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280 Basic English Words You Should Know

1. account an arrangement with a bank to keep your money there and allow you to take it out
when you need to.

2. air the mixture of gases that surrounds the Earth and that we breathe.

3. amount a collection or mass, especially of something that cannot be counted.

4. animal something that lives and moves, but is not a human, bird, insect or fish.

5. answer the receipt and response to a letter, question or phone call.

6. approval the feeling of having a positive opinion of someone or something.

7. art the activity of making objects, drawings, music, paintings, sculptures etc that are
beautiful or that express feelings.

8. attack to try to hurt or defeat (mainly referred to physical violence but can also be used to
describe verbal or emotional outbursts).

9. attention notice, thought or interest.

10. back (adverb) in return, into, towards a previous place or condition, or an earlier time;
(noun) the part of your body that is opposite to the front, from your shoulder to your bottom.

11. base the bottom part of an object, on which it rests, or the lowest part of something.

12. behavior the way that someone behaves.

13. belief the feeling of being certain that something exists or is true, something that you

14. birth the time when a young baby, or young animal comes out of its mothers body.

15. blood the red liquid that is sent around the body by the heart.

16. blow to move and make currents of air, or to make a sound by forcing air out of your

17. body the whole physical structure that forms a person or animal.

18. bread a food made from flour, water and usually yeast, mixed together and baked.

19. breath the air that goes into and out of your lungs.
20. brother a man or boy with the same parents as another person.

21. building a structure with walls and a roof, such as a house or a factory.

22. burn to be hurt, damaged or destroyed by fire or extreme heat, or to cause this to happen.

23. business the activity of buying and selling goods and services.

24. butter a pale yellow food containing a lot of fat that is made from cream, usually spread on
bread or used in cooking.

25. care the process of protecting someone or something, and providing what they need.

26. cause the reason why something, especially something bad, happens.

27. chance an occasion that allows something to be done.

28. change to exchange one thing for another thing, or to make or become different.

29. cloth a type of woven material, usually used in cleaning to remove dirt, dust or liquid.

30. color/colour red, blue, green, yellow, red, orange etc.

31. comfort a pleasant feeling of being relaxed and free from pain.

32. company an organization that sells goods or services in order to make money.

33. comparison the act of comparing two or more people or things.

34. competition a situation in which someone is trying to win something or be more successful
than someone else.

35. connection the state of being related to someone or something.

36. cook (verb) when you prepare food to be eaten by heating it until it is ready, or (noun) a
person who prepares and cooks food.

37. country an area of land that has its own government, army etc.

38. cover to put or spread something over something, or to lie on the surface of something.

39. credit praise, approval or honour.

40. cry to produce tears as the result of a strong emotion, such as sadness, fear, happiness or
41. current of the present time.

42. damage to harm or spoil something.

43. danger the possibility of harm or death to someone.

44. daughter your female child.

45. day a period of 24 hours.

46. death the end of life.

47. decision a choice that you make about something after thinking about all the possible

48. detail a single piece of information or fact about something.

49. development the process in which someone or something grows or changes and becomes
more advanced.

50. direction the position towards which someone or something moves or faces.

51. discovery the process of finding information, a place or an object, especially for the first

52. discussion the activity in which people talk about something and tell each other their ideas
or opinions.

53. disease an illness of people, animals or plants caused by infection or a lack of health.

54. distance the amount of space between two places.

55. doubt (a feeling of) not being certain about something, especially how good or true it is.

56. drink (noun) liquid that is taken into the body through the mouth, or (verb) to take liquid
into the body through the mouth.

57. driving the ability to drive a car, the activity of driving, or the way someone drives.

58. dust dry dirt in the form of powder that covers surfaces inside a building, or very small dry
pieces of soil etc.

59. earth our planet, the third in order from the sun, between Venus and Mars, the world on
which we live. Also another term for soil on the ground.
60. education the process of teaching or learning in a school or college, or the knowledge that
you get from this.

61. effect the result of a particular influence.

62. end the part of a place or thing that is the furthest away from the start, or the final part of
something such as a period of time, activity or story.

63. error a mistake.

64. example a way of helping someone to understand something by showing them how it is

65. experience (the process of getting) knowledge or skill from doing, seeing or feeling things,
or something that happens to you which affects how you feel.

66. expert a person with a high level of knowledge or skill relating to a particular subject or

67. fact something that is known to have happened or to exist, especially something for which
proof exists.

68. fall to suddenly go down onto the ground or towards the ground without intending to, or by

69. family a group of people who are related to each other such as a mother, father and their

70. father a male parent.

71. fear an unpleasant emotion or thought that you have when you are worried or frightened by
something dangerous, painful or bad that is happening or may happen.

72. feeling the fact of feeling something physical, or an emotion.

73. fire the state of burning that produces flames that send out heat and light, and might
produce smoke.

74. flight a journey in an aircraft.

75. flower the part of a plant that is often brightly coloured and has a pleasant smell.

76. food something that people and animals eat or plants absorb, to keep them alive.

77. friend a person who you know well and like a lot, but who is usually not a member of your
78. front the part of a persons body, building or object that faces forward, or is most often
seen or used.

79. fruit the soft part containing seeds that is produced by a plant. Many types of fruit are
sweet and can be eaten.

80. glass a hard transparent material used to make windows bottles and other objects.

1. gold a chemical element that is a valuable, shiny, yellow metal used to make coins and

82. government the group of people that officially control a country.

83. grain a seed or seeds from a plant, especially a plant like a grass such as rice or wheat.

84. grass a low, green plant that grows naturally from soil on the Earths surface.

85. growth the growth of a person, animal or plant is its process of increasing in size.

86. guide written information or a person that gives you the history of, or most important facts
about, a particular or subject.

