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2152026 - How to solving the error message AU133 during the settlement in Controlling
Version 1 Validity: 06.04.2015 - active Language English

You perform cost objects settlement (e.g.: Via Transaction KO88, CJ88, ...) in controlling, and the system generates an Error Message AU133, and
as a controlling consultant or user, you want to know how to check and resolve the error which integrate with asset accounting.

l Financial Accounting (FI)
l Controlling (CO)
l SAP R/3
l SAP R/3 Enterprise 4.7
l SAP ERP Central Component
l SAP enhancement package for SAP ERP
l SAP enhancement package for SAP ERP, version for SAP HANA

Reproducing the Issue


1. Missing customizing.

1. Check the settlement rule of the cost objects, to see the asset number with the settlement category FXA;
2. Copy the asset number and check the same via Asset Transaction AS03, in the General tab, where you will see the field "Account
3. Check "Chart-of-depreciation" with Transaction OAOB for your Company Code;
4. Now, execute the Transaction AO90 with "Chart-of-depreciation" you got in step 3, select "chart-of-accounts" and double click on "Account
Accounts" in the left side, and select the depreciation area (Example: 01) and double click, to see the detailed account setting, if you missed
the account which mentioned in the Error Message AU133, then you will need to maintain the value for, or check with your fixed asset
consultant to determine which account should be maintained there to avoid the Error Message during the settlement.

KO02, KO03, CJ02, CJ03, CJ20N, CO02, CO03, , KO8G, CO88, AuC, Fixed, Asset, Fixed Asset, Avoid, Settle, CO

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