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Republic of the Philippines

Remnant Christian Colleges Palawan

Poblacion, Aborlan, Palawan

Course Code:
Course Title: English for Specific Purposes
Course Credit: 3 units
Course Description:
The course introduces students to English for Specific Purposes (ESP), a learner-centered approach to
teaching English as a foreign and second language. It explores methodologies that cater the needs of
learners who need to learn a foreign or a second language for use in their specific fields, such as science,
technology, medicine, leisure, and academic learning. It also sharpens language skill through the use of
discipline-based materials for the development of academic proficiency in academic studies or the teaching
of English for academic and occupational purposes.

Course Objectives:

At the end of the course, the students can:

A. Cognitive (Knowledge):
1. Explain concepts and issues related to ESP
2. Discuss the importance of ESP
3. Present the knowledge and needs of language learners in specific fields
4. Develop language activities to improve language proficiency of target language learners based
on their identified needs

B. Affective (Attitude):
1. Participate in various tasks and drills designed to identify and to address their specific needs
2. Show appreciation of teaching English for particular purposes.
3. Express enthusiasm to learn and do real life tasks that relate to language teaching.

C. Psychomotor (Skills):
1. Perform various tasks related to their specific language needs.
2. Apply language skills through the use of discipline-based material.
3. Design a module to improve language proficiency of target language learners based on their
identified needs.
Course Content:


A. The Teacher, The Student, and the English for Specific

Purposes 1 hr
B. Analyzing Needs 1 hr
C. Developing Language Skills 6 hrs
D. Program Design 3 hrs
E. Materials Selection and Development 1 hr
F. Program Management and Evaluation 3 hrs

Course Methodology:


Course Requirements:

Type of Requirement/Project Due Date

1. ESP Program module (by pair)

Course References:
Bowman, Brenda; Schleppegrell, Mary. ESP: Teaching English for Specific Purposes. 1986

Prepared by:

Ayra Mae F. Yayen


Approved by:

Janneth T. Jauod
RCC Administrator