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1. NationalVotersdayis celebrated everyyearon 25th January, the day on which

theElectionCommissionofIndia(ECI) wasestablished.
2. Thefocusis on popularizing electoralparticipation
anddisseminatinginformationabout electoralprocesses.
3. It also focuses on all activities meant togeneratevoter
awareness,therebyleadingtovoter empowerment and eventually
strengtheningparticipatorydemocracyin India, withparticular emphasis
onparticipationof youth.
4. As per the instructions of the Election Commission of India,
certainSVEEP(Systematic Voters E d u c a t i o n andElectoral Participation)
activities relating to National VotersDayaretobecarried out in the period prior to
the NVD and certain activities are done on the day of NVD, including distribution of
EPIC to new voters.


1. Generates awareness about the process of voter registration, importance of

voting, and recognizes the performance of the Election functionaries during
non-election periods.
2. Helps to planeachyearin advance foraddressinggapsin electoral registration
3. Helps to followupthe implementationof the plans very closely.
4. Creates enthusiasm for NVDbycontinuouseffortsforVotereducationforyouth
and womenintheyearpriortotheNVD.
5. Engagesyouthinvariousformats andleadstoageneralenthusiasmto
comeoutand vote at the time of polls.
6. YoungVotersFestivals in the run up to NVDareverypotentmeansfor
engagingyouthandtobring outtheircreativetalentforthe furtheranceof
7. Tapping of Government Department and involving them as partners creates
huge resource base forundertaking variedactivities for voter registration.
i. EducationalInstitutionshave over the years become
effectivepartnersinensuringregistration of youth.
ii. Young marriedwomenvoters require handholdingfor their
registrationas voters, for which Women & Child Development
Department has played useful role for spreading awareness, and their
role is now getting institutionalized.
iii. Aanganwadis,Schools andHealthcenterswithhighfootfallsare being
utilized for voter educationinterventions.
iv. Dissemination of information through support of Information
Department, is also a streamlined process.
8. Governmentrunmedia have over the years become very enthusiastic partners.
9. Innovative interventions by FM Channel Brand Ambassadors and messages
bylocal and State Iconsare penetrating larger sections of the electoral
10. Tableau in theRepublicDayparade in the State every year generates asense
of a strongdemocracy.

No. Activities 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
1. Total number of Polling Stations 42907 44579 45579 45383 45432 45723
2. Total number of Polling Station Locations 26,542 27161 27161 27368 27398 27536
3. Number of PS locations where NVD held 21798 20296 25946 27361 26754 26598
4. No. of Taluka HQ wherein NVD held 225 225 225 245 251 251
5. District HQ NVD 26 26 26 33 33 33
6. Total Electors 38077454 38077405 38998179 40578577 41072239 41963010
7. Total Electros distributed EPIC Male 417837 567829 1024771 526111 362681 345637
on NVD Female 512022 312628 346076
Others 3 35 84
8. Of these, how many in 18-19 Male 335339 489943 334619 280126 208839 220277
yrs age group Female 193083 103087 130890
Others 1 9 22
9. Number of badges distributed to new 417837 567829 1024771 473210 433713 339033
10. Number of Educational Institutions 14321 3631 11502 6961
organisations involved
11. Officials honoured for their Special
Election Management work
A. District Election Officer - - 03 04 06 03
B. Superintendent of Police - - 03 00 03 00
C. Dy. District Election Officer - - 03 03 06 03
D. Returning Officer - - 03 03 04 -
E. Assistant Returning Officer 03 03 03 -
F. Electoral Registration Officer - - - - - 02
G. Assistant Electoral Registration - - - - - 03
H. Sector Officer - - - - - 01
I. Booth Level Officer - - - 03
J. Campus Ambassador - - - - - 05
K. Designated officers from Educational - - - - - 01
L. Others, please specify - - - - 04 - -
Nodal Officers for various activities
for Lok Sabha Election, 2014
12. Quiz Time
a. No. of Schools wherein NVD quiz - 9852 3526 3689 18076
b. No. of Students who participated in - 231867 188240 184570 263042
the quiz competition.
c. No. of Students who received - 21034 18573 16545 43759
Certificate for quiz competition.
13. Young Voters' Festival organized
A. No. of Educational Institutions 1620 5423 3611 3836
wherein YVF organized
B. Number of students took part in the - 48432 260304 182355 240271
C. Number of voters took part in the - - - 49152 29608
competitions besides students.


1. Activities by Campus / School Ambassadors :

Appointment of Campus / School Ambassadors in all Higher Educational Institutions
have been done to motivate students to register their names in Electoral Rolls. There
are over 1400 School Ambassadors and 600 Campus Ambassadors in the State at
present. The Campus Ambassadorsare selected from amongst NSS volunteers and the
School Ambassadors have been appointed from amongst teaching / non-teaching staff
of the Schools. Their activities are as follows:
Campus Ambassadors :

1. Identifying unregistered youth in their respective Educational Institutions.

2. Facilitating unregistered youth to fill up Form No. 6
3. Timely arrangements to collect Form No. 6 and handing them over to BLO / AERO.
4. Facilitating Teaching, Non Teaching staff and their eligible family members for
Registration and Electoral Participation.
5. Door to door visit to help eligible citizens for Registration, Correction, Deletion
and Electoral Participation.
6. Campus Ambassadors of Gujarat collected & submitted various forms in this
period as per the details given hereunder:
Form No. 6 48,700
Form No. 7 4,500
Form No. 8 200
7. They have organized multiple cultural activities / events for Voters' Awareness
and Education.
8. CAs made good use of Social Media for dissemination of Voters' Awareness
9. Four Campus Ambassadors were selected and deployed at Gujarat State's Stall
during National Voters' Festival Exhibition, 2016 at New Delhi for four days.
They welcomed the visitors and briefed them about "Technology and SVEEP
Interface", showcased in the Stall.

