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News Notes

Create in me a clean heart, O God,

open and receptive so that I may
embrace the many ways you
choose to visit my life.
4-5 6-7 10
Sisters Jean deBlois and RETIRES COMMUNITY
Kate Regan share a After 11 years, Peggy Sister Liz Brown reflects on
special reflection on Maguire retires from her 32 years of ministry
the sisters at Nazareth her role as director/co- in Okolona, Mississippi
Province News Notes is a as they embarked on a director of association. past, present and future.
publication of the Sisters of challenging, yet amazing Read about her
St. Joseph of Carondelet, St. Louis journey as they moved to contributions to
Province. Its purpose is to promote new locations. association.
dialogue and unity within the
St. Louis province and to keep

members informed on those
subjects that promote community
and ministry.
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Kelly Anne Davis Create in me a clean heart, O God, open Create in me a clean heart, O God,
Jane Gerard, CSJ and receptive so that I may embrace the washed with your mercy and strengthened
Proofreading many ways you choose to visit my life. by your love, helping me move beyond
whatever keeps me from union with you.
Create in me a clean heart, O God,
scrubbed of racism and prejudice, drawing Create a clean heart in me, O God. Dust
me toward all as my sisters and brothers. o the unmindful activity that constantly
collects there. De-clutter my heart from
Create in me a clean heart, O God, harsh judgments and negativity. Rinse o
cleansed of anxiety and of trust, restoring my un-loving so the beauty of my generous
in me an enduring faith in your abiding and kind heart can shine forth. Remove
presence and unconditional love. whatever keeps me from following in your
compassionate footsteps. Amen.
(Adapted from Out of the Ordinary by Joyce Rupp)
Page 2 July/August 2017 PNN
Province Leadership

2014-2019 Province Leadership Team: Sisters Rita Marie Schmitz, Marilyn Lott, Mary Margaret Lazio,
Linda Straub and Maureen Freeman

Courage and Grace

by Sister Marilyn Lott

In the Sharing of the Heart, we often start with a couple of We thank Sisters Kathleen Karbowski and Pat Dunphy and
words. The words that come to me as I write this message the Sister Care Team for all they did and continue to do in
are courage and grace. These words seem tting when I meeting the sisters where they are.
look back to the many blessings and events since our last
issue of PNN. In last months PNN, Sister Mary Margaret Lazio talks of
the discernment that we see each day and how we are called
In December, we told the sisters that we would be tearing to continually listen to the movement of the Spirit. We
down Gleason Hall so that we can build a new assisted congratulate Sister Clare Bass on her renewal of vows and
living center. This news started a urry of activity: settling Mary Collar on her entrance into the novitiate this month.
new locations for the sisters, starting to downsize in order to We also look forward to Sister Mary Flick making her nal
move and a vast mixture of feelings for sisters and sta. All vows in the community. There are other women who are in
of this took both the grace and the courage of the sisters and discernment, so let us keep everyone in our prayer.
all involved with such a huge endeavor. When June arrived
and the moves began, I was overwhelmed by the spirit and Again, as I reect more on the idea of courage and grace,
strength of the sisters who thought moving to Nazareth was I realize that community has always been a place where
their last move. With spirit, grace, courage and humor, they each of us has spent time discoursing and has been able to
ventured into their new homes for the next 18 months. respond to the Spirit and take the next steps. The sisters at
Nazareth and those entering the community, as well as CSJ
The move was also an example of the many blessings we association, are responding with courage to a call from deep
have in community. Each sister had other sisters to walk within.
with her in the process and bring her to her new home. We,
as leadership, and the sisters thank everyone who helped As we continue to move into our future, not knowing what
during those days. Together, we aided the sisters in setting we will be called to do or even where we will be, let us take
up rooms, making many beds and sharing together. As time daily to listen to the direction of the Spirit and share
leadership, it was a joy for us to roll up our sleeves and join with one another the wisdom of our reections. Take a
in the move. We continue to meet with the sisters and oer moment to ask: What am I being called to at this time?
support. Where is the movement in my life that is calling me to be
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Nazareth Living Center

CSJ Pioneers: An Amazing Journey

by Sisters Jean deBlois and Kate Regan

We left San Diego in a private conveyance for Fort Yuma. The At the motherhouse, the CSJ community and Joe
wagon was too small for all to ride inside, consequently one Wingbermuehle, motherhouse administrator, and his sta
was obliged to ride outside with the driver. Sister Ambrosia worked tirelessly for weeks to ensure that our sisters had
volunteered to make the great act of mortication and humility. what they needed to be at home when they arrived and for
It is beyond description what she suered in riding two hundred their time there.
miles in a country like this, without protection from the rays of a
tropical sun. Yet poor Sister did this. Administrative personnel for Lutheran Senior Services/
Diary of Sister Monica Corrigan: Saturday, May 7, 1870 Laclede GrovesCarla Baum, Nancy Dorr, Angie Wilson,
Valerie Cooperand our Community Life Coordinators
This is the spirit that our sisters inherited and that inspired met monthly for over a year to insure the living environment
them as they embarked on a challenging, at times painful, was welcoming, safe and what was needed for our sisters.
but amazing journey. It started because Gleason Hall at The bridging of faith-based cultures was a truly ecumenical
Nazareth Living Center (NLC), which was built in 1965, and graced experience. When our sisters arrived at
is being demolished to accommodate the evolution of NLC Laclede Groves, the sta had prepared a little social with
to better serve the needs of senior adults. As a result, 51 of refreshments. It really made our sisters feel welcome.
our senior sisters were asked to relocate to three dierent
locations: Carondelet Motherhouse, Laclede Groves Senior The move for 31 of our sisters from Gleason to the brand
Living Center and St. Joseph Manor, a new addition to the new St. Joseph Manor was a bit more bumpy than expected.
NLC campus. But thanks to the grace of our sisters and the wonderful and
creative response of CSJ Sister Care Sta, it all worked out
On the face of it, this may seem like a simple move, but in the end.
it took months of planning and preparation to make this
transition as smooth as possible for all involvedCSJs and There is no way to describe the dedication, hard work and
sta as well. compassion of the CSJ Sister Care Team who worked
tirelessly to respond to questions, allay fears and make the
experience as smooth possible. They gave their all as they
always do.