87. harbor/harbour an area of water next to the coast, often protected from the sea by a thick
wall, where ships and boats can shelter.

88. hate to dislike someone or something very much.

89. hearing the ability to hear, or an official meeting that is held to collect the facts about an
event or problem.

90. heat the quality of being hot or warm, or the temperature of something.

91. help to make it possible or easier for someone to do something, by doing part of the work

92. history (the study or record of) past events considered together, especially events of a
particular period, country or subject.

93. hole an empty space in an object, usually with an opening to the objects surface, or an
opening that goes completely through an object.

94. hope to want something to happen or to be true, and usually have a good reason to think
that it might.

95. hour a period of 60 minutes.

96. ice water that has frozen and become solid, or pieces of this.

97. idea a suggestion or plan for doing something.

98. increase to (make something) become larger in amount or size.

99. industry the companies and activities involved in the process of producing goods for sale,
especially in a factory or special area.

100. instrument an object such as a guitar or drum that is played to produce musical sounds.

101. insurance an agreement in which you pay a company money and they pay your costs if
you have an accident or injury.

102. interest the feeling of wanting to give your attention to something or someone, or wanting
to be involved with and to discover more about something.

103. iron a chemical element that is a common greyish-coloured metal. It is strong, used in
making steel, and exists in very small amounts in blood.

104. join to connect or fasten things together.

105. journey the act of travelling from one place to another, especially in a vehicle.

106. jump to push yourself suddenly off the ground and into the air using your legs.

107. kick to hit someone or something with the foot, or to move the feet and legs suddenly and

108. kiss to touch another persons cheek or hand with your lips, especially as a greeting, or to
press your mouth onto another persons mouth in a sexual way.

109. knowledge understanding of, or information about, a subject that you get by experience or

110. land the surface of the Earth that is not covered by water.

111. language a system of communication consisting of sounds, words and grammar.

112. laugh to smile when making sounds with your voice that show you think something is
funny or that you are happy.

113. low not measuring much from the base to the top, close to the ground or the bottom of

114. lead to control a group of people, a country or situation.

115. learning the activity of obtaining knowledge, or knowledge obtained by study.

116. letter a written message from one person to another, usually put in an envelope and sent
by post.

117. level the height of something, or the amount or number of something.

118. light the brightness that comes from the sun, fire and some electrical devices, and that
allows things to be seen.

119. limit the greatest amount, number or level of something that is either possible or allowed.

120. liquid a substance, such as water, that is not solid or a gas and that can be poured easily.

121. look to direct your eyes in order to see.

122. loss the fact that you no longer have something, or have less of something.

123. love to like another adult very much and be romantically and sexually attracted to them,
or to have strong feelings of liking a friend or person in your family in a non-sexual way.

124. machine a piece of equipment with several moving parts that uses power to do a
particular type of work.

125. man an adult male human being.

126. market the people who might want to buy something, or a part of the world where
something is sold, or the business or trade in a particular product.

127. mass (adjective) having an effect on or involving a large number of people, or forming a
large amount. (noun) a large amount of something that has no particular shape or arrangement.

128. meal an occasion when food is eaten, or the food that is eaten on such an occasion.

129. measure to discover the exact size or amount of something, or to be of a particular size.

130. meat the flesh of an animal when it is used for food.

131. meeting an occasion when people come together intentionally, usually in a

formal/business sense.

132. memory the ability to remember information, experiences and people.

133. middle the central point, position or part.

134. milk the white liquid produced by cows, goats, sheep, and used by humans as a drink or
for making butter and cheese.

135. mind the part of a person that makes it possible for him or her to think, feel emotions and
understand things.

136. mine the one(s) belonging to or connected with me (the speaker).

137. minute one of the 60 parts that an hour is divided into, consisting of 60 seconds.

138. mist thin fog produced by very small drops of water collecting in the air just above an
area of ground or water.

139. money coins or notes that are used to buy things, or the amount of these that one person

140. month a period of about 4 weeks, especially one of the 12 periods into which a year is

141. morning the part of the day from the time the sun rises or you wake up, until the middle
of the day or lunch time.

142. mother a female parent.

143. mountain a raised part of the Earths surface, much larger than a hill.

144. move to (cause to) change position.

145. music a pattern of sounds made by musical instruments, voices or computers, intended to
give pleasure to people listening to it.

146. name the word or words that a person, thing or place is known by.

147. nation a large aggregate of people united by common descent, history, culture or
language, inhabiting a particular country or territory.

148. need the urge to have something, or want something very much.

149. news information or reports about recent events.

150. night the part of every 24-hour period when it is dark, because there is very little light
from the sun.

151. noise a sound or sounds, especially when it is unwanted, unpleasant or loud.

152. number a unit that forms part of the system of counting or calculating.
153. offer to ask someone if they would like to have something, or they would like you to do

154. oil a thick liquid that comes from petroleum, used as a fuel, and for making parts of
machines move easily.

155. opinion a thought, belief or judgement about someone or something.

156. order a request to make, supply or deliver food or goods.

157. organization a group of people who work together in an organized way for a shared

158. owner someone who owns something.

159. page a side of one of the pieces of paper in a book, magazine or newspaper.

160. pain a feeling of physical, emotional or mental suffering.

61. paint a coloured liquid that is put on a surface, such as a wall, to decorate it.

162. paper thin, flat material made from crushed wood or cloth, used for writing, printing or
drawing on.

163. part some, but not all of a thing.

164. paste a think, soft, sticky substance made by crushing or mixing things such as fish, fruit
or vegetables for food, or a liquid with powder for glue.

165. payment an amount of money paid or the process of giving money owed to another.

166. peace free from war and violence, especially when people live and work together happily,
without disagreements.

167. person a man, woman or child.

168. place an area, town or building.

