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Prep Your Ride Before the Race

First, you need to pick your car. For your first game, that will be the car
in your starter deck. Each car has a Cost (1), Power rating (2), Traction
rating (3), and a maximum number of modifications (4) that you can add
to it. Some cars also have special abilities (5). In the text area, you can
see what type of drivetrain the car uses: F/R is rear-wheel drive, 4WD
is four-wheel drive, and F/F is front-wheel drive.

RX-7 FD Type R
7 5
2 3

Rules Sheet 5 D R I V E : F/R

Turbo. +3 Style. 1
153 216
Shuichi Shigeno / Kodansha to max OB PLANNING. Game & 2003 AEG / TOKYOPOP BASE

Tak never stood out much. Between an after-school gig at a gas Mods
station and early-morning deliveries for his dads tofu shop, Tak
Next, choose modifications (mods) for your car. Your starter deck
never had time to be noticed until a bright yellow RX-7 refused
comes with a mod that works well for your car, and in the future youll
to let him pass during one of his delivery runs on Akina Mountain.
want to choose a full set of mods that help you overcome the challenges
Little did Tak know that the driver was one of the Red Suns
of the road and your opponent. Your car cant have more mods than its
hottest street racers, and when he out-maneuvered the RX-7 in
maximum number of mods. It cant have more than one mod of the same
his beat-up 86 Toyota leaving it in the dust, he set himself up as
type, either (mod types are in bold at the top of the text box), so it can
the new driver to beat.
only have one set of Tires, or one Turbo. Some cars already have a mod
With everyone around Tak into street racing, and with his natural type installed (like the Turbo that comes installed in the RX-7) and can-
ability behind the wheel, he cant escape challenge after challenge. not have another mod of that type, although these built-in mods do not
And with victory following victory, Tak finds himself hooked by the count against your maximum number.
thrill of the race.
You should choose mods that will help your car and your overall strate-
Welcome to Initial D, where street racing teams battle over gy. You can even choose mod cards that let you join one of the racing
glory, passion, pain and revenge on the road and off. Now the race teams from the Initial D series, or have one of the characters from the
is in your hands! series as your driver. These Team and Driver mods give you special abil-
ities and access to special maneuvers that the other players cant use.
Each mod has a cost. The total cost of your car plus mods determines
Game Race Card who starts the race in front (see Start Your Engines, below)
Layout Card(s)

Turbo Kit

+2 Power.

Car Mod(s) Car Mod(s) Car Mod(s) The Attesa E TS System gives it stable traction
4 even when giving it the gas. He can use the
turbo as much as he wants to. a Night Kid
191 216

Shuichi Shigeno / Kodansha to max OB PLANNING. Game & 2003 AEG / TOKYOPOP BASE

Discard Deck Race Cards

A race card determines where the race takes place and what stages the
race includes. After choosing a car and your mods, choose three race
cards as your home tracks that play to your cars strengths. Whoever
How to Win is challenged gets to use one of his race cards (chosen randomly by the
other player) as the race track for that game. (See Start Your Engines
The Initial D CCG is a 2-player race with two ways to win. below.)
1. You win the match after winning two consecutive stages in Each race consists of three or four stages. There are three stage types:
which you started as the lead car. This means you have suc- straight, curved (1), and filled with obstacles (2). Every stage includes a
cessfully pulled away from your opponent, who wont be able mix of these three types, but the stage type identifies the most common
to catch you before the finish line. challenge for that stage. For example, a straight stage may include turns
and obstacles, but will be dominated by straight-aways.
2. If neither car pulls ahead to win, then the winner is whoever
wins the final stage of the race.
Usui Downhill Battle