Sister Rita Marie Schmitz, province leadership, Sisters Audrey Olson, Mary Charity Dalton, Carolyn
visits sisters at their new home at St. Joseph Manor. Strack, Angie Abood, Barbara Fleury and Laura
Ann Grady were welcomed to the Carondelet

Page 4 July/August 2017 PNN

Many CSJs responded to the request to walk with our sisters Listen to the voices of our Sister Pioneers, and lets learn
who were moving by helping them pack up in advance of something from them.
the move, being with them as they said their good-byes to
their longtime friends at Gleason and went to their new We are going to be so spoiled
homes. Those of us who had the privilege of doing this were My room is so beautiful and BIG!
struck by our sisters positive attitude, even in the midst of
uncertainty; willingness to downsize in the spirit of the I cant believe my superiors were making my bed!
vow of poverty; and ability to adjust to new and challenging
circumstances. Imagine being able to do this when you are Wow, I have my own walk-in shower!
85 or 90 years old. I thought moving to Nazareth would be my last move.
If this is what I need to do for the future of the
As our sisters waited for the movers to come and pack community, lets get moving!
up their belongings, they reminisced about past mission
experiences, places they have served and sisters with whom I think God sent us hereperhaps we will touch
they have lived. There was a hint of sadness, but there was someones life.
also a feeling of adventure and expectation. What a gift!
Each day tells me why this is my new ministry. Im about
building new relationships.
The movers were young, energetic and very respectful. They
worked very hard to make sure that the furniture in every
So, what can we learn from this powerful witness to
sisters new room was placed carefully according to the
openness, vulnerability and willingness to venture into new
sisters directions.
and uncharted territory?
Our Province Leadership Team went above and beyond to
meet and greet every one of the sisters at all three sites by
being present, making beds, providing a little bouquet and Greetings from Laclede Groves
helping them get settled. from the Fourteen Lacleaders

One month has passed since our move from

Gleason Hall, and all 14 of us are surviving and
well. We want to thank the Leadership Team,
the coordinators, our sister companions, our
Sister Care Staff and all the sisters, associates
and friends who aided us in our move. We are
grateful to all of you.

We also want to thank the "Cookie Sister" and

the mysterious candy bar donors. We are well
taken care of. Each day we discover new areas,
and we don't get lost too often anymore. You
are all in our prayers.

P.S. We have only 17 months to go!

Sisters Marie Rene Pretti, Pat Dunphy, community life
co-director at Nazareth Living Center, and Loretta
Costa attend a welcome service at Laclede Groves.

July/August 2017 PNN Page 5


A Fond Farewell: Peggy Maguire Retires

by Sarah Baker, communications specialist

God always has a plan in mind when it comes to new

opportunities for Peggy Maguire. And she is always happy
to say yes to whatever the job may be. Fortunately, for
the CSJ community, God led her to say yes to the role
of director/co-director of association for the St. Louis
province. With her love of the CSJ community and its
mission, her impact of involving and working with others,
and, most of all, her passion for the charism, she has been
a great leader, shaping the association program to what it is

After 11 wonderful years, Peggy said yes once more to

another opportunity: retirement. On June 30, Peggy gave a
fond farewell to her position as director/co-director, a role
she will forever hold dear to her heart.
The Province Leadership held a special gathering for
While she was new to the role of director, Peggy was Peggy Maguire, celebrating her years of service to the
already familiar with the associate program. An associate province and her retirement. Pictured (l-r): Sisters Rita
herself, she was one of the rst four members to join the Marie Schimtz, Linda Straub, Mary Margaret Lazio and
association program in May 1974. Sister Suzanne Giblin, Marilyn Lott with Peggy (center).
one of the co-founders of association, describes Peggy as
an early risk taker in association and partnership as her
insightful questions and commitment helped move the The program has also seen a huge growth with the
program forward. And when she was asked to show up, she development of its Associate Leadership Board, the annual
did just that. congregational associate directors meeting, the annual
assembly and the prayer partners program during Peggys
Early on, I asked associates to just show up so they, and tenure. What began as a half-day assembly has expanded
the sisters, might get to know each other, says S. Suzanne. to a full day in conjunction with the province assembly,
Peggy came to sectionals, assemblies, province events sharing time with the sisters. This year marked an historic
and projects, and she invited others to do the same. It was moment as associates, consociates, Ohana and Familia de
through those interactions that the CSJA meaning and San Jos (ACOF) held their rst-ever ACOF Convocation
identity began to evolve. in St. Louis. And almost 200 sisters and associates partner
with sister residents at Nazareth Living Center, calling and
Peggy continued to develop the program, increasing sending them cards.
membership from 135 associates who had made
commitments at the time she began in 2006 to the now 337 The success is not mine, but the associates themselves,
who have made their initial or ongoing commitments, with Peggy says. I am in awe at the associates that are attracted
25 in formation. And she attributes it all to the mission, the to this community. We have these awesome people who
gospel and the strength in numbers of others. come looking for ministry with the community when they
are already doing so much.
Its really nothing I did, says Peggy. Growth is by God.
My strength is involving other peoplelots of sisters and
associates. I just brought my love for the community. continued on page 7

Page 6 July/August 2017 PNN

Avila Commitments Service June 3

Avila University,
Kansas City
Initial Commitments: James Wright, Tena Saucedo, Paul
Denver, Colorado Toler, Maureen Reardon, Melva Brownlee and Nancy
Seibolt. (Elizabeth McKinley, not pictured, made her
commitment on May 9).

When asked what she will miss most, its the people Julie Schneider
sisters, associates, and motherhouse sta and guests. Cowley and
Alicia Murillo.
Ive been blessed with people Ive worked with who
Kelley Harris,
share the same values and vision, says Peggy. I have a not pictured,
better understanding of all they do for the mission of made her
Jesus. commitment
at Associate
That goes the same for those who have worked with Nicole Nicolls
Peggy, including Associate Kay Komotos. Kay has house on May
served alongside Peggy for the past two years as co-
director of association. While they may have been
colleagues, Kay looks up to Peggy as a mentor. Denver Initial Commitments June 17

Her wisdom, focus and ability to analyze what was

needed for any associate meetings, events or occasions
was very important for me, says Kay. I also admire her
humbleness. She puts the needs of others before her Top: Associate
own, which I see as a sign of a true leader. Frankie Bruce
Kay will continue to lead the association program as with mentor
director. Sister Marion
(right) and
What Peggys future plans will be, she is not yet sure.
Associate Diane
Though, she does hope to visit the sisters at Nazareth Dean (left).
more, spend time with family and friends, perhaps join
a book club and possibly do something with kids. But Bottom: New
Peggy knows God has a plan and, whatever that may Associate Peg
be, she will be happy to say yes. Kristoffersen
with Sister Jean
Vianney Mindak.

July/August 2017 PNN Page 7


Seventy participantsboth sisters and ACOF membersgathered for the first-ever ACOF Convocation,
held June 22-25 in St. Louis at Fontbonne University.