169. plant a living thing that grows in earth, or water, usually has a stem, leaves and roots, and
produces seeds.

170. play spending time doing an enjoyable and/or entertaining activity.

171. pleasure enjoyment, happiness and satisfaction, or something that gives this.

172. position the place where something or someone is, often in relation to other things.
173. power ability to control people and events.

174. price the amount of money for which something is sold.

175. process a series of actions that you take in order to achieve a result.

176. produce (verb) to make something or bring something into existence. (noun) food or any
other substance that is grown or obtained through farming.

177. profit money that is earned in trade or business, after paying any costs related to
producing selling goods.

178. property an object/objects, building or land that belong to someone.

179. pull to move something towards yourself, sometimes with great physical effort.

180. punishment the act of punishing someone.

181. purpose why you do something, or why something exists.

182. push to use physical pressure or force, especially with your hands, in order to move
something into a position that is further away from you.

183. quality how good or bad something is.

184. question a sentence or phrase used to find out information.

185. rain drops of water from clouds.

186. reaction behaviour, a feeling or an action that is the direct result of something.

187. reading the skill or activity of getting information from books.

188. reason the cause of an event or situation, something that provides an excuse or

189. record (verb) to store sounds or moving pictures using electronic equipment. (noun) the
best or fastest ever done. (noun) a flat plastic disc on which music is recorded.

190. regret a feeling of sadness about something sad or wrong, or about a mistake that you
have made.

191. relation the way in which two people or groups of people feel and behave towards each

192. religion the belief in, and worship of, a god or gods.
193. request the act of politely or officially asking for something.

194. respect admiration felt or shown for someone or something that you believe has good
ideas or qualities.

195. rest to stop doing a particular activity in order to relax and regain your strength.

196. reward something given in exchange for good behaviour or good work.

197. rice the small seeds of a particular type of grass, cooked and eaten as food.

198. river a natural wide flow of fresh water across the land into the sea, a lake or another

199. road a long hard man-made surface built for vehicles to travel along.

200. room a part of the inside of a building that is separated from other parts by walls, floor
and ceiling.

201. rule a principle or instruction that states the way things are and how they should be done,
and tells you what you are and arent allowed to do.

202. run to move along, faster than walking, by taking quick steps.

203. salt a common white substance found in sea water and in the ground, used especially to
flavour food or to preserve it.

204. sand a substance that consists of very small grains of rock, found on beaches and deserts.

205. sea the salty water that covers a large surface of the Earth.

206. seat a piece of furniture in a building or vehicle, that has been designed for someone to sit

207. secretary someone who works in an office, writing letters, making phone calls and
arranging meetings.

208. selection the act of choosing someone or something.

209. sense an ability to understand, recognize, value, or react to something, especially any of
the five abilities to see, hear, smell, feel and taste.

210. shade slight darkness caused by something blocking the direct light from the sun.

211. shake to move or make something or someone move, backwards and forwards or up and
down in short quick movements.
212. shame an uncomfortable feeling of guilt or of being ashamed, because of your own or
someone elses bad behaviour.

213. shock the emotional or physical reaction to a sudden unexpected and usually unpleasant
event or experience.

214. side a flat outer surface of an object, especially one that is not the top, bottom, the front
nor the back.

215. sign to write your name, usually on a written or printed document, to show that you agree
with its contents.

216. silver a chemical element that is a valuable shiny white metal, used for making cutlery,
jewellery, coins or decorative objects.

217. sister a girl or woman who has the same parents as another person.

218. size how large or small someone or something is.

219. sky the area above the earth, in which clouds, the sun, moon and stars can be seen.

220. sleep the resting state in which the body is not active and the mind is unconscious.

221. slip to slide without intending to, or to move out of the correct position.

222. smash to cause something to break noisily into a lot of small pieces.

223. smell to have a particular quality that others can notice with their noses.

224. smile a happy or friendly expression on the face in which the ends of the mouth curve up
slightly, often with lips parted so that teeth can be seen.

225. smoke the mixture of gas and very small pieces of carbon that is produced when
something burns.

226. sneeze when you sneeze, air and often small drops of liquid suddenly come out of your
mouth and nose in a way that you cannot control.

227. snow the small soft, white pieces of ice that sometimes fall from the sky when it is
extremely cold.

228. soap a substance used for washing the body, that is usually hard, often has a pleasant
smell and produces a mass of bubbles when rubbed with water.

229. society a large group of people who live together in an organized way. All the people in a
country, or in several similar countries, could be referred to as a society.
230. son someones male child.

231. song a usually short piece of music where words are sung.

232. sort (noun) a group of things that are of the same type, or that share similar qualities.
(verb) to put a number of things in an order, or to separate them into groups.

233. sound something that you can hear or that can be heard.

234. soup a usually hot liquid food made from meat, vegetables or fish.

235. space an empty area that is available to be used. The area around everything that exists,
continuing in all directions.

236. start to begin doing something.

237. step to move by lifting your foot, and putting it down in a different place, or to put your
foot in or on something.

238. stone a piece of the hard solid substance that is found in the ground, and that is often used
for building.

239. stop to not continue to operate, to not move anymore, or to make someone or something
not move anymore.

240. story a description either true or imagined, of a connected series of events.

241. structure the way in which the parts of a system or object are arranged or organized, or a
system arranged in this way.

242. sugar a sweet substance especially from the plants sugar cane and sugar beet, used to
make food and drinks sweet.

243. suggestion an idea, plan or action that is suggested, or the act of suggesting it.

244. summer the season of the year between spring and autumn when the weather is the
warmest, lasting from June to September in the UK.

245. surprise an unexpected event.

246. swim to move through water by moving parts of your body.

247. talk to say words aloud; to speak to someone.

248. taste the flavour of something, or the ability of a person or animal to recognize different

249. tax money paid to the government that is based on your income or the cost of goods or
services you have bought.

