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All characters are at least 18 years old.

Author’s Note: I realize this story may seem a bit long at first glance. Please note that is has been
divided into several small, manageable chapters. Since I wrote it as all once piece, I wanted to submit
it that way.

Synopsis: A story of reluctance against lust. A high school teacher inadvertently finds himself
becoming attracted to one of his students. The student, in turn, recognizes this and wonders if she can
push the envelope...

Okay, so I get stressed. It goes with the job, you know? I deal with people, a lot of people, on a daily
basis. And it winds me up. Everyone has their own ways to cope. I don’t do yoga or any of that new-
age crap. I hit the gym. Not to be a bodybuilder, or to train for marathons. I’m not even the type that
goes just to check out women, like some of my buddies who shall remain nameless. I mean, I’m not
single and haven’t been for awhile. I go to blow off some steam and try to regain the little bit of the
sanity I lose on a daily basis. And that’s where I was today. I was finishing off one of my typical
routines on an exercise bike and planning to just zone the hell out.

Now, I know I said I don’t specifically go to check out women, but that doesn’t mean I’m blind, right?
I was only on the bike for a little while when I noticed a girl had taken up a treadmill a ways in front of
me. It faced the window, looking out to the street. Ah, one who likes to be checked out. Well I could see

She really had a great little body. The first thing I saw was her ass. Perfect shape, rounded out in those
tiny exercise shorts that barely cover any leg. It swayed a little bit, from side to side, as she jogged
on… Accentuating her every step. Does she really run like that, or is it to make men drool? It must be
something with the hips that makes a female’s walk so much sexier than a man’s.

Then I took in her legs. Slender but shapely. Flawless skin. They were so smooth; not even a mark on
them from what I could see, except maybe a little freckle on that back of a thigh. And yes, I realized I
must have been staring pretty hard to notice. She must be a bit younger, maybe early twenties…

Then her lower back. It rose up from the hem of those petite shorts, faultless curves turning inward
from her hips that would be more subtle on her tight body if it wasn’t for the way her ass swung right
then. After awhile, her back began to slightly glisten from her perspiration.

I could see it on her shoulders too, almost totally bare from her sports bra. And the back of her neck. It
was visible because her hair was tied up in a cute ponytail, which bounced and bobbed with every step.
I wonder how long she’ll run for… Does her front side match the back?

Normally I’m not this interested. Really! Sure, I’d see some attractive woman, admire her for a
moment, then forget about it just as fast. I don’t know what it was about this one. Maybe it was just a
fluke of me being in a funky mood and this little show-off just happening to be in front of me. But
normally by this point, I would have moved on from the bike and gone home; I had done everything
else for the day. Yeah, guilty little admission that I was still there for the chance to see her face.

But then I did.

My attention piqued up as I saw her right arm move to the console on the treadmill and punch
something in. Her steady pace slowed down to a half-jog, then a walk, then she stood still. She took a
drink from a water bottle, still facing away from me. Then she stretched both her arms up, arching her
back a bit as her body went taut.

Before, I would like to think that I was not completely obvious as I ogled her. But now, as she did this,
her body started turning to the side. First I saw an outline of her stomach, flat and toned. She kept
turning. My eyes poured up her body, over her breasts with a little cleavage in the bra… Up her
chest… Up her neck…

And then I saw her face. It wore a look of nonchalance, but I could tell immediately that she hid a tiny
smile out of the corner of her mouth. I knew this smug look because I finally recognized her. My eyes
shot down to the floor. I swallowed hard. Oh crap, I hope she didn’t notice me…

Maybe you’re wondering now, what’s the problem? Well, it dawned on me that all this time I had been
checking out a girl from the local high school. Honestly, I didn’t know… If I had realized I was
inwardly drooling at the sight of one of my own student’s bodies, I would have stopped long ago.

Ah. I guess I didn’t tell you what my job was. I’m a teacher.


Meet Autumn S. Student number 17 on the roster for ‘Creative Writing’. It’s an English elective, and
no, it isn’t completely made up of poetry geeks and drama nerds. What is high school about if not
getting into college? The class looks better on a transcript than art or an extra gym class. Some kids
might even sign up because it sounds fun, but let’s not get carried away, right?

Autumn was in many ways your typical senior. Well, your typical senior who liked high school. No,
she wasn’t the head cheerleader. And no, she didn’t drive a sports car worth more than my yearly
salary. But she was confident, intelligent, and yes, good looking. I had never gotten hung up on this
fact before the little “show” at the gym. Really.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t pretend to be some paragon of moral inscrutability. I can recognize when a
student looks good. All teachers do. Because we want to fuck them? No. It’s because we need to
understand it in order to reign in the classroom dynamics. Hate me for stereotyping all you want, but
whenever I see a student who was lucky enough to have attractive genes, then I start out dubious.

Why? Because they think they can get away with more. You know that’s a fact, so let’s move on. My
point is Autumn, like any other cute student, hadn’t ever registered on my “I’d like to bang you”-meter.
Besides, I’m a taken man. Granted I’m fairly new to the teaching profession, and one could argue that
she really isn’t that much younger than me, but… Well, that’s not important.

I’m not sure if she saw me that evening at the gym. I did my best to convince myself that I would not
have appeared as anything particular; just a man on a bike, staring at the floor. In the zone, if you will.
For about a week, I maintained this belief. I even managed to stay unflustered back in the classroom
when she first strolled in; period before lunch.

Okay, almost unflustered. That first day was maybe a little unnerving. She walked in with one of her
friends, and I dealt with the compromise of looking busy at my desk and hawking her out of the corner
of my eye. Did she look at me funny? Did she giggle? Nope, nothing. She just walked down an aisle to
the back of the classroom. Her ass does that same wiggle in those tight jeans even when not jogging…

Yeah, I tried to pretend that I didn’t think that. So maybe I had a few illicit thoughts. I’m only human,
right? I got over it, moved on. She never acted weird; I was good to go. That is, as I said, for about a

Let me rewind for just a second. I had given an assignment, and this was before that day at the gym, to
write a short story. The prompt was just: An Unlikely Encounter. I used it every year. Basically, I let
the students go hog-wild; write whatever you want. Usually they turn in something about meeting a
celebrity, or Bill Gates, or the most popular: an alien. It is supposed to be fun, let them make up
something out of the ordinary, no strings attached. Okay… sorry, you’re not here for an English lesson.

So back to today, they were turning in their first chapter. This way I could make sure it was something
reasonable, that they weren’t half-assing it, that they were actually writing something and not putting
the entire project off until the last day. I would grade it, write some feedback, give it back to them.
Then they write the next part. Really, I’m not trying to bore you; this is critical information.

I told them to bring their paper up to me at the end of class before they headed out to lunch. The bell
rang and they did so. With each piece handed to me, I first amused myself by checking out the page
setup. Big font. Huge margins. Enormous title. Come on, that shit doesn’t work in the 21st century. But
still they try…

The last paper was handed to me with some trepidation, not just sloughed off into the pile. I looked up.
There was Autumn, hand still holding the paper, looking right at me.

“Thanks,” I gestured toward the pile.

“Um, I’m not sure if it’s very good…” she warned.

Uh oh, here come the waterworks about why she had to write it at the last second. “I’m sure it’s just
fine,” I reassured.

“Well, I think it starts off good…”

Starts off *well* damn it.

“…but I’m not really sure I know how to continue it,” she finished.

“Ah! But that’s the whole point: to get feedback before it’s all done,” I smiled.

She shifted her weight and bunched up her lips, making a little pout. “Okay, but um, I was wondering if
you could maybe look at it now? And give me some advice?”

I leaned back in my chair. It’s lunch time; I’m hungry too, Autumn. “Don’t worry about it, I will read
over it at the regularly scheduled time. I’ll let you know how it goes.”

She looked mildly dejected and took a step back. It was at this point that I realized her shirt didn’t
reach all the way down to her jeans and exposed a little midriff. A flash of her half-naked body briefly
popped in my mind, but I had the good grace to keep my eyes on hers.

“Um, okay. Just, let me know what you think should happen next. I’m really interested.”

I chuckled, “It’s your story, Autumn. Not mine.”

She gave a smile. And I’m usually pretty good about these things, but I couldn’t tell if it was forced or
not. In retrospect, I know that it wasn’t.

“Okay, if you say so!” And with that, she left the classroom. Somewhere, part of me wanted to check
out her ass again. Of course I didn’t look, and for a half-second I was inwardly proud of my restraint. It
was quickly replaced by the realization that I shouldn’t have had that urge in the first place.


It was Thursday night, and I was going through the submissions. So far, it was all run-of-the-mill stuff.
Nothing terribly interesting, only one paper clearly scraped together the morning it was due. But then
Autumn’s was the next in the stack.

“Ah, let’s see what she was complaining about,” I hummed to myself.

I’ll tell you right now, I am sure as shit glad that I didn’t read it when she gave it to me. The scene
started in the gym. I think I got to about the second sentence when I felt my heart skip a beat. ‘She was
running on the treadmill, looking out the window…’

It’s okay. It’s not about that day. She probably goes to the gym a lot. I mean, she does have that
body… I kept reading. ‘As the evening went on, it started getting darker outside. It was harder to see
out the window because it was reflecting the light from inside the room…’

The realization hadn’t sunk in yet. At least not to the forefront of my mind. But my pulse kept speeding
up anyway. My eyes leapt down the page, paying no attention to mistakes in her writing. I dimly
thought ‘at least she is doing a good job creating suspense…’

She talked about how her body felt. How she felt energized as she ran. How she got hot and what the
sweat felt like on her skin. It was painting a vivid picture… One that I had no trouble imagining. My
mouth began to dry out as I read on, the image of that sexy form jogging in front of me.

Then the important part came. ‘After awhile, she could see everybody behind her just by the reflection
in the window. That’s when she noticed someone. Someone staring at her…’

Ah fuck. I’ll tell ya, I don’t think I was ever as interested in a student paper as I was right then. I flew
through the words, dread creeping over me as I did so. She wrote about recognizing the man staring at
her. About him being a teacher. One of her teachers. She said she decided to run a little bit longer, just
to see how long he’d watch. She described getting a little thrill out of it. She wanted to keep going, but
she was getting tired. So she *was* showing off…
Finally she gave up, and stretched to give him a good view. She was going to smile at him, but when
she looked over, he was staring at the ground. Then she felt embarrassed, so she just left…

I put the paper down, my hands actually trembling. Okay, how the hell do I deal with this!? I drummed
my fingers on the table, thoughts racing through my mind. She knows… She knows I was checking her
out… My own student! As nervous as I was, I suddenly realized, maybe even a little pale-faced, that a
lot of blood was rushing between my legs. Oh my god, I’m fucking hard!?

I needed to think. I put the paper aside and picked up another one, trying to push the thoughts out of my
head. Although I technically read all the words, not one of them registered in my brain. All I could
think about was Autumn. Tight little ass, tiny little shorts Autumn. Perfect smooth legs, skimpy sports
bra Autumn. That fucking showoff knew exactly what she was doing…

I got up from the table and began to pace around the room. Okay, time to get a hold of yourself. I
needed to blow off some energy. Maybe I should go to the gym… Maybe she’ll even be there… My
thoughts were frantic. I stopped in my tracks and let out an exacerbated sigh. I could feel it, but I had to
look down anyway. There was a huge tent in my slacks.

I felt frustrated and a little ashamed. Shoving one hand in my pocket, I tried to readjust myself to make
it less noticeable. The attention felt good, and I thoughtlessly tugged at the base of my cock. Good god,
this is pathetic. I have to end this right now.

Back to my table, I pulled her paper in front of me. Red pen out: time to kill this thing. “Autumn, I am
afraid there is not much of an actual ‘encounter’ taking place here. Your characters never actually
meet. It is almost as if the protagonist imagined the whole thing. While perhaps an intriguing premise,
you may want to start again.”

There, that’ll make her write something else. I read back over my comment. *Intriguing premise?*
Why the fuck did I say that!? I thought about crossing it out, but that would look ridiculous. Nothing to
do about it now. I fidgeted in my seat, realizing I was in no condition to grade the other papers yet.

I went into the bathroom and splashed some cold water on my face. Water dripped back down as I
leaned over the sink, feeling almost dizzy. Calm down. I haven’t done anything wrong. I am
overreacting. But damn it why I am so fucking hard! I could not shake the image of Autumn out of my
head. I saw her standing in front of my desk, that cute little pout when she gave me her paper. Tummy
peaking out from under her shirt...

What the hell would I have done if I read it… with her right there? Would she have stood and watched
me? I probably would have even told her to take a seat… Next to me even! What if I got hard, right
next to her? She must know… She would maybe even touch it… Oh god, that would be so wrong…

I didn’t even realize it, but I had shoved a hand down my pants and was slowly jerking myself to these
anxious thoughts. But I didn’t stop once I grasped this. Instead, I undid my slacks and pushed them
down, giving myself better access. I clenched my eyes shut and shook my head in disbelief at myself. I
bet this is what she wanted… If only she knew what I was doing right this second… Autumn you hot
little tease… I can’t believe I’m even thinking about you…

And with that, I came. All over the bathroom sink. My entire body tingled from the sudden sensation.
When I finally came around from my high, my eyes slowly fluttered open. What the hell did I just do?


Friday. I managed to get the rest of the papers graded the night before. After I talked to my girlfriend
for a bit on the phone. Now that was an awkward experience. Not for her, but for me. I’ll admit I was
feeling pretty guilty for the duration of the evening. It’s not like I’ve never jerked off to another woman
before… But my own teenage student? That was a little different.

I tried to keep it out of my mind. I didn’t do so well. My anxiety inched over me, little by little, as my
Creative Writing period approached. I was nervous to see her. Nervous to give her paper back. I felt
silly, but hey, emotions are emotions. Keep in mind I had a pretty restless night previously; thoughts of
Autumn’s story haunting me.

When the time finally arrived, I nearly scoffed when I saw her enter the room. She had on this little
plaid skirt. And no, we don’t have a uniform at this school. She still had on a reasonably conservative
sweater, even if it was a little tight… It wasn’t nearly as outrageous as other tops I’ve seen the girls
wear. But the skirt… Ouch. It was short. Not so short as to be inappropriate, but short enough to say
‘Look at me.’

And the boys did look at her, eyebrows rising in double takes at her legs. The girls noticed too, a little
bit of envy flashing in their eyes. I did my best to not look at her and remain impassively neutral,
occupied mind of a teacher on his work. I wonder if she is wearing that for me… I admonishingly bit
the back of my tongue. Don’t be an idiot.

