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Boiler Stop Valves

Dcsc.ription Valve Scttin

13oiler main steam stop MS -300 1 Shut

Boiler main steam stoo bvuass MS-3002 Shut

Boiler Drum Safety Valves

Dcscrinti on I Valve Settin2

Boiler dmm safety PSV - 301A Gagged

I3oiler drum sal'elY PSV - 3016 Gag ed

Boiler dnim safety PSV 30 1C Gagged

'.I.fain Steam Instrument Valves

Descriotion Valve Settin!!

\.lain steam oressurc instrument P. I. MS 3521, 2 3 Open

Main steam oressure instrument P. T. MS- 3524 Shut

Main steam pressLtre instmment root MS-3525 Shut

Main steam pressure instrument root isolation MS 3528 Shut

Main steam messure instrument root isolation IMS- 35 29 Shut

3rd Stage Outlet Header Safety Valves

Description Valve Setting

3'" Sta{!e Outlet Header PSV - 302A Gag{!ed

3'a Stage Outlet Header PSV - 302B I Gagged


Descriotion Valve Settin!!

Main steam start-UD vent isolation MS - 3421 Shut

Main steam start-up vent isolation c/w I MS - 3422 Shut

Main steam air release \1S - 3423, 424 Open/Shut

Side wall I BT - 3401, Open/Shut

Side wall BT - 3403. 404 Ooen/Shul

Inter-stage nioine. BT - 3405, 406 00<11/Shut

Imer-stagc oioinl? BT - 3407, 408 O n/Shut

Atomising steam to attcmoerator air release BT - 3409 410 Open/Shut

Steam drum BM - 3401, 402 Open/Shut

Attempera1or supply IFW - 3422, 423 Open/Shut

Feed-water supply FW - 3408 Open/Shut

Blow-d own and Drain Valves
Description Vahe Setting

Steam drum blow-down isolation BD-3001 Ooen/Shm

Continuous blow-down Micrometer isol ation BD-3002 Shut

Continuous blow-down Micrometer needle I Bl). 3003 Shut

Continuous blow-down :vlicrometer isolation RD- 3004 Sht.:t

Boiler fillinl!. blow-dov.'T. vessel isolation BO - 3005 Sht.:t

Boiler filling S. D. K R. BD - 3006 Open/Shut

Boiler filling iS<>lation BD- 3007 Ooen/Shut

Steam dmm blow-dO\\TI motorised isolation BD - 3008 Onen

1" Stage suocrheater rea'.-wall outlet header IBl). 3401 402 Shut

l" Stage suoerheater rea'.-wall outlet header IBD - 3403 404 Shut

Attemperator drain stea1:i. trap isolation I BD-3405 Shut

Attempera tor drain stean trap isolation BD 3406 Shut

Attemoerator drain stean trao isolation BD- 3407 0Den

AHemnerator drain stean trno isolation bv- RD- 3408 Shut

Attempcrator drain stean trap 1solat1on BD 3409 Shue

Attemoerator drain stear.i trap isolation BD - 3410 Shut

Attemoerator drain steam trao isolation BD-3411 Ootn

Attemperacor drain steam traD isolation bv-oass BV - 3412 Shut

Distributor header drain

RD - 3413, 414
Distributor header drain
BD - 3415 416 O""" Shut
Economiser inlet drain BD - 3417 Ooen/Shut
Economiser inlet dmin
BD - 3418 Ooen/Shu1
Blow-down vessel drain
Boiler enmtvin
I BD - 3420 Shut

Attemn erator test cock BD - 3503 Ooen

Attcmpcrator test cock
BD - 3504 Ooen
Sootblower Steam Valves
Valve Scttin!! I

I '

I Sootblower steam isolation

BS - 3001 IShut
I Sootblowcr steam isolati on c/w actuator
BS3002 I Shut
Steam Drum Mounting Vahrcs
Valve Scttin !!

Water level l!auge dmm

3'.\1- 3403. 404 Ooen
Water level lo!UlUte drain
RM - 3405, 406 01.1n
Steam to water level gaue isolation
BM- 3501 Shut

Water to water level gauge isolation

BM 3502 Shut Steam to const!tnl
head chamber isolation BM - 3503
Shut Water to constant head ch.amber
isolation B\1 - 3504 Shut
BY! 3505 506
Steam to hi!!h level switch isolation Shut
Steam to hi!.!h le cl switch isolation
BM-3517,518 Shut
Water to high level S\>itth isolation
BM - 3507, 508 Shut
!3M - 3519, 520
Water to hicll level sv.itch isolation Shut
Steam to low level switch isolation
BM - 3509, 510 Shut
Steam to low level switch isolation
BM - 3521 522 Shut
Water to low level switc:1 i$ola1ion I BM-3511 512 Shut Water to low l evel sw