Game Elements 1 Hairpin

C-121 Finish
Your starter deck contains a car, a modification for your car,
3 race cards, and 50 maneuvers. Remove the maneuvers from
the rest of your cards and shuffle them these maneuvers
will be your deck. The trailing car has
1 strength to all
Initial D is a collectible card game. Although your starter deck will Start
212 216
be fun to play, you can buy additional booster packs to increase Shuichi Shigeno / Kodansha to max OB PLANNING. Game & 2003 AEG / TOKYOPOP BASE

the number of cards that you have. Then, you can build your own
customized deck that fits your style of play, and experiment with
different combinations of cards that will lead to game-winning
combinations. Once you do, you will be able to take your killer ride
out and beat your friends down the mountain!
Requirement. This increase only applies for the maneuver youre playing.
Now that youre done customizing your car, its time to build a If you cannot discard enough cards to meet the requirement, you cannot
deck. Your deck must have at least 50 cards (not counting your play the maneuver. For example, if your cars Traction is only 6, you would
car, mods, and races these cards stay off to the side and are have to discard two cards from your hand to play Tight Twin Drift.
never part of your deck) and may not include more than three
Some cards have special requirements at the top of their text box such
copies of any card. For your first game, just use the rest of the
as Lead car only or You may only play this maneuver if you have a Turbo
cards in your starter deck. When you build your own deck, you will
mod. You may not play a maneuver if you do not meet the special
want to use a mix of maneuvers that work for your car and your
requirements of that maneuver.
strategy for winning the race.

Start Your Engines 3, 2, 1 Full Throttle

When starting a race, the more expensive car (including all mod- Tight Twin Drift
ifications) is the challenger. The challenger randomly chooses a 4
race from the other drivers three race cards. All unused race 4 6
cards are put aside they wont be used this game. 7 9
Lead Car Requires 5 121 216 7
The challenger starts the first stage as the trailing car. The less
Into the RailRequires 8 133 216
expensive car is the lead car. During each stage of the race, the On the technical courses where the
straights are short, the car which is more
trailing car will be trying to pass the lead car to take over the front aggressive might be faster even though TURN MANEUVER
it has less power. Ry R Y A N D K.T. O N LY.
position while the lead car tries to stay in front. The car that wins 4
Thats their signature Parallel Drift.
They cant be more than inches apart!
a stage becomes the lead car for the next stage. Remember that 7 2
3 a Red Sun

to count toward the two consecutive stages victory condition, a Shuichi Shigeno / Kodansha to max OB PLANNING. Game & 2003 AEG / TOKYOPOP BASE
car has to start as the lead car in each stage. 3 5 8 5
Shuichi Shigeno / Kodansha to max OB PLANNING. Game & 2003 AEG / TOKYOPOP BASE
Requires 7 114 216
The Race Theyre Off TA C T I C S M A N E U V E R

If Into The Rail counters a turn

At the beginning of each stage, each player draws 7 cards. The maneuver in a curve stage, your
opponent must discard 2 cards
lead car draws one additional card. The player with the higher randomly from his or her hand.
Style also draws one additional card. A cars Style begins at 0, 1
but some cars and modifications give bonuses to Style. The most 4 6 4
Shuichi Shigeno / Kodansha to max OB PLANNING. Game & 2003 AEG / TOKYOPOP BASE

