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Vande Mataram
must in TN schools
Chennai (PTI): The Madras
High Court made singing of


the national song Vande
Mataram mandatory in
schools across Tamil Nadu, at
least twice a week. Private
and government schools in
the state should ensure that
their students sing the na-
tional song at least twice a Army Vice Chief wants govt to pay greater attention to security
week preferably on Monday
and Friday, Justice M V Mu- New Delhi (IANS): China is bound
ralidharan said in the order. to be a threat to India in the years
Noting that the song can also to come, Indian Army's Vice Chief
be played in other govern- Sarath Chand said on Tuesday as
ment and private establish- a stand-o between Indian and
ments at least once in a Chinese troops continues along
month, the judge said, "If the border in the Sikkim sector.
people feel it is difficult to Addressing a joint seminar of the
sing the song in Bengali or in Army's Master General Ordnance
Sanskrit, steps can be taken and Confederation of Indian In-
to translate the song in dustry, Lt Gen Chand also slammed Army's Vice Chief Sarath Chand
Tamil." S P10 Pakistan for shelling a school. Re-
ferring to China, he said: "On the that China was racing with the US tional Peace Research Institute 2016, an increase of 5.4 per cent.
North, we have China which has a in militarisation. "As the second (SIPRI), the US remains world's India was fth largest military
AG weak on large landmass, huge resources and largest economy in the world, it is largest spender on defence reg- spender in the world in 2016 at
Hillary crimes a large standing army.... Despite racing to catch up with the US," istering a growth of 1.7 per cent $55.9 billion, with its military ex-
having the Himalayas between us, he said. between 2015 and 2016 to $611 penditure growing around 8.5 per
Washington (AP): President
Newly elected President Ram Nath Kovind and his predecessor Pranab China is bound to be a threat for us According to latest gures re- billion while China is second on cent from the previous year.
Donald Trump
Mukherjee exchanging chairs after the former took oath, at a special in the years ahead." He also said leased by Stockholm Interna- the list spending $215 billion in Connued on P6
has spoken
ceremony in the Central Hall of Parliament in New Delhi on Tuesday
with advisers
about firing
Nifty climbs
Attorney Gen-
eral Jeff Ses-
sions, officials
Kovind takes over as Prez Pichai on Alphabet
board of directors Mount 10K,
New Delhi: Ram Nath Kovind, a
say, and launched a fresh
Twitter tirade on Tuesday
lawyer-turned- politician, on MAKES TWITTER DEBUT San Francisco: Alphabet Inc., but retreats
against the man who was the
first US senator to endorse
Tuesday took over as India's 14th
President in a grand ceremony,
and emphasised that diversity is
P resident Kovind rakes in
3.27 million Twitter follow-
ers on day 1. Minutes before be-
the parent company of Google,
has appointed Indian-born
Google CEO Sundar Pichai to
Sensex off fresh life
his candidacy. S P12
high on profit booking
the key to India's success. "Our coming President, Kovind on its board of directors. "Sundar
diversity is the core that makes us Tuesday wrote his rst tweet. has been doing a great job as Mumbai (Agencies): After
so unique. In this country, we nd Interestingly, his fresh Twitter Google's CEO, driving strong months of anticipation, the key
a mix of states and regions, reli- account has already garnered growth, partnerships and Indian equity index - NSE Nifty
gions, languages, cultures, lifesty- over three million followers tremendous product innova- 50 - climbed the 10,000-point-
les and much more. We are so dif- within an hour. tion. I really enjoy working mark on Tuesday for the rst
ferent and yet so similar and with him and I'm excited that time in its almost 22-year his-
united," he said in his acceptance The 71-year-old is the rst BJP he is joining the Alphabet tory. However, the index, which
speech after taking oath of oce leader and the second Dalit in the board," said Larry Page, CEO was formed in November 1995,
in the Central Hall of Parliament. Rashtrapati Bhavan. of Alphabet, in a statement. SANIA ACES DANCING SKILLS was dragged lower from its peak
by prot booking and expensive
valuations. The index breached
Charmee gets ON PADAYATRA FROM NALLAMALA T ennis icon and Brand Ambassador of Telangana State,
Sania Mirza, shakes a leg along with Bollywood actress
the 10,000 mark during the day's
early trade session at 9.15 am and
partial relief
Tiger spotted in
Neha Dhupia prior to the commencement of an exclusive WTA hit an all-time high of 10,011.30
Future Stars clinic at Sania Mirza Tennis Academy (SMTA) in points, led by stronger-than-ex-
from HC Hyderabad on Tuesday. Melissa Pine, Vice-President of WTA
Asia-Pacific and Tournament Director of the WTA Finals was
pected earnings by blue-chips
and continuous buying by for-

Hyderabad: Film actress

Seshachalam forest also present on the occasion. S P16 Photo: Ch Prabhu Das eign funds and domestic institu-
tions. Connued on P6

Charmee Kaur M SATHYA PETER Renowned scientist Dr Tulasi

got partial relief
from the High
Court at Hyder-
Atmakuru: After a long gap of
over six decades, tiger is spotted
Rao described tiger making its
habitat in the red sanders forests
spread across Kurnool, Kadapa
Venkatagiri saree on verge of extinction
abad on Tues- in Tirumala Seshachalam Hills and Chittoor districts as a wel-
day in the form migrating from the Nagarjuna come measure. S 70 pc weavers switched
of several safeguards while be- Sagar-Srisailam Tiger Reserve With the shrinking of habitat, over to other jobs
ing questioned by the Special area, says Phani Kumar, Wildlife genetic defects were found among
Investigation Team (SIT) Forest Divisional Ocer at Tiru- the tigers. However, the problem
S Even GI status to
formed to investigate into the mala citing camera footage as ev- could be solved as the tigers trav- the saree failed to
drugs scandal that has rocked idence. elled 400 km to reach the Se- boost sales
Telugu lm industry. The Court On the directions of the Na- shachalam Hills. It would pave
directed the investigating au- tional Tiger Conservation Au- the way for evolution of a stronger PV PRASAD
thorities to not collect hair, thority, Andhra Pradesh Princi- lineage among the big cats.
blood and nail samples of pal Chief Conservator of Forests It may be pertinent to note Nellore: Popular Venkatagiri
Charmee without her consent. (PCCF) expanded tiger corridor that in 2016 The Hans India weavers who could craft a saree weavers who have been hit with 70 pc people migrating to other
Justice A Rajasekhar Reddy gave in Nallamala forest area identi- broke the story of Tigers enter- that can t in a small matchbox the demonetisation and subse- livelihood activities in the re-
this direction while hearing the fying 3.34 lakh hectares. ing the Seshachalam Hills. The are now either labourers in fac- quent new taxation system cent past, the GST turned out to
petition moved by the actress The then divisional forest o- fact was confirmed by the For- tories or working as daily wagers. GST -- are in fears that they be a severe blow for the tradi-
seeking a direction to the Telan- cer Diwan Moiddeen conrmed est department nearly two As the age-old traditional hand- would have to abandon the pro- tional weavers of handmade
gana Excise Enforcement De- migration of a tiger from the Na- years later. weaving activity is failing to pro- fession owing to fresh diculties products with 5 pc tax on the
partment to not compel her for garjuna Sagar-Srisailam Tiger Seshachalam Hills is home to vide them of livelihood, the poor and the nancial crunch due to finished goods which found to
giving testimony to the SIT and Reserve to Lanka Malleswara leopards but not for the tigers. artisans have to migrate to other drop in sales. be a burden on the customers
to not collect hair, blood and nail Wildlife Sanctuary, which is The tiger was spotted here for petty jobs due to poor support Even as weaving community who finally started showing dis-
samples of her without her con- home to the Jerdons Courser the rst time in 1955. from the government. in Venkatagiri has been wit- interest on the products.
sent. Connued on P6 also known as Kalivi Kodi. Connued on P6 Even last of the Venkatagiri nessing a significant change of Connued on P6


Ayana: Dakshinayana

Ritu: Varsha
Masa: Shravana
Paksha: Shukla

Tidhi: Tritiiya
Nakshatra: P.Phalguni
Durmuhurtham: 11.56 am to
Rapid Action Force has
12.48 pm
reached the sensitive
spots and the police have Raahukaalam: 12.22 pm to
taken all measures to 01.59 pm
prevent any disturbance Varjyam: 12.42 pm to 02.16 pm
to law and order DGP

N Sambasiva
DGP advised Kapu and Rao

Dalit youth against addressing NAMAAZ TIMINGS

violating Sec 30 and Sec the media in Fajr Zohar Asr Maghrib Isha

144 and warned them of Vijayawada 4.35 12:23 4:53 6:52 8:10
am pm pm pm pm
severe consequences, on Tuesday
if they blindly follow
leaders who gave calls over cases against leaders were warned them of severe conse- INDICES
Policemen on duty at Kirlampudi village in East Godavari district on Tuesday in view of Kapu leader for agitation better than damage to property quences, if they blindly follow Sensex: 32,228.27

Mudragada Padmanabhams proposed padayatra on Wednesday worth Rs 70 crore by the agita- leaders who gave call for agita- NIFTY: 9,964.55 1.85
OUR BUREAU tors last year during similar tion. The police would not tol- Gold (10g): 29,510

Police keen to foil the stopping the proposed padaya- the community under house ar- protest which turned into arson, erate anti-social elements who Silver (Kg): 38,900

tra, the police department has rest as a precautionary measure. Vijayawada: AP DGP Sambasiva he added. raise their head during these
Kapu leaders padayatra (Source: NVS)
swung into action and slapped They already imposed section Rao on Tuesday said that Kapu Referring to Supreme Court protests. Last time, they
Kapu leaders say the bindover cases, blocked roads 144 and section 30 of Police Act leader Mudragada Padmanab- guidelines of 2009, the DGP said snatched weapon from CI and it WEATHER
padayatra will go leading to Kirlampudi, besides to prevent any untoward inci- ham had not taken any permis- that for all such rallies and pro- was not recovered so far, he said.
as per schedule keeping a strict vigil through dents. sion from the police to organise cessions the organisers must He made it clear that the police
drone and CCTV cameras. Quaint town of Kirlampudi padayatra to Amaravati sched- take permission of DGP as the were not against any particular
OUR BUREAU They are also conducting was turned into a fortress. Police uled to start at Kirlampudi on padayatra covers East Go- leader. (Source: in.weather.com)

beats in all important areas in took control of entire village and Wednesday. davari, West Godavari, Krishna Responding to queries of re-
Rajamahendravaram: There is the district. As many as 4,000 are checking every vehicle pass- Addressing a press conference district before entering into porters, he said Rapid Action
growing tension among Kapu
community as well as people in
policemen were deployed in Kir-
lampudi, Ravulapalem, Amala-
ing through the village. Entry
into the village, let alone Mu-
here, the state police chief ad-
vised the youth against falling
Guntur district. The police were
well prepared to face agitation
Force reached the problematic
places and the police had taken
VH detained
the Godavari region with barely
hours to Kapu leader Mudra-
puram and other parts of the
district to prevent the support-
drtagadas house has turned into
a daunting task.
prey to calls given by leaders and
spoiling their careers and future.
of laying siege to police stations
that coincides with the Mudra-
all measures to avoid any distur-
bance to law and order. The ban-
in Vijayawada
gada Padmanabhams Chavo ers of Mudragada Padmanab- Meanwhile, Kapu leaders are He warned agitators about ling gada padayatra. He advised dobast at Amaravati was similar Vijayawada: Amidst growing
Revo Chalo Amaravati padaya- ham reaching Kirlampudi. saying that padyatra will be con- criminal cases if they indulge in Kapu and Dalit youth against vi- to that of bandobast at Kirlam- tensions in Godavari districts
tra on Wednesday Police have placed Kapu tinue as per plan, despite hur- any acts of violence. He said bind olating Sec 30 and Sec 144. He pudi, he said. over Mudragadas padayatra,
With government hell bent on youth and important leaders of dles from police. senior Congress leader and for-
mer MP V Hanumantha Rao
was forcibly shifted from East

Anti-social elements ready for Kapu Corpn head accuses Godavari to Vijayawada and
been detained in a private hotel
since Monday night.
V Hanumantha Rao was de-

unrest during padayatra: Min Jagan of caste politics tained by the police in Rajama-
hendravaram and later he was
taken to Kovvur, Eluru and -
OUR BUREAU forces were deployed to protect gada to withdraw his padayatra nally to Vijayawada late on
law and order in the State. and not to be instrumental for Says Chief Minister Kapu community. With this, all Monday night.
Amaravati: Municipal Adminis- Addressing a press conference branding Kapus as anti-social el- N Chandrababu Naidu Kapu people are behind the Tel- Hanumantha Rao, who has
tration P Narayana and Home at Secretariat, Narayana said gov- ements. The government will do after taking charge has ugu Desam Party. Seeing the pop- been strongly demanding for
Minister N Chinarajappa came ernment has intelligence reports justice to Kapu community soon established a Corporation ularity of Chief Minister N Chan- the Kapu reservation, stayed
down heavily on Kapu leader Mu- that anti-social elements were by including them in BC cate- drababu Naidu among the Kapu inside in a hotel room and made
for the development of
dragada Padmanabham who is set ready to create law and order gory he said. community, the opposition it clear he would not go to Hy-
to launch a padayatra from problem in the State during the He also said that the State gov- Kapus leader Jaganmohan Reddy has derabad. When police tried to
Wednesday . Padayatra of Mudragada Pad- ernment has no powers to direct About 80,000 Kapus have started caste politics for his shift him to Hyderabad, he
In an informal chat with re- manabham. Justice Manjunatha Commission been provided loans on mileage. Jagan dreams of com- made it clear that he would
porters at Secretariat, Chinara- Narayana said the government to submit its report at the earliest subsidy last year. This ing to power. However, the Chief commit suicide by jumping
jappa said the padayatra was part was taking all measures to pre- on Kapu reservation. Narayana year about 64,000 Kapus Minister Chandrababu Naidu from the third oor of the hotel.
of conspiracy to create distur- vent disturbances in the guise of said the padayatra proposed by has given priority to the Kapu He alleged that the police mis-
will get the loans
bances in the state. He said Mu- padayatra as per inputs from in- Kapu leader Mudragada Padman- community. Seeing this, Jagan is behaved with him.
dragada was part of political telligence wing and police were abham may lead to law and order The government has vexed that he wont come to If the police forcibly try to
drama of Opposition leader Y S delivering their duties to protect problem in the State. sanctioned Rs 10 lakh power in the next elections and send me to Hyderabad, I will
Jagan Mohan Reddy. Both Jagan peace in the State. Anti social el- The Commission will take Chalamalasetty Ramanujaya through Kapu Corporation hence is trying to widen the dis- commit suicide by jumping
and Mudragada are responsible ements are ready to create turbu- sucient time to prepare the re- to 400 Kapu youth for tance between the government from the third oor of the hotel
for creating caste conicts in the lence same as incidents in Tuni of port. We are expecting the report OUR BUREAU studies abroad and Kapu community. room, said angry Hanumantha
State. YSRCP is behind Mudra- East Godavari in the past he said. will be submitted soon he said. He also alleged that Jagan is Rao and added that he was nei-
gada but not Kapu community He asked Mudragada that why There is no point in doubting Eluru: Andhra Pradesh Kapu
programme provoking Kapu Leader Mudra- ther a terrorist nor am anti-so-
he said. he was not waiting for just few the government. The govern- Corporation Chairman Chala- of Kapus. About 80,000 Kapus gada Padmanabham. He alleged cial element.
He said state government will months more on governments ment will send the commissions malasetty Ramanujaya alleged have been provided loans on sub- that Mudragada Padmanabham I have no intent to go Kir-
take stern action if any to resort decision on Kapu reservations de- report to Parliament immedi- that the YSRCP leader YS Jagan- sidy last year. This year about for his political mileage is send- lampudi to join padayatra. I will
padayatra without prior permis- spite waiting for 35 years for ately after the commission sub- mohan Reddy is playing caste 64,000 Kapus will get the loans. ing wrong signals to the Kapu stay a hotel in Vijayawada as
sion from government and police reservations. I request Mudra- mits it he said. politics for political mileage. He He pointed out that the Govern- people. The Government has long as I wish, he commented.
questioned Kapu leader Mudra- ment has sanctioned Rs.10 lakhs prepared plan to provide reser- Coming down heavily on the
gada Padmanabham for taking through Kapu Corporation to vations to Kapu community, why Chief Minister Nara Chan-
KAPU QUOTA up the padayatra when the plan
was to include the Kapus in the
400 Kapu youth for studies
abroad programme. A plan has
Mudragada is taking up the pa-
dayatra, he queried.
drababu Naidu, he alleged that
TDP government failed to full
BC list as part of the TDP elec- been prepared to construct Kapu Eluru MLA Badeti Kota Rama pre-poll promises.
Govt seeks early report tion manifesto.
He addressed a media confer-
ence here at ZP Guest house on
buildings in six districts in the
state with a cost of Rs.5 lakh each
in two-acre site.
Rao, AP Handicrafts Corporation
Chairman Pali Prasad, All India
Kapu Samakhya State Vice Pres-
He said that Kapus are not
asking for the funds but de-
manding reservations as prom-

from BC Commission Tuesday, said that the Chief Min-

ister Chandrababu Naidu after
taking charge has established a
The Kapu Corporation Chair-
man has said that the Chief Min-
ister Chandrababu Naidu is striv-
ident K Lakshmi Pati, Krishna
District Kapu leaders association
President Adapa Malavika par-
ised by Chandrababu Naidu be-
fore the elections. Meanwhile,
nearly dozen policemen were
Amaravati: State government, which is solved to request the commission to Corporation for the development ing hard for the development of ticipated in the meeting. posted at the hotel.
facing the heat of Padayatra by Kapu submit its report at the earliest.
leader Mudragada Padmanabham, The secretary to BC Welfare depart-
wrote a letter to AP Commission for ment also mentioned that the advice of PEACE INITIATIVES SUCCEED
Backwardclassestosubmititsreportas theAPcommissionforbackwardclasses

Ministers resolve issue at Garagaparru

early as possible for the inclusion of shouldalsocoverthepercentageofsuch
Kapu, Balija, Telaga and Ontari castes reservations to suggest separate group
in backward classes just a day before to inwhichthecommunitiesshouldbein-
start the padayatra. cluded and the economic criteria to be
In a statement released here on applied for the entitlement of benets. Spread over two days, Parishad Oce in Palakoderu.
Tuesday, the state government said Member secretary, AP commission the ministerial team met The team has agreed to the main
that it was committed to welfare of forbackwardclassesmentionedthatthe with both groups the demand of Dr BR Ambedkars
Kapu community and inclusion of commission will examine all the data affected Dalits and the statue reinstallation in the vil-
Kapu, Balija, Telaga and Ontari castes and submit its recommendations to the lage, providing work to the Dal-
in backward classes. government as early as possible the
upper caste its and giving the lands for cul-
Thecouncilofministershavealsore- press release said. representatives tivation on lease to the tenancy
The upper caste team farmers without prejudice to the
agrees for reinstallation ownership right of the owner.
of the statue of Dr B R They assured the Dalits of in-
Ambedkar in the village stalling the Ambedkar statue on
the Tank Bund in the village.
Promises to provide The SC Corporation Chair-
work for the Dalits man Jupudi Prabhakar Ro as-
and work unitedly for sured that the problem be-
the development of tween the two groups was
the village solved and a Government Eng-
lish Medium school will be set
OUR BUREAU up in Dalit peta of the village
and CC Roads and drainage sys-
Eluru: The ministers team of tem will also be constructed. He
Andhra Pradesh cabinet has, at assured of houses to the eligible
last, achieved their goal, by solv- Garagaparru Dalits and upper caste people shaking hands before Ministers Nakka Ananda Babu houseless poor Dalits in the vil-
ing the problem of social boy- and Pithani Satyanarayana at Palakoderu MPP oce in West Godavari district on Tuesday lage. Besides, the Government
cott in Garagaparru village of will construct an Ambedkar
Palakoderu mandal on Tues- 800 families consisting of 1,400 of social boycott. The police ar- Dalits, who did not have work, Bhavan in the village.
day. The ministers team visited Dalits were boycotted by upper- rested three upper caste people the Ministers team was de- The team consisting of Min-
Garagaparru on Tuesday for the caste people since April last of the village. Later the accused ployed by Chief Minister N ister Nakka Ananda Babu, Pi-
second time. week. It was exposed after two got bail during the rst week of Chandrababu Naidu. Last night thani Satyanarayana, KS Jawa-
The Ministers Nakka Anand- months by media. Several Dalit July. The main witness Yacob the team met Dalits and upper- har, SC Corporation Chairman
ababu, Pithani Satyanarayana, organisations and parties vis- was killed in a road accident af- caste people separately. During Jupudi Prabhakar Rao, Undi
KS Jawahar and SC Corpora- ited the village and assured the ter the release of the accused. their talks, both parties agreed MLA Vetukuri Sivaramaraju
tion Chairman Jupudi Prab- Dalits of all assistance. They The SC ST cell DSP led a to work unitedly for the devel- convinced both parties to be
hakar Rao started discussions had also agitated in favour of chargesheet against the three opment of the village. united for the development of
with both parties in the village the Dalits. In the process, the accused recently and submitted On Tuesday, the Ministers the village. Dalits and upper-
in the morning. government directed ocials to in the court. team conducted meeting with caste people shook hands after
It may be recalled that about book cases against the accused Following the problem of the both the parties at Mandal the meeting.
C PRADEEP equipment or staff to treat car-
S Hospital diology patients, and the govern-
Vijayawada: The life saving car- has no ment was encouraging private
diology department at Govern- adequate hospitals with various schemes Rahamat Basha receiving gold medal at Faridabad
ment General Hospital in Vi- sta and like NTR Vaidya Seva and NTR
jayawada (GGH) is in a pathetic
condition with no proper staff
and equipment. Patients from
to treat
Arogya Mitra spending huge
money. If a little portion of that
money was spent, the GGHV
various parts of Vijayawada and
suburban areas visiting the GGH
are disappointed due to lack of S
would get a latest Catheterisa-
tion Laboratory (Cath Lab) for
treating the poor.
equipment for tests and treat- paents Gouse Moinuddin, an atten- OUR BUREAU champion. He has no guidance where more than 500 players
ment. dant to a cardiac patient, said the about how to prepare for it and from across the country took
Patients coming with heart re-
referred to poor were not getting proper Chirala: From humble beginning no money to support him during part.
lated complaints to GGH would Guntur treatment at GGH as claimed by to dizzying heights, a tailor from tournaments, but friends helped After winning the gold medal,
undergo ECG and echo tests as General the government that all meas- Chirala became the national him to realise his dream. Rahamat Basha told The Hans
there was no equipment for Hospital for ures were taken to treat the pa- taekwondo champion. His friends oered monetary India, Though I became a tailor
other investigations and the pa- further tests tients visiting the government Shaik Rahamat Bashas father help to attend the Sixth Open Na- to share the responsibility of the
tients would be advised to get hospitals. is a tailor and to lend a helping tional Taekwondo Champi- family, I didnt stop practising.
further treatment at Guntur He further said maintenance hand to the latter, he, too, started onship-2017 held in Faridabad of Rashid and Salavuddin coached
General Hospital which has bet- vate hospitals for treatment general ward. Narasimha Rao of of hygiene in the hospital prem- tailoring to support his family. Haryana, between July 21 and 23, me well and their tips helped me
ter facilities for cardiac patients spending huge amount. Patients Krishnalanka in Vijayawada, a ises will not serve the purpose of Basha started practising taek- organised by the Defence Taek- in winning many matches. I owe
to perform cardiac surgeries. are waiting for complete cardiac relative of cardiology patient, treatment. wondo in 1996 in boys high wondo Academy, Association of a lot to them. But I do not want
The GGH lacked equipment department with Cath lab facil- said that they brought the pa- Cardiac patients must wait an- school, Chirala under the guid- Haryana Taekwondo and to stop here. I want to participate
like treadmill test, angiogram ity at the GGH soon. tient when he complained of other six months as the new su- ance of Rashid. Though Rashid Haryana Olympic Association. and win international tourna-
and cath lab. Due to lack of At present, the cardiology de- chest pain. He was examined per specialty hospital block to was shifted to Guntur, he contin- It was his rst tournament out- ments also, but my nancial sta-
proper technician at treadmill partment head Dr Adi Lakshmi and referred to Guntur General come up. Proposals have been ued practice and later followed side Andhra Pradesh. Due to the tus doesnt allow me for it. As I
equipment that test was not pro- along with assistant professors, Hospital (GGH) for further ex- made for setting up cardiac unit the tips of his senior and friend budgetary limitations, he trav- have proved myself now, I re-
vided at the GGH. senior residents and medical amination and treatment. with modern facilities and equip- Salavuddin. eled without any one to assist in quest the sports lovers and cor-
Poor patients with heart ail- staff have been treating about 25 For many years, the GGH in ment, said cardiology depart- Last week, he went to Haryana the bouts. But he won the hearts porate companies to believe in
ments were forced to go to pri- inpatients at both ICCU and Vijayawada, has no proper ment head Dr Adi Lakshmi. chasing his dreams and today re- of locals after each match and at me and come forward for spon-
turned to Chirala as a champion. the end he became the champion soring me in international tour-
Rahamat Basha wanted to be- of Open National Taekwondo naments and help me in waving

Meet demands ban on sale of liquor come a national taekwondo Championship tournament our tricolor ag with pride there.

