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Tucked away in a charming corner at Sturbridge Marketplace

Delicious, wholesome soups, sandwiches, quiches and pies

served up in a cozy café atmosphere ... that’s ‘Soup to Nuts’
By Richard Murphy en salad. Beverages range from the Sturbridge with only two people
It is true that Sturbridge is not a above mentioned wine and iced running it.” With Val Butler, it is the
hot spot for the sidewalk cafe. The tea to hot chocolate and Sam picture of efficiency. In the cur-
closest we come is not even on the rent economy, it can be nothing

Adams. It goes without saying, dis-
sidewalk. It is indoors in an old mill. cernment is necessary in pairing else to survive.
Still, one can sit at its tables and food with drink. John is not a native Sturbridger
watch as the world goes by. Well, “The menu has a John Quinlivan is the man and it was a few twists and turns
the world does not go by, but shop- full complement of behind this operation. According before he got here. At age 14 in
pers in the Sturbridge Marketplace to John, “You won’t find another upstate New York, he got a call
do. For this little spot has its tables
sandwiches and deli seating 40 people around Continued on page 21
fronting on the walkway where salads, from “real”
patrons stroll past. turkey breast to
Sure, it’s a stretch to call Soup to Inspiring Art Fine Craftsmanship Experienced Designers
Nuts a sidewalk cafe, but so what.
It’s even better in some ways. Okay,
so the decor is hardly gallic sophisti-
cation. Rather it is rustic American
cranberry walnut
chicken salad.
Beverages range
Art by Design
in keeping with its surroundings. from wine and iced Your local source
Maybe it is not Paris, but in mid win- for
ter it is a lot more cozy to sit inside tea to hot chocolate beautiful art
where it is warm. and Sam Adams.” & fine frame making
What makes it even cozier is the
New England
specialty of the house. Soup to Nuts
is well known for the luscious soups
it serves. I had heard about the Graphics
soups from several people, but had
never sat down to try them. In mid 508.347.9655
September I took my daughter to Outstanding Selection Fine Framing Open 7 Days A Week since
the old mill building and we sat at pliments. I wondered why it had
one of the cafe tables and perused taken me so long to make a pil-

the menu. They had a deal for the grimage to this nook in Fiskdale.
soup starved. You could order two After all, Soup to Nuts has been in
varieties and have it with another business 28 years. It has stood the

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item as well. The day’s specials were test of time.
cream of broccoli, corn chowder Of course, I was premature as
and tomato florentine. I asked for soup and quiche do not necessari-
the broc and the chowder and had a ly a whole meal make. There were
ham quiche made with swiss deserts and I am a sucker for pie.
cheese. The daughter ordered toma- Selections were apple and peach
to florentine which came with and blueberry that day and I
bread. ordered the peach. The peach fill-
My daughter ordered unsweet- ing was good, but I loved the crust,
ened iced tea. In keeping with the which to my mind is the most
side walk cafe meme, I ordered a important thing for a pie maker to
glass of cabernet to go with my get right. For that matter, the
meal. Val, our waitress, took our quiche crust was also excellent.
orders and returned soon with Quiche and soup and pie are
drinks. She brought our orders in not the sum total of menu choices.
due time, and we set to compare our Had we been earlier, a bagel with
choices. We’re family and gauche cream cheese could have been
when out together, so we happily ordered or a homemade muffin to
go with coffee. The menu has a
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shared and compared. OFF $5.00 Off a purchase of $25.00 or More OFF
Our verdict was not long in com- full complement of sandwiches
ing. People who praised the soups and salads, from “real” turkey With this coupon. Expires 10/31/09
Cannot be combined with any other offer or sale items. One coupon per visit.
were being reasonable in their com- breast to cranberry walnut chick- Not valid on dog and cat food and Frontline or Advantix



Soup to Nuts: the place to meet for a great lunch

John Quinlivan and Val Butler keep things humming in the kitchen at Soup to Nuts, a favorite Sturbridge eatery.

Continued from page 19 dating a Clarkie in Worcester and left Boston.

from his brother working at the local restau- This led to a Route 20 romance as he was hired
rant of the Scotch and Sirloin chain. The broth- as general manager at Ephraim’s in Sudbury.
er wanted John to come and wash dishes. It In 1982 he and a colleague bought MJ’s Fruit
was not the brother doing John a favor, he and Nuts and turned it into Soup to Nuts. His
asked because he knew how hard and respon- partner left with one of the waitresses to start a
sible a worker his sibling was. John stayed on. Soup to Nuts on the Cape and we have our ver-
The staff took him under their wing and he sion as it is now. Val came aboard eight years
kept on getting promoted. ago and John is unstinting in praise of her ded-
Attending a two year college in his home ication and professionalism as I am of her crust.
area, John continued his career. Eventually he The pies and quiche are her handiwork as the
transferred to the UMass Harbor Campus. This soups and other offerings are his.
hardly inhibited a culinary experience. John and Val obviously take pleasure and
Continuing to rise in management ranks, John pride in Soup to Nuts. Val loves to tell about the
ran the famous Tap Off Lunches of legendary comments of people who praise the soups. She
Celtics coach, Red Auerbach. mentioned folks who purchase large orders of Eat, Drink & Buy
Though he studied Poli- Sci at UMass, he was the chicken soup and claimed it cured what ails
doing way too well in the restaurant biz. That’s them. This should be known by people outside LOCALLY OWNED.
why it’s not Senator John Quinlivan. of Sturbridge. I’m notifying the CDC. The
Government’s loss was Sturbridge’s gain. Fate, Center for Disease Control should start trials Support your neigh-
in one of its usual guises stepped in. He was now.