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Chapter 1

The Background of the study


A High School student strengthens its educational level through its advancement of its
library. This proposals purpose was to ease the transactions made in the library. The librarian
and the library users still use the manual way of borrowing and returning books. The librarian
use log books in listing the books.

A technology strengthens our educational level through the advancement of the fast and
growing development of systems in the world like Library System. Our Automatic and
Computerized Library System aimed to enhance the procedures of the library, from manually
operated to a computerized system. This proposals purpose was to ease the transactions in the
library and error-free like lending of books, storing of books, search engine for books, manage
members of the library and secure the library system. The librarian and the library users still use
the manual way of transacting of borrowing and returning of books. The librarian use log books
in listing the books. By manipulating data, a reliable information can be formulated which has a
big help in our school. Easier way of searching for reading and reference materials can get. Claro
M. Recto Information and Communication Technology High School located at Angeles City has
a library which has educational books, and other reading materials being used to help students in
our school.

Our target population is Claro M. Recto Information and Communication Technology

High School located at Dona Aurora Street Claro M. Recto Angeles City Pampanga Philippines
that has a population of 505 students and 19 teachers. It has a library consist of approximately
10,000 books.

Matt Enis views that selecting a library management system is never an easy decision.
Vendors of integrated library systems (ILS) offer solutions tailored to public, academic, school,
and special libraries, but even when organized by type, libraries are hardly one-size-fits-all
organizations. Choosing a new vendor tends to mean a major investment, with a multiyear
commitment to a solution that often will require new training, adaptation, and trade-offs among
cost, features, and functionality.
While Ken Chad says that in this time of transition of the library automation industry,
stakes are high for the vendors that are creating innovative or even transformative products and
competing to bring these products first to the market. Establishing momentum early is essential.

Marshall Breeding says that the library technology industry provides essential
infrastructure upon which libraries depend to support their daily operations and deliver content
and services to their communities. Tied to the economy of libraries, the vendors that make up the
library technology industry support a stable but highly constrained economic sector, with global
opportunities. Library budgets may never recover to pre-recession levels, fueling interest in
technology to improve their efficiency and the impact of collection resources. Products able to
deliver efficiency, innovation, and excellent user experience are especially well positioned in this
phase of the history of the industry. Following a period of intensive development, a slate of new
products that aims to align with current strategic priorities has entered a new phase of broader
implementation. Index-based discovery services, available since 2009, have become vital
components of academic library infrastructure and continue to see strong sales, including both
first-time implementations and churn from competitors.

The school site used to be a primary school of Claro M. Recto Elementary School.
However, the limited enrolment in its classes led to its integration with Dr. Clemente Dayrit
Elementary School in 1998. The said integration did not leave the school site futile because since
then, the existing classrooms were utilized for Non-Formal Education Classes for out-of-school
youth and adults under the DECS Non-Formal Education System.

Subsequently, the school was used by Dr. Clemente Dayrit Elementary School for its
classes under its Pre-Elementary Department until the approval of the Division Office of Angeles
City for the transfer of the Special Program for the Arts Classes from Francisco G. Nepomuceno
Memorial High School in June 2006. The school was then known as Philippine School for the

Due to a very limited enrolment in the Special Program for the Arts classes, transfer of
the students under the said program to the school site did not happen. This led to the
establishment of an ICT-centered secondary school by the Schools Division Superintendent, Dr.
Antonieta B. Tiotuico. The school was named Claro M. Recto Information and Communication
Technology High School.
The Schools Division Superintendent assigned Mrs. Lyn V. Lansangan, ES I-
Makabayan, to assist Mrs. Lourdes G. Dela Cruz, designated Officer-in-Charge of the school, in
preparing the documents needed for the creation of the school. Mr. Honorio C. Sarmiento, ES I-
Industrial Arts, also extended assistance in preparing the necessary facilities for the initial
operation of the school for the S.Y. 2008-2009. The Principal of Francisco G. Nepomuceno
Memorial High School (FGNMHS), Ms. Ma. Celina L. Vega also supported the establishment of
the school. Claro M. Recto Information and Communication Technology High School started to
operate in June 2008 as satellite school of FGNMHS while it seeks its own identity as a free
public secondary school.
Statement of the problem

