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1.7 Quality Management

The Subcontractor shall maintain an effective program for quality assurance and quality control, planned
with all manufacturing functions necessary to meet the requirements of the contract. The requirements

North American, Japanese and recognized Certifying Authority-approved steel mill. In other cases a 3.2
certification is to be supplied.
Type V, VI : EN 10204 / 3.1.
Steel for non-load bearing structures such as angle bars, cable ladders, cable strips, etc. shall be at least
supplied with EN 10204 / 2.2 certification.
Verified true copies of original stamped certifications shall be supplied for all materials.

2.4 Traceability
The Subcontractor shall ensure that transfer of marking to the materials is strictly controlled so that any
material can be easily identified and kept traceable to the material certificates. Marking shall be done by
means of hard stamping, stencilling or permanent markers.
Transfer of marking of materials with EN 10204 2.2 certification is not mandatory.

Dengan ini inilah percobaan membuat tulisan yang ala kadarnya

All consumables shall comply with one of the following codes, or an approved

shall be met by the establishment and implementation of procedures which shall ensure that acceptable
product is delivered to Contractor. The program shall ensure that quality requirements are determined
prior to commencement of manufacture and subsequently satisfied throughout the phase of production
and delivery.
Subcontractor quality systems and quality control procedures shall be in accordance with ISO 9001 or an
approved equivalent and shall be submitted for the review and approval of Contractor

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1.6 Conflicting requirements

Deviations from or additions to this specification and pertaining documents are not allowed unless
instructed or agreed in writing by Contractor. In case of contradicting requirements or omissions the
Subcontractor shall obtain a written ruling from Contractor before proceeding with the work affected.
As a general rule, the requirements of relevant codes, standards, specifications, laws and governmental
regulations and the regulations of the appointed Certifying Authority, if applicable shall be adhered to.
However, if these are less stringent than the requirements of this specification, this specification shall be
adhered to. Where the requirements of either the codes, standards, specifications, governmental laws or
the Certifying Authorities are more stringent than the requirements of this specification, the Subcontractor
shall adhere to these and inform Contractor accordingly.
Subcontractor shall submit an ITP which chronologically lists all relevant aspects covering the full scope
with related requirements (but not limited to) inspections, acceptance criteria, responsibilities and
verifying documents. For each relevant activity Subcontractor shall incorporate the kind of verification by
allocating Hold, Witness, Monitoring or Review points for approval by Contractor and if applicable, the
Certifying Authority. Contractor considers the ITP as an essential document.
Subcontractor shall inform Contractor two (2) working days prior to the commencement of any work.
Subcontractor shall report progress on a weekly basis or as directed in the contract.

Condition of Supplied Steel

Each structural Each structural member shall be inspected to determine extent of any corrosion or other
mechanical damage (e.g. pitting, dents, straightness, etc.) which would impair structural integrity.
Unacceptable materials shall be removed from the work site.
2.3 Certification of Steel
Material received without certification shall not be used in fabrication and kept in quarantine until
material certificates are received and controlled against the requirements described in Chapter 2.0 of this
specification and the Contractors Structural Material Specification.
Structural steel shall be delivered with following types of certificates:
Type X, XI, I, Ia, II, IIa, III, IV : EN 10204 / 3.1 applies if materials are supplied by West European,
2.5 Welding Consumables
1.5 Performance

The welding consumables used in fabrication shall be approved by classification standards and selected to
produce welds with mechanical properties equivalent to those required for the base metal and shall be
subject to approval by Contractor prior to use.
Welding consumables for the work shall be supplied with an EN 10204 2.2 certificate as a minimum.
Except for solid wires, all consumables shall be classified as low hydrogen type. Low hydrogen
consumables are defined as those that produce deposit weld metal with no more than 5ml/100g diffusible
hydrogen. For self-shielded flux cored wire, hydrogen content of no more than 8ml/100g weld metal may
be accepted.

Subcontractor shall designate a competent representative familiar with all phases of fabrication and
administration to which Contractor may communicate at all times.
Subcontractor shall designate during the work, at all times, competent supervision (e.g. foreman,
construction manager) experienced in structural steelwork.
Subcontractor shall employ only skilled and qualified craftsmen to perform all aspects of the work
including NDT and inspection.