ACOF Convocation 2017

First-ever congregational associate gathering
focuses on relationships and future
by Jenny Beatrice, director of communications
It was a historic moment when, in 1974, six risk takers met leadership team liaison for ACOF. Its a great opportunity
at the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet motherhouse in St. for the rst step into a bigger experience of common
Louis to talk about forming a lay associate program. More experience and identity.
than 40 years and 800-plus associates, consociates, Ohana
and Familia de San Jos (ACOF) later, another historic The convocation was designed to help ACOF develop
moment for the Congregation of the Sisters of St. Joseph of relationships with one another, strengthen commitment
Carondelet transpiredthe rst-ever ACOF Convocation. to mission and deepen the desire to live out the CSJ
charism of loving unity. Dianne Nelson, former director
The convocation was held June 22 to 25 at CSJ-sponsored of Association from the Los Angeles province says, We
Fontbonne University in St. Louis with 70 participants, both envisioned a gathering that would inspire, energize and unite
sisters and ACOF, representing the Albany, Los Angeles, St. ACOF from every province. And from the beginning of the
Louis and St. Paul provinces as well as the regions of Hawaii convocation, we knew that this vision became a reality.
and Chil.
Grounded in tradition, activities included a tour of the
Two and a half years in the making, the event was the St. Louis province motherhouse and an appearance by
inspiration of the ACOF directors who were called by the foundress Mother St. John Fontbonne (aka Sister Donna
2013 Acts of Chapter directives to deepen communion by Gunn of St. Louis). Keynote speakers Sister Shawn
being and acting in new ways as one congregation. Those Madigan and Associate Carrie Arnold from the St. Louis
of us on the Congregational Leadership Team are delighted province gave presentations on shared charism and the
that this has come to pass, says Sister Mary McKay, the evolution of lay holiness movements.

Page 8 July/August 2017 PNN

The weekend was the rst opportunity for many
participants to make connections beyond the
boundaries of region. Cheryl Behrent, a consociate
from St. Paul says, Its really life giving to be around
this number of other people that are steeped in

The energy and the enthusiasm is so motivating, says

Irene Harrison, an associate from Albany. Theres so
much hope for the future.

Although ACOF may have dierent names,

geographies and cultures, participants found unity in
diversity. Associate Gerry Rauch from St. Louis says,
I really appreciate that cultural diversity, the cultural
respect for dierent traditions and how dierent
provinces make that operational.

This uniqueness was expressed through prayer

experiences created by each of the regions. Working
sessions focused on celebrating the gifts of each unit
and the sharing of initiatives and learnings from each

Andrea Pearson Tande, co-director of Consociate

Services in St. Paul says, Hearing from one another
about what works in Los Angeles or Hawaii or St.
Louis and to take some of those practices home makes
us all stronger.

I learned more about working together as ACOF, both

the spiritual and the human aspects, says Carolina
Rodrguez, Familia de San Jos of Chile. We reach out
to one another because we speak the same language of

The convocation may have lasted only a few days, but

its only the beginning for ACOF expressing the desire
to carry the experience into the futuretogether.

We came together as diverse units; we left knowing

our strength is in our oneness and our commitment to
grow in that oneness, says Anne Harpham, co-director
of the 'Ohana in Hawaii. Our challenge now is to build
our relationship further and to envision our ACOF
future as we read the signs of the times and live the
charism within our communities.

July/August 2017 PNN Page 9

CSJ News

Heart of Community
Sister Liz Brown reflects on her ministry in Okolona, Mississippi
by Patti Eischen
Its been 32 years since Sister Liz Brown rst We have developed satellite locations in nearby
drove into the small town of Okolona, communities that are oering the same
Mississippi. And, as executive director services.
of Excel Commons, she has been at
the heart of the community, with Whats the biggest change you have
steadfast dedication to community seen?
building and racial inclusiveness. The biggest systemic change is a
What began as a summer youth melting away of racial divides. We
program in 1988 in three borrowed have seen a comfortable change of
classrooms has grown into Excels whites and blacks working together.
Main Street hub open to all in need, There is still a lot of racism that
with childrens enrichment, senior n goes both ways. But I see friendships
wellness, GED classes, a resale shop and o w that have grown across racial lines that
i z Br
a coee shop, just to name a few. With Si st e r L I would have never seen had we not come
programs still going strong, we interviewed here 32 years ago. There is denitely greater
Sister Liz about her time in Okolonapast, ease across the racial divide.
present and future.
Whats the why of it?
What was your initial goal? Its always been to build the community from within. It
We wanted to set up an organization, an eort that wont ever be 100 percent, but to bring people together, to
would assist people with whatever their needs were in the build relationships, and to facilitate thatthats the why
community, to set up an organization that had no racial of it. We are a stable organization. People know us, trust us,
dominance. We knew people from the National Council of come to us, and they engage and give back to us.
Negro Women and we asked them to partner with us. We
didnt want outsiders doing work for the community that What are some plans for the programs future?
they could do for themselves. We are developing a food pantry that is open once a month,
creating blessing boxes for those who need food to get them
What was Excels first program? through, and we have developed a Kindness of Strangers
They asked us to start an educational after-school program, fund that helps people with one-time funding. These are
but they had no space to hold it in. My philosophy is smaller programs, but they are still important. Its a beautiful
dierent than the normal, Raise money, then start a thing to see people come together around need.
program. We do the work rst and then the money will
come. Thats always worked for me. We started with six kids. And for your future?
Now we have 48. One part of the plan is to share the executive director
position so that I can go halftime and prolong the work that
How has Excel developed? I am doing. When I rst arrived here, I was 45 years old.
People in town call it the Excel Mall now. We just kept Something went through my mind, maybe the Holy Spirit
acquiring space next to spaces we were already in. As a speaking to me, This is going to be my last mission. I had
result, we oer several wellness programs, multiple learning a very warm sense of homethat this is where I belonged.
programs and shared space for the community to use. You just do what needs to be done. I follow the need
wherever it leads me.

Page 10 July/August 2017 PNN

CSJ Life

Giving Voice Conference

by Sister Clare Bass

Giving Voice is a peer-led organization that creates spaces

for younger women religious to give voice to their hopes,
dreams and challenges in religious life.

In July, Sister Sarah Heger and I attended the Giving Voice

national conference at Iona College in New York where
about 70 Catholic sisters under the age of 50 from dierent
congregations and dierent parts of the country and world
were gathered.

We grappled with the topic of building bridges and healing

divisions while being committed to our vows and the gospel
values and mission of Jesus Christ. We shared leadership
roles among us. We laughed until we cried. We were Sisters Sarah Heger and Clare Bass with other Sisters of
St. Joseph at the Giving Voice conference.
vulnerable with one another. We learned a little more about
ourselves. We sang and danced our hearts out! All in all, we
continued to build community together and energized one main focus and you get a rm foundation in your own
another for the mission. congregation, you also get a broader experience of religious
life as you attend or are a part of inter-community events.
As a Catholic sister under the age of 50, this is so important Each congregation and person in them has something
and essential to do and be a part of because were in this beautiful to oer the world. Now, more than ever, we
beautiful and adventurous life together, and were going to be recognize this is not a competition. Rather, it is blessing to
hopefully for the rest of our lives. A rather moving moment be able to share our lives together and with the world around
of the weekend happened when the priest at Mass invited us. It is a blessing for people in discernment to have options.
everyone up for a blessing who, since the last gathering, had We want all to nd the place and vocation where it is most
made rst or nal profession of vows. It was a powerful authentic and life-giving.
moment to see and feel the love and commitment on the
altar. I am so grateful for the opportunity to be a vowed religious
Catholic sister today as a Sister of St. Joseph and am ever
Joining religious life today is not done in a silo or on hopeful about my future and our future together. Indeed,
an island of your own congregation. While they are the our collaborative future beckons!