OUR BUREAU Rare kidney

Vijayawada: Progressive Demo- transplantation
cratic Front (PDF) MLC Boddu
Nageswara Rao on Tuesday de- performed Woman, paramour held for murder
manded that the State govern-
ment must impose ban on liquor
successfully Vijayawada: The city police arrested a woman and her
sale and remove unauthorised OUR BUREAU paramour on charges of murder of her husband at Gan-
liquor shops in the state with im- navaram here on Tuesday. According to police, the accused
mediate eect. The MLA and var- Vijayawada: About 70 per T Ramadevi (28) and Y Rose Babu (24) had developed ex-
ious organisations representa- cent of people suering tramarital relationship and planned to kill the formers hus-
tives participated in the from blood pressure and band Toompati Govinda Raju (35), a resident of
round-table conference diabetes are prone to kid- Gannavaram. As per plan, on July 23, she accompanied
organised on Tues- ney related problems, said husband on his bike to Marlapalem railway gate and her
day by Anti Liquor The meeng Dr Sharath Babu. Address- paramour sprayed chilli powder and hit him on head with a
Movement Joint unanimously ing the media here on boulder. After killing Raju, they left the scene on the bike.
Action Commit- passed a resoluon Tuesday he disclosed The police recovered two cell phones, boulder used for
tee (JAC) at Press demanding the about the successful kid- murder and motorcycle.
Club on State gov- government impose a ney transplantation at Vi-
ernments liquor ban on liquor and jaya Hospital.
policy. The meet-
ing unanimously
remove belt shops MLC Boddu Nageswara Rao speaking at a round-table organised by Anti-Liquor
Joint Action Committee in Vijayawada On Tuesday
He said that B
Kanakadurga Rao (33)
Woman, 2 kids pin suicide pact
in the state
passed a resolution from Kakinada was suer- Guntur: A woman, along with two children, committed
demanding the govern- over liquor pol- the 2014 elections. He said the Anti-liquor JAC leaders P ing from chronic glomeru- suicide at SC Colony in Yadlapadu of Guntur district on
ment to impose ban on icy, he said Bihar, government made changes in Durgamba and Sridevi said the lonephritis and 95 per cent Tuesday. According to police, deceased K Bhulakshmi
liquor and remove belt shops in Tamil Nadu and others liquor policy and permitted one agitation against liquor would be of his kidney was damaged. (25), along with her daughter K Akhila (two), and son
the state. are restricting the selling of shop for each 30, 000 population intensied if the government With no other option left, K Ramu (four), jumped into an agriculture well and
Boddu Nageswara Rao said the liquor while the AP government instead of one shop for 50, 000 fails to impose ban. kidney transplantation committed suicide due to harassment of husband Subba
state should not think liquor as is treating liquor as main source population. They alleged that TDP govern- was advised. Rao. Bhulakshmi, who hailed from Chagantivaripalem
the main source of income to of income. He called up womens organi- ment had failed to implement His wife B Sandhya was village in Muppalla mandal, married K Subba Rao of
government and alleged that the With a result of womens agi- sations to continue their agita- election manifesto and given as- ready to donate her kidney. Yadlapadu five years ago. Two days ago, Subba Rao as-
Chief Minister N Chandrababu tations, the government is trying tion until the government impos- surances. Joint action committee After testing they found saulted Bhulakshmi, unable to bear his torture she re-
Naidu violated his given assur- to remove belt shops, he said and ing total ban on liquor. The state leader Padma, Tax Payers Asso- that her blood group did sorted to the extreme step.In a complaint lodged with
ance and extended liquor shops reminded that Naidu put his sig- government is not giving priority ciation leaders V Sambireddy, M not match as her blood police, Bhulakshmi's sister, Ramalingamma raised doubts
permits instead of banning them. nature on removal of belt shops to education, health but giving V Anjaneyulu and others partic- group was AB and her hus- over death of her sister and two children. DSP K
Expressing dissatisfaction while taking oath after winning top priority for liquor, he felt. ipated. band Kanakadurga Raos NageswaraRao rushed to the spot and enquired about the
blood group is O. incident. Yadlapadu Sub-Inspector T.Koteswara Rao said
Dr Sharath had earlier that they registered a case under the Section 304 (B) of
performed 99 successful IPC and took up investigation.

Kakinada CCS police nab three burglars

kidney transplantations
and with all his experience,
he performed 100 rare kid-
ney transplantation com-
ANU to ink MoU with China varsity
OUR BUREAU Kajuluru in East Godavari, Sheik identify the locked houses dur- said the three were arrested at bining both dierent blood Guntur: Zuighou University of China representatives on
Basha of Rajamahendravaram ing daytime and attempt thefts Kajuluru in East Godavari on groups AB and O through Tuesday visited the Acharya Nagarjuna University and
Kakinada: The Central Crime and Cheekatla Satish of in night hours. The trio in- July 24 at Sheik Azizs resi- AB-O incompatibility pro- extended invitation to enter into a MoU with the varsity
Station police on Tuesday ar- Kondagudem in Kavarapukota volved in several theft cases in dence. cedure successfully. in presence of Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu on
rested three interstate profes- mandal of West Godavari. Kakinada, Ongole, Machilipat- The SP complemented CCS He further stated that August 2 to extend cooperation in the field of science
sional burglars and recovered Disclosing the details of bur- nam, Rajamahendravaram, DSP A Pallapu Raju, sub inspec- apart from diabetic pa- and technology and research. The representatives of the
property worth Rs 20 lakh which glars who involved in more Visakhapatnam, Vijayawada, tors K V Rama Rao, G Harish tients with kidney prob- China visited various wings in the university and ex-
include jewellery, silver articles, than 27 offences, East Godavari Hyderabad, Tanuku, Tadepal- Kumar and other staff for tak- lems, it would occur pressed satisfaction over the facilities available in the
two wheelers and one LED TV. SP Vishal Gunni said the modus ligudem, Eluru, Dwaraka Tiru- ing up the initiative in arresting through hereditary and campus. They held negotiations with ANU Vice-Chancel-
The arrested were Sheik Aziz of operandi of these three is to mala and Narsapuram. The SP the trio. chronic glomerulonephri- lor Prof A Rajendra Prasad and Rector KRS Sambasiva
tis which leads to kidney Rao, Head of Department, International Studies Prof
failure. GVSR Anjaneyulu. Under the MoU, the Zuighou Univer-
Patients should always sity will provide necessary accommodation, facilities and
VG Bhooma takes over RIMS ONGOLE keep their sugar and BP free education to ANU students in China. Students and
levels under control to lead faculty exchange programmes will be useful to improve
charge as Guntur DRM
Guntur: Railway divisional
manager V G Bhooma said that
Hopes rekindle with MCI panel visit a better life, he added. quality of education. Zhang Zhao led the China team.

she will strive for the develop- OUR BUREAU

ment of Guntur railway division.
She took charge as new Guntur Ongole: The committee from
DRM on Sunday. Earlier, she Medical Council of India visited
worked in Mumbai, Kolkata and Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Medical
Chennai. Sciences in Ongole on Tuesday
as part of the inspection to award
permanent recognition to the
The RIMS, Ongole, established
in 2008 started academic activi-
ties from 2001 with a batch of 100
students per year. Since then the
college is getting temporary recog- RIMS Medical College in Ongole
nition every year to participate in
the admissions process. The in- temporary recognition by the lege are staging protests in front
spection committees from the MCI is about to end in a month of the hospital demanding perma-
MCI rejected permanent recogni- and their education for all the nent recognition for college.
tion to RIMS for three times. The years in RIMS will go waste if the However, as the MCI committee
last committee rejected the appli- college does not get the perma- is inspecting the college, the stu-
cation as the library has only 6,800 nent recognition by then. dents withdrew the protests from
books against required 7,000 The Hans India published an Tuesday. K Babji, Director of
books, for defunct fth X-ray unit, article, 600 RIMS medicos fate Medical Education for academics
and there is a window at one of the in balance on July 21 explaining said, We have rectied all issues
X-ray room. The hospital manage- the problems being faced by the regarding the permanent recog-
ment rectied the issues and sent students sans permanent recog- nition for the college. We are con-
a request for the revisit by com- nition for the college. The already dent that the college gets the
mittee, but there is no response passed out batch 2011 and present recognition this time and the stu-
from the MCI. The students are house surgeons from batch 2012 dents and their parents need not
worrying about their future as the along with their juniors in the col- worry about it.


State set to fire up thermal power plants discussions

with Rajnath
within 36 months. Since the OUR BUREAU
Chief Minister time limit for 720 MW plant in
Kothagudem expires by next New Delhi: Chief Minister K
KCR holds a year, measures should be initi- Chandrashekar Rao called on
ated to set up 800 MW new Union Home Minister Rajnath
review plant there. He clarified that no Singh in New Delhi on Tuesday.
matter, whatever may be the KCR, who is in the national
meeting in pressures, power projects con- capital, met Rajnath Singh in the
New Delhi; struction works would not be
given to private parties. In this
Parliament House after partici-
pating in the swearing-in cere-
urges BHEL context, the Chief Minister re-
minded that all the power gen-
mony of President Ram Nath
Kovind. He discussed various is-
to expedite erating projects and plants were sues pertaining to Telangana
handed over to Public Sector State with the Union Home
works on Undertakings and this policy Minister.
was being implemented with According to sources, KCR
thermal units commitment, dedication and to stressed on the need to increase
the letter and spirit. the number of Assembly con-
OUR BUREAU The Chief Minister expressed stituencies in Telangana State as
Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao holding a review meeting with BHEL ocials in New Delhi on Tuesday; Energy Minister Jagdish satisfaction that the PSUs like mandated in the Andhra
Hyderabad: Chief Minister Reddy is also seen the BHEL and Genco are living Pradesh Reorganisation Act. He
K Chandrashekar Rao on Tues- up to the expectations of the also requested the Union Home
day reiterated that Telangana construction of thermal power hakar Rao, Transco Executive resentative S Venugopalachary MW Bhadradri Thermal Power government in setting up these Minister to expedite the bifur-
State should become a power- plants to speed up the work. Director Ajay, Governments participated. Station (BTPS) in Manuguru plants and generating power. cation of various corporations.
surplus State by completing all The Chief Minister held a re- Chief Advisor Rajiv Sharma, The Chief Minister instructed should also be completed on a Since the PSUs are generating The Chief Minister was accom-
the proposed thermal power view meeting on thermal power Principal Secretary to the Chief that the 800 MW thermal power fast track. The Chief Minister power, it is ultimately good for panied by TRS MPs A P Jithen-
plants on a fast track. The Chief plants in the State in New Delhi Minister S Narsing Rao, MPs plant being constructed in wanted works to begin on 4000 the people and it is possible to der Reddy and B Vinod Kumar,
Minister wanted Bharat Heavy in which Energy Minister Gutha Sukhender Reddy, Yadadri Kothagudem district MW Yadadri Ultra Mega Power give concessions to farmers and Chief Advisor to TS Govt Dr Ra-
Electricals Limited (BHEL), Jagdish Reddy, BHEL Chairman Ajmera Sitaram Naik, P Srinivas should be completed at end of project at Damaracherla and the the poor, according to Chan- jiv Sharma, DGP Anurag Sharma
which took the responsibility of Atul Sobti, Genco CMD D Prab- Reddy and Governments Rep- the year. He also wanted 1080 project should be completed drashekar Rao. and other ocials.

Wanted: Vaccination against ocial apathy

V NAVEEN KUMAR fering from asthma, neuro-de- ernment was reluctant to pay
Swine flu vaccine procurement velopmental condition like cere- even Rs 400 for the vaccine
Hyderabad: The swine u vacci- bral palsy, epilepsy, strokes, when the government was dis-
nation programme, which was
to have begun for the high-risk
plan yet to take off mental illnesses, etc. should also
be given vaccine Senior citizens
tributing the KCR Kit worth Rs
2,000 and another Rs 12,000 to
group long ago, especially for above 65 years of age and chil- new mothers.
pregnant women, has failed to dren between six months to Regarding the components of
take o because of the failure on eight years of age too should be the seasonal inuenza the vac-
the part of the government to given vaccinated. cine, Dr Subbalakshmi said that
procure vaccine from private Meanwhile, the Joint Direc- ICMR recommended a trivalent
agencies. The Union Ministry of tor, Epidemics had sent a pro- Vaccine for the period, 2017-
Health and Family Welfare is- posal for procurement swine u 2018. The trivalent vaccine is
sued guidelines on procurement vaccine in view of the guidelines meant to protect people from
of vaccine in April this year. O- issued by Union Ministry of Michigan virus, Hong Kong
cial apathy is attributed to non- Health and Family Welfare to virus and Brisbane virus, she
procurement of vaccines to pro- State government. According to said. A representative of a vac-
tect people from A H1N1, H3N2 reports, higher ocials of cine company said they had been
and inuenza B, etc. Health Department rejected the selling the vaccine through the
According to a circular issued proposals for procuring vaccines doctors as they recommended it
by Union Ministry of Health and from private agencies on unrea- to the high-risk group, such as
Family Welfare, World Health sonable grounds. pregnant women and chroni-
Organisation (WHO) recom- Reacting on this rejection, Dr cally ill-patients. During this
mended vaccination for high- Subbalakshmi said they would season, the sales would further
risk groups. Vaccination is an months from inuenza. tive pulmonary disease, send one more proposal for pro- increase, he added.
important tool to prevent infec- However, WHO and Indian bronchial asthma, cardiovascu- curement vaccination as the ear- According to the swine u
The arrested three with the seized antique telescope tion and its dire consequences. Council of Medical Research lar diseases, cirrhosis, kidney ail- lier proposal had been rejected. bulletin issued by the State
Speaking to the media here on (ICMR) and other experts rec- ments, blood disorders, diabetes, A company, which sells each vac- Health Department from Janu-

Antique marine telescope Tuesday, Dr Subbalakshmi,

Joint Director, Epidemics, Di-
rectorate of Health, pointed out
ommended the vaccination to
prioritised groups, including
healthcare professionals, doc-
cancer and for those who are
having impaired immune sys-
tem need to be vaccinated ur-
cine in open market at around
Rs 900, expressed its readiness
to sell it at Rs 400 only to the
ary to June this year, as many as
1,440 swine u cases were re-
ported. During this monsoon

worth `50 lakh seized; 3 held that the vaccine would help in
protecting women during preg-
nancy and their babies up to six
tors, nurses, paramedical sta.
Besides, persons with chronic
illness such as chronic obstruc-
gently, Dr Subbalakshmi said.
Furthermore, she said in the
case of children, who were suf-
government. An ocial of the
Union Health Ministry won-
dered as to why the State gov-
season, the swine u cases may
are up, accord to the Health
Department experts.
OUR BUREAU money, he thought of disposing
o the telescope. Dasthagir ap-
Hyderabad: An antique Victo- proached his friends K Ajay
rian Marine Telescope (along
with a stand made by W Ottway
& Co. Ltd, Ealing, London,
and Khaleel, who arranged a
meeting with prosperous buy-
ers at Omer Hotel, Hasmabad
NGOs to rescue snakes
on Nag Panchami
1915) was recovered by Task in Chandrayangutta when the
Force. They apprehended Task Force caught them.
three persons from Chan- The accused were identied
drayangutta in this connection. as Shaik Dasthagir, 40, a con-
The issue came to light when tract worker at KTPS and resi- OUR BUREAU and it would be harmful for snakes.
the accused Dasthagir who is a dent of Paloncha, Bhadradri- He exhorted devotees to perform pu-
former employee of Kothagu- Kothagudem district, Hyderabad: Sahayog Organisation, in jas only at temples. Snake charmers
dam Termal Power Station Kankanala Ajay, 27, resident of association with Wild Life Protection subject snakes to various types of cru-
(KTPS) was trying to dispose it Peddapally district and Md Society, Dhyan Foundation, elties which in turn kill the snakes in
o to recover money he had Khaleel, 45, a carpenter and Bharatiya Prani Mitra Sangh, Karuna the near future.
given to Manish, a co-worker resident of Falaknuma. International and other animal wel- Mahesh Agarwal said some 20 vol-
at the KTPS. Speaking to The Hans India, fare organisations, has decided to res- unteers of various animal welfare or-
Manish, who belongs to B Limba Reddy, DCP, Task cue snakes from the clutches of snake ganisations would go around Greater
West Bengal had run into some Force, said this antique piece charmers during Nag Panchami fes- Hyderabad limits on Nag Panchami
nancial problems and mort- could fetch Rs 50 lakhs at in- tival on July 28. day to check snake related activities.
gaged the telescope with ternational market. We have Addressing the media here on The rescued snakes would be re-
Dasthagir for Rs 1 lakh. How- sent letters to all museums Tuesday, Sahayog general secretary leased into natural habitat as per the
ever, he did not return the loan. across India to verify, if the tel- Mahesh Agarwal appealed to the direction of the Forest Department.
As Dasthagir was in need of escope was stolen, he said. devotees not to feed milk to snakes A helpline 9394005600 was also set
as the reptile could not digest milk up in this connection, he added.

Sensitise students on
deworming, ocials told

Vikarabad: District Collector Divya De-

varajan directed the Medical and
Health department officials to sensitise
Deworming Day
students and their parents on preven- on August 10
tion of worms.
Addressing a review meeting on Na-
tional Deworming Day at the Collec-
torate here on Tuesday, she said the principals and Mandal Educational Of-
government has been introducing sev- ficers on Friday, she said. The District
eral schemes for the bright future of Collector also directed the Medical and
children. She directed the officials to Health department officials to prepare
come up with an action plan to distrib- a plan for administering vaccines for
ute pills on August 10 to 2.5 lakh chil- Measles and Rubella. These vaccines
dren aged below 19 years. She asked will improve immunity in children.
them to ensure that the children who Earlier, the District Collector released
fail to take the pill on the said date a poster regarding Deworming Day.
should be distributed with pills on Au- DRDO Johnson, DM&HO Dasharath,
gust 23. District Intermediate Nodal Officer
Sarpanches of all villages in the dis- Anasuya, DWO Jyothsna, DIO Sud-
trict should be involved in the Deworm- hakar Shinde, Deputy DM&HOs
ing Day programme. The programme Manohar, Saidulu, District Mass Media
will be successful if the lecturers, teach- Officer Chandraiah, NDD Regional Co-
ers and Anganwadi workers coordinate ordinator Manaiah, programme officer
with the officials. A meeting will be held Lalitha and others were present in the
with private school managements, meeting.

CM calls on Union Ministers

Takes up several pending He said that he discussed with Ra-
issues related to jnath Singh delimitation of con-
special package stituencies and issues pending after
state bifurcation. Kakinada petro-
OUR BUREAU leum corridor and petroleum indus-
tries were discussed with Dharmen-
Amaravati: Chief Minister N Chan- dra Pradhan.
drababu Naidu after attending the The issue of de-notifying 12,500
swearing in ceremony of President acres of forest land for the develop-
Ram Nath Kovind, met Union min- ment of Amaravati capital and al-
isters to discuss the pending issues lotment of forest land for develop-
of the state in New Delhi on Tues- ment of industries near
day. He met Union home minister Chintalapudi in West Godavari dis-
Rajnath Singh, finance minister trict, were brought to the notice of
Arun Jaitley, minister for rural de- minister for environment and
velopment Narendra Singh forests Harshavardhan. He sought
Thomar, minister for HRD Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu during a meeting with Union cooperation of minister for permis-
Prakash Javdekar, minister for en- Home Minister Rajnath Singh in New Delhi on Tuesday. Union Minister sion to export red sanders.
vironment and forests Har- Sujana Chowdary and MP C M Ramesh are also seen. Minister for civil aviation Ashok
shavardhan and minister for petro- Gajapathi Raju, minister for science
leum Dharmendra Pradhan. said that he discussed several pend- ment spent Rs 3,000 crore on and technology Y Sujana Chowdary
Later, speaking to media persons ing issues concerning special pack- Polavaram project and asked the and MP CM Ramesh accompanied
at home ministers residence, Naidu age. He said that the state govern- Centre to release the funds. the Chief Minister.


token system for 14 ports to be developed
as a part of Centres
Devineni Uma Maheswara Rao
said that TDP government was de-

allotment of rooms Sagarmala Project, says

Minister Kollu Ravindra
termined to construct the
Machilipatnam port with Rs.4000
crore. Canal transportation will
TTD JEO K S Sreenivasa Raju says providing best possible OUR BUREAU be developed from Kakinada to
amenities to pilgrims with transparency is the objective Tada in Nellore district, he
Vijayawada: Minister for youth averred.
Tirumala: Providing best possible July 17 onwards, the TTD intro- affairs and skill development He said that workshops and
amenities to the pilgrims with duced the tokens for pedestrian Kollu Ravindra said that state training classes conducted by
transparency and with zero defect pilgrims and limiting them to would be transformed as Logis- Andhra Pradesh Skill Develop-
system is the ultimate motto of 20,000 a day which includes tics Hub with the development ment Corporation (APSDC)
TTD, asserted Tirumala JEO K S 14,000 tokens at Alipiri and 6,000 of 14 ports. would be very useful to the youth.
Sreenivasa Raju. tokens at Srivarimettu. We have decided to develop 14 Andhra Pradesh Industrial and
The JEO organised weekly re- "About 1.5 lakh pilgrims had a ports as part of the economic and Infrastructure Corporation
view meeting with HoDs on the very comfortable time slot darshan infrastructure development of the (APIIC) executive chairman P Kr-
various developmental activities in the last eight days through this state, he said while inaugurating ishnaiah said that there was huge
at Annamaiah Bhavan at Tiru- system. Additional token issuing a two-day national seminar on lo- scope for employment generation
mala. Later speaking to media per- counters will be arranged at gistics and supply chain manage- with the development of logistics
sons, the JEO said that the recent Galigopuram and Srivarimettu ment organised by APSDC along and reminded that Central gov-
initiatives introduced by the TTD soon, he added. The JEO also said, with minister for water resources APICC Executive Chairman P Krishnaiah having a word with Minister for Water Resources Devineni ernment decided to develop ports
were yielding good results. the simultaneous in and outlines Devineni Uma Maheswara Rao, Uma Maheswara Rao at a national seminar on Logistics and Supply Chain Management in Vijayawada and coastal areas under the
"The token system for allotment being maintained at Vedivakili has here on Tuesday. on Tuesday. Minister for Youth Services and Sports Kollu Ravindra is also seen. Sagaramala project.
of rooms at CRO is garnering huge given way for a hassle-free darshan Addressing the gathering, he Radical changes are needed
response from the pilgrims. On to pilgrims. "Now in an hour about said that Union government economic development. State in Kakinada with Rs 350 crore, the development of logistics in in education system to match
July 22, we have allotted 2,948 5,300 devotees can have a conven- was spending Rs 33,000 crore government is determined to he informed. the state. He predicted bright fu- the needs of the industry. Indus-
rooms while on on July 23, 3,072 ient darshan. The two lines system for the development of ports in develop 14 ports in the state Ravindra said that Vizag- ture for coastal AP with construc- try-academy relationship should
rooms were allotted with utmost near theertham is also yielding India and constituted 15 Spe- and process is underway for Chennai Industrial Corridor tion of ports. also be developed, he sought
transparency. All our wings includ- positive results, the JEO in- cial Economic Zones for the setting up logistics University (VCIC) would give a big boost for Minister for water resources to advice.
ing vigilance, reception, IT, PRO formed. Earlier, Tirumala JEO K
and Srivari Seva volunteers have S Sreenivasa Raju inspected the
been rendering best services to sta-
bilise the system to ensure cent
percent results and the result is
specially challenged and aged peo-
ple darshan token issuing centre
located opposite SV Museum in
3 inter-state robbers held Operation Kumki to drive
the achievement. We still have Tirumala on Tuesday. He also ver- Valuables worth Godavari districts. He also said
some technical glitches which will
be overcome soon, he maintained.
Speaking on the Divya Darshan to-
ken system, the JEO said, from
ied the token issuing system and
functioning of battery cars which
have been pressed into service for
this category of pilgrims.
Rs 20 lakh recovered
from their possession
Kakinada: The police on Tuesday
the trio target locked houses and
decamp with booty during night.
The three were identied as Sheik
Aziz, Chikatla Satish and Sheik
out wild elephants
arrested three interstate robbers Bashi and arrested at Sheik Aziz's Tirupati forest officials
gang and recovered half a kilo gold house at Kajuluru village. Along deploy two trained
and nine kg of silver and other with gold and silver articles, the tuskers to control the
JEO valuables worth Rs 20 lakh prop- police also recovered two motor- wild elephants at
K S Sreenivasa erty from their possession in a cycles and one LED TV. The SP
Chamala range
Raju holding a theft case, said East Godavari Su- appreciated Central Crime Police
meeting with perintendent of Police Vishal Sub-Divisional Police Ocer K A herd of 28 wild
ocials at Gunni. Producing the three rob- Pallapu Raju and Sub-Inspectors elephants have been
Tirumala on bers before media on Tuesday, K V Rama Rao and G Harish Ku- attacking forest villages
Tuesday Vishal Gunni said the three rob- mar and the constables who par- of Yeravari Palem
bers were involved in 21 crimes in ticipated in nabbing the gang. and Bhakarapeta

Measles Rubella vaccination Tirupati: Forest ocials started

Operation Kumki operation and
deployed two tuskers at Chamala
range near Talakona 85 km from

campaign from August 1 here on Tuesday. Operation

Kumki refers to driving out herd
of wild elephants with trained and
tamed elephants.
Trained tusker on the job to divert wild elephants at Talakona forest area