Class proceeded normally. Autumn sits in the back, and so thankfully I couldn’t be distracted by her
outfit under that desk, even if I wanted to be. As the bell approached, I gave some generic feedback
about the stories and began to hand them back. Up and down the rows I walked, passing them out one
by one. When I got to her, she was sitting sideways in her seat, knees pressed together and she bent
down and rifled through her backpack.

It forced me to glance at that smooth skin again, tantalizingly leading up to some bare thigh, then
finally hidden underneath the fabric of her skirt. I only looked for a second, but that’s all it really takes
for a girl to notice, isn’t it?

“Oh, sorry.” She said detachedly, swinging her legs back under the table and letting me walk by. For
my part, I pretended to ignore her and began instructing the class with another reminder that ‘a lot’ is
*two* words.

The room was mostly silent except for the shuffling of papers flipping back and forth as they read my
comments. I already expected at least one or two of the more anal perfectionists to come and either
complain or kiss ass to improve their grade. Such is life.

The bell rang.

Everyone piled up at the door to escape as I wished them a good weekend. I casually sunk back into my
desk; one student already waiting there for me. Meet James C. A classic example of a student who
thinks he is smart, but is sadly only very well-educated. Each assignment to him is not a chance to
learn, but a chance to achieve perfect marks that will send him off to the next and best station in life.
We talked for a few minutes. I won’t bore you any further with it. As he left for lunch, my chest
tightened to realize Autumn was still sitting in her seat. I quickly surveyed the room; everyone else was
gone. “Are you so hungry that you forgot to leave for lunch?” I joked out to her.

She looked up from her table and held up her paper. “Could I talk to you about this?” she asked
flatly.My heart both sank and jumped at the same time. “I suppose I could arrange that,” I smiled
weakly. Well shit, I can’t just say *no*.

She got up from her desk and walked casually over, paper in hand. She waved it around in front of her
waist, pointing at it. I instinctively looked, but my eyes had a mind of their own and looked beyond the
contents of her hand and right to her skirt. Goddamnit. My eyes snapped up at the sound of her voice.

“I told you it sucked!” she protested suddenly.

“Whoa!” I put my hands up, defensive. “Let’s not get carried away.”

She dropped the paper in front of me. “You want me to start over!”

“Well, um, I think I said there were a few problems… Mostly you kind of side-stepped the actual

I reached over to point at my main comment. She shot her hand down, finger jabbing onto the top of
the page. Her soft skin grazed mine and I reactively jerked my wrist back. “It says chapter one!”

I brought my eyes up from the paper to her gaze. “This is true, but it is also a short story… You may
need to dive in to the actual encounter a little faster.”

“There was an encounter! Just because they didn’t, like, come out and shake hands right away doesn’t
mean… doesn’t mean there wasn’t an encounter!”

I leaned back in my chair and took a breath. I wasn’t expecting her to be so confrontational about it.
“Autumn, you just told me it sucked. And now you are defending it rather passionately?” Ah, sweet

Her mouth opened and closed right away, her brain stumbling for words. She crossed her arms across
her stomach and squeezed, like a little hug for herself. It made the swell of her breasts push out even
further against her sweater. I took the opportunity to interject.

“I can see that you spent some serious time on it. The writing is very good. It’s just that I’m not quite
sure you are following the directions for this particular project,” I offered consolingly.

“Well, I think there are a lot of places it can go. Don’t you? I mean, the uh, there can be more um-

What is *that* supposed to mean? “The plot is supposed to hinge around one encounter. Note the
indefinite, but quite singular, *an* unlikely encounter.”

She dropped her arms down and shook her hands slightly, exacerbated expression on her face. She is
*not* used to disappointment. “But… What if it is really good! I mean, you said you liked it, right? I
mean, did you like reading it?” She tried to disguise her displeasure by softening into a more flirtatious

“It was… well-written,” I answered carefully, “but the point remains that…”

“Aww!” she interrupted, “Just give it a chance! I mean… if you liked it, maybe you will like the next
chapter more…” She allayed her pose into a more submissive posture, bending a knee a little bit,
widening her pleading eyes. Does she think she can flirt her way out of this?

“Autumn, why don’t you just think about it over the weekend. Maybe another idea will come to you.
Something a little more… appropriate for the assignment.” As soon as I said it, I realized the double
entendre. I hoped she didn’t.

Her shoulders sagged as she huffed out a sigh. Grabbing the paper, she spun around and stood still for a
moment. I was taken aback by the gesture… Well, I was mostly taken aback by her skirt floating up a
little bit from the sudden movement. I couldn’t help my eyes dropping down to her perfect little ass
hiding under that insinuating outfit.

She began to slowly walk back to her desk, I presumed to retrieve her backpack and leave. “I guess I
will think about it,” she sighed again. “I mean, I guess I just thought, like, it would be interesting. You
know, instead of two people that would not normally meet… It’s um, like two people that shouldn’t
meet… you know?”

I swallowed hard and looked back down at my desk. I moved some papers around and pretended to be
looking at something, but I couldn’t help peeking back up and watching her slender body walk away.
Her voice sounded so… insisting…

“That’s why it is unlikely…” she emphasized, still facing away from me. I slowly inhaled a deep
breath. She bent over to pick up her pack, knees straight. Her ass pushed out and her skirt pulled up,
revealing even more of the backs of her thighs. Ho-ly shit… I don’t think I even blinked as I watched
this alluring sight.

I couldn’t think of anything to retort as her words sank in. My reverie was broken as soon as she stood
back up and slung the backpack over her shoulder. I quickly shook my head and forced myself to
appear natural as she turned around. She looked at me expectantly.

My knee bobbed up and down beneath my desk, a bad habit when I get nervous. “Just think about what
I said,” I repeated lamely.

Her eyes rolled in that flippant teenage way, “Fine.” She then finally made to leave the room. “But
maybe you could, like, think about it too. About what I, um, what I am trying to write.” Without giving
me a chance to respond, she was out the door.

I breathed a little bit of relief. Opening a drawer, I pulled out a lunch I made myself. Normally I go
down to the staff room to get away from my own class… But I couldn’t help thinking about Autumn.
“Like two people that *shouldn’t* meet…” God, she did have a point. I hoped she would just give up
and write something completely different. I really didn’t want to deal with the awkward conversation
of why she shouldn’t be dealing with such… unsuitable subject matter.
No shit those two characters shouldn’t meet. She’s only… Ah fuck, the way she bent over in that little
skirt… I bet she *did* wear it for me. She *knew* we were going to talk. I can’t believe I am letting
her have this effect on me. I don’t think she knows though…

I opted to eat my lunch at my desk. Despite my best efforts, I couldn’t break my preoccupation over my
own student. Not explicitly thinking about fucking her… but just the undeniable attraction. I couldn’t
realistically get out of my seat anyway. My uncomfortably noticeable erection made sure of that.

The rest of the day was a mess. I couldn’t get Autumn out of my head. Obviously I couldn’t think about
anything else as I ate my lunch, alone. I ashamedly wished I could just disappear for a few minutes…
If I could just jerk off, I could at least get rid of the edge… Never mind the fact that I, in my classroom,
was wishing for the opportunity to safely masturbate to one of my students.

When the bell rang for the next period, I was still in my seat. As everyone shuffled in, I caught myself
looking a little closer at the girls. This is getting out of control. I resolved that all I needed to do was get
through the day. I was just in a flustered mood. Back to teaching…

Eventually I got through to the weekend. I recognized that my lessons for the rest of the afternoon were
clearly off. My train of thought constantly got interrupted with my fixation with Autumn. I could be
talking about anything, and then suddenly there would be an image of her… her and those slender legs
in that little plaid skirt…

There was at least a few times where I actually lost what I was saying in front of the students. It wasn’t
really that embarrassing. Or at least, it wouldn’t have been if I had just been experiencing a brain fart
and not… well, you know. At least I didn’t sport a new erection in front of them. But I will be honest…
I might have been starting to get one when I was back at my desk, the room quiet from the kids writing
a prompt and me lost in my thoughts…

It was really a gym night. If ever there was a day I needed to work out some steam, it was today. But
there was no way I could go. What if Autumn was there? The last thing I needed to see was her toned
body in those tiny shorts and bra… Oh god, what if she talked to me, dressed like that…? I tried to
reason that it was a big place; that I could easily go there and not be seen. But I think, even then, I
knew I was trying to rationalize an excuse to accidentally run into her.

I had to get my mind off of it. There was no way I could just relax at home tonight; my girlfriend was
going out with some friends for some shower, or salon… some female herd behavior event anyway. I
would be by myself, thinking about her. I was positive I’d be masturbating to that teen body as soon as
I got a chance alone… And something told me that I couldn’t let myself do that again.

So I called up some buddies, determined to go out for the night and clear my head. I caught up with my
friends Scott and Blake. Scott was single, so we had the bright idea to go to a trendy bar and see if we
couldn’t hook him up with something pretty. We met up later that evening and headed out.

As soon as we got together and hit the scene, I felt better already. We were laughing and joking and
having a good time like guys do. Nobody talked about work, and so the classroom, with sexy little
Autumn, were out of my thoughts. At least for a little while.
We had taken up a table near the bar and were relaxing, having some drinks. Every time we saw an
even remotely attractive woman, we pointed her out to Scott. But Scott, being infinitely picky, would
always find something wrong with them. We would lament in exaggerated despair each time, but he
would insist he’s just looking for “Miss Right”. Uh huh.

From our vantage point, we were situated in a spot where we could see a small dance floor. It was a fun
sight: good-looking women attracting all the attention of all the guys. Not-so-good-looking women also
gawking at the beauties as well, in an attempt to emulate and show them up in hopes of getting the men
to look at them. We kept prodding Scott to go over and dance a little; Miss Right is probably in the
throng, hiding from view.

“Miss Right wouldn’t hide from me,” he replied. “It’s part of her charm to be out in the open.”

Of course.

About an hour later, I had pretty much given up any pretense of picking out women for him. So it came
as a bit of a surprise when he blurted out, “Hell-oooooo Miss Right…”

Both Blake and my heads jerked around to see what Scott was looking at. She was on the dance floor. I
turned to get a better look. She was really moving, and there was a small crowd around her giving her
space to show off. At that moment, her back was to me. Her hands were stretched up high in the air,
clasping each other as if drawn up by a rope. Her entire body gyrated around in little circles as her body
turned to the beat.

I could easily see how she caught Scott’s attention. She had a smoking little body that she really knew
how to use. It looked like she only had on a flimsy tank-top that barely covered her anyway; and with
her arms raised high, the fabric pulled up to reveal her entire stomach and lower back.

Then time started to slow down. Slow way down. My eyes rolled down to see her ass shaking around as
she continued to turn towards us. She’s wearing a plaid skirt… For a split-second, it reminded me of
Autumn. It couldn’t be… we’re in a bar… She kept turning. Everybody around her melted into a blur
as I stared in disbelief. She was crystal clear.

And there she was. Student number 17. Her eyes were closed, but her mouth was in a big smile as she
spun. She was lightly biting the tip of her tongue, and it gave her this carefree look… cute but raw. I
swallowed hard as I checked out the rest of her body. Her stomach was so toned. It was almost
hypnotic to watch her young curves at work.

That fuckin’ little plaid skirt topped it off. This afternoon, she looked good. Tonight? She looked
smoking. She bristled with confidence… I had no idea how she had gotten in the place. My only guess
is that the doorman let her flirt her way in. Every man in there probably thought she was some fresh 21-
year-old that was pulling off the “schoolgirl” look that night.

But I knew that wasn’t the case. The only reason she looked so goddamn convincing is because she is a
fucking teenager. I croaked in my brain, a student in one of *my* classes… What the hell is she doing
here!? Good god, how the hell does she know to move like *that*…

The three of us gawked a little while longer. My buddies because they just saw a hot girl. No surprise
there. But me? I watched in awe as she danced and could not believe it. My mind was racing. She
couldn’t know that I would be here… This is just the biggest coincidence ever… I can’t let her stay…
But I can’t go *talk* to her…

“I think I feel like dancing about now,” Scott grinned to us. He started to get up from the table.

“You can’t!” I blurted out.

He paused. “Why the hell not? You got a girlfriend and I saw her first… that’s two for two!”

I panicked. “No she’s- she’s not supposed to be here…”

“Uh huh,” he laughed, “I’ll get her out of here, don’t worry!”

My face started to turn red. He has no fucking clue. The words spilled out of my mouth. “She’s a

Both of them looked at me quizzically.

“She’s… She’s uh, a student at the high school….”

“Your student?” Scott asked incredulously.

I blushed worse, “Yeah.”

He looked back to Autumn. “Buuullshit…”

“Look, I’m serious… I don’t know how she got in here but, uh…” I started to get out of my seat. “I
mean, obviously she can’t stay. She’s underage…” Yeah, too young to be looking *that* fuckin’ good.

My friends mumbled something about it not being my responsibility, but I ignored them. Honestly, I
wasn’t going over there because I wanted to. I did feel some obligation to do the right thing. I was,
after all, a public servant… right?

I moved up to the dance floor; I could barely see Autumn anymore because she had melted back into a
crowd at the start of a new song. Taking a deep breath in to calm myself down, I did my best to
assertively push my way through the dancers to find her. As I finally got near her, another young guy
irritatingly tried to shove me out of the way, annoyed at my advance. I ignored him and called out,

Her head jerked around, hair dangling down in front of her face, looking passionate and wild. She had
this surprised look on her face, like she was shocked to hear her own name. Her body ungracefully
snapped upright once she saw me. She wasn’t dancing anymore.

“Uh… hi!” she stammered.

Rolling into disciplinarian mode, I raised my finger and beckoned her to come off the dance floor. “I’d
like to talk to you.”
The music was still blaring and most of the dancers ignored us, but some stopped to see who this
asshole was that was making the pretty young girl upset. For a moment, she looked around her. I
wondered if she would ignore my authority, realizing I had no real power over her outside the
classroom. But she acquiesced anyway. She probably thinks I’ll narc her out.

We moved off the dance floor and moved to a back wall. “Nice to, um- see you…” she offered

“Yeah… Imagine my surprise when I noticed one of my own students. In a bar,” I emphasized.

“I was only dancing…”

“In a bar,” I repeated.

She flopped her hands down to her sides, almost in a pout. “I haven’t been drinking! It’s not a big
deal!” Ah, there’s the teenager in her. Not so much confidence now…

“You and I both know you shouldn’t be here, Autumn. Now, I’m willing to forget about this if you
leave right now.”

