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Women Founders



By: Shehu Awwal
About Me:
Am Shehu Awwal , A student in Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto where am
currently studying Bsc In Computer Science. I think this about me is enough, since
am not writing a Biography about myself, But as time goes on you will surely
know about me.
Connect With Me On:
Facebook: Shehu Awwal
Twitter: @ShehuAwwal
Instagram: @ShehuAwwal
Email: awwalshehu@gmail.com
WhatsApp: 08135372337

About Women Founders Group

Women Founders Group is a platform under Startup Kano for women
entrepreneurs in technology and non technology together to share ideas, advice,
ideas and network with each other together, with the goals of changing the
mindset of African women through creativity and innovation, with the mission of
becoming an avenue for every woman to lookup to when starting a business.

About Aysha Tofa

Shes the founder of Women Founders Group, Shes a graduate of Mass
Communication from Bayero University, Kano, Shes also the co-founder of
Startup Kano.
Connect With Her:
WhatsApp: 08038088515
Before you start reading about this book, please grab a Tea or Coffee. As it might
be boring, But I promised it wouldnt.
I havent thought of writing a book about Digital Marketing right now, but
because of the event which I talked as a Speaker and with the curiosity of people I
have met at the venue, they are willing to learn and know more about it, so that is
the reason am writing about this book, with the aim that every answers to your
questions will be answered here by me.
Note: Am not writing a novel here, so my typos should be ignored and understand
what exactly am trying to explain. Thanks
Aysha Tofa has really done a great job with her Teams by creating Women
Founders Group with the aim and mission I wrote about above, This is the woman
I know shes doing a great job by helping other women in sharing her knowledge,
time and resources. They fund and organize events themselves in other for
people to learn.
She and her teams which I would list their names are:
Halima Abdullahi, Aisha Bashar, Salma Sulaiman, Khadijah Muhammad, Fatima
Muhammad, Samaha Bahar, Fatima Aliyu, Khairat Ibrahim.
If you educate a man, you educate a man or an individual, But if you educate a
woman, Youre educating a Generation.
Theyre really doing a challenging job; they might not have the reward but later. I
would say please keep doing it.
I dont want to make these book in Chapters, but I will arrange it in order.

You have wanted to start your business right? But the problem is not the Capital
but getting Customers who would buy right? Dont worry I will explain everything
for you from A-Z.
I have seen a lot of people saying they want to start an online business and also
getting customers online who would buy what they are selling, But they dont
know how to get started due to they are not someone who knows much about
Computer or how the internet really works or the Social media.
For people who came to the event which was hosted by the Women Founders
Group on Digital Skills, I discussed about Promoting your business on Twitter but
due to the reasons of some questions and I know what I have talked about few
people could understand, Just like how a lecturer would be discussing about
Oxygen and Nitrogen and few people could understand, Thats the reason am
putting this into writings, So I can express everything and explained everything for
you in details.

I Have An Idea To Start A Business But?

But what? You dont have enough Capital? You need someone to support you
right because you cant do it all alone? Let me say this to you, Nobody knows
everything but everyone knows something.
The Facebook owner: Mark Zuckerberg is one of the richest people in the World, I
guess you, So I will explain a little brief about he started his company.
He was in Harvard University when created Facebook, he has the Skills to build
the website and idea, but he doesnt have money to start the company, He
invited five of his friends to his room in the University, but two people showed up
and both of them are all billionaires, they supported financially also with an idea.
You might be asking then we are in Nigeria, I know, Let me talk about Dangote.
Dangote was supported financially by his uncle or so called to start his Business
even though they are wealthy, But you heard what he said right? He said for him
to become one of the top richest man in Africa, It took him 30 Years to be so
successful, But a lots of Young People wants to be wealthy overnight.
I know you will say he has Capital, But what of him being the richest man in
Africa? Because he didnt do it all alone.
I would explain everything to you in details, On How to Start Your Blog here also
and also on get notice on Social Media.
A Brief Story About Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba, Top richest man in China.
He said he fail from Harvard University, He applied for Police Job, 9 of them where
chosen and he alone was not, When KFC came to China people who applied for
the Job all were chosen except him. He taught himself how to speak in English.
He has failed, But that doesnt stop him, When he went to U.S he saw how people
buy things online and get them delivered from Amazon, But the problem in China
most especially small traders who dont know how to ship their products to
overseas because of connection and money it will cost, Then after he went to
China, he immediately start the website online, where small traders can sell their
goods and products online and get them delivered all around the world, when he
started he doesnt have much money with him, But people he has helped most
especially the traders were so happy, they will call him and email him, show their
appreciation, But after some years, That is not the story again, Harvard University
that rejected him back then, Do call him as a Speaker to talk on Harvard
University Business to their students.

