also successfully used
the biomass is vital in tanks with high for smolt and juveniles in tanks and cages
density and turbid loaded water. of different types and sizes.

An extra strong
Idema Underwater Lights can easily be that is almost More than 16.000 Idema Underwater
installed at various dephts, ensuring maintenance Lights have been delivered world wide
stable and accurate light distribution. free.
in the last 15 years.

Up to 8 times stronger
light effect with the new
BlueLed 400W!
Idema SubLite 1000W

126 127
Bright solutions for a wide range of tanks and cages Underwater Lights Specifications U N DE R WAT E R L I G H TS

Specifications: BlueLed 100W BlueLed 400W Integra 250/400W Integra 1000W Standard 2000W

Operating voltage: 230 VAC/50Hz (24DC) 230 VAC 50Hz (60DC) 230 VAC 50Hz 230 VAC 50Hz 230 VAC 50Hz
BlueLED 100W with blue light rays, have the highest penetration
Starting current 0,5 second:
in seawater, and therefore the greatest efficiency. LED (Light 1,0A (230W) 1,8A (400W) 2,45A (563W) / 3,0A (690W) 8,0A (1840W) 13,0A (2990W)

Emitting Diode) is often called eternity light and is the most Starting current 1 second: 2,5A (115W) 1,8A (400W) 1,9A (437W) / 2,0A (460W) 6,4A (1472W) 12,1A (2783W)
cost effective light solution on the market and a perfect match Operating current (2 min.): 0,5A (106W) 2,15A (480W) 1,3A (299W) / 1,8A (414W) 5A (1150W) 9,35A (2150W)
to a diesel generator. The light diodes have extremely long Total efficiency: 115W 480W 1065W
275W / 460W 2070W
duration with a predicted service life of up to 50.000 hours!
Service life with even colour: appr. 50 000 hours appr. 50 000 hours appr. 5000 hours appr. 5000 hours appr. 5000 hours
Which means, no bulb changing for many years ahead.
Light source: 1080 LED 184 LED HQI-T 250D / HQI-T 400D HQI-T 1000D HQI-T 2000D
Recommended use: Tanks and smaller cages.
Color temperature (Kelvin): 20000 K 20000 K (480 nm Blue) 5300K / 6100K 6000K 4400K

Luminosity: - - 20 000 Im / 35 000 Im 85 000 Im 190 000 Im

NEW BlueLED 400W with blue light rays is our newly developed
Weight, light housing: 8,5kg 11kg 21,6kg
luminaire for the sea cages. This luminairie is utilizing the newest 7kg / 10kg 11kg

High Intensity LED-technology with almost four times more effective Weight, with cable: 14kg (appr. 2 l. oil) 19kg (appr. 2 l. oil) 11kg / 14kg 28kg 17kg

light source than the BlueLED 100W. The blue colour has proven to Weight, connection box: - - - - 19,2kg
be the most efficient when it comes to effect on biology in the fish. Size, length + : 641mm + 120mm 641mm + 120mm 648mm + 140mm 818mm + 180mm 642mm + 140mm
LED luminaires can provide more effective output from each lumi-
Material in the main POM 1,41g/cm3 Aluminum 6082 T6 POM 1,41g/cm3 POM 1,41g/cm3 POM 1,41g/cm3
naire compared to other lamp technologies. It saves cost on power housing, density: 2,7g/cm3 DIN 53479 - L15 DIN 53479 - L15 DIN 53479 - L15
DIN 53479 - L15
generators, less power use and uses less copper in the installations.
- - -
All this in addition to a long service life of the luminaire. Material in connection box: - Fire coated aluminum

Recommended use: Medium and large cages. ISO 3585- 2,23 g/cm 3
Pyro Borosilicate glass 3.3: ISO 3585- 2,23 g/cm 3
ISO 3585- 2,23 g/cm3 ISO 3585- 2,23 g/cm3 ISO 3585- 2,23 g/cm3

Cable, standard lenght: PUR 3G1,5 PUR 3G1,5 PUR 3G1,5 PUR 3G2,5 PUR 3G2,5
35m or 55m 35m or 55m 35m or 55m 35m or 55m 35m or 55m
SubLite Integra 250W/400W is the smallest member of the
SubLite family. The light can be offered in two luminosities for Cooling fluid: Silikon fluid Silikon fluid

smolt, juvenile and smaller locations. This model is often used Recommended use: Tanks /smaller cages Medium & large cages Tanks /medium & small cages Medium & large cages Large cages
in cod farming with lights placed at various depths for a smooth
distribution of light all over the cage. The light bulb and the Blue light Daylight Note: Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

electronic control device is integrated in the housing compartment

and has a service time in the region of 5.000 hours. Test Report issued under the responsibility of

Recommended use: Tanks, smaller and medium cages. www.nemko.com

TEST REPORT No. P12216014
IEC 60598-2-1
Order No. 192452 Page 1/1
Part 2: Product
Particular requirements: Fixed luminaire for fish tanks/cages
Section One Fixed general purpose luminaires
Nordlysveien 4
Report Reference No......................: 192452 4340 Bryne
Date of issue.....................................: 08.10.2012
Manufacturer AKVA Group ASA
Total number of pages ...................... 46 Nordlysveien 4
CB/CCa Testing Laboratory Name: Nemko A/S 4340 Bryne
Phone: (+47) 22 96 03 30
Address ............................................: Gaustadallen 30, NO - 0373 Oslo, Norway
Applicants name............................: AKVA Group
Nordlysveien 4
Address ............................................: Nordlysveien 4, 4340 Bryne, Norway4340 Bryne
Test specification: See next page(s)

