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Shri B S Mootha Girls Sr Sec School

Computer Science

Revision Questions Term 1


I. Multiple Choice Questions:

1. Which of these is not an input device?

a. Keyboard b. Monitor c. Mouse

2. Which of these statements is correct?

a. A computer needs only hardware to function

b. A computer needs both hardware and software to function

c. A computer needs only software to function

3. Which key moves the cursor to the beginning of the line?

a. Enter b. Home c. End

4. To give gap between two words, we need to press the ______ key.

a. Spacebar b. Escape c. Enter

5. Identify the circled tool in the picture.

a. Text b. Pencil c. Eraser

6. The _______ tool is represented by a magnifying glass.

a. Zoom b. Pencil c. Color Picker

7. Paint program is a _________

a. Hardware b. Software c. Operating System

8. Which of these is not an output device?

a. Monitor b. Speaker c. Scanner

9. Which key helps to scroll down a page?

a. Page Up b. Page Down c. Backspace

10. The ____ tool is shaped like a dropper.

a. Zoom b. Pencil c. Color Picker

II. Answer in one word:

1. Which device is used to play games? Joystick

2. Identify the name of the Operating system for the given Logo.


3. Where is the Num Lock located on a Keyboard? Top left corner of the
Numeric key pad.

4. Name the following key. Escape Key

5. Which tool in Paint program is shaped like a bucket? Paint Bucket

6. Which tool is used to draw a circle? Oval Tool

7. Which tool is used to type text and numbers? Keyboard

8. What is the other way to copy? Ctrl key + C

9. Which tool is used to see the close up view of the picture? Magnifier Tool

10. What is the expansion for CD? Compact Disk

III. Answer in brief:

1. What is hardware?
2. What is application software? Give an example.

3. What is a keyboard?

4. What are function keys? Give an example of a function key.

5. What is the use of the Select tool?

6. What is the function of the Color Picker Tool?

7. Define Storage Device?

8. What is the function of End key?

9. How can we magnify a picture?

10. Can we change the style of text in Paint program?

IV. Application / Value based questions:

1. Both hardware and software are required to make a computer work. Similarly,
different people together make up a happy family. Name the people who are part of
your family.

Ans: Father, Mother, Brother, Sister

2. Raj has Windows 7 installed on his computer. He is working on Tux Paint

program. Name the application software which Rahul is using.

Ans: Tux Paint


In the above sentence, which key we should pres to correct the spelling for

Ans: Backspace Key.

4. Name any 2 keys which are present in the Keyboard twice.

Ans: Shift, Enter.

5. Varsha wants to make scenery. Can you tell him any two software which he can
use to create this?

Ans: MS Paint, TUX Paint

6. Anu typed a few lines for her teacher in the Paint program. Pick the line which
you think she should not have written.

a. We should talk politely to our teacher.

b. We should respect our teacher.

c. We should listen to our teacher, but only sometimes.

Ans: C

7. Nisha wants to type numbers using the number pad. She must first ensure that
Num Lock key is:

Ans: ON

8. Find the missing keys from the given keyboard:

Ans: Backspace, Enter

9. Shiva wants to scan one of his pictures. Which device helps him to do the same?

Ans: Scanner
10. 10. Fill in the following:

a. B stands for __________.

b. U stands for __________.

Ans: Bold, Underline


o Answers are indicated with bold letters.

o Refer textbook for Answer the Following.