Decide What You Want to Sell.

I have decided I will be selling Shoes and Laces, or Atampa, Why Atampa, I dont
know the word to use, If you know send me a message on WhatsApp in case of
another time.

Name Your Brand:

My advice to you, if you want to start your business only you, use your name as
your brand, if youre starting two to three, then you can decide what name to
use. Why do I say use your name? Dangote uses his name when he started his
business only him, I can talk about Globacom Nigeria which is not necessarily you
know the owner of the Company, But if it was his name just like Dangote, you
would have know what he is actually into, you would know him by his name.
As time goes on, You will be noticed by your name, You can create a brand name
Sublime, and one day just because I have money and connections or group of
people might come as competitors to fight you, this is welcome in business, And
name their own Sublime Nigeria or Sublime what not, You see? You cannot name
your brand Aysha Tofa and everyone knows you by the name, and me coming as a
competitor with your name, Is it possible? But if youre not the only one, name
your brand.

Decide Your Platform, If Youre Going Online

I will be discussing about Facebook, how you can sell your goods or products on
Facebook, A lot of people are on Facebook for some reasons best known to them,
But let me tell you, why am on Facebook, I am on Facebook for learning purposes
and to connect with other people who are interested in my fields. I cant see you
updating about Donald Trump all the time, How does it improve my learning? So I
think I will remove you as friend, I have learn a lot of things from Facebook, Not
Facebook as a platform but from people who are in my friends list, that I know is
something I will never learn from the University, enough of the story, let me get
to the point.
For you to get notice most especially, You will see Sponsored Post, which actually
means youre paying for an advertisement on Facebook, So I will bring the issue of
creating a blog later on, Get your products or goods, Snap a picture and their
price and post them, Tag Friends who you actually know once they do post
something like pictures or update their status they do get attention, And asked
them to share your post by sending them a message.
If you have created a blog, then also share the links, I would be discussing about
creating a blog later on.