250. teaching the job of being a teacher; the role/act of educating another person in any
particular subject.

251. thing used to refer in an approximate way to an object or to avoid naming it.

252. thought the act of thinking about or considering something, an idea or opinion, or a set of
ideas about a particular subject.

253. time the part of existence that is measured in minutes, days or years, or this process
considered as a whole.

254. touch to put your hand or another part of your body lightly onto and off something or

255. trade the activity of buying and selling or exchanging goods and/or services between
people or countries.

256. transport the movement of people or goods from one place to another.

257. trouble problems or difficulties, or a negative characteristic of someone.

258. turn to (cause to) move in a circle round a fixed point or line.

259. use to put something such as a tool, skill or building to a particular purpose.

260. value the amount of money that can be received for something.

261. view an opinion, belief or idea, or a way of thinking about something; what someone can
see in their peripheral vision.

262. voice the sounds that are made when people speak or sing.

263. walk to move along by putting one foot in front of the other.

264. war armed fighting between two or more countries or groups, or a particular example of

265. wash to clean something using water and usually soap.

266. waste an unnecessary or wrong use of things such as money, substances, time, energy or

267. water a clear liquid, without colour or taste, that falls from the sky as rain, and is
necessary for animal and plant life.

268. way a route, direction or path.

269. weather the conditions in the air above the earth such as wind, rain or temperature,
especially at a particular time or over a particular area.

270. week a period of seven days, usually from Monday to Sunday.

271. weight the amount that someone or something weighs.

272. wind a current of air moving approximately horizontally, especially one strong enough to
be felt.

273. wine an alcoholic drink generally made from grapes but that can also be made from other
fruits or flowers.

274. winter the season between autumn and spring, when the weather is the coldest.

275. woman an adult female human being.

276. wood a hard substance that forms the branches and trunks of trees and can be used as a
building material, for making things, or as a fuel.

277. word a single unit of language that has meaning and can be spoken or written.

278. work an activity, such as a job, that a person uses physical or mental effort to do, usually
for money.

279. writing a persons style of writing with a pen on paper that can be recognized as their

280. year a period of twelve months.