68.47 lakh children will be From the past 15 years wild ele- ocials have taken a decision to sta had been made elaborate
administered with MR phant menace hit Chamala forest start Operation Kumki. Bhakara- arrangements and the operation
and the nearby villages. In this peta forest range ocials brought might continue for three days.
vaccine in 13 districts summer season wild elephants trained elephants from SV Zoolog- Speaking to The Hans India,
About 1.34 lakh children damaged paddy, sugarcane, ical Park, Tirupati to Talakona for- Bhakarapeta forest range ocer
died in the world including mango, other crops in two man- est area. Raghunath said that they have
492,000 in India alone due dals, and two days ago, a farmer On Tuesday, forest ocials sent roped in two well trained tuskers
has been killed by a wild elephant two trained elephants to Siddla- from the Tirupati Zoopark and an-
to measles
at Palamaner. gandi to track the herd of wild ele- other one from Ramkuppam for
OUR BUREAU It may be recalled that in past phants. Forest ocials are hoping the operation. We have com-
three months, a herd of 28 wild ele- that diversion of wild elephants to- menced the operation on Monday.
Vijayawada: Andhra Pradesh state phants has been increasing as- wards western side of the deep for- It will continue until, the herd is
government is committed to saults in three mandals of Chittoor est will decrease untoward inci- diverted deep into forest, the
measles elimination and Rubella district. In this context, the forest dents. Bhakarapet FRO and other FRO informed.
control by year 2020 and as part
of the eorts, Measles Rubella
(MR) vaccination campaign will
be conducted in all 13 districts of SIT intensifies
Andhra Pradesh from August 1 to
September 8, said the Director of
probe, conducts
Health and Family Welfare, Dr
Aruna Kumari, on Tuesday. She
field visit
said children from 9 months to 15 Visakhapatnam: After the closure of
years will be administered one MR registering complaints against the al-
vaccine injection. leged land scams and irregularities,
She addressed a workshop or- Director of Health and Family Welfare Dr S Aruna Kumari addressing a workshop on Measles Rubella the Special Investigation Team (SIT)
ganised by AP government in part- Vaccination Campaign in Vijayawada on Tuesday headed by DIG Vineet Brijlal intensi-
nership with UNICEF and WHO ed probe. The SIT ocials along
in a hotel on Tuesday. Addressing with 32,829 supervisors, 40,869 She further said that all the de- be administered with 0.5 ml dose, with the revenue ocials are checking
on the occasion, she said measles ASHA workers, 17,398 vaccinators partments in the state would par- once the vial is opened it should the ground realities against the doc-
was one of the leading cause of and 1,561 planning units in the ticipate in the MR campaign start- be used within four hours or ument proofs.
death among young children. state (PHC, CHC, UPHC) would ing from the health, medical and should be discarded. About 13.7 The SIT ocials are informing
About 1.34 lakh children died in the take part in the MR vaccination family welfare would conduct MR lakh (10 dose vials) are ready for their schedules of various site visits
world including 49,2000 in India campaign. vaccination campaign in coordi- the campaign stored at 1450 cold in the morning hours and rushing to
alone due to measles, she said. She She informed that the ve week nation with other departments chain points, 1.37 crores auto dis- the spot. The SIT ocials are also
said 95 percent children get immu- MR vaccine campaign would be and NGOs, educational institu- posable syringes are ready. moving into the villages and inquiring
nization with MR vaccination. held at schools for two weeks fol- tions government and private etc. UNICEF advocacy and commu- the locals about the details of the al-
She said around 68,47,297 lowed by urban and rural areas, State Child health and Immu- nications specialist Prosun Sen, leged lands. On Tuesday, a group of
school children at 61,528 schools door to door campaigns and then nisation joint director Dr. Vanisri WHO Regional team leader Dr. A ocials of the SIT visited at various
would be administered with MR cover children at slums, construc- said that the ve week campaign Satpathy, AP additional director places in Visakhapatnam Rural man-
vaccine initially. About 3,122 vehi- tion sites, brick kilns and other would cover about 1.2 lakhs chil- Family welfare Dr. Neerada and dal and examined the records and the
cles and 1,561 mobile teams along weaker sections' colonies. dren all over AP, and each child will other ocials were present. actual activity in the alleged lands.


prevention of
Special trains between
One more child kidnapped, mosquitoes
breeding Act
Kacheguda-Kakinada Town
OUR BUREAU 6.10 pm on July 28 and arrive at

official apathy blamed

Kacheguda at 5.00 am on the
OUR BUREAU Hyderabad:In order to clear ex- next day.
tra rush of passengers, six spe- Enroute, this special train
Amaravati: Minister for cial trains will be run between will stop at Samalkot, Rajah-
Medical and Health Kami- Kacheguda-Kakinada Town. mundry,Tadepalligudem,Eluru,
K NETHAJI neni Srinivas, Minister for Train No. 07452 Kacheguda- Vijayawada, Guntur, Sattena-
Panchayat Raj and Informa- KakinadaTownspecialtrainwill palli, PidugurallaMiryalaguda,
Tirumala: The series of child tion Technology Nara depart Kacheguda at 6:45 pm on Nalgonda and Malkajgiri sta-
abductions at the pilgrim cen- Lokesh and Municipal Ad- 27th and 29th July, 2017 and ar- tions.
tre raises serious concerns over ministration Minister P rive in Kakinada Town 05:40 am This special train will have 18
safety of children among par- Narayana decided propose on the following day. coaches viz, sixteen sleeper class
ents and child rights activists. Prevention of Mosquitoes Enroute,thisspecialtrainwill and two luggage cum brake van
The abduction of a seven-year Breeding Act in next Cabinet stop at Malkajgiri, Nalgonda, coaches.
old girl Nandini, third case re- meeting. In a review meeting Miryalaguda, Piduguralla, Sat- Train No. 07457 Kakinada
ported in a span of hardly two with ocials of Panchayat tenapalli, Guntur, Vijayawada, Town-Kacheguda special train
months, at the temple town of Raj, Medical and Health and Eluru,Tadepalligudem,Rajama- will depart Kakinada Town at
Tirumala highlights the alleged Municipal Administration at hendravaram and Samalkot sta- 6.10 pm on July 30 and arrive at
apathy on the part of official Secretariat, Lokesh said the tions. These special trains will Kacheguda at 6 am on the next
agencies concerned towards government was collecting have 18 coaches viz, sixteen day. Enroute, this special train
child safety. information using IVRS sleeper class and two luggage- will stop at Samalkot, Rajah-
Nandini, aged 7, was daugh- technology on measures cum-brake van coaches. mundry, Nidadavolu, Tanuku,
ter of a tea vendor at Tirumala. taken by ocials to prevent Train No. 07454 Kacheguda - Bhimavaram Town, Akividu,
Yet, he could not save his endemic deceases in villages. KakinadaTownspecialtrainwill Kaikaluru, Gudivada, Vi-
daughter. We have information depart Kacheguda at 10.30 pm jayawada, Guntur, Sattenapalli,
A woman kidnapper was al- even on cleaning of side on July 28 and arrive at Kaki- Piduguralla, Miryalaguda, Nal-
leged to have befriended the lit- drains in villages as main- nada Town at 11:30 am on the gonda and Malkajgiri stations.
tle girl with sweetmeats and taining hygiene during this next day. Enroute, this special This special train will have 18
took her away when parents rainy season as the raising of train will stop at Malkajgiri, Nal- coaches viz, 16 sleeper class, and
were busy in the stall. Video malaria and dengue is high gonda, Miryalaguda, Pidugu- two luggage cum brake van
footages captured by CCTV he said. He also suggested ralla, Sattenapalli, Guntur, Vi- coaches. Train No. 07455 Kaki-
cameras at the RTC bus stand that there was need to con- jayawada, Gudivada, Kaikaluru, nada Town-Kacheguda special
in Tirupati showed the suspect duct publicity among public Akividu, Bhimavaram Town, train will depart Kakinada Town
boarding a bus bound for Vel- over the Prevention of Mos- Tanuku, Nidadavolu, Rajah- at 6.10 pm on July 29 and arrive
lore in Tamil Nadu along with quitoes Breeding Act to cre- mundry and Samalkot stations. at Kacheguda at 5 am on the
the victim. ate awareness. Unhygienic This special train will have 15 next day.
According to Tirumala, II conditions in towns and vil- coaches viz, two AC II Tier, four Enroute,thisspecialtrainwill
town CI Venkata Ravi, 7-10 lages, none cleaning of AC III Tier, seven Sleeper class stop at Samalkot, Rajamahen-
child missing cases are being CCTV footage showing alleged kidnapper with the child in Tirumala on Monday. (Top) Nandini, the drains, stocking of water in andtwobrake,luggagecumgen- dravaram, Tadepalligudem,
reported at Tirumala on an av- kidnapped child. (Right) a close-up view of the woman suspected to be involved in the crime air coolers and utensils in erator car. Eluru, Vijayawada, Guntur, Sat-
erage every month. The victims houses were some of the rea- Train No. 07453 Kakinada tenapalli, Piduguralla,
are in the age group of 1-5. A district was abducted on July 8 member of the AP state com- centres at the busy pilgrim cen- sons for increase of mosquito Town-Kacheguda Special Train Miryalaguda, Nalgonda and
nine-month old Chenna Kesava followed by Someswari on July mission for protection of chil- tre was the main reason for the breeding. will depart Kakinada Town at Malkajgiri stations.
from Vajrakaroor in Anantapur 13th. Achyuta Rao, former dren, said the lack of childline series of child abductions.

Section 144 imposed in Guntur Telangana HRC still headless

OUR BUREAU there is no permission. They ap-
pealed to the people not to par-
Guntur: Police booked bindover

ticipate in the meetings and ral- V NAVEEN KUMAR Though Commissions Chairman and should be constituted. This can-
cases against another 200 Kapu lies, because permission was not not be possible till a separate Hu-
leaders and suspects. So far they given. Hyderabad: The fate of the AP two members retired long ago, there is man Rights Commission is con-
have booked bindover cases They said, they have imposed State Human Rights Commission no move to fill the posts so far stituted for the Telangana State.
against more than 800 Kapu lead- Section 144 and Section 30 of Po- hangs in balance as the post of But some advocates feel that
ers and suspects. lice Act as a precautionary meas- Chairperson and two members the State government could take
They have taken several Kapu ure and warned that if anybody vi- are vacant for a long time. The Potturi Suresh Kumar, General government. Ocials felt that a middle course. The High Court
leaders into preventive custody, lence into consideration. They olates the rules, they will book Human Rights Commission is yet Secretary, AP Civil Liberties As- the posts of the members and of Telangana and AP is now called
in the backdrop of veteran Kapu have taken Kapu and City Con- the cases. Similarly security has to be bifurcated between Telan- sociation, led a petition, seeking Chairperson cannot be lled un- as High Court at Hyderabad and
leader Mudragada Padmanabham gress former president Mada been beefed at up at ANU, Un- gana State and AP. directions to the government for til the process of bifurcation was Lokayukta also Lokayukta is
Chalo Amaravati programme on Radha into custody. davalli and at Secretariat. The po- Two members of the Com- lling up the posts of Chairper- completed. To select the new Telangana and AP.
July 26. The Guntur rural police have lice have deployed over 2000 mission retired a year ago and son and members. The High chairperson and members a se- Speaking to The Hans India, a
They have deployed additional set up 35 check posts and check- forces containing APSP, ANS, A.R., the Chairperson retired about Court had issued notices to lection committee consisting of well-known advocate Pandem
forces and beefed up security at ing the vehicles and questioning Civil Police to maintain law and six months ago. At present only Andhra Pradesh government. Chief Minister, Leaders of the Damodar Reddy said, We have
railway station and RTC Bus the suspects. They warned the order. Guntur rural SP Commissions Secretary, who is The Commission has to be bi- Opposition in Assembly and been demanding for the consti-
Stand, reservoirs and Central and travel agencies not to extend co- Ch.Venkata Appala Naidu and a retired District Sessions furcated as per the AP State Re- Council, Speaker of Assembly tution of separate Commission
state government oces and im- operation to Mudragadas Chalo Guntur urban SP Ch Vijaya Rao Judge, is performing all the du- organisation Act. But, the pro- and Chairperson of Legislative of Telangana since the formation
portant centres taking Tuni vio- Amaravati programme for which reviewed the situation. ties single-handedly. posal is pending with the Union Council and the Home Minister of the new State.

AP promises Tiger spotted in Man held for storing

R&R package Seshachalam forest Gutka, Khaini packets
Continued from P1 Pithapuram: Local police led by Sub-inspector
to displaced The sex of the tiger ventured into the Seshachalam Shoban Kumar on Tuesday conscated 275 car-
Hills is yet to be identied. To enable it to mate, a tons of Gutka packets and 1,272 cartons of Khaini
under LA ACT partner is required. The National Tiger Conserva- packets from the house of Busi Ram Babu, a resi-
tion Authority and Nagarjunasagar-Srisailam Tiger dent of the town.
LEGAL CORRESPONDENT Reserve are thinking hard on what steps to contem- According to police the value of the products
plate in view of the lonely tiger entering the Se- would be Rs 32,000. Ram Babu was taken into cus-
Hyderabad: The State Gov- shachalam Hills. tody and will be produced in the court.
ernment has assured the
High Court at Hyderabad East Godavari collector Kartikeya Mishra addressing the pre-corporate summit organised at Hotel Royal

Nifty climbs Mount 10K, but retreats

on Tuesday that it will pro- Park in Kakinada on Tuesday
vide rehabilitation and re-
settlement measures to all
Project Affected Families,
including non-land owners Continued from P1 fore closing down 17.60 points, US Federal Reserve policy meet-
Corporate help sought for mangroves protection
like agricultural labourers, It took the index 4.3 months to or 0.05 per cent, at 32,228.27. In ing later Tuesday. OUR BUREAU Mangroves were the second change in lifestyle of villagers
as per the provisions of move from 9,000 points to 10,000 the last two trading sessions, Key indices in the Asian region largest forests in the country by protecting the natural re-
2013 Land Acquisition Act. points. The 9,000 level was Sensex had gained 341.47 points. lay low. Domestic institutional Kakinada: East Godavari Col- and they should be protected. sources including fish and
Andhra Pradesh Advo- achieved in March 2017 in a du- Market made a historical day investors (DIIs) bought shares lector Kartikeya Mishra called Reminding that ecological wildlife in Mada forests. The
cate General Dammalapati ration of 2.8 years from 7,000 by touching 10k supported by worth Rs 668.87 crore while for- upon the corporate sector to imbalances are being noticed Collector urged the corporate
Srinivas made this state- points level. better earnings from blue-chips eign portfolio investors (FPIs) extend support in protection of for various reasons, he said pro- sector to initiate measures for
ment before the division But a wave of prot-booking and strong liquidity. However, sold shares to the tune of Rs Coringa Mangroves, popularly tection of environment was protection of mangroves and
bench comprising of Acting dragged the gauge down by 1.85 prot booking at higher levels 366.84 crore yesterday, showed known as Mada forests and need of hour. The Collector said rich natural resources for de-
Chief Justice Ramesh Ran- points, or 0.02 per cent, to settle pulled the market to mild correc- provisional data. stressed the need for environ- the industrial units in the dis- velopment of tourism in Man-
ganathan and Justice T Ra- at 9,964.55 on Tuesday. Steady tion due to psychological eect, The capital goods index fell the mental protection and ecologi- trict should take responsibility grove areas.
jini on Tuesday. The court monsoon progress and smooth muted Q1 results for midcaps most. Auto, healthcare and cal balance. Participating as and initiative of protecting the ONGC Executive Director
recorded this statement as GST take-o had helped both the and awaiting Fed monetary pol- FMCG too weighed. Sectoral in- chief guest in the pre-corporate Coringa forests. Alok Nandan, Coramandal Fer-
an undertaking by the AG. key indices scale historic highs, icy meet, said Vinod Nair, Head dices such as metal, realty and summit organised by Agri He said there are nearly 41 tilisers General Manager
The AG further assured traders said. of Research, Geojit Financial banking nished higher. Broader Foundation here at hotel Royal neighbouring villages depend- Gnananandam and Wildlife
the court that no hasty The agship Sensex climbed to Services. markets - the midcap and small- Park on Tuesday, the Collector ent on natural resources of Protection DFO Prabhakar Rao
steps will be taken regard- a fresh life high of 32,374.30 be- Participants also looked up to cap indices - outperformed. said after Sundarbans, Coringa Mada forests and sought for participated.
ing these lands till the
provisions contemplated
under the Act are imple-
The bench was hearing a
Charmee gets partial relief from HC Venkatagiri saree on verge of extinction China a future threat
Continued from P1
PIL petition moved by AP Continued from P1 saying that the authorities were Continued from P1 occupation due to instability in weaver gains an average income
Agricultural Workers The judge also directed that followingtheguidelinesscrupu- The much-popular GI-tagged the age-old weaving activity. We of Rs 300-500 per day. The Army Vice Chief also noted that a
Union (APAWU) repre- she must be examined only be- lously and the questioning is be- Venkatagiri handloom saree is fear, in near future, the saree There is 5 pc GST on cotton large amount of China's defence spending
sented by its General Sec- tween 10 am and 5 pm and if ing videographed. normally an attractive product may disappear, master weaver and silk and 12 pc on Zari. Local remains undeclared. "A large portion of Chi-
retary V Venkateswarlu there is still necessity of further After hearing both sides, the for women across the state due Nakka Venkateshwara Rao told weavers use some quantity of nese defence expenditure remains unde-
seeking a direction to the examination, she must be called judge gave the directions. to its ne quality, excellent de- The Hans India. Zari for borders of costly sarees. clared... On the west, Pakistan smaller econ-
Government to provide all the next day. It was also made Meanwhile, Excise Commis- sign and soft in nature, the de- In fact, there were 5,000- This makes extra burden on the omy, smaller army... thus they took route of
R&R benefits as envisaged clear that women ocers must sioner Chandravadan and Di- mand has fallen due to the lack 6,000 weaver families in customers, says a weaver. low intensity conict, which suits China," he
under the 2013 Land Ac- be present during her examina- rector Akun Sabharwal said of government help. The saree Venkatagiri. But the number We are facing acute compe- said. Chand also stressed that India needs to
quisition Act. tion. The judge rejected her re- cine actress Charmee has un- achieved Geographical Identi- has come down to 2,500-3,000 tition from mill-made products. pay more attention to security.
The bench directed the quest for the presence of an ad- necessarily moved the High cation tag in 2011 and still families with many leaving the Ordinary customer cannot "We have to pay much more attention to
AG to submit details of all vocate during the questioning Court in the drugs case. Inter- there has been no improvement profession. The number of tra- identify the dierence between security that what we are doing now. India
notifications issued under saying it was not needed as she acting with media persons at in sales as most of the weavers ditional looms also reduced machine-made and handmade being at the centre of the volatile region is
2013 Act from January was not shown as an accused by Secretariat, they said the ac- are illiterates and failed to from 10,000 to 2,600-3,000, ac- due to the latest textures and the net security provider," he added.
2014 till date along with de- the authorities. tress has indirectly accepted utilise the certication. We cording to local weavers. colours. Still, we follow old- A stand-o is continuing between Indian
tails of affected families The counsel for the peti- that she was involved in the have started even online sales In Venkatagiri, there is an an- fashioned weaving systems for and Chinese troops along the border in the
and measures taken to re- tionersaidthatawoman cannot drug case by moving the court. recently. There is only 5 pc extra nual turnover of around Rs 50- quality and safety of the cus- Sikkim sector, after China attempted road
habilitate them. The case be treated in this manner and They said Charmee will attend business. Customers are now 60 crore and still they were fac- tomers when they wear the ma- construction in Bhutan's territory around
was adjourned to three cited the Supreme Court guide- the investigation on Wednes- feeling the prices are bit higher ing insecurity due to terial for feeling of enjoyment, mid-June. Both sides have reinforced troops
weeks. lines. The special government day and will be questioned by due to the recent GST. Seventy unwarranted decisions of the said K Rama Krishna, another and are maintaining position along the bor-
pleaderrefutedthesubmissions women ocers. per cent weavers have left the government. Now, a common weaver. der, with no signs of a withdrawal soon.
by 153 per cent in 2001-11, more than
four times the rate for men (35 per cent).
migration to be stated. This is usually
stated as marriage and the secondary

omen migrating for work and Women's migration is still driven pri- reason, that is nding work at the des-
education between 2001 and marily by marriage. In absolute num- tination, may not be mentioned,"
2011 grew at a rate that out- bers, 97 per cent of Indians migrating PriyaDeshingkar and Shaheen Akhtar
paced men who moved for similar rea- for marriage were women in Census of London's Overseas Development In-
sons, shows an IndiaSpend analysis of 2011, a marginal drop from 98.6 per cent stitute had argued in an April 2009
Census data. In this period, the number in Census 2001. Scholars have, however, UNDP paper.
of women migrating for work grew by argued that women do work post-mi- "Many of the women who migrate for
101 per cent, more than double the gration even if their rst reason for the marriage do join the labour force," said
growth rate for men (48.7 per cent). Also, move was matrimony. "Women's migra- a January 2017 Housing and Urban
the number of women who cited busi- tion is not adequately captured because Poverty Alleviation Ministry report on
ness as a reason for migration increased the surveys ask for only one reason for migration, echoing Deshingkar and

Akhtar. Between Censuses 2001 and and 2011 by Amrita Datta at the Institute 49.35 per cent of all migrants in 2011
2011, the number of men who migrated for Human Development showed that, from 50 per cent in 2001. The number
for education rose by 101 per cent, less on average, households with migrants of men saying they migrated either after
than half that for women, at 229 per earned about Rs 11,000 more than birth or with the household rose at a
cent. Migration for work usually results households without migrants in 2011. In slightly faster pace than women in 2001-
in relief from poverty even if it means a the 11 years to 2011, the rise in the num- 11: 207 and 74 per cent for the rst rea-
rough life in India's metros. A migrant ber of men who migrated for marriage son and 199 and 54 per cent for the lat-
from Maharashtra's drought-stricken grew by 176.6 per cent, more than four ter. Numbers dropped for both genders
Marathwada region, for example, triples times the growth rate for women who reporting other reasons in 2001-11, but
her income temporarily after moving to moved for similar reasons (41.5 per it fell more for women (17.5 per cent)
Mumbai, according to the report. cent). Between the two Censuses, mar- than men (15 per cent).
A two-round survey of 904 house- riage has remained the biggest reason (IANS in arrangement
holds spread across Bihar in 1998-2000 for migration, dropping marginally to with IndiaSpend.org)


Cops help cow deliver calf TRIBAL BABY DIES AFTER

Vizianagaram: The men in khaki proved their Good

Samaritan nature in addition to performing their nor-
mal duties of maintain the law and order. Cops on
Kota (Rajasthan): A seven-month-old sick tribal child,
Monday night spotted a cow straying into the open carried 6 km on the shoulders by his relatives to a health
area of the control room and on closer scrutiny discov- centre, died allegedly after being denied medical treat-
ered that it was in labour pains. ment in Shahabad area of Baran district. Authorities,
Lady Assistant Sub-Inspector, P Aruna Kumari, however, dismissed the family's allegations, saying the
then enquired around in the neighborhood to locate child, suering from pneumonia, was prescribed medi-
the owner of the cow. Since there were no veterinary cines by a doctor who also asked them to get him admit-
doctors in the vicinity, the police with the assistance ted to the CHC but they went home instead. According
of cowherds helped the cow deliver the calf. Later, to grandmother, Kosabai, the child, Sunny DeolSahariya,
the cops fed the calf with milk. Head constables M was suering from cough and cold since Sunday. Yester-
Ganapati Rao and Srinivasa Rao and Home Guard K day, Kosabai, accompanied by her husband and Sunny's
Surya Narayana and others nursed the cow all mother, Sumantabai, carried him on their shoulders to
through the night. the community health centre 6 km away from their vil-
lage Chorkhadi. They reached the CHC around noon
when they were informed that the doctor on duty had
left for home as his duty hours were over, she alleged.
When they reached the doctor's residence, he told them
Representaonal images
to either wait for treatment till 5 pm or take the child to
the district hospital in Baran which is 80 km away. They
waited for sometime, hoping to arrange an ambulance
to the district hospital but were unsuccessful. They even-
tually started for their village to arrange money to reach
Baran hospital. But soon after leaving the CHC, Sunny
died in their arms. They had to carry his body back to
the village on their shoulders as they could not nd an
ambulance, she alleged. Chief Medical and Health Ocer
Baran said that after the matter came to light, he sent
Deputy Chief Medical and Health Ocer Rajendra
Meena to the spot this morning to probe the incident.
Meena claimed that when the family approached the
doctor, Ashok Meena, at his residence, he prescribed the
child medicines and asked the family to get him admitted
to the CHC, the Deputy CMHO said. However, the family
members, instead going to there, went straight to their
home. The child was suering from severe pneumonia,
Meena said. He said the statements of the family mem-
bers are yet to be recorded. (PTI)

Repertoire of desi headgears on display at national museun

of 19th century India. From muslin, cot-
ton, silk and wool, variety of materials
were used for most ornamental and in-
tricately decorated headgears and later
on, jewels were also added to ornate
them. While the blue or turquoise satin
silk topi from Uttar Pradesh is embroi-
dered with metal thread, the red Ba-
narasi do-pallitopi on display, has bro-
cade and zari work on it. "These were
ceremonial bases. Headgears
like a pagdi, pag, turban, or
a topi have been an essen-
tial part of Indian men's and Rajputs had distinct features in ries of exhibition that are soon to follow.
daily attire. They terms of fabric, colour, design and orna- Each show will feature 5-10 selected ob-
signify social, mentation. A typical Rajasthani turban jects from the reserve collections for
religious would be made out of block printed cot- aboutafortnight.Theinitiativeisaimed
and eco- ton cloth, while a turban from Central at getting the visitors acquainted with a
New Delhi: A silk pagdi from central nomic sta- India would be made from cotton with large number of objects which are not
India, a Lucknowi satin silk topi and a tus of a user in the society," museum woven zari work on it. A Gujarati topi on general display. "It is also to attract
Banarasido-pallitopiareamongtherst authorities said. The 'do-palli' or 'round would be hooded. It was often embroi- their attention on many signicant art
ten objects the National Museum has cap' in the northern region became very dered with silk thread and mirror work, pieces which generally remain out of fo-
decided to pull out from its reserve col- popular for daily as well as occasional examples of which can be seen at the ex- cus," the authorities said. Next in line
lection for an exhibition. The ongoing usesaroundlate19thandearly20thcen- hibition. The collection on display is will be exhibitions on lesser known
show on "Traditional Head Gear of In- tury. The 'do-palli' or two-layered cap, only a part of the museum's reserve that paintings, terracota objects and arms
dia"thatopenedhereyesterday,features was stitched from one side and worn on comprises of as many as two lakh arte- and ammunitions from the museum re-
10variantsofcapsfromdierentregions thehead.TheturbanswornbyMarathas facts, scheduled to be showcased in a se- serve. (PTI)

