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Page 1 of | Dianna Campagna HER 04014203 Philip Zelikow Wednesday, May 05, 2004 5:35 PM Tom Eldridge Susan Ginsburg; Front Office; Dianna Campagna ‘Subject: Saudi Flights: Interview with Prince Bandar Tom, et al- | spoke on the telephone this aftemoon, May 5, with Prince Bandar, who is in Saudi Arabia, to request some Saudi assistance with some of our work. ‘At the conclusion of the conversation, | asked him directly who he or the Embassy had called for help on the Saudi flights issue. He said that his deputy, Rifaat Masood, had phoned the FBI about this. The FBI had apparently liked the idea of gathering all the Bin Ladin family members in one place, in part for their own reasons. Neither Bandar nor his deputy asked the State Department or the White House for help. They thought it was all being handied through the FBI. Bandar said that he first leamed of any White House involvement in this matter during our televised heating in ‘March, when Dick Clarke testified that the FBI had sought NSC permission to go ahead with the plan. Before that he said he had not known that the issue had gone to the White House at all. Bandar has also offered to make himself available for a private interview with the Commission, should ‘commissioners wish to question him on this or other matters, Dianna: Please file this e-mail as an informal MFR. Philip 5/11/2004