She let out an annoyed sigh. “Come on! I’m not in school right now…”

“This is true... But either you leave, or I will have to let someone know that you are nowhere near

An irritated little scoff coughed out of her mouth as she turned towards the rest of the bar. Her hands
fidgeted on the hem of that short skirt, absent-mindedly pulling it up an inch. I found my own eyes
paying way too much attention to those alluring thighs and snapped my gaze back up. Her head turned
back to me and stared intently. Oh shit, please don’t let her have noticed…

“I won’t have a ride until way later!”

I blinked in momentary confusion. She’s still trying to reason with me? “Well I’m sure you can call

“No way! All my friends are out! They aren’t going to, like, come all the way out here!”

“There’s always your parents,” I offered. That ought to scare her.

“Fuck no!” she cried. As soon as she set it, a hand shot up to cover her mouth. “Oh my gosh!” she
slurred, “I mean, they’d kill me!”

For a moment, I actually pitied her. I mean, it’s not like I hadn’t done my fair share of bending the rules
as a kid. And she wasn’t a bad student or anything. “Well… How far away do you live?”

Oh brother, did I really ask that? Now honestly. I wasn’t thinking anything impure. Not at that
moment anyway.

She looked at me quizzically, then dropped her gaze down to her own body. “Um… Maybe like,
twenty minutes or something.” Her hands smoothed out her skirt on the front of her legs. I tried not to
watch her fiddling, to see her in that tiny skirt… her entire tummy exposed… “But, I can’t walk all the
way back! It’s too late!” she objected.

I sighed. “Look, there is no way you can stay here. If you honestly cannot get a ride, I will drive you
back.” Okay, it was the right thing to say. And the right thing to do… Right?

Autumn’s eyes lit up in a brief moment of surprise. “Uh- you don’t… you don’t need to do that…”

She didn’t sound particularly convincing. “Then you do have another way to get home,” I insinuated.

She sighed back at me, “No… I don’t.”

“Come on then.”


I briefly stopped at the table and told my buddies that I had to give her a ride home. My jaw
involuntarily clenched as they indiscreetly checked Autumn out, who was standing a few paces behind
me. Scott was going to make some smart comment about me stealing her for myself, but I think I gave
him a death stare and he kept his mouth shut.

Autumn didn’t say anything as she demurely followed me out to the parking lot. When we got to my
car, I jokingly offered, “Well, you can, uh, ride shotgun if you want. Or you can sit in the back and
pretend I’m a taxi driver.”

She gave me a weak smile, “I can’t picture you as a cab driver.”

I opened the door to the front seat for her. “Oh yeah? Why’s that?” This isn’t weird. Just keep the
conversation casual.

Her skirt rode up her legs a little further as she slid into the front seat. I tried not to gawk at those thighs
as I made sure she was fully in the car. “Um… You like, know too much English!”

I gave her a sarcastic smile and shut the door. Walking around and getting into the driver’s side, I
mockingly scolded, “Now Autumn, you shouldn’t stereotype.”

Her hands tugged the bottom of her skimpy tank-top, trying to make it cover more of her stomach. I
couldn’t help but notice it not working… at all. God, that fucking body… Her eyes suddenly rose up
and caught me. “Uh- seatbelt,” I croaked just as fast, then averted my eyes to my keys as if starting the
ignition was a complicated procedure.

Within a minute we were pulling out to the street. Neither of us had said anything. “You just tell me
where to turn,” I instructed.

“Yeah, okay. Go right after the next intersection.”

“Okie doke.”
Again, awkward silence. Should I make small talk or do we just sit here like this? God, why am I so
nervous? It’s not like I’m on a *date* with her or anything.

“Now go until the hill and turn left,” she said softly.

I kept driving, unresponsive. Great, now I *have* to keep silent or it will sound like I’m forcing it. Not
that I *care*…“I’m sorry you, like, have to do this,” she huffed out abruptly.

I was a little startled by the sudden break in silence. “Uh, well, it’s okay. Just don’t go to any bars for a
few more years…”

“I was only dancing,” she retorted defensively.

“You know that doesn’t matter. Besides, you’ll attract the wrong kind of crowd at a place like that.”
That was stupid… What am I, her dad?

Another awkward silence… “Well, you were there,” she said with a hint of victory in her voice. I
glanced over at her and she had this subtle little grin, like she finally caught me at something.

I grinned back with a smartass, “Somebody’s gotta keep the law in this town.”

“Oh is that it,” she played, “Do you always hang out in bars, looking for underage girls to save?”

The second she finished saying it, my face started burning red. Both from embarrassment and anger.
This is getting too friendly. She’s still my student. She knew it too; I could almost hear the smile wipe
off her face.

“Um- go uh, go straight here. For a little while,” she mumbled apologetically.

More silence.

Eventually, she piped up again. “Well, I guess this is really an unlikely encounter, right?”

Is she being coy or sucking up? “Uh, I guess so.”

“Maybe I should rewrite my story about this…”

I looked over at her and she was fidgeting with the hem of her skirt again. No sooner had I turned to
face her, she pulled her knees up to her chest on the seat. Her skirt pulled back even more, showing
almost the entire bottom of her leg. So much skin…

“I’m not sure it’d be, uh… very exciting,” I offered. Now the situation was really sinking in and
making me anxious. Oh fuck- you’re still staring at her! I couldn’t believe I was still looking at her legs
like that as I replied to her. My entire body tensed and I reactively reached between us to a little
compartment and grabbed an empty gum wrapper, pretending like that’s what I was looking for.

“Well we don’t know how it ends yet!” she rejoined.

I threw wrapper onto the floor in front of me. “It ends with you being dropped off at your parents,” I
replied flatly.

“Maybe not…” she said softly.

Enter stage left; huge lump in my throat. As hard as I tried to focus on the road, on the simple task at
hand, every passing second broke down that little wall I had built around my attraction to Autumn. I
was more consciously aware with each moment that a gorgeous young girl was sitting next to me in the
car, wearing that tantalizing little outfit…

I blew through a four-way stop without even thinking. The loud blare of a honking car fading behind us
snapped me to attention. What the hell am I doing!? My hands were gripping the wheel and I was
staring straight ahead, but all I saw in my mind was my student’s gyrating body on the dance floor,
smiling knowingly.

“What are you doing!” she cried. “You were supposed to turn back there!”

“Uh- whoops!” I tried to feign casual, “I guess I didn’t see the sign… I’ve uh- I’ve never been down
this street, I don’t think…” I pulled over to find a place to turn around.

“Gosh, and here I thought I was supposed to be the irresponsible one!”

I tried to ignore the comment, but she pressed on as soon as she realized I wasn’t going to respond.

“I guess you do, like, tend to zone pretty hard…” she insinuated.

I’d gotten the car turned back around now. Still blushing from my idiocy, I absent-mindedly muttered,

“Well um- like in the gym that one day. You were just staring and staring…” her voice trailed off. Oh.
Crap. I felt my heartbeat up in my temples. My hands nervously gripped at the steering wheel; my
palms were actually sweaty. At least I managed to stop at the sign this time…

“Uhh… I don’t- I don’t know what you’re talking about,” I lied impassively. “So which way was I
supposed to turn?” Change the subject!

She reached her arm out in front of me and pointed to the left. I tentatively inhaled, smelling a faint
trace of her perfume. “That way…” she answered, but just as quick she added, “You mean you didn’t
see me? We were in the same room…”

I pulled at the wheel to turn, but Autumn was slow to take her arm away. The skin of our arms gingerly
caressed as she leisurely drew back. I closed my eyes and swallowed hard. It almost felt as if she
lingered her finger tips and teasingly traced them up to my sleeve before she was gone.

I couldn’t help it. I was pissed. I was scared. I was nervous. But I started to get hard.

“Is that why you didn’t, um, say hi?” she asked, almost pouting. “I could have sworn you… saw me…”

What the fuck do I say here? Lying about seemed pointless. But I sure as shit didn’t want to keep
talking about it. “So, we getting close?” God, I sound so rattled…
“Yeah,” she said dejected. “You aren’t gonna, um, tell my parents, right?”

Finally, something I have control over… “Uh, well seeing as you didn’t, um, drink anything… I think
we can just pretend this never happened…” Like I want your parents to see me gawking over their hot
daughter… one of my students…

She sighed, “Thank god!” I couldn’t help but notice she brought her legs back down to the seat.
Against my will, my head turned slightly as I watched her stretch her legs out, running her palms down
her thighs to her knees. Her skirt was still pulled up, and it gave her this almost disheveled… indecent
look. To see between those legs…

Unconsciously I had expected her to straighten the fabric out and pulled it down her legs a bit. My cock
twitched a little harder when I realized she was leaving it like that. I shifted uncomfortably in my seat,
trying vainly to readjust myself so my growing erection wouldn’t show. Please let it be too dark in
here for her to notice…

“It’s um, just up here,” she broke the silence.

My heart skipped a beat. I bit the back of my tongue in irritation. Part of you is disappointed… you
asshole… I pulled up to the side of the street, opting not to be seen going in her driveway. She looked
at me and gave a shy smile as she realized what I was doing.

“Okay then,” I tried to sound light-hearted, looking at her plainly now.

She brushed a strand of hair from her face. “Thank you so much for not, like, making a big deal out of

“Yeah well, just don’t let it happen again, okay?” Sound like a teacher, sound like a teacher, sound like
a teacher…

She bit the bottom of her lip, looking so fucking cute. “I’ll try… but maybe I’ll want to be rescued by
you again…” Her voice quavered a little, like she couldn’t decide whether to say it as a joke or as a

Her innocence mixed oddly with that sexy confidence. Our eyes were locked into each other’s. It only
lasted a second, but it felt like a long and precipitous silence. “Uh- I’ll see you on Monday,” I

She dropped her eyes slightly. At first I thought it was out of shy submission. Then with complete and
utter mortification, I saw her lips tighten as she tried to hide a smile. That’s when I realized she was
staring right at the huge tent in my pants.

I couldn’t move. I felt literally paralyzed. My entire body tensed at the situation, which had the
unfortunate effect having my hard-on flex and move conspicuously. As soon as it happened, Autumn
let out a little gasp and brought her eyes back up to me. That little teenage face was sparkling with glee.
I knew she just had to be pleased with herself.

She opened her mouth to say something, but then closed it with a sly grin. I was so scared at the
situation, so petrified about how she would react, that I didn’t even have time to react to her. Autumn
shifted in her seat, as if getting ready to get out of the car, but then quickly shot a hand over to my

My eyes flew wide open as she put her weight on my leg, tenderly squeezing her fingers into me. She
then leaned right over to me, darting out like a snake, and moved her face up to mine. My mouth was
hanging open a little bit in bewildered surprise. My mind didn’t even have time to put together any
thoughts before she pressed her mouth against my bottom lip.

Reactively I closed my mouth around hers. Not because I wanted to kiss her back; I didn’t even realize
what was happening yet. It seemed to encourage her and I think she actually nibbled on my lower lip.
As fast as it happened, my hand shot out and pressed against her soft stomach. I pushed her away and
she pulled her face back, breaking the kiss.

“Autumn!” I croaked out in shock.

There was this wild look in her eye, like she was burning with adrenaline. She let out a little sigh,
looking straight at me, and bit the tip of her tongue. I felt her right hand come down and grab my
wrist… I was still pressing against her stomach. She pushed my hand down to her lap, but I anxiously
pulled away. Her hand still on mine, she forced me to drag my fingers along an exposed thigh before I
was free.

“What in the hell…!” I blurted.

She quickly leaned away from me and opened the passenger door. “What?” she said coyly as she
scooted out of the car. “You said this like… never happened!” The door slammed shut and she began
trotting up her driveway. I sat in stunned disbelief, watching her tight ass wag as she went.

Before she went out of view around a corner, she spun around and faced my car. She raised her hand up
and wiggled her fingers, giving me a wave. I barely noticed it. I was looking at that taut and bare
stomach, framed by a little shirt and plaid skirt. Then she disappeared.

I looked down in my lap, then grimaced and dropped my head against the back of my seat. There was a
little wet spot in my crotch from the pre-cum dripping anxiously from my raging erection.


So I was a mess. I drove back home in a total daze. I think for the most part, I was in denial. There was
no way that could have happened. How could I have let it come to that? How badly did I *want* it to
come to that? Then there was guilt… Because I had a girlfriend. Because Autumn was my student. I
mean, I was just trying to do the right thing, wasn’t I? I didn’t actually think something like that would

I didn’t freak out. Not right away. Once I got back to my place, I just stumbled into my bedroom. I sat
on the edge of my bed and numbly took off my shoes. My teeth repeatedly ran against my lower lip. At
first I could still taste her lip gloss that wiped onto me. Although it was long gone by now, part of my
mind still thought it was there. The sensation was imprinted in my memory. It was sweet and young. I
wonder if the rest of her tastes that good…
My head fell into my hands, elbows resting on my legs. I took a deep breath to try and clear my head. It
didn’t matter; thoughts barely registered anyway. I leaned up and let my body fall backwards onto the
bed. My hands absentmindedly ran down my legs. I closed my eyes. Maybe I can fall asleep…

I saw her dancing, her gyrating tight body. I saw her sitting in the passenger seat, legs pulled up, skirt
riding up, thighs exposed. I saw her shy smile. Then I saw it melt into a knowing one… full of that
risky teenage assurance. What was she thinking…? It didn’t even register to me when my left hand slid
into my pants.

I replayed our kiss in my imagination as my fingers idly pressed down at the base of my cock. The jolt
of pleasure made me gasp a little. I remembered the feeling of her taut stomach… How badly I wanted
to feel more of her. My senses were a mess. I fantasized about pulling her into me instead of pushing
her away. Somewhere my conscious objected, and even in my imagination I remembered separating
away from her.

I was playing with myself more fervently, my hips rocking a little on the bed. What if she pushed
back… if she resisted my opposition…? I imagined her sexy little tongue running across her lips and
her perfect young body climbing onto me. It was too much. I actually moaned out loud, “No… oh

And then I came. Hard. The kind of come that makes your body convulse against its own will. I soaked
my boxers and pants, desperately tugging on myself, thinking about my own student. My mouth hung
open as it happened, feeling the warmth spread over my lap.

It took me a minute to catch my breath... and to realize what I just let myself do. It was then that I
finally started to freak out. About the thoughts of losing my job, of being prosecuted, of my girlfriend
finding out… of everyone finding out… I was so ashamed. I got off the bed and stripped out of my
soaked clothes, dumping them in the hamper with disdain.

