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Republic of the Philippines

Remnant Christian Colleges Palawan

Poblacion, Aborlan, Palawan

Course Code:
Course Title: Language and Literature Assessment
Course Credit: 3 units
Course Description:

This course aims to equip the students with the knowledge and skills necessary in assessment as
an integral part of language learning and teaching process. It explores the principles and methods of
assessing students performance and achievement in language and literature with emphasis on the
four macro skills: reading, writing, speaking, and listening. It provides opportunities for students to
gain in-depth understanding of the language learners and the chance to prepare assessment tools
and evaluate the same.

Course Objectives:

At the end of the course, the students will be able to:

A. Cognitive (Knowledge):
1. Discuss key concepts and theories related to language and literature assessment.
2. Compare the different approaches in language assessment.
3. Explain assessment and evaluation principles.
4. Describe the different types of language assessment and assessment tools.
5. Discuss the phases of evaluation and the stages of test construction.
6. Identify the criteria of a good test.
7. Categorize the approaches in preparing qualitative data.
8. Describe the different types of tests for listening, reading, speaking and writing as well as
for literature.

B. Affective (Attitude):
1. Acknowledge the value of assessment in the teaching-learning process.
2. Connect with their past and present teachers as they attempt to assume their role in
preparing assessment tools.
3. Realize the importance of knowing the different ways of assessing student works and
4. Differentiate the purposes of traditional assessment and alternative assessment; and
5. Gain new insights into various ways of assessing students performance in the literature

C. Psychomotor (Skills):
1. Prepare PowerPoint presentations on identified assessment topics.
2. Construct a sample of each type of test in language and in literature using appropriate
testing concepts;

Course Content:

TOPICS No. of Hours

I. Principles and Purposes of Language Assessment 1 hr

II. Types of Language Assessment 3 hrs
III. Language Testing: Approaches and Techniques 3 hrs
IV. Test Construction 1 hr
V. Quantitative Analysis 3 hrs
VI. Qualitative Analysis 3 hrs
VII. Testing the Receptive Skills 3 hrs
VIII. Testing the Productive Skills 3 hrs
IX. Testing Literature 3 hrs

Course Methodology:

Reporting (Visual aids)


Course Requirements:

Type of Requirement/Project Due Date

1. Compilation of the following: Assessment Tools, Language tests and Language testing
approaches & techniques (Portfolio Contents)
2. Construction of a 25-item language test following the guidelines of test construction
with TOS
3. Construction of a 25-item literature test with TOS

Course References:
Go, M.; Posecion, O.; Language and Literature Assessment: A Comprehensive Guide; 2010

Prepared by: Approved by:

Ayra Mae F. Yayen Janneth T. Jauod

Instructress OIC-Administrator