SubLite Integra 1000W is our bestseller for salmon farms and

Standard ...........................................: IEC 60598-2-1:1979+A1:1987 used in
Ratings conjunction
400W with
LED, 230Vac
IEC 60598-1:2008
Trade mark

Test procedure .................................: Nemko

Non-standard test method..: N/A
Model / Type Ref. BlueLED 400
Test Report Form No......................: IEC60598_2_1B

the most rugged light unit in the market. It is placed at various

Principal characteristics Cl. I, IP68, integral LED-driver
Test Report Form(s) Originator ...................... : Intertek Semko AB See next page(s)

Master TRF ................................................... : 2009-03

A sample of the product was tested LITE EN 60598-1:2008;A11
and found to be in conformity with EN 60598-2-1:1989
Copyright 2009 IEC System for Conformity Testing and Certification EMC
of Electrical Equipment
EN 55015:2006;A1;A2
(IECEE), Geneva, Switzerland. All rights reserved. EN 61000-3-2:2006;A1;A2
EN 61000-3-3:2008
This publication may be reproduced in whole or in part for non-commercial purposes as long as the IECEE is acknowledged as
EN 61547:2009
copyright owner and source of the material. IECEE takes no responsibility for and will not assume liability for damages resulting from

depths and the powerful light ensures an excellent spread. The light
the reader's interpretation of the reproduced material due to its placement and context.
Validity This certificate documents conformity with the standards shown, and also applies as license for use
of Nemkos
If this Test Report Form is used by non-IECEE members, the IECEE/IEC logo and the referencenametoand certification
the CB Scheme mark. The certificate and license is valid as long as the
applicable conditions are complied with, and provided that any changes to the product are notified
procedure shall be removed. to Nemko for acceptance prior to implementation. New standards or amendments to the standards
This report is not valid as a CB Test Report unless signed by an approved CB Testing Laboratory
may imply and
that the product appended
design must be updated and/or that re-testing and re-certification is
to a CB Test Certificate issued by an NCB in accordance with IECEE 02. necessary.
Additional information
See next page(s)
Test item description .....................: Fixed luminaire for fish tanks/cages

bulb and the electronic control device is integrated in the housing

Trade Mark .......................................: Additional model(s) See next page(s)

Manufacturer ....................................: AKVA Group

Model/Type reference ......................: BlueLED 400
Date of issue 11-10-2012
Ratings .............................................: 400W LED, 230Vac

and is easy to install. This unit also has a service life in the region
Cl.I, IP68, integral LED-driver
Hanne Yndestad
This Test Report, when bearing the Nemko name and logo is only valid when issued by a Nemko laboratory,

BlueLed Monitor AKVAconnect

Certification Department
or by a laboratory having special agreement with Nemko.
Nemko AS Office address Internet Telephone Fax
P.O. Box 73, Blindern Gaustadallen 30 www.nemko.com +47 22 96 03 30 + 47 22 96 05 50

of 5.000 hours. Recommended use: Medium and large cages.

N-0314 Oslo, Norway Oslo Enterprise number: NO 974404532

We base our CE- marking on tests run by

Nemko according to the EMC and LVD NEW! SubLED Aurora 100W
SubLite Standard 2000W - the most powerful solution we
offer. It provides extra strong lighting in large cages where Underwater lights Natural lighting

there is a need for strong light conditions without using a lot 3000g

of separate units. It features solid construction with a separate

connection box and a service life in the region of 5.000 hours.
Recommended use: Large cages.

0 2 4 6 8 months

By using extra light on i.e. salmon, you will You can easily install the underwater lights AKVA group offer a regular service visit
achieve faster growth and get higher harvest at fixed depths and positions by using with equipment control and maintenance,
weight as opposed to not using underwater buoys and ropes. including a detailed status report.

128 129
Production and process
control software

Intelligent IT solutions
AKVAconnect, Fishtalk and Wisefish are unique
tools that integrate fish farming operations processing.
This ensures optimum efficiency, excellent fish quality
and increased profitability. The software covers all
needs for process control, production control
and planning.

Fishtalk: This software covers most aspects of the

biological production control and planning, as well as
production costing and budgeting. Reports and analysis
are the basis for decisions, both long term and short term,
and provides historical overview, status and prognosis.

Wisefish: Gain complete control of costs with the

ability to apply detailed costing at the site or even cage
level. You can easily manage the complete cycle from
smolt to harvest and delivery to the customer and
capture a detailed fish history.

AKVAconnect: A software platform that is designed

for optimal control of the processes and activities on
fish farms. The system offers full control, surveillance
and integration of machines, sensors and all processes
on both sea and land based fish farms.