My body was shaking from fear and apprehension as I got into the shower. I have no idea how long I
stood in there, hot water pouring over my body. I stayed in to try and relax, let the heat take away some
of the stress. I tried to rationalize. My gears were spinning as fast as possible, trying to find a way out
of the mess I was in. I didn’t do anything wrong. She threw herself at *me*! All I have to do is
discreetly tell her to back off, or I will get *her* in trouble…

I knew it was only partially true. There was no denying that I wanted her. It didn’t take too long before
I was hard again. I jacked off to her a second time for the night, right there in the shower.

It wouldn’t be the last time.

I couldn’t sleep. You know when you get restless, and just keep tossing over and over? You’re tired as
shit, but you just can’t help but lie awake. As the night goes on, you get those brief moments of rest…
but it’s even worse, ‘cause you have the exact same dream. Over. And over. And over again.

That’s what was happening to me. I was back in the bar, watching Autumn dance. I kept telling my
friends I was going to go over to her to tell her she had to go. It was almost like a movie; I helplessly
watched myself do it, even though in the back of my awareness, I knew what would happen, and that I
needed to escape. Nope.
Out of sheer desperation, I masturbated myself in the bed. Not just once. Not even twice. Probably
damn near every time I woke up. At first I tried to at least use tissues or something… Eventually I
didn’t care. I was pissed off and delirious. I came in my boxers. I came on the sheets. I couldn’t stop
thinking about how fucked I was. About how bad I wanted to be fucked. By my student.

The next day I had plans to spend some time with my girlfriend. I debated whether that was a good
idea. On one hand, maybe she could take my mind off of things… On the other hand, I was so wracked
with guilt and apprehension that I couldn’t deal with it. I told her I was feeling sick and called it off.

The rest of the weekend was a dull blur. At some point I was lying on my bed, exhausted. Heather
called and said she was going to come over and check on me. Somehow I persuaded her to stay away.
Clearly I was too sick; I might be contagious. Just wait a few days. My room smells like sweat and sex.

I even thought about calling in sick to work. The closer Monday came, the more I dreaded seeing
Autumn. Eventually I resolved to go in; because if I didn’t show up, then she would know why. Like
hell I was going to willingly let her think that she had any power over me. Even if she does.

When I went to bed Sunday night, I actually managed to convince myself to be somewhat confident.
My attempts to rationalize and belittle the importance of the event were at least mildly successful. I was
sure that, once back in the familiar domain of my classroom, I would be able to assert my authority
over Autumn. I would tell her after class, in no uncertain terms, that I had zero interest in her. And that
given the circumstances, I am willing to forget her transgression and not get her in trouble. Yeah, like I
was a victim. I’d *love* to be her victim…

Monday arrived. Things were going well in the morning… Even if I was glancing at the clock every
three minutes, mentally calculating the time left until Autumn’s arrival. At least I didn’t feel nervous.
Not until the bell rang anyway. Then my heartbeat began to pick up and my anxiety crept around my
chest. She had five minutes to get into the room. Each time the door swung open, I glanced over. Shots
of relief and irritation flashed through me each time it wasn’t her.

I’m not sure exactly what I felt when she did come in. Part of me expected her to enter wearing
something scandalous, something sexy and revealing. After all, that’s how I’ve been picturing her all
weekend. So it was almost anti-climactic when she waltzed in wearing just jeans and a sweatshirt.
Never mind the fact that a little bit of me was disappointed. Wasn’t she trying to seduce me, after all?

Not that I wanted her to be or anything…

Class proceeded at a fair routine. Autumn was almost… boring. All weekend, I had imagined her in
some revealing outfit, showing off that teenage body. Sometimes she would be insinuatingly sucking
on a lollipop, smiling at me, showing off her skin… But there was nothing. I’m not even sure if she
really looked at me. Of course I kept stealing looks at her… But the most I got out of her was a shy
smile when I caught her doodling.

As the end of the period drew near, I felt my palms getting a little sweaty. It was ridiculous. I was
planning on telling Autumn to stay after the bell for a minute. Then I would put an end to whatever was
happening. I don’t know if her nonchalant demeanor made me more nervous or less. Part of it made me
feel stupid. Maybe I was completely overreacting. Bullshit. She kissed me for fuck’s sake. I actually felt
nervous about approaching her though… Yeah, intimidated by my own teenage student. My own hot,
flirty teenage student.
Ring. Class was over. All sound was drowned out by the din of a roomful of hungry students shuffling
out of their seats and heading for the door. I caught Autumn’s attention to tell her to come to my desk,
but she was already on her way. Gulp.

She had a paper in her hand. “I worked on my story over the weekend,” she said sweetly, stretching out
to hand it to me.

“Oh, that’s good. Actually I was hoping I could speak with you a minute about it. Before you go.” I
took the paper.

“Um, I guess so…” She said it like she was annoyed, but I knew there was a flirty little smile under
there. Or do I just *want* there to be one…

Before I could respond, two of my other students approached my desk, waving their papers. It was
some of my college-bound overachievers. Shit. I knew I would never hear the end of their bitching
sycophancy. They immediately piped up, saying they wanted to talk about their submissions as well.

Autumn rolled her eyes and looked expectantly at me. She knows. There was no way I could talk to her
about… it… in front of any other students. And the others weren’t going to leave anytime soon. I tried
to tell them that I would talk to them after I looked over their own comments, but no, they had to speak
with me now.

Autumn interrupted, “It’s okay, I’ll go. We can talk about it later if you want. You should probably
read my new stuff first anyway…”

I couldn’t find the wherewithal to argue with her. She left the classroom. I watched her go. I hadn’t
noticed before, but her jeans were pretty tight after all. Such a nice ass… For a brief moment I forgot
that there were other students there, looking at me. Looking at me looking at her. I felt my face start to
grow hot as I turned to face them. Fearing they knew my thoughts, I blurted, “You know, you are
capable of waiting your turn, instead of running your peers off.”
They suddenly squirmed into bashful apologies, not wanting to be on my bad side when their grade
was on the line. Kiss-asses.

I was rather abrupt and terse with them for the next fifteen minutes. Mostly from my own emotional
state, but I’m pretty confident they thought I was just irritated at their manners. I breathed an annoyed
sigh as soon as they left and the room was empty. Rubbing my temples with one hand, I slid my desk
drawer open and pulled out my lunch, tossing it on the desk.

Then I saw her paper.

My heart skipped a beat. Don’t read it now. Whatever it is, just read it after school. At home… You
wouldn’t read any other student’s paper at lunch. I pushed my chair back and stood up, resolving to go
to the teacher’s lounge and put all this out of my head. But I didn’t even make it to the hallway before I
turned around and sunk back into my chair with an irritated grunt.

There was no helping myself. I pulled the paper up and saw a written comment from her, scrawled
under mine in big bubbly letters that only a teenage girl would do.
“I still think my plot is good. It can keep adding on in fun ways. Just try the next part.”

So she didn’t change her submission at all. Shit. I thumbed through the pages until I got to the newest
addition, freshly stables onto the back. My dick started involuntarily twitching before I read the first

‘She was so sure that she saw him staring at her in the gym… Could he really be interested? As the
week went on, she started to doubt herself. Maybe she was imagining it… Maybe it was even wishful

What the hell was this? My brain tried to process the thought that she was actually going to push this
further. I skimmed through the pages, past her ruminating about seeing her teacher in a different light…
On to the bar…

‘So she danced on in her little schoolgirl outfit. She knew all the older men were looking at her. It
wasn’t the first time it had happened. She liked it, but for some reason it just wasn’t as thrilling as
being watched by *him*, like on the treadmill… As she twisted and turned, her eyes closed and
picturing him, she almost thought she imagined hearing his voice call out her name. She looked
anyway and felt like a bucket of cold water was thrown on her when she actually saw her teacher…
another encounter!’

Uh huh, very clever. Or maybe I didn’t think that. My thought process was probably more to the effect
of: holy shit, she was fantasizing about me?

As desperate as I was to read every word, I restlessly flipped the page and skipped ahead a little. She
talked about being nervous about having to leave the bar. About her parents finding out. About getting
into her teacher’s car. She talked about trying to flirt a little while driving, then feeling embarrassed
about it. It was always so easier to read boys her age.

‘When they pulled up to her house, she couldn’t ignore the butterflies in her stomach. She wasn’t sure.
She *thought* he might like her. He seemed so flustered… not at all like he is when he’s teaching. She
looked down and was about to say goodbye when she saw it. He was excited for her. Her heart swelled
into her chest with inward pleasure. She thought about saying something about it… she almost did…
But without even thinking, she just leaned forward and kissed him!’

My mouth was dry as I read her version of the events. I kept shifting awkwardly in my seat, squirming
from my pounding hard-on. I couldn’t believe this. This was terrible. This was amazing…

She detailed how I… or rather, “the teacher,” kissed her back. And how much she liked it. As she left
and went back into her house, she was so happy. But she didn’t want to freak him out, so she would
play it down at school. But she couldn’t wait until their next encounter somewhere.

‘Maybe she would leave it to fate. But maybe she would have to take fate into her own hands…’

Okay. A little over-dramatic. What do you expect from a high-schooler? But who gives a rat’s ass. I
wasn’t thinking objectively about the quality of her writing. I was thinking, rather haphazardly, that
Autumn wanted to fuck me.

But then I thought, she never actually said anything about having sex. That’s just what you want her to


The day couldn’t end soon enough. Loath as I was to admit it, but I was desperate to get home. I
needed time to read her paper again, thoroughly this time. And I wanted to make sure I would be alone.
No students walking in. No other teachers. Just me. And my fantasies about Autumn. With my hand
down my pants.

And that’s just what happened. No sooner was I in my door that I had thrown all my things to the side
except for Autumn’s paper. I sank into the couch, irritated at my own hustle but powerless to do
anything about it. My dick was already throbbing in my slacks, ever since I got in my car. I couldn’t
stop muttering to myself about how deep of shit I was in with Autumn… About how to get the little
tease to stop. I was burning for her.

My body was so on edge that I barely got through a few paragraphs before my hips jerked and I came
forcefully in my clothes. God, I can’t even help myself. With the tension released, I once again was
flooded with guilt and fear of what was happening. I had to stop this somehow. She can’t keep writing
this story… or worse, thinking that whatever was happening could be allowed to continue.

At first I resolved to confront her the next day at school. I would find a way to get her alone, no matter
what. Then I realized, to hell with that. I’d wait a few days. Make her sweat it out. Nonchalance and
disinterest was the way to go. I wasn’t going to come off desperate in front of her. Not anymore than I
already have…

Of course, that didn’t stop my curiosity from getting the better of me later that evening. After I ate
some dinner, I rummaged through the closet and found the previous class’s yearbook. I thumbed
through the pages and found her photo. She definitely looked younger; a year is a long time for a
teenager. Still definitely cute; although I would have never started obsessing over her. Hell, I never
would have now if it wasn’t for that day at the gym…

I continued to turn through the pages, taking in all of the larger pictures entered into the book: events,
clubs, random snapshots of high school life. I ignored the part of myself that was calling me a pervert
for what I was looking for. Especially when I came upon what I wanted.

I didn’t know if there’d be another picture of Autumn somewhere in the yearbook. But there was. She
was standing in the middle of two other girls at some sports game; all their arms upraised showing
“number one”. She was wearing these tiny shorts and a tank-top, which pulled up to show her flat
stomach from her pose.

Her friends didn’t even register to me. They were probably just as cute. One even had nicer tits. But I
didn’t care at all about them (the girls, not the tits). I just saw her. Her innocent face, that tight little
body. I don’t know what I got off on more: those little shorts showing off her legs, or all that young
skin bared from her shirt. Or maybe it was just that I was so helpless that I couldn’t stop jerking off to
her no matter what. That I’d resort to digging up a picture from her as a junior to get my fix… It was so
fucked up. But it made me come so hard though.

I was so mad at myself. But I didn’t pretend like I could stop anymore. All I cared about was giving
Autumn the impression that I didn’t want her. I could deal with my own feelings until the end of the
school year, and then it’d be over. That didn’t mean I couldn’t rip that page out of the yearbook and
stuff it in drawer under my bed. I knew I’d need to use it again later…

The next few days were awkward. I kept to my plan of playing cool in class and not confronting
Autumn right away. Even though every day I saw her, my nerves rattled and demanded I just get it over
with. But nothing interesting happened. She didn’t wear anything outrageous. She didn’t flirt with me
or really give me any signs at all.

Every once in awhile I’d see a sly little look from her, but I was convinced that I had imagined it. Let’s
face it. I’d been jerking off to her every day now. As much as I didn’t want her to be serious about the
whole thing… I wanted to see her give me a signal.

I finally got something on Thursday. Another student asked if I had read their latest revisions on their
stories. As soon as he asked, I carefully eyed Autumn’s reaction. Her eyes shot up from her paper that
she’d been scribbling on. She was interested! This thought was accompanied simultaneously by an
exuberant ‘yes!’ and terrified ‘shit!’

I answered that I still had a couple submissions left. They would be finished by the end of the school
day, and I’d hand them back on Friday. If they were truly desperate, they could come in after the last
bell and pick it up early. I already knew at least a handful of students would take me up on it. What I
was curious about, obviously, was if she would.

The minutes dragged on slowly for the rest of the afternoon, that very question weighing on my mind
the entire time. School ended at 2:00. At 2:05, the first few students trickled in. Some just wanted their
papers right away and left. Others stayed to look over them and discuss them with me. Ordinarily I
would have told them to wait at least a day, if not the whole weekend, before jumping to questions.
Today however, I was generous with my time. I kept eyeing the door. Just in case...

By 2:30, my room was once again empty. She didn’t show up. My edgy anticipation finally wore off,
and I assumed I’d have a break of it until tomorrow. I got up from my desk and started putting my
things together to leave. So my stomach did a total flip when I suddenly heard, from behind me, a
young girl’s voice chirp, “Oh good, I’m not too late!”

I didn’t need to turn around to know who it was. “Ah Autumn, how may I help you?”

“I was hoping to get my paper.” She had walked up to my desk now. It was all I could do not to spin
around and take her in the second I knew she was at the door. Be calm, be casual…

“Of course,” I rummaged through a binder (as if I didn’t have hers placed for convenient access
already). “Although I noticed you didn’t follow my instruction…”

Her eager features faded, clouded by vague unease. “What do you mean?”