The uncharitable allies ership could not initiate any infectious
Antics of a mad dragon COMMENTS
campaign on the surcharged issue of
Muslim reservations. Even the party
all India leadership was also report-

N ot a day passes these days without the Chinese seeking to stoke ten-
sions with India over Doklam stando. Disputability of sovereignty
over the plateau at the tri-junction of India, China and Bhutan notwith-
Prof K Nageshwar
edly annoyed over this failure. Be-
sides, none less than party all India
president Amit Shah reportedly ex-
pressed unhappiness over the way the
standing, the unilateral stand of China on the issue disregards all well-

he strategic silence between BJP state party leaders function at cross
laid norms and niceties. It is calling Bhutan even a vassal and protectorate and TRS is broken as the Presi- purposes. Sources close to BJP reveal
of India and also questioning Indias sovereignty over Sikkim. dential elections concluded. The that no two top leaders of the state
China is eyeing strategic leeway over the Siliguri Corridor known as two parties are now back to business party can work in cohesion. The dier-
in polemics. The party strongman, Ram ences are longstanding and the bicker- TRS perception of BJP story is clear. It does not worry so much
Chicken's neck, connecting north-east to rest of India. If China gets to lay
Madhav, exhorted the party men in ings cannot be extinguished so easily. over the surge of saffron party. Any significant advance of BJP will
a road to Doklam, its troops will be within a striking distance of strategically Telangana to ght against TRS. Politics The popular tale in the political cir- only cut into the opposition vote share, thus benefiting the ruling
susceptible Siliguri Corridor to snap lifeline to the north-east a defence is only meant to get into power and not cles is that a majority of state BJP lead- party. Similarly, BJP will not show any charity towards TRS as it
strategist's nightmare. Therefore, it is clearly a casus belli, not any salami- about doing charity, remarked the BJP ers are co-opted by the TRS leadership.
leader. The occasional outbursts by only a few too wants Congress to marginalise. There is, thus, a common
slicing strategy of creeping acquisitions in South China Sea. Yet, Chinas
The battle cry is clear. The call is leaders and long spells of silence give cause between BJP and TRS in keeping Congress out of debate.
muscle-exing on the back of a buoyant economy is being ably stopped in clarion. Its true, there cannot be char- credence to such allegations. BJP knows it well that TRS is more than anxious to join the NDA
its tracks by an assertive India, which, rightly, is brooking no conditions ity if one wants to come to power. But, Unlike in Uttar Pradesh, the party
there can also be charity if it helps in failed to invent new leaders at the
bandwagon at an apt moment. The unconditional support
for any talks on the issue. It, however, is open to mutual withdrawal of
coming to power. Whether BJP will be state-level. Unlike in Assam, the party extended by TRS in the elections to the posts of President and
The way India is handling the situation shows its cool head and prag-
charitable or uncharitable towards is not attracting any charismatic leader Vice-President was more than reassuring for the BJP national
TRS only depends on what suits its de- from other parties to take up the cap- leadership. Thus, TRS will be BJPs uncharitable ally
matic approach. But China, seized by an untamable bellicosity, is arrogating sign to come to power in New Delhi taincy.
to itself the sole right to redraw boundaries unilaterally. For India, pushing rather than in Hyderabad. The rope in The Telangana BJP has always been
back territorial transgressions is non-negotiable. However, war is equally Hyderabad is too long. There are many the victim of strategic requirements of dream of people of Telangana for a sep- the reason why the TRS supremo and
knots in the way. Yet, the BJPs political the all India party. The party suered arate state. Yet, the party could not cap- the Chief Minister K Chandrashekar
disastrous for India. Any war mongering in the country will hobble gov-
histrionics in Telangana are not with- heavily due to its association with TDP italise on this sympathy. The party that Rao who reacted so aggressively over
ernments chances of resolving the issue peacefully through diplomacy. out reason. in the united state and thus failed to delivered the state failed to do so. How Amit Shahs comments chose to ignore
It is sad that Chinas stupidity, arrogance and a huge ego threaten to The BJP is normally perceived to be retain the massive vote it could secure can the party that extended support to Rahul Gandhis criticism. The TRS
plunge two nuclear giants, two great civilisations of more than a billion a North Indian party with Hindi lin- in the wake of Kargil War and due to Congress in delivering the promise of seeks to benet from creating an opti-
people each, into a war which will leave unthinkable destruction in its guistic hegemony being the dening Vajpayee factor. separate state can benet from it? The cal illusion that BJP is the real alter-
feature of its leadership and discourse. The BJP often derives its inspiration TRS could appropriate all the sympa- native to it. This is a clever strategy by
wake. Perhaps, China is emboldened by empty rhetoric of US, Japan and Barring Karnataka, the party failed to for a successful experiment in Telan- thies for making the dream come true. the politically shrewd TRS leadership
other nations over its acquisitions in South China and East China seas. make any serious headway due to gana from its Karnataka experience. Unlike in Assam where the regional to keep Congress out of reckoning.
But, India can't be browbeaten into giving up its strategic heft in Doklam strong explicit or implicit Dravidian But, the party has lost a lot of ground party disintegrated, the ruling TRS is Similarly, the BJP will not show any
or sovereignty over POK where the ambitious CPEC project runs through, identity. In fact, over a period, more even in the land of Kannadigas and in full spate. The Congress in Telan- charity towards TRS as it too wants
so after the emergence of TRS, BJP lost nds itself swimming against tide to re- gana unlike its counterpart in Assam Congress to marginalise. There is,
which India refused to be part of. Any skirmishes will trigger boycott of its ground, suering huge erosion in gain the lost ground. In this only South is not a ruling party in Telangana to in- thus, a common cause between BJP
Chinese goods and pose threat to CPEC project itself. There could also Hyderabad too which was once its Indian state where it tasted power, the cur the wrath of people. The party is and TRS in keeping Congress out of
be other radical spin-os like several countries seeking to pay back China stronghold. The successive govern- BJP had a favorable arithmetic. The re- still the major opposition in the state debate. The BJP knows it well that
in the same coin in the China seas. This China must ponder over. ments succeeding in preventing a com- gional party in the form of Janata Dal and a force to reckon with. The political TRS is more than anxious to join the
munally surcharged atmosphere to (S) was largely discredited. The caste landscape in Telangana is yet to be- NDA bandwagon at an apt moment.
The forthcoming NSA-level talks among BRICS in Beijing on July 27- rock the city marred the competitive calculus in the form of Lingayat vote come either trigonometric or geomet- The unconditional support extended
28 aord both countries a good opportunity to strike a mutually benecial politico-religious mobilisation that bank also helped the party climb the ric. by the TRS in the elections to the posts
deal and put an end to the pestering stando. But as China is cocking a would have provided the breeding ladder of power. But, it is also equally true that the of President and Vice-President was
snook at India's peace overtures, India must not let its guard down even ground for the growth of saron There is no such political situation pro-Modi sentiment prevailing across more than reassuring for BJP national
brigade. in Telangana. The ruling TRS is still the country will certainly help the leadership. Thus, TRS will be BJPs
for a moment. It had better follow the advice of Chinese philosopher Sun
The cultural ethos and the politically formidable contrary to the experience party in the state. Even the TRS is not uncharitable ally.
Tzu that we must not rely on the chances of the enemy attacking us, rather conscious character of Telangana soci- in Assam where the ruling Congress ready to counter this Modi narrative, Though many sanyasis are in the
on our readiness to receive him. ety are also impediments in the way of faced a strong anti-incumbency as it hoping that it would not hurt its BJPs extended Pariwar, the party is
The situation merits the immediate attention of all major powers to authoring Uttar Pradesh-type of Lotus was in power for successive terms. The chances in the Assembly elections even indeed not indulging in political
prevail upon the Chinese. It is also a test of Modis all-embracing diplo- experiment in Telangana. The party BJP was a strong participant in the As- though it can show some impact in par- sanyasa. It shall leave no stone un-
hopes to nd a Yogi to spearhead an sam identity movement against inux liamentary vote. turned to rule the entire nation given
macy, whether the strong friends made by him will stand by India for the Ashvamedha Yaga in Telangana. Telan- of foreigners, which provided them the Besides, the TRS perception of BJP a possibility. In this Rajasuya Yaga, par-
sake of a rule-based world order, for peace and progress of all, including gana may have politicians who are fond base to rekindle at an opportune mo- story is clear. It does not worry so much ties can be either friends or foes de-
the Chinese. of performing yagas, but yogis may nd ment. The opportune moment came over the surge of saron party. Any sig- pending upon the prevailing situation.
it an infertile ground. due to the disintegration of Asom Gana nicant advance of BJP will only cut TRS is no exception when it comes to
The Telangana BJP leadership is dis- Parishad (AGP) that spearheaded the into the opposition vote share, thus such a strategy. Politics are of course
similar to the genre of BJP leaders Assam identity movement. beneting the ruling party. Given the cold-blooded. BJP shall continue to
found in the Hindi heartland or Similarly, the BJP was an active par- fact that it could only reap a wafer-thin cherish and work for coming to power

EDITOR: PROF K NAGESHWAR Marathi-Gujarati belt, who are am-

bidextrous in triggering a virulent en-
gagement. This is fortunately evident
ticipant in the movement for Telan-
gana identity in the form of separate
statehood. The partys support was
win in 2014, the party is right in fearing
the perils of any opposition consolida-
tion. Thus, the TRS considers the BJP
in Telangana. But, it may end up in tar-
geting a maximum number of MPs to
support it in the race for Delhi throne
from the fact that the BJP state lead- critical for realising this long-cherished to be a friend in foe. This is precisely at least in 2019.

U R Rao, Indian space Leaders should set examples
technology pioneer N o sane person would oppose any government's drive and the
measusres initiated to probe, curb, eradicate the drug evil.

T he demise of UR Rao is an irreparable loss to the Indian space

sector. He played a vital role in bringing international recog-
nition to the Indian space sciences and industry. During his In Pranab we had a
But what pinches the common man is the way the media people
are exposing, creating hype and telecasting the haphazard infor-
mation even before ascertaining the facts. Not only drugs, racing,
regime, when he was the Chairman of ISRO, the satellite Aryab-
hatta was launched successfully, which brought laurels to the In-
copybook President real, land maa, eve teasing, kidnapping, women tracking etc.,
are the malevolent evils prevalent in Hyderabad caused by con-
dia. He left a mark on space exploration with his great vision
and as the chairman of ISRO. He was awarded Padma Bhushan in
1976 and Padma Vibhushan this year, for his great contribution
A s he walked out of Rashtrapati Bhawan, Pranab
Mukherjee is likely to be remembered as a
copybook President, who followed the Constitu-
sumption of intoxicating liquor. While speaking boastfully of its
party agenda, welfare schemes etc., can any ruling party or its
government dare prohibit liquor during its regime? The leaders
to Indian space technology. tion in letter and spirit while carrying out the du- should set good examples rst by ridding themselves of the habits
Y Raman, Visakhapatnam ties of the oce. In his term, he faced his own share of consuming liquor under the shelter of law. Then only can they
of troubles, chiey among them a country that is preach sermons or acclaim any nobility.
dangerously irting with radicalism and one K Sai Prasanna, Hyderabad
Senior citizens do the job of caught in the throes of vigilantism and mob justice.
Mukherjee, true to his political lineage and years
civic sta, politicos of dealing with world leaders, rose to the occasion Humongous losses to banks
T hanks to the senior citizen good samaritan and many others
who managed to repair the potholes on Gough Road opposite
and spoke his mind calling on Indians to be vigilant
enough to protect the basic tenets of our democ-
Pranabs caution C risil has estimated that banks would need to take a 60 per
cent haircut, worth Rs 2.4 lakh crore, to settle 50 large
NSG regional centre. As a matter of fact, Gulshan Bambot and racy. He was the quintessential Congress politi- to Modi govt stressed assets with debt of Rs 4 lakh crore, under the process of
many others like her have opened our eyes, who have for some cian, who proudly claimed Indira Gandhi as his National Company Law Tribunal under the Insolvency and Bank-
reasons or the other were unable to take step taken by a senior. It
also makes one wonder if tax-payers are made to take up the job
of upkeep of roads etc., do we at all need political representatives
mentor. Yet, during these last three years, he was
able to maintain a reasonably correct relationship
with the Modi government. Yet, from time to time,
I n his farewell address, President Pranab
Mukherjee cautioned the government that or-
dinance should be used only in extraordinary cir-
ruptcy Code in FY 2018. It will certainly have a dent on the prot
as well as the capital of banking sector. The government should
come out with a proposal of increase in capital infusion over and
which only adds to the burden of exchequre and also corruption he stumbled upon the moral authority of his oce. cumstances when the parliament is not in session. above the promised one. Even then also government and RBI
while awarding contracts? He spoke up in measured tones, when things He rightly stressed that debate, discussion and dis- must allow banks to distribute the loss over the next ve years.
N Nagarajan, Hyderabad seemed to be getting out of hand. sent hallmarks of democracy are a must and All these big corporate bosses who had allowed their accounts to
J S Acharya, Hyderabad taking to recourse to short-cuts is incorrect. this stage and ate away the tax payers money should be severely
Pranab Mukherjee not only brought dignity and punished. A concerted eort must be spelt out on how to prevent
Denial of pay hike at BSNL unjust distinction to the top constitutional oce but also future accounts from turning NPAs.
A true parliamentarian
T he employees and the ocers of BSNL resorting to strike their
work on 27th July is a situation thrust upon them by the faulty
policies of government. Pay Commission recommendation not to P ranab Da has rightly said in his last speech as
the President of India that parliament is meant
enhanced the stature of his oce by dealing with
every matter on merit.
K R Srinivasan, Secundrabad
TSN Rao, Bheemavaram

consider any pay revision due to lack of proper performance of for debate, discussion and dissent, but not for dis- Increasing threat to pilgrims worrisome
BSNL looks more a mockery than a realistic one. The government
accepting such recommendations is all the more surprising. If
ruption. But the suspension of six members for
their disruptive behavior in Lok Sabha on the fol- Follow Pranabjis advice F irst the pilgrims of Amarnath and then ring on a school bus
and now our military is in possession of some explosive in-
performance is the criteria for hike in pay, the general question
from one and all to the government is that based on what exem-
plary performance MPs and MLAs got huge hike in their remu-
lowing day of his counsel has exposed a fact of life.
If the legislative bodies fail to discuss the issues
of national interest, it would be a great disservice
P ranabji witnessed various things that hap-
pened in India during his more than ve
decades of political career, including emergency.
telligence inputs which warn of another possible terror attack
on the pilgrims of the holy shrine of Vaishno Devi within a week.
And this terror module is supposed to be armed by 'local assets'
nerations, when the overall performance of the government suf- to the idea of democracy. Like Pranab, every mem- He advised parliamentarians to use their public in the area. I think the 'local assets' refer to our own Kashmiri
fers with negative growth in industrial production, alarmingly ber of legislature should treat his House as a tem- life for self-correction rather than self-supporting. youth who are thoroughly brain-washed with jehadi ideals. They
growing unemployment, millions of small industries fading away ple and act accordingly.The main responsibility to His exhortation to the government of day to main- are now converted to mercenaries sans conscience, ready to do
depriving crores of workers of employment, degrowing GDP, burn- uphold the sanctity of the House sits on the leaders tain restraint in using ordinance as well as Article the bidding of their masters. Whether Mata Di will be able to
ing Kashmir and North East states and unruly vigilantism pro- of all political parties. 370 is noteworthy. protect Her devotees is altogether a dierent matter. How vigilant
moted to stun the dissenting sections. It should be borne in mind Dr DVG Sankararao, Nellimarla, Vizianagaram Y Pratapa Reddy, Tiruvuru, Krishna. our security personnel are to ward o this imminent threat re-
that already the employees are bearing with the loss of so many mains to be seen.
privileges like leave travel facilities, medical reimbursements etc. RMVN Ramakantha Rao, Visakhapatnam.
It all looks like calling a dog mad to kill it. so that they don't become nuisance to our culture involved in drug trade, at a time when the searches
AG Rajmohan, Anantapur and to maintain a decent society at par with other and enquiries on some lm celebrities are making
foreign countries in our status. Urgent action is re- some headway. As the cliche goes, law would take its Govt to hire specialists?
Beggars menace rampant in Hyd
quired immediately as it is denting the image of our
beautiful city, Hyderabad.
the illegal drug tracking trade indulged in by those, I t was a bit surprising to read the report, "Lateral entry for ex-
perts on anvil. India inherited a robust bureaucracy from the

I observe that the menace of beggars is not tackled till now. These
beggars, some of them lepers, are a nuisance to the public, es-
pecially at the trac junctions pestering people to give alms which
A M Daniel, Hyderabad no matter to which profession they belong. As all of us
are aware, the lms wield a colossal inuence on the
minds and behaviour of people and in view of the high
British. It was only later the system was muddied by self-serving
politicians. Specialists always can be engaged to re-skill the babus
and politicians should keep distance and allow them to work.
gives a very bad image to the foreign visitors who take the im- Celebrities cant cry foul importanceattachedtothem,thepeoplearenotready Politicians without any specialist knowledge are made to head
pression that India is to still an undeveloped and an unclean na-
tion. I therefore request the government that these beggars are
rounded up and kept in rehabilitation centres and taken care of,
I t is denitely not within his brief for CPI leader K
targeted, much to the exclusion of all others.
Seshagiri Row KARRY, Hyderabad
ministries of which they have no clue. Then what's the need for
specialists from outside?
N Nagarajan, Hyderabad

Changing A strange omission in
dynamics of Presidents 1st speech
Positive outcomes Name of Jawaharlal Nehru, generally regarded as the architect of

modern India, was missing from the luminaries mentioned by Ram
Nath Kovind. The curious omission could not have been inadvertent,

savings especially when Deen Dayal Upadhyay's name was mentioned in the
same breath with Gandhi's towards the end of the speech


AMIT KAPOOR ticed for Indian households. This

is evident from the market per-
ing diverted into mutual funds.
One of the major driving forces
haviour has been eliminated. It
takes away the temptation to R am Nath Kovind's rst speech as President was
in keeping with his low-key personality. He said

ndian household savings pat- formance between October 2016 behind the rising clout of mutual closely watch markets and impul- all the right things about his illustrious predeces-
terns have been witnessing and January 2017 after foreign in- fund has been the growing popu- sively react to its ups and downs. sors, including Pranab Mukherjee, and also about
some massive structural vestors had withdrawn Rs 39,979 larity of systematic investment This also leaves domestic mutual Indian poverty and diversity and combining the
shifts of late. Households in India crore from Indian equities. Such plans (SIPs). AMFI data shows fund managers with funds to "wisdom" of ancient Bharat with the science of con-
have historically been quite risk- a signicant withdrawal a few that monthly inow though SIPs spare at all times in a signicant temporary India. Similarly, the village panchayats
averse and wary of investing their years ago would have resulted in in April 2017 was Rs 4,269 crores break from the past. and a digital Republic were described as the "twin
savings in risky assets. A pursuit a market rout. But this time, the as compared to Rs 980 crores per When markets depended on pillars" of national life.
of safe bets has always driven In- stock markets barely saw a dip of month in 2012. SIPs allow in- lumpsum investments, these in- This two-track approach was also evident in the
dia towards making investments one per cent in the four-month vestors to make regular invest- vestors were usually ush with references to Mahatma Gandhi, Sardar Patel and
in unproductive assets like gold. period. This is because as foreign ments in small amounts that go cash during bull runs and short of BR Ambedkar when the President was speaking of
This pattern is slowly changing portfolio investors (FPIs) exited into equities instead of making it in bad times. They would, thus, the years immediately after independence. How-
over time, especially since de- Indian markets, domestic institu- lumpsum investments at various be left with no option but to buy ever, the name of Jawaharlal Nehru, generally re-
monetisation in November 2016. tions stepped in to compensate points in time. Post-demonetisa- at highs and sell at lows adding garded as the architect of modern India, was miss-
In the last decade and a half with matching purchases of Rs tion, this seems to be an appealing adversely to the market frenzy. ing from the luminaries mentioned by Ram Nath
ending March 2016, as the GDP 39,823 crores. alternative than holding cash or Therefore, market stability is en- Kovind.
grew from Rs 0.23 lakh crore to Mutual funds have been the investing in assets like gold and sured in two ways with a growing The curious omission could not have been inad-
Rs 1.36 lakh crore, household sav- highest contributory factor to this real estate for the risk-averse preference for nancial assets; by vertent, especially when Deen Dayal Upadhyay's
ings as a ratio of GDP had fallen trend of a domestic move towards households across India. acting as a cushion to the volatil- name was mentioned in the same breath with
from 22 per cent to 19 per cent. higher savings in nancial assets. The shift in preferences of In- ity of foreign investments and by Gandhi's towards the end of the speech. Evidently, to Akbar because it was the former who won the
At the same time, nancial sav- According to the Association of dian households towards nan- bringing in maturity in domestic the aversion of the present dispensation towards battle of Haldighati according to the saron camp,
ings as a percentage of household Mutual Funds in India (AMFI) cial assets is bound to have a few investment patterns. the founder of the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty has it is odd for those much higher up in the ocial hi-
savings has fallen from 45 to 40 data, net inows in 2016-17 have positive outcomes for the Indian However, mutual funds are far grown stronger of late, considering that Narendra erarchy to display the same bias.
per cent. Thus, not only had reached Rs 3.43 trillion, which is economy. First, as already wit- from being the go-to investment Modi had once spoken of Nehru in favourable terms It is known that between Nehru and Patel, the
household savings been falling, an astounding 155 per cent rise nessed, higher domestic invest- option for Indians. In FY16, MFs in parliament. latter is the Sangh parivar's favourite. Not surpris-
the rate of nancial savings as a from Rs 1.33 trillion in 2015-16 ment is making Indian equity accounted for merely 2 per cent It may not be out of place to see in the blanking ingly, the President referred to the rst Deputy
proportion of overall savings was and the highest ever for the mu- markets less vulnerable to foreign of the gross nancial savings out of one of the famous persons of Indian history Prime Minister's sterling contributions towards
also coming down. The allure of tual funds industry in India. In- fund ows. With mutual funds while bank accounts stood at 44 both before and after independence as an example unifying the country in the turbulent post-partition
physical assets had been increas- terestingly, retail investors have owning more than 10 per cent of per cent and provident funds and of a key feature of the saron brotherhood to years. Similarly, he mentioned Ambedkar as the
ing. driven this expansion as much as the freely tradable shares by value insurance at 36 per cent. Thus, rewrite history in accordance with its own distinc- principal architect of the constitution.
However, post demonetisation, conventional corporate treasur- and insurers another 8-9 per cent, the potential for growth of nan- tive perception of what the students as well as the While all of this is in line with the standard ac-
a non-linear shift towards savings ies. This implies a growing pro- domestic institutions command cial assets in India is massive. But, people of India should know. count of the immediate post-independence years,
in nancial assets has been no- portion of household savings be- more than half the market clout that growth will depend on the The Hindutva lobby has been feverishly engaged the silence on Nehru is strange, to say the least. It
of foreign investors, who own pace of growing auence of In- in recent times in pushing its agenda of a new in- is all the more strange since the President had a
about 40 per cent of the shares. dian households since individuals terpretation of history as it apparently believes that special word of praise for Upadhyay, whose name
Post demonetisation, a non-linear shift This makes Indian markets highly living at subsistence level cannot the wrong version has been taught for too long a is even less known outside the parivar than of V.D.
towards savings in financial assets has resilient to sudden pull-outs by be expected to invest in risky as- period by the Nehruvians because of their previ- Savarkar and M.S. Golwalkar.
been noticed for Indian households. This is the latter. sets. Nevertheless, the changing ously privileged position in positions of power. It The fact that this is Upadhyay's birth centenary
Second, the growing popularity pattern of money ows in the In- was time, therefore, to undo the earlier mistakes. year is not a sucient reason to place him on the
evident from the market performance of instruments like SIP is bringing dian equity markets point to a Few would have expected, however, that this de- same pedestal as the Father of the Nation.
between October 2016 and January 2017 stability in domestic investment promising future for domestic in- sire for change would be articulated by the highest Arguably, the new President can be said to have
patterns as well. Since SIP allows vestors. As John Maynard Keynes constitutional authority in the land. begun his tenure on the wrong footing by displaying
after foreign investors had withdrawn Rs investors to instruct banks to in- famously said: "The importance While lesser functionaries like the state-level a partisan bias. Even if the speech was written by
39,979 crore from Indian equities vest a xed amount each month, of money ows is a link between ministers may declare that the title of "Great" be the government, he could have edited it to make it
the short-termism in investor be- the present and the future." attached to the name of Maharana Pratap and not more statesmanlike.

