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2, 2017

Natalie Shieh
Senior Manager
30th Street Station District Plan
AMTRAK, NEC Infrastructure & Investment Development

Dear Ms. Shieh,

Thank you for this opportunity to provide input on the 30th Street Station Plaza Study. Weve
reviewed the Study and submit this letter as our formal comments. The Bicycle Coalition of Greater
Philadelphias main recommendation for the Plaza as it moves forward is that the movement of
bicycles be explicitly accommodated for in its design in order to avoid conflicts between cyclists and

Most importantly, we recommend that the Plaza incorporate rolling access to the areas where bicycle
parking will be located. A designated route for cyclists from the Citys street grid to the planned bike
parking facility is important as cyclists will most likely not willingly dismount and walk their bikes. We
acknowledge that routing cyclists through the plaza with directional signs or pavement markings to
separate cyclists and pedestrians is difficult. We advise that the Plazas design sites bicycle parking
near on-road bicycle infrastructure with roll up access to ensure that bicyclists do not have to
dismount in order to avoid creating conflicts for pedestrians using the Plaza.

Weve done some research into best practices at other similar transportation facilities around the
world and have found several interesting examples. Mnster, Germanys Hauptbahnhof features
secure underground parking for 3,300 bicycles accessible via ramp from the street level. This design
allows for bicyclists to access the facility without interfering with pedestrian movement or
dismounting from their bicycle. Similarly, Malm, Swedens Central Station includes parking for 1,500
bicycles underground. At Union Station in Washington, DC, an above ground fully enclosed facility
provides secure bicycle parking just steps from the stations entrance and immediately adjacent to a
cycle track. All of these facilities appear to be independently operated and offer amenities to
members (e.g. on-site mechanics, changing rooms). The following page includes images of these
facilities for your reference.

With respect to the parking facility itself, we welcome that the Plaza will have a facility for bicycles
and ancillary services to be located at the northeast corner of the Plaza underneath SEPTAs Regional
Rail. However, we recommend that the number of spaces be doubled from the planned 150 to 300
spaces. We are also pleased that Amtrak will replace in kind the approximately 80 bike racks spread
throughout the current station footprint and recommend that Amtrak increase the number of free
stand alone racks to 100.

Operational planning for this bicycle parking facility may also be informed by the Union Station
facility. Bikestation, a non-profit which seeks to improve the quality of life in urban communities
through the development and operation of bike-transit centers and related infrastructure, manages
this facility. This operational model may be of interest to Amtrak in planning the new below ground
on-site parking facility for 30th Street Station.


Sarah Clark Stuart

Hauptbahnhof entrance ramp

Malm Central Station bicycle

parking and lockers

Union Station standalone

bicycle parking