Left: In June, the

MORE Weekend
invited interested
women to experience
the CSJ community.
Right: In July, the
novices spent time
in St. Louis to learn
some history and
be together in
MORE Weekend Novitiate Weekend community.

July/August 2017 PNN Page 11

Sponsored Institutions

St. Teresas campers visit with Sister Rita Flaherty at Nazareth Living Center. S. Rita, who died on July 19, 2017,
was a 1936 graduate of STA.

St. Teresas Academys 2017 CSJ Leadership Camp

by Kelly Drummond, STA administrative assistant
St. Teresas Academy in Kansas City had another successful unnished lacehow we need to connect our past and
CSJ Leadership Camp on May 30 through June 1. Every year present to help build our future.
teachers nominate sophomores for participation in the camp
based on their leadership abilities. Twenty-two campers then As our short trip progressed, we formed bonds with each
come together for their rst days of summer vacation to explore other as well as bonds with the elderly. Whether it was
these qualities. This is the third year that we have taken the playing bingo with them or just listening to their stories, we
leaders to St. Louis to visit the motherhouse. all learned insights from them. We learned how time may
aect the outer appearance, but the persons inner light and
Throughout their time at the motherhouse, the students spirit always nds a way to shine through.
discussed and discovered the qualities of leadership they wanted
to develop; they worked on their problem solving skills; they We learned to work through conicts while staying true
discovered their styles of leadership; and they concluded with to our own values. We learned that to be a good leader, we
reection and prayer. During this time, these young women took must acknowledge others values as well as our own. We are
a tour of the motherhouse and visited Nazareth Living Center, all leaders with dierent strengths and qualities given to us
truly immersing themselves in the experience. St. Teresas is so by the Holy Spirit. As a group, some peoples strengths build
proud to have another class of CSJ campers prepared to follow up others weaknesses; we build each other up in spirit.
in the tradition of the Sisters of St. Joseph.
We learned our leadership strengths and weaknesses and
Read below a recounting by one of the campers: how to ll our leadership positions to their full potential.
We grew as leaders while working in groups and applying
As we drove many long hours together to the beautiful our teamwork skills. Im grateful for the interesting people
motherhouse, we bonded through music and stories. We that we have met.
started as a group of young women who knew little about
each other but are leaving this camp a closer group of sisters. In the motherhouse, we have felt closer to each other and
closer in faith. From wandering about this beautiful chapel
Sister Kate [Filla] showed us around the motherhouse and to growing in our self-awareness, we discovered the benets
told us what years each building was built, why and how. But of furthering our spirituality. We are beyond grateful for the
in these walls lies a bigger meaning: our mission of opportunities we have been given these past few days. Not
only have we grown as a group but also as individuals.
Page 12 July/August 2017 PNN
Fontbonne Universitys Gulu Immersion Project
by Kelly Davis, communications intern

People take their best gifts over and use them in order to Fontbonne University students see sisters on campus from
help the community, says Sister Marion Weinzapfel about time to time, yet many of students are unaware of how far
past volunteers for the CSJs Gulu Mission. This is exactly the CSJ ministries reach and who or how their ministries
what Fontbonne University is striving for by sending a group serve.
of 10 students, faculty and sta to Uganda for Fontbonnes
own Gulu Immersion Project. She references the sisters going to Uganda in 2008 after war
had ended and how they asked themselves, How do we
The Gulu Immersion Project takes place from July 23 until help people be in right relationship again? That idea really
August 6. Lori Helfrich, Fontbonne Universitys campus helped Lori to feel connected to the CSJs, and she hopes the
minister, has been working on fundraising ideas and students will be able to feel this same connection.
planning for many months to ensure everything falls into
place. Lori also hopes this project will help the students to open
their eyes not only to look at the world around them but also
Lori says that in Gulu, the group will go to listen to the to look into themselves. Most of all, she hopes the students
people, to hear their stories and learn from their culture. We are able to bring back what they will learn to their friends
will visit the maternity clinic, connect with Sacred Heart and families, Fontbonne and the general community.
University and learn about Uganda and its culture all while
building relationships with both the Sisters of St. Joseph of Abby Towle, a 2016 Fontbonne graduate, is excited for her
Carondelet and the people of Uganda. opportunity to serve in Gulu. Abby decided to go on the
Gulu Immersion Project because she thinks it is critical
This group is not planning to visit empty handed either. for young people to be submerged in dierent cultures to
They will be bringing 240 water lters and a supply of gain a global awareness on how people on the other side of
prenatal vitamins with them. the world live, feel, think and experience day-to-day tasks.
Also, it is an important part of the Fontbonne mission that
Lori also explains that one of the major reasons they students are taught to be global citizens.
decided to undertake this project was to help the students
feel a personal connection with the Sisters of St. Joseph Overall, Lori believes that by attending the Gulu Immersion
of Carondelet, the founders of the school they attend. Project, the students will be able to value and understand
the sisters work not only in the lives of others but also in
their own lives.

On July 19, there was a blessing ceremony for the Fontbonne

participants of the Gulu Immersion trip. Kind words and
many hugs were shared from sisters to the students and
faculty, and the feeling of the want and need for solidarity
in Gulu was prevalent through the delegates sharing their
hearts. The service ended with singing We are walking in
the Light of God. We all have great condence that this is
the truth for those heading to Gulu.

At the July 19 blessing ceremony, Lori Helfrich,

Fontbonne Universitys campus minister, shares her
heart with her fellow Gulu delegates.

July/August 2017 PNN Page 13


Story of Justice: Sister Ida Berresheim

by Sister Mary Flick

The Sisters of St. Joseph were founded to do whatever achieved that week, sets new
woman is capable of as they seek to love God through their goals and considers how
service of the dear neighbor. For Sister Ida Berresheim, this they can continue to help
has taken many forms during her 70 years as a CSJ, serving one another in their own
as a teacher, a province and congregational administrator personal journeys.
and a missionary in Peru, as well as serving immigrants at
the U.S. southern border. This sort of consistency

and accountability to
When she retired from her work at the border in El Paso one another pays huge