Shri Krunal Shah, Campus Ambassador of Ahmedabad who was chosen to

be deployed at the Gujarat stall, hasdone various activities for Voters'
Awareness &was instrumental in getting 400 Form No.6 filled up by
the eligible citizens and submitted to District Election Machinery.
School Ambassadors:

1. There are approximate 2000 School Ambassadors in the State at present.

2. The School Ambassadors have worked in an innovative manner to
createawareness among the School Students, our future voters, regarding
importance of registration and Electoral Participation. They have also
conducted forums to sensitize their family members and also the eligible
citizens residing in their locality about greater participation in the
Electoral Process.
3. They have also organized various competitions at school level, like
traditional folk songs/music (GARBA), PrabhatPheri, Drawing Competition,
Slogan writing, Debate, Essay Writing, Rallies etc. on the theme of
Electoral Participation.

2. Work of Designated Officers:

There are 473 Designated Officers in the Higher Educational Institutions in the State.

1. They have played pro-active role in encouraging and educating the

students to get them registered in the Electoral Roll at the time of
admission or when they turn 18 years of age.
2. They have taken adequate care at the time of Admission Process
regarding identification of incumbent who were yet to be registered. In
such cases, the new entrants were provided with Form No. 6. They were
guided how to fill up the form. After filling up the Form No. 6, all forms
were collected and then handed over to the concerned BLO / AERO for
the purpose of undertaking registration process. As such, about 49,000
Form No. 6 were submitted to the District Election Machinery through
Designated officers in this period.
3. All the Designated Officers have been trained by the Assembly Level
Master Trainers (ALMTs) prior to the Revision of Photo Electoral Roll.
4. They also provided guidance regarding availability of 'Search Facility' in
the School campus to check the names and details in the Electoral Roll.
5. They have played active role in organizing various activities relating to
Voters' Awareness, such as debate, essay writing, plays, cultural
programmes, rallies etc., for the dissemination of Electoral Participation.
6. They remained in close coordination with Campus Ambassadors to
provide guidance relating to the eligible youth to be registered.

3. Activities by NSS, NYKS and NCC:

1. There are 93,450 NSS members, about 8,100 Yuvak Mandals / Mahila
Mandals / Bachat Groups, 600 active volunteers ofNYKS and about
63,000 NCC cadets in the state of Gujarat.
2. The volunteers of NSS, NYKS and the cadets of NCC have spread Voters
plays,Bhavai, NukkadNatak,Tamashapartyetc.

3. They have Organized MarathonRun, BloodDonationCamps,StudentRally,
Plays,EssayWriting competitions,Cycle Rallies,Human
Chain,MashaalRalliesfor educating eligible citizens to strengthen
Democracy by participation in electoral process during this period.

4. They visited at least ten households each in their area of residence to

create Voters' Awareness.
5. They extended their full cooperation by assisting Booth Level Officers on
Special Campaign Days for registration process.
6. In recently concluded By-Election of 184-Choryasi Assembly
Constituency; the NCC cadets assisted the voters in queue management,
facilitated senior citizens and differently abled voters.
7. The volunteers and cadets who have their own Social Media groups,
havedisseminated Voters Awareness messages at regular intervals.
8. They have also spread Votes' Awareness during interactive sessions with
the voters / Excluded groups during their camps in rural / tribal areas.
9. Several on-campus and off-campus competitions were held for youth to
strengthen their understanding of Democracy
10. The CEO website has a special icon entitled "YOUTH CORNER". This gives
the details of the Designated Officers appointed in each of the Higher
Educational Institutions in the State, who have been trained. They are

responsible for coordinating the registration of youth admitted to the
Institution. The list of Designated Officer is given district wise and
Assembly Constituency wise for easy identification and approach.


CEO office organised Young Voters Festival during August-October 2015 in all
Higher Educational Institutions, to impart voters' education and create
awareness regarding electoral process through content shown in different
categories of competition as shown below:

Category-I Painting, Embroidery, Clay work, Wooden art,

Handicraft in Traditional Folk Art for Students
Category-II Cartoon / Infographics for young Voters who are
not studying and are registered voter.

The participation was huge and the figures of which are given below :

No. of Educational Institutions Participated 3836

No. of students participated 240271
No. of youth who are not students participated 29608
No. of students who won the prizes at State level 05
No. of youth won the prizes at State level 02

Participation by the students &

citizens in YVF have provided
various innovative creations in
the form of handicraft /
painting / Infographics,

Students & Anagawadi Workers created various innovative creations
in YVF during 2013 to 2015 displayed in SVEEP Branch of CEO, Gujarat

The best three participants/winners were felicitated during District level and
State level NVD celebrations, with cash prize and certificates.

