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2nd Edition Tank Combat Flow Chart by TonichNH 2009 revised JPB 2010
In-Active Active

Tank Commander takes Vehicle in Sight Check 2D6

Modifiers: -1 REP if buttoned up, -1 if test is taken from Gunner Position.

Pass 0D6 Pass 1D6 Pass 2D6

Fire at -1
to Rep.
Firing Main Gun roll 2D6 vs. Gunners REP Modifiers 1 REP at over 48
Pass 0D6 Pass 1D6 Pass 2D6
Miss if target or shooter Fast Moved.
Hit if 48 or less, but random location. Hit Target
Target If target is AFV = (1-2) Turret Hit, (3-6) Hit Hull*. Turret hits increases AR by +1. on chosen
ignores fire. If target is not AFV = (1-4) Hit 2 below target, (5) Hit 2 Left, (6) Hit 2 Right. location.
*If the target has its hull behind cover (hull down), then target takes Clank Test.
Clank Hit

Clank Test Penetration Table

Tank Commander Rolls 2D6 Roll 2D6 vs. Difference of APR to AR/ DV.
Clank Note: if using HE round, see NUTS! 2nd page 50.
Hits that cannot penetrate cause a Clank Test instead.

Pass 0D6 Pass 1D6 Pass 2D6

Pass 0D6 Pass 1D6 Pass 2D6
Under gunned or fired on by
penetrable enemy will leave
board. Round penetrates the
Others Retire out of sight. vehicle and all crew killed.
Building area under fire
collapses and all inside area
Under gunned Retire out of sight.
If loaded & main weapon facing attacker,
return fire.
Otherwise Carry On.

Round disables the vehicle and each

Under gunned will retire out of sight. crewmember must take Recover
Unable to return fire or unloaded carry on. From Knock Down Test.
If loaded, return fire rotating turret if

Clank See Ranged

Combat Flow
Round does not penetrate, but crew Chart for
takes a Clank Test, building Recover from Crewmembers
occupants must take a Received Fire Knocked must bail out.
test. See Ranged Combat Flow Chart. Down test.