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SPOTLIGHT TRAINING PROGRAM – A mateurs We are pleased to introduce our SPOTLIGHT training Program


We are pleased to introduce our SPOTLIGHT training Program – Amateurs ,in your campus of learning & growth.

This training program assists students to evolve as more evolved individuals through Behavioural competence by effectively learning to handle Life Challenges in a dynamic environment with a cross cultural context.

It provides the students with a framework for re- structuring their existing skill sets and imbibing Personality Development, Communication, Self Leadership and Personal Impact and Effectiveness skills to improve the practical understanding of self and the environment.

This is a 12 hour training program including the workshops & interactive sessions with a extensive use of best practices on board.

With addition to Program, we offer Train the Trainer Programfor the light bearers of your institution of repute. We believe in refining & building the first rolemodels of the campus.

Please find the attached advertorial for the training program.

We welcome your institution in the world of SCHOOL OF SPOTLIGHTS – We make you Glow.

Thanks for the opportunity to allow us to align the blocks of growth for your institution.

Best Regards,