5. SVEEP activities undertaken in this period:
1. GapAnalysisforVoterregistration basedontheavailablestatisticswas done as the
first step. Major gaps were foundintwo areas:
Gender Ratio
2. A monthly calendar of activities/targets/work to be achieved was issued by
the CEO office in March 2015 giving details / and date deadlines of every
activity to be undertaken in this period; all leading to NVD 2016 (Please see
3. Micro Plans were thenprepared at District level.The action plan at district level
consistedof varied actions tobe taken for eachofthecategories, i.e., Youth,
Women, Urban, Rural, Tribal, Migratory voters and Differently Abled persons.
4. Hence theenvironmentbuildinghastaken placeallthroughtheperiodbetweentwo
NVD celebrations.
5. The focus has been maintained onengagement of various forms of Media -
Print, Electronic,Outdooradvertisements, Social Mediaetc.

Creations of "JO BAKA." (it is an affectionate and popular way of addressing a person in Gujarat)
series of messages to popularized Registration Process sent through WhatsApp and put on Social Media sites.

6. Effective coordination was established during this

Localagencies,Mediapersonnel, Educational Institutions,
Youthorganizations,Womens organizations, andother agencies.
7. Development and dissemination of reading materials onvoter education was
done widely through several forums , such as discussion forums, college fests,
social media, and other media.

6. Activities undertaken to target youth:

1. Various Competitions for youth and students of Schools/ Colleges/Universities,

suchasquiz,jingles,slogans,pamphlets,paintings,debates etc. on the subject of
role of Youth in democracy have been organized at district levels.
2. Young Voters'Festival, was organized during September-October, 2015 and
the winners at district and State levels have been awarded withattractive
prizes and certificates. The winning entries have been uploaded onCEOs
3. Onlineinteractionswithnetizensintheformofquizzes, did- you-
know,GeneralKnowledgedownloadsrelatedto electoral process,etc. have also
been organized.

4. Voters' awarenessforRegistration&ElectoralParticipationthroughStreet
plays,Bhavai, NukkadNatak,Tamashapartyetc. was undertaken inall districts.

5. Detailed presentation on Electoral Participation was given on 28th February,

2015 , during the "NATIONAL SCIENCE DAY'' celebrations.
6. A Mock Parliament was also organized for the dissemination of Voters'
Education and Awareness. It was attended by hundreds of youth, parents as
well as teachers.
7. A quickie developed on Democratic System, was disseminated through Social
Media, and soft copy of which was sent to the Schools for Voters' Education.
8. Shri Dhvanit Thaker, a popular Radio Jockey of Radio Mirchi Film actor,
Playback singer and First Election Emissary/Icon of Gujarat, helped to motivate
youth for enrollment and participation through his on air programmes and off
air college campus programmes and also through his constant presence in
Cinema Theater, Private TV Channels, Cable Network through medium of
quickies and his own Social Media groups.

7. Activities undertaken to target female voters:

1 . As a part of the BLO Register, the Elector Population Ratio and the Gender
Ratio were calculated for each Polling Station area. Each Polling Station was
accordingly analyzed and reasons for higher or lower Gender Ratio were
identified. Necessary interventions for female registration were
2 . Women-specificSVEEPcampaigns atStateanddistrictlevel were undertaken.

3. Through effective coordination withall the stakeholders, likeStateGovernment,

EducationalInstitutions, Youth organizations,Womens Organizations,
etc.,enthusiasm was generated to undertake these activities.

4. Planned out Culturalinterventions, suchasRallies, Bhavai, Tamasha, Nukkad
natak, etc,toaddresstheissueoflack of voter educationamongwomen.

5. Anganwadi Workers, Health Workers, ASHA workers, MDM workers were

specially trained about the issues in women's registration, and how to
motivate and facilitate them to get registered.

6. DEO, Bhavnagar took the initiative and arranged to undertake the Counting
Process for Local Bodies Election, all by women staff, from the level of
sweeper to videographer and security personnel. This generated a stir
amongst women voters.

7. Awareness g e n e r a t e d t h ro u ghm em ber s o fPani

veryactiveinGujarat)inabout 8000 villages.

8. Took up the activity of registrationof eligible womenthrough 28 lakh members
of Sakhi Mandals & SHGs inthe State; done with great enthusiasm.

9. Mahila Samakhya Society, an NGO has been engaged in the entire State to
support work of female registration.
10. An effective partnership has been struck with the local bodies to ensure filling
up of Form No. 6at the time of issuing marriage certificate. The local bodies
have been mandated by their respective departmentsto ensure that a newly
married girl gets registered at her new place of residence after marriage.

11. Smt. Jheeniben Vasava, (117 yrs old) and Smt. Sukhiben Vasava (107 yrs old),
senior women citizens, have been appointed as Local Icon in Bharuch district
for creating awareness among women for Electoral Participation.

Smt. Jheeniben Vasava, 117 yrs oldSmt. Sukhiben Vasava 107 yrs old

8. Activities undertaken for PwDs:

1. During door to door visits, BLOs have extendedfull assistance to differently

abled citizens for their registration and Electoral Participation, as instructed.
2. The available data relating to number of Differently Abled citizens have been
collected from the Commissioner for Disabilities, and shared with District
Election Machineries. They have been directed to take necessary measures
for creating awareness and facilitating their Electoral Participation.
3. Several districts, like Botad, Mehsana etc. felicitated Differently Abled
Votersduring NVD, to encourage their Electoral Participation.

9. Activities undertaken for excluded communities:

1. There are 60 groups / communities in the State that have been identified by
election administration as excluded from electoral participation, to enable
targeted approach.