rr e
at the age of 82, S. Ida wondered how she might continue dividends for the women.
serving the dear neighbor from her home in Carondelet. And for S. Ida. Its a good I d a
Kathy McGinnis helped to answer S. Idas desire to continue place for me to be involved, S is t e r
her ministry. Kathy and her late husband, Jim, founded the she says. These are women in need
Institute for Peace and Justice in St. Louis. The institutes of compassion who have so many gifts, which they share
programs on peace-making and family life have been well generously. Everyone, at one time or another, S. Ida says,
received around the world. Kathy introduced S. Ida to a realizes she needs help in solving problematic situations.
program called Solving Our Situations, a program created
by the institute for women who are ex-oenders. It provides Compassion has motivated S. Ida most of her life. She
learning experiences, advocacy and resources for eecting recalls a visit she and her sister made with their father to St.
alternatives to violence. Louis Hooverville during the worst of the Great Depression.
As many as 5,000 of St. Louis homeless settled in shacks
The 10-week program, aectionately called SOS, along the Mississippi River. It was a cold day, and the kids I
oers residents at Schirmer House in the Carondelet saw there didnt have anything at all, S. Ida tells. My family
neighborhood, tools for positive change to help them was poor, but we had a house and food on the table.
move forward in life. Schirmer House is managed by the
Center for Women in Transition (CWIT), which works to One might say S. Idas responding to the need of others is
reintegrate women who are ex-oenders into society. in her DNA. When I heard about the SOS program, S.
Ida recalls, I said, here is an opportunity that is nearby. I
S. Ida has a standing date on Wednesday evenings at have the energy to do it. My presence might be able to do
Schirmer House. For the evening, S. Ida explains, Im something.
part of this circle of women. At these weekly sessions each
participant of SOS describes a problem situation she has But shes not alone in her service to the dear neighbor. How
faced and identies the kind of thinking that drove her to many wonderful choices our sisters are making, she notes,
resolve it. She then considers how she successfully handled it speaking of other sisters in their retirement years. They are
or could have better handled it. Recognition of and guidance not sitting home, watching the walls!
toward eective ways of resolving situations are constantly
voiced and gradually become part of the guidance toward As S. Ida reects on her experience with SOS, she notes,
personal growth. When I hear the womens stories, I know I dont have any
problems. And, she notes with a smile, I learn a lot!
We start each meeting by asking and responding to the
question, What was the weather like in your life today? Solving Our Solutions received a $3,000 Tabitha Grant from
S. Ida tells. Each participant considers the goals they have the Sisters of St. Joseph St. Louis Province last spring.

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Left side: Sisters Joan Filla, Maureen Freeman, Linda Hylla (CDP), Nancy Marsh and Nancy Corcoran.
Right side: Sister Sarah Heger, Sister Clare Bass, Katrina Molinar, Sister Mary Jo Ritter and Olivia Walter.

Pride Parade 2017

by Abby Blaes, communications intern

In a current climate that often breeds distrust and ignorance, respecting the dignity of every human person. S. Clare
the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet, St. Louis are making urged that the sisters' participation in the Pride Parade is
strides towards acceptance and inclusivity. This includes the one way to live out this solidarity.
LGBTQ community. The perfect place the CSJs have found
to show their support has been to participate in the St. Sister Nancy Marsh echoed S. Clare saying, We marched
Louis Pride Parades. On June 25, sisters, associates, friends in loving support for this community as CSJs serving and
and allies gathered together around the CSJ van to begin loving the dear neighbor without distinction The theme
their march through the streets of St. Louis. of Pride St. Louis was community pride. We are all one!

Surrounded by such positivity and love, Sister Clare Bass S. Clare says that the sisters intend to return to the parade
described the crowds gratitude for the sisters presence. next year, in larger numbers and with equal enthusiasm. We
This year we handed out buttons that said You are made hope to have a booth again as it allows us to spend more
in the image of God and Mardi Gras beads. People really time to listen and share with those around. She says, It is
appreciated the message on the buttons. The support from important to keep being involved and present at such events
the crowd is always overwhelming and beautiful. of solidarity."

The Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet's 2013 Acts of S. Nancy says, We marched as individuals, as a group and
Chapter states, We commit ourselves to stand in solidarity as a community The support by the parade watchers was
with and support lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender overwhelming and demonstrated to us that we are where we
(LGBT) persons in our quest for inclusion and justice, need to be.
knowing that Jesus welcomed everyone to the table

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Vessels of God
Social Justice Ministry Update
by Associate Dorothy Dempsey

On June 10, six women of faithVessels of Godattended a social

justice formation meeting. Vessels of God
By Associate Dorothy Dempsey
Sisters Nancy Corcoran and Ida Berresheim along with Associates
Gerry Rauch, Jessica Mayo, Karen Monroe and myself have long been
Oh, Lord, as we gather here today,
involved in various activities, which require our talents and expertise, but
free us from hatred, discrimination,
we know that there is still work to be done.
animosity; and all that is not in your
As vessels of God, when He calls, you answer, and this group of women
have decided "to speak their truths. When you speak your truths, you Let us be ever mindful of who we are,
"act, advocate, appear and align." Our goal is to educate, inspire and and whose we are;
open doors for those who are hurting and in need, and to work toward knowing that we are vessels
making this world a better place free from racism, hatred and greed. of your loving kindness.

The social justice issues of today are complex and require an Allow us as your vessels, oh Lord,
understanding that you cannot change the world in a day, but must to help to make this world a better place.
choose your battles wisely and act accordingly.
Guide us and watch over us, oh Lord, as
we place our faith in you.
To take action, we are planning a black history event, book readings,
anti-racism events and activities of intellectual interest. Look for more Help us to make a dierence
information about these eorts in future editions of PNN. in the ungodly world we live in.

We invite new membership to our Multicultural Justice Ministry, We ask this and all other blessings
and would like you to please join us as we undertake this journey of in your most holy name.
friendship, kinship and love.
For more information please contact me, Dorothy Dempsey, at

Carondelet Community Mural Painting

On July 8, residents of the Carondelet Mary Catherine OGorman and Mary Ann
neighborhood were invited to make their Fisherwrote about the experience
mark on a new community mural. Set along Having fun isnt the way we usually
the river just south of Bellerive Park, the talk about CSJs ministering to the dear
300-foot wall is becoming wrapped in a very neighbor. But for ve of us from the
colorful abstracted, anomorphic map of the motherhouse, having fun oered us a great
area. Sister Ida Berresheim, who went to the opportunity to join with many of our dear
community painting event with four other neighbors.
sistersRita Huebner, Barbara Jennings,
Sisters Ida Berresheim
and Rita Huebner Read S. Idas reection at csjsl.org.

