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My Philosophy of Education as a Secondary

School Teacher

I believe that every child

Is a unique individual who needs secure, caring atmosphere or environment into

where he will grow and mature.
Has potential to bring something unique and special to the world.
Is a gift from God.
Should be provided knowledge and skills needed to make it further with their
education and achieve their goals.
Behaves and become attentive when challenged.
Is unique and they learnin different ways at different rates.
Should be empowered to be a responsible and self-directed individuals who
respects all those around them.
Has the ability to become anything he want to be when he grow up nd it takes a
good teacher to help a child mold himself to be better individual.

I believe that the purpose of education is to mold each students individually and educate
them so they can succeed later in life.

I believe that a good school should try its best to prepare students with what they want to
become in the future.
Journal Entry

Do good, avoid evil is the foundational moral principle. List at least 5 good things that
you have to do as ateacher and 5 evil things that you have to avoid doing.

1. Being a good model to students
2. Respecting my fellow teachers
3. Treating every students fairly
4. Inculcating values of respect, love and care, honesty to students
5. Helping every students in their lessons

1. Being unfair to students
2. Gossiping with other teachers
3. Sitting for the whole period in class without teaching
4. Tolerating the bad habits of students
5. Frequemtly absenting in class
By means of a song, a poem or an acrostic (on the word MORALITY), show the
importance of morality.

Moral Song
by Anne Kingsmill Finch

Would we attain the happiest State,

That is design'd us here;
No Joy a Rapture must create,
No Grief beget Despair.
No Injury fierce Anger raise,
No Honour tempt to Pride;
No vain Desires of empty Praise
Must in the Soul abide.
No Charms of Youth, or Beauty move
The constant, settl'd Breast:
Who leaves a Passage free to Love,
Shall let in, all the rest.
In such a Heart soft Peace will live,
Where none of these abound;
The greatest Blessing, Heav'n do's give,
Or can on Earth be found.
1. Present Schelers hierarchy of values by means of an appropriate graphic
organizer. Each level of values must be explained and must be given an example.


The highest value is the values of the Holy. It pertains to the Supreme Being.
An individual should always put God first in everything we do.
For example, we should give time to our Lord. Attending mass every Sunday is a
good example.


It is the value of right or wrong. As a person we must know what is right from
wrong. We should keep from doing what is good and refrain from bad.
Example: Cheating


Values pertaining to the well-being of an individual or community.

Example: money


Pertains to sensual feelngs; the agreeable against disagreeable

Example: Adultery
Journal Entry

Take care of your thoughts, they become your actions ; take care of your actions, they
become your habit; take care o your habits, they become your character; take care of
your character, it becomes your destiny.

What you think is what will manifest. We should always watch for our thoughts.
Everything we do has its consequence. Once we think of something, it suddenly becomes
our action and eventually turns out to be our habits. It then affects our character that will
determine the path or destiny that well be taking. We should be careful of what we hink.
Think first before you act. We are responsible for our thoughts.

It is observed that beginning teachers somewhat lack emotional stability. What are some
of its causes? What should you do to counteract it?

Beginning teachers somewhat lack emotional stability because theyre on the

adjustment period. They are new to the environment. They are still adjusting to their new
colleagues and on how to interact with them especially to their superiors.

If I will be in that situation, Id rather enjoy my whole stay in that environment I must
learn how to be confident of whatever I do.

For me, teaching as a vocation means that I am called to teach and I responded to
that calling that is why I am here in this profession. I am preparing myself to influence
others in a way that will change their lives for the better. The moment I have responded to
this calling, I then agreed to take full responsibilities of being a teacher.


Teaching is service. For me, teaching as a mission means that we work not for the
purpose of being paid. Teaching is like a candle. It consumes itself to light the way for
others. It is my mission to guide my students aim for their betterment. Teachers fill up the
empty minds o their students. In this profession, we have something to learn and something
to offer.