Sr. Name of No. Names of Excluded Communities Total

No. Districts of identified by District for No.
ACs SVEEP intervention
(1) (2) (3) (4) (5)
1 Kachchh 6 Sathwara, Mir, Vadi 3
2 Banaskantha 9 Bajania,Vadi,Bharathari, Oad, Vanzara 5
3 Patan 4 Devipoojak, Bajania, Natvadi, Vansfoda, Dafer 5
4 Mehsana 7 - -
5 Sabarkantha 4 Kathodi, Tribals 2
6 Arvalli 3 Tribals 1
7 Gandhinagar 5 - -
8 Ahmedabad 21 Padhars, Koli, Darbars, Kathis, Bharwads 5
9 Surendranagar 5 Dafer, Vansfoda, Vanza, Marwadi, 8
Devipoojak, Nat, Nathabawa, Turibarot,
10 Morbi 3 Devipoojak, 1
11 Rajkot 8 Devipoojak, 1
12 Jamnagar 5 Bavari, Devipujak 2
13 Devbhumi 2 Dafer 1
14 Porbandar 2 Women of Mer & Kathi Darbar 2
15 Junagadh 5 Dafer 1
16 Gir Somnath 4 Maldhari, Dafer 2
17 Amreli 5 Dafer, Sarania, Nathabawa, Vansfoda, 5
18 Bhavnagar 7 Devipoojak, Dafer 2
19 Botad 2 - -
20 Anand 7 - -
21 Kheda 6 - -
22 Mahisagar 3 - -
23 Panchmahal 5 Nayka 1
24 Dahod 6 Nayka, Bhil 2
25 Vadodara 10 Vasava 1
26 Chhota Udepur 3 Rathva-Bhil 1
27 Narmada 2 Satipati 1
28 Bharuch 5 Moleshyam garasiya, Vhora patel 2
29 Surat 16 Satipati, Halpati, Meer 3
30 Tapi 2 Satipati 1
31 Dangs 1 Satipati 1
32 Navsari 4 - -
33 Valsad 5 Satipati 1
Total..... 182 60

2. The micro-societies these groups live in, are relatively closed to the outsiders
and they follow different dialects too at times. Thereforeattempts have been
made for Voters' Awareness in languages they understand.
3. Respective districts came up with district specific and community specific
4. An innovative approach undertaken in Gujarat is that as far as possible, BLO is
appointed from amongst the members of these communities, so that his views
on Voters' Education are heard and are acceptable.
5. Partnering with a prominent NGO working exclusively with nomadic tribes
called "VICHARTA SAMUDAYA SAMARTHAN MANCH", helped to create Voters'
Awareness among such groups / community.
6. The VSSM facilitated registration of large number of excluded community
members by sharing a systematically prepared list of eligible but unregistered
community members with the District Election Machinery.

Awareness amongst the voters of Vaadi the

Snake charmers- an excluded community

7. Satipati, an excluded community has a traditional reluctance to participate in

any Government programmes, and they consider getting enrolled and voting a
part of the government process; they resist this aggressively as they believe in
their own traditional community governance system. They have their own logic
for not participating in poll. However, several inter personal sessions /
meetings / camps / events were organized in the district like Dang, Navsari, Tapi
& Valsad to convince them to get enrolled and vote. The efforts are successful
to a notable extent, but it is very difficult to fix the target to get them registered
cent percent in a given time frame. The BLOs are making humongous efforts to
enroll them. (Film made on these efforts being made by the Local
Administration can be seen on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=11I7wHI0QnU)
8. Awareness campaign was carried out for involvement and registration of Third
Gender through inter personal meetings, QawwaliProgrammes.

Transgenders qawwali
Suno suno bhai suno suno[2]
Soch samajh kar chuno chuno[2]
Desh maange tera voteNa bechana le kar note
Laalach me gar fans jaaogeTo paanch saal pachhtaaoge..
Suno suno bhai suno suno[2] Soch samajh kar chuno chuno[2]
Hum tali bajayee Hanji ,Hum Mang ne Jate Hanji..
Baccha janme ya shadi , Hum lete Mubarak baji ..
Shubh avasar hai chunav bhi , aur vote button bhi..
Suno suno bhai suno suno[2] Soch samajh kar chuno chuno[2]
Naa vaad vivaad..haan jeeNa jaati vaad..haan jee
Na kom vaad haan jeeNa sab barbaad..haan jee
Button dabaa ke bajaane chuno Devaki ka Amdavaad
Suno suno bhai suno suno[2] Soch samajh kar chuno chuno[2]
Rhythm cut:
Bahut kar lee baithe baithe baatein
Aise mauke baar baar nahi aate
Karna matdaan apne desh ke naate
Nahi karoge tab tak hum rahenge Bajaate
Rhythm pickup:
Is election button dabaate rahoRed FM, Bajaate Raho [2]
Dhintaak dhintaak dhintaak dhaabutton dabaa ke bajaa
Rhythm cut:
Ye din nahi hai sone ka aur AC ka
Na dost, na relatives mama aur mausi ka
Na charchaein, na duniyabhar ki baatein aisi waisi ka
Ye ek din to hai apni democracy ka
Rhythm pickup:
Is election button dabaate rahoRed FM, Bajaate Raho [2]
Dhintaak dhintaak dhintaak dhaabutton dabaa ke bajaa
Rhythm cut:
Ye kaam nahi aira gaira ya nahi hai chhota mota
Ghar pe pade rehke mat khaana bhajiya ya fir gota
Bhale lage ki koi nahi sachcha, badha j chhe ahi khota.
Na pasand ho koi to jaa ke dabaao NOTA
Rhythm pickup:
Is election button dabaate rahoRed FM, Bajaate Raho [2]
Dhintaak dhintaak dhintaak dhaabutton dabaa ke bajaa
Rhythm cut:
Waise to koi inko samaj main nahi ginata
Par sanvidhan ne ab di inko samanata ,
To Aaj inaki bhi appeal sunalo tum janata ..
Vote zarur karna rakhke man me sabhaanta
Rhythm pickup:
Is election button dabaate rahoRed FM, Bajaate Raho [2]
Devaki ke Amdavaad Dabaate raho..Button dabaa ke Bajaate raho[2]
Is election button dabaate rahoRed FM, Bajaate Raho [2]
Dhintaak dhintaak dhintaak dhaabutton dabaa ke bajaa
Prepared and performed by RJ Devki, Red FM

