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Bron-xMuseum AIM Exhibition

By Howard Giske
. professional development Museum's Christine Lica-

arge crowd of resources to emerging art- ta, Director of Community
Bronx Museum ists living and working in and Public Programs; and,
. embers attend- the New York metropolitan Heather Reyes, indepen-
ed the first viewing of the area. The eXhibition was dent curator.
new Fourth Biennial Bronx organized by Aylet Ojeda For more information
Artists in the Marketplace Jequin, Associate Cura- about these works, or to
(AIM) exhibition. The statI: tor of Contemporary Art, purchase a work, please
served wine and cheese and National Museum of Fine contact Allison Grandy at
...there were brief remarks Arts, Havana; the Bronx 718-681-6000 x174 .
by the three curators of the
eXhibit plus distribution of
a guide of all the works on
The fun part is that
nearly all of these pieces,
some very extravagant, are
on sale. They are by art-
ists that live in the Greater
New York City metropoli-
tan area. Now in its fourth
Pablo Garcia Lopez. Machine.
cycle, Bronx Calling: The
Fourth AIM Biennial, fea- Bronx Museum program. born in 1988 in Brooklyn, threatening but really isn't.
tures the work of 72 emerg- An outstanding exam- of Untitled (Portrait of Dr. The works of AIM will
ing artists from the 2016 ple of these works is the Mutulu Shakir)., The im- be on display at the Muse-
and 2017 classes of the painting of Sophie Dawson, pressionistic style portrait um from now until October
includes raised areas and 22, 2017. AIM provides Bronx AIM curators.

heavy paint, and is still

quite recognizable as an im-
posing figure.
Machine sculpture artist
Pablo Garcia Lopez was on
hand in person to show his
work "The Coming Age of
Industrial Neuroscience."
Its moving machine parts
could be anything from a
knitting: machine to a more RhonAI Spwnpr<:;A!J(1 I