130 131
Complete software solutions from AKVA group Complete Value Chain Control S O F T W A R E

Fishtalk From broodstock to harvest

A result of more than 35 years
of aquaculture experience
Fishtalk captures data from brood-
stock to harvest and has powerful
Our software is in use by most
reporting and analysis capabilities.
Norwegian aquaculture companies, With the financial and planning
a strong testimony to the fact that modules Fishtalk becomes a prima-
AKVA group offers aquaculture soft- ry tool, from day to day use on a
ware solutions that are second to single site to mapping out a 5-year
none! Fishtalk software gives a fast plan for the whole company.

and detailed summary of when the
fish will be ready for the market,
as well as trends in production costs
over time. Easily viewed, through
simulating changes in growth con-
Broodstock Hatchery Juvenile On-growing Harvesting
ditions, the environment, feeding
regimes, feed prices, smolt costs,
Wisefish - Fully integrated end-to-end ERP solution
harvests, and numerous other
planned or simulated factors, the
biological and financial consequences Combine fish stock inventory
of changes in underlying conditions. details captured in AKVA groups
premier Fishtalk software with the
advanced accounting features of
Wisefish. Capture the total Cost
Of Goods Sold of live fish stock
inventories, distributed down to
the site or even cage level.

Full control from broodstock to customer.

Processing Logistics Sales Customer Tracking

An interactive control platform

AKVAconnect - Process control platform
AKVAconnnect provides the ability to
gather data and combine information
from all levels of your aquaculture AKVAconnect software is designed
operations, including controlling and for optimal industrial control of
monitoring all technical processes. the processes and activities on
Fishtalk fish farms. The system offers full
This improves managements
control, surveillance and perfect
production overview and control.
integration of machines, sensors
AKVAconnect also provides the
and all processes on a fish farm.
maintenance team with dedicated
logging of all parameters associated
with the equipment on site.

AKVAconnect Current Oxygen Temperature Camera Alarm system

control control control control

AKVAconnect allows full

process control via internet
on a PC, iPAD or Smartphone.
Underwater Feed control Salinity Water quality pH values

132 133
Production control and planning From Broodstock to Harvest S O F T W A R E

Dedicated software The Fishtalk-family Fishtalk Control Fishtalk Plan

ensures safer and more We often say that the modules in Fishtalk Control software provides Fishtalk Plan is a user friendly
Fishtalk are seamlessly integrated. producers complete control of tool for production planning.
cost effective solutions. But Fishtalk Control, Plan and the production from broodstock Yet it includes advanced features
Finance are in fact part of the same to harvest. Used by single sites such as rolling forecasts, scenarios
as well as large corporations, and flexible plan structures, making
software. Shared by the modules is
Fishtalk is the most complete it a more powerful tool. The flexible
one single database containing all
production control software reporting system helps you take
data, as well as common functionality
in the market. operational decisions by comparing
and models. This resulting in a better different scenarios efficiently.
user experience and more consistent
software. PAST FUTURE

Biology and finance, past and future

are dimensions that goes hand in
hand in Fishtalk. The reporting and
analysis tools greatly demonstrate Production Production
the effect of including all 4 areas BIOLOGY Control Planning
in the same software solution.

and Analysis

Production Budgeting

Effective and accurate control, budgeting

and planning.

Additional modules like Fishtalk Fishtalk Finance Fishtalk Finance

Connect will provide a version stable Production cost calculation is Budgeting using Fishtalk Finance is
interface to third party applications easy with Fishtalk Finance. simpler than ever. Just define your
like Business Intelligence or reporting A minimum of setup is required, cost models and any production plan
tools. It also contains OLAP cubes and you will be up and running can be used to generate the major
using Microsoft Analysis Services. in no time. Simply import data cost factors like feed, transport
The cubes are already prepared to from accounting once a month and harvest. Comparing budgets
go with data from Fishtalk, giving and you will easily obtain new generated from different scenarios
you the option to integrate using insight into your cost of quickly gives you the financial
standards like Excel and similar. production. impact of your decisions.

Other Fishtalk software


Fishtalk Lice and Fishtalk Wrasse

will greatly improve your overview of
the lice situation, and with Fishtalk
Tide you can plan activities taking
the tide level and current into con-
sideration. You may use Fishtalk
Benchmarking to benchmark your
production, and finally Fishtalk
Broodstock closes the loop, giving The Fishtalk-family software ensures complete value chain control.
you full traceability across generations
- down to individual level!

134 135
Flexible software solutions for all types of fishfarming The Fishtalk-family S O F T W A R E

Fishtalk Control Fishtalk Plan Fishtalk Finance

Fishtalk Control provides a complete Fishtalk Plan provides optimal Fishtalk Finance enables simulation of the
overview of the biological status of the production plans according to your financial effects of the planned activities.
production. The tool keeps track of all strategies. This gives you a unique The solution provides in-depth information
activities through the sophisticated basis for making qualified operational according to the biological plans, budgets
log; from unit and farm level, to top decisions based on various scenarios and forecasts, - all based on a set of
executive management. for each species. different scenarios.

Fishtalk Lice Fishtalk Wrasse Fishtalk Tide

Fishtalk Lice shows lice developments Fishtalk Wrasse ensures a full updated Fishtalk Tide provides predicted hourly
and effect of treatments for each cage overview of the treatment. The module tide levels and change in tide level. This
or region. Fishtalk Wrasse provides extends the lice module in Fishtalk and makes it easy to plan operations that
stocking numbers for each cage and provides an unique tool for monitoring depends on slack tide and low currents,
percentage of Wrasse vs. salmon. and analysing. like net changes and lice treatments.