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Meeting Our Ancestors

Profile of an early sister who died in the month of August
by Sister Jane Behlmann
Sister Caroline Antonia Deken died at our Many were the prayers that ascended to Heaven
House of Retreat, Nazareth, Missouri, on in behalf of Community interests as Sister
August 20, 1935, in the 77th year of her age executed the beautiful needlework in which
and the 58th of her religious life. she was specially gifted. In the meantime,
the life consecrated to God in early
In the death of Sister Caroline Antonia, girlhood was slowly ebbing away until
there passed from our midst another at last she was called to her eternal
dear senior Sister who had long reward. [Necrology Report]
since passed the golden milestone
of religious profession. One of four Sister Caroline Antonia [Mary]
daughters gladly given by her parents was born in Centreville, Illinois, on
to our loved Congregation, she is the November 25, 1859 to Caroline

n eke
second whose work in this vale of tears Shilling of Bavaria and Henry Deken of
was completed. Germany. She entered at Carondelet on

ia D
August 14, 1877, received the habit on
Most of the years of Sister's religious life ton December 8, 1877, and made profession

were spent in teaching music, a subject of vows on December 8, 1879. Among the

to which she was especially adapted and in places where she was missioned were Sacred


which she spared no pains to make her pupils a Heart Indianapolis, Sacred Heart, Campus,
r C
procient. It gave her much happiness to train Sist e Illinois, and Mt. St. Michael Academy in Central
the little ones to sing the praises of God. City, Colorado. Sister taught music in all of these
places. She was the second of four girls from the Deken family
Sister was an exemplary religious, devoted to prayer who entered the community. The others were Sister Apollonia
and exact observance of Holy Rule. She was of a gentle, Joseph, Sister Mary Henry and Sister Mary Wilhelmina. Two
charitable nature, which enabled her to nd great pleasure of their nieces also entered, Sister Charlotte (Mary Cornelius)
in helping others. After many years of labor for the Master, and Sister Marie de Montfort.
Sister retired to Nazareth where she was most generous in
performing any task that her strength permitted her to do.

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Sharing of the Heart

Have You Seen Your Angel?

by Associate Nicole Nicoll

It is easy not to believe we are able covering our view of the name. I was on Rue Charriere Des
to experience an angel appearing Bois! They all encouraged me to drive up the steep hill along
l e Ni c o l l

during our distress, but I do the white clis. A man in a three-piece white suit walked out
believe there are angels that help with me and pointed up the street.
us on our journey, especially when

one is lost or cannot nd the road Behold, I send an angel before you to guard you on the way

te that will take us to our destination. and to bring you to the place that I have prepared. (Exodus
c ia
A sso 23:20)
It was June 1976. My mother, Sylvia, had
own to France to visit her younger sister, Cora, who had We prayed again as the little Renault made bad sounds
a country home in La Roche-Guyon. La Roche-Guyon is a while I tried to back up and start up the hill. The man in the
little village gently nestled on the banks of the Seine River. three-piece white suit walked around the car and told me to
move into the passenger seat. He was almost too tall in our
Two of my children and I were going to rendezvous with my little car. What was I doing, allowing a stranger to tell me
mother, Aunt Cora and our cousins for a week-long holiday. what to do and enter my car with my two children in the
This was my rst time to La Roche and, after many years back seat? At once the little car carried us up the road and
of crossing the Atlantic with my husband, I had never been turned, following the cli. As soon as we turned, I could see
the only adult in charge. Now I had the responsibility of my mother and aunt sitting on kitchen chairs on the narrow
taking care of my 14-year-old son, William, and 12-year-old sidewalk watching for us with concern. I yelled, Ici, ici! Ce
daughter, Nancy. ma mre! The man pulled to the curb and turned o the
engine. What a relief!
Upon our arrival, I rented a small stick-shift Renault and
my two children and I were o to a new adventurethe We all hugged and my Aunt Cora invited the man to join us
countryside of Normandy. The children slept in the back for lunch, but he replied in French, Im a representative, and
seat while I reconnected with driving a stick-shift and I have another appointment. I watched him walk down the
reminding myself to stay awake, having an eight-hour time steep road and disappear. Something in me spoke a mystery
jet lag. in my spirit.

After driving two hours on the interstate, I turned onto a Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for thereby
small country road that ran along the Seine. Thirty minutes some have entertained angels unawares. (Hebrew 13:2)
later, I woke my children up to help me read the village
signs. All at once my son yelled, La Roche Guyon, Mom! Nancy and I were directed to two lawn chairs on the patio
As we coasted slowly through the little village, we could not for us to rest while lunch was being prepared. We were so
nd my aunts street, Rue Charriere Des Bois. When we peaceful with the white clis to our backs and the valley in
reached the exit sign at the other end of the village, I turned our view. We could hear a loud and clear dove making its
the car around and we searched again. Not desiring to exit dove melody in a tree up the cli. In the spirit of peace I said
the village, I made a desperate stop at the last side street that to Nancy, Honey, do you realize we were in the presence
had a caf-bar at the triangle corner. I told the children to of one of Gods angels today, dressed in a white three-piece
pray while I ran into the caf to acquire some information. suit? My 12 year old replied, I believe.

I showed my aunts written address to the caf lady. Two We looked for the angel throughout our stay, but not once
friendly men pointed up the steep hill. Of course, they did we even see a man in a suit, let alone in white. After all,
all spoke French. A man told me that I was on Charriere he had another appointment.
Des Bois and that vines were hanging over the street sign
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The Gift of Years
A book review and a tribute to Sister Kay Naughton
by Sister Roberta Houlihan
While Sister Kay Naughton was recuperating at Nazareth at each stage, whose lives were lived gracefully, that is, lled
Living Center from one of her many surgeries, I had with purpose. They recognized Gods gift of life and lived it
the privilege of visiting her often. I looked to the fullmany times, like S. Kay, in the face of great
forward to those sharing times. Sister Phyllis obstacles.
Bardenheier was often with us. S. Kay
healed enough that she was able to return S. Kays life could have been included in The Gift
home, but shortly after, she had other of Years if S. Joan had known her. S. Kay was in

g ht o n
complications, and on September 17, the process of returning to work when her last
2013, God called her to her Heavenly illness caused a huge setback that took her life.

Home at the age of 72.

y S. Phyllis has testied to S. Kays courage through
Some weeks later, S. Phyllis came to visit r K a her many health problems to the very end. S. Joans
S ist e
me. She brought one of S. Kays favorite books book was a guiding force as S. Kays illnesses took
to read. It was Joan Chittisters The Gift of Years (Growing hold. As I read the phrases/lines that she had underlined,
Old Gracefully) in which S. Kay had underlined favorite I was delighted to get a glimpse of her inner thoughts; her
parts. These have given me a deeper knowledge of her inner awareness that God lived in her was clearly evident.
thoughts and it is why I have the desire to write this review.
When reading this book, those who have known S. Kay in Suce it to quote one of S. Kays underlined statements:
life, will readily recognize her place among S. Joans examples each of us leaves a legacy, whether we mean to, whether we
of growing old gracefully. want to or not. Our legacies are the quality of the lives we
leave behind. S. Kays legacy will remain with us; she is one
As she prepared to write this book, S. Joan, at age 70, was of Gods special role models.
inspired to take a long look at the aging process. She takes
the reader with her as she views examples of elderly persons

St. Joseph Medical Center Opens

Sister Margaret Vincent Clinic
St. Joseph Medical Center (SJMC), founded by our
Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet, ocially opened Sister
Margarets Senior Clinic, with a festive ribbon-cutting
ceremony on June 27. The clinic is named in honor of
S. Margaret Vincent (Albany), who helped to open the rst
senior clinic at SJMC. She retired in 2015 after her 32-year
ministry at the medical center. The clinic will oer specialty
care for seniors, as well as transportation and diagnostic
Kansas City sisters attend the ribbon-cutting tools. Its part of a program at the hospital to coordinate
ceremony to honor Sister Margaret Vincent
geriatric care at St. Joseph Medical Center and serve its
(fourth from the right).
nearby patient population.