India needs to count its broken toilets T he government on Monday said it will go
ahead with electoral bonds even if con-
sensus eludes on the issue as political par-
Donors will subscribe to them by way of
cheques or digital payments. Donor's iden-
tity will be protected. Banks will pass on
RANAJIT BHATTACHARYYA & per cent), Meghalaya (45.74 per
ability of toilets can be mislead- ties have not come up yet with any such bonds to the political parties con-
AADARSH GANGWAR ing. cent), and Nagaland (45.24 per suggestion on the proposal. The system of cerned, which encash them in times of
For instance, if only availabil- cash donation has to change and peo- need. Such parties will have to submit

I n 2016, as many as 96.5 per

cent of rural elementary gov-
ernment schools had toilets, but
of government elementary
This gap between usability
ity is considered, 95.35 per cent
and availability is also observed
in states that have better devel-
schools in rural Uttar Pradesh
ple despite knowing the "truth" are "re-
luctant" to offer their suggestions on
the electoral bonds, Finance Minister
ELECTORAL BONDS their accounts to the Election Commis-
sion. Analysts feel that electoral bonds
would take the form of a bearer bond.
more than one in four (27.79 per opment indicators. In Kerala,
in 2016 were observed to have Arun Jaitley said. While introducing the As a bearer instrument, it differs from the
cent) were dysfunctional or 100 per cent of schools had a toi-
toilets. But if we look at the Union Budet 2017-18, Jaitley announced cap- more common types of investment securities
locked, according to data col- let, but 18 per cent were found
functionality of these toilets, we ping of anonymous cash donations to politi- in that it is unregistered no records are
lected for the Annual Status of to be unusable in 2016. Further,
find that only 54.83 per cent cal parties at Rs 2,000 and introduced the kept of the owner, or the transactions involv-
Education Report (ASER). Only access to working toilets re-
were reported to have working concept of electoral bonds. The move is ing ownership, says Wikipedia. Where is the
about 68.7 per cent of schools toilets. duced over time. In the context aimed at infusing tranparency in political transparency then of the funding process?
had working toilet facilities for of the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan-
The percentage of schools funding to weed out black money and to At present, political parties should report do-
students. Gramin (Clean India Campaign-
with toilet facilities, in terms of make parties accountable. The government nations of above Rs 20,000 only to the In-
In 2016, the ASER survey was Rural) and Swachh Bharat
availability has been reported in has to amend the rules of the Reserve Bank come Tax department. But in the case of
conducted in 589 of 619 rural Swachh Vidyalaya (Clean India
the high nineties for the past few of India to facilitate such bonds in the form electoral bonds, as identity is guarded, vot-
districts, and surveyors visited Clean School) measuring usabil-
years, which lines up with the vi- of promissory notes. Any funding amount ers will not know who is contributing to the
17,473 schools. ASER has been ity of sanitation infrastructure
sion of universal sanitation in more than Rs 2,000 will be required to be Donor can be a person, an organisation or political parties, and hence no transparency.
collecting data on water and schools. becomes even more important. made through cheques or digital payments, even a company. As parties cannot report sources to the I-T,
sanitation infrastructure in Broken toilets do not bring us
But this encourages compla- where all political parties are also required It is understood that electoral bonds can they will continue to get tax exemptions, it is
schools since 2009. any closer to realising the vision
cence about water and sanita- to file income tax returns for the same. be issued only banks authorised by the RBI. being felt.
The proportion of schools of Swachh Bharat (Clean India).
tion. When we look at data on
with toilets increased 7.43 per- While a growth in the per-
working toilets, we realise that
centage points from 2010 to centage of schools with working
India is far from achieving near-
2016. Functional toilets have in- sanitation provisions has been
perfect, universal sanitation in Many countries looking at imposing sin tax on all varieties of junk food to over-nutrition because of bad
creased 21.45 percentage points schools. reported over time, this im- food. This is a transition that can
in the same period. But the rate provement is slowing across
For instance, in Mizoram, be avoided. Thats why this move
of progress is now slowing, and
government agencies do not col-
lect data on usable toilets.
The National Sample Survey,
the District Information System
most states, even as sanitation
slightly more than one in two
has been at the forefront of In-
schools (54.88 per cent) were
dia's political discourse, and
found to have dysfunctional or
funding for sanitation policies
locked toilets. A similar situa-
has increased significantly in
tion was observed in Manipur
Sin tax for redemption
SUNITA NARAIN This study by a group of medical
under GST is important. The 40
per cent sin tax in India would
add Rs 15.60 on one litre of colas.
This is much higher than the tax
in Mexico and hence will hopefully
for Education (DISE), and the (47.19 the past few years. practitioners, funded by the In- count.
Census, which are the main
sources of data on water and
sanitation-related indicators, do
One of the reasons for high
dropout rates and non-enrol-
ment for girls in rural India
A t the stroke of midnight on
July 1, 2017, the government
launched what is billed as the
dian Council of Medical Research,
has worrying numbers. It nds
that while some 7 per cent people
GST also puts other high sugar
foods, including chocolates, in the
luxury category. The move to
not measure the usability of of the reasons could be the lack of toilets in biggest tax reform since Indias in India (based on 15 states data) disincentivise junk food now
sanitation infrastructure. for high dropout rates schools, and thus it is wor- Independence. The Goods and had diabetes, the prevalence of needs to be supported with regu-
The working and use of rying that improvement Services Tax (GST) is designed to pre-diabetes (early signs, particu- lations on labelling that let us
sanitation facilities is ig- and non-enrolment for in working sanitation fa- bring the country into a common larly elevated blood sugar levels) know how much added sugar, salt
nored because of an girls in rural India could be cilities for girls has also single market. It sets tax slabs for was a staggering 10-15 per cent, de- and fat we are eating. The Food
overemphasis on the avail- slowed down. dierent commodities, and while pending on the criterion used. Safety and Standards Authority of
ability of this infrastruc- the lack of toilets in schools, Secondly, data show there may be disagreements on This is no small health burden on India (FSSAI) is dragging its feet
ture. In states where the and thus it is worrying that that a lower proportion how big a reform this will turn out a poor country. on this...Thats not all. GST also in-
gap between availability of schools have working to be, it is clear that it provides an Their conclusion is we are un- centivises food that is not branded,
and functionality is massive improvement in working toilets for girls than they important signal on policy direc- dergoing an epidemiological tran- packaged and processed. Today,
a common occurrence in sanitation facilities for have for boys, which means tions. sition. States with higher GDP our food safety system willy-nilly
north-eastern and central that girls do not enjoy the For public health, a big bang im- Gujarat, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu pushes us to believe that only
states focusing only on avail- girls has also slowed same level of access to work- pact of GST is the tax on sugar- small just one peso per litre of and Chandigarh have higher when the food is branded or
down ing sanitation facilities as boys sweetened aerated and avoured the drink (roughly Rs 3.5 per litre). prevalence of this disease as com- processed can it be safe. Across
do. This has been calculated by water which is now pegged at 40 A bigger impact has been noted in pared to Bihar or Jharkhand. Delhi the world this understanding of
comparing the proportion of per cent. These beverages, which California, where the tax is US and Goa, with high income levels, food safety has edged out small
schools that were found to have include all the colas and such junk $0.33 cents (Rs 21 per litre). This are still awaiting sampling. Rural producers, who cant compete
a working girl's toilet with the drinks, with high sugar and hardly tax, nds a recent report from Eu- areas have lower diabetes rates with high quality and enforcement
proportion of schools that had a any nutrients, will have an addi- romonitor International, reduced than urban. standards. Today FSSAIs rule on
working toilet. tional 12 per cent cess over the lux- cola consumption by 21 per cent But most worryingly, the study food establishments does not al-
It is only when we look be- ury tax slab of 28 per cent. This and increased water consumption nds that the poor in urban well- low for the use of unbranded food.
yond availability of toilets, and cess is reserved for what is called by 63 per cent. In contrast, there o states have higher incidence of It is unsafe, according to them.
take into account the large gap the sin category of goods. was an increase in cola consump- diabetes than the rich in the same The mandarins of the nance
between usability and availabil- In 2014, Mexico became the tion in the rest of the US. So, taxa- cities. In other words, the rich in ministry have understood that
ity of sanitation infrastructure, rst country to impose a tax on tion counts. Now many other rich cities have started to learn safety is about promoting food
that we can make more nuanced sugary drinks. A recent joint study countries are looking at imposing good food habits. that is nutritious and connects
arguments about indicators like by US and Mexican health aca- sin tax on all varieties of junk But the poor are now falling into with livelihoods. Lets hope the
rates of improvement in sanita- demics found that this relatively food. the trap of bad food...With such message hits home.
tion and gender parity, and small tax had decreased consump- For us this move to tax bad food large numbers of poor in urban ar- (Courtesy: Down To Earth;
make better policy to meet these tion by some 10 per cent by the end is critical. In June 2017, British eas and such large numbers of the Writer is Director General of
challenges. of the second year, most impor- medical journal The Lancet pub- getting-rich in rural areas, this can Centre for Science and Environ-
(In arrangement with tantly, in the poorer sections of its lished a review of the prevalence easily get out of hand. We are going ment (CSE) and the Editor of
IndiaSpend.org) society. This is when the tax is of diabetes in 15 states of India. from lack of food or malnutrition Down To Earth magazine)

NUTSHELL PROTECTIVE MOM! Singing Vande Mataram mandatory

in TN schools: Madras High Court
Mumbai (PTI): NCP MP Chennai (PTI): The Madras High song, they shall not be compelled or Claiming that he had missed re-
Udayanraje Bhosale was Court made singing of the national forced to sing it, provided there are cruitment to the post by one mark
arrested in Satara district song Vande Mataram mandatory in valid reasons for not doing so. due to the 'wrong' evaluation, the pe-
after the Bombay High schools across Tamil Nadu, at least The judge said "the youth of this titioner had sought award of the ex-
Court rejected his anticipa- twice a week. country are the future of tomorrow tra mark, treating his answer to the
tory bail plea in a case of Private and government schools and the court hopes and trusts that 'Vande Mataram' question as correct.
alleged extortion and at- in the state should ensure that their this order shall be taken in the right When the matter rst came up on
tempt to murder the owner students sing the national song at spirit and also implemented in letter July 7, the petitioner's counsel had
of a manufacturing unit. least twice a week preferably on and spirit by the citizenry of this submitted that Bankim Chandra
Bhosale went to the Satara Monday and Friday, Justice M V Mu- great nation." Chatterjee wrote the national song
city police station and pre- ralidharan said in the order. The matter relates to a petition in both Bengali and Sanskrit.
sented himself before the Noting that the song can also be moved by K Veeramani, who failed The additional government
officer in-charge following played in other government and pri- to clear the written test for the post pleader, on the other hand, had ar-
which he was arrested, a vate establishments at least once in of BT Assistant as he answered that gued that it was written only in San-
police official said. He was a month, the judge said, "If people the song was written in Bengali. skrit and was later translated to Ben-
later produced before a feel it is dicult to sing the song in He had moved the court after his gali.
local court which sent him Bengali or in Sanskrit, steps can be answer 'Bengali' to the objective type The petitioner had contended that
to judicial custody for 14 taken to translate the song in Tamil." question was declared wrong by the in all the books he had studied, Ben-
days. Bhosale, the Lok However, the judge said in the board. He was awarded 89 marks gali was mentioned as the rst lan-
Sabha member from Satara event, any person or organisation has against the minimum 90 to be eligi- guage in which the national song was
and a descendant of Chha- A peahen escorting its chicks at Parliament Library Building in New Delhi on Tuesday. diculty in singing or playing the ble for appointment. written.
trapati Shivaji, was re-
cently denied anticipatory

Kashmiri separatists sent Building collapses: 11

bail by the high court up-
holding a lower court's
order in the case.

dead, many trapped

to 10-day NIA custody Mumbai: Eleven people have died and rescuers are frantically search-
ing for at least 30 others feared trapped in a four-storeyed building
that collapsed on Tuesday morning in Ghatkopar, an eastern suburb
of Mumbai. Many people were pulled out of the rubble and taken to
New Delhi (Agencies): A court here on Tues-
day remanded seven Kashmiri separatists,
Trade between Srinagar, Pakistan Army Rajawadi hospital in Ghatkopar. The city's chief re ocer, Prabhat
Rahangdale, said dozens of people were believed missing under rubble
who were arrested on charges of receiving Muzaarabad suspended targeted schools after the structure, in Ghatkopar's Damodar Park area, gave way. He
funds from Pakistan to sponsor terror activi- said they were alerted to the collapse at 10:43 am. "The entire ground
ties and stone pelting in the Kashmir Valley, Trade across the Line of Control (LoC) be- Hitting out at Pakistan for targeting schools and four oored residential building collapsed. About 30 to 40 per-
in NIA custody for 10 days. tween Srinagar and Muzaarabad was sus- near the Line of Control (LoC), Vice Chief of sons are suspected to be trapped. 11 persons (have been) rescued and
The triservices guards During in-camera proceedings, Judge pended on Tuesday after authorities in Pak- the Army Sta, Lieutenant General Sarath sent to hospital," Rahangdale said.
brave rain during the Poonam Bamba allowed the NIA to quiz Nay- istan-administered Kashmir said no trade will Chand on Tuesday said it is not something
guard of honour eem Khan, Altaf Ahmad Shah, Aftab Hilali take place this week. that India would ever do.
ceremony of 14th Shah alias Shahid-ul-Islam, Ayaz Akbar Authorities at the Trade Facilitation Centre "Pakistan shelled schools, it is not
President of India, at Khandey, Peer Saifullah, Raja Mehrajuddin near the border town of Uri in Baramulla dis- something we would do; when we retaliate we
Vijay Chowk in New Kalwal and Farooq Ahmad Dar alias Bitta trict said they had received a letter from au- assure Pakistani military is targeted. It is un-
Delhi on Tuesday Karate till August 4. thorities in Pakistan saying there would be fortunate to see that they've stooped so
Six of them were arrested from Srinagar no cross-LoC trade this week. low and caused casualty to the children", Lt.
NDFB terrorist and later own to Delhi while Farooq Ahmad
Dar was held in Delhi. They have been booked
Pakistani authorities gave no reasons for
suspending the trade that takes place from
Gen Sarath Chand told the media on civilian
casualties in ceasere violation by Pakistan.
killed in Assam on charges of criminal conspiracy and waging
war against India.
Tuesday to Friday every week.
Police on the Indian side last week arrested
Amid heavy mortar shelling and incessant
ring in Jammu and Kashmir's bordering area
Guwahati (IANS): A ter- Altaf Ahmad Shah is the son-in-law of hard- a driver, Muhammad Yusuf Shah from by Pakistan, the local schools have been
rorist linked with the anti- line Hurriyat leader Syed Ali Shah Geelani, Chakoti near Muzaarabad, after recovering asked to remain closed by the state adminis-
talk faction of the National who advocates Jammu and Kashmir's merger 66 kg of narcotics from boxes in his vehicle. tration.
Democratic Front of with Pakistan, while Islam is a close aide of Srinagar is the summer capital of Bearing the brunt of the heavy shelling and
Bodoland (NDFB) was moderate Hurriyat leader Mirwaiz Umar Fa- Jammu and Kashmir while Muzaarabad is ceasere violation by the Pakistani troops, a
killed and a police official rooq. Ayaz Akbar is the spokesperson for the the capital of the Pakistan-administered school premise was heavily damaged in Fire brigade and NDRF personnel carrying out a search and rescue
injured in a gunfight in Geelani-led Hurriyat. Kashmir. Poonch. operation following a building collapse at Ghatkopar in Mumbai
Assam's Kokrajhar district
on Tuesday morning, po-
lice said. Around 11.30
p.m. on Monday, police
launched an operation after
getting a tip about the pres-
ence of NDFB militants in
CAPF canteens in the red
Karigaon area, Inspector
General of Police Anurag
GST exemption not provided to 1,700 units
Agarwala said.The terror- NEELABH SRIVASTAVA/PTI Affected by the development, an associa-
ists opened fire when the tion of Central Armed Police Forces (CAPFs)
police laid a cordon and New Delhi: Paramilitary forces have veterans has threatened protests against
asked them to surrender. sounded alarm bells saying over 1,700 of the "step motherly" treatment and has said
Sub Inspector Ramcharan their canteens, used by lakhs of troops and it will "picket" all the headquarters of
Rabha was injured in the their families to run their daily households, these forces on August 18.
gunfight, Agarwala said. may soon have to down their shutters if The association has also written to Prime
they are not provided GST "exemption" Minister Narendra Modi seeking his per-
similar to the defence-run CSDs. sonal intervention in this "kitchen budget"
Gang beheads A senior official involved in the running
of these country-wide canteens, called
crisis being faced by lakhs of personnel
and their families belonging to forces like
man in TN Central Police Canteens (CPCs), said stocks the BSF, CRPF, ITBP, CISF, and SSB.
of groceries, daily kitchen goods and other Central police organisations like the CBI,
Thanjavur (PTI): An miscellaneous items have dipped to an all- NDRF, NIA, and SPG also purchase items
unidentified gang hacked to time low as there is no clarity for their op- from these canteens.
death a 32-year-old man and erations after the implementation of the "The imposition of GST on the CPC has
beheaded him near a rail- Goods and Services Tax (GST). put the members of these organisations in
way level crossing in the "The stocks are in the red. The govern- crisis of kitchen budget," the All India Cen-
district, police said. The vic- ment has been petitioned time and again tral Paramilitary Forces Ex-Servicemen
tim Rajeshsimman, the son about the exemptions required to run these Welfare Association wrote.
of a former AIADMK town
secretary in Ammapettai,
was travelling to Saliya-
Retired IAS officer beaten up by cop subsidised canteens for jawans, but there
has been no final decision.
"A number of CPCs are now running on
It also also appended to the PM, a recent
letter written in this context by Union
Home Minister Rajnath Singh to his Finance
mangalam when the inci- Aligarh (PTI): A retired IAS ocer was Gaur was severely injured, police said. pital, Gaur is now improving. low stocks as no new procurement is hap- counterpart Arun Jaitley.
dent happened, they said. injured after a clash with a police con- Within minutes, senior district o- The police constable, in his complaint pening. If no GST concession is allowed like Singh, in his letter on June 29, has sought
When Rajeshsimman stable over car parking, police said. cials, including District Magistrate at the Kwarsi police station, alleged that that for defence canteens then the entire exemption from the Goods and Services
stepped out of his car, four Tulsi Gaur, who served as the district Rishikesh Bhaskar Yashod and SSP Ra- he retaliated only after he was slapped CPC system that runs on subsidised tax Tax (GST) for the CPCs saying if such a con-
men on two motorcycles at- magistrate here in 1993-94, parked his jesh Pandey rushed to the spot and by the retired ocer. rates for troops will stop," the official said. cession is not granted to these canteens
tacked him with sickles be- car last night outside an ATM near the arranged a vehicle to rush Gaur to the Though Gaur has refused to speak to This PTI correspondent visited a CPC then the CAPF personnel would face "finan-
fore beheading him, police PAC headquarters in Kwarsi police sta- state-run Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Hos- media, his wife, who was present at the based in the national capital and found that cial hardships".
said. Police suspect an old tion area here. pital. spot, rebutted the constable's allegation. stocks of goods were low and the staff He said exemption from GST will act to
enmity to be the motive be- After a constable asked him to move He was referred to the Jawaharlal She claimed the cop dragged her hus- manning the desk said "there is no clarity boost the "morale" of these jawans who
hind the murder. his vehicle, an argument ensued be- Nehru Medical College later in the night. band and beat him up after angry words after GST came into force". render selfless service to the nation.
tween the two. In the blows exchanged, According to senior doctors at the hos- were exchanged.

No plans to remove Tagore from books Chinese held

for smuggling
Karnan seeks remission
of jail term from Kovind
New Delhi (PTI): The government
has no plan to remove Ravindranath red sanders Kolkata (PTI): Former Cal-
Tagore from school textbooks, HRD Mamata hits back at Centre New Delhi (PTI): A Chinese cutta High Court judge C S
Minister Prakash Javedekar told Rajya national has been arrested Karnan today made a repre-
Sabha. Responding to the issue raised
by Derek O'Brien (TMC) during the
A fter RSS ideologue Dinanath
Batra recommended a host of
changes to the National Council of
ous things ought to be removed from
the text books referring to Mughal
emperors as generous, former PM
by the customs at the Indira
Gandhi International air-
sentation before newly
sworn-in President Ram
Zero Hour, the Minister said the gov- Educational Research and Training in Manmohan Singh's apology over the port here for allegedly trying Nath Kovind seeking remis-
ernment respected Tagore and all oth- its textbooks, including removal of 1984 riots, and the sentence that to smuggle out over 86 kg of sion of the six-month jail term
ers who had contributed to the free- Rabindranath Tagore, West Bengal around 2000 Muslims were allegedly red sanders. awarded to him by the
dom and literature of the country. Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee killed in the Gujarat riots. The recom- The accused was inter- Supreme Court.
"We hail everybody and nothing will asked as to how can someone talk mendations were about five pages cepted when he was pro- The controversial former
be removed," he said. Javadekar said about removing a person who is the which highlighted the portions of ceeding to depart to Kun- judge made the representa- in touch with the President's
for NCERT books, teachers and others "pride of the nation". "I think very what to be removed. ming in China on Sunday. tion through his counsel oce." The representation
have been asked to give suggestions to soon they will remove everyone from Earlier, Nyas had campaigned "A through search of the Mathews J Nedumpara. was made under the Article
correct or remove "any factual errors" the country. How can one even talk of against A K Ramanujan's essay Three passenger's baggage re- "A representation seeking 72 of the Constitution. Kar-
in textbooks. Naresh Agarwal (SP) said removing Tagore from school text Hundred Ramayanas: Five Examples sulted in the recovery of 86 remission of the six-month nan evaded arrest after the
the Nyas has also suggested the re- books? This is just rubbish. Batra, and Three Thoughts on Translation kg of red sanders," a senior jail term awarded to six-month jail term was im-
moval of Urdu words and Mirza Ghalib who the heads Nyas, said that vari- from the University of Delhi. customs ocial said on Justice(retd) Karnan was pre- posed on him on May 9 by a
from the textbooks. As many as 7000 Tuesday. sented to the President's of- seven-judge bench of the
suggestions have been received, RSS- aliated Shiksha Sanskriti Ut- ciate from the Nyas. During the Zero sector. UGC and AICTE are under a Red sanders, a prohibited ce," Nedumpara told PTI Supreme Court.
Javadekar said. "We will not do any- than Nyas was to remove Tagore's Hour, D Raja (CPI) raised the issue of cloud of uncertainty and there are fears item for export, is banned over the phone. He was arrested from
thing which will create some problem." works and references from the syl- thousands of college and university of they are being dismantled and re- under the Convention on In- "We will be seeking an au- Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu on
Raising the issue, O'Brien said the labus. "Rabindranath Tagore does not teachers staging a demonstration in the placed, he said, adding this was an at- ternational Trade in Endan- dience with the President in June 20 and is presently
HRD Ministry had called for sugges- need a certicate from anybody," he national capital to protest the govern- tempt to "bureaucratise, centralise and gered Species (CITES). this regard as soon as possi- lodged in the Presidency Cor-
tions and one of the suggestions from said and asked the minister to disasso- ment "apathy" regarding the education commercialise education". ble," he said, adding "We are rectional Home here.

Chief of Armed Forces: President Ram Nath Kovind meeting Services chiefs Your Prez! President Ram Nath Kovind greeting the dignitaries after taking MY Favourite Pic! Pranab Mukherjee with President Ram Nath Kovind at
after inspecting a Guard of Honour at Rashtrapati Bhavan on Tuesday oath at a special ceremony in the Central Hall of Parliament Rashtrapati Bhavan on Tuesday morning.

Pranab Name top 100 bank

joins Twitter
New Delhi: As Pranab Mukher-
jee left the palatial Rashtrapati
381 babus punished
New Delhi (PTI): 'Perform or perish'. This is perish, while having a positive impact on the
loan defaulters: Oppn
New Delhi (PTI): Opposition par-
ties in the Rajya Sabha demanded
ing,"hesaid. Hesoughtaresponse
from Leader of the House and Fi-
Bhavan to make way for India's one of the mantras of good governance being performing workforce," the ministry said. Opposition protests publicationofthenamesoftop100 nance Minister Arun Jaitley, who
14th President Ram Nath
Kovind, who was sworn-in to-
followed by the Modi government to make its
workforce accountable, a senior personnel
It said the records of 11,828 Group A ocers,
including 2,953 all India services like the IAS,
suspension of Cong MPs loandefaultersandsoughttoknow
ley did not oer any comments.
day, to his new residence at 10 ministry ocial has said. the Indian Police Service (IPS) and the Indian The Opposition parties, led by the Congress, "thriving". Deputy Chairman P J Kurien
Rajaji Marg, a change of guard The ministry has taken actions like prema- Forest Service (IFoS), were reviewed. staged a protest against the suspension of six Raising the issue through a saidthematterraisedisimportant
was also reected on Twitter. ture retirement and cut in remuneration The service records of 19,714 Group B ocers Congress MPs from the Lok Sabha in front of point of order, Naresh Agarwal but not a point of order.
As part of a digital transition, against 381 civil services ocers, including 24 were also reviewed to eliminate the deadwood the statue of Mahatma Gandhi inside the Par- (SP)saidtheReserveBankofIndia Tothis,AgarwalsaidParliament
the Twitter handle of @rash- from the Indian Administrative Service (IAS) and the corrupt. liament complex. (RBI), at a recent meeting of the approves the Budget and also the
trapatibhvn now represents ocers, for being non-performers and allegedly In the presentation before the prime minis- The leaders of the Congress, Left, Trinamool parliamentary committee, had capital to be infused in the public
Ram Nath Kovind. being involved in illegal activities, he said. ter, the ministry said action was taken against Congress, RJD and JD(U) shouted slogans statedthat12biggestloandefaults sector banks.
All tweets made under the It highlighted these measures in a booklet 381 bureaucrats. against the Narendra Modi government over accounted for 25 per cent of the But his pleas when unheeded.
past president Pranab Mukher- titled '3 years of sustained HR initiatives: Foun- A total of 25 Group A ocers, including one the ve-day suspension of the MPs and said total NPA or bad debt in the coun- But members of almost all oppo-
jee have now been archived un- dation for a new India' and in a presentation IAS and two IPS, and 99 Group B ocers were they would take their protest inside the House try. sitionpartiessupportedAgrawal's
der a new Twitter handle made before Prime Minister Narendra Modi prematurely retired by the government, the as well. But the RBI has refused to pub- demand.
@POI13. recently. ministry said. They urged Speaker Sumitra Mahajan to re- lish their names, he said, adding if Public sector banks are saddled
Pranab Mukherjee will "To ensure accountability of bureaucracy, As many as 21 civil servants, including ten consider the decision to suspend Gaurav a student or a farmer defaults on with non-performing assets
however continue to tweet un- the government has made probity and perform- IAS ocers, deemed to have resigned, it said. Gogoi, Sushmita Dev, Ranjeet Ranjan, Adhir loan, his or her name is published. (NPAs) or bad loans to the tune of
der a new handle @Citizn- ance the twin pillars on which good governance The penalties like dismissal, removal or com- Ranjan Chowdhury, K Suresh and M K Ragha- But the big corporate loan de- a staggering Rs six lakh crore. Bad
Mukherjee. This will act as a rests," the booklet said. pulsorily retirement and cut in pension was van. Congress leaders Rahul Gandhi, Ghulam faulters are not being named, he loans rose by over Rs one lakh
personal account of Pranab Strict action has also been initiated against imposed on 37 Group A ocers that included Nabi Azad and Mallikarjun Kharge, JD-U's said. "Is Parliament greater or the crore in the rst nine months of
Mukherjee. ocers on foreign postings who were continu- ve from the IAS. Sharad Yadav, CPI's D Raja, NCP's Supriya RBI," he asked. last scal to Rs 6.07 lakh crore by
His new Twitter handle re- ing on such assignments beyond their approved In addition to this, 199 Group A ocers, in- Sule and TMC leaders, including Kalyan He demanded that the top 100 December 31, 2016.
minds what Mukherjee had tenures, it said. cluding eight from the IAS, were penalised on Banerjee, were among those who took part in loan defaulters should be identi- Gross NPAs of public sector
said yesterday about returning "These strict measures have gone a long way remuneration, it said. the protests. The six suspended MPs were also ed and their named published. banks stood at Rs 5.02 lakh crore
from the Rashtrapati Bhavan as towards inculcating a sense of discipline and The ministry, while highlighting its initia- present on the occasion. Earlier, the Congress The country deserves to know at the end of March 2016, up from
a citizen after spending ve accountability in the bureaucracy and have sent tives, said there was "visible demonstration of held a "strategy meeting" to discuss the sus- "who these people are and under Rs 2.67 lakh crore at the end of
years as India's rst citizen. a message to employees to either perform or the will of the State in punishing wrongdoers". pension of the MPs. whose protection are they thriv- March 2015.