Teaching as a profession requires a lot o hardwork and perseverance. We need

long years of preparation in order to be called professional. It is also a continuous
professional development. As we finish the degree, it will not end there. We have to aim
for the development as a person. Teaching is like roller coaster ride, slow at first, thrilling
in the middle and full of satisfaction in the end.
By means of (4) separate graphic organizers, show te different groups with whom the
teacher relates and write down the key word/s that describe/s how the teacher should
relate to each group.

actively help carry out the declared
policies of the state, and shall take
an oath to this effect.

Higher authorities in the

Philippines Community Leader
Professional provide leadership and initiative
shall not make any false
to actively participate in
accusations or charges community movements for
against superiors, especially moral, social, educational,
under anonymity. economic and civic betterment.

Teaching Community
intellectual leader in the community,
especially in the barangay, and shall
welcome the opportunity to provide
such leadership when needed

Fellow teachers and other personnel

shall consider it their cooperative
responsibility to formulate policies or
introduce important changes in the
system at all levels.

School officials
establish and maintain
cordial relations with
Professional shall encourage and attend
the professional growth of
parents, and shall conduct
himself to merit their
Teacher all teachers under them such
as recommending them for
confidence and respect.

determines the academic marks
and the promotions of learners
in the subject or grades he
Criteria used by the DepEd in evaluating applicants
or a teaching position in the public schools


A. Education (Applicants academic 25

achievement indicated by the
General Weighted Average)

B. Teaching Experience 10

C. LET/PBET Rating 10

D. Experiential Learning Course 5

E. Specialized training and skills 5

F. Interview 10

G. Demonstration Teaching 20

H. Communication Skills 15

Tell something about the teacher in the classroom and in the community by completing
this acronym.

T- eaches
E- verything
A- ffects every
C- hild, A
H- ero in disguise
E- ndures anything just to
R-ender service to every human being
Reflect on the teacher as she goes about her task in the classroom and in the community.
In what way he/she...

a piece of iron?
A teacher is a like a piece of iron, hard at times for they want their students to
a well?
A well is deep, so as teachers. They have deep concern on students and to their
a planter?
Teachers plant good seeds which are the students. They plant good things in the
students minds.
a gardener
A teacher is a gardener because he plants, nurtures and takes care of his plants
which are his students.
a door?
He opens opportunities to students and closes things that are not necessary for
students development as a person.
a wake up call?
Teachers are wake up calls. They wake our sleeping minds and teaches us the
knowledge needed for our own growth.
a potter?
A teacher is a potter. He molds the students to become better individuals.
a mirror?
Teachers are mirrors. They are the reflectio o what their students will become in
the future.
an assessor?
They evaluate their students whether they have learned or not.
a nurse?
They take care of students. In school, they act as the students second parents.
So it is their responsibility to take good care of them.

If I speak interestingly, effectively, and well,

But do not understand my students
I am a noisy gong or a clanging cymbal.
If I know all o the methods and techniques of teaching,
If I have complete faith that they will work,
So that I use them completely,
But think only of materials or techniques
Instead of how they can help my students,
I count for nothing.
If I go the second mile in my teaching,
Give up many activities,
But do it without understanding,
It does no good.
Love is very patient, very kind;
Love is not jealous, it does not put on airs;
It is never tyrannic, never;
Yet does insist on truth;
It does not become angry;
It is not resentful.
Love always expects the best of others;
It is gladdened when they live up to these expectations,
Slow to lose faith when they do not,
It will bear anything,
Hope for anything,
Endure anything.
This kind o love will never fail
If there are teaching methods, they will change;
If there are curricula, they will be revised.
For our knowledge is imperfect
And our teaching is imperfect
And we are always looking for the better ways
Which an infinite God has placed ahead of us.
When I began to teach, I fumbled and failed;
Now I have put away some of my childish ways.
At present I am learning bit by bit;
But if I keep on seeking, I shall at last understand
As all along I myself have been understood.
So faith, hope and love endure.
These are the great three
But the greatest of them is love.