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As a highly experienced Service-delivery-professional I occupy a central position between users,
business processes and ICT. In doing so I ensure an optimal match between the requirements and the
provision of IT services by identifying and defining the requirements of the user organisation. My HBO
(graduate) working and analysis level means that I am able to see the big picture, without losing sight of
essential details. I also have the verbal skills to express my intuition in such a way that others
understand it. I am phlegmatic, always cheerful, and look for durable solutions. My qualities come into
their own when I am in the position of linchpin between ICT and the business. In this way I can offer a
total solution for all an organisations concerns in relation to ICT.

Work experience
Work experience
Odyssee Groep B.V. , Maastricht
Service-delivery-manager (10-2008/08-2017)
Ensuring full availability of the information systems;
Improving effectiveness and efficiency of information provision;
Improving the quality and efficiency of functional control;
Implementing and documenting processes, procedures and working instructions;
Making preparations for discussions and negotiations with suppliers (including requirements plan, approach
plan and transparency of costs and savings);
Proactively working out proposals based on insight and understanding of business processes, to improve
the ICT services;
Functioning as escalation manager in the event of a failure;
Dealing with and registering first, second and third line incidents and changes;
Advising on added value from bringing in external support, and advising on quality;
Advising management in relation to potential change and improvement processes;
Development of vision, strategy and guidelines based on developments in the field of ICT;
Contributing to the creation of the content of the ICT annual plan;
Various projects:
- 2017: Project manager ERP implementation;
- 2016: Project manager to the cloud;
- 2015: Roadmap to the cloud;
- 2012: Implementation Exchange 2010;
- 2012: Roll out smartphones via CYOD;
- 2011: Office move;
- 2011: Housing our current servers in a data centre;
- 2011: VoIP central for 2 locations and changed telecoms providers, thereby
realising significant cost savings;
- 2010: Virtualisation of the server pack, complete standardisation of work places, purchase of
new laptops with support for users;
- 2010: New hardware servers with storage and replacement of network apparatus.

System-/Network manager (10-2006/09-2008)

Server management in Novell, Windows 2003 and Citrix;
Work place management of XP;
Supporting 3 locations via WAN connections, home and laptop users.

Euroned Systems B.V., Sittard
Helpdesk officer
Further work experience
Further work experience
Supporting software packages for doctors and pharmacists,
both in UNIX (Arcos and Apcos) and Windows (Mira);

Trega International B.V., Maastricht
Senior System-/Network manager
Server management with Novell, NT and Windows 2000;
Work place management of W95/98 and NT/W2000/XP

Intercai Zuid Nederland, Maastricht
(Junior) Consultant
Trega International B.V. (2000)
- The upgrade of a 4 Mb Tokenring network to a 100 Mb Ethernet network;
- Replacement of HOB terminals (AS/400) with Win95PCs with Client Access.
Global Crossing (2000)
- Inputting project details in MS Project and creating a milestone
plan. The project comprised the installation of a glass fibre cable around Frankfurt.
Novem (2000)
- Creating an inventory of the IT network infrastructure. At the same time
looking at sticking points in the system and giving advice on improvement.
KPN-ESN (1999)
- Setting up and running the SAP-Servicedesk, in accordance with ITIL standards.
Bank for International Settlements (1998)
- Project leader for ICT control in the dealing room;
- Implementations, updates, configurations, dealer relocations, maintenance and archiving.

Education &
2017 PRINCE2 Practitioner, Forsa Advies, Eindhoven
2017 PRINCE2 Practitioner, Forsa Advies, Eindhoven
2006 UNIX / Linux part 1, AT Computing, Nijmegen
2005 MCSA 2000, training Windows Server 2003, FSR, Eindhoven
1999 ITIL Foundation, EXIN, Utrecht
1991/1997 Control technology, Hogeschool Heerlen
1989/1991 MTS Electronics, Walram College, Sittard

Additional information
Language skills
Dutch: Good, written and spoken
English: Good, written and spoken
German: Good spoken, written adequate

With his phlegmatic attitude, his cheerfulness and his unparalleled sense of humour Roger is a marvellous colleague. He
treats everyone equally, is very approachable and always available, with extremely broad expertise and a passion for finding
solutions which are immediately and enduringly effective. With the speed he works at and his business knowledge he gives the
expression client-friendly a whole new meaning. I have particularly enjoyed working with Roger.
Andrea van Steensel, Director Organisational Development and Communication (Odyssee Training & Advice), May 2011

Name: Roger Keijers E-mail: roger.keijers@gmail.com
Residence: Puth, Netherlands Telephone: +31 6 11366413
Born: 4 May 1972 Website: www.rogerkeijers.nl