Claro M. Recto Information and Communication Technology High School retain a

manual system. In this manual registration there is a greater amount of paper usage and large of
possibility of record loss. Papers are often use because of the people who borrow books. As a
result the records written on the log book are hard to find. When the borrower returns a book it
devours a lot of time in looking the records and sometimes the borrowers penmanship may not
be understood.

1. What are the measures being taken by the school librarian should there be missing or
misplace books issued to the students?
2. How will the librarian determines the availability of each books whenever the students
wants to borrow a book from the school library?
3. How can the librarian determine the unreadable penmanship of the borrower if it was
written manually?
4. How does the school librarian track the due dates of borrowed books for possible
Objectives of the study

The computerized library system aims to have a lesser number of misplaced and/or
missing books each school year. It also helps the librarian to have an easy task in finding what
does the student needs. It avoids students from borrowing books on their classmates since they
wont misplace their own. Thee computerized library system aims to bring up to date the old way
of keeping the data of books and the borrowers. It will be much easier task for the librarian to
look for the records of the student which will return a book/s.

1. To develop a computerized library system that will accurately monitor all issued books to
the students on the specified school year.
2. To create an inventory menu from the library system wherein all books available will be
listed for an easy way to track of all on hand books inside the school library.
3. To have an automated library system that will accurately records all transactions made by
each students from the school library.
4. To create a computerized library system that has a capability of notifying the school
librarian of all due dates for possible penalties.
Scope and Delimitation of the Study



The study was about the computerized library system for the students of Claro M. Recto
Information and Communication Technology High School. The system will reduce the time and
effort of the users in terms of adding, editing, searching, deleting and printing of records. The
system can also help in updating the data records. The system enables the librarian to share the
record of the student such us borrowing books, search books and returning books. Every
evidences found in this study can help students to easily find things that are lost. This study is
interested on how and where students and teachers learn the information about the library of
CMRICTHS. It aims to recognize people who have lost their books based from the library
system. This Study would also like to know who borrows books from the library. And this
program could help for us the students to be aware in terms of personal things and any other


The computerized library system is only for Claro M. Recto Information and
Communication Technology High School and it can only be utilized by the teacher-in-charged in
the library and the principal. The students personal information/data cannot be access by other
users except the librarian and the principal. The assigned librarian and the principal are the only
one who can share any of the records/data of the students. The system is not capable of sharing
data from other database.
Significance of the study

The significance of the study was to help and give a benefit to the concerned group below:


Through computerized library system, they can easily find the book they are looking for
without going through the manual way of searching a library book. It is more convenient and it is
not time consuming resulting to a number of accomplished works and for students to have a good
relationship with books.


The computerized will improve the monitoring capacities of those who maintain the
library it would be easier to determine which particular book is on shelf or not. In addition, they
can easily identify when will the borrowed book will be returned and if a borrower has failed to
return on its due date.


To be aware of the books that the students' needs. To quickly approach the DepEd for
the books that needs to be restocked. The library management system is to provide quality data
in the School in a timely fashion through systems that are completely integrated. This will
provide opportunities for operational efficiency.


To have more resources that will help them in doing their lesson plan.


To quickly approach the DepEd for the books that needs to be restocked.

Future researchers

To help them elaborate the system. Encourage each other to cooperate for the study. For
we know that this proposed study can help for the betterment of the files of our chosen company.
We learned more about Library System.
Definition of terms

Devour to enjoy avidly

Availability the quality or state of being available

Resources a supply of something that someone has and can use when it is needed

Penalties punishment for breaking a rule or law

System a group of devices or artificial objects or an organization forming a network especially

for distributing something or serving a common purpose