Fishtalk Benchmarking Fishtalk Broodstock Fishtalk Equipment

Fishtalk Benchmarking provides fast Fishtalk Broodstock seamlessly integrates The new Fishtalk Equipment software
and simple rankings compared to broodstock and production control, and organizes all the farming equipment
established production goals, such provides full traceability to genetic origin with documentation and maintenance,
as growth rates, feed conversion and across generations of broodstock. maintaining full traceability on component
rates, hit rates and other KPIs as It captures group level information as well
level. Comply with the Norwegian
VF3 and SGR. as data for individual fish, like genetic
NS9415:2009 and NYTEK.
markers and quality samples.

For more detailed software

information, please visit:

136 137
From hatchery to customer The worlds leading ERP solution for seafood S O F T W A R E

The Wisefish software family

WiseFish is developed as an industry-

specific layer built on the backbone
of Microsofts business solution
software Dynamics NAV. Dynamics
NAV brings together finance,
manufacturing, customer relations Wisefish Aquaculture Wisefish Quality
management, analytics and Account for live fish stock Easily manage increasingly stringent
e-commerce with a core, world inventories from smolt to harvest legislated and customer mandated
class accounting system. and beyond using advanced rigorous quality control through third
financial forecasting and cash party audits, SQF, or other recognized
flow management tools, complete programs. WiseFish Quality is fully
vendor and customer management, compliant with HACCP specifications.
HACCP-compliant quality control, End to end traceability is a click away
and end-to-end traceability. in case of a recall.

Wisefish - award winning ERP software.

The leading ERP solution for

seafood producers, distributors, Wisefish Processing WiseFish Peripherals
processors, brokers and traders
Seamlessly integrate inventory WiseFish Peripherals are applications
control, quality inspections, lot that run outside of WiseFish and
WiseFish, Certified for Microsoft tracking, catch weight management, integrate with:
Dynamics, is a comprehensive family Electronic Data Interchange (EDI),
Scales (Marel, Digi, Scanvaegt,
of software products that combine and expiration date management
Mettler Toledo, Rice Lake, etc.)
with complete and detailed costing
the best of standard Microsoft through serial or TCP / IP ports
for full financial and regulatory
Dynamics NAV with a wide range of Scanners (Symbol and Intermec)
control of your seafood processing
through USB, keyboard wedge, or
seafood industry-focused packages operation.
serial port.
and business intelligence analytics Barcode printers (Zebra, Intermec,
tools. Take advantage of role tailored, Toshiba, etc.) Uses BarTender labelling
information-driven workflow which software - the worlds leading design
supports your business goals: and print software for labels,
barcodes, and RFID tags.
Innovative industry solutions Dynamics NAV/WiseFish database
(Connected to SQL Server through
for the entire seafood value chain.
Built on Microsofts Dynamics NAV
Box or Pallet level detail with optional
Processing, Planning, and Demand Wisefish Trade barcode enabled identification. Track
Forecasting material movement within a warehouse,
Inventory Control, Broker Com-
Lower inventory costs and improve between warehouses, and beyond.
missions and more for fast paced
food safety with integrated HACCP- seafood sales operations. These
compliant Quality Control tools are indispensable in meeting
the rigorous buyer requirements of
Inventory managed by both catch BI Tools
todays seafood market.
weight and regular weight
Affordable and user friendly BI and
Primary processing and Value
analytics reporting software and
added production tools integrated data warehousing tools,
Industry-specific functionality including WiseAnalyzer are available
straight out of the box as part of the WiseFish suite. Create
customised reports, set targets, see
For more detailed software results and easily understand the
business implications of the data with
information, please visit:
easy to use SQL report builder tools.

138 139
AKVAconnect software Role based control platform S O F T W A R E

AKVAconnect is a new process

control platform used to connect
to and keep control on everything
from local farm sites to large
international aquaculture corpo-
rations. The system is open
ended and compatible with all
types of equipment, sensors and
technical installations. Smart 3D
design with interactive control
functions, makes it incredibly
easy to operate.

The main overview provides fast access to the present state of the entire system.
Company Region

Group Device

A reliable software concept

AKVAconnect Site Control provides full

overview and shows you the operating
status of every component on your farm
at all times. It also pin-points an alarm
to the exact location of a problem
should it occur.

The environmental software can easily supply individual data from each site.

AKVAconnect provides the ability to AKVAconnect is fully customizable, The smart feeding control functions,
gather data and combine information bringing forth exactly the information well known in AKVA Control, are also
from all levels of your aquaculture that the individual user needs. avalible if needed.

140 141
Get the full picture in seconds... The AKVAconnect-family S O F T W A R E

Site Control Camera Control Remote Video

Site suveillance provides detailed Both analog and digital cameras The advanced wireless sensor network
information and status reports from are integrated in the system, and provides the opportunity for live video
multiple sites in real-time and is are fully controllable from any images from the feed barge and each
a very useful tool when you centralize site or position. feed cage.
the operations.

AKVAconnect alarm system supports Multible scalable camera windows With our Remote Video system and
full traceability; who, did what, and can be shown and controlled directly SmartEye Surveillance camera,
when is not a question anymore. on screen and monitored via internet you can zoom in on details.
using a Remote Video unit.

Environmental Control Process Control Feeding Control

Monitor and control all parameters in All devices (are closely) can be moni- A new flexible feeding software ensures
your production environment to secure tored and controlled. Information about full overview and controls all parameters
maximum stability in your system. the present state, running hours and on the location and provides optimal
Temperature, oxygen, salinity, pH etc. maintenance is conveniently monitored. efficiency and enhanced profitabilaty.

