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Beg pend Rega ( UNITED STATES Kee ESET AY SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION WASHINGTON, DC. 20549 mae tne Oe SE, bynne Bhutrina Osuna November 4, 2003 BY HAND DELIVERY Daniel Marcus General Counsel National Commission on ‘Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States 301 7ih Street SW, Room 5125 Was C. 20407 Re. SEC Document Request No. 2 Dear Mr. Marcus: Enclosed are copies of documents (including a CD containing the MaST database) responsive to the 9-1] Commission’s second document request to the Securities and Exchange Commission. As we discussed. with respect to your request for written reports or summaries from foreis , most of the responsive materials are enclosed. Included with this group of materials is a letter from 9/11 LawEnforcementSensitive et enfore tuthorizing us to produce responsive materials and requesting that we forward 9/11 ‘BUEPE Sou. Responsive documents from three countries are not enclosed. We have agreed o! nuke documents from one of those countries®/"7__ available for you to review at our office at your convenience. We are still awaiting finah¥sBokes from two other countries®/11 ont as we discussed, we are hopeful that we will soon be able to Maleeoree™e Lresfichsive doftimehts from these countries available for your review. Sincerely, Fy Melinda Hardy sistant General Counsel Enclosures