You’re in charge here, make sure it stays that way. “Well, we discussed that your initial prompt didn’t
have much in the way of direction…”

“What are you talking about!” she blurted, almost offended. “I wrote a whole second part! It continues
“Actually, if you take the time to read my comments, it almost comes off as a completely separate
story… just tacked onto the first.” This wasn’t completely true, and I felt guilty about compromising
my teaching integrity… but there were greater stakes at play here.

She snatched the paper from my hand. “That’s like, totally unfair! It completely fits together!” The
pages flipped angrily through her fingers as her eyes buzzed over each line I marked in. Before I could
respond, her eyes slowly rose up and leveled at my gaze. “And you know it.”

Oh. Crap. I was almost chilled by her sudden determination and confidence. Or maybe it was just me
being a nervous wreck on the inside. I stared at her blankly for a moment, no words coming to mind.

“Is this about something else?” she asked flatly.

Okay, no more games. “Look Autumn, this paper is, um, inappropriate…”


I almost scoffed. “Because…” What could I even say?

“Because I think the writing is really good,” she interrupted.

“Like I said, it’s not the writing so much as the subject matter…”

“Well it totally fits the prompt! Do I need to show it to another English teacher to prove it?”

C-r-a-p! “That’s uh, not necessary…”

She cocked her neck a little bit, trying to hide a smug little smile. “So what’s the problem?”

“Look Autumn, I’m not sure what- what you think is going on here. I have been willing to overlook
your, um, indiscretion from the other night…”

Her mouth snapped shut and her cheeks turned bright red.

“…but whatever it is, it is going to stop. It has stopped.” There. Firm, in charge.

She stared at me, angry at not finding any words. Her gaze dropped down to her paper and she finally
spoke, “I don’t see what that has to do with this.” And she shook the paper for emphasis.

Was she joking? “This isn’t a game, Autumn.”

“What? You think this would actually happen? A high school teacher getting excited over his little
student? That’s pretty unlikely. And isn’t that, like, the whole point of the story?” She dripped with

And there it was again. That sudden flare of excitement and certainty in her eyes. That look she got
when she knew she wanted something. I needed to take control. “That’s right, it wouldn’t happen,
“So there’s no problem then, right?” she quickly interjected.

At that moment, one of the other teacher’s from down the hall poked her head in the door. Autumn and
I both looked over.

“Oh sorry,” my colleague apologized, “I didn’t think you’d still be with your students…”

“It’s okay Ms. Hendrix, we were just finishing up.” Autumn turned and gave me a sour smile. “Thanks
for like, seeing it my way. I’m really excited to see how the story turns out.”

She was already walking away from me and towards the door before I could respond. My muscles
tensed. I didn’t want this to end with her having the last word, but I suddenly felt extremely
uncomfortable even broaching the topic with another instructor in the room.

At that moment I felt defeated. For better or for worse, I allowed myself to be convinced that there
wasn’t much I could do. I wasn’t sure if she was bluffing about showing the paper to another teacher.
Even if she did, it didn’t prove anything. But my obsession over the recent weeks was too powerful to
think through it clearly. It had to stay a secret, even if that meant allowing her to continue writing. All I
had to do was stay away from her. I could do that, right?


Actually, it turns out the answer was a resounding no. It took only until the next day. Class proceeded
uneventfully; I couldn’t bring myself to try and confront Autumn again about the paper. I was afraid of
how she’d react. The previous night was wracked with nightmares of her telling another teacher, and
everyone finding out how bad I wanted her. I’d wake up, sweaty and angry. I took out my frustration
by jerking off to her. What a surprise.

The most notable thing that occurred was that it was sunny. This meant Autumn came to school
wearing a showy pair of little shorts. I tried to ignore them and not think about those delicious legs,
tantalizing thighs… and what was between them. All I had to do was get through the day, and at least
I’d have the weekend away from her. I was even going to spend some time with my girlfriend; let a real
woman expel these unending thoughts about a girl.

That evening, Heather and I went to the movies. We were both tired from the work week and didn’t
feel like doing anything too extravagant. For some reason, I had the tremendous brain fart to not realize
the theater would be full of high school kids on an opening weekend. I guess it’s never been a problem
before. Hell, it wouldn’t even be now, as long as she wasn’t there. And what would be the odds of that

At least that’s what I kept telling myself as we drove there. No sooner had we parked that my eyes
were ceaselessly scouting out all the packs of kids. Young girls were everywhere, some in groups,
some with dates. Every time I saw a tight little body in short shorts, my heart skipped a beat until I
realized it wasn’t her. I felt horribly guilty, hoping my girlfriend didn’t think I was trying to check
them all out.

We got in line to buy some tickets. I tried not to let my nerves show through. So far, I had not seen any
sign of her. But I knew I couldn’t relax until I was safe in the darkness of the theater. What would she
do anyway? What am I scared of? My mind trailed off briefly, but I was jolted back to reality hearing a
large outcry of giggling.

I looked behind me in the line and saw a group of girls talking with some boys. You know how it is,
young people always talking louder because they think other people want to see them. At first it was
nothing, and I started to look away, but at the last moment I saw that familiar pair of shorts. Or perhaps
those more familiar young legs; the ones I’d been masturbating to all week.

She wasn’t facing towards me, but either from cosmic bad luck or her getting that sixth sense of
someone watching her, she turned her head. Her eyes flickered a nervous excitement the moment she
identified me. It was obvious I recognized her, but I jerked my head anxiously away regardless.
Smooth dumbass, now she *really* knows. We were almost at the ticket window.

I wasn’t going to look again, but I did put my arm around Heather’s waist and gave her a squeeze. She
didn’t think anything of it particularly; I hoped Autumn was watching and got the idea. We bought two
tickets for some horror flick and got ready to go in. There was a pack of people streaming out of the
theater, as a movie must have just ended. I cocked my ear behind me once I realized Autumn’s group
was at the window.

“Come on guys, let’s see the scary one instead. The comedy looks totally dumb.”

Oh give me a break. She must have heard me order. There’s no other way… Was she serious? Even
with my girlfriend with me? I hurried us inside the building, anxious to get to our theater and hide in
some dark corner. But no, there was a line.

We got into it and started waiting. Heather was making conversation about something, but I can’t
remember what the hell about. It was all I could do to hide my own distraction. I really did not want
Autumn to see the same film as us. My eyes kept darting back to the door, waiting for her group to
come in; hoping they’d go into a different line. When the door finally swung open, I saw them mill
around a bit and finally get in place in our line, several places behind. Damn it!

Maybe I was overreacting. Like I said, what the hell could she do? But try to put yourself in my shoes.
As ridiculous as it may sound, I was more and more afraid of this girl. Not for what she could do to me,
but how she made me feel about her. Guilt, lust, everything swirled around inside of me. My girlfriend
being right next to me just made it seem that much more scandalous.

Just let us inside! The fifteen-year-old tenant at the head of the line, looking bored as ever, seemed like
he held way too much power at just that moment. After some length he shuffled by the podium and
started letting people into the theater, taking their tickets one by one. About damn time. As Heather and
I finally got into the screening room, I attempted to get her to sit in a corner, or at least the side of a
row. There were still too many open seats though, and she insisted that we get a better view by sitting
in the middle somewhere.

I relented, not having any decent excuse to counter otherwise. By now I’m sure you can guess what I
was afraid of. More people came in and filled up the seats. Then the group of high-schoolers entered. I
tried to slouch a little and hide my presence. Damn it, I should’ve gone back out to take a leak or
something, what was I thinking!? There was a largely empty row near the front where it looked like the
whole gaggle of them would sit. I couldn’t help but strain my focus to hear Autumn complain that was
too far up and close to the screen. My heartbeat began to speed up, realizing she said it while looking
up and seeing Heather. Please not up here, please not up here… I slouched further and rested my head
in my hand, trying to cover my face. It was no use. Some of them sat down below, but another five of
them came up near me. It was no surprise when Autumn came scooting down the aisle first, finally
forcing me to catch her eye.

“Is this seat taken?” she asked me innocently, as if I were a stranger.

“Go ahead,” I mumbled half-assedly, trying my best to appear wholly uninterested in her.

I recognized some of her friends from school, but none of them were my students. I wondered if any of
them noticed they were sitting near a teacher. From their carefree attitude, I felt that they were too
oblivious. At least they didn’t recognize me. I leaned over to my right side and asked Heather what
time it was. The movie would start in just a few minutes. I couldn’t wait.

Nothing unusual happened for a little while. The lights dimmed and the show started. Autumn hadn’t
paid me any mind after sitting down, and I was almost starting to feel okay about it. There’s nothing
she can do anyway, what am I so worried about? The first strike came when she brought her arm down
on the shared armrest between us.

I was already resting there, and the length of her skin laid down along mine. The sudden touch startled
me and I jerked my hand away. She did the same and whispered, ‘sorry’. Okay, harmless accident, no
big deal. I tried to concentrate on the movie. Even though it was dark, I could still see the faint outline
of her legs in the seat next to me. I had a hard time restraining myself not to keep catching peeks at

As the movie went on, she stretched out both her arms until they were taut for a few seconds, then re-
shifted in her seat. When she brought down her right hand, she lazily let it drop down into my personal
space. Her fingers grazed across my thigh and then shyly shot back to her lap. Now might be a good
time to mention that I changed into shorts before I left to the theater…

The feeling of her fingertips was a shock. I gave her an irritated glare (which probably just looked
confused), and she made a silent but exaggerated frown as if to say ‘oops’. I turned back to the movie,
even more flustered than before. Honestly I thought maybe that’d be it. There are only so many times
you can accidentally touch someone, you know? What I didn’t predict was that she’d drop the pretense.

It was an older place and the seats didn’t have built-in cup holders. She was handed a large drink from
one of her friends and she took a big sip. She then leaned down to place it on the floor, between me and
her. I tried to keep my eyes on the screen, but I couldn’t help watching her every movement. And I
couldn’t fucking believe what happened next. Once she put it down, she boldly traced her fingers up
my calf as she leaned up and back into her seat. She brushed me all the way up to my knee before she
let go and resumed her natural position.

My stomach flipped and my eyes peeled wide. Holy fuck. Did she really do that? First I looked at
Heather; she was thankfully absorbed in the movie. Then I looked again at Autumn, who pretended like
I wasn’t even there. I swallowed hard, my mouth going completely dry. This is insane. How can I stop
her? What if someone sees?

At this point I don’t think I was even registering what happened on the screen. My mind was racing
like I was some inexperienced kid about to get caught doing something wrong. She’s my student for
fuck’s sake! Why is this happening? It didn’t take long until she went for it again. She rested her arm at
the base of her seat and reached her hand over to me under the armrest.

You could barely see what she was doing unless you looked. I was of course. God, not again… Her
hand reached to the underside of my knee. With two or three fingers, she tickled my skin there. It was
so sensitive that it sent waves up my leg. My body tensed in mortification. I was afraid to just grab her
arm; someone would see. But she didn’t stop. Oh no… it feels good…

I couldn’t deny the gentle touch was having more than a ticklish effect on me. Whether it was just what
she was doing, or whether it was because of everything else, I started to get hard. My heart sank at the
realization. I finally managed to shift in my seat, pushing my legs away from her. She drew her hand
away. Silently, I breathed in a huge sigh and looked over at her.

She brought her fingers back to her own leg and traced them up her thigh, teasingly stopping at the hem
of those tiny shorts. She knew I was looking. Reluctantly I looked up at her eyes and saw her biting her
lower lip, surreptitiously looking back at me. My fists clenched in frustration and I put them over my
lap. I can’t let her see it.

It seemed that she left me alone for another ten or fifteen minutes. I tried to relax and will my erection
away. But the more I thought about it, the worse it got. I was actually getting harder against my will. It
was insane. I was so embarrassed; the whole situation was so wrong. And it was making me hotter. I
couldn’t help but think about her body and all my fantasies I’d been having about her. And now here
she was, next to me. There was no denying that this would fuel my growing obsession even worse.

I saw she put her arm on the rest between us. I literally felt the increased thump in my chest. She lightly
tapped her fingers along it, then she rolled her arm and started idly picking her nails with her thumb.
She’s fucking teasing me… I knew something was coming. As much as I dreaded it, I felt even worse
about hopelessly anticipating it. It was so twisted.

Her arm inched closer over into my seat until finally it quietly dropped down into my lap. She turned
her hand around so her palm rested against my thigh. I bit the back of my tongue as it happened,
wondering how I would get out of it this time. My shorts mostly bordered between our skin, but her
fingers reached out across the fabric and lightly scratched the top of my bare leg. The movement also
let her pull my shorts up a little bit, allowing her more access.

I cautiously moved one of my hands over to push her away. She slid down to the outer side of my leg
and traced along my thigh. The feeling was electric and went straight up my leg and into my cock. A
shiver went through my body which made my hard-on jump even worse. I looked up and over at
Heather to see if she noticed.

She hadn’t… yet. But she sensed my gaze and looked at me. I felt light-headed; I was about to get it
now. I forced a weak smile at her. She returned it blithely unaware and turned back to the screen. All
the while, Autumn’s fingers traced and tickled along my left thigh. I tried to swallow down the huge
lump in my throat. I can’t believe she didn’t notice! Finally I managed to get control of myself and I
grabbed Autumn’s hand with my own, pushing it away.

She offered a light, teasing resistance. I forced her arm back to her own lap, pressing her hand down on
her leg. She pulled out of my grip and my hand slid down to touch her naked skin. Oh wow… I only
stayed there for a moment, closing my eyes in disbelief. My fingers involuntarily squeezed her thigh
before I managed to slowly drag my fingers off of her. I didn’t feel my heartbeat in my chest anymore.
I only felt in between my legs.

My girlfriend still hadn’t noticed. When’s this damn movie end? I watched on in anxious irritation. I
wanted nothing more than to get the hell out of this theater and away from Autumn. Well, besides
fucking Autumn anyway… I rubbed my temples. God, I couldn’t think like that. Why did I want her so
bad? My entire body was flushed with heat. I realized I was thirsty as hell.

I thought about getting up to go get a drink; that would even get me away from her. I abandoned the
idea in short order though. What if she followed me out? Maybe I could scold her… That might even
be good. But then I abandoned the idea. There was no way I was going to get up right that minute. I
would walk right in front of a bunch of students, including Autumn, with an uncontrollable erection.

And so I continued to wait. You can say what you want about me. There was probably something I
could have done. Everything is easy in retrospect. But at the time I was petrified of someone seeing
what was happening. Because if someone saw, they would obviously see that I liked it. Nobody will
care if I say I didn’t want to like it. And there goes my life, branded as a pervert teacher.