Difficult Words and Their Usages

Abash| Abate| Abdicate| Aberration| Abhor| Abject| Abnegate

Abortive| Abridge| Absolute| Absolve| AbstinentAbstractAcrid

Acrimonious| Acumen| Acute| Adage| Adamant| Address| Adherent

Admonish| Adroit| Adulation| Adulterate| Adverse| Aesthetic| Affable

Affectation| Affinity| Affluent| Agenda| Agrarian| Aggregate| Agnostic

acrity| Allege| Alleviate| Allocate| Alloy| Allusion| Aloof

Altruism| Ambience| Ambiguous| Ambivalent| Ameliorate| Amenable

Amenity| Abstruse| Abysmal| Accolade| Accost| Acerbic

Acquiesce| Amiable | Amnesty | Amoral | Amorous | Amorphous

Anachronism | Analogy | Anarchy | Anecdote | Anguish | Animosity

Anomaly | Antecedent | Antipathy | Antithesis | Apartheid | Apathy

Aphorism | Apocalypse | Apocryphal | Apotheosis | Appease

Appreciate | Apprehensive | Approbation

Appropriate | Aptitude | Arbiter | Arbitrary

Arcane | Archaic | Archetype | Ardent | Arduous

Aristocratic | Artful | Artifice | Ascetic | Ascendancy | Assiduous

Assimilate | Assuage | Astute | Audacity | Attrition | Augment

Auspicious | Austere | Autocratic | Avarice | Autonomous | Avow

Avuncular | Awry | Axiom

Bane | Banal | Bastion | Beget | Belabor | Beleaguer

Belittle | Belie | Belligerent | Bemused | Benefactor | Benevolent | Benign

Bequest| Bereaved| Beset| Blasphemy| Blatant| Blight| Blithe

Bourgeois| Bovine| Brevity| Broach

Bucolic| Bureaucracy| Burgeon| Burlesque

Cacophony| Cadence| Cajole| Callow| Candor| Capitalism

Caricature| Capitulate| Capricious| Castigate| Catalyst| Categorical

Catharsis| Catholic| Caustic| Celibacy| Censure| Cerebral

Charisma| Chagrin| Charlatan| Chasm| Chastise| Chicanery

Recommended by

Circumspect| Circumscribe| Circumvent| Civil| Clandestine| Clemency

Clique| Cliche| Coalesce| Coerce| Cogent| Cognitive

Coherent| Cognizant| Colloquial| Collusion| Commensurate| Compelling

Complacent| Compendium| Complement| Complicity

Comprehensive| Conciliatory| Comprise| Concise

Concord| Concurrent| Condescend| Conducive

Condone| Confluence| Congenial| Congenital| Conjecture| Connoisseur

Conjure| Consecrate| Consensus| Consonant| Construe| Contentious

Consummate| Contiguous| Contingent| Contrite

Contrived| Conventional| Copious

Convivial| Corollary| Corroborate| Cosmopolitan| Countenance| Covenant

Coup| Covert| Covet| Credulous| Criterion| Culinary

Cryptic| Culminate| Culpable| Cursory| Curtail| Cynic

Daunt| Dearth| Debacle| Debauchery| Debilitate| Decimate

Decadent| Decorous| Deduce| Defame| Deference

Degenerate| Definitive| Deleterious| Delineate| Delude

Deluge| Denizen| Demagogue| Depravity| Deprecate

Deride| Derogatory| Despondent| Desiccate| Despot

Destitute| Desultory| Dialectical| Didactic| Dictum

Diffident| Digress| Dilettante| Discern| Discrete

Discreet| Discriminate| Disdain| Disinterested| Disparage

Disseminate| Disparate| Dissipate| Dissolution| Distend

Distinguish| Docile| Dogmatic| Doctrinaire| Domestic| Dormant

Dubious| Duplicity

Eccentric| Ebullient| Eclectic| Edify| Efface| Effusion| Egocentric

Egalitarian| Egregious| Elicit| Elliptical| Elusive| Eminent| Emigrate

Empirical| Emulate| Encroach| Endemic| Enfranchise| Enervate| Engender

Enigma| Enormity| Ephemeral| Epitome| Epigram| Equanimity| Equitable

Equivocal| Erudite| Esoteric| Espouse| Euphemism| Ethereal| Evanescent

Exacerbate| Exacting| Exalt| Exemplify| Exasperate| Exhaustive| Exhort

Exigency| Existential| Expatriate| Exonerate| Expedient| Expedite| Explicit

Extol| Extrapolate| Extraneous| Extricate| Extrovert| Exult

Facetious| Fabrication| Facile| Farcical| Fastidious| Fatalist

Fauna| Fatuous| Fecund| Felicity| Fervor| Fetter

Figurative| Fidelity| Finesse| Flagrant| Flout| Flaunt

Foment| Foible| Forbear| Forgo| Forsake| Fortuitous

Fraternal| Founder| Frenetic| Frugal| Furtive| Futile

Genre| Garrulous| Genteel| Gesticulate| Glut| Grandiloquent

Gratuitous| Grandiose| Gravity| Gregarious| Guile

Hapless| Hackneyed| Harbinger| Hedonism| Hegemony| Heresy

Heyday| Hermetic| Hiatus| Hierarchy| Histrionic| Homily

Husbandry| Homogeneous| Hyperbole| Hypothetical

Ideology| Iconoclast| Idiosyncrasy| Idyllic| Ignominy| Illicit

Immutable| Imminent| Impartial| Impeccable| Imperial| Impervious

Implement| Impetuous| Impotent| Impugn| Inane| Incandescent

Inaugurate| Incense| Incantation| Incessant| Incipient| Incisive

Incongruous| Increment| Incorrigible| Indifferent

Indigenous| Indigent| Indolent

Indulgent| Indignant| Ineffable| Inept| Inexorable| Inert

Infatuated| Infamous| Infer| Infinitesimal| Ingenuous| Inherent

Innate| Injunction| Innocuous| Inordinate| Insatiable| Insidious

Insipid| Insinuate| Insolent| Instigate| Insular| Insurgent

Intractable| Integral| Intransigent| Intrinsic| Introspective| Inundate

Inveterate| Invective| Irascible| Ironic| Irrevocable| Itinerant

Judicious| Juxtapose


Laconic| Labyrinth| Lament| Lampoon| Languish

Latent| Largess| Laud| Legacy| Lethargy| Levity| Libel

Loquacious| Litigate| Lucid| Lugubrious| Luminous

Magnanimous| Machination| Magnate| Malaise| Malfeasance| Malinger

Mandate| Malleable| Manifest| Manifesto| Marshal| Martial

Martyr| Matriculate| Maudlin| Maverick| Maxim| Mediate

Mendacious| Mellifluous| Mendicant| Mentor

Mercenary| Mercurial| Metamorphosis| Microcosm

Milieu| Minuscule| Misanthropic| Mitigate

Mollify| Monolithic| Moribund| Morose

Mortify| Mundane| Myopia| Myriad| Munificent


Narcissism| Nebulous| Nefarious| Neologism

Nepotism| Nominal| Nihilism| Nostalgia

Notorious| Novel| Noxious| Nuance

Obdurate| Obfuscate| Oblivion| Oblique| Obsequious| Obscure| Obtuse

Officious| Onerous| Opaque| Opulent| Orthodox| Ostensible| Ostentatious

Pacify| Painstaking| Palliate| Palpable

Paltry| Panacea| Paradigm| Paradox| Parochial| Parody| Parsimonious

Partisan| Patent| Paternal| Pathology| Patriarch| Patrician

Patronize| Paucity| Peccadillo| Pedantic| Pedestrian| Pejorative| Penchant

Penitent| Pensive| Peremptory| Perennial| Perfidy| Perfunctory

Peripatetic| Periphery| Pernicious| Perquisite| Perjury| Permeate

Pertinent | Perturb| Peruse| Pervade| Petulant| Philanthropy

Philistine| Pious| Pivotal| Placate| Plaintive| Platitude| Plebian

