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Renewable & Distributed Energy Sources EE 105

Credits: 4

Course Objective:
o To make students familiar with renewable energy sources, its application and impact on
o To provide knowledge about the different algorithms for maximum power point tracking.
o To give a brief idea about PEM fuel cell.
o To expose the students to the concept of standalone, grid connected and hybrid system


Module - I:
SOLAR PHOTOVOLTAICS: Photovoltaic Effect, Solar cell characteristics, Losses in solar
cells, Equivalent circuit of the solar cell, Types of solar cell (crystalline, thin film,
multijunction), Performance analysis of solar cells, Solar PV modules, Different characteristics
curve of PV module, BOS of PV module, Batteries for solar PV, MPPT, Different algorithms for
MPPT, Flat Plate Collectors, Energy balance principle, Overall heat loss coefficient,
Concentrating type collectors, Energy storage.

WIND ENERGY: Wind energy conversion, power ~ speed and torque ~ speed characteristics of
wind turbines, wind turbine control systems; conversion to electrical power: induction and
synchronous generators.
BIOMASS ENERGY: conversion technology, Biogas, Composition of Biogas, Properties of
Biogas, Biogas production reaction, Factor affecting biogas production, Biogas plant site
selection, Biogas plants.
FUEL CELL: Principle of operation, Types of fuel cell. Characteristics of PEM fuel cell.

Module - III:
Centralized and decentralized SPV systems, Stand alone, hybrid, and grid connected SPV
systems, Hybrid Power Systems: Need for hybrid systems, Types of hybrid systems, Diesel-PV
system, Wind-PV system, Micro hydel-PV system, Fuel cell-PV system, Hybrid electric
vehicles, Solar passive heating and cooling, Solar thermal power plant, Solar Cooking, Solar
greenhouse technology, Application of solar thermal energy in agriculture and space heating.
Energy conservation, Management and Economics: Impact of renewable energy on environment,
Cost of electricity production from renewable energy.

Text Books:

Suhas P Sukhatme, Solar Energy: Principles of Thermal Collection and Storage, Tata
S. N. Bhadra, D. Kastha and S. Banerjee, Wind Electrical Systems, Oxford Univ. Press.
Reference Books:

S. S. Thipse, Non-Conventional and Renewable Energy Sources, Narosa Publishing

Math J. Bollen, Fainan Hassan, Integration of Distributed Generation in the Power
System, IEEE Press, 2011.
G. N. Tiwari, Solar Energy, Narosa Publishing House
J.Twidell and T Weir, Renewable Energy Resources,Taylor and Francis
Amanda E. Niemi and Cory M, Fincher Hydropower from Small and Low-Head
Hydro Technologies, Nova Publisher.
L.L. Freris, Wind Energy Conversion Systems, Prentice Hall.
Mukund. R. Patel,Wind and Solar Power Systems,Taylor & Francis.
B.K. Hodge, Analysis and Design of Energy Systems, Prentice Hall.

1. Quizzes: 15%
2. Mid Term: 30%
3. End Term Exam: 50%
4. Teachers Assessment: 5%