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The Hand of God Shall Hold You

Sister Ruth Butler, CSJ

(S. Anna Paul)
March 12, 1923 - June 1, 2017
A kind, loving womanspirit-filled and joyful

Sister Ruth Butler was a very dear friend a true blue Sister Anna Paul began her many years in primary education
friend. I was privileged to live with her and have her as my in March 1945 at St. Teresa of Avila (St. Louis). Bishop
principal and fellow teacher. She was an excellent educator, both Baraga, Marquette, Michigan (1945), was next, followed
as principal and teacher. Those of us who had her as principal by St. Rose of Lima, Houston, Texas (1955). She went to
knew her to be fair and just, in all of her dealings Sister Ruth St. Viator, Chicago, Illinois (1958), before returning to St.
would always tell you exactly what she thought, good or bad Louis to St. Ritas (1962), rst as a teacher, then as principal.
always in a kind manner. Sister Pauline Oetgen She continued as principal at Our Lady of Lourdes, St.
Louis (1969) followed by teaching junior high at St. Marys,
Wilber and Mary (Spearing) Butler of St. Louis, welcomed Bridgeton, Missouri (1977).
their daughter Ruth on March 12, 1923. Ruths memories
include much laughter and many hours spent learning new In 1978, S. Ruth found herself at St. Francis Xavier,
dance steps with her three brothers and two sisters. They Brunswick, Georgia, as the rst non-Georgian principal.
lived in St. Rose of Lima Parish. She attended St. Marks Some of the sisters were concerned about how a northerner
High School for two years but disliked being compared to would be in that position. S. Ruth remembered that
her older sisters. When she told her father she did not want S. Pauline Oetgen was the rst to say, Its going to be okay.
to go back there, he allowed her to transfer to Rosati-Kain Its going to be okay.
for her junior and senior years. There I had the Sisters of St.
Joseph and the Notre Dame Sisters. I was in a homeroom with S. Ruth then became principal at St. Mary on the Hill,
a Notre Dame Sister, and I used to go every Saturday morning Augusta, Georgia (1984-1990). After a brief sabbatical
down to the inner city to teach catechism with her. But the at the University of San Diego, she served in West Palm
Sisters of St. Joseph were more friendly and would stay after Beach, Florida, as principal at Holy Name of Jesus (1991-
school so naturally we got to know the Sisters of St. Joseph 1997). Remaining at Holy Name Parish, she became the
more. director of parish stewardship. In 2004, she became the
spiritual coordinator for senior adults there. She held
During her senior-year retreat, the priest asked her if she weekly spirituality sessions with them and sent out almost
had ever thought of becoming a sister. She replied, No. At a hundred letters a month to encourage seniors on their
home, when relating the tale to her younger brother, Paul, spiritual journeys.
with whom she was very close, he said, Well, you know its
not a bad idea. In 2013, S. Ruth retired and came back home to live in the
Village at Nazareth, St. Louis. While there, she found a
Ruth asked Sister Anna Rita Higgins how to go about caring friend in Sister Helene Gutchewsky who lived on the
entering the Sisters of St. Joseph, which she did, September same hall.
15, 1942. She was received as Sister Anna Paul, March
19, 1943. She earned a bachelors degree in elementary Since 2015, she resided at Nazareth Living Center, carrying
education from Fontbonne College (1955), a masters out her ministry of prayer and presence until God called her
in education from St. Louis University (1967) and home.
later, a degree in mathematics from Southern Illinois at
Carbondale. Sister Helen Oates

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The Hand of God Shall Hold You

Sister Mary Ann Lavin, CSJ

(S. Evelyn Paul)
January 21, 1932 - June 19, 2017
Joy-filled, compassionate, generous

I was blessed to do my student teaching with Sister Mary Ann to live with in community. When I made my nal vows
at St. Mary's in Bridgeton, Missouri. She was a fabulous teacher at the academy in October 1974, Mary Ann created and
What a lovely, caring, joyful sister! Sister Helen Alder silk screened all of the program covers for that special day
(a colored copier or computer printer didn't exist at that
Mary Ann Lavin was born January 21, 1932, to Harold and time). She spent hours doing this so that each one would
Sarah (Yates) Lavin in Kansas City, Missouri. Eventually, the dry to perfection. Sister Pam Harding.
family included two daughters and four sons.
Other memories from Kansas City days:
Mary Ann entered the Sisters of St. Joseph September 15, I experienced Mary Ann as a very dear person, very
1949. She received the habit and the name Sister Evelyn committed to the community and concerned about the dear
Paul (her parents middle names) on March 19, 1950. As did neighbor. Sister Ann Pace
many sisters, she continued her education through summer
and Saturday classes. Her bachelors degree in art was Despite battling with depression, Mary Ann was the most
awarded from Fontbonne College (1965). empathetic, kind and generous of us all. Sister Barbara
Sister Mary Anns ministry began with teaching primary at God knows how to get my attention. Mary Ann repeated
Nativity of Our Lord, St. Louis (1952). She taught primary this over and over as we took in a beautiful sky or scene
and intermediate classes at St. Marys, Bridgeton (1962) along our road trips between St. Louis and Kansas City.
before transitioning to art/developmental reading, drafting Sister Suzanne Giblin
and religion on the secondary level at Reicher Catholic ... as volunteer at St. Teresa's Academy, I was often
High, Waco, Texas (1965). surprised to nd Sister Mary Ann's artwork gracing a wall
or occupying a niche, and I realized how talented she was.
Sister Shawn Madigan lived with her at Reicher High when Sister Rosemary Flanigan
they put on a 20-scene Broadway production of Camelot:
After a sabbatical year (2000), S. Mary Ann volunteered at
Mary Ann was an artist gifted in many media as well as St. Teresas working with archives for the school. Two years
a seamstress who could design clothes. She and her small later, she volunteered as a driver for CSJ Care of Kansas
variations of art classes were in charge of all stage scenery City. Nazareth Living Center, where she carried out her
as well as design and sewing of the cheap versions of ministry of prayer and presence, had been her home since
knights and ladies wear for the musical ... Her ready smile 2004.
and a sense of adventure to just jump in the water and
hope we can swim made her a joy to live with and a friend Sister Joan Kaucher, care sta at Nazareth Living Center,
to cherish. writes:

In 1970, S. Mary Ann began a long-term ministry of Sister knew every word of most songs and sang them when
teaching art and religion at St. Teresas Academy, Kansas she was at a music activity program. She was always very
City, Missouri: grateful for anything given to her or done for her. She also
My fondest memories of Mary Ann include her loved her chocolate. From letters I've read she was able
compassion, care and understanding as well as her many to bring [out] artistic talents of so many of her students
talents. She was a fun-loving, joy-lled and great person She loved children and animals.
Sister Helen Oates
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Carondelet Chronicles

Sisters Maureen Freeman (left), Kathleen Crowley and Barbara Moore with Sister Mary Ha Dang at her
graduation from Aquinas Institute.

