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Republic of the Philippines

Department of Education
Abuyog National High School
Abuyog East District, Sorsogon City
Sorsogon City

Name of PT: Jose Antonio D. Lagata

Date: July 24, 2017
Time/Period: 7:30-8:30
Grade & Section: Grade 10
Topic Title: The myth of Arachne
Cooperating Teacher: Mrs. Rosalinda L. Lato

Detailed Lesson Plan in English Grade 10

PROGRAM STANDARD The learner demonstrates communicative competence through

his/ her understanding of literature and other texts types for a
deeper appreciation of Philippine Culture and those of other

GRADE LEVEL STANDARD The learner demonstrates communicative competence through his/
her understanding of literature and other text types for a deeper
appreciation of World Literature, including Philippine Literature.

CONTENT STANDARD The learner demonstrates understanding of how world literature

and other text types serve as ways of expressing and resolving
personal conflicts, also how to use strategies in linking textual
information, repairing, enhancing communication public
speaking, emphasis markers in persuasive texts, different forms
of modals, reflexive and intensive pronouns.

PERFORMANCE STANDARD The learner composes a short but powerful persuasive text using
a variety of persuasive techniques and devices.

Competencies 1. EN10LT-Id2.2: Explain how the elements specific to a genre contribute to the
theme of a particular literary selection.

2. EN10LT-If2.2.3: Determine tone, mood, technique, and purpose of the author.

At the end of a 60-minute period, at least 80% of the students/class shall be able
a. draw generalizations and conclusions based on the material viewed, and
compare new insights with previous learning.
b. give meanings of words through using dictionary and/ or context clues
c. explain how tone and mood contribute to the theme of the myth

I. Subject Matter

A. Topic: Dealing with Personal Challenges

B. References: Almonte, Liza R., et.al., Celebrating Diversity Through World
Literature, 2015, (page 69), 5th Floor, Mabini Bldg., DepEd Complex,
Meralco Avenue, Pasig City, Philippines



C. Materials
Quantity Unit Descriptive

2 1 Cartolina
1 1 White Board Marker
1 1 Permanent Marker
1 1 Adhesive Tape
1 1 Pictures
2 1 Books
1 1 Laptop

D. Concepts
- Essential Concept: Arachne

E. Values Integration: Appreciative / Unity / Self-confident

F. Teaching Strategies/ Methodologies
1. Discussion Method
2. Cooperative Learning
3. Active Learning

II. Procedure

a. Activity
1. Pre-Activity

Teachers Activity Students Activity

Greeting: Response:
Good Morning Class Good Morning Sir

(The teacher will randomly choose a student (The chosen student will lead the prayer.)
to lead the prayer.) Almighty Father.
Lets all stand and pray.

(The teacher will ask the students to clean the
Before you take your seat, kindly pick up the Yes Sir.
pieces of papers and arrange your chairs

Checking of Attendance:
(The teacher will ask the names of those who
are absent.)
By the way, Who is absent today? No one is absent Sir.
Very good.

(One student will be asked to have a quick
recap of their previous lesson.)
Kristelle, can you please provide a short Last meeting we had discussed on how we are
recap of what you had discussed last going to deal with our personal challenges in
meeting? life. Thats all Sir.

Thank you so much Kristelle. Today, we will

be discussing a new topic but still connected
to what you had discussed before.

2. Motivation

Teachers Activity Students Activity

(The teacher will group the students into four.
The teacher will post a cartolina with a text
written on it. These sentences will be used as
context clues. In the sentence, theres a word
that will be written as numbers, each letter of
the word is being substituted with numbers.
The students will be tasked to change the
numbers in order for them to get the word.
After they get the word, they need to use the
context clues to find the synonyms of that

Okay class, I will group you into four groups. Yes Sir.
These two rows will be group 1 and so on and
so forth. All you need to do is change the
numbers into letters and once youre done
with it, you need to find the synonymous word
of that using the context clues. Kindly write
your answers on the board.

Now, since everyones done, lets check if all (Each group will write their answers on the
of you are correct. Lets start with group 4. board.)

