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Presented at

Cloud Computing and Virtualization workshop,

16th July, 2010 NITK, Surathkal

Cloud Applications:
What are they? How to build one.
Ravindra Dastikop
SDMCET, Dharwad
Cloud Computing : Meaning
Cloud Computing Classifications

All cloud computing offerings can classified into THREE types

Platforms- environment for running application and

maintaining them- GAE (small) and Salesforce (larger)

Infrastructure- servers/network equipments, software-

example is Amazon's Simple Storage service (s3

Applications- delivery of software as a service - example -

Agenda for Presentation

What is a Cloud Application?

Cloud resources for cloud application developers
Cloud application examples
General examples
Cloud applications (that we have built)
Q & A session
Desktop to Cloud Application:
An evolution

What is cloud Application ?

Rich and Responsive (PC era)
Remote and Slow (web era)
Rich, remote and responsive (now)

Picture credit: http://wiki.sproutcore.com

Goal of Cloud Applications

Cloud application represents the state of art in

application development
They try to combine best of both worlds -
richness of desktop with
remoteness of web applications

Related terms: RIA (Rich Internet applications)

( Reference: T S Mohan, Infosys "can we make

enterprise application as appealing as consumer web
CloudApp :
A Simple Example

CloudApp allows you to share as well as save files

easily on the web. It works well for links, images,
video and music. Check out how the entire thing
Select a file
Drag the file to the menu bar

Cloud Computing
What is available for developers
Cloud Application Building Resources

Open source
AJAX- real time collaboration
GAE- Google Application Engine
PHP It provides web developers with a full suite of tools for
building dynamic websites
Python: integrate your systems more effectively
GWT- Google Web Tool Kit , GWT Demo
API - Royal route resources Google API,

AWS - Amazon Web services
Microsoft Azure
A simple Cloud application

My Maps Locator

developed using Google Map API

Challenge is customizing it for Mobile

Working of GAE : example

Working of GAE
Cloud LMS

Learning Management system using Cloud

Cloud applications using Open sources

Cloud Teaching System

Google Application Engine(GAE)

(Our Final Year Project)

A Placed and Happy Student

An Open source cloud application

CloudCourse is a course scheduling system. It is built on


Cloud Application Using Open Source

Social site aggregator


( A Final Year Project )

Cloud Applications using Open Source


Procures Facebook users data and Plots on Google

Uses Flex, Google Maps API, Facebook API

Final Year Project

A Happy Student
Building cloud applications- Using
MS Azure ( proprietary)

Microsoft Azure provides resources build cloud


Cloud applications building

Use SQL Azure to build a
cloud application with data

Application Demand: SaaS

application on demand

Not every MSP can leverage the Google Apps Marketplace,

and not every solutions provider has cloud applications ready to
go. Enter AppsOnCommand, a new white label solution that
lets you host any application and deliver it as software as a
service (SaaS).

According to AppsOnCommand’s website, they can host any

Windows application — among the examples given are
Microsoft Office and Quickbooks — and make it accessible to a
client through a “generic” website branded with your logo. You
handle billing; they handle backups, monitoring, and
Cloud Applications:
Entrepreneurial Opportunities
Makara:Upload u r application to cloud

Deploy JBoss & LAMP apps on the Cloud

Easy deployment, unparalleled visibility, simple management,
monitoring and control

Cloud Application Startup gets funding

Okta, a startup helping companies manage applications

running on cloud infrastructure, recently announced that it has
raised $10 million in a first round of venture funding here
Ubuntu on cloud

Welcome to the cloud for users, where the speed of Ubuntu

and the ease of cloud applications unite. You can now speed
up your netbook, connect to the world using 3G modems, or
make calls using Skype with Ubuntu. You can even change
your desktop altogether without having to worry about netbook
screen real estate. Now, you will never have to worry about the
lack of documentation for your netbook again.

Ubuntu on cloud
Scope of Cloud applications

Scope of cloud applications

If you are an entrepreneur and are still thinking about what business to start, a cloud-
computing firm may be a great idea.

Consider these numbers to see what lies ahead for those that enter this industry:
$148.8 billion in revenue for the cloud service industry in the next four years
$650 million for the SaaS (Software as a Service) industry in another five years
$434 million for Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) in
the same time frame as above
Cloud Computing : Industrial

Cloud Computing Training: A One-day Crash Course on Cloud

Computing for Business and IT Professionals

Cloud application represent a new opportunity and

challenge for developers
Cloud offers a range of resources for developers.
Additional Information
Cloud Computing Blog

This is run for my students; You are

all invited to join the group
Questions to ask before going
cloud way
Create u r own greeting : The Cloud

Greeting Card
Cloud applications- Research
ACM References
Cloud application lists

Cloud application List

Cloud Computing and IBM

Cloud computing and IBM

Cloud Application exercise

Cloud Application Architecture and Hands-on Exercises:

Designing applications for the cloud; Deploying a single-tier
application to the cloud; Creating a multi-tier cloud-based
application; Creating a loosely-coupled, scalable cloud
application; System management in cloud environments. All
modules accompanied by hands-on exercises to illustrate and
reinforce course material.

Cloud application Platform

DreamFace 3.0 Cloud Application Development Platform will

provide a comprehensive toolset to build, use, and distribute web
sites, dashboards, mashups, and enterprise applications in the cloud.

The DreamFace Platform-as-a-Service Solution on the OpSource

Cloud provides the first multi-tenant solution for all layers of the
Cloud Computing: Other Views

Cloud computing View

IBM Resources

cloud application with data access

Best Cloud Applications
Cloud application architectures

Cloud computing architectures

School in the Cloud

A Schools needed a consistent and integrated technology

environment to support learning objectives and enable its more
than 10,000 students to be technology proficient upon
graduation. With 27 educational facilities to manage, ensuring
its systems were loaded with the latest educational software—
and capable of running the software—was challenging. And it
became more so when its funds were reduced by 80 percent

Cloud is the Answer .

Presented at
One day workshop on,
e-content standards
24th July, 2010 C-DAC, Hyderabad

Instructional Design Principles:

Experiences in a real-world Teaching
Ravindra Dastikop
SDMCET, Dharwad