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8/2/2017 PI and BPM Runtime Integration

PI and BPM Runtime Integration

The integration of Advanced Adapter Engine Extended (AEX) and Business Process Management (BPM) processes is based on the XI 3.0 message

The following figures show the AEX and BPM runtime integration.

To explain in more detail how the components interact at runtime, the following figures describe the sequence of message processing.

Figure 1: Message Processing from AEX to BPM

An external business system sends a message to the Process Orchestration system. According to the settings of an integrated configuration (with a
key that matches the message header address fields), a business component representing a BPM process is determined as a receiver and a
communication channel is used that is based on the SOAP adapter with XI protocol. Messages from AEX are processed by the Java Proxy Runtime
(JPR) as shown in the figure above. The Java Proxy Runtime ensures reliable messaging and duplicate check and hands over messages to the Web
service runtime. From there, messages are processed to the BPM runtime. The system executes the BPM process after a process is started or a
message is delivered to an intermediate event step.

8/2/2017 PI and BPM Runtime Integration

Figure 2: Message Processing from BPM to AEX

At runtime, a configured automated activity in a process instance sends messages to the Web service runtime as depicted in the figure above. The
Web service runtime hands over messages to the Java Proxy Runtime. The Java Proxy Runtime sends XI 3.0 messages to AEX. An Integrated
Configuration object with a communication component representing the BPM process and a sender SOAP channel with message protocol XI 3.0
and the assigned outbound sender service interface are configured to further process messages coming from the BPM process.

Features and Constraints

For message exchange between AEX and BPM, you can use XI 3.0 compatible service interfaces. Other interface patterns are not supported.

Service interfaces must be defined in the ES Repository. Do not use service interfaces from other sources.

For asynchronous (reliable) messaging from AEX to the BPM process, use the SOAP Adapter with message protocol XI 3.0. For synchronous
messaging, use the SOAP Adapter with message protocol XI 3.0 or SOAP 1.1.

SAP BPM supports quality of service Best Effort and Exactly Once, Exactly Once in Order is not supported.

BPM does not support acknowledgment handling.

BPM does not support message attachments.