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Just imagine $$$

once i was sitting in an lecture the sisters told me that salah is very
important .it is fardh upon us i listened the whole lecture very curiously after
that i was sitting there thinking about the lecture

one sister observed that asked me what i was thinking? i was like should i tell her
or not.... i decided to tell that WHY CAN'T I PRAY AT TIME? WHY CAN'T I concentrate
in the prayer ..... she just smiled and said JUST IMAGINE i was like what she
saying what to imagine she saw ? look on my face said....just imagine .... just
visualize that Allah subhna tala is watching me he is right in front of me watching
me..and siraat under my feet ,paradise on my right ,hell on my left and death angel
over my head;and i think this is my last salah so i have no opportunity to say
another ,Allah Alone knows what on in my heart at that time Then i say AllAhO Akbar
with full humility and recite the Holy Quran ,pondering over its meaning.i do my
rukoo and sajdah with full humbleness and submission,and finish my salah quiet
hoping that AllAh O TAla will accept it through his mercy and fearing that it may
be rejected if it is judged on it ''''performing salah forgetting that is all

yet not forget the reward of the salah the jannah,the paradise ..she said looking
at me smilingly her eyes shine on th reward of jannat ...says just imagine the
throne of Allah subhana tala being brought by eight angels right before your
eyes .. Your face lit up with the NUR in front of the entire world when your name
is being called out. Imagine the rizwan opening the gate of jannah and tears of
happiness rolling down your face .The malaikh looking at you in awe for surviving
this world of temptation ,To meet shahaba &seeing them patting your shoulders for
being able to make jannah ..

seeing Hazarat Maryam,(alihisalaam)Asiya ,Khadijah,Fathima (radiyallahu anha) the

Queens of jannah beam at you for the strength of Iman you showed .

Imagine having drink from Al kaushar with Rasul allah (sallaho alaihi wasalaam) the
prophet.and listening to his stories.Running around the jannah..and hearing the
azaan of hazarat Bilal.Finally to able to listen the Quran .

just imagine Allah subhna tala takes off his hijab of Nur and addresses his ibaad-

just imagine ,all this in return of a little Patience ,Alittle endure ,a little
salah we offer a little battle with oneself. just a little sacrifice for such

i was shocked and smiled,hugged her inshaallh i will never leave my salah and most
imp my jannah inshaallh...the left
Asalamu alaikum sisters i hope ypu all enjoy my story

hope u all pray salah at time

inshallah remember in ur dua's $$$$do vote$$$$

Allah hafiz