Plethora| Poignant| Polarize| Polemic| Ponderous| Portent

Postulate| Pragmatic| Precedent| Precept| Precipitate| Precipitous

Preclude| Precursor| Predilection| Preeminent

Preempt | Premise| Prepossess| Prerogative| Prevail| Pristine

Prodigal| Prodigious| Prodigy| Profane| Profess| Proficient

Profligate| Profound| Profuse| Proletariat| Proliferate| Prolific

Promulgate| Propensity| Propitious| Proponent| Proprietary| Propriety

Prosaic| Proscribe| Proselytize| Protagonist| Protract| Provident

Provincial| Provisional| Proximity| Prudent| Purported| Putative

Qualify| Qualitative| Querulous| Quixotic

Ramification| Rancor| Rapacious| Rebuke| Rebut| Recalcitrant

Recant| Reciprocal| Reclusive| Recondite| Recrimination| Redolent

Redundant| Refute| Reiterate| Relegate| Relentless| Relinquish

Remonstrate| Renaissance| Renounce| Reparation

Repercussion| Replenish

Replete| Reprehensible| Reprisal| Reproach| Reprove| Repudiate

Requisite| Resolute| Respite| Reticent| Revere| Rhetoric

Rigorous| Robust| Rogue| Rudimentary| Ruminate| Rustic

Saccharine| Sacrilege| Sacrosanct| Sagacious| Salient| Salutary

Sanctimonious| Sanguine| Sardonic| Scintillate| Scrupulous| Scrutinize

Secular| Sedition| Sensory| Sentient| Sequester| Serendipity

Servile| Singular| Slander| Sloth| Sobriety| Solicitous

Solvent| Soporific| Sordid| Spawn| Specious| Sporadic

Spurious| Squalor| Squander| Stagnation| Static| Staunch

Steadfast| Stigmatize| Stipulate| Stoic| Stratum| Stricture

Strife| Stringent| Stymie| Subjugate| Sublime| Subordinate

Substantive| Subtle| Subversive| Succinct| Succumb| Supercilious

Superficial| Superfluous| Surfeit| Surreptitious

Surrogate| Sycophant| Synthesis

Tacit| Taciturn| Tangential| Tangible| Tantamount| Tautological| Temerity

Temperate| Tenable| Tenacious| Tenet| Tentative| Tenuous

The Complete List of Phobias

This ROOT-WORD is PHOBIA which comes from Greek word Phobos which means IRRATIONAL FEAR.

The Phobias have been arranged in alphabetical order.

A| B| C| D| E| F| G| H| I| J| K| L| M| N| O| P| Q| R| S| T| U| V| W| X| Y| Z

Another List of PHOBIAS in alphabetical order.

A| B| C| D| E| F| G| H| I| J| K| L| M| N| O| P| Q| R| S| T| U| V| W| X| Y| Z

List of Phobias Related to

Number | Sex
ablutophobia : washing or bathing

acarophobia : itching

acerophobia : sourness

achluophobia: darkness

acousticophobia : noise

acrophobia : heights

aeroacrophobia : open high places

aeronausiphobia: vomiting secondary to airsickness

aerophobia : drafts, air

aeruophobia : flying

agliophobia : pain
agoraphobia : open spaces

agraphobia: sexual abuse

agrizoophobia : wild animals

agyrophobia : streets or crossing the street

aichmophobia : needles or pointed objects

ailurophobia : cats

albuminurophobia : kidney disease

alektorophobia : chickens

algophobia : pain

alliumphobia : garlic

allodoxaphobia : opinions

altophobia : heights

amathophobia : dust

amaxophobia : riding in a car, or vehicles

ambulophobia : walking

amnesiphobia : amnesia

amychophobia : scratches or being scratched

anablephobia : looking up

ancraophobia : wind

androphobia : men

anemophobia : air drafts or wind

anginophobia : angina, choking or narrowness

Anglophobia : England, English culture, etc

angrophobia : becoming angry

ankylophobia : immobility of a joint

anthophobia : flowers

anthrophobia : people

anthropophobia : people or society

antlophobia : floods

anuptaphobia : staying single

apeirophobia : infinity

aphenphosmphobia : being touched

apiphobia : bees

apotemnophobia : persons with amputations

arachibutyrophobia : peanut butter sticking to the roof of the mouth

arachnophobia : spiders

arithmophobia : numbers

arrhenphobia : men

arsonphobia : fire

asthenophobia : fainting or weakness

astraphobia : thunder and lightning

astrophobia : stars and celestial space

asymmetriphobia : asymmetrical things

ataxiophobia : ataxia (muscular in coordination)

ataxophobia : disorder or untidiness

atelophobia : imperfection
atephobia : ruin or ruins

athazagoraphobia : being forgotten or ignored

atomosophobia : atomic explosions

atychiphobia : failure

aulophobia : flutes

aurophobia : gold

auroraphobia : northern lights

autodysomophobia : one that has a vile odor

automatonophobia : ventriloquist dummies or wax statues

automysophobia : being dirty

autophobia : being alone or of oneself

aviophobia : flying

Phobias| Phobias to HOME PA


bacillophobia : microbes
bacteriophobia : bacteria
bactrachophobia : reptiles
ballistophobia : missiles or bullets
barophobia : gravity
basophobia : inability to stand
bathophobia : depth
batonophobia : plants
batophobia : heights
batrachophobia : amphibians
belonephobia : pins and needles
bibliophobia : books
blennophobia : slime
bogyphobia : the bogeyman
Bolshephobia : Bolsheviks
botanophobia : plants
bromidrosiphobia : body smells
brontophobia : thunder and lightning
bufonophobia : toads

cacophobia : ugliness
cainophobia : newness, novelty
caligynephobia : beautiful women
carcinophobia : cancer
cardiophobia : the heart
carnophobia : meat
catagelophobia : being ridiculed
catapedaphobia : jumping from high and low places
cathisophobia : sitting
catoptrophobia : mirrors
cenophobia : new things or ideas
ceraunophobia : thunder
chaetophobia : hair
cheimaphobia or cheimatophobia : cold
chemophobia : chemicals
cherophobia : gaiety
chionophobia : snow
chiraptophobia : being touched
cholerophobia : anger
chorophobia : dancing
chrometophobia : money
chromophobia : colors
chronomentrophobia : clocks
chronophobia : time
cibophobia : food
claustrophobia : enclosed spaces
cleisiophobia : being locked in
cleptophobia : stealing
climacophobia : stairs
clinophobia : going to bed
clithrophobia : being enclosed
cnidophobia : stings
coimetrophobia : cemeteries
cometophobia : comets
contreltophobia : sexual abuse
coprastasophobia : constipation
coprophobia : feces
coulrophobia : clowns
cremnophobia : precipices
cryophobia : extreme cold, ice or frost
crystallophobia : crystals or glass
cyberphobia : computers or working on a computer
cyclophobia : bicycles
cymophobia : waves or wave like motions
cynophobia : dogs

