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Launching engine for Specifically designed and optimized to power first, In addition to significant noise and emissions
the Airbus A320 family the short-to-medium range 150 pax Airbus A320 margins versus ICAO requirements, the CFM56-5A
and later the A319 aircraft, ranging from 22,000 to demonstrates an impressive dispatch reliability
More than 1,190 engines 26,500 pounds in takeoff thrust, the CFM56-5A is a rate of less than one delay or cancellation per 1,600
into service, which have logged proven, cost-effective advanced technology engine, aircraft departures due to engine causes for the A320/
over 44 million flight hours a derivative of the CFM56-2 and CFM56-3 engines. CFM56-5A association. The low In-Flight-Shut-Down
The CFM56-5A was jointly certified by the US Federal rate of the engine led to an early ETOPS* certification
(December 31st 2010) Aviation Administration (FAA) and the French of the CFM-powered A320 fleet.
Direction Gnrale de lAviation Civile (DGAC) in 1987.
From its entry into service to the present day, the
Equipped with a solid, forged, FOD resistant, three- CFM56-5A has consistently proven itself as a cost-
dimensional (3D) design titanium fan blade, the effective engine, highly appreciated by operators;
CFM56-5A largely benefits from the CFM56 fleet it greatly contributes to the success of the CFM56
experience and offers a specific fuel consumption family.
(SFC) more than 10 percent lower than its

The CFM56-5A was the first CFM56 engine to (*) ETOPS for 120-minute Extendedrange, Twin-engine OPerationS
incorporate a Full Authority Digital Electronic Engine
Control (FADEC) system. This concept enables the
CFM56-5A to operate closer to its peak efficiency,
resulting in higher cruise exhaust gas temperature
margins, reduced fuel burn, reduced pilot workload
and lower maintenance costs.

-5A1 -5A3 -5A4 -5A5
Max. takeoff thrust (lb) 25,000 26,500 22,000 23,500
Bypass ratio 6 6 6 6
Flat rate temperature (F) 86 86 113 99
(30C) (30C) (45C) (37C)
Max. climb thrust (lb)
35,000 ft Mach = 0.8 ISA
Engine installed 5,620 5,620 5,620 5,620
Overall pressure ratio
at max. climb 31.30 31.30 31.30 31.30
Length (in) 95.40 95.40 95.40 95.40
Fan diameter (in) 68.30 68.30 68.30 68.30
Applications A320 A320 A319 A319

1984 1986 1986 1987 1988 1996
September: Aircraft January: First engine June: First flight August: Engine April: Entry into April: Entry into
program launch to test on 707 FTB certification service on Airbus A320 service on Airbus A319
Snecma - Communications Department - Mars 2011

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