10. Activities in the run up to NVD 2016:

1. Several programswere held to elicitgeneral voter interestsuch

asseminars,discussion forums,rallies,marathons,etc. in therun up totheNVD.
2. Focus was, of course, on youth participation inNVDand
theirempowermentforthedemocraticprocess ofelections, as mentioned earlier.
3. The Democracy Quiz competition was heldin Primary SchoolsacrosstheState.
In these competitions Primary studentsparticipatedinteams, consisting ofthree

4. Several other competitions were organized at district levelin the run up to NVD
viz. Pithodapainting competition,Warlipainting and Rangoli competitions,
Debates and Essay writing, etc.

5. Specialactivitiesforyouth were undertaken to inform them about registration
and electoral process atEducationalCampuses.

6. Awareness activities were also carried out for youth engaged in migratory
labour, through Labour Department functionaries.

7. Marathons, BloodDonationCamps,StudentRallys, Plays,EssayWriting

competitions,Cycle Rally,Human Chain,MashaalRallyw e r e o r g a n i z e d i n
t h e r u n u p t o N V D forcreating voter awareness inall districts.

8. Holi, Navratri, Gir Parikrama, and various tribalfestivals, National and
International days viz. International Labour Day, International Science Day,
International Womens Day etc., w e r e u t i l i z e d
asanopportunitytoreachouttopeople,particularlywomen, youth and migratory
labour for Voters' Awareness.

9. Intensive intervention in low enrolment Polling Station areas through

community meetings.

10. Awareness campaign through Local Cable Network, Print Media, FM Radio
11. Meeting with CSOs at the level of CEO, to seek their cooperation for 'Easy
Registration, Easy Correction' during Special Summary Revision of Photo
Electoral Roll, 2016

12. Organised special camp for registration of migrated labour / skilled worker in
Industrial Estate and Corporate Houses

13. Intensive awareness campaign for Special Campaign Days held for Special
Summary Revision of Photo Electoral Rolls, 2016. CEO &Senior Officials of CEO
office visited different Polling Stations in different Assembly Constituencies to
oversee the Registration process.

14. Senior IAS officers were entrusted the task as Electoral Roll Observers in all the
Assembly Constituencies to personally visit different Polling Stations and ensure
the Registration Process to be carried out as per the guidelines of ECI.

15. Special camp for Service Voters at service stations.
16. On the request of Chief Electoral Officer, Education Department extended
whole hearted support for celebration of NVD in all Schools and Colleges.
The pledge were arranged to be taken in all Government Departments /
Offices on the day.

NVD celebration at Primary School level

Pledge by the future voters at School level NVD function

Garba - the traditional folk dance on NVD celebration

Students (Youth) at NVD celebration

Young Voters felicitated with EPIC in the celebration of NVD

17. Cyclothon, an initiative, taken by the youth & forest guards of Forest
Department for Voters' Awareness

Cyclothon, an initiative by youth & forest guards for Voters' Awareness

18. Partnership struck with NSS, NCC, NYKS, Mahatma Gandhi International

School, Ahmedabad, for dissemination of voters awareness.

19. Sent messages / appeals by CEO and DEO especially to encourage the youth.

20. E-mails messagingby Chief Electoral Officer


Organized the State level observance of National Voters' Day 2016 in Seminar Hall 1,
Mahatma Mandir, Gandhinagar on 25th January, 2016, which was presided over by Shri
O. P. Kohli, Honorable the Governor of Gujarat. The event was attended by over 500
enthusiastic youth.

Grand Venue of State Level

NVD function

Honorable the Governor reads

the panels, displaying State
Icons' messages & Human
stories regarding Voters'
Education at the venue of NVD

Lighting of lamp by Hon. the Governor & Dignitaries

Voters & Youth in NVD function

"MATDAN CHETANA" song written & sung by

future voters ofChaitanya School, Gandhinagar.

Felicitation of Election Related Officers DEOs, Dy. DEOs, EROs, AEROs, Sector
officers, Booth Level Officers, Designated officers, Campus Ambassadors
recognizingtheir outstanding contribution in the Electoral Process.

Felicitation of the Officials of CEO office for their exemplary work

Awards for Best

Practices to DEOs,
Dy. DEOs

Awards for Best
Practices to EROs,

Awards for Best

Practices to BLOs

Awards for Best Practices to
Campus Ambassadors, who
helped to register 150 to 400
eligible youth, individually

EPIC &Brochures given to fresh voters

Pledge administered by Hon. the Governor

Address by the Hon. the Governor, stressing on importance of

Registration and Electoral Participation.