Achieve full access to the process on The new AKVAconnect-family provides optimal process control.
the farm via internet using a PC, iPAD
or a SmartPhone.

142 143
Service, support
and training

Advanced aquaculture needs

professional maintenance
As aquaculture equipment becomes more advanced,
the need for professional service and preventive
maintenance increases. AKVA group offers global
professional service on all products.

Through on-site visits, AKVA group technician will

get a complete overview and understanding of
specific solutions on the site, specific requirements,
preferences and work routines of local staff.

Sufficient training of your staff and managers will

minimize the amount of frustration that builds up
while browsing through a manual in search of a
solution to a problem. Training of staff, face-to-face
is always a smart investment.

144 145
Professional aquaculture training T R A I N I N G

Preparing, Training, Follow-up Product Specific Training, A range of useful courses

spanning the full AKVA
All training programs are tailor-made
group product range
and planned in close cooperation
Advanced Product
with the customer. Further on, and to
ensure the highest possible learning
Software Training
outcome, the following stages are
Quality Farming programs
(Level 1 & 2).
1. Individual self-paced
Training is a key component of
preparation phase
employee development, and is AKVA groups software courses are
2. Face-to-face training among the most popular. The course
guaranteed to have a positive effect
3. Close post-training follow-up on staff motivation and operation.
can also easily be tailor made for each
aquaculture farm.
The invaluable relations and shared
The courses can take place in one of
knowledge of the product specialists,
AKVA groups dedicated training faci-
lities or, if preferred, at the customers ensures optimal utilization of all your
site. The classes are instructed by AKVA technology.
AKVA groups dedicated specialists,
The extensive curriculum includes
ensuring the highest possible quality
numerous practical and theoretical
of the courses. Some of the most
product training courses, as well as
popular training modules include:
a comprehensive 2 year Quality
Farming program.
The 2 year Quality Farming program
ensures production optimization and
improved results on the bottom line.

AKVA group offers a wide range of

advanced aquaculture technology, and
provides customized product training
on demand.

Experienced and highly qualified AKVA

Well trained emploiees group personel will teach the classes,

is a smart investment. both at the main courses and out on

the customers locations.
It will improve the results
and reduce the failures.

146 147
Advanced aquaculture needs S E R V I C E & S U P P O R T

profesional maintenance

As aquaculture equipment becomes Status report of the site. Service is a smart insurance
more advanced, the need for pro- Yearly maintenance
fessional service and preventive documentation in
maintenance increases. AKVA group accordance to local HSE
offers global professional service standards.
on all products; on or off location Development of regular
including: preventive maintenance
Fixed pricing on reconditioned
critical spare parts with Through on-site visits, AKVA group
guaranteed local availability. technician will get a complete
With a SmartService agreement, the
Technical telephone support overview and understanding of
farm manager can focus completely on
during local office hours. specific solutions on the site,
the fish, while our technical staff looks
Professional consultancy specific requirements, preferences
after the equipment.
services. and work routines of local staff.
System upgrades, including Adding a face factor to this will
fixed pricing on specific ease communication between
rebuild kits. the site staff and the dedicated
Fast service response times. technician in the future.

SmartService - a safe solution Software Support -

a necessary tool
Regular service prevents downtime,
and thus ensures predictable and Turning a software solution into
uninterrupted production. AKVA the optimal work tool requires More advanced aquaculture technology
groups comprehensive and flexible both understanding about local increaces the need for more professional
Smart Service agreement is a safe knowledge, work routines and service, support and maintenance.
solution providing a wide range of preferences. Achieving optimal
benefits, such as: control on the farm often takes
settings, tuning and adjustment
Prioritized 24 hour telephone
of the software solution according
to local requirements and priori-
Discount on spare parts.
ties. For its turn-key customers,
Discount on service technician
AKVA groups dedicated software
team offers:
Discount on software
On-site support AKVA group offer a regular service visit
Discount on AKVA training
Telephone support with equipment control and maintenance,
Online support including detailed status reports.
Dedicated AKVA group service
representative during office
Upgrading of licenses
It is recommended that the Smart- Consulting
Service agreement is upgraded to Tailor-made solutions
include regular on-site visits by On-site training
experienced technicians resulting In depth training
in: Securing long time

Software support can include training,

online support, consulting, implementation,
server control & server security oe.

148 149
Financing - loan or leasing? F I N A N C I N G

Financing through Export CIRR is a free of charge interest Competitive solutions

Credit Norway rate option for the borrower in
the period from acceptance of
In close cooperation with Export the loan until delivery of the
Credit Norway, AKVA group ASA equipment/service. Export Credit
can offer competitive financing offers financing of up to 85% of
arrangements for our customers the export contract.
in the export markets.
The financing requires backing
Export Credit Norway extends loans from the Norwegian Guarantee
to large and small companies abroad Institute for Export Credits and/or
for purchases from Norwegian Flexible water treatment systems for
commercial bank(s) for 100% salt- or fresh water, both outdoors and
exporters, offering favorable long- of the loan to cover political and indoors installations, are often made
term financing. The company commercial risks, related to the possible through export finance.
manages the whole lending process, credit given in the whole repay-
including processing, documentation, ment period.
disbursement and loan administration.

