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‘The ONE PIECE Collectible Card Game is an exciting 3-on-3 card battle of the great pirates. Organize your own pirate corps, then take command of the great pirates and thelr amazing techniques to capture your opponent's Captain. Are you ready for the white-hot Pirate's Battle?! Technique cards ‘mou yrs ure Sarontsopambatsosie ayo Sa oye een (Dictarcver mane: Ts tons manele —— (Daron enon tte neat [tesa nies Bisa neem iene » (00 Ne Stren cencttt Sieve es, overtatcanaot Fes Fotan bes iets became Unrest Deano tue ci oro enc Dime teem sokeuatnanaccte outa Sia, Oy neontegetant ee Sree ns Scare oon ESRD ah ane oon eon EE nr nen iar on ne neon en Kren Zocrtontende rare taie aha haere se ‘on [af eT ee Pt, Aa, ‘The ONE PIECE CCG requires a Game Mat to play the game. Each card must be put in a certain area of the Game Mat. Mow sor: Te es plete asa ada = ean : (coma or Tana np Cares drs ‘Wes Bor The a payor eck hen our aca ‘went {Doerner es Wena ea a ped [Le Ponts Bx: The sagan ar sac Ln Pots bo —_ Io mmea nese OY : girtsYerwnperttnga a Rep eeaS ANT aay Sonzakcenanrmasio G o_ abou Head Uist: Th ao pase Chaser see Potato hn Gato pcos {Dc Caone' Uses rl oar Aes en sonaong recon TCE MEY TE 1 ‘The first player who first achieves one of the following victory conditions wins the game: Reduce the Life Points of he opposing Captain to "0. The total Life Points ofthe Character cards in your opponent's Bounty Head List equal 8 or more ‘Your opponents instructed to draw a card from the Treasure Box, but cannot do s0 because there are no cards lettin ther Treasure Box A 1. Choose te card you wish incusen your Player 1 can send then Hand tothe Ocean and Player 2 then draws thelr Hand, exchanges cards Deck: Your Deck must have 32 cards raw fey wero change he casi "dees and places the Characr cares Player 2s You can have upto 4 cards with same card thor Hand This can be done as many tes athe alowed to use Character cards fr tor own Captain Iumberinyour Deck Wa card says CHEERED, player doses, but kop nmin that player wih anand Conades ta rein playa he opponents means that you can ncude upt0°X" copes oi exhausted Treasure Bax oes te game. When Payer Caplan and Conrades even means he same thateaain your Deck elds to keep he Hand they cose 1 Character Character wl Bate se! £2. shut me Deck well and place it tce down on ca om a Handa pay a he Capa and ace Ban layers tu over he Character card in each BOX ‘re treeare Bon facedown nthe Capa Box. Tho 2 Comrades can aso" Ege pyer the cnoute he arate rds, aN ae treasure Bor and place aed intho Comrade Besa tis ie, be roves nur’ of eats equal each Character’ }- Ds 9 cars fom rts Box an Blajer cess (eplayer may crooseto pace only 1, or Nes urbe of car eat gach haat Yen ace doen Let sein Echo ‘no, Comrades in be Comrade Bokes rey cess) racy behind that Character Heres, he Hooves te oa Lie Po Con ‘Character ards inthe Captain Box anc Comrade 4. 1 7c tome Treas Bor ane ce Bones cried ote pyar car lca em in your Han cannot have wo, nthe Life Points Box cle“ Catan and Comrade boxes ‘5. Decide who goes est. 9. Te game ten begins, with Player taking theft tu