I discussed about Twitter at the events, But I know you can only remember some
few things ,
Get yourself a Twitter account, if you dont have one. Upload a picture, if you
dont want to use your picture, You can use mine ,
Few things I would like to point out.
Twitter is a place where things actually happened, breaking news and so on, You
can see a 12 year old boy on Facebook, But what of Twitter? Because he doesnt
understand it, Why? No friends to chat with and have fun right?, As I said earlier
you have the reasons to be on Twitter just like Facebook, One of the reasons am
on Twitter is to learn and connect with people who knows than me, In Twitter
that is where you will see President Buhari tweeting about what he has done and
the country he is visiting next before online news website will publish it on their
You already created your Twitter account, For you to get more followers and
people who are actually into you, Update your Bio, Just like me, I said I am an
ethical hacker, If you see me my Twitter handle as people to follow, You wouldnt
follow me because youre not interested in what am doing, So that is what goes
for Twitter, Your Twitter account, make sure you Tweets regularly, make use of
right word and be mature, The word mature please understand me and dont
misunderstand the word, Thanks.
You can become an activist on Twitter, like Political activist or Religious activist as
an example, You will have thousands of People following you. One thing will lead
to another thing, let me get back to the main point again.
Dont rush to starts following people, follow two, five to ten people a day, then
wait and let them follow you, Check their profiles, how many people are they
following, how many people are there followers, how many tweets do they have,
Are they influencers, People who would say I will not eat Tuwo again, and people
will start retweeting, and favorite their tweets, Then go ahead.
Selling Your Products On Twitter:
Snap a clear picture of what youre selling and tweets about the details like this
Then in your tweets you can mention the top influencers I have discussed earlier
about by mentioning their names @ShehuAwwal and so on.
Another way to do it, Am selling Atampa and Lace for #800, just for
demonstration purpose, But you dont need to sell a product of #1,000 for #400,
Give discount but not to lose.
Dont Tweet Like this, because people dont actually see what youre selling, So
make sure you snap the full view of your products.
Taking Advantage Of Trending and #Hasgtags
Youre new to Twitter may be, You know what trending means, by looking at the
search button on your twitter application, You will see it there, What people are
actually talking about.
Let me start another Story as usual
Socialmedia is one of the things that emerge President Muhammadu Buhari as a
winner, At that time I discussed a lot about Politics, I did a lot of campaigns for
him on Social media most especially on Twitter, At that time during the election
BBC were monitoring activities of Nigerian on Twitter, So I got a message from
BBC Staff, that they would like to interview me about Nigeria elections, at that
time I was in school, And I said no problem, I did the interview, If you would like
to listen to it, let me know I will send it to you, Then later on I didnt discuss about
Politics due to so many things like the failed campaign promises, If I start to
criticize this present administration, they might come for me, And I wouldnt be
the Shehu Awwal writing about this.
Twitter is powerful, You can go to a bank or youre in school a staff or lecturer
disrespect you or so, Tweets about what happened, I bet you in the next 24
Hours, that is what everyone will be discussing on Social media.
United Airlines recently last three weeks as am writing this book, inappropriately
drag out one of their customers in plane, It was tweeted immediately on Twitter
before three days, they have lose millions of dollars,
But their competitors like Emirates and so on, make use of the opportunity by
Tweeting, like they dont drag their customers and they are friendly and so on, As
I cant remember the tweets.
Look at this picture, He tweeted based on the Trending of that Day about EFE, Big
Brother Africa or so called, As I dont know what the TV Show is all about.
But before then, EFE emerging as the Winner also receives a lot of support from
people on Social media before the program took place, Which means he has
already won right on Socialmedia.
Okay Your Products, Learn how to compose your tweets yourself. Showcase
different type of your products with different meme and whatnot you might
called it.
Get Friends Involved
You have been following people on Twitter, replying their tweets and so on, You
have tweets your products, tag them, Send Them Direct message to please help
you retweet and so on.
Oh, am currently writing this in the night, Feeling sleepy, But let me just continue
once and for all,
For the ladies, Selfies right? And you also sell your product, Let me say for
example, Youre selling shoes at the rate of #1,200.
You posted the pictures with the details, how many people are interested? They
just like it and thats all.
I said on Twitter offer discounts, On Instagram make promo, We all like free
things, Upload the picture on Instagram say people should save the picture and
post the following details like, Aisha Bahar wears contact 08135 your number to
place order within Kano State and so on. That they should tag you and let you
know within 24 hours, The person with the highest Instagram likes will have these
shoe for Free to his destination within Kano, How many people do you think will
post, We all like Free things, But also add your conditions, Minimum of 100 Likes
and so on. It depends on you.
Thats all I have to discuss for Instagram.
Another Story
I have been discussing about Men, Why not Women? Alright let me talk about
this woman, Quinfei, She has been my crush who knows I would propose to her?
, Am joking, Who Is She?
I would just discuss a little brief about her, she is raised from a poor family in
China, shes a self-made Billionaire, She quits school at age 16, Then went to her
uncle to start working where shes making watch faces for $1 a day, and sending
the money back to her father who has an accident from a factory he was working
for, She wanted to quit the job, But she was promoted instead, and she keeps
getting promoted, She said may be because her resignation letter was well
written, And in my mind am saying you school dropout? Am just joking, Bill Gates
who owns Microsoft, is the no 1 richest Person in the World is a school dropout,
Mark Zuckerberg who owns Facebook is the number 6 richest Person in the
World, Is also a school dropout, What Of Jack Ma, I wrote earlier about? But they
all have the skills and ideas.
Back to Quinfe, At the age of 22 Years, the factory she was working for decided to
shut down due to some reasons. She saved $3000 and with some connections by
knowing people She opened a small factory next door to the old factory she was
working for, She said: Twice I even had to sell my house in order to pay my
employees salary. Much like climbing a mountain, it's not your physical strength
that will get you to the top, but your tenacity and persistence."
After the Asian Financial crisis in 1997, she went to the watchmakers who owed
her money in exchange for their equipments, While other factories where
shutting down, She kept assembly those equipments.
Six years later she got a call from Motorola, who wanted a glass screen for their
new Razr V3 mobile phone: I got this call, and they said, Just answer yes or no,
and if the answers yes, well help you set up the process. I said yes.
Her success with Motorola led to HTC, Nokia and Samsung also calling. Then,
in 2007, Apple launched the iPhone, and picked Qunfeis company as the
supplier. Ten years late, Lens Technology has 32 factories in seven different
locations and employs more than 90,000 staff. Their glass is used in over 50% of
all smartphones in the world, and in all Apple iWatches. A year ago, Quinfei listed
her company on the stock market, making her the wealthiest self-made female
billionaire in the world. Today she is worth $6.4 billion.
How open are you to new opportunities that could transform your own success?
How can you use your past experiences to support your future vision?
Use Qunfeis story as an inspiration for your own journey.
Enough of this Story Young Man, You have actually talked about this people?
What of you?
Just like youre planning to sell your shoes online, bags and other things, I am also
an entrepreneur, Am open to any opportunities, I am a Technical expert in
Computer, I have the skills to build websites and software as that is enough for
me, But also I am an entrepreneur just like you,
Another Story as usual
You remembered Jack Ma right? He owns one of the top e-commerce website in
the World, Alibaba and Aliexpress, Since China is no 1 most populated country in
the world. So from that website you can buy anything you can think of, from
electronics, bags, shoes , powder and so on. Any single thing you can image if it
exists, I can assure you of your replicate in China, Am joking.
I initially discussed it with my friends and I connected with one of my friend Rofia
Kamaldeen, about it, I would buy a bag from China online and get it delivered to
my school, in Sokoto State, A nice bag would cost about #1500 and you can sell it
at #3000, depending. I discussed it with my friends but nobody wants to invest,
they want me to do everything and so they can have their shares, So make sure
you surround yourself with people in the same mission as you, Aysha Tofa has
people in the same mission with her, But the problem is that the Free Shipping
will come between 30-60 Days, And am still in school, I cant wait for another 30-
60 Days, If I have to order 5 Bags.
The good thing is, once you know how get connected with the supplier they can
help you customized your name or brand name on the product, Like Khadija
Muhammad Bags and so on. But if you really need it within a week, you will have
to pay for DHL and other delivery services and it will be delivered for you
Then I started Drop shipping, For example am in Kano State, You have already
make your brand popular by on Twitter, Instagram and so on which I have already
discussed. With Drop Shipping you can have a Store in Kano that sells shoes in
Whole Sale Price, make sure you did all the calculations to whatever amount it
will cost you, You dont need to buy them, Go to the store, Snap those pictures,
And post it on your blog, I will discuss that later. Once people are interested asked
them to make payments, then call the Store owner or you can go yourself it
depends, to delivered the shoe to your customer. Youre standing as the middle
man, so make sure you sell quality stuffs. Youre building your customers and on
trusts, once its breached, you know what will happen.
Even though am still a student, am currently working on some projects on my
own, I just want you get the main points of what am trying to express. I can be
teacher teaching songs, and I cant make it in the music industry or so, But you as
my student that learn from me, can be so famous, Likewise I as your teacher can
be famous and you as my students wont be known.
I dont know what the future has for me? Who knows I might be your managing
director or consultant? Offered me a good pay, And I will work for you.
Enough of this Story, how to open a Blog?
I discuss about .com that is a domain, for example shehuawwal.com is a domain,
about.shehuawwal.com , about is a subdomain of shehuawwal.com. You
You can start with a free blog, with wordpress.org or blogger.com, Just like a
lecturer will teach you 1 + 1, in exam he will say you should calculate the
temperature of the sun, Please learn and do it yourself, Just go to blogger.com or
wordpress.org depending on your wish, if you use wordpress.org, Your website
will be shehuawwal.wordpress.com and if you use blogger.com, Your website will
be shehuawwal.blogspot.com so it depends. You can also download the App on
Google Playstore on your Android Phone, By Searching for Wordpress or Blogger,
If youre using iPhone or iPad, do the same searching.
Then start to learn how to publish your products,
What a man can do, a woman can do better right?
20-30 People came for an events, No one will teach you anything but the
Speakers would speak, Grab the points and do the research, I notice few people
could understand what am actually saying and thats the reason I decided to put
this in writing, I dont want few people to understand again, Thats the reason I
made my write up like that, So you could actually understand.