National Anthem played in closing ceremony

Tableau for Voters' Awareness for Inclusive and Qualitative Participation in

the State level celebration of Republic day at Veraval, District Headquarter of
Gir Somnath District.


1. Prepared auniform
for Special Summary Revision of Photo Electoral Rolls.
2. The training was organized with representatives of Political Parties on 05-12-
2015. Chief Electoral Officer explained in detail through Power Point
Presentation, the provisions and process for Revision of Electoral Rolls. This
was a standard module used all over State. They were provided with CD of ppt
for their ready reference and dissemination up to the level of BLAs.
3. Training to all EROs, AEROs and Deputy District Election Officers (total 444
officers) imparted at three various locations, i.e., Ahmedabad, Bharuch and
Junagadh, by the State Level Master Trainers and IT cell of the CEO office,
through games, quiz, rapid fire questions-answers and case studies. Joint CEO,
Deputy Secretary (SVEEP) and Under Secretary (Training) had attended all the
trainings to ensure interactive sessions to bring effectiveness to the training.
BLOs have been trained during September-October, 2015.

SLMTs trained by CEO

Training to Dy. DEOs, EROs, AEROs at regional level by SLMT,

and officials from the CEO office.

4. Roll Observers
A. Chief Electoral Officer appointed twelvesenior IAS officers from amongst
the level of Secretary, as Roll Observers. They were assigned two to four
districts on an average, to visit different Polling Station areas, hold
meetings with District Election Machinery, Recognized Political Parties in
each of the district allotted to them to understand their concerns regarding
the Electoral Rolls and for appropriate corrective action accordingly, so as
to ensure smooth and healthy roll revision, as per the instruction of the
Election Commission of India.They were required to undertake minimum
three visits, first during the period of receipt of the Claims & Objections,
second during the disposal of Claims & Objection by the EROs, and third visit
at the time of verification of the working copy by the BLOs and final
publication of the Rolls.
B. They were instructed to not limit themselves to the District Headquarter,
but to visit some Polling Station areas and have actual interaction with some
of the field officers like AERO, BLO etc. It would help to obtain the first hand
experience of the actual position in the field. Interaction with the local
public / electors was to be considered where ever required.
C. They were provided with the format of reporting to the ECI, which they
were required to do after each visit under intimation to the CEO.

D. For the aforesaid purpose, CEO imparted training to all the Roll Observers
on 04-12-2015. They were given the copy of ECI's instructions and
checklists for all three visits as well as ppts in this regard, during the
training. Accordingly, they carried out their tasks systematically.

13. SVEEP activities through Electronic Channels, Print Media& Social

Media :
1. A variety of intervention were carried out focusing on the identified gap areas,
including extensive campaigning by FM Radio Jockeys.
2. Shri Dhvanit Thaker, a popular Radio Jockey of Radio Mirchi and First Election
Emissary helped to motivate youth for enrollment and participation through
his on air programmes and off air college campus programmes and also
through his constant presence in Cinema Theater, Private TV Channels, Cable
Network through medium of quickies and his own Social Media groups.
3. Doordarshan and All India Radio were our voluntary partners from the
beginning at State level. Both these media units of the Government self-
sponsored several Talk Show, Live-in-Phone programs, bytes by Election
Officials and coverage of cultural intervention for SVEEP etc.
4. Awareness campaign through Local Cable Network, Print Media, FM Radio

5. A private creative agency was roped in for creating creatives on various aspects
of Voters' Awareness. These were uploaded on different social media platform
like Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube. Creative content included slogans,
quickies, caricature, info-graphics etc.


'Chaitanya School, Lekawada (Gandhinagar) joined hands with district election

machinery asa new partner. The students of the School had undertaken a project on
importance of registration and electoral participation. They wrote a song on importance
of voting and performed on NVD celebration, 2016 at the State level. They also
prepared slogans and posters for Voters' Awareness which were placed at venue of
NVD celebration for dissemination.


1. As the Commissioner ate of Higher Education, Gujarat maintains the data of
mobile numbers of College / University students, the following message was
sent to 15.30 lakhstudentswithin a few minutes, to encourage them for
Registration and Electoral Participation. It is first of its kind in the entire

2. A unique initiative has been taken by the District Election Officer,

Banaskantha, who got an application developed and sent to the Primary
Schools of the district. The application was inspired by the famous TV Show
"KAUN BANEGA KARORPATI"! It is an application for playing live quiz on
democracy named 'KAUN BANEGA GYANPAT'. The quiz is run on the screen
of Television of the Primary School which is answered by the School students,
and winners are given the certificates and prizes.


The Election Commission of India had decided to hold National Voters' Festival
2016 from 14th January to 17th January, 2016 at Central Park, Connaught Place, New
Delhi to showcase the best practices in the electoral process. It was a huge and maiden
venture of the Commission and all the States participating. The event included :

A Exhibition January 14 to January 17, 2016

B Cultural Programme January 16, 2016
( Inter-State performances)
C 'Rahgiri' Performance by Icons January, 17 2016
Felicitation of Icons and Closing Ceremony

The Election Commission of India had instructed the State to select their Best
Practices to be exhibited in the event. As the technology has been used in a very
systematic and organized manner in the sphere of Voters' Education and Awareness
during General Elections to Assembly in 2012 and Lok Sabha 2014, in Gujarat, the
subject of 'Technology and SVEEP Interface' was selected as the Best Practices to be
showcased in the NVF 2016. As there were many innovative off line and on line
activities to be exhibited, the ECI was very generous to accept the request for allotting
larger space for the State's stall.