Family of seven
500 crore for
flood-hit Gujarat
Saini, a birth photographer
MANIK GUPTA new-born shoots in India by a magazine.

rescued from tree after aerial survey

Ahmedabad (IANS): Prime Minister C aesarean or normal, Urshita Saini's parents
ask her when she leaves for work with her kit.
"I was shocked to know that nothing has been
done on birth photography in India. It's sad that
the country producing babies every second of the

after 40 hours NarendraModionTuesdayannounced

It's a question that the 26-year-old Delhi resi-
dent has got used to, for it deals with her field of
day does not have anything to show on birth pho-
tography. This is what actually egged me on to
take the matter in my hands," she said.
Jalore: As oodwaters rushed through Rajasthan's Jalore dis- and Rs 2 lakh compensation to the kin But here's the catch Saini is not a doctor, deliv- However, the task of convincing a woman's
trict, a family of seven, the youngest six months old, took shelter of the 83 people who have died and Rs ering children. She is busy clicking mothers in the family to allow her to capture these extremely pri-
on a tree. They spent the next 40 hours there, clinging to 50,000 to the injured. throes of labour and taking the first pictures of vate moments, Saini said, was "laborious", to say
branches and awaiting rescue. Over the last two days, Air Force Modi, who ew over Banaskantha, the infant's entry into the the least.
helicopters tried twice, but could not reach them. They were Sabarkantha and Patan districts of world. "A lot of convincing had to
nally rescued by Air Force personnel who reached the area North Gujarat, said a team of the union She is a birth photogra- go into this. While the grand-
by boat. Urban Development and Rural Devel- pher. father would wonder why we
The desperate Dalit couple and their ve children were opment Ministries would visit the state For the last five months, needed to capture somebody
among about 22 people in the village who had climbed trees to to assess the extent of damage and sug- Saini, one of the very few screaming in pain, the grand-
escape the ood, said Rajendra Singh, the local magistrate. gest short-term as well as long-term specialising in this field in mother would say, 'We cannot
The Air Force ew two helicopter sorties to the area, but the measures. the country, has been cap- show the baby to anyone out-
trees started shaking with the draught of the rotor blades and Modi told reporters at the Ahmed- turing images of a child side for 40 days'," she said.
there was danger of the people falling, said Mr Singh. The Air abadairport:"Insuchsituations,itisthe being born. For Saini, who used to nur-
Force personnel nally boarded boats of the National Disaster farmerswhosuerthemost. Insurance
TN CM seeks Response Force or NDRF and rescued all those stranded, he companies may be advised to quickly
A hit among sections of
people in the West, child
ture her aesthetic sense by
clicking happy photographs of
exemption added. "We tried to airlift them (those stuck on trees) yesterday
but couldn't succeed. Now they have been rescued," said the
and assets of farmers and initiate im-
birth photography is still to
grab eyeballs in India.
fat Indian weddings, the very
first assignment came as an
from NEET state's home minister Gulab Chand Kataria, who has called
Jalore the "main problem."
mediate steps to settle the claims."
But increasingly, people
are seeking to record those
She had watched YouTube
The district headquarters of Jalore has been completely cut ister Vijay Rupani and Deputy Chief unforgettable moments of videos on child birth, and
o, with three state highways that connect it being under ood- Minister Nitin Patel during the aerial labour and birth. thought she was prepared for
waters. As seasonal rivers have overowed following heavy survey. "These photographs cap- it.
rains, elds, farms and villages have turned into a solid mass of After holding a high-level meeting ture the varied emotions of "But these videos shows you
water. Roads have turned into rivers. with Rupani and Patel, besides former the mother from that of ex- just one angle while the real
ChiefMinister Anandiben Patel and of- cruciating pain to the im- thing is 20 people rushing
cials,ModipraisedtheGujaratgovern- mense happiness she gets around, where one is getting
ment for "rising to the occasion just after the baby is born," cotton, the other bringing scis-
promptly and having already prepared Saini told PTI. sors, the third one putting up
a blueprint for the crisis". For a while now, fathers
It is perfectly fine for a glucose -- and in all that
The north Gujarat districts of Ba- are being allowed into oper- photographer to click chaos the baby is out," she
naskantha,SabarkanthaandPatanhave ation theatres (OT) to be
pictures, but there said. But she managed to cap-
been ooded after incessant rains dur- with their partners during ture the right moment, she
ing the last 36 hours. Tharad town has child-birth. some dos and don'ts that said, comparing her job with
receivedmaximumrainfallof24inches, Some doctors also allow has to be followed. someone sent to do war pho-
followed by Dhanera 20 inches, Danti- the process to be pho- tography.
wada18,Palanpur15,DeesaandDiyodar tographed, as long as the Photographers must be Saini, who was once asked
13 inches each, Patan 12 inches and medical process is not dis- silent spectators and to leave the OT because of an
UDF backs Vadgam about 11 inches. turbed.
Dr Anita K Mohan, gynae-
their photography should emergency, said she never
stepped out of the "lakshman
rapist MLA cologist, Fortis Hospital, not hinder the free move- rekha" drawn by doctors.
LEWD COMMENTS ON ACTRESS said it was "perfectly fine"
for a photographer to click
ment of medical person- "We also wear scrubs and
gloves, and our equipments
pictures, but there were nel in the operation area are sterile," she said.

Young director, actor booked some dos and don'ts that
had to be followed.
"Photographers must be silent spectators and
Dr Anita K Mohan As the infant's eyes are very
sensitive, the use of flash is
prohibited inside the OT and labour room, she
Kochi (PTI):Four persons, including a young director Meanwhile, a city court extended by two weeks their photography should not hinder the free added.
and actor have been booked for allegedly making lewd the judicial custody of Malayalam actor Dileep, ar- movement of medical personnel in the operation Saini, who has done over 20 birth shoots till
commentsonanactressandcheatingherbynotgiving rested in connection with the alleged plot in the area," she said. now, said parents and grand-parents of the baby
remuneration.Thecasewasregisteredagainst"Honey case relating to abduction and assault of a south In- Saini said her pictures "reveal a mystery", as were mostly happy with the photographs. In one
Bee 2" director Jean Paul Lal, son of veteran actor Lal, dian actress, a day after the High Court rejected his they tell the story of what happens inside the OT case, the baby's grand-mother insisted that Saini
andnewgenerationactorSreenathBhasiandtwooth- bail plea. The Angamaly rst class magistrate court and labour rooms. be paid more than what she charged because the
ers, police said. The four were booked under IPC sec- extended the judicial custody of Dileep till August "You get pictures of your baby's heartbeat, doc- granny loved the pictures.
tions 354A (making sexually coloured remarks), 420 8 after a hearing through video conferencing. tor putting the tag, wrapping the baby with a "Initially when we were told about this concept,
(cheating), police said. The case was registered based The actor is presently lodged at nearby Aluva towel," said Saini, a member of the International my wife and I were very happy, but our parents
on a complaint by a young actress, who was part of the sub-jail. Dileep, arrested on July 10, has been Association of Professional Birth Photographers were hesitant. However, when Urshita showed her
movie "Honey Bee 2". In the complaint, she alleged charged under various sections of the IPC, including (IAPBP). work to us, they also came on board," said Rajan
that the four had made vulgar comments at her when one for hatching a criminal conspiracy for abduc- Saini found about this concept only when she (name changed), one of her clients.
shewenttocollectherpaymentatahotelinPanangad tion and assault of the actress in a moving car on was asked to write an article on maternity and "I am happy that we made this choice. PTI
here in November last year. February 17.

Trump pats Kushner
AG weak on Hillary crimes
Washington (AP): President tended to stay in his post. If
for proving
Russian links wrong
Donald Trump has spoken with Trump were to re Sessions, Washington (PTI): US President
advisers about ring Attorney Deputy Attorney General Rod Donald Trump on Tuesday
Pilot survives General Je Sessions, ocials Rosenstein would be elevated to praised his son-in-law Jared
say, and launched a fresh Twitter the top post on an acting basis. Kushner for proving that he
vintage military tirade on Tuesday against the That would leave the President did not collude with the Rus-
man who was the rst US senator with another attorney general of sians and mocked opponents by
jet fire to endorse his candidacy. Attor- whom he has been sharply criti- saying that his 11-year-old son
Henderson (US) (AP): A ney General Je Sessions has cal in both public and private for could be their next target.
vintage single-engine taken a VERY weak position on his handling of the Russia probe, Jared Kushner did very well Jared Kushner
British-built military jet Hillary Clinton crimes (where according to four White House on Monday in proving he did not
crashed and burned in the are E-mails & DNC server) & In- and outside advisers who, like collude with the Russians. Witch had said. He said when his father-
desert just after take-off tel leakers! Trump tweeted. The others interviewed, spoke on Hunt. Next up, 11-year- old Bar- in-law decided to run for presi-
from a suburban Las Presidents anger over Sessions condition of anonymity to dis- ron Trump! Trump tweeted. His dent and he served his campaign
Vegas-area airport, but au- decision to recuse himself from cuss private conversations. It tweet came hours before Kushner in the best manner he could, be-
thorities said the pilot es- the governments investigation of Je Sessions Donald Trump could also raise the spectre of was scheduled to appear before cause he believes in Trump and
caped serious injury. The Russian meddling in the US elec- Trump asking Rosenstein or the Senate Select Committee on his ability to improve the lives of
pilot was the only person tion had burst into public view the Justice Department. Trump ing resumed at daybreakon Tue- whomever he appoints to ll the Intelligence to respond to their all Americans.
aboard the Strikemaster jet on Monday when he referred to often talks about making sta day, with the President wonderig position to re Robert Mueller, questions on his relationship with And now, serving the presi-
when it crashed just be- Sessions in a tweet as belea- changes without following aloud about Sessions VERY the special counsel leading the the Russians. On Monday, Kush- dent and the people of the United
fore noon on Monday guered. through, so those who have spo- weak position on Hillary Clin- investigation into Russias med- ner, who is also the Senior Advisor States has been the honour and
about a half-mile south of Privately, Trump has specu- ken with the President cautioned ton crimes. In another post to dling in the 2016 election and po- to the President, submitted a 11- privilege of a lifetime. I am so
Henderson Executive Air- lated aloud to allies in recent days that a change may not be immi- his Twitter account, Trump said: tential collusion with Trumps page statement to the Committee grateful for the opportunity to
port, according to police, about the potential conse- nent or happen at all. Ukrainian eorts to sabotage campaign. and appeared before its re- work on important matters such
fire, airport and Federal quences of ring Sessions, ac- So why arent the committees Trump campaign quietly work- The name of one long time searchers in a close door setting. as the Middle East peace and
Aviation Administration cording to three people who have and investigators, and of course ing to boost Clinton. So where is Trump ally, Rudy Giuliani, was Later, in remarks to the media reinvigorating Americas innova-
officials. No one on the recently spoken to the President. our beleaguered AG, looking into the investigation AG. Trumps oated as a possible replacement at the White House, Kushner said tive spirit. Every day, I come to
ground was injured, and They spoke on condition of Crooked Hillarys crimes & Rus- intensifying criticism of Sessions for Sessions, but a person who re- he had done no wrong. Let me be work with enthusiasm and ex-
the closest homes were anonymity to discuss private sia relations? the president has fuelled speculation that Ses- cently spoke to the former New very clear, I did not collude with citement for what can be, Kush-
about a half-mile (0.8 km) conversations. Trump earlier this tweeted on Monday. His tweet sions may resign even if Trump York City mayor said that Giu- Russia, nor do I know of anyone ner said. I have not sought the
away, Henderson fire month assailed Sessions in a New came just hours before his son- opts not to re him. liani had not been approached else in the campaign who did so. I spotlight. First in business, and
spokeswoman Kathleen York Times interview for taking in-law, White House senior ad- During an event at the White about the position. Giuliani told had no improper contacts. I have now in public service, I have al-
Richards said. Airport himself out of the Russia probe, viser Jared Kushner, travelled to House, Trump ignored a shouted CNN on Monday that he did not not relied on Russian funds for ways focused on setting and
spokeswoman Christine saying that if hed known Ses- Capitol Hill to be interviewed question about whether Sessions want the post and would have re- my businesses, and I have been achieving goals and have left it to
Crews said police were in- sions would choose that course about his meetings with Rus- should step down. The Attorney cused himself had he been in Ses- fully transparent in providing all others to work on media and pub-
terviewing the pilot after he wouldnt have installed him at sians. Trump's rapid-re tweet- General said last week he in- sions position. requested information, Kushner lic perception, he added.
the crash. The Strikemas-
ter is a two-seat light-at-
tack aircraft. Nearly 150
of the jets were produced
by British Aircraft Corpo-
ration from 1967 to 1984.
Trump hails
McCain as Saudi, allies unveil Qatar terrorist blacklist
American hero Riyadh (AFP): Saudi Arabia and
its allies unveiled a terrorist
of terror funding. The four gov-
ernments on Tuesday blacklisted
US Navy ship Washington blacklist on Tuesday of 18 organ- three organisations based in
fires shots at (PTI): US
isations and individuals sus-
pected of links with Islamist ex-
Yemen and six based in Libya ac-
cusing them of ties to Al-Qaeda.
Iranian boat Donald tremism that they said had ties They also blacklisted three
Washington (AFP): A US
Navy patrol ship fired
Trump on
with regional rival Qatar.
The move by the four Arab gov-
Qataris, three Yemenis, two
Libyans and a Kuwaiti they said
Troops blockade
warning shots at an Iran- hailed Sena- ernments came despite mounting were implicated in fundraising Maldives
ian Revolutionary Guard tor John McCain as an Ameri- international pressure to com- campaigns to support (former Al-
vessel on Tuesday after it can hero for returning to Wash- promise in their weeks- old boy- Qaeda alate) Al-Nusra Front Parliament as
approached within 150 ington to take key votes on cott of their fellow US ally. Saudi and other terrorist militias in
yards (137 meters), a US repealing Obamacare despite be- Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Syria. Qatar and its neighbours crisis worsens
defence official said. The ing diagnosed with brain cancer. Bahrain and Egypt blacklisted support opposing sides in the Male (AFP): Maldivian troops
IRGCN boat was coming So great that John McCain is nine charity and media organisa- They sealed the emirate's only base, and fall in line with Saudi- conict in Libya between a UN- blockaded Parliament and
in at a high rate of speed. coming back to vote. Brave - tions and nine individuals di- land border, ordered its citizens led policy in the region, particu- backed unity government in clashed with opposition leaders
It did not respond to any American hero! Thank you rectly or indirectly linked to to leave and closed their airspace larly towards Iran. Tripoli and a rival administration for a second day, witnesses said
signals, they did not re- John, Trump tweeted. McCain, Qatari authorities as terrorist, and waters to Qatari ights and Qatar has dismissed the de- in the east. Qatar supports Is- on Tuesday, as political turmoil
spond to any bridge-to- recently diagnosed with an ag- a joint statement carried by the shipping. They demanded that mands as a violation of its sover- lamist militia that back the unity escalated in the troubled hon-
bridge calls, they felt there gressive form of brain cancer, Saudi Press Agency said. We ex- Qatar break its longstanding ties eignty and has received signi- government, while the United eymoon islands.
was no choice except to will return to the Senate on pect Qatari authorities to take the with the Muslim Brotherhood, cant support from its ally Turkey. Arab Emirates has provided arms The latest turbulence came as
fire the warning shots, Tuesday to cast a critical vote next step and prosecute the ter- blacklisted as a terror group by US Secretary of State Rex Tiller- deliveries to its rival that a UN the United Kingdom urged its
the defense official said on on the Republican health care rorist groups and people, the the four governments although son, who last week spent four panel found were in violation of citizens to take caution in the
condition of anonymity. bill. The 80-year-old Senator statement added. The four gov- not by the international commu- days in the region trying to broker UN sanctions. Saudi Arabia has capital Male after soldiers tear
underwent surgery to remove a ernments have been boycotting nity. They also demanded that it a settlement of the crisis, has led a military intervention against gassed protesting politicians
blood clot from above his left Qatar since June 5 in the regions close broadcasting giant Al- voiced satisfaction with Qatars Shiite rebels in neighbouring there. Soldiers barred the main
Army DG meets eye early this month. worst diplomatic crisis in years. Jazeera and a Turkish military eorts to address any suspicion Yemen since March 2015. opposition Maldivian Demo-
cratic Party (MDP) from enter-
Nepal Army chief ing the heavily guarded Parlia-

Knife attack on Russia, China hold

Kathmandu (PTI): Di- ment complex again, with
rector General of Indian witnesses reporting shoving as
Armys Assam Rifles Lt naval exercise MPs were forced back from the

Spain border police

Gen Shokin Chauhan on
Tuesday paid a courtesy
call to Nepal Army chief
in Baltic; NATO Even when Parliament is not
in session, MPs are free to go to
Gen Rajendra Chhetri dur-
ing which they discussed Madrid: A knife-wielding man
watches from afar the building and attend to their
work, but it is not allowed now,
matters relating to mutual shouting Allahu Akbar entered Moscow (AP): Ships of the MDP spokesman Hamid Abdul
interest and defence coop- the border post between Mo- Russian and Chinese navies Ghafoor said. This is ridicu-
eration. This is a regular rocco and the Spanish territory have begun exercises in the lous. The Parliament gates
goodwill visit by the In- of Melilla on Tuesday, threaten- Baltic Sea, watched from afar were padlocked by soldiers
dian Army official and ing police who wrestled him to by neighbouring NATO Monday in a move described as
such visits are aimed at the ground. countries uneasy about Rus- illegal by exiled Maldivian op-
strengthening ties between The man is in custody, Spanish sias growing military as- position leader Mohamed
the two armies, said an Interior Minister Juan Ignacio shouting Allahu Akbar (God is sertiveness. Nasheed. An opposition coali-
official at the Nepal Army Zoido tweeted, without indicating Greater), slightly injuring a police- Russia and China have con- tion, united against President
headquarters here. whether the incident was an at- man, Irene Flores, spokeswoman ducted joint exercises for sev- Abdulla Yameen, had been
tempted terror attack. Zoido for the central governments rep- eral years, but the manoeu- threatening to move a no-con-

posted security camera footage of
the dramawhich took place on
resentative oce in Melilla, said.
Flores said an initial investiga-
vres that began on Tuesday
were the first in the Baltic,
Merkel at opera with hubby dence motion against the
speaker in a bid to impeach the
Spanish soilshowing the man in tion indicated the man was Mo- whose shores include Estonia, Bayreuth, Germany (Reuters): German Chancellor Angela Presidents ally. But MPs trying
kills handler a blue top walking slowly through roccan, but this has yet to be con- Lithuania, Latvia and Poland, Merkel walked the red carpet before the countrys press on to enter the compound were hit
Victoria Falls (AFP): An the border post holding a knife, rmed. A police spokesman had countries that expressed con- Tuesday as she attended the annual Bayreuth Wagner opera with pepper spray and forcibly
elephant that gave tourist police closing in on him. One of earlier said the man ran into the cern about Russia in the wake festival with her husband. evicted. Yameens oce said in
rides in the Zimbabwean the ocers hurled a portable road border post, but that is not visible of the 2014 annexation of The pair attended the opening day of the month-long festival, a statement on Tuesday that
town of Victoria Falls barricade at him, throwing him to on the footage. Melilla and its sis- Crimea. The exercises include which was founded by Wagner in 1876. The event has been a Parliament was closed ahead of
trampled his professional the ground as other agents ter Spanish city Ceuta, both Span- a Chinese destroyer, frigate fixture on the couples social calendar in recent years. Both an incoming VVIP visit. Pak-
handler to death, the local pounced to remove the knife. ish territories on Moroccos and supply ship and will in- Merkel and her husband, Joachim Sauer, who generally stays istan Prime Minister Nawaz
tour operators' association A man entered the border post northern coast, are the only two clude live-fire practice at sur- out of the spotlight, are known to be big fans of the 19th century Sharif is in the Maldives as the
said on Tuesday. Enock and once inside, pulled out a large land borders between Africa and face and air targets, the state German composers work. tropical island nation celebrates
Kufandanda, 50, was knife and confronted (police) the European Union. news agency Tass reported. its 52nd anniversary.
killed on Saturday by a
bull elephant called
Mbanje (marijuana in
the local Shona language).
Parks and wildlife author-
ity rangers shot and killed
the elephant, reported to
be about 30 years old,
Vatican switches off fountains as Italy battles drought
Rome (AFP): The historic foun- Rome because it had dropped to would exceed two billion euros
soon after it charged and tains in Saint Peters Square at such a low level that it risked ($2.3 billion), with production of
killed Kufandanda. We the Vatican lay empty on Tues- sparking an environmental dis- crops from cereals to olives and
confirm the sad incident, day after the tiny city state aster. Acea, the utility rm tomatoes hit in two-thirds of the
the third in the last 10 turned them off as Italy strug- which runs Rome's water sys- country.
years, Clement Mukwasi, gles with a prolonged draught. tem, has slammed the stop on us- Geologist Mario Tozzi said
of the EmployersAssoci- The dry basins of the two ing water from the lake as un- that fountains were not the
ation of Tourism and Sa- fountains by 17th-century necessary and said the move left problem, the real issue was
fari Operators, said. The sculptors Carlo Maderno and it no choice but to cut o sup- wasted water. The water net-
profession of elephant Gian Lorenzo Bernini were plies to residents. Farmers from work in Rome is leaking, almost
handling is a high risk symbolic of a period of swelter- the southern island of Sicily to 40 litres out of 100 are lost, he
one. He added that ele- ing temperatures which have the country's northern plains are said, adding that the cost of re-
phants can keep grudges devastated farms and forced also raising the alarm. pairing damaged pipelines
that lead to attacks. Rome to consider water ra- The Po river, on which 35 per across Italy was estimated at
tioning. Ten regions across the Italy of 20 billion cubic metres not enough to relieve the pres- from Saturday for 1.5 million in- cent of the nations agricultural about 60 billion euros. He also
country have called for a state of water so far this year -- the sure. Some 300 of the citys fa- habitants for up to eight hours a production depends, lies 50 cen- pointed the nger at the low
of emergency to be declared af- equivalent of Lake Como. And mous big nose public fountains day -- though the proposal is be- timetres (20 inches) lower than price of water: Farmers pay so
ter Italy suffered the second- there is little hope for those anx- -- so called because of their shape ing ercely challenged by the the same period last year, ac- little that they don't bother to
driest spring in 60 years and iously watching the skies in the -- have already been turned o city's anti-establishment mayor. cording to Coldiretti, Italys agri- put in place a system that would
rainfall in the first six months capital: the national meteorolog- and more will follow. The rationing threat follows the cultural union. The union esti- allow them to save water, it
of the year was down 33 per ical service has predicted small The Lazio region is consider- decision to stop withdrawing wa- mated that losses suered by makes more sense for them to
cent. The dry spell has deprived showers in the coming days but ing rationing water in Rome ter from Lake Bracciano near farmers and live-stock owners waste it, he said.
Jio woes: Airtel Q1 net
Chatbot from
Apollo Munich
tanks 75% to ` 367 cr TS innovation policy
to boost startups
New Delhi (PTI): Bharti Airtel, Reports smallest profit
Indias largest telecom company,
in 18 quarters; avg data
Hyderabad: Health in- on Tuesday reported its smallest
surer Apollo Munich an- prot in 18 quarters as the price usage grows 3 times,
nounced the launch of war triggered by newcomer Re- but revenue dips
travel insurance chatbot liance Jio led to a massive 75 per
Travel Ninja which will cent fall in its April-June earnings. OUR BUREAU
enable its customers to se- The net prot for the rst quarter State looks to attract big corporates to set up
cure their trip in an easier of 2017-18, at Rs 367 crore, was Hyderabad: In yet another step
and faster way. Travel 74.9 per cent lower than the year- towards promoting industrial research arms; to offer slew of incentives
Ninja is designed in a way ago period, and the company development in a big way, the
that will boost our cus- blamed the disruptive pricing of Telangana government has in- tify innovation, and to encour-
tomer service quality by the new entrant for continued troduced Innovation Policy un- age startups in the rural and so-
offering both speed and ac- turbulence and stress in the der which the State will attract cial enterprise space by provid-
curacy. With artificial intel- market. big corporates to set up research ing additional incentives . The
ligence being utilised The pricing disruption in the arms and encourage entrepre- policy would be in existence for
across industries, the com- Indian telecom market caused by neurs to establish startups in ur- five years.
pany is leveraging the ben- the entry of a new operator con- ban as well as in the rural areas. Jayesh Ranjan, Principal Sec-
efits of these technological tinued with industry revenues de- to disruptive pricing by a new op- Under the policy, investors retary, IT and Industries De-
advances in its processes clining over 15 per cent year-on- erator, the statement said. would be offered a slew of incen- partment, said that all the rele-
and with the help of ma- year, creating further stress on Raghunath Mandava, MD and tives like reimbursement of paid vant departments should set up
chine learning, the chatbot sector protability, cash ows and CEO, Africa, said, Airtel Africa stamp duty and registration fee. or support dedicated incubation
will better understand the leverage, Gopal Vittal, MD and organic revenue growth for the Incubators and host Institutes zones and identify areas requir-
customers intent and be- CEO, India and South Asia, Bharti quarter was 1.5 per cent year on would be eligible for 100 per ing solutions and potential part-
havioral characteristics. Airtel said in a statement. Vittal year. New KYC norms impacted cent reimbursement of the ners or sponsors for tie-ups. A
Now, if a customer stopped short of directly naming customer additions and conse- stamp duty and registration fee Startup Council would be con-
realises they need the new entrant. Average Data us- quently revenue growth in the paid on sale/ lease deeds on the sure uninterrupted supply of on creating sustainable funding stituted for administering the
travel insurance even as age on Airtel India network grew quarter. Airtel said Qatar Foun- first transaction and 50 per cent electricity at industrial tariff. models, through funds and other incentives to the startups in a
they are waiting for their about three-fold to 2611 megabyte dation for Education, Science and thereof on the second transac- Additionally, the incubator will instruments, to develop human smooth manner and to set the
flight at the airport, they (about 2.5 GB) per customer from Community Development, CEO, tion. be permitted to avail renewable capital by creating the right en- direction of the state in terms of
will not hesitate before 904 MB on YoY basis. But the av- Rashed Fahad Al-Noaimi has The government will also as- energy under open access sys- vironment and support systems the start ecosystem.
buying a plan as it would erage revenue from the data serv- joined as an additional director sist the host institutes of recog- tem. for learning, experimentation An Advisory and Executive
just take them five min- ices per customer declined by 22.7 on the company's board. Ahead of nized incubators with an oper- The objective of the innova- and innovation from the early Committee headed by Principal
utes, said Antony Jacob, per cent during the period. Mo- the results, the company's shares ating grant to be calculated tion policy is to develop physical phases of education , proactive Secretary (IT) would be part of
CEO, Apollo Munich bile market remains turbulent in ended 1.76 per cent higher to close based on number of startups in- infrastructure and programme engagement with industry to the Startup Council, the gov-
Health Insurance. the current quarter as well, due at Rs 427.6 on BSE. cubated in a year. It will also en- management capabilities , focus continuously promote and iden- ernment said.