decidophobia : making decisions

defecaloesiophobia : painful bowel movements
deipnophobia : dining
dementophobia : insanity
demonophobia : demons
demophobia : crowds (Agoraphobia)
dendrophobia : trees
dentophobia : dentists
dermatophobia : skin lesions
dermatosiophobia : skin disease
dextrophobia : objects at the right side of the body
diabetophobia : diabetes
didaskaleinophobia : going to school
dikephobia : justice
dinophobia : dizziness
diplophobia : double vision
dipsophobia : drinking
dishabiliophobia : undressing in front of someone
domatophobia : houses or being in a house
doraphobia : fur or skins of animals
dromophobia : crossing streets
dutchphobia : the Dutch
dysmorphophobia : deformity
dystychiphobia : accidents

ecclesiophobia : church
eicophobia : home surroundings
eisoptrophobia : mirrors or seeing oneself in a mirror
electrophobia : electricity
eleutherophobia : freedom
elurophobia : cats (Ailurophobia)
emetophobia : vomiting
enetophobia : pins
enochlophobia : crowds
enosiophobia : committing an unpardonable sin
entomophobia : insects
eosophobia : dawn or daylight
epistaxiophobia : nosebleeds
epistemophobia : knowledge
equinophobia : horses
eremophobia : being oneself
ereuthrophobia : blushing
ergasiophobia : surgical instruments
ergophobia : work
erotophobia : sexual love
erythrophobia : the color red
euphobia : hearing good news
eurotophobia : female genitalia

febriphobia : fever
felinophobia : cats
Francophobia : France, French culture
frigophobia : cold

galeophobia: cats
gallophobia or galiophobia: fear France, French culture
gamophobia : marriage
gatophobia : cats
geliophobia : laughter
geniophobia : chins
genophobia : sex
genuphobia : knees
gephyrophobia : crossing bridges
gerascophobia : growing old
germanophobia : Germany, German culture
gerontophobia : old people or of growing old
geumaphobia : taste
glossophobia : speaking in public
gnosiophobia : knowledge
graphophobia : writing
gymnophobia : nudity
gynophobia : women

hadephobia : hell
hagiophobia : saints or holy things
hamartophobia : sinning
haphephobia : being touched
harpaxophobia : being robbed
hedonophobia : feeling pleasure
heliophobia : the sun
hellenologophobia : Greek terms
helminthophobia : worms
hemophobia : blood
herpetophobia : reptiles
heterophobia : the opposite sex (sexophobia)
hierophobia : priests
hippophobia : horses
hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia : long words
hobophobia : bums or beggars
hodophobia : road travel
homichlophobia : fog
homilophobia : sermons
hominophobia : men
homophobia : homosexuality
hoplophobia : firearms
hormephobia : shock
hydrargyophobia : mercurial medicines
hydrophobia : water
hydrophobophobia : rabies
hyelophobia or hyalophobia : glass
hygrophobia : liquids, dampness, or moisture
hylephobia : materialism
hylophobia : forests
hypegiaphobia : responsibility
hypnophobia : sleep
hypsiphobia : height

iatrophobia : doctors
ichthyophobia : fish
ideophobia : ideas
illyngophobia : vertigo
insectophobia : insects
iophobia : poison
isolophobia : solitude, being alone
isopterophobia : termites
ithyphallophobia : erection

Japanophobia : Japanese
Judeophobia : Jews

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kainolophobia : novelty
kakorraphiaphobia : failure
katagelophobia : ridicule
kathisophobia : sitting down
kenophobia : voids
keraunophobia : thunder
kinetophobia : movement or motion
kleptophobia : stealing
koinoniphobia : rooms
koniophobia : dust (Amathophobia)
kopophobia : fatigue
kosmikophobia : cosmic phenomenon
kymophobia : waves
kynophobia : rabies
kyphophobia : stooping

lachanophobia : vegetables
laliophobia : speaking
leprophobia : leprosy
leukophobia : the color white
levophobia : things to the left side of the body
ligyrophobia : loud noises
lilapsophobia : tornadoes and hurricanes
limnophobia : lakes
linonophobia : string
liticaphobia : lawsuits
lockiophobia : childbirth
logizomechanophobia : computers
logophobia : words
luiphobia : syphilis
lutraphobia : otters
lygophobia : darkness
lyssophobia : rabies or of becoming mad

macrophobia : long waits

mageirocophobia : cooking
maieusiophobia : childbirth
malaxophobia : love play
maniaphobia : insanity
mastigophobia : punishment
mechanophobia : machines
megalophobia : large things
melanophobia : the color black
melissophobia : bees
melophobia : fear or hatred of music
meningitophobia : brain disease
menophobia : menstruation
merinthophobia : being bound or tied up
metallophobia : metal
metathesiophobia : changes
meteorophobia : meteors
methyphobia : alcohol
metrophobia : fear or hatred of poetry
microbiophobia : microbes (bacillophobia)
microphobia : small things
misophobia : being contaminated with dirt of germs
mnemophobia : memories
molysmophobia : dirt or contamination
monopathophobia : definite disease
monophobia : solitude or being alone
motorphobia : automobiles
mottephobia : moths
musophobia : mice
mycophobia : fear or aversion to mushrooms
mycrophobia : small things
myctophobia : darkness
myrmecophobia : ants
mysophobia : germs or contamination or dirt
mythophobia : myths or stories or false statements
myxophobia : slime (blennophobia)

nebulaphobia : fog (homichlophobia)

necrophobia : death
nelophobia : glass
neopharmaphobia : new drugs
neophobia : anything new
nephophobia : clouds
noctiphobia : the night
nomatophobia : names
nosemaphobia : illness
nosocomephobia : hospitals
nosophobia : disease
nostophobia : returning home
novercaphobia : step-mothers
nucleomituphobia : nuclear weapons
nudophobia : nudity
numerophobia : numbers
nyctophobia : the dark or of night