I could tell the climactic scene was about to occur. The final showdown between the main villain and
hero was fast approaching. This was the only relief I got: knowing it would be over soon. My mind
mostly turned on trying to squash my throbbing dick. I tried to think of other stuff. All thoughts were
replaced with Autumn. How will I hide it after the movie ends? I figured it wouldn’t be so bad if I
shoved my hands in my pockets right away. With Heather behind me, she wouldn’t even notice. I’d be
okay by the time we got to the car… Or I’d just say I was frisky for her.

Here came the big gross-out scene. The hero had a chain around his neck, choking him. His face
swelled and his eyes bulged. It looked like the villain was going to reach in and pop his eyeballs,
forcing everyone to squirm as the scene dragged on. Heather, being sensitive about exploding pupils,
covered her face with her hands, cracking her fingers to peak every five seconds or so to see if it was

I felt a tap on my left side (I jumped; Autumn being the only one that could scare me during this
movie). Reluctantly I looked over at her. She craned her neck to look around me to see Heather’s
plight. Then she looked back at me with a tiny grin and motioned for me to lean down to her. She
wanted to say something. Everything told me to ignore her… I won’t even bother make excuses for
why I leaned into her seat to let her whisper something.

So, guarded as I could be, I carefully bent over the arm rest and tilted my head. I made sure to keep my
eyes on the screen, as if that’s what I was really interested in. My senses were on red alert. I could
practically feel her body shift as she brought her lips to my ear. I waited anxiously for her to say
something, but all I got was her warm breath on the side of my face.

Then, very softly, she pressed even closer. I could smell her now. Images of our brief kiss were
conjured in my mind, but then she finally whispered, “Don’t worry… I’m not scared…”

I wasn’t sure whether or not she was talking about Heather or me. My mind tried to sort it out, frozen
in place, when Autumn slyly moved closer and wrapped her lips around my earlobe. Everything slowed
way down for an instant. All that existed was the hot, wet feeling on my skin. It seemed like it took
forever for her lips to part, but then she ran the tip of her tongue along the edge of my ear, up a little
ways, then off of me.
She leaned back in her seat.

I slowly, dazedly, leaned back up into mine.

The movie punctuated with a loud crash; no eyeballs were exploded after all. I saw movement to my
right, and realized Heather had just now taken her hands away and watched freely. My mind was
wholly blank… it couldn’t even catch up to be in denial yet. I just sat there, still feeling the wetness on
the side of my face. For a minute or two, I think I even forgot about my raging dick.

It was that sensation that brought me to my senses. My hard-on was practically twitching, it was so
desperate for attention. I realized I wasn’t doing a very good job of covering it anymore and quickly
pulled my hands over my lap again. God damn it. I knew Autumn saw it. She had to have. I couldn’t
bring myself to look at her. I’m such a mess.

The rest of the movie was a daze. It wrapped up fairly quickly, thankfully. There were no more come-
ons from my little teenage tease. As the lights came on, most of her friends got up right away. She
waited an extra minute. I couldn’t afford to keep sitting and let both her and my girlfriend see the huge
tent in my shorts. So I took the lesser of two evils; I stood up and turned left to face out the aisle.

I saw her little smile as she watched my waist rise from the seat. It was obvious she saw it well before I
managed to stuff my hands in my pockets. Whatever, she already knows… By now I was just trying to
hide it from my girlfriend. Autumn then stood up and brought her eyes up to my own, raising her
eyebrows a little bit in mock surprise. She turned away from me and started walking past the seats. I

I made a conscious effort not to stare at her tight ass as she moved in front of me. Maybe that’s why I
didn’t notice her make a deliberate stop and take a small step back, pretending like she dropped
something. I did notice the pressure of her ass as it pushed into my waist, against the erection I was
desperately trying to hide. I had to swallow back a groan of surprise and lust. By now it was so fucking
sensitive that the slightest touch drove me up the wall. What I would do to bend her over without those

Once out of the aisle, I managed to lead Heather away from the pack of teens and escape from Autumn.
I did my best to hurry us to the car and get the hell out of there. It didn’t take her long to see my still-
hard cock once we were inside and driving. I made some lame comment about horror movies always
turning me on. She laughed, blissfully unaware of the real source of my arousal. She teased me a bit
through my shorts as I drove, and I couldn’t help but to imagine Autumn back in the car with me,
playing with me as I brought her home.

That night, back at my place, I fucked my Heather like an animal. It was all I could do not to groan out
Autumn’s name as I came into my girlfriend.

So really, things only got worse. As you could probably guess, the rest of the weekend was a mess. I
closeted myself inside for fear of having any kind of run-in with Autumn. The way things were going, I
wasn’t willing to put anything up to chance just then. Not that staying home had any effect on subduing
my thinking about her. Heather had stayed the night. She was feeling generous and we fucked one more
time before we went to bed. Again, I thought about my student and had another mind-blowing

At some point I even woke up in the middle of the night, sweating from a replay of Autumn’s young
lips around my ear, her soft whisper taunting me… I was so restless that I had to sneak out of the bed
and into the bathroom to quietly jerk off. Yeah I was ashamed of myself, but I was also getting used to
it by now.

The rest of the weekend wasn’t much different, except once Heather left, I could at least dig out the
picture I found of Autumn to fuel my fantasies. I was losing control fast. There was still probably a
month left of school before summer; I couldn’t stand to think about how long I could put up with her.
Would she keep pushing the boundaries? Did I want her to? Is my only real fear just getting caught…?

I did my best to maintain my composure the following week at school. One moment had me walking
down the hall when I recognized a couple of the students that were with Autumn at the movies.
Although they saw me, their eyes passed me over just like they would any other obstacles in the
hallway. I breathed an inward sigh of relief, happy that I didn’t receive any odd looks or giggles. Good,
maybe nobody else knows… If they did, I was doomed.

My classes went by comfortably enough, with the one obvious exception. As cool as I tried to be, I
couldn’t stop myself from being at least a little flustered and on edge whenever Autumn was nearby. I
hoped it was only something I could notice; that my students couldn’t tell if I was off my game. Not
that they could possibly know why… Unless they saw how my body stiffened every time she came in
the room. And how I had to avert my eyes to stop myself from checking her out.

Wednesday brought new submissions for their stories. I was still resigned to allowing Autumn to
continue her current work. It was obvious that she would write about our experience in the theater. I
was just about as scared to read it as I was guiltily looking forward to it.

‘She couldn’t believe he saw him at the theater. What were the odds? She almost wondered if he
overheard her talking about going to the movies, and then made sure he would be there too. Her body
tingled at the thought, but she was confused why he brought another woman. She decided she would
try to make him excited again… she was desperate to see *it* once more.’

I swallowed hard and read on and she described in detail her excited emotions when she touched me,
whispered to me, licked me… I couldn’t help but to stroke myself as I read it.

‘She asked her friends in his other classes if he was acting weird when teaching. They said they didn’t
notice anything and asked her why. She told them that she must be imagining things. But she hoped…
knew… that it was because of her. Did he think about her as much as she did him?’

I came then. The thought of her, somewhere else, thinking sexually about me… maybe even getting off
on me, like I did to her… It was just too much. It was almost scary how on fire I was for her. When
grading her paper, I had to consider long and hard how to write comments. I actually toyed with the
idea of writing subtle innuendos back to her. Of course I came to my senses and realized that was
insane. I settled on complete neutrality, almost only marking grammatical or syntax errors

Heather emailed me that week, wanting to set up a date to try out a new restaurant that opened up in
town recently. No big deal, right? I tried to think up an excuse not to go. I just knew with my luck that
Autumn would be there. But I convinced myself that the chances were next to none. I couldn’t let her
rule my life. Maybe some actual alone-time with Heather will do me some good… Never mind what I
had been thinking about the last time I was alone with her.

So we went. It wasn’t a fancy place or anything; it’s not like it was a big deal. It was just something
casual to do, spend a little time out, then probably end up back at one of our places. You know how it
goes. When we got there, I didn’t even see many young people, so I was feeling fairly secure. I was
having a nice conversation with my girlfriend, the kind I can share with an adult, not a teenager. It was
like I wasn’t even thinking about Autumn. Much.

We had already ordered and were waiting for our food when the now-seemingly inevitable happened.
The hostess was escorting two young couples down the aisle we were seated at. They came up from
behind me, so I didn’t see them right away. There was only one open booth left, so it was obvious
where they were going. I didn’t realize, or even think, it would be her right away. But I looked over as
they walked by, in that way you always do when people are around.

She was wearing this small, white summer dress. It came down just above her knees and hugged those
young curves around her hips and ass. I saw her do a double take when she noticed Heather, then she
turned around and saw me. As the hostess was seating them, she made a last minute insistence that she
wanted to sit on the side of the table that faced my direction. It was then I realized her dress was fairly
low cut, and I could see the outline of those perky breasts… How the hell did she end up here…? One
of the boys tried to gesture to let her slide inside the booth, but she made sure to sit on the outside edge
instead. She got this impish smirk on her face as she sat down and her eyes briefly flickered across my
table and into my stare. I jerked my head back to Heather and bit the back of my tongue. This is
impossible. There’s no way she could have known. At least she’s with a boy… Even if he is a gangly
looking guy… Was I jealous?

I tried in vain to keep my eyes on my own girlfriend. But Autumn barely had to try to force me into
sneaking little glances at her. She made no effort to hide her legs under the table. They even swung out
of the seat a little bit. She toyed with the fabric of her dress along her left leg, pulling it up and back
down in little circles. It was effortless, maybe even absent-minded. But I was enthralled. Her flawless
skin contrasted so exquisitely against the white material… How badly I wanted to see all those thighs,
to dive in between them…

Okay, this isn’t like the theater. I have to focus. Checking out another girl would annoy Heather
enough. Checking out a teenage girl would be disaster. Checking out your own teenage student… Well,
shit. I zoned back into whatever story my actual date was talking about. It was something about an
annoying coworker. I gave my head an obligatory shake to sympathize with her.

Our food was brought to us. Now Autumn was idly chewing on one of her nails. As if on queue,
realizing I was looking, she brought her hand down to the cut of her dress. She carelessly pulled at it
with her thumb, drawing it down and increasingly exposing the curves of her chest. It never revealed
too much, but it was enough to make it a serious challenge for me not to stare.

Heather gave me a weird look. I quickly brought my hand up to my face and shut my eye, rubbing at it
irritatedly. “Guh- I’ve had something bothering me since we sat down… I think it’s trying to work its
way out…” The excuse seemed to work well enough. Why can’t I get a hold of myself!?

I realized my leg was bouncing a bit under the table. My nerves were getting pushed to the edge
again… And I was starting to get hard. No sooner had I noticed the feeling that I panicked, not again!
With my attention focused on my indecent erection, I became even more aware of its sensitivity. It
started to grow worse. My body felt hot with embarrassment. I knew Heather couldn’t see it, but I
wasn’t so sure that Autumn couldn’t if she bothered to look. The thought that she might see it turned
me on even more, despite my fear.

We continued to eat, and I squelched out my obsession by getting into a discussion on politics. That
worked for a little while. But now Autumn was playing with her drink, pulling the straw out of the
glass and wrapping her lips around it. She’d suck off the taste then dunk it back in to repeat. My cock
jumped even worse. Don’t get me wrong, she didn’t look like a porn star or anything, but the innuendo
was there. Or did I just think it was there?

Suddenly Autumn made deliberate eye contact with me. She stared right into my eyes, letting me know
she saw me looking. I held the gaze a little too long.

“What are you looking at?” Heather blurted, looking behind her at the table across the aisle.

“Huh? Nothing…” I stuttered lamely.

“Is there a cute waitress or something?” she asked annoyed.

I realized then as she looked around that it didn’t even occur to her that I might be checking out a
teenager. Well, I never had before… I gave her an indignant laugh, “Ha ha, don’t be dramatic. It’s just
uh- my eye…”

“Well why don’t you go to the bathroom and wash it out then?”

Because I don’t want to get up and show off my hard dick? “No uh, I should be fine…”

“Come on, it’s been bothering you this whole time. Just go do it. Now I can’t relax!” she insisted.

Crap. I knew once she got something like this in her head, there was no getting around it. I brought my
hands down to my lap, desperate, and dug my nails as hard as I could into my left palm. It really started
to sting after a little bit, and I focused all I could on the pain. “Well if you’re gonna make me,” I tried to

“Yes!” she smiled.

The throbbing in my hand successfully dulled the throbbing in my pants, at least enough to hide my
obvious arousal. I slid out of our booth and quickly shuffled away to head to the restroom. Once inside,
I breathed out an anguished, ‘Fuck!’ and went to the sink. I turned on the water and let it run for a bit,
then leaned over the sink and splashed some on my face.

I needed a game plan. Maybe if I went out and said I was feeling sick, we could leave early. No, that
wouldn’t work; I haven’t said I was sick all day.

Somebody had come in while I was there and taken a leak. “You okay, bud?” he asked before leaving.

“Yeah, thanks,” I mumbled.

Maybe I could say washing my eye made it hurt worse, and now I have a headache too. That might
work. I threw some more water on my face and ran in through my hair to make it look a bit more
disheveled. The door opened again. I didn’t bother to look; I was rubbing my eyes with water to make
them look more red.

“Feeling okay?” a voice asked.

“Yeah, I’m fi…” my words trailed off. It took me that brief moment to realize the voice that asked me
was not a man. It was a girl’s voice. Autumn’s voice.


That’s it; I’ve totally lost it… She wouldn’t come in here. She couldn’t! I slowly took my hands away
from my face and looked up in the mirror. And there she was, standing a little ways behind me, curious
look on her face.

I froze in position for probably fifteen seconds, which if you count it out, is really a long time to just be
staring in confusion. She looked at me, then around in the room like she was a tourist. No shit, she’s in
the men’s room. “What the hell are you doing here?” I finally exclaimed.

She gave me a perplexed look. “Um, it’s like, a restaurant? I’m pretty sure I’m allowed to eat here…
Why? Were you hoping to take me home again?” she played.

I ignored the question. “I mean in here!” I emphasized, gesturing around me.

“Oh! Well, I thought I would come and say hi!” She was so blasé.

“You- you can’t be in here…”

“Look, I just wanted to talk to you… privately… I think I’ve been pretty nice about, um, not doing this
in class.”

My heart shook. “This is- this is the men’s room… You can’t be seen in here…”

She practically rolled her eyes. “Well did you want to talk in front of your friend?”