Gulf Oil Q1
net at `34 cr Manage staff expectations RBI processing
old notes to
AI plans to woo premium
Hyderabad: Gulf Oil Lu-
bricants India Ltd, a Hin- amid growth slowdown verify numerical passengers with new menu
duja Group Company, has
reported its unaudited finan-
accuracy: Jaitley Will introduce mocktails
on domestic flights later
cial results for the quarter Hyderabad: As growth rate slows IT cos must invest New Delhi (PTI): The old 500
ended June 30 this year. down, Indian IT companies need and 1,000 rupee notes are being
During the quarter, the com- to learn how to manage expecta- in retraining and reconciled and processed by the New Delhi (PTI): A variety of
pany has achieved a revenue tions of their employees, says a employees must RBI for verifying numerical ac- wines, mocktails for teetotallers
of Rs 326.23 crore and senior industry gure as he curacy and authenticity and the and regional cuisine, this is Air
profit-after-tax of Rs 34.29 pitched for retraining of sta, in devote time in progress is being closely moni- Indias recipe for wooing busi-
crore. The company has the era of rapid technology tran- learning, says tored, Finance Minister Arun ness and rst-class passengers
achieved year-on-year sition. When growth rate slows Jaitley said. The government on international ights, accord-
growth of 3.52 per cent in down, one has to manage the ex- former Infy CEO had demonetised old high de- ing to its spokesperson. The pro-
its revenue at Rs 326.23 cr pectations of the employees nomination notes on November posal comes after the ministry
as compared to previous within the company, former CEO in the current nancial year, it 8, 2016, and had given people of civil aviation instructed per- well, said Air India spokesper-
year June quarter, when it of Bengaluru-headquartered IT had forecast. time till December 30, 2016, to sonnel from Air Indias catering son Dhananjay Kumar.
was Rs 315.14 cr. It major, Infosys, Kris Gopalakrish- vest in retraining employees, and Gopalakrishnan, the Chair- deposit the same in bank ac- division to spend more to ll the The new menu is likely to be
recorded a volume growth nan said. two, employees must invest time man of Axilor Ventures, an early counts. The RBI has been en- aircraft during a meeting last implemented for the winter
of around 7 per cent in its The number of promotions in learning. So, these are stressful stage startup accelerator and trusted with the job of counting month, said an ocial, who schedule, which kicks in from
core business. This positive will come down because there situations for both employees as venture fund, rejected sugges- the notes deposited post the spoke on the condition of October end. According to the
volume growth has been are no openings at higher levels. well as leadership in the compa- tions that there is job-crisis in cash recall. In a written reply in anonymity. blueprint prepared last week,
achieved in the quarter, de- So, you have to set expectations nies, Gopalakrishnan said. the Indian IT sector. Even Nass- the Rajya Sabha, Jaitley said the We will rst implement this the airline also plans to intro-
spite GST-related uncertain- properly, he said. Secondly, the Last month, Indian IT indus- com has projected this sector will central bank is still completing plan for business and rst-class duce new and better cutlery for
ties in the retail channel former President of Confedera- try body Nasscom projected soft- add one lakh-plus jobs this year the counting of specied bank passengers on our international its premium passengers. Also on
which led to lower offtakes tion of Indian Industry (CII), ware export growth in 2017-18 at also. Yes, growth rate has come notes (SBNs). SBNs received ights. Later on, we plan to in- the anvil is a suggestion to oer
and some inventory reduc- said, technology was transition- 7-8 per cent in constant currency, down, recruitment numbers are are being reconciled to obviate troduce mocktails and regional such passengers the food of their
tion by trade partners to- ing and, so, employees will have down from 8.6 per cent in the lower but its still positive and the reporting errors and processed cuisine on domestic ights. If choice, which will be gathered
wards the end of the quarter. to be retrained. previous scal. The industry industry is still recruiting peo- for verifying numerical accuracy this is successful we intend to ex- from them a couple of days
One, the company must in- would add 130,000-150,000 jobs ple, he said. and authenticity. pand this to economy class as ahead of their journey.

Cheep unveils Demonetisation

services in Hyd Anti-proteering authority Telecos owe ` 97,681 cr: FM cuts terror
Hyderabad: Cheep, a
Mumbai-based on-demand
home service app, has
for consumer condence New Delhi (PTI): Union Finance
Minister Arun Jaitley said banks
have an exposure of Rs 97,681
the gross non-performing assets
(NPA) ratio and stressed ad-
vances ratio for the sector stood
funding: Centre
New Delhi (PTI): There was a
launched its services in the New Delhi (PTI): The proposed (NAPA) under the Goods and crore in the telecom sector, which at 3.68 per cent and 11.29 per cent signicant positive impact of
city. Backed by Topsgrup, anti-profiteering authority un- Services Tax (GST). is grappling with nancial stress. respectively, at the end of 2016- demonetisation on most of the
Indias largest security serv- der the GST will bolster con- The proposed authority will In a written reply to the Rajya 17 scal. Jaitley further said the theatres of violence in the
ice, Cheep promises to pro- sumer confidence and ensure have the responsibility to en- Sabha on Tuesday, Jaitley said SBI Chairman Arundhati Bhat- country, the Centre told the
vide credible, service that the intended benefits of sure that the full benefits of a SBI Chairman has pointed out tacharya has made certain recom- Lok Sabha on Tuesday. As per
professionals to address all the new indirect tax regime reduction in tax on supply of that stress in the telecom sector mendations for tackling stress in the reports of the agencies, the
their domestic needs at any reach the common man, the fi- goods or services flow to the has reached highly unsustainable the sector. demonetisation of Rs 500 and
given time with the 24X7 nance ministry said here on consumers. The constitution levels due to erosion of topline The suggestions, include align- Rs 1,000 denominations re-
service facility making the Tuesday. A selection committee of the National Anti-profiteer- and earnings of the service tal exposure to the sector worked ing deferred payment liabilities sulted in a signicant positive
lives of working profession- under the chairmanship of the ing Authority is expected to providers. Quoting the Reserve out to be Rs 97,681 crore. Com- for spectrum for its life, rational- impact on most theatres of vi-
als easy. Im proud to an- Cabinet secretary has been set bolster consumer confidence Bank of India (RBI) gure, Jaitley munications sector includes, isation of regulatory charges, olence in the country, Union
nounce that company is here up to select eligible persons for and ensure all stakeholders said total outstanding (funded) telecom - xed network, telecom quick resolution of litigation on Minister of State for Home Af-
to ensure household chores appointment as the chairman reap the intended benefits of advances by public sector banks towers, telecommunications and denition of adjusted gross rev- fairs Hansraj Gangaram Ahir
are no more a woe, a privi- and members of the National the GST, the finance ministry to the communications sector telecom services. enues, easing regulation of said in a written reply to a ques-
lege to all users to find any Anti-Profiteering Authority said in a statement. stood at Rs 63,415 crore, while to- For public sector banks (PSBs), merger and acquisition. tion.
home service at the tap of a
button at any given time,
said, Diwan Rahul Nanda, TECH HONCHOS IN A SPAT
founder, Cheep. All you
need to do is select from the
listed services, post a task,
and tell us when and where Elon Musk hits out at Facebook founder IMF could be based
the task needs to be done, get
instant quotes from our serv-
ice professionals, he added.
San Francisco(IANS): In the on-
going spat between two tech
in Beijing in a decade
Tesla founder says Zuckerberg has limited phone and computer, and that
can control his home, including
honchos, Founder and CEO of understanding of artificial intelligence lights, temperature, appliances, Washington(IANS): The Interna- S Its bylaws call for the
SpaceX Elon Musk has hit back music and security, that learned tional Monetary Fund (IMF)
instuon's head oce to be
HDFC Ergo at Facebook CEO Mark Zucker-
berg, saying the Internet entre-
his tastes and can even enter-
tain his daughter Max.
could be based in Beijing in ten
years if the Chinese economy located in the largest
Hyderabad: HDFC Ergo preneur's understanding of ar- The system he developed uses continues its growth momentum, member economy
General Insurance Com- tificial intelligence (AI) is several AI techniques, including IMF Managing Director Chris-
pany, non-life insurance 'limited'. natural language processing, tine Lagarde has said. mentum and is better repre-
provider in the private sec- "I've talked to Mark about speech recognition, face recog- One of the top priorities for the sented in the IMF, according to
tor, announced the launch this (AI). His understanding of nition and reinforcement learn- IMF in the next decade is to bet- the IMF chief.
of its Marine Policy Is- the subject is limited," Musk ing. During the recent ter represent its member "If we have this conversation
suance Engine (Marine tweeted on Monday. livestream session with his fans, economies, Xinhua news agency in 10 years' time. We might not
PIE). It is one of the first The tweet came after Zucker- he observed that AI would be quoted Lagarde as saying at an be sitting in Washington. We'll do
companies to launch the berg, during a Facebook "responsible for such lifesaving event held by the Washington- it in our Beijing head oce."
mobile version of PIE livestream last week, castigated services as diagnosing diseases based think tank Centre for The IMF's bylaws call for the
which allows issuance of Musk, also founder of electric and driving cars". Global Development. "To con- institution's head oce to be lo-
certificates and marine carmaker Tesla, for arguing that "One of the top causes of tinue to be relevant, it (IMF) will cated in the largest member
specific policy. Clients and care and regulation was needed death for people is car accidents have to be as representative as economy. The IMF put forward
insurance Intermediaries to safeguard the future if AI be- Elon Musk Zuckerberg still and if you can eliminate possible, and better than it is to- quota and governance reforms in
can access Marine PIE comes mainstream. that with AI, that is going to be day of the membership," Lagarde 2010, but the reforms didn't be-
through website, either "I have exposure to the very really negative and in some it's too late," a report in just a dramatic improvement," said. "If the trends continue in come eective until the US Con-
through the mobile or their cutting-edge AI and I think peo- ways I actually think it is pretty TechCrunch quoted him as say- Zuckerberg said. The war of terms of growth, it would mean gress approved the plan in 2015.
desktops, which will help ple should be really concerned irresponsible." ing. Zuckerberg calls himself an words between the two top that some of the large emerging The reforms doubled the IMF
clients and insurance inter- about it," Silicon Valley Busi- Musk has been speaking fre- optimist when it comes to AI. CEOs is not new. market economies which are at quotas and reallocated quota and
mediaries in issuing Ma- ness Journal quoted Musk as quently on AI and has called its Inspired by Iron Man's artificial Last year, when a SpaceX risk of being under-represented voting shares in the IMF away
rine Specific Policy. The saying. Responding to this, progress the "biggest risk we assistant (AI) "Jarvis" and his rocket carrying a Facebook will be better represented in the from advanced economies, pri-
launch of the mobile ver- Zuckerberg said during face as a civilisation". capabilities, he has coded and satellite broke up into frag- institution," Lagarde said. marily in Europe, to growing
sion of Marine PIE will livestream: "I think people who "AI is a rare case where we developed his own "Jarvis" to ments during its launch in There's a possibility that IMF emerging market economies. The
ensure quicker turnaround are naysayers and try to drum need to be proactive in regula- run his home. Florida, the incident stirred a could have its head oce moved reforms are the biggest change in
time. up these doomsday scenarios - tion instead of reactive because Zuckerberg has built a simple controversy between Musk and to Beijing, if the Chinese econ- the governance of the IMF since
I just, I don't understand it. It's if we're reactive in AI regulation AI that he can talk to on his Zuckerberg. omy continues its growth mo- its establishment.
Create effective content with these simple techniques
veryone talks about how content is king, analytics and identifying the best-performing You can even design a pictorial ebook with lots
but everyone is wrong. Content isn't content. What materials get the most trac, of photo examples using tools like Canva -- or, if
king -- only really engaging and infor- likes and social shares? This is a great indicator you're short on time, by creating a PDF le from
mation is. of relevant, useful information that grabs atten- a Word document and including a few charts
So, you keep putting out great content like a tion. Chances are it will be even more popular might suce.
never-stopping machine. You're always looking in a variety of formats.
for new ideas to make your content interesting, There is a good chance you have written at Slideshows are a good idea, too
useful and engaging, and probably growing frus- least a few tutorials or how-to guides. Give these People love statistics and data that will help
trated with an ever-growing to-do list. posts a new life on Pinterest by repurposing them make better business decisions. If there is
them into images and checklists that are both a PowerPoint presentation you are proud of, up-
Why repurpose content? engaging and useful. load it to SlideShare. If you are in a B2B com-
Content marketing and storytelling is a full- Creating infographics becomes very easy with pany, you've got to try SlideShare.
time job in its own right, but repurposing pre- a few amazing tools. I recommend Piktochart SlideShare is a great platform for sharing
existing materials alleviates a lot of the work. and its pre-loaded templates. Piktochart oers whitepapers, presentations and other related
Plus, an eectively repurposed piece engages freemium services, so you may start from scratch things, so you can easily champion one more so-
your audience again and again. Another huge or customize their free and premium themes. cial platform. It is easy to use, easy to share and
benet of recycling content is that it has the po- ment for traditional blogging, you could also eas- can be embedded just about anywhere. It's also
tential to give your old blog posts new life, mak- Turn written content into video Make podcasts -- you're not too late ily convert videos to audio-only formats and up- integrated with LinkedIn.
ing your marketing arsenal much richer and Video content has been rising as a medium of Podcasting is another growing category of load them to iTunes or SoundCloud as well.
much more immersive. choice. YouTube is still the second largest search content marketing. While there are lots of great Are you making the most
We all like to consume information on our engine in the world. Facebook gives a special at- podcasters, there is a still lot of opportunity in Turn reports into whitepapers of your content?
own terms. Some people prefer to read long-for- tention to native videos. Do you need any more the eld. Compared to other forms of content, a and ebooks Content marketing doesn't have to be daunt-
mat articles, while others like listicles. Some like reasons to start utilizing the power of video in lot of niches are still underserved with podcasts. If you have a long and in-depth industry re- ing. Remember, it's not always about the volume
videos or podcasts. Other types of media like in- your content marketing mix? This medium is great because people are able port, cut it down to its most important parts and of unique content you're producing. It's about
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Investiture ceremony at SNS

OUR BUREAU The head boy and the head girl He advised the cabinet crew to
with their fellow cabinet mem- be leaders and not a boss.
Hyderabad: Leaders are not bers were installed by the Chief The gracious presence and the
born but are made by their expe- Guest Dr Kartic S Godavarthy, scintillating words of the Direc-
rience in life. Recently, a solemn founder and Managing Director, tor of school, Harihara Prasad
ceremony was held to inculcate Grey Scale Media Solutions Pvt., and the school Principal Jayan-
the leadership qualities in stu- Ltd., He addressed the gathering thi Venkataraman added colours
dents and to give them a feel of with an inspiring speech that en- to the show. The blessings of the
functioning of the administra- couraged the students a lot. almighty and the blessings from
tive body, a school cabinet was Courage, condence and the Group Chairman of the
formed at Sister Nivedita School commitment are the keys to school, Dr V Kondal Rao led the
(SNS). open the lock called leadership. show to a grand success. Students pledge to lead at an Investiture Ceremony at Sister Nivedita School in Hyderabad

Heres how you can help your toddler New type of bio-compatible
Zebrash may
hold clues to
learn reading and writing habits early healing spinal
Washington (ANI): Attention
parents! A study has found that
battery invented injuries
Washington (PTI): Scientists
early exposure to language may Washington (PTI): Scientists have invented an en- through the metal wires). Then ions have to ow have pinpointed key molecules
improve your three-year-old tod- tirely new kind of bio-compatible battery which through the outside ionic cables. In this case, the that prompt damaged nerve -
dler's ability to recognise and fol- produces the same kind of ion-based electrical en- ions in the ionic cable - here, grass bres - can in- bres in zebrash to regenerate
low important rules and pattern ergy as used by humans and other living things. terface with living systems. The battery also has themselves, an advance that
of governing how letters in the In our bodies, owing ions (sodium, potassium another unusual feature - it uses grass to store its could hold clues to new thera-
particular language t together and other electrolytes) are the electrical signals energy. pies for people with spinal cord
to make words. that power the brain and control the rhythm of the To make the battery, the team soaked blades of injuries. For people and other
Researchers from Washington heart, the movement of muscles, and much more. Kentucky bluegrass in lithium salt solution. The mammals, damage to the spinal
University in St. Louis in Mis- In traditional batteries, the electrical energy, or channels that once moved nutrients up and down cord is permanent and results
souri, United States suggested current, ows in form of moving electrons. the grass blade were ideal conduits to hold the so- in irreversible paralysis.
new evidence that children start This current of electrons out of the battery is lution. The demonstration battery the research Zebrash have the remark-
to learn about some aspects of generated within the bat- team created looks able ability to regain full move-
reading and writing at an early tery by moving positive like two glass tubes ment within four weeks of in-
age. ions from one end (elec- with a blade of grass jury to their spinal cord.
"Our results show that chil- trode) of a battery to the inside, each connected Studies have shown that they
dren begin to learn about the sta- months, who were pre-phono- with their reading, writing and other. The battery devel- by a thin metal wire at are able to restore damaged
tistics of written language, for ex- logical spellers -when asked to spelling skills. oped by researchers at the top. The wire is connections and nerve cells in
ample about which letters often try to write words, the children "Our results show that there is University of Maryland in where the electrons the spinal cord. Scientists at the
appear together and which let- used letters that did not reect change and improvement with the US does the opposite. ow through to move University of Edinburgh in the
ters appear together less often, the sounds in the words they age during this period before It moves electrons around from one end of the UK found that after injury,
before they learn how letters rep- were asked to spell, which is children produce spellings that in the device to deliver en- battery to the other as wound-healing cells called -
resent the sounds of a language," common and normal at this age. make sense on the basis of ergy that is a ow of ions. the stored energy broblasts move into the site of
said study co-author Rebecca The older prephonological sound." Treiman said. This is the rst time that an ionic current-gen- slowly discharges. At the other end of each glass damage.
Treiman. spellers showed more knowledge It opens up the possibility that erating battery has been invented, researchers said. tube is a metal tip through which the ionic current
An important part of learning about English letter patterns educators could get useful infor- "My intention is for ionic systems to interface with ows.
to read and spell is learning than did the younger prephono- mation from children's early at- human systems," said Liangbing Hu, professor at The battery could be used to develop medical de-
about how the letters in written logical spellers. tempts to write- information the University of Maryland. "So I came up with the vices for the disabled, or for more ecient drug and
words reect the sounds in spo- The ndings are important, that could help to show whether reverse design of a battery. In a typical battery, elec- gene delivery tools in both research and clinical
ken words. Treiman said, because they show a child is on track for future suc- trons ow through wires to interface electronics, settings, as a way to more precisely treat cancers
They analysed the spellings of that exposure to written words cess or whether there might be a and ions ow through the battery separator," Hu and other medical diseases, said Zhang, who per-
179 children from the United during the three-to-ve-year age problem, he explained. said. formed biological experiments to test that the new
States aged three years, two range may be important in get- The research appears in the In the reverse design, a traditional battery is elec- battery successfully transmitted current to living
months to ve years and six ting children o to a strong start journal Child Development. tronically shorted (that means electrons are owing cells.

Moon may have water trapped under its surface: Study These broblasts produce a
molecule called collagen 12,
which changes the structure of
the support matrix that sur-
Washington (PTI): The Moon may have In 2008, researchers detected trace dia's Chandrayaan-1 lunar orbiter. They rounds nerve bres. This en-
huge reservoirs of water trapped under amounts of water in some of the volcanic found evidence of water in nearly all of ables the damaged bres to
the surface in the form of volcanic 'glass glass beads brought back to Earth from the large pyroclastic deposits that had grow back across the wound
beads', which could be extracted and used the Apollo 15 and 17 missions to the Moon. been previously mapped across the site and restore the lost con-
by astronauts in future lunar colonies, sci- In 2011, further study of tiny crystalline Moon's surface, including deposits near nections.
entists have found. A new study of satellite formations within those beads revealed the Apollo 15 and 17 landing sites where The team found that brob-
data found that numerous volcanic de- that they actually contain similar amounts water-bearing glass bead samples were lasts are instructed to make
posits distributed across the surface of the of water as some basalts on Earth, sug- collected. Water-rich deposits are spread collagen 12 by a chemical signal
Moon contain unusually high amounts of gesting that the Moon's mantle contains across the lunar surface, which tells us called wnt. Understanding
trapped water. as much water as Earth's. that the water found in the Apollo samples these signals could hold clues
The nding of water in these ancient Scientists used orbital spectrometers to is not a one-o, Milliken said. The idea for therapies to help heal the
deposits, which are believed to consist of measure the light that bounces o a plan- that the interior of the Moon is water-rich spinal cord after injury, the re-
glass beads formed by the explosive erup- etary surface. By looking at which wave- could have implications for future lunar searchers said. "In people and
tion of magma coming from the deep lunar lengths of light are absorbed or reected exploration. other mammals, the matrix in
interior, bolsters the idea that the lunar by the surface, scientists can get an idea The volcanic beads do not contain a lot the injury site blocks nerves
mantle is surprisingly water-rich. Scien- of which minerals and other compounds of water - about 0.05 per cent by weight - from growing back after an in-
tists had assumed for years that the inte- are present. Researchers looked at data but the deposits are large, and the water jury," said Thomas Becker, of
rior of the Moon had been largely depleted from the Moon Mineralogy Mapper, an could potentially be extracted, researchers Edinburgh's Centre for Neu-
of water and other volatile compounds. imaging spectrometer that ew aboard In- said. roregeneration.
Civil Services
n the beginning of the previ- ing social capital and community We have seen earlier that there lated, helps in developing a sense
ous piece we discussed the cohesion. They also maker persons are many other forms of the ne of detachment from reality and
positive impact the arts have more humane and help them com- arts. One of them is painting, achieving a state of mental rest
on human beings. municate in a dierent in personal which is the subject of this week's that is known to lower stress levels
It has also been found that the language. They have also been discussion. and create a feeling of relaxation
ne arts have, apart from other shown to help people overcome Painting is a mode of creative and happiness. Thus the pursuit is
things, a benecial eect on the shyness, and very rearley cure even expression and can present itself benecial to people with known
economies of societies, are good severe disabilities such as autism. in various forms including draw- nervous conditions.
for individuals' mental well-being, I am deliberately desisting from ing, gestures, composition, narra- Since painting is, at least at the
and cognitive functioning, creative taking the individual names of great tion, or abstraction. time of creation, a non-competi-
ability and performance, apart artistsinvariousartsnotonlybecause, The main purpose of painting is tive activity and is done in a ten-
from being able to improve indi- of the apart from the question of the to convey the expressive and con- sion free environment, thus cre-
vidual health. space such an eort will occupy, but ceptual intention of the painter. ating a sense of achievement in the
The arts have also been known alsoonaccountofthefactthatdetails Painting can be naturalistic and
ETHICS IN GOVERNANCE artist, heightening his or her sense

to improve skills, cultural capital about them can easily be obtained representational, photographic of individuality and self-esteem
and creativity, apart from increas- fromthepublicdomain. abstract, narrative, symbilistic or a feeling that is known to create a
political in its form. There are many reasons why sense of independence and soothe Pablo Picasso was a Spanish painter, regarded as one of the most
Curious as it may seem, rhythm painting is known to have a desir- traumatic feelings. inuential artists of the 20th century
A painting by Tagore plays an important role in paint- able aect on the well-being of hu- The very act of painting requir-
ing, almost to the same extent as man beings. One of ing, as it does, a surroundings, time hardly feeling painters and musicians have been
it does in the case of music. "A these obviously, is considerable de- it go by. By transmitting the en- relieveds of pain as painting can
pause incorporated into a se- that looking at a gree coordination ergy of the painter into the cre- act as a palliative for mental ill-
quence", being the denition painting leaves one between hand and ation that is being attempted, nesses on account of its ability to
which rhythm normally goes, it with a pleasant feel- eye, stimulates the painting can be carried on for stimulate brain activity, and is
can play an important and crucial ing quite apart from neural connections hours together without feeling any thus is a highly desirable practice
role in many forms of art aecting imparting the in the brain and fatigue. for people of all ages whether
the aesthetic value of a driven painter with a sense strengthens motor On the whole, it is an activity healthy or ill and a pursuit that can
work. If follows that rhythm en- of wellbeing. skills. The artist transits into a that gives the same benets to an be indulged in a fun - lled envi-
hances the quality of good paint- As painting is an individual ac- world of bliss - of purity - a strong individual as do prayer, medita- ronment. And the process, one
ings. Needless to say the inven- tivity, the artist enters his or her sense of concentration helping tion, music or good relationships learns something new and, usu-
tion of photography left a telling own world a realm full of options. him or to her experience a sense with other human beings. There ally, nishes what has been
eect on the art of painting. The creative mind, when stimu- of detachment - painting from the have also known to be cases where started!