Export Credit Norway is a limited Lending Process

liability company wholly owned by
All prospective borrowers that
the Norwegian government, and they
meet the requirements will receive
finance export contracts ranging in
a loan offer. For customers with
value from a few million to several
low access to CAPEX this has
billion Norwegian kroner, across
proven to be a lucrative option to
sectors and worldwide. The loans Feed systems, monitoring equipment,
traditional financing. net cleaners, and underwater lights
comply with the OECD framework on
can be leased.
officially supported export credits.
Competitive financing from Export
Credit Norway may benefit both
AKVA group and customers as
customers will be supported in
their investments making trans-
actions in the export markets
possible at lower risk.

For more information,

please visit; New innovative projects, both land based
AKVA groups professional teams have and cage farming aquaculture have
decades of experience in planning and been financed world wide.
designing aquaculture projects.

Export Credit Norway offers compe-

titively priced fixed and variable
interest rates. Loan on Commercial
Interest Reference Rate (CIRR)
terms, may be given with a repayment
period of between 2 and 18 years
depending on the project type. Fish
farming projects have so far qualified
A wide range of cages, feed barges
for a repayment period of 2-5 years,
and work boats of different types and
but a longer period might be achieved sizes have also been financed.
on a case-by-case basis.

150 151
Land Based Aquaculture Land Based Aquaculture

Your partner in advanced water

treatment technology
Water treatment
AKVA group has more than 30 years of aquaculture
engineering experience. Our team of world leading
experts is renowned for designing sustainable
recirculation systems that are second to none.
Having delivered systems globally for more than
20 different species, AKVA group provides optimal
water quality conditions for both fresh- and
seawater operations.

Supplier of land based solutions

for a wide range of species
A few years ago it was hard to imagine a supplier
of complete land based aquaculture solutions.
Today AKVA group steps into that role, with all
the commitment and dedication it takes to become
the preferred supplier-, maintenance-, service-
and training partner for such companies worldwide.
AKVA groups team of professionals have decades
of experience supplying functional aquaculture
technology to land based fish farming companies

Your business will never be easier than this.

124 153
From single components - to complete solutions P R O D U C T S

Water Treatment Systems

Feed System

Feeding Cameras

Oxygen Cones

Underwater Lights

Environmental Sensors

Sensor Network

Tank solutions Water treatment Piping and pipework Feeding systems Sensor systems Underwater Lights
AKVA group tanks can be customized AKVA group has 30 years experience AKVA group has one of the most modern The Akvasmart CCS Feed System will Environmental sensor data is of vital Light treatment is successfully used
to any desired diameter and height thus providing optimal water quality conditions production lines for polyethylene pipes feed the correct amount, at the optimal importance. A better environment will for smolt and juveniles in tanks and
making it possible to obtain perfect for both fresh- and seawater operations. in Europe and thousands of kilometres rate, on time, every time. always improve your production. cages of different types and sizes.
utilization of the available site space. have been delivered since 1971.

154 155
From extensive to intensive Software

water treatment

AKVA group offers a wide range Mort Collector

of land based aquaculture
technology, from single compo-
nents to complete installations Oxygen Control
Feed System
worldwide. The complete range
of quality products and software
provides maximum reliability
and cost effectiveness.
Successfully spawned valuable species
Unlike the short history of cage like sturgeon and tuna can reduce the
farming aquaculture, land pressure on wild stocks.
based aquaculture goes back
thousands of years with most of Over the last 20 years, energy Header Pump
the production being fresh water consumption per kilo fish pro-
farms in China and Asia. duced has been reduced by more

Land based aquaculture is today than 80% while water recircula-

one of the fastest growing food tion has increased to more than

industries in the world. Although 99%. In addition to freshwater,

most of the industry was deve- AKVA group also has unique

loped as extensive fish farming knowledge in saltwater recircula-

in ponds with low technology tion systems, making it feasible

solutions, the main reason for with profitable production of

todays growth is the increased almost any species anywhere in

use of intensive solutions and the world. Our main success crite- Mechanical Filter

the latest innovations in water ria include scientific competence,

treatment technology. This practical experience and close

makes it possible to maintain cooperation with both customers

UV Filter
excellent water quality combined and research communities.

with exceptional low water- This has enabled us to develop

and energy consumption. innovative and cost-effective

solutions for most land based
aquaculture projects. Split-loop design CO2 Degasser CO2


A wide range of
land based aquaculture
Flow through system Re-use system Recirculated system solutions prepared
The traditional form of landbased Re-use is often a result of a gradual Recirculation systems are currently for various species.
aquaculture with low level of increasing implementation of being built all over the world and for
water treatment technology. technology including for instance many different species. A high level
This form of aquaculture is com- oxygenation and degassing. De- of technology allows a very high
monly used on sites with vast pending on the level of technology, degree of water Re-use; normally in
amounts of water with a good the Re-use relative to flow-through the range of 95-99% compared to
temperature profile. is often between 20 and 60%. the water consumption in a flow For more information, order our Land Based Aquaculture Catalogue. www.akvagroup.com
through system.