crowd-pleasing maneuvers that you play during the race also give
Style points. If the cars are tied for Style, neither driver draws an
additional card.
Each maneuver has a counter rating (3) against each of the three types
The driver of the lead car plays the first Maneuver card for a
of maneuver. Your maneuver must have a counter rating (found in the
stage from his or her hand, and then the trailing driver plays a
upper left of the card) of the right type equal or higher than your oppo-
Maneuver card. Play goes back and forth between the drivers,
nents last maneuver strength to play your maneuver without discarding.
each playing a Maneuver card until one of them cannot play (or
For example, Tight Twin Drift has a 6 tactics counter, a 9 turn counter,
chooses not to play) a maneuver. Whichever player plays the last
and a 7 speed counter. It can counter speed maneuvers up to strength
maneuver in a stage wins that stage and is the lead car for the
7, turn maneuvers up to strength 9, and tactics maneuvers up to
next stage.
strength 6 without discarding.
The driver that wins a stage may keep any cards in his or her hand
If the counter of your maneuver is less than your opponents maneuver
for next stage, but the loser must discard any cards remaining in
strength, you may discard from your hand, temporarily increasing the
his or her hand. Each card kept reduces the number of cards you
appropriate counter of your maneuver card by one for each discard, in
draw next stage by one (you draw until you have 7 total cards,
order to meet your opponents maneuver strength. This increase only
plus any extras from the lead or from Style). After deciding
applies for the maneuver youre playing. If you cannot discard enough
whether to keep any cards, the drivers begin the next stage.
cards to raise your counter to equal your opponents strength, you can-
not play the maneuver. For example, if your opponents last maneuver in
Maneuvers a straight stage was Pure Power (a speed maneuver with strength 8 in
All Maneuver cards are one of 3 types: speed maneuvers, straight stages), you would have to discard one card to play Tight Twin
turn maneuvers, and tactics maneuvers. The strength of each Drift as your next maneuver to raise your speed counter from 7 to 8.
maneuver is based on the stage type certain maneuvers are
effective on curves, others on straightaways. To find your Bonuses and Penalties
maneuvers strength (1), find the type of stage at the bottom of
Some maneuvers stay in play and provide bonuses and penalties to the
the maneuver the number next to the stage symbol is the
cars. The bonuses and penalties continue until the maneuver is discard-
maneuvers strength. For example, the Tight Twin Drift maneuver
ed by the effects of another maneuver.
has a strength of 5 in a straight stage, 8 in the curves, and 5
during an obstacle stage.
When you play a maneuver, tell your opponent the type and
strength of the maneuver, as well as any special effects of the Executive Producers . . . . . . . . . . . . Stuart Levy, John Zinser
maneuver which appear in the text area of the card. Game Design . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . David Williams
In order to play each maneuver, you must meet the requirements Creative Design . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Mark Jelfo
of the maneuver (see Requirements below), and your maneuver Digital Prepress . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Justin Lawler
must be able to counter the strength of your opponents last Packaging Design . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Dave Agoston
maneuver (see Countering below). The first maneuver of a stage
Brand Director . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Maury R. McIntyre
does not have to counter anything, so that car just has to meet
CGI Art . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Yukari Kaneko
the maneuver requirements in order to perform that maneuver.
Requirements Paul Li, Geoffrey Lykken, Jennifer Lykken, Justin Miller, John Lindsay, Alexandre
van Chestein, Jen-Louis Frenette Jr., Francois Dion, Frederic Clement, Dan
Your car (including bonuses and penalties from mods and Tibbles, Martin Novosel, Thomas Kohler, Brandon Flores, Vaughn Reynolds,
maneuvers) must have a Power or Traction equal or higher than Thomas Ryan, Wendy Wolk, Ted Tschopp, Dave Laufle, Robin Low, Jason Liu,
Charlie Wong, Jules Van Oosterom, Sean Sherman, Shaun Ham, Paul Ewinstein,
the requirement of the maneuver (2) to play the maneuver with- Kevin Mullen, Navin Weeraratne
out discarding. For example, you must have a Traction of 8 or Based on the manga INITIAL D by Shuichi Shigeno originally serialized in the
higher to play Tight Twin Drift without discarding. WEEKLY YOUNG MAGAZINE published by Kodansha, Ltd. INITIAL D TM &
Shuichi Shigeno / Kodansha to max OB PLANNING. All Rights Reserved.
If your car does not meet the requirements for a maneuver card, Game Design TM & 2003 AEG/TOKYOPOP. All INITIAL D text copyright in
you may discard from your hand, temporarily increasing your cars this English language version other than copyright owned by the original copy-
right-holders is 2003 TOKYOPOP Inc.
Power or Traction by one for each discard, in order to meet the