“I don’t want to talk!” I blurted.

“I don’t wanna keep ignoring this!” she snapped back.

I gave her a ‘what the fuck?’ look, but then we both turned our heads towards the door. Someone was
turning the handle. Without even thinking, I grabbed onto Autumn’s shoulders and pushed her into the
stall furthest from the door. I slid in behind her and swung the stall door shut, locking it. She had this
bewildered expression and her mouth hung open. I placed the heel of my palm on her chin and gently
closed her mouth, placing my index finger over her lips to keep her quiet.

We stood like that for a minute as whoever came in relieved himself and left. For once I was glad
someone was in a hurry and didn’t wash their hands. I released the pressure of my hand on her chin and
her lips opened up. My finger fell to her bottom lip and she teasingly darted out her tongue to lick it.
Her big eyes looked up at me and twinkled as she slid her tongue under my finger and then closed her
lips around it.

I swallowed hard, mesmerized by the sight and sensation. It was only a couple seconds, but that was
still pathetically long until I managed to pull my hand away from her. I scolded her in a harsh whisper,
“We’re not doing this! We’re not doing anything!”

“We haven’t done anything yet!” she gave an exaggerated pout.

“And we’re not going to!”

“Come on!” she whispered back, trying to sound seductive. It only half-worked; I could tell she was at
least a little unsure of herself. “You know we have something…”

“No we don’t!” I hissed.

Her eyes narrowed. “Just because I’m your student doesn’t mean I’m stupid… I can, um- see that you
like me,” her face tilted down to my waist. My shock quickly flushed into complete embarrassment.
Her little trick on my finger got me raging again. What the fuck was I supposed to say? A man can’t
talk his way out of a hard-on.

“This is completely inappropriate and you know it!” I tried.

She made a classic teenage scoff, “Who cares? Don’t think I haven’t like, noticed how you look at
me…” she took a little step back inside the stall and smoothed her dress down across her stomach,
pulling the fabric tighter against her body. “Don’t you want me? I bet most boys at school would totally
love to be you right now…”

“Uh- yeah, so go make one of them happy! Like your friend you came with…” I reasoned.

“Ew! Forget him, I want you!” She took a large step forward and pressed her body into mine, pushing
me back against the stall door. The feeling of that tight body rubbing against me was heaven…
especially downstairs.

I brought my hands down to her hips, looking down at her in fear and want. “We can’t do this…”

She sighed, pressing her cheek against my chest. “I’ll make you a deal… Let me kiss you again… just
once… When I’m done, if you still don’t want it then… I guess I’ll leave you alone…”

I shut my eyes. I can handle one kiss… But what if it’s a trick… Who knows how she’ll react… “You
know that can’t uh- happen.”

A long pause, and then, “Well, then I can’t promise what will happen when we walk out of this
bathroom… together.”

God, it’s almost like she planned this. “You wouldn’t…”

“It’s just one kiss,” she whispered soothingly.

I had no choice. Or at least, I felt like I had no choice. I sighed resignedly, “Fine, one.”

She looked up at me again, chewing on her lip. My pulse was racing; I don’t think I’d ever been so
scared to kiss a girl even when I was her age. I slowly began to lean down to meet her lips, but she
teasingly brought her head back a bit.

“I kiss you,” she reminded, “…and remember, no stopping me until I’m done…”

I scrunched my forehead in confusion as her face eased into a naughty smile. Then she started to lower
herself down to her knees. What is she…? Oh… no… Her hands ran down my stomach and stopped at
the belt of my pants, where she began to unfasten it.

“You can’t- this isn’t what I meant!” I croaked.

She didn’t stop. “You made a deal… a kiss is a kiss…”

I watched in astonishment as she fiddled with my belt until it was finally loose. She unthreaded it and
began to unbutton my pants. I brought my hands down to hers to stop her, when suddenly we heard the
bathroom door open again. She looked up at me secretly and gave a hushed, shhh…

I let my hands fall to my sides, paralyzed as I tried to listen to who came in. Part of me was positive it
was going to be Heather, or Autumn’s friends, or somebody who knew what was going on. But it
wasn’t. It was just some guy washing his hands. I looked back down at Autumn.

She was paying such close attention to my pants, finally unzipping them and gently grabbing the waist
of them and my boxers at the same time. Even though she was on her knees, she didn’t slouch at all.
Her back arched in this sexy little way that emphasized her figure. From this view, I could also see
down her dress…

The cloth of my boxers dragged against my cock until finally they pulled down far enough to let it
spring free. Autumn almost gasped as she saw my complete erection come into view. She looked at it
with some inquisitiveness, maybe even hesitation. For a brief moment I felt a tinge of pride. I’m no
teenager… Whatever it was she felt, she kept looking on at it for what seemed like forever. Looking at
her cute frame kneeling in front of me was causing my cock to jump a little with each heartbeat. I was
anxious for her to start. I’m not sure what I wanted more though, to get it over with, or to just get

Finally she opened her mouth and brought her face forward. I shivered as her warm breath enveloped
the head of my dick. As amazing as the sight was, I couldn’t stand to look. I clenched my eyes shut.
This is so… completely… wrong… Her tongue slid under the tip of me and she brought a couple inches
into her mouth. My head rolled back and hit the stall door in shock. Oh wow…

She placed her hands on my hips, which at first made me tingle with even more excitement as I felt her
fingertips on my skin. But I soon realized that she was going to leave them there; she was determined
to stay true to her word and only give me a ‘kiss’. Her lips never actually left my cock. It was the most
pleasurable torture of my life.

I don’t think she ever got even half of my length into her mouth. She kept on teasing the head with her
lips and tongue, constantly swirling and sucking and licking. It felt absolutely amazing… Maybe not
because she was the most experienced, but because she was so fucking enthusiastic. My eyes finally
peeled open and I watched her work.

Her eyes would alternate between closed concentration and looking up at me towering over her. Every
time she made eye contact with me, I felt another guilty surge rush between my legs. I couldn’t believe
I was letting my own student blow me. A month ago, this would have never even crossed my mind…
And now… Here I was, my girlfriend waiting for me back at our booth… The shame was completely
drowned out by my obsessive lust being satisfied.

At first I thought this would be a boon. I definitely did not want her to make me come. That would put
me in even deeper shit than I already was, and encourage her. But this sentiment quickly melted into
my instincts taking over. It didn’t take long for me to rationalize, well, the sooner I come, the sooner
it’s over. And at that point, I was desperate to finish off.

But I couldn’t get any enduring relief. Whether she meant it to be or not, the whole thing was just a
huge tease. As amazing as it felt, I needed more. I needed her to take me further into her mouth. I
needed her to use her hands at the base of my cock. But I didn’t get any of this. I can’t tell you how bad
I wanted to just grab the back of her head and push into her. Or at the very least, grab my own dick and
help myself get off.

I felt like I couldn’t do anything like that though. I leaned back against the door, trying in vain to at
least hold my hips still… even though without thinking I would instinctively thrust forward; Autumn
always pulled back. There was no way I could actively participate in what was going on. Somehow I
convinced myself that if I was passive, that if this was just happening to me, then I wouldn’t be so
guilty. Yeah it was stupid bullshit, but it’s all I had to cling to in that desperate moment.

How long did this go on? I dunno. Maybe only a few minutes really. I had the dim realization that a
few more people came in and left the restroom while it happened. All I could really think about was the
relentless tease between my legs. But finally she stopped. I couldn’t suppress a groan as her lips
dragged off of me. God, I need it so bad… My entire cock was buzzing with anticipation.

She got up off her knees, slowly pushing her body up against mine as she resumed standing. We looked
into one another’s eyes. I was practically panting. Images of turning her around, pushing that little
dress up, and fucking her against the wall raced through my mind.

“Okay… there was my one kiss… was it okay?” she asked, almost in a little girl’s voice.

“God, Autumn…” I sighed reflexively.

Her body still pressed into mine, “So, do you want more?”

It took every ounce of my being to muster, “N-no…”

“You don’t have to be shy… I won’t like, tell anyone…” she soothed. She ran her tongue over to wet
her already moist lips.

I wordlessly shook my head.

“Oh…” she said dejected. “I guess I thought we had something… But a deal is a deal, I guess.” She
looked down and grabbed the waist of my clothes, gently pulling them up. The waistband of my boxers
pushed up against the base of my erection, forcing it up and sending a continuous bolt of pleasure
through me. I grunted in response.

“Oops… sorry…” she hummed. Then she brought one of her hands off my clothes and wrapped it
around me. I gasped, my hips once again rolling into her touch with a mind of their own. “Let me, um-
put this back.”

She eased it to point back down, tucking it into my boxers as she continued to pull my drawers up. Her
grip on me was soft but firm, and she gave me little squeezes and tugs between her thumb and
forefinger as she worked. The pressure focused along the middle and base of my cock; the one part I
needed to be touched the most. My eyes fluttered as she continued to play with me. I’m completely on
the edge… I could come like this… I can’t give in…

Autumn must have been able to see exactly what I was feeling. Even with my pants pulled back up, she
made no move to let go of me. “Um… is something wrong?” she asked innocently.

“A-Autumn, I…”

She pulled at me harder, making me cut off my own speech with a grunt. Oh no, it’s too good…

“I’m not, like, hurting you, am I?”

She squeezed a little firmer and began to deliberately jack me off at the base. My knees started to feel
weak; I couldn’t hold myself back if she didn’t stop. I tried not to look at her, but I couldn’t help
myself. Her eyes were so wide in mock concern, and her lips were parted open as she breathed a bit
heavy. Her awesome body was still against mine; I look down her back and saw the outline of her ass
through the skirt.

Without even thinking, I brought one of my hands around and cupped her bottom. She gasped as I did
it and pushed her body out a little and into my hand. I gripped her harder, marveling at how perfect it
felt. God I want to be under that dress… My reaction ended up being more aggressive than I thought it
would be; as she pulled her body into my hand, I pushed back and forced her back against me.

And she never let up with her fondling. I felt my dick start to swell as the unrelenting pressure built up
between my legs. Oh fuck, I’m going to… I’m going to… I brought my other hand to Autumn’s
shoulder to help keep my balance.

I heard her whisper, “Uh oh, maybe the kiss wasn’t enough?”

The way she said it just dripped with seduction. Or at least that’s how I heard it. Whatever it was, it put
me over the edge. My entire body jerked, pushing into hers. She held onto me tight as my cock pulsed
with spray after spray of warm cum into my boxers. Lights flashed behind my eyes as my orgasm
shook through me.

As I came down from my high, Autumn loosened her grip and withdrew her hand from my pants. She
ran it up underneath my shirt, gliding her hot palm along my stomach. I instinctively flexed from the
touch, my mind still an exhausted fog.
“Wow…” she hushed, “I guess you uh… changed your mind…” she trailed off.

I tried to understand, “Huh?”

She brought her hand back down, tickling me by raking her nails along my stomach as she took a step
back from me. “The deal, silly!” She paused for a moment, “Mmm… I guess you like me after all… at
least a little bit…”

Ah fuck. Now that I was regaining some of my senses, I began to realize the huge mistake I’d just
made. Why the hell did I have to give in!? “Uh- no, I mean, you said…”
“You don’t have to pretend…” she interrupted. “At least, not around me.” Her eyes looked me up and
down one more time in appreciation, and she brought her hand up to her mouth and lightly bit the tip of
one of her fingers as she smiled. “I’ll try to like, not be so distracting back at the table though…”

Her finger left her mouth and trailed down her chest, hooking around the top of her dress and pulling it
down to reveal more and more of her tits. She let go and the fabric popped back up before she got too
far… Damn it. I was staring like an idiot. And she knew it.

But just like that, it was over.

Without any more exchange of words, she opened the stall door, poked her head out to make sure
nobody was there, and then snuck out of the restroom. I stood there in mute shock, wondering how the
fuck I was going to explain myself to Heather. I went over to the mirror and discovered, thankfully,
that all the cum I just shot into my boxers didn’t show through to my jeans. At least I have that…

I splashed more water on my face to make myself look a little more disheveled (not that I particularly
needed it at this point). Then I went back to my booth, my girlfriend at first looking pretty fucking
annoyed, but then concerned.

Then I lied my ass off. I told her when I tried to wash out my eye, whatever was in there must have cut
of scraped me. It hurt like hell. So I kept trying to wash it, but it kept stinging. Then I got a huge
headache and got faint… I had to go in one of the stalls and just sit down on a toilet for a few minutes
until my ears stopped ringing and the room stopped spinning. Finally I came back out, losing track of
time and just feeling like shit. My eye still was still sore and my head was throbbing.

She told the next waiter that walked by to get us boxes and a check. Within five minutes we were
getting up from the booth to go home. As I stood up, I glanced over at Autumn, who to her credit was
dutifully ignoring me since I got back. We made brief eye contact and she jutted out her lower lip into
an exaggerated pout. She took her hand off her drink and gave me a very subtle ‘bye’ wave. I clenched
my eyes shut and rubbed my temples.

“Come on, let’s get you home,” Heather soothed.


Another guilt-filled weekend went by. When I wasn’t desperately masturbating to our last encounter, I
sat and worried about Monday. Was she going to keep up her advances? Of course she would… I broke
her “deal” after all. And before, I could at least convince myself that even if she saw me get hard, I still
hadn’t really done anything wrong. Now all bets were off. She gave me a blow job, then jerked me
until I came. In my pants. With my girlfriend waiting in the other room…

I was wracked with shame. It wasn’t just that I had let myself cheat on Heather. And it wasn’t that I
was letting myself get swept up in an affair with my high school student… It wasn’t even that I was
putting my entire life, career, everything on the line. The worst part was that I liked it. That the
forbidden nature of it all just kept fueling my fantasies, making me want more… no matter how much I
told myself I didn’t, or at least shouldn’t.

I was practically waiting for that cliché day where she came in during lunch or after school, asking for
some ‘extra tutoring’. The idea terrified me, mostly because I couldn’t stop thinking about it. There
couldn’t be a more dangerous place to fuck. But would she try? Could I resist? How am I so weak for
this girl?

Monday came. I was a mess. Autumn did nothing.

Tuesday came. Same thing.

Wednesday came, and now I was really nervous. The next installment of their story was due.
Obviously there wasn’t even a possibility that she wouldn’t write about the restaurant. I was anxious to
see it. Afraid to see it. At the end of class, when all the students were stopping by my desk to hand it to
me, Autumn gave me an innocent smile. My face immediately flushed a deep red. I faked a coughing
fit to mask it. God, if any other student even thought they knew what was going on, the rumors would
spread like fire.

