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lkuhn11@gmail.com Leah K. Kuhn leahkuhnart.weebly.com

Professional Educator License
Art Education, Kindergarten to Grade 12
Studio Arts: Ceramics
May 2017
B.S. in Art Education from Illinois State University (Summa Cum Laude) with a minor in Art History
May 2014
A.A. from Illinois Valley Community College
Teaching Experience
Back of the Yards College Preparatory School Student Teaching (Spring 2017)
Taught a six week unit on carving and abstraction to three Sculpture I classes that aligned national visual art
standards, International Baccalaureate criterion, Common Core Standards, and adaptations for both ESL and
SPED students
Taught a unit on What is Good Hair? to an Art I foundations class that focused on identity and stereotyping
within society. This series of lessons incorporated contemporary artists, art historical context, the elements
and principles of design, group discussion on identity, and written, verbal, and visual analysis of art in this
Led workshops in ceramic fundamentals to an art club after school program in different hand building

Little Village Academy Student Teaching (Spring 2017)

Developed and implemented a lesson plan to a bilingual Kindergartener class on architecture incorporating
drawing, sculpture, and language adaptations
Created a unit on social commentary printmaking guided by common core, national visual art standards, and
contemporary artists that use art as a platform for communicating ideas to a large amount of people
Implemented and designed a cross-curricular unit on natural dyes for a bilingual first grade classroom that
incorporated science, art, math, and weaving
Guided fourth graders in understanding modern communication: its methods and implications, through art
making in a lesson that developed their creativity through translating writing into visual symbols

Step-Up Fellowship (Summer 2015)

The Step-Up Fellowship Program is a 4-week intensive teaching, community internship, and summer residency program that prepares
pre-service teachers for urban environments. The program consisted of living with a host family, teaching in Chicago Public Schools,
involvement at a community based organization, and professional development courses.

Developed and taught public art as a visual aid at a Chicago Public School in the Little Village community for
students seeking credit recovery in art at Farragut High School through the Chicago Teacher Education
Created lesson plans that focused on collaboration and community through art making at Yollocalli, an arts
youth-outreach program in Little Village, Chicago
Volunteered at Breakthrough Urban Ministries for their Beyond the Ball neighborhood gathering in East
Garfield Park
Attended over 30 hours of professional development in R.T.I., grant writing, classroom management, oral
history, and culturally relevant pedagogy in urban environments

Illinois State University (Fall 2015 Spring 2016)

Developed and taught a community based lesson plan for Heart of Illinois Art Conference at Illinois State
University that focused on interaction between art, people, and public spaces to high school art students
Co-planned and co-taught a lesson on shape, color, and stamping to a contained special education first grade
classroom at Colene Hoose Elementary School
Lead and created a series of lesson plans to third graders that interrelated art, music, and movement to
introduce students to exploring the process of art making and the relationship it has within other subjects
Created and implemented a lesson plan for first grade students in LeRoy, IL that explored the relationships
between art and music
Work Related Experience
Summer 2016
Taught and assisted in craft, weaving, and surface design classes at the Textile Arts Center in Manhattan, New
York with the 7-10 year old summer camp program
Participated in natural dye, shibori, indigo, weaving, knitting, and book binding workshops
Spring 2015
Taught an exploration in painting workshop at MarcFirst, a nonprofit agency dedicated to helping people with
developmental disabilities
Observed and tutored individual students for 15 hours in Art history at Magic Johnson Bridgescape Academy,
an alternative school in Chicagos Englewoods community
Professional Development
Spring 2017
Chicago Teacher Education Pipeline focus seminars for urban education in Restorative Practices, ELL
supports, and Characteristics, Responsibilities, and Qualities of Urban School Mentors
Implementing SAT prep strategies in fine art classrooms seminar series at Back of the Yards College
Preparatory School
Aligning art curriculum with national and international baccalaureate standards seminar
National Art Education Association Conference in Chicago, Illinois
Fall 2014-2016
Member of NAEA (National Art Education Association). NAEA provides members with professional
development, networking opportunities, and resources within the art education community.
Senior Liaison for ISU NAEA. This position works to keep a connection between present and future members
in the organization.
Member of IAEA (Illinois Art Education Association). IAEA focuses on art educators within the state to
create a more intimate community by hosting conferences, job opportunities, professional development, and
opportunities for students.
McCormack Scholar
This award is given to students who maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.75 with at least 14 hours or more of
credits for three consecutive semesters.
Related Skills/Specializations
- Proficient knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator
- Skilled in using both digital and film cameras
- Experience with using social media (Instagram/Tumblr) as a platform in the classroom for developing
skillsets in responding and writing about art and how to share ideas
- Extensive knowledge of clay, hand building, wheel throwing, as well as glazes
- Proficient in kiln firing, timing, and safety
Dr. Edward Stewart University Professor (309) 826-8953 eostewa@ilstu.edu
Ms. Paige Targosz Cooperating Teacher (815) 531-2478 pvanderscho@cps.edu
Dr. Judith Briggs University Professor (309) 531-3776 jabrigg@ilstu.edu