156 157
Dedicated aquaculture solutions S P E C I E S

AKVA group offers tailor made solutions for a wide range of species both
land based and cage farming aquaculture. Heres some examples;

Pangasius sp.
Rachycentron canadum N: Asiatisk Malle - GB: Striped Catfish - ES: Basa

N: Cobia - GB: Cobia - ES: Cobia

Acipencer sp.
N: Str - GB: Sturgeon - ES: Esturin Thunnus thynnus
N: Blfinnet T unfisk - GB: Bluefin Tuna - ES: Atn Aleta Azul

Oncorhynchus kisutch
Oncorhynchus mykiss Salmo salar N: Slvlaks - GB: Coho - ES: Salmn Coho

N: Laks - GB: Atlantic Salmon - ES: Salmn del Atlntico

N: Regnbuerret - GB: Rainbow Trout - ES: Trucha Arco Iris

Seriola sp.
N: Kingfish - GB: Amberjack/Kingfish - ES: Seriola sp.

Salvelinus alpinus
N: Rye - GB: Artic Char - ES: Trucha Alpina

Dicentrarchus labrax Oncorhynchus tshawytscha

N: Europeisk Havabbor - GB: European Sea Bass - ES: Lubina
Coregonus lavaretus N: Kongelaks - GB: Chinook Salmon - ES: Salmn Rey

N: Sik - GB: Common Whitefish - ES: Lavareto Oreochromis niloticus

N: Nilmunnruger - GB: Nile Tilapia - ES: Tilapia del Nilo

Haliotis sp.
N: Sjre - GB: Abalone - ES: Abuln

Sparus aurata
N: Dorade - GB: Sea Bream - ES: Dorada
Gadus morhua
N: Torsk - GB: Atlantic Cod - ES: Bacalao del Atlantico

Lates calcarifer Litopenaeus vannamei

N: Asiatisk Havabbor - GB: Barramundi - ES: Perca Gigante
N: Hvitfotreke - GB: Whiteleg Shrimp - ES: Camarn blanco

Ctenopharyngodon idella
N: Gresskarpe - GB: Grass Carp - ES: Carpa China Sander lucioperca Ctenolabrus rupestris
N: Bergnebb - GB: Goldsinny Wrasse - ES: Tabernero
Cyprinus sp. N: Gjrs - GB: Zander - ES: Lucioperca

N: Karpe - GB: Common Carp - ES: Carpa

Labrus bergylta
N: Bergylte - GB: Ballan Wrasse - ES: Maragota
Penaeus monodon
N: Tigerreke - GB: Tiger Prawn - ES: Langostino Jumbo

Scandinavian Fishing Year Book

Solea solea
Psetta maxima Anarchicas minor Holothuria sp.
Hippoglossus hippoglossus N: Piggvar - GB: Turbot - ES: Rodaballo
N: Sjtunge - GB: Sole - ES: Lenguado
N: Flekksteinbit - GB: Catfish/Wolffish - ES: Perro del Norte N: Sjplse - GB: Sea Cucumber - ES: Pepino del Mar
N: Kveite - GB: Halibut - ES: Halibut

158 159
State of the world aquaculture G L O B A L T R E N D S

Aquaculture continues to
be the fastest growing animal Automated mort collection Regional aquaculture growth Aquaculture statistics
food-producing sector Production within each region is World capture fisheries and aquaculture
diverse. World aquaculture is heavily production 1990 - 2012.

dominated by the AsiaPacific region, Million tons Percentage

which accounts for 89 percent of 200

production in terms of quantity and 160 80

77 percent in terms of value. This 140

dominance is mainly due to Chinas 100 50

enormous production, which accounts 80

for 67 percent of global production 40 20

in terms of quantity and 49 percent 20 10

0 0
of global value. China produces 77 90 92 94 96 98 00 02 04 06 08 10 12

percent of all carps (cyprinids) and 82 Aquaculture Contribution of aquaculture

Capture precent (%)
percent of the global supply of oysters
(ostreidae). The AsiaPacific region World inland aquaculture and mariculture
accounts for 98 percent of carp, 95 production 1990 - 2012.
percent of oyster production, and Million tons
88 percent of shrimps and prawns 70

(penaeidae). Norway and Chile are 60

the worlds two leading producers 50

of cultured salmons (salmonids), 40

The compressed air is injected through accounting for 33 and 31 percent,
a number of small holes in a separate respectively, of world production. 10

air chamber. 0
90 95 00 05 10 12

AKVA group in cooperation with Inland Aquaculture (Source: FAO)

leading fish farming companies
has now developed an automated,
World top-15 aquaculture producers
robust and very practical system of food fish* (tons).
for removing morts. The system
% 2012
is adapted to todays Polarcirkel
China 61.7 41 108 306
plastic cages, Wavemaster steel
India 6.3 4 209 415
cages, nets and various other
site infrastructure solutions. Vietnam 4.6 3 085 500
New Zealand kingfish.
Indonesia 4.6 3 067 660
The worlds largest feed barge Bangladesh 2.6 1 726 066
80 million tons by 2050
Norway 2.0 1 321 119
According to FAO projections, it is
Thailand 1.9 1 233 877
estimated that in order to maintain
the current level of per capita Chile 1.6 1 071 421

consumption, global aquaculture Egypt 1.5 1 017 738

production will need to reach 80 Myanmar 1.3 885 169

million tons by 2050. Philippines 790 894

Brazil 1.1 707 461

Aquaculture has the potential to
Japan 1.0 633 047
New giant panorama feed barge! make a significant contribution to
this increasing demand for aquatic Korea, RO 0.7 484 404

The new AC 850 from AKVA group food in most regions of the world; USA 0.6 420 024

has a feed capacity of 850 tonns. however, in order to achieve this, Total of top-15 92.7 61 762 101
In the future there will be a need the sector and the fish farmers
Other countries 7.3 4 871 152
for larger and more exposed barge will face great challenges.
World Total 100 66 633 253
solutions then today, commented (Source: FAO)
the region manager in Bremnes (Source: FAO - 2014)
Seashore Norway.

