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Clave de usuario User key wallet recovery
Send/Request Valor de inicializacin To recreate the User key BIP32 wallet, you should use the
compatible method with the User key seed.
QxzC6TfgAUuRywy Signing inputs
With both the Shared key and User key wallets initialized,
Clave pblica
bitcoin private keys at any BIP32 path.
xpub661MyMwAqRbcFpqdCeBNq6nTkF4GLij23F5oYzMC9oQKwawkPy3pM To spend outputs that went to the vault's first address, yo
Accounts b9i3bkw2hSTNqqWrUfASRHTkGYpC2BghGwTA3kHgkFGvkYgsmEUtBp private keys at path m/0 using the Shared key wallet and t
You would then combine the signatures with the redeems




Clave compartida Shared key wallet recovery
Valor de inicializacin (cifrado) To recover the Shared key, you take the encrypted seed, w
using the BIP38 standard and decrypt it with the password
6PYPFnfy62ze9wRbmzbXWaP1V7aUri1iq86RUZqnnW5ZfgMgPoiueWJy6 created the vault.
3 The decryption will yield a bitcoin private key in WIF forma
to create the HD BIP32 wallet.
Clave pblica
To recreate the Shared key BIP32 wallet, you should use th
xpub661MyMwAqRbcGsLEy8wtWieSQjDjcXWqrnkxn7pvwCmAm4E1DEtcd compatible method.

Clave de Coinbase General information

Clave pblica Your vault is a HDM wallet. HDM stands for hierarchical d
xpub661MyMwAqRbcEeUoiusdn1SSLPU1NW8Le8GUKWwNAbkuNWjCBQ6nJ The vault is comprised of many P2SH multisig addresses.
Recovery tool
You can use the tool at https://github.com/coinbase/mult
your bitcoin out of the vault using the data on this paper.

Technologies and conventions

Multisig P2SH addresses BIP16

HD wallets BIP32

Seed format Bitcoin private key in WIF

Seed encryption BIP38

Seed to BIP32 wallet BitcoinJS

Order of pubkeys in P2SH lexicographical

BIP32 paths m/n m/0, m/1, ...

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