obesophobia : gaining weight

ochlophobia : crowds or mobs
ochophobia : vehicles
octophobia : the figure 8
odontophobia : dental surgery
odynophobia : pain
oenophobia : wines
oikophobia : home surroundings, house
olfactophobia : smells
ombrophobia : rain
ommetaphobia : eyes
oneirogmophobia : wet dreams
oneirophobia : dreams
onomatophobia : hearing a certain word
ophidiophobia : snakes
ophthalmophobia : being stared at
optophobia : opening one's eyes
ornithophobia : birds
orthophobia : property
osmophobia : smells or odors
osphresiophobia : smells
ostraconophobia : shellfish
ouranophobia : heaven

pagophobia: ice or frost

panophobia: everything
panthophobia: disease
pantophobia: fears
Papaphobia: the pope
papyrophobia: paper
paralipophobia: neglecting duty
paraphobia: sexual perversion
parasitophobia: parasites
paraskavedekatriaphobia: Friday the 13th
parthenophobia: virgins or young girls
parturiphobia: childbirth
pathophobia: disease
patroiophobia: heredity
peccatophobia: sinning (imaginary crime)
pediculophobia: lice
pediophobia: dolls
pedophobia: children
peladophobia: bald people
pellagrophobia: pellagra
peniaphobia: poverty
pentheraphobia: mother-in-law
phagophobia: swallowing
phalacrophobia: becoming bald
phallophobia: a penis, esp erect
pharmacophobia: taking medicine
pharmacophobia: drugs
phasmophobia: ghosts
phengophobia: daylight or sunshine
philemaphobia: kissing
philophobia: falling in love
philosophobia: philosophy
phobophobia: one's own fears
phonophobia: noises or voices
photoaugliaphobia: glaring lights
photophobia: light
phronemophobia: thinking
phthiriophobia: lice (pediculophobia)
phthisiophobia: tuberculosis
pinigerophobia: smothering
placophobia: tombstones
plutophobia: wealth
pluviophobia: rain or of being rained on
pneumatiphobia: spirits
pnigophobia: choking or being smothered
pocrescophobia: gaining weight (obesophobia)
pogonophobia: beards
poinephobia: punishment
poliosophobia: contracting poliomyelitis
politicophobia: politicians
polyphobia: many things
ponophobia: overworking or of pain
porphyrophobia: the color purple
potamophobia: rivers or running water
potophobia: alcohol
proctophobia: rectum
prosophobia: progress
psellismophobia: stuttering
psychophobia: mind
psychrophobia: cold
pteromerhanophobia: flying
pteronophobia: being tickled by feathers
pupaphobia: puppets pyrexiophobia
pyrophobia: fire


radiophobia : radiation, x-rays

ranidaphobia : frogs
rhabdophobia : being severely punished or beaten by a rod
rhypophobia : defecation
rhytiphobia : getting wrinkles
rupophobia : dirt
Russophobia : Russians

samhainophobia : Halloween
sarmassophobia : love play
satanophobia : satan
scabiophobia : scabies
scelerophibia : bad men, burglars
schlionophobia : school
sciophobia : shadows
scoleciphobia : worms
scolionophobia : school
scopophobia : being stared at
scotomaphobia : blindness in visual field
scotophobia : darkness
scriptophobia : writing in public
selaphobia : light flashes
selenophobia : the moon
seplophobia : decaying matter
sesquipedalophobia : long words
sexophobia : the opposite sex
siderodromophobia : trains
siderophobia : stars
sinistrophobia : left-handedness
sinophobia : chinese, chinese culture
sitophobia : food or eating
snakephobia : snakes (ophidiophobia)
soceraphobia : parents-in-law
social phobia : being evaluated negatively
sociophobia : society
somniphobia : sleep
sophophobia : learning
soteriophobia : dependence on others
spacephobia : outer space
spectrophobia : specters or ghosts
spermophobia : germs
sphexsophobia : wasps
stasibasiphobia : standing or walking
staurophobia : crosses or the crucifix
stenophobia : narrow things or places
stygiophobia : hell
suriphobia : mice
symbolophobia : symbolism
symmetrophobia : symmetry
syngenesophobia : relatives
syphilophobia : syphilis

tachophobia : speed
taeniophobia or teniophobia : tapeworms
taphephobia : being buried alive
tapinophobia : being contagious
taurophobia : bulls
technophobia : technology
teleophobia : definate plans
telephonophobia : telephones
telosphobia : being last
teratophobia : bearing a deformed child
testophobia : taking tests
tetanophobia : lockjaw, tetanus
teutophobia : German or German things
textophobia : certain fabrics
thaasophobia : sitting
thalassophobia : the ocean
thanatophobia : death or dying
theatrophobia : theatres
theologicophobia : theology
theophobia : god(s) or religion
thermophobia : heat
tocophobia : childbirth
tomophobia : surgical operations
tonitrophobia : thunder
topophobia : performing (stage fright)
toxiphobia : poison
traumatophobia : injury
tremophobia : trembling
trichinophobia : trichinosis
trichopathophobia : hair
triskaidekaphobia : the number 13
tropophobia : moving or making changes
trypanophobia : injections
tuberculophobia : tuberculosis
tyrannophobia : tyrants

uranophobia : heaven
urophobia : urine or urinating

vaccinophobia : vaccination
venustraphobia : beautiful women
verbophobia : words
verminophobia : germs
vestiphobia : clothing
virginitiphobia : rape
vitricophobia : step-fathers

Walloonphobia : the Walloons

wiccaphobia : witches and witchcraft

xanthophobia : the color yellow
xenophobia : strangers
xerophobia : dryness
xylophobia : forests

zelophobia : jealousy
zeusophobia : God or gods
zoophobia : animals

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