160 161
Worldwide Sales and Service O F F I C E S

AKVA group - Agent:
NORWAY Modus Trading AB, Frjegrdarne 7 CANADA
AKVA group ASA - Bryne (Head Office) 78461 Borlnge, Sweden AKVA group North America Inc.
4340 Bryne, Norway Telephone: +46 - (0)243 883 22 1495 Baikie Road, Campbell River
Telephone: 02582 (Norway only) Fax: +46 - (0)243 21 17 78 BC, V9W 0C2 Canada
Telephone: +47 - 51 77 85 00 E-mail: modus@dalnet.se Telephone: +1 - 250-286-8802
Fax: +47 - 51 77 85 01 Fax: +1 - 250-286-8805
E-mail: info@akvagroup.com
AKVA group - Agent: WiseDynamics Ltd
OY MG Trading AB, Michel Guillon 5251 Duke Street, Suite 606,
AKVA group - Trondheim
Ivisnsplanen 2E, SF-02260 Esbo, Finland Duke Tower, Scotia Square
Ladebekken 17, 7041 Trondheim, Norway
Telephone: +358 - 9867 68422 Halifax, NS, B3J 1P3 Canada
Telephone: +47 - 51 77 85 00
Fax: +358 - 9867 68420 Telephone: +1-902-482-2663
Fax: +47 - 73 84 28 01
Fax: +1 - 902-405-3373
AKVA group - Sandstad
AKVA group - Agent: For USA, please contact the office in Canada.
7246 Sandstad, Norway
Wise lausnir ehf.
Telephone: +47 72 44 11 00 CHILE
Borgartn 26, 105 Reykjavk, Iceland
Fax: +47 72 44 28 00 AKVA group
Wise lausnir ehf.,
Ruta 5 Sur Km. 1030, Puerto Montt, Chile
AKVA group - Mo i Rana Hafnarstrti 102, 600 Akureyri, Iceland
Telephone: +56 - 65 2250250
Bsmosjyen 4, 8607 Mo i Rana, Norway Telephone: +354 545 3200
Fax: +56 - 65 2257119
Telephone: +47 75 00 66 30
Fax: +47 75 00 66 31 UK (SCOTLAND)
For other Latin American countries,
AKVA group Scotland Ltd. please contact the office in Chile.
Helgeland Plast AS - Mo i Rana 36F Shore Street, Inverness
Bsmosjyen 4, 8607 Mo i Rana, Norway Scotland, UK, IV1 1NF O C E A N I A
Telephone: +47 - 75 14 37 50 Telephone: +44 (0)1463 221444
Fax: +47 - 75 14 37 51 Fax: +44 (0)1463 223535 AKVA group Australasia Pty Ltd
Plastsveis AS - Berg 1st Floor 160 Collins Street
8920 Smna, Norway Hobart Tas 7000
AKVA group Kltr Balkl Ekipmanlar
Telephone: +47 - 75 02 78 80 GPO Box 1083 Hobart Tas 7001
Limited irketi
Fax: +47 - 75 02 78 81 Tasmania, Australia
Milas Bodrum Karayolu zeri
www.plast-sveis.no / post@plastsveis.no Telephone: +61 400 167 188
Yeni Kk Sanayi Sitesi
Mobile: +56 968 344 794
No:1-C19 Baharl Ky Milas/Bodrum,Turkey
AKVA group ASA - Troms
Telephone: +90 - 252-374-6434
Skippergata 41, 9008 Troms, Norway
Fax: +90 - 252-374-6432 General Disclaimer
Telephone +47 - 75 00 66 50
Fax +47 - 75 00 66 51 For other European countries, please
All specifications in this catalogue are
contact Head Office in Norway.
AKVA group - Oslo subject to change without prior notice
Stortingsgaten 8 A F R I C A or obligation on the part of AKVA group.
0161 Oslo, Norway AKVA group shall not be held liable for
Telephone: +47 - 51 77 85 00 possible errors in this catalogue.
Product specifications, performance
Yes Maritime AS AKVA group - Agent:
data, warranties and general terms and
Stamsneset 100A Socit Mditerranenne d`Etudes et Conseils
conditions of sale, must be described
5252 Sreidgrend 72, Avenue Habib Bourguiba, 2080 Ariana, Tunisie
and verified in sales contracts.
Telephone +47 - 55 91 0467 Telephone: +216 71 700 453
Local and regional product variations
Fax: +216 71 700 297
DENMARK may apply.
Email: smechg@gnet.tn
AKVA group Denmark AS (Land based)
For other African countries, please
Roskildevej 342, Byg. 2
contact Head Office in Norway.
DK-2630 Taastrup, Copenhagen, Denmark
Telephone: +45 7551 3211

AKVA group Denmark AS (Land based)

Bdkervej 7A, 1.
7000 Fredericia, Denmark
Telephone: +45 7551 3211

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