The micro level planning helped the State to aim at adopting targeted approach
for following categories of voters through widespread use of electronic and digital
media and other physical SVEEP activities for voters' education, awareness and
monitoring of the electoral process :
1. Youth
2. Women
3. Urban Voters
4. Tribal Voters
5. Excluded Communities
6. Rural Voters
7. Migratory Voters

The use of technology including Social Media has contributed immensely to the
historic turnout of 63.71 % in General Elections to Lok Sabha, 2014 which was the
highest ever turnout in last four decades in the State. The technological interventions
also have had very positive impact on Registration, EPIC coverage, PER ratio, PE ratio,
Gender ratio, age cohort, addressing urban apathy and migratory voters. As such,
following images / write up/Live Quiz on Democracy / Audio-video clips / Infographics /
Caricature / slogans etc, had been showcased in the exhibition :

1. Special features of physical activities, like Inspiration by Centenarian Voters,

Counting process by all Women, Only Single Voter Polling Station, Awareness
through traditional Handicraft, Creations by participants of YVF, Stickers of Voters'
awareness on Water pots, LPG Cylinders, Milk pouches, Posters etc were displayed.
As the Exhibition was inaugurated on Makar Sankranti, an important festival of
Gujarat, the stall was well decorated with Kites carrying the message 'Lokshahi ki
Oonchi Udan, Majboot bani karke Matdan'. As the Voters' awareness has been
disseminated in every Kite Festival, the images of International Kite Festival was a
part of the collage on front side of the Stall.

2. 450+ unique creations in the form of short stories, poems, slogans, infographics,
caricatures, quickies, audio-video films etc which were uploaded on Social Media,
i.e., WhatsApp, Facebook, YouTube for the Voters' education and awareness

focusing on Youth, Women voters, Urban voters, Tribal voters, Rural voters,
Excluded community, Migratory voters in particular. Technological innovations like
Smart Election Monitoring System (SEMS) of Valsad District and Suraksha Setu, an
initiative of Police Department in Junagadh District, were also showcased.

3. Images and short films involving the State Icons : (1) Shri Cheteshwar Pujara,
famous Test Cricketer (2) Ms Ankita Raina, Internationally seeded Tennis Player (3)
Shri Sharman Joshi, Famous Bollywood Actor, and (4) Shri Dhvanit Thaker, RJ Radio
Mirchi & first Election Emissary in the entire country, appointed by the ECI for
Gujarat in General Election to Legislative Assembly, 2012.

4. Unique Innovations like Kartavya Bodh Abhiyan (post cards written to each of 10.96
lakh voters appealing them to vote ethically) of Valsad District and the most
pledges in a single day in Narmada District, which entered in the Guinness Book of
World Records, and also Women Bike Rally organized in Narmada District, that won
the place in Limca Book of National Records.

5. Sankalp Patra, displaying a kind of pledge to vote ethically, designed by the

students of Mahatma Gandhi International School, Ahmedabad, which were got
printed and distributed to the parents of the School students, and received 71 lakh
of them back duly signed by the parents.

6. Traditional Handicraft items which areCultural heritage of Gujarat, like Sarees,
Stoles, Kachchhi Shawls, Cushion Covers, Bed Sheets/ Dhadki, Ladies Purses, Toran
etc, which were used for voters' awareness in one way or the other. The items,
which were put on sale, were carrying the stickers of voters' awareness messages,
like (1) Lokshahi ki Oonchi Udan, Majboot bani karke Matdan (2) Arise, Awake

and do not stop, until Ethical voting becomes a Habit. The handicraft creations of
the Winners in Young Voters' Festival were also showcased. All display were
reviewed in detail by the Chief Electoral Officer, Gujarat.

Handicraft& other creations by the Winners of Young Voters' Festival
7. Five short Warli Painting Films on Registration, EPIC, Electoral Participation, Ethical
voting etc. A live demo by a Warli Painting Artist Shri Bhupendrabhai Vasava, who
himself is a Booth Level Officer in Tapi District, was organized on all days displaying
voters' awareness messages.

8. Live Quiz on Democracy, enthusiastically participated by many visitors. 50 winners

of the quiz were given Ball Pen as a prize.


1. In the Cultural Programme organized by the ECI to mark the occasion on 16th
January, 2016, Mahatma Gandhi International School, Ahmedabad had
participated in the Inter-State performance by performing a Song cum Dance
based on the theme of Electoral participation.

2. Traditional folk dance of Gujarat, GARBA, was performed by the students of
Mahatma Gandhi International School, Ahmedabad.

3. Siddi community, an excluded community of Gir Somnath District, had
performed their traditional Siddi Dhamal Dance, giving voter education
messages in a unique manner.


Shri Dhvanit Thaker, popular RJ Radio Mirchi, Ahmedabad, the first Election Emissary of
Gujarat, and State Icons Shri Cheteshwar Pujara, famous Test Cricketer from Rajkot and
Ms Ankita Raina, an Internationally seeded Tennis Player hailing from Ahmedabad, had
attended the prestigious event. They were felicitated by the ECI for their outstanding

Shri Cheteshwar Pujara, State Icon & Test Cricketer, felicitated by

Dr. Nasim Zaidi, Hon. CEC

Ms Ankita Raina , State Icon & India's No.1 Tennis Player, felicitated
by Dr. Nasim Zaidi, Hon CEC

Other Icon, Shri Sharman Joshi, famous Bollywood Actor, could not remain
present because of his pre occupation outside the country.

