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Live for Eternity Church Ltd

315 Outram Road, #15-02A

Tan Boon Liat Building
Singapore 169074

As a church, we are very excited to be part of the bigger body of Christ. We pray and hope
that we could learn from and contribute to this National Body of Christ and together be an
impact for our coming Lord, Christ Jesus, in areas where He had gifted us. May the Lord help
us all to be faithful to His cause.
Live For Eternity Church started on 16th January 2011, where the people first gathered in the
pastors home for service. After a few months, we moved to a hall in Bible Society before
relocating to the existing venue at 315 Outram Road #15-02A Singapore 169074 in
December 2011.
The Vision of the church is to see the people of God live their lives, values and pursuits for
Eternity thereby storing up treasures in heaven (Matthew 6:20). The Lead pastor who was a
businessman felt called to serve God full time and the message was to tell people to live
well for the Lord, with an eternity perspective as Jesus had taught His disciples in Matthew
6:20, not to store up treasures on earth but in heaven. He is compelled that the message of
giving an account to the Almighty God must be taken seriously, just as Paul, Peter, John,
Solomon and other biblical characters had taught. There is a time coming where all of us will
have to give an account of how we are living our lives today for the Lord, and we would be
rewarded or punished for what we did or didnt do. We have to live our lives well now in
anticipation of the future.
In the pursuit of the call, the mission of the church is to Equip Believers with Godly
Principles and Strategies to live for Eternity. To live fruitful lives for Jesus, the coming
Judge. (Matthew 25:21). That the church not only provides theology about God but
practical principles and strategies so that members of the church, be it businessmen or
employees, or anyone could live godly lives that are pleasing to God. One of the
fundamental teachings is about the handling of money and possessions and we incorporate
Crown Financial Ministries Biblical Financial studies into the church. This program teaches
principles on the stewardship of money and possessions, and practical applications such as
creating spending plans and having a debt free belief to help members to live within their
income and abilities, balanced with God as their Source of Life. Another material used is
Crowns Business By The Book where business people could learn the principles of operating
a business. The Aim is always to help eternity-minded Christians become disciples of Jesus
As the church developed, in 2013 the Lord brought Adullam Life Counselling, a ministry that
helps people who have debt trouble with Money lenders and Loan sharks, into the church.
Through this ministry, we have seen God do many miracles in the lives of those who have
come to the church and ministry for refuge. We have helped people from all walks of life
including some who had attempted suicide but have now received Jesus into their lives and
had their troubles resolved. When these helpseekers come to church, they are touched by
the Holy Spirit and their lives restored with their Creator. We see them getting baptized in
water, in obedience to the commands of Christ Jesus!
To God be the Glory for all He had done and that we could be a channel of blessing and light
for His eternal Kingdom.