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Culture does NOT affect our successful participation in sports.

You should analyze your physiological indicators such as heart rate, rate of perceived exertion and pacing
associated with MVPAs to monitor your health and adjust participation or effort exerted in sports
You perform cool-down exercises at the conclusion of a sport or exercise to allow your body to gradually return
to a resting state.
Plyometric exercises allow muscles to exert maximum force in short intervals of time, with the goal of increasing
power which are performed in specialized repeated jumping and are used in athletics, volleyball, football and
Joint sprain is a sports injury which is a heat related illness.
Injury refers to unintentional or intentional damage to the body resulting from acute exposure to thermal,
mechanical, electrical, or chemical energy or from the absence of such essentials as heat or oxygen. What term
is being referred?
You can lessen or prevent injuries from happening by observing gradual progression in exercise or training in
terms of frequency, intensity and duration.
Tip the ball over the net is LEGAL in volleyball.
Serving the ball over the net is NOT a basic violation in volleyball.
It is in if the ball hits directly on the endline.
A team rotates in a volleyball game after the other team serves and you win the point
3 hits are allowed on each side of the net in Volleyball.
When the ball hits the top of the net and goes over is NOT considered a fault in volleyball.
The server is in the right back position.
The game of volleyball is played to the score of 25.
The team can hit the volleyball 3 times when it is on their side.
The spiker is in the right front position on the court.
Bump, set and spike are the three hits used in volleyball.
The volleyball can touch the net on a serve if it reaches the other side and stays in bounds.
Basketball is an example of an invasion/territory type of games based on tactics.
Oxidative energy system works most of the time when you play basketball.
A team that has possession of the basketball is the offensive team. .
Run for 30 minutes is an activity that will most help you improve your aerobic capacity for game play.
Body Squats is an exercise that will most likely will help you jump higher in basketball.
To be balanced when shooting a basketball, you should stand feet apart.
A free throw is worth 1 point.
The game of basketball was invented in Springfield, MA.
Basketball was invented in the year 1891.
Charging is a personal contact against the body of an opponent by a player with the ball.
In basketball, you can hold the ball for 7 seconds without dribbling, moving, passing, or shooting.
Goal is called when a player scores a point.
2 points is a shot worth when inside the oppositions semi-circle.
3 points is awarded for a score from outside the oppositions semi-circle.
When in possession of the ball, a player should bounce the ball while running.
A basketball game starts when the ball is thrown up in the air by the referee in between one player from each
team, and they have to try and knock it to their teammates.
24 seconds is allowed for each team to stay in possession of the ball before they shoot.
Sit on or throw the basketballs against the gym walls to check its inflation levels is NOT a care for basketball
A coach is a professional who guides athletes during training and competition.
Officiating is a licensure course for officials offered by the different national sports associations and
possesses the competencies and qualities of a credible sports official.
Seeding is used in the process of ranking players before the tournament according to their relative ability.
Splitting the entries into two pools is the most practical solution when a round robin format is desirable, but the
number of entries is too large.
A tournament director should establish first the goals/objectives of the tournament.
Single elimination is a type of tournament, when losers are eliminated, and winners advance to the next round
until there is only one contestant left, the tournament champion.

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