A gallant performance was given by melodic RJ Dhvanit. He sang a song, "Garvo
Gujarati to te ne re kahiye", originally a popular Bhajan of poet Shri Narsinh Mehta,
which was slightly modified by putting in the voters' awareness message, which
fascinated all present.

RJ Shri Dhvanit Thakar, first Election Emissary, felicitated by Dr. Nasim Zaidi, Hon CEC

After the felicitation function, the event which lasted four days and witnessed
foot falls in thousands, was formally declared closed by the Honourable Commission.

It was a matter of pride and privilege that the State's exhibition was visited by
Dr. Nasim Zaidi, Hon. Chief Election Commissioner, Dr. S. Y. Quraishi, Hon. Ex Chief
Election Commissioner, Shri Umesh Sinha, Deputy Election Commissioner, Shri Akshay
Rout, Ex Director General (SVEEP), ECI, Shri N. N. Butolia, Secretary, ECI, Shri Ashish
Chakraborty, Secretary, ECI, Shri Mendiratta, Advisor, ECI, Mrs. Padma Angmo,
Deputy Secretary, ECI, CEO, Maharashtra, CEO, Uttar Pradesh, CEO, Rajasthan, CEO,
Himachal Pradesh, Joint CEO, Karnataka, Joint CEO, Tamil Nadu, Joint CEO, Bihar, Joint
CEO, Madhya Pradesh, Mrs. Sadhana Rout, Official from Publication Division of Ministry
of Information & Broadcasting, Shri Pawan Kumar, Section Officer, ECI, Mrs. Guncha
Batra Aneja, Section Officer, ECI and other Senior Officers from ECI and other States,
local public and several foreigners. They all, without exception, showered the praise on
content and quality of the State's exhibition.
Chief Election Commissioner & Senior Officials of ECI visited
Gujarat Stall

Joint CEO briefing about use of Social Media in Gujarat Election to

Dr. Nasim Zaidi, Hon. Chief Election Commissioner at Gujarat Stall

Dr. Nasim Zaidi , Hon. Chief Election Commissioner interacted
with Joint CEO at Gujarat Stall

Dr. S. Y. Quraishi, Hon. Former Chief Election Commissioner interacted

with Joint CEO at Gujarat Stall in NVF, 2016

Shri Akshay Rout, Former Director General, visited Gujarat Stall

Shri Umesh Sinha, Deputy Election Commissioner & Senior Officials of ECI visited
Gujarat Stall

Senior Officials of ECI visited Gujarat Stall

Joint CEO Gujarat briefing UNDP Official in Gujarat Stall

The activities exhibited by the State have been herculean attempt to inspire the voters
in the State for registration and Electoral Participation. As such, a press report was
published in DNA, a local daily, dated 27-01-2016.

Press report on participation of Campus Ambassadors in

NVF, 2016 at New Delhi

CEO had selected and deployed a team for the preparation and participation in the
National Voters' Festival 2016. The team comprising following officers, worked tirelessly
for the successful participation in the event.

1. Shri Lalit P. Padalia, IAS Joint Chief Electoral Officer

2. Shri M. A. Goriya, Deputy Secretary, CEO Office
3. Shri C. A. Gandhi, GAS Deputy District Election Officer, Rajkot
4. Shri B. M. Jotaniya, GAS Deputy Collector, CEO Office
5. Shri Nitin Acharya, Under Secretary, CEO Office
6. Shri Pritesh Tailor, System Manager, CEO Office
7. Shri Bhavesh Dave, Mamlatdar, Detroj ( Dist. Ahmedabad )
8. Shri Hemang Rana, Section Officer (SVEEP), CEO Office
9. Shri A. N. Nagori Deputy Section Officer, CEO Office
10. Shri M. D. Mehta, Deputy Mamlatdar, Rajkot.
11. Shri Anand Nayak, Deputy. Mamlatdar, Arvalli


As the ECI has viewed NVD not just as another 'day' or as an event focused on
the celebration limited to a specific day, but rather took NVD as an intervention with an
aim to make it a part of a continuous process of generating voters' awareness, leading
to empowerment and eventually strengthening participatory democracy across the
country. One of the major strengths of the NVD celebrations in Gujarat was the basic
perspective with which NVD activities seamlessly placed into the entire SVEEP plan, and
implemented meticulously. It was focused on the basic theme of Inclusive and
Qualitative Participation. All the activities were carried out to ensure the inclusion of
such missing groups and specifically the women, migratory voters, differently abled
citizens, newly eligible young voters etc. Many new strategies were adopted for the
same, including partnership with the Government Departments, i.e., Education
Department, Women & Child Development Department, Forest Department, Food &
Civil Supplies, Urban Development & Urban Housing Department, Panchayat, Rural
Housing & Rural Development Department, Youth Services & Cultural Activities
Department, Government and Private Media, like Cable Network, FM Radio Channels
etc. The registration of young voters was well linked with the admission process in
various Educational Institutes.

Thus, NVD was taken up as another milestone in the journey towards the goal
of strengthening participatory democracy of the country. And the range of celebrations
and the scale of NVD demonstrate the same.