3. Lesson Presentation
Teachers Activity Students Activity
(The discussion of the story of Arachne will be
done after they check the works of each

Okay, since I told you yesterday to read the Yes Sir.

story of Arachne, I assume that all of you
already understood and knew the story. But
before we proceed to our discussion, let us
first read again the story.

(The teacher will call students randomly to

read the story part by part.)

Juney, can you please start reading the story, Arachne, retold by Olivia Coolidge. Arachne
the first paragraph only. John Deg, please was a maiden who became famous.
follow and so on and so forth.

Thank you, and now kindly answer the Sir, the characters of the story are, Arachne,
questions that I will ask. First, who are the her father, the villagers, the old women who
characters of the story? was actually Athene.

Very good Benjie, What is the nature of the The story of Arachne has man vs. man/man
conflict in arachne? Daniel
vs. self-conflict. Her pride got into her and her
being reckless led her to her own misery. She
paid a high price for her pride and obstinacy
when she failed in matching Athenas skill;
then she came to her downfall.

Thank you Daniel, thats right. Arachnes Sir, the tone of the story of Arachne is
pride pull her down and put her in misery.. So, serious because it aims to earnestly remind
lets go to the tone of the story. Can someone the readers and everybody the value of
tell me what is the tone of the story? How humility and gratefulness for all the blessings
about you Jezreel? received. Thats all Sir.

Thats right Jezreel, as what you have said, it Sir, the prevailing mood of the story of
is serious because it focuses to remind us that Arachne is unhappy because Arachne ended as
we, as human beings must value all the a spider destined to spin for the rest of her
blessings we received. How about the mood of life because of being boastful of her talents
the story? What do you think are the moods and skills. She should have been on the Earth
presented in the story? Yes Ivan. acting like a normal person if she had only
recognized the value of humility.

Thank you Ivan. Since we all knew that mood The parts of the story that prove that
is a literary element that evokes certain Arachnes pride is the reason of her downfall
feelings or vibes in readers through words and are; when she heard that the people murmur
descriptions. Usually, mood is referred to as that her skill was taught by the goddess, when
the atmosphere of a literary piece, as it creates she compared her embroidery with Athenes
an emotional situation that surrounds the work and insult the Goddes, when the old
readers. Just like Ivans answer, the mood that woman who was actually Athene told her to
dominates in the story is unhappy knowing ask forgiveness of what she had said to the
that the story of Arachne ends up being Goddess but she refused to, and lastly is when
punished by Athene because of her wrong she was being defeated by the Goddess.
doings. And now what are some details in the
story that will prove that Arachnes pride is
the reason for her downfall?

Yes, thats all correct. You had mentioned all Yes Sir.
the parts of the story that caused Arachnes
downfall. It seems like all of you already
understood the story of Arachne.

b. Analysis

Teachers Activity Students Activity

(The teacher will ask some students to answer (The students will explain the things they
the question.) learned from the story of Arachne.)
What have you learned about the story?

c. Abstraction
Teachers Activity Students Activity
(The teacher will ask at least three students to
answer his question.)
What does Arachne value more than anything Arachne values praise more than anything
else? else.

Thank you. Why does Arachne refuse to She thinks her weaving skill is so good that
accept the advice of the old woman? no one can give her advice and she thinks that
shes better than Athene.

Thats right. What is the theme or lesson in The theme or lesson is that too much pride
this myth? can lead to a person's downfall.

Thank you.

a. Application

Answer the question in a sheet of paper.

-What is your opinion on the characteristics of the following based on their

words and actions, especially in dealing with challenges?

a. Arachne
b. the old woman (Athene)

III. Assessment/ Evaluation

Kindly answer the following questions. Expound your answers.

1. Is the use of poetic justice as a literary device effective in Arachne? Explain.

2. Had Arachne changed her attitude, do you thik the old woman would have punished
her? Explain.

IV. Assignment/ Agreement

Create a quotation about having a high pride. Write it on a sheet of paper.