Thats All I have for you, Writing consumes a lot of time, it takes months and
some time a year, But I wrote this in 5 Hours.
If theres anything you would like to ask, Send me a message on WhatsApp but
not necessarily I replied back immediately, We have different time zone, Nigeria
and Germany has the same time zone, But what they do with their time is
different, But once you send me a message, I will reply As soon as possible.
In Efforts To Womens Founders Group am dedicating this book to them, You have
really done a great job,
A Short Story again, Sorry advice, Ah Ah , I wouldnt mention names, Some
People are there Criticizing their people, for backwardness and so on, You keep
criticizing and not doing anything, No Single events to educate more people,
Dont look at the problems and criticize, Face the problems and solve it.
You reading this book, Dont leave this Job to Women Founders Group member
only, Make sure you join their advocacy, Or start your own in other to educate
people and share your knowledge, In my next book, I will mention your name and
give you credit for educating the community.
Buy and send me a Coca-Cola in Department Of Computer Science, Usmanu
Danfodiyo University, Sokoto, If you cant do that send me a picture on WhatsApp
of Cocal Cola, you appreciated my efforts. Why Coca-Cola right? Another Story ,
Lets continue the story on Whats App.
I hope you enjoyed my write up, Cheers, No no, Aysha, No no Awwal Ah Ah.