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Product Specification
Product Name: Oyster sauce 12 X 700 ml
McCormick Product Code(s): 880662
Brand: Thai kitchen

Product Profile:

Organoleptic Characteristics
Appearance: Oyster sauce
Colour: Brownish red sauce
Aroma: Smell of soy sauce and oyster
Taste: Salty with sweetness taste
Product Country of Manufacture: Thailand


Ingredient Breakdown in descending order by weight

Legal Name of Functional Additional Component Details
Country of origin
Component (including additive function if
Water Thailand
Water, soybean, wheat flour, salt, white
Soy sauce sugar cane Thailand
White cane sugar Thailand
Modified maize starch (E1422) Thickening agent Netherland / Australia
Salt Thailand
Oyster (fresh) (7% farmed in Thailand) Thailand
Water, anchovy fish extract, salt, white
Fish sauce cane sugar Thailand
Caramel (E150c) Colour India
The country(ies) of origin stated on this specification are correct at time of writing, however we maintain the right to
change the country(ies) of origin of our materials to ensure continuity of supply

Pack Ingredient Declaration in descending order by weight (if applicable)

Water, soy sauce (water, soy bean, wheat flour, salt , sugar), sugar, modified maize starch, salt, oyster(9%), fish
sauce ( water, anchovy extract, salt, sugar), colour: ammonia caramel(E150c).
Salt content : 13%

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Spec Issue No: TK-SP-01 17/05/2011
Date of Issue:23/01/2012
Suitability and Intolerance
Is the product suitable for Further comments
Ovo Lacto Vegetarians Yes No
Vegans Yes No

Kosher Suitable Yes No

Kosher Certified Yes No
Halal Suitable Yes No

Halal Certified Yes No

Certified Organic Yes No

EU Food Allergen Table : In accordance with Annex IIIa of Directive 2000/13/ec as amended
Recipe Component Present Ingredient Name & Source
Cereals containing gluten and products thereof Yes No Soy sauce contains wheat flour
Crustaceans and products thereof Yes No
Fish and products thereof Yes No Fish sauce
Eggs and products thereof Yes No
Peanuts and products thereof Yes No
Soya beans and products thereof Yes No Soy sauce
Milk and products thereof Yes No
Nuts and products thereof Yes No
Celery and products thereof Yes No
Mustard and products thereof Yes No
Sesame and products thereof Yes No
Sulphur Dioxide and Sulphites added at Yes No
concentration of more than 10mg/kg
Lupin and products thereof Yes No
Molluscs and products thereof Yes No Fresh oyster
Measures is in place to reduce risk of cross contamination, however please note we will not provide a 'free-from' guarantee

Consumer Information

Recipe Component Present Ingredient Name and Source

Maize (Corn) and Maize (Corn) derivatives Yes No Modified maize starch
Other Cereals and Cereal derivatives Yes No Wheat flour in soya sauce
Other Vegetables / Fruit and derivatives Yes No
Other Seeds and derivatives Yes No
Other Nuts and derivatives (inc Oil) Yes No
Umbelliferae Yes No
Artificial Sweeteners Yes No
Rennet (inc source) Yes No
Yeast & Yeast Extract Yes No
Natural Flavouring Substances Yes No
Flavouring Substances (NI or Artificial) Yes No
Flavouring Preparation Yes No
Smoke Flavours Yes No
Thermal Process Flavouring Yes No
Flavour precursors Yes No
Other Flavourings Yes No
Other colours Yes No Caramel
Azo Colours Yes No

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Spec Issue No: TK-SP-01 17/05/2011
Date of Issue:23/01/2012
Nutritional Data

Typical values Calculated (C)

Component Unit
per 100g/ml or Analysis (A)
Energy 417 KJ A
100 Kcal A
Protein 3.2 g A
Carbohydrate (Available) 20.9 g A
of which sugars 11.6 g A
Fat 0.2 g A
of which saturates 0 g A
Fibre 0.1 g A
Sodium 5.1 g A

Durability and Storage

Optimal shelf life is 24 months
They should be stored in a dry, cool place, away from the light. Store indoor not higher than 30C
Once opened, keep refrigerated (52C) and use within 4 weeks.

GMO Status

This product is produced or derived from ingredients supplied from non-GM sources. This is verified by our
suppliers' statements and IP certificates where applicable.

In order to address the concerns of the consumer and to ensure compliance with the legislation, McCormick have
in place a number of control measures and procedures designed to check that herbs and spices have not been
irradiated. Purchasing specifications stipulate that irradiated herbs and spices are not acceptable, and this is
checked during supplier audits at origin and processing plants.

Analytical Results
Chemical & Physical Standards
Parameter Unit Limit Test Method
pH 5 - 5,6 pHmeter
Brix 32 - 36 Refractometer
Viscosity 3500 - 6500 Brook field RVT
Aw 0.85-0.90 Water activity meter
PESTICIDS In compliance with the European regulation.

Microbiological Standards

Parameter Unit Maximum Test Method

Aerobes, mesophilic germs cfu/g <103 BAM (2001) chapter 3
Coliforms /50g <3MPN BAM (2002) chapter 4
Escherichia coli cfu/g Not detected BAM (2002) chapter 4
Yeast cfu/g <10 BAM (2001) chapter 1
Mould cfu/g <10 BAM (2001) chapter 18
Salmonella cfu/125 g Not detected T-M-SA2
Coagulase-positive staphylococci cfu/g <3 MPN T-M-SC1
Clostridium perfringens in 0.1g /0,1g Not detected T-M-CP1
pH < 0.3
Stability test (routine method)
Microscopic Observation at
37C for 7 days
variation pH >0.3 & 0.5 NF V08-408 (1997)
55c for 7 days
and lot refused for pH
room temperature for 7 days
variation >0.5

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Spec Issue No: TK-SP-01 17/05/2011
Date of Issue:23/01/2012
Pack Size: 12 X 700ml
Packaging Information
Description Material
Bottle Glass (430g)
Primary Packaging Cap Metal (3.6g)
Safety seal PET
Barcode 5021047104563
Carton Corrugated paper (446.5g)
Secondary Partition Corrugated paper (90g)

Barcode 05021047204560
Pallet Wood
Pallet wrap Plastic (PE)
Tertiary Packaging

Units / Case: 12

Gross Weight
(length x width x height)
Case 335 X 240 X 300 mm 15.7Kg

Compliance and Authorisation

We confirm that all McCormick Europe's products comply with the General Food Law Regulation (EC) 178/2002
and follow all the relevant EU and national legislation where applicable.
In addition, all our products meet the quality standards as required by the appropriate legislation and stipulated by the
McCormick European Quality and Food Safety Group.

The above questions have been answered accurately and truthfully



POSITION: Tehcnical services coordinator
DATE: 23 January 2012

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Spec Issue No: TK-SP-01 17/05/2011
Date of Issue:23/01/2012