Need for lateral entry into Civil Services

GUDIPATI RAJENDERA KUMAR tive federalism. The importance of Therefore, lateral exit is as impor- transfers hinder gaining of the rel- Why this may not be a Way forward
economic eectiveness has risen tant as lateral entry. evant experience by incumbent o- good idea? A good managerial system encourages

ood governance is basic to all re- concurrently. cers Disturbed balance: and nurtures talent from within instead
forms and changes in society. Shortfall in numbers The proposal for lateral entry at sen- of seeking to induct leadership from out-
Given the signicance of the bu- Resasons for not There is an overall 20% shortfall of Benets of ior decision-making levels, besides side. Any failure in this matter is prima-
reaucracy in Indias development, some allowing lateral entry IAS cadre ocers alone in 24 state lateral entry increasing the disconnect between rily a failure of the system to identify and
of the major changes need to be incor- A clash might emerge between those cadres. The Baswan Committee It is both a workaround for the civil policymaking and implementation, nurture talent at the appropriate stage.
porated in order to improve the bureau- already in services, after going (2016) has shown how large states services structural failings and an will also result in inequitable sharing For this, the remedy lies not through lat-
cracys eciency and performance. through vigorous training and hard- such as Bihar, Madhya Pradesh and antidote to the complacency that can of the benets and burdens of gov- eral induction but through more rigor-
With a Committee of Secretaries core competition and those who en- Rajasthan have a decit of 75 to over set in a career-based service. ernment service, with permanent ous performance appraisal and im-
favouring lateral entry into the civil serv- ter through lateral entry. It will ham- 100 ocers and their unwillingness The second ARC report points out civil servants left to bear the burden proved personnel management.
ice, the Department of Personnel & per the deliverance of "good to sponsor ocers to go to the Cen- that it is both possible and desirable of humble implementation and In this context, the government
Training (DoPT) has been instructed to governance". tre on deputation is understandable. to incorporate elements of a posi- lateral entrants getting access to could contemplate hiring outside
put up a proposal on the induction of Partial selections from the private Lateral induction is, therefore, a tion-based system where lateral en- glamorous policymaking posi- talent to head certain pre-identied
outsiders in the middle rung of min- services will jeopardise the purpose small step towards essential house- try and specialization are common. tions, without having roughed it out mission-mode projects and public-
istries that deal with economy and in- of having a lateral entry. keeping in central government in remote and rural India in the sector entities where private-sector
frastructure. There is no guarantee that those who stang and ought to be supported. Other areas of reform rough and tumble of Indian democ- expertise could be invaluable like
Instructions have come from the succeeded in corporate sectors, will The advent of big data provides a racy. in the case of Nandan Nilekani and
Prime Ministers Oce to prepare a surely succeed in the administration Target oriented natural opportunity to use metrics While there would certainly be a Aadhaar. Similarly, leadership posi-
broad outline of modalities for selecting of law and order. Outside talent from the private sec- on ocers performance in the eld beeline for lateral entrants to join tions in large infrastructure projects
private individuals for appointment in tor is more likely to be target-ori- to inform promotion and retention top policymaking positions, there could be lled through open compe-
the ranks of deputy secretary, director The existing civil service should also ented, which will improve the per- decisions. Seniority, after all, is a would be no such great desire to tition between civil servants and
and joint secretary. The move was in re- need a career oriented growth path free formance of the government. Also, blunt instrument for deciding who serve the country at the ground level. market talent.
sponse to a central government stang from being transferred by political rep- more competition will encourage ca- gets promoted and who does not. The recruitment and service rules
policy paper where the DoPT had indi- resentatives using "carrot and stick pol- reer civil servants to develop expert- The government should consider the Previous experiences: for such posts have to be clearly de-
cated a huge shortage of ocers in the icy" The concept of lateral entry into civil ise in areas of their choice. proposal that ocers deemed unt While there may be exceptions, the ned and made incentive-compati-
middle management level. service is good and ts well in contem- for further service at specied career experience of inducting private-sec- ble, and the processes managed
In 2005, the second Administrative porary requirements, however, The ex- tor managers to run public-sector transparently. A credible statutory
Reforms Commission (ARC) recom- isting structure also needs an overhaul- enterprises is not particularly satis- agency like the Union Public Service
mended an institutionalized, transpar- ing to remove known stagnation. factory. Whiz-kids from the private Commission or an autonomous
ent process for lateral entry at both the India civil services portray all the 10 sector who ran Air India, Indian Air- agency like the Bank Board Bureau,
Central and state levels. characteristics of Weberian Ideal bu- lines and Vayudoot proved to be fail- established to hire heads of public-
reaucracy. For example hierarchy, a di- ures. Clearly, performance is vitally sector banks, should be entrusted
Issues vision of power. Reforms are the need of inuenced by the enabling environ- with the responsibility of recruit-
Stagnation in bureaucracy means the moment, internal and external, an ment and the best managerial capa- ment.
the civil services as they exist today insulation from pressure from the polit- bility cannot deliver results in an ad- All this, coupled with competition
most crucially, the Indian Adminis- ical executive, lateral entry and more verse operating environment. A among both serving bureaucrats and
trative Service (IAS)are unsuited mechanisms to ensure accountability, major part of the disillusionment (if market participants, would help
to the countrys political economy in neutrality and transparency. any) with civil servants can be attrib- avoid many of the aforementioned
many ways. uted to this enabling environment pitfalls associated with general lat-
Many young IAS ocers often fall Need for lateral entry where innovation and risk-taking eral entry. Further, this would be in
prey to the incompetency of the In a 21st century economy, a quarter have been at a heavy discount. line with the lateral entry strategy
framework. Once inducted, postings century after liberalization, that adopted by more developed parlia-
and training seem to turn them into means the need for specialized skills Deters the available talent mentary democracies like the UK.
generalists rather than specialists. and knowledge to inform policy- The best talent can be attracted only Such an approach would have to be
The training does not appear to fo- making and administration is more if there is reasonable assurance of complemented with liberalised
cus on domain expertise and the important than ever. reaching top level managerial posi- norms that allow civil servants to
knowledge required by jobs in to- The rst ARC had pointed out the tions. This is true for government work outside government with
days context. need for specialization as far back as service as much as the private sector. multilateral agencies, nonprots and
However, political interference in 1965. Any dilution of the potential horizon corporations for short periods. By
poses a constant threat to bureau- The Surinder Nath Committee and for growth would discourage com- enabling exposure to market prac-
cratic functioning. Historical data the Hota Committee followed suit in petent and motivated people. tices and fresh ideas, this, as much
suggests there is a 53% chance that 2003 and 2004, respectively, as did By suggesting a contract-based sys- as infusing outside talent into gov-
an IAS ocer is transferred in any the second ARC. tem for positions of joint secretary ernment, is likely to help achieve the
given year. As a result, political loy- While there is a higher chance of jun- and above, the signal would be sent objectives of lateral entry itself.
alty rather than professional quali- ior ocers who have acquired spe- out that only mid-career positions
cations often represents an alter- cialized knowledge and skills gaining would be within reach in about 15-18 Conclusion
native path to success. much-prized Central government years of service and there would be Indias civil services need reform.
Bureaucracy in India is governed by postings, there is no correlation be- considerable uncertainty about ca- There is little argument about this. In-
outmoded personnel procedures. tween the postings and their area of reer progression thereafter. Coupled ternal reformssuch as insulation from
specialization. That correlation with unattractive salary scales and political pressure and career paths
Changed scenario comes into existence only at a late- non-entitlement to dened pension linked to specializationand external
A newly independent India had career stage. Political interference since 2004, this would become a po- reforms such as lateral entry are com-
pressing concerns about the need for and the use of transfers as carrot and tent trinity to deter talented persons plementary, addressing the same de-
socioeconomic development, the de- stick further complicate the picture, from aspiring to civil service careers. ciencies from dierent angles. In order
mands of Central planning and the often making it dicult for bureau- to bring in the reforms, there are some
imperative of holding together a new crats to stay in a posting long enough Discontent among supporting conditions that are neces-
nation subject to internal political to gain relevant expertise. Thus the the government personnel sary: First, political commitment for the
pressures. need for lateral entry. Large-scale lateral induction would, reforms is essential. Second, the involve-
The Constituent Assembly debates Australia, Belgium, New Zealand, in fact, amount to a vote of no-con- ment of IAS ocers in the change
make it clear that the civil services the UK, the Netherlands and the US dence in the government personnel process from the very beginning can ac-
were seen as a toolby Vallabhbhai identify specic senior positions that management system, rather than in celerate the process.
Patel, for instancefor achieving are open to appointments from a Improved benchmarks be compulsorily retired the highly dedicated, motivated and
these objectives. wider pool of civil servants as well governance through a transparent, uniform sys- talented ocers who have chosen to Expected Questions
Their creation and functioning thus as private-sector executives with rel- The conventional wisdom on lateral tem of performance review. join the civil services. The Indian bureaucracy requires ur-
gave rise to a tribe of generalist ad- evant domain experience. Lateral entry is that it infuses fresh energy Third, the government might con- gent reforms. Critically analyze.
ministrators whose economic eec- entrants bring their own work cul- and thinking into an insular, com- template allowing IAS ocers to Diculty in The Prime Ministers Oce has re-
tiveness was sometimes subordinate ture, and this enables renewal and placent and often archaic bureau- work more closely with their home assessing performance cently instructed DoPT to prepare a
to other concerns. adaptation in government organisa- cracy. It enables the entry of right- states. Although Indias founders The diculty in measuring perform- proposal for later entry into min-
Seven decades later, those dynamics tions. minded professionals and the chafed at the prospect that ocers ance in government is another ob- istries dealing with economy and in-
have changed. Some concerns, such Lateral entrants could also induce adoption of best practices for im- be too closely linked with their state stacle to be reckoned with. It is not frastructure. Discuss the need of lat-
as the need for having bureaucrats competition within the system. proving governance. of origin for fear of elite capture, easy to assess the performance of a eral entry and the benets it may
act as binding agents, no longer exist. When civil servants are made to this issue could be revisited for fur- secretary to the government, given have on the overall administrative
Others, such as socioeconomic de- compete with outside talent, the Challenges ther consideration. the sheer complexity and amor- system of India.
velopment, have transmuted to the lethargic attitude will diminish. So Bureaucratic resistance and institu- Finally, it is imperative that the phous nature of the job.
point where the states methods of the prospects of lateral entry will al- tional inertia of the civil services Central and state governments in- The induction of lateral entrants Syllabus
addressing them are coming in for a ways propel overall eciency. Political will civil service reforms stitute safeguards to protect against would not by itself suce for better General Studies 2
rethink. Civil servants should also be encour- will curtail the inordinate control arbitrary, politically motivated performance orientation and en- Role of civil services in a democracy.
And new concerns have arisen, such aged to move out and work for dier- that the politcal masters have at transfers and postings of civil ser- hanced accountability. It would be Important aspects of governance,
as the shift from the uniformity of ent sectors on a short-term basis to present vants. Despite judicial prodding, as dicult to measure the perform- transparency and accountability
centrally planned economic policy enrich their knowledge and enhance Relevant experience the present most states have stalled on such ance of lateral entrants as it would and institutional and other
to the diverse demands of competi- their motivation and eciency. system of frequent and arbitrary moves. of career civil servants. measures.


Novak Djokovic A young Khashaba Jadhav

and the Olympic bronze
medal he won in the 1952
Novak Djokovic Games (Courtesy: Redi
likely to miss archives)

US Open Jadhav's
London: Former world Members of Telugu Titans squad seen with owner Gautham Reddy Olympic medal
number one Novak
Djokovic is in doubt for
and Pavan Kumar, CEO of Veera Sports in Hyderabad on Tuesday.
Photo: Hans up for auction World snooker and billiards champion, Pankaj Advani and (extreme right) top ranked Indian woman
cueist Vidya Pillai at the launch of Indian Cue Masters in Hyderabad on Tuesday. Picture: Srinivas Setty
the US Open due to his Mumbai: The family of
elbow injury, Serbian
Telugu Titans gear Khashaba Jadhav, who won

Indian Cue Masters

media reported, citing the India's rst individual
country's Davis Cup team Olympic medal, has put it up
doctor. Djokovic retired
hurt during the quarter-fi-
nals at Wimbledon and said
up for Le Panga for auction to garner funds
for building a wrestling
academy named after him.

unveiled in Hyderabad
he was considering taking OUR BUREAU "The decision to auction
a break from playing to re- the bronze medal is a painful
cover from the long-stand- Hyderabad: Come Friday and one but we are left with few
ing injury to his right the biggest sports extravaganza options as the state govern-
elbow. Serbia's Sportski outside of Indian Premier ment has reneged on its
Zurnal reported that the 30- League (IPL) the VIVO Pro promise to build the acad-
year-old could face up to Kabaddi League (PKL) Season- emy," his son Ranjit Jadhav 25 POCKETED DURING PLAYERS DRAFT
12 weeks on the sidelines. 5 will get going. said over phone from Satara
This year's tournament be- Keeping pace with the popu- on Tuesday. OUR BUREAU jarat Kings, Bengaluru Buddies of their own. This will not only
gins on Aug. 28. lar event, and hoping to con- the next level, which is in ac- "In 2009, at a wrestling and Hyderabad Hustlers. raise the prole of the game but
quer bigger horizons, Telugu cordance with commitment, event in Jalgaon, then state Hyderabad: India has many Earlier in the day, around 25 also make it nancially strong. I
Titans is all geared up to host he said. sports minister Dilip Desh- gifted billiards and snooker play- players were picked during the am quite sure Cue Slam will be a
Tennis legend the opener at their home base
at the indoor stadium in Gachi-
Pavan Kumar, CEO of Veera
Sports said The 'poster boy' of
mukh had announced that
the government would set
ers. However, they are short on
platform to showcase their skills.
players draft with marquee play-
ers commanding a whopping
great experience for both fans
and players, he said.
Rose dies bowli here on July 28 the sport has been the mainstay up a national-level wrestling The invocation that is being in- $15,000. To make it convenient Sportzlive Entertainment, the
Team owner Gautham Reddy of Pro Kabaddi since its incep- academy, named after my troduced on Tuesday will, I am for the players, and for logistical ocial license holders of Pre-
Sydney: Australian two- told reporters here on Tuesday tion in 2014. Captain of the Tel- lather," Ranjit said. sure, go a long way in popularis- considerations, all the matches mier Badminton League (PBL),
time Grand Slam singles that they hoped to make the ugu Titans team, Chaudhari has "After eight years, nothing ing the sport and bring in the of the inaugural season, which has acquired long-term rights for
champion and former best of their home matches, also led his Uttar Pradesh team has materialised. In Decem- crowds. concludes on August 25, will be Cue Slam. Its Managing Direc-
World No 3, Mervyn Rose, which are slated to held from to a gold medal in the 2015 Na- ber 2013, Rs 1.58 crore were That was the positive observa- held at Ahmedabad. tor Atul Pande said that the en-
who went on to coach Mar- July 28 to August 3. tional Championships. The 24- sanctioned for the project. tion made by 16-time world Cue Slam will be played on a suing event would give llip to
garet Court and Billie Jean Given the fine showing in year-old is the player who has But the project has failed to champion Pankaj Advani at the round-robin-cum-knockout for- the sport and attract youngsters
King, has died, tennis offi- their last matches of the previ- the most number of raid points take shape," he said. launch of the Cue Slam-Indian mat. Each tie will consist of ve into it.
cials said here on Tuesday. ous edition and having grown in PKL history and the only In the 1952 Helsinki Cue Masters League here on matches with three 6 Red Sportzlive Entertainment, the
Rose, who won the Aus- in stature in the intervening pe- player in the league to aggre- Olympics, Khashaba Jadhav, Tuesday. snooker and two 9 Ball pool ocial license holders of Pre-
tralian Open and French riod, we are confident of upping gate more than 500 raid then 27, went on to create President of Billiards and matches per tie. Each franchise mier Badminton League (PBL),
Open along with five the stakes by more improvised points. history by claiming bronze Snooker Federation of India will have ve players (1 Icon has acquired long-term rights for
Grand Slam doubles titles, performances. The players have They said that once the 12- to become the rst Indian to (BSFI) PVK Mohan pointed out player, 1 Female player, 3 men Cue Slam.
was 87. The left-hander undergone intense physical city PKL gains momentum, one win an Olympic medal in an that the eagerly awaited ve- players, with a stipulation that a Its Managing Director Atul
won at Roland Garros four training to build physical and would see get to see the emer- individual sport. team league, which has attracted minimum of three Indians will Pande said that the ensuing
years later. He was in- mental strength. Every one of gence of new heroes, which will The hockey team won In- the best of world class cueists, be in the team). event would give llip to the
ducted into the Interna- us is excited to test our new is the characteristic of the dia its rst gold in the 1948 will begin on August 19. Mohan said that it was mo- sport and attract youngsters into
tional Tennis Hall of Fame players at the bigger plat- rugged sport, whose popularity London Olympics. Vying for honours will be ment to cherish as they now it. All matches will be aired live
in 2001 and was awarded form and take kabaddi to stands asecond only to cricket. Delhi Dons, Chennai Sharks, Gu- could boast of an exciting league on Sony ESPN
the Member of the Order
of Australia for his service

Sania class oors juniors Team India keen to

to tennis in 2006.

Sushma Verma
gets DSP job
settle scores with SL
Shimla: Indian woman CHETAN NARULA
cricketer Sushma Verma Hyderabad: When Sania Mirza holds the
was on Tuesday offered the racquet and attempts to teach the nuances of Galle: India will look to extend
job of a DSP in Himachal the sport to the young hopefuls, it is bound leave their domination in Tests when
Police by the state govern- the pupils awestruck. they take on a jaded Sri Lanka in
ment for her sporting And so it was when the doubles icon unveiled the the rst game of a three-match
achievements. Sushma WTA Future Stars clinic at Sania Mirza Tennis Acad- series starting here on Wednes-
Verma has brought laurels emy (SMTA) here on Tuesday day, back to a place where they
to the hill state and to its Making it more colourful was the presence of Bollywood were humiliated before soaring
people by excelling in in- actress Neha Dhupia, rising tennis sensation Shivani Amineni to world No 1.
ternational cricket, an offi- and Vice-President of WTA Asia-Pacific and Tournament Direc- Virat Kohli and Co. would be
cial statement quoting tor of the WTA Finals, Melissa Pine. The exhibition-cum-practical keen to avenge their embarrass-
Chief Minister Virbhadra class conducted by the six-time Grand Slam doubles champion caught ing loss at the Galle Interna- tive aspect of this lengthy, at
Singh said here. A wicket- the attention of 30 local junior players and 10 children from Freedom tional Stadium in 2015 when times distasteful, saga. In that
keeper-batswoman, Again Foundation. they crashed to an embarrassing light, Shastri will also be wary
Sushma was a member of The fun warm-up session featured Sania and Aminenim who demon- loss on day four after being about what playing at Galle en-
the Indian team that played strated doubles drills and tactics on court, offering-professional tips on a bowled out for 112 while chasing tails for visiting teams.
the 2017 ICC Women's range of themes including match strategy and winning temperament. Pine 176. It was the 'team director' who
World Cup final against also joined the doubles master class. A lot has changed since then had roused his hurting troops
winners England. Shimla- Hosting the WTA Future Stars clinic in Hyderabad for the second time, as a young and aggressive Kohli before the second Test in
born Sushma, the first Mirza said. It means a lot to me to be a part of the WTA Future Stars, has turned into a mature cap- Colombo, and it worked just ne
woman cricketer from the which provides the platform to impart my knowledge, encourage more tain, who has led the side to 12 as India rallied from 1-0 down to
hill State to represent India kids in India to lead a healthy lifestyle, and inspire future tennis stars to wins out of 17 Tests against West take the series 2-1.
in international cricket, is a believe in themselves and achieve their goals." "The children from Free- Indies, New Zealand, England, It was the rst taste of victory
success story of HPCA dom Again Foundation have thoroughly enjoyed learning from Sania Bangladesh and Australia in away from home for this young
residential academy in and Shivani Amineni. We are heartened by the WTA`s support to con- 2016-17 season. team.
Dharamsala duct the WTA Future Stars clinic here, inspiring our children to pursue Neha Dhupia and Sania Mirza The visitors will be looking to Today, the bench strength has
their passion, no matter what it may be," said Mushir Mohammed during the WTA Future Stars take that condence into this ready-made options.
Khan, spokesperson for the of Freedom Again Foundation, an NGO clinic in Hyderabad on Tuesday. three-match series, which her- The hosts have been set back
Tata support that supports the needs of the underprivileged. Photo: Ch Prabhu Das alds the onset of a new season,
and more importantly, another
with their own set of problems.
They are still undergoing a tough
for UP Yoddha overseas cycle. transitional phase, with Graham
It also marks the second com- Ford stepping down as coach and
Lucknow: Tata Motors on
Tuesday announced that its RAILWAY VOLLEYBALL CHAMPS Meghana excels ing of Ravi Shastri at the helm of
aairs. The team has been on-
Nic Pothas asked to perform in-
terim duties.
Tata Yodha will be the offi-
cial sponsor of UP Yoddha,
in sailing tour for ve days now, and col-
lectively they seem to have put
In order to boost their support
sta, Chaminda Vaas and
in the upcoming Vivo Pro Hyderabad: R Neelanand of the entire saga of Anil Kumble's Hashan Tilakratne have come
Kabaddi League (PKL) Tamil Nadu Sailing Association premature departure as well as on-board as bowling and batting
2017. The official team jer- won the overall trophy to the dramatic coach- selection consultants, respectively.
sey was unveiled here by emerge as the Telangana Open process behind them. Meanwhile, new Test skipper
State Sports Minister Sub-junior champion here on With Shastri back in charge, Dinesh Chandimal will be un-
Chetan Chauhan. Players Tuesday. along with Bharat Arun guiding available owing to pneumonia.
of the franchise, owned by Durgaprasad of Yacht Club the bowlers, there is at least a fa- In his absence, Herath will lead
GMR Group, underwent of Hyderabad bagged overall miliarity about the team's set- Sri Lanka leaving Angelo Math-
fitness and conditioning trophy for being the best in the ting. It is perhaps the only posi- ews to concentrate on his game.
camps at D.P.S Aligarh. State. Other notable winners
were Sanchita Pant of RMYC
(Royal Madras Yacht Club) and
Neeraj to fight Kongara Preethi. Speaking af-
ter distributing the prizes, BV
on Aug 5 Papa Rao, Advisor to the State
Government, said there was a
New Delhi: WBC Asia Pa- need to develop more lakes ex-
cific welterweight cham- clusively for sailing to boost wa-
pion Neeraj Goyat will join ter sports, across the State.
Vijender Singh in putting t was a triple for Meghana
his title on the line during Spikers from Headquarters team ash the V sign after emerging as the overall volleyball champions in Chavali of YCH as she bagged
the 'Battleground Asia' the 27th Inter-Divisional RPF Sports and Games Championship 2017 at Railway Sports Complex in overall trophy Telangana State-
fight night where Secunderabad on Tuesday. In the summit clash they defeated Vijayawada Division. Meanwhile, in other Sub Junior Girls Champion,
Olympians Akhil Kumar events, Vijayawada put it across Guntur to annex the basketball honours; Secunderabad downed Open Sub-Junior Girls Cham-
and Jitender Kumar will Hyderabad in football and the kabaddi winner was Vijayawada, which beat Secunderabad. The overall pion and State Sub-Junior
make their professional de- athletics champion was Secunderabad, which overcame Hyderabad. The HQ spikers are seen with Arun Champion. Her teammate M
buts on August 5. Kumar Jain, Divisional Railway Manager, Hyderabad Division, Sanjay Sankrityayan, IG-Chief Binoob won the Open Sub-Ju-
Security Commissioner, SCR and Eshwarrao, Additional CSC. Photo: Hans nior Champion Trophy. Indian players with Ravi Shastri at nets in Galle on Tuesday

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