A Smiling Face will be Greatly Missed

by Sister Kathy Crowley

If you have been to Carondelet within the last two years, Sisters of Providence. S. Maureen says, Mary loved to help
chances are you have met a sister who has endeared herself in feeding our alpacas, even though she could almost get lost
to residents as well as sta. While short in stature, Sister among them due to being quite a bit shorter than they.
Mary Ha Dang has a heart big enough to encompass all.
After returning home to Vietnam for a short time, she was
A member of the Dominican Congregation of Tam Hiep, again sent by her community to study theology at Aquinas
S. Mary has become an integral member of the resident Institute. And lo and behold, her path crossed again with the
Carondelet community while studying at Aquinas Institute CSJs when she needed a place to live.
in St. Louis. Having completed her degree, she headed back
home to Vietnam in June. A diligent student, S. Mary still found time to cook
scrumptious Vietnamese meals for all the sisters in the
Mary has boundless energy, and it was fun to have her house in order to show her appreciation as well as proudly
around at mealtimes. She is vibrant and engaging, says display her Vietnamese heritage. She also became an
Sister Patty Johnson. I have never seen such a serious and integral part of the worshipping Vietnamese community
diligent student, fully engaged in her studies. We will miss at Resurrection Parish in South St. Louis. Not a stranger
her. to enjoying herself after two intense years of study, we all
rejoiced with S. Mary as she was able to travel to Kentucky,
S. Mary rst came in contact with the CSJs through Sisters Indiana and Florida as well.
Maureen Freeman and Paul Bernadette Bounk at White
Violet in Terra Haute, Indiana, where S. Mary was earning Prior to leaving, S. Mary and her community gifted us with
her rst degree at St. Mary of the Woods College with the a beautiful art piece currently hanging on the wall outside
chapel. Be sure to see it next time you come home.

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Sister Mary Flick

August 26-27 Saturday, Sept. 9 Saturday, Sept. 16
Carondelet Motherhouse 2 p.m. Mass 5 - 7:30 p.m.
Dinner to follow Carondelet Motherhouse
Carondelet Motherhouse
The CSJ Associates are
Both fried (Hodaks) and baked
presenting The Lace Is Not
RSVP by Aug. 19 to chicken will be provided. Bring
Yet Finished program by Jane
314-481-8800 or a dish to share. For vegetarians,
DeLisle, CSJ.
motherhousersvp@csjsl.org. plenty of pastas and side dishes
will be available. Food will be
This two-day journey will take us
served in the dining room.
back to 1650 in Le Puy-en-Velay
where we will meet the first
Please bring cans of corn to
Sisters of St. Joseph and spend
donate to the food baskets at
time with them in their kitchen
St. Augustine Church.
enriching ever more deeply the
CSJ charism and mission within
RSVP by Sept. 6 to Kay Komotos
us all.
at 314-678-0317 or
Our history will come alive as
we spend personal time
conversing with one of the
original sisters through letter
writing. Gathering in small
groups, much like those of the
first six women, we will
Whos Listening?
experience our history, deepen with Sister Marilyn Peot
our relationships, share our
stories, and respond to the Oct. 14 9-11 a.m.
needs of the dear neighbor. Whiteld Center, Avila University

Oering: $15
The registration fee is $85. The For more information, email
event is free for CSJ sisters, csjdevelopment@csjsl.org
Visit csjsl.org to register for
though registration is required. tickets and more information.
or call 314-678-0328.

For more information and the Sunday, Oct. 15 Vespers at 4:30 p.m.
registration form, click on FOUNDERS Dinner to follow
Events at csjsl.org. Carondelet Motherhouse
DAY RSVP at 314-481-8800 or motherhousersvp@csjsl.org.


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AUGUST 25 SJA Board Mtg. (RS)
2 Fontbonne Board Mtg. & Reception (MML) 22 & 25 Council/Corporation Board Mtgs. (All)
3 Congregational Vocation Mtg. (ML) 26-28 BHS Conference, Duluth, MN (MML, ML, LS)
5 50th Jubilees (All) 29-10/1 Fontbonne University Homecoming (RS)
10 LCWR Breakfast, St. Louis (LS)
10-13 LCWR, Orlando (ML, RS, LS) OCTOBER
12 Associate Leadership Board (LS) 4-5 Heartland Federation Mtg. (MF, LS)
18-19 CPC Meeting (MML, RS) 6 PCRI Mtg. (MML)
21-22 Council/Corporation Board Mtgs. (All) 9 Missouri Bishops-Major Superiors Mtg.
23 Dept. Head Mtg. (All) (MML, ML, RS, LS)
23 Nazareth Board Mtg. (ML) 12 LCWR Breakfast (ML, RS, LS)
24 Investment Managers Mtgs. (All) 12 Wine & Chocolate Event (MML, ML, RS, LS)
25 Agenda Committee Mtg. (MF) 15 Founders Day (MML, RS, LS)
30 Archbishop Carlson Mtg. re: Sponsorship 16-17 Council/Corporation Mtgs. (All)
(MML, RS) 20 Fontbonne Mission Integration &
Advancement Committee (MML)
SEPTEMBER 21 Fontbonne Board Mtg. (MML)
7-8 Avila Board Meeting & Dinner, KC (MML) 24-26 LCWR Region X, Ruma IL (MF, MML, RS, LS)
9 LCWR Region X Annual Mtg. (RS) 25 NLC Board Mtg. (ML)
9 Mary Flick Final Vows (ML, LS) 27 Associates: The Lace is Not Yet Finished (LS)
13-18 CLG Meeting, Albany (All) 31-11/3 RCRI Mtg. (MF)

Reconnect, renew and reflect on what it means to live

the CSSJ charism today and in the future.
When have you had an experience that profoundly changed your world view?
What is your sense of how our larger culture looks at conflict? What does it feel
like to be authentic? Share this and more as you Walk with Wisdom.
Walk with Wisdom is a six-part series inviting members of the Joseph
Learn More, Family to explore its charism and mission through videos, discussion,
& Get FREE reflective activities and readings. The program offers participants deeper
conversation on how to apply the charism to issues and circumstances of our
Course Materials polarizing times.
@ walkwithwisdom.org Each session is designed for self-directed groups of six to 10 members to
complete in two to three hours. A facilitator guide and videos are available at
OR CONTACT no cost online.
Sister Mary Flick Form your group and get started today! Visit walkwithwisdom.org.
mflick@csjsl.org Program designed by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet, St. Louis province.

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