Steam LO extra low level switch isolation

BM 3513, 514 Sh1..t Steam to extra low
level switch isolation BM 3525 526
Sht:t Water to extra low level switch isolation
HM 3515, 516 Sht:t
Water to extr.i IO\\ level switch isolation
IBM - 3527. 528 ShLL

Ste-.un to constant head chamber isolation

BM 3529 Shut I

Water to constant head chamber isolation

B'.\1 3530 Shut
f--'St-"e"'a"'n.:...1 t""'o'-'r'-'e=m=o--te'--\'--'a_tc'""r--l""c'-'fe l""il""1d'-i""c<_H.:...01'- "'is"o"'la'""ti"'o--n
Water to remote water level indicator i""s"'ol::::a::.:ti.o:o:..:n__
Steam to water level gauge isoIation B\1- 35.u Shut
Water to water le\'el aubc isolation BM - 3534 IShut
Steam drum pressure gauge isolation IJM - 3535 Ooe:i

Steam drum P.<.J. controlclw insp test BM - 3536 Onen

Steam drum pressure trar.smitter isolation BM - 3537, 540 Shm

Steam dnun pressure trar.smitter isolation BM - 3538, 539 Shut

Dcsuperheater Spraywater Val\'es

Descrintion Valve Scttin2
Ancmoerator sorav r. S. V. FW -
302A Ooen Attemperator spray
contn.11 inlet isolation FW - 3031 Oncn
Allemperator spray control inlet isolation
FW - 3035 ()nt'n Attcmperator sorav
control T. V. FW- 302AA
Attemoerator sorav control T. V.
FW - 302J\l3 Qn.>n

Attempcrator sorav control outlet isolation

FW -3032 Ooen Anemperntor snrav
control outlet isolation FW - 3036
Onen Attemoerator sorav control outlet S. 1>.
N. K. FW - 3034 Oncn Attemoerator
sorav control outlet S. D. 1\. R. FW- 3038
Oncn Altcmperator sorav control bvPass
FW-3033 Ooen
Anemoe:- FW -3037 Ontn Attemnerator spray 1:ontrol system bleed

Nitrogen System Vahe>

Dcscriotion Valve Settin!!

Ni trogen fillinl! l\l- 3021.022 Shtt

1'itrogen filling Nl - 3028, 029 Shtt

Nitrogen fillinll. NI - 3023 Shi.I

Nitrogen fillimi: '\II - 3024 Shut

Nitrogen fillin11 :-II - 3025 Shut

Nitrogen fillimz t\ I - 3026, 027 Shut

Atomising Steam Valves

Date R AulhOI' Vcriflet /\ppfO\'Cf
04.05.:?014 rl:s:Issuc OM to \)A

Descriotion Valve Sctti ne:

Atomisine. steam isolatio1 BA - 3001 IShu1

/\tomisintt steam oressure reducing isolation 81\ - 3002 Shm
Atomisin11 steam isolatio:i BA- 3005 I Shut
Atom isine. steam oressure reducing bypass BA - 3058, 059 Shut

Atomisinl/: steam JJressure rcducin!! P. V. BJ\- 31!3A Open

f\tOmisimz steam to head er isolati n AS-3004 Shu:

HP Chemical Dosing Valves

CF - 3030 Q-;;;;;:;/Shut
Steam drum chemical injection S. D. '-1. R.

Steam dmm chemical injection isolation CF - 303 l ODenJShut

dmm chemical injection CF - 3521 Shut

Steam drum chemical injection PI CF - 3522 Ooen

Steam drum chemical iniection Pl CF - 3523 Coen

Jl.f' Chemical Dosing Skid

Descrio Valve Settin!!'
n CF - 3021 Open/Shut
M.ixinl! CF - 3022 Open
Pump suc CF - 3023, 024 Oncn
Pump delivery N. R. V. CF - 3025. 026

Pumo delivery isolation CF - 3027, 028 Ooen

Safetv v CF - 3153AA
Safctv valve P. S. V. Cr - 3!53AB
Mixinl! CF-3401 Shut
Drum Sleam Sampling
Dcscri Valv e Settin

Drum steam isolation S\1 - 3001, 002 Shut

Saturated Steam Sampl:ng

Sat. steam tubes from drum isolation S\1 - 3003 Shut

Sat. steam tubes from drum isolation SM- 3004 I Shut

Sat. steam tube;, from drum isolation SM- 3005 I Shut
Sat. steam common isolation SM - 3006 I Shut
Feed Water
Descriotion Valve S ettin!!

Economiser inlet motorised isolation FW- 3014 Open

Economiser inlet KR. V. FW - 3015

Economiser in let P. I. FW-3517, 518 Open

Feed \V;llcr Sampling

IEconomiser inlet i_so_l_ai_i_on
l_S_M_-_3_0_1_0 , _O_l _I 'S_h_ut

12 Shut Water to low l evel switc:1 isolation

1'- "'is"o"'la'""ti"'o--n
rator spray 1:ontrol system bleed