As soon as the room was empty, I pulled out her paper to read over it. I was only a couple sentences in
when another colleague popped his head in the door. “Hey, do you eat anymore? We haven’t seen you
in the lounge lately.”

I nervously slammed the paper down on the desk and jerked my head up, then eased into a fake grin.
“Oh, uh, hey Tom. I’m just a little behind these last few weeks. Been real busy, on top of all the

“If you say so,” he said sarcastically. “Try not to starve.”

Back to the paper.

‘She felt a little guilty about going to the restaurant. It was cheating after all. Unlike their previous
encounters, this one was intentional. He had left his computer in the classroom unattended. She just
happened to see his email on the screen. His friend… girlfriend even?... said they should go to the
restaurant that day. He had not replied yet, but the girl knew at that moment that she would find a
reason to be there. Just in case.’

That. Bitch. I knew it seemed too unlikely… That she seemed a little too confident about everything
going on. I can’t believe she played me so bad. But my dick swelled anyway. The thought of her going
through all that trouble to seduce me was as flattering as it was sexy and wrong.

I kept reading, having only the self-restraint to not touch myself under my desk. She talked about how
nervous she was in the bathroom. About how surprised she was that I got so nervous around her. About
the look on my face when she got down on her knees… It was a vivid picture of everything that
happened, from her point of view. God it was hot. But then I got to something even more unexpected.

‘So he broke their deal… and she was dying to talk about it. She had to get it out to *someone*! But
who could she tell? It was her little secret… She knew she shouldn’t let anybody else know, but there
was no way she could keep it bottled up. So she decided to sneak her cell phone number into one of her
papers that she turned in. She knew he would call her. He would even call her *that* night! Because
he knew if he didn’t, she would have to talk to somebody *else* about it…’

She wrote about hoping I’d call before her “bedtime” fairly early in the evening. And sure enough, a
phone number was inserted in the paper, with a few more allusions to what would happen if I didn’t
call. And how excited she was to receive that call. I put the paper back down and wiped my hands on
my pants, which had begun to perspire. I was in a sort of panicked-calm. The kind where part of you
knows you’re absolutely screwed, but even your nerves are too scared to react yet.

Would she really tell somebody else if I didn’t call her? She couldn’t… It would be a stain on her
academic record. Colleges would hate it. She’s bluffing. But then again… If she just told a friend, if it
was only rumor… That would be enough to fuck me over, and let her completely off the hook. Would
she do that to me? Was I willing to risk it? Could I ignore how bad I wanted to call her anyway…?

My mind was shot for the rest of the day. My lessons were distracted to the point that even the students
could tell I wasn’t into it. The more I thought about Autumn, and I could not stop thinking about her,
the more worried I got. We’re not just talking butterflies in my stomach; they were everywhere. Even
my scalp tingled from anxiety.

Once I got home, I spent most of my time pacing around the room, staring at my own cell phone that I
tossed on the table. More than once I had picked it up to actually call her, but I backed out. What the
hell would I even say? Hey, about that blowjob… I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it, but keep
it under your hat. Thanks, bye. Gimme a break.

In her paper, she claimed she would need to be in bed by 9:00 that night. I knew that was shit. Whether
she was trying to sound cute or innocent or young, I don’t know. I figured she was trying to pressure
me into calling her at a reasonable hour, instead of at 1:00am when everyone was asleep.

The hours slowly ticked away. I couldn’t call early anyway. I didn’t want to sound desperate.
Somehow I needed to show some control, if that could even be accomplished anymore. So I made a
sandwich. It took me about an hour to eat it; I barely had any appetite. At some point I decided I’d call
at 7:00. No, that was too round a number, like I planned it. 7:12… that would work. Fuck! Am I one of
her teenage crushes or a fucking adult!?

I already had the number dialed in. I was just waiting to actually go through with it and press ‘Send’.
Everything told me I shouldn’t do it, but I had to. Needed to. With my hand trembling, I finally
initiated the call. I held the phone up to my ear and watched the clock (it was only 6:58). It rang once.
It rang twice.

There was a knock at my door. I was so startled that I actually dropped the phone and it clattered down
onto the floor. What the hell!? I bent over and grabbed the phone, taking huge strides on the way to the
door to see who it was. It couldn’t be her… that’s impossible… I glanced through the peephole as I
brought the phone back up to my ear. It was Heather. Oh god.
“Hello?” I heard a young voice through the phone.

I completely and totally panicked. I clumsily took the phone from my ear and mashed the ‘End’ button.
As soon as I saw the call dropped, I stuffed the phone in my pocket and reached for the door. Then in a
brief moment of clarity, I halted and yanked my phone back out, making sure to power the damn thing
off. Then I took a deep breath, let it out, and answered the door.

My girlfriend greeted me with a smile. “Watch a movie with me!” she cheered.

Apparently it was some romantic comedy that she had been wanting to see for a long time, and it just
came out on DVD. She doesn’t know anything; it’s just a coincidence…

“Uh, well I have quite a bit of work I still need to do tonight…” I offered apologetically, letting her in.

“Come on, it’ll be fun. You’ve been working too hard lately, we barely hang out!” she argued.

“Well, I guess… Are there any hot women in the movie, at least?” I asked jokingly, trying to calm
myself down a little.

“I think the daughter is supposed to be cute, if you’re into teenagers,” she gave a dry smile.

My dick twitched. “Ugh, what a rip-off,” I forced irritation.

Anyway, it was one of those situations that you know you aren’t getting out of. I checked the movie
case to see how long it was. Just over an hour and a half. If we started it right away, there would barely
be any time left over to call Autumn by her ‘deadline’. And even so, it wasn’t like my girlfriend was
just going to disappear once the credits started rolling.

We got on the couch and started watching. It was a pretty run-of-the-mill chick flick with a clearly
predicable plot. The most interesting part to me, which wouldn’t usually be, was in fact the teenage
actress. Normally I would look at her and say, ‘Yes she’s cute, she’ll probably be hot when she’s a
woman.’ Now I was looking at her thinking, ‘Yeah, she’s definitely not bad right now… Kind of has the
same look as Autumn even…’

That’s about as much of the movie as I could pay attention to. The rest of the time I was fidgeting in
my seat, my brain churning for ways to solve my evening’s dilemma. It occurred to me that I might use
the movie in my favor. If I could just think up an excuse for someone I needed to call, Heather would
still be watching the film while I could sneak away… Was I really willing to risk calling her while my
girlfriend was there? I resolved yes. I couldn’t risk not calling her before 9:00.

At occasional points during the movie, I’d sarcastically point out, “Oh here comes the inevitable
conflict for the lovers… I wonder if they can sort it out!” Heather would lightly punch me on the arm,
but I felt I needed to create a framework for comfortably leaving during the movie. I couldn’t bother
with, ‘Oh but you’ll miss it! I’ll pause it!’

It was 8:00; I needed to make my move. “Shit, I just remembered I was supposed to call Scott and tell
him how to set something up on his computer…”
“Just call after the movie.”

“Ah, he had asked me while I was eating dinner… I promised I’d call him right back after I was done.
It’s gonna bug me now.”

“Fine, I’ll paus…”

“No, don’t bother. It’ll only take a couple minutes… And I’m pretty sure I know what’s going to
happen,” I smirked.

She relented and I hurried off into the bedroom. I flipped on the computer for appearances, but closed
the door anyway. I pulled my cell out and switched it on. With my mouth completely dry, I nervously
pressed redial. This is such a bad idea. As soon as it started ringing, I began to panic. What if calling
her was just part of the story? Maybe she didn’t realistically expect it…

“Hello?” she answered.

Too late now. “Uh, hey.”

“Who is this?”

I realized I had spent so much time worrying about calling her that I never did plan out what I should
actually say. “This is… uh… Mister…”

“Oh!” she interjected, “I was wondering if you’d call!”

“Yeah, well I…”

“Did you prank me earlier?”

“What?” I reacted nervously.

“I don’t know… it looks like the same number, someone hung up on me earlier…”

I figured she was playing a game with me. I can’t win an argument against Caller ID. “Oh, sorry about
that. I was just getting ready to call you when someone came to my door. I didn’t think you

“Oooh, who was it?”

“Uh, just a friend.”

“The same one at the restaurant?”

I don’t know why I told the truth. Maybe to cement the fact that I’m a taken man. Maybe because I’m
an idiot. “Yeah.”

“Gosh, are you trying to make me jealous?” she pouted.

“Huh?” I blurted.

“Is she still there now?” she pressed.

“Uh, look Autumn, I’m on the phone with you now.” I tried to sound sure of myself.

“You didn’t answer the question… so that totally means she is,” she said almost to herself.

“Look,” I changed the subject, “What exactly do you want?”

“What do you mean?”

“There… there’s no point in, uh- skirting around the issue.” I waited a moment for her to respond, but
she said nothing. “So… I called you, like you asked for in your- your paper.”

“Hmmm… I just wanted to talk about, you know, last time…”

Gulp. I knew it was coming, but it made my stomach flip just the same. “Yeah, about that… That was
uh- inappropriate…”

“It was?” in a little girl’s voice.

“Come on,” I sighed, peeking back at the door behind me to make sure it was still closed.

“Which part was, like, inappropriate?”

“I don’t want to play games, Autumn.”

“Was it that it was in the men’s room? I guess I probably shouldn’t have been there… Or was it
because your friend was waiting for you? I wonder what she would think about it. Or maybe it was
because you’re my teacher?” she emphasized knowingly.

I bit the side of my tongue as she talked, inadvertently getting a little hard. “Yeah… I shouldn’t have
let any of… any of that happen,” I mumbled.

“Then why did you?”

Because I can’t fucking help myself. “Uhh- I guess I let things get out of hand…” I sighed, getting more
and more flustered at this conversation. “Look, you uh- you tricked me with your deal. I didn’t want

“That’s crap,” she replied flatly.

Her sudden change in demeanor threw me for a loop. “Well… you shouldn’t have even been there!” I

“Uh oh… I thought you might be upset about that…” Her voice was almost mocking. “I guess I kinda
cheated a little bit. Are you mad?”
“Yeah!” I blurted.

“Well I’m really sorry… I know you wouldn’t know anything about cheating… now would you?”

My mouth opened and closed mutely, no words coming to my defense.

“So are you going to, like, punish me now? I hope you don’t make me go to detention… What would
you have me do there… to, you know, make it up to you?”

A light shudder went down my body, lifting my cock up even harder. “You know that isn’t going to
happen,” I almost growled.

“Are you sure? I bet you could figure something out… Didn’t teachers used to, like, spank their
students when they’re bad?”

Oh god. My free hand drifted down to touch myself through my clothes. I had to change the subject.
“Autumn, look, this has to stop. I only called so you- to make sure this would stay between us. It would
be very damaging to both of us if this got out.”

“Oh, I bet you’d get really mad if I told somebody… Then you’d have to punish me, wouldn’t you?”

“Don’t be- uh- ridiculous.”

“I have a feeling that you’d like to punish me right now… am I right?”

Oh fuck yes. “No, I…”

“Are you… I mean… is it… hard right now?” she cut me off.

“Excuse me?” I asked incredulously.

She practically giggled, “That means yes! You totally are!”

I should have never called. This is insane. “Okay Autumn, this is done. I uh- I apologize for giving you
any- any false impressions… But, that’s it. We’re- we’re done.”

A brief moment of awkward silence, and then “I’m in my bed right now,” she almost whispered.

Huh? “Huh?”

“Under my sheets… I’m wearing a tank top with a heart over the chest. And some little panties.”

The image plastered over the forefront of my mind. “Okay…?” I mumbled confusedly.

“I don’t like to wear too much when… um… when I think about you…”


“I mean… A lot of girls say they don’t do it… But I can’t help it. Especially when, like, I think about
our, um, meetings.”

She can’t really be talking about this. I should have just said ‘Bye’ and hung up. But so help me, I
couldn’t help myself. “You don’t need to, uh… tell me this.”

“You don’t mind, do you? That I think about you when I do it?”

I swallowed hard, not knowing what in the hell to say.

“Because… I’m doing it right now,” and she made a little gasp.

I squeezed my leg muscles, shaking at my cock growing more and more sensitive. I still couldn’t say

“Do you- mmm… do it too? I mean- ah- do you think about me like- oh- ever?”

“Autumn…” I mumbled.

“I like to- like to pretend… ooh… that you are doing it… doing it too, and thinking about me…” I
heard her shudder over the phone and stifle a squeak.

I could feel the tip of my hard-on getting wet at this point. I still didn’t respond, except with what was
becoming heavier and heavier breaths. I was just… enthralled.

“Come on,” she pressed, “Have you- oh- have you ever? To me? I told you…”

For some reason, I was desperate to say yes. Like she needed to hear it to get off, and I wanted to help
her. My fear still blocked me from doing so, “I- we can’t do this…”

“Please,” she moaned quietly.

The fact that her voice came off slightly as a teenage pout just turned me on even more. I couldn’t
believe what I was hearing. Was she really getting herself off right now?

“Nobody else has to- to know…” she let out another sharp gasp. “Tell me…”

And against all my better judgment, my suppressed lust finally got its chance. “Yes,” I breathed.

“Oh-my-god!” the words rushed together in an excited whisper, followed by a quiet but broken moan.
“Say it- say it again… Tell me- ah… oh- again…”

I couldn’t help but rub myself harder through my pants. I had half a mind to undo them… My mind
raced, trying to decide exactly what to tell her. I almost wanted to say I couldn’t help myself at all
anymore. But before I got up the courage, she moaned, “Ah… At least… at least do it with me…
Without even thinking, and like a total idiot, “I am…” escaped my lips before I had a chance to stop

Another eager and stifled moan greeted me. “Oh! I… ah! You- really?” she was panting now. “Right-
huhhh… now?”

I was too far in now. I didn’t care how wrong it was anymore. Not at that moment. “Yes.”

She squeaked when she gasped, “Oh wow! Oh- oh…”

By now I had completely lost track of time. Actually, probably lost track of reality. So you can imagine
my utter shock when I heard a light knock on the door, followed immediately by the handle unlatching.
I flung my hand off of my pants and jerked the chair under the computer desk as fast as I could. Oh
shit, oh shit, oh shit.

I kept the phone pressed emphatically against my ear. Autumn seemed like she was in her own world
now. “God- I’m gonna… ah- ah! Sooo close!” she whined between her ragged gasps.

My cock was screaming for attention, actually pulsing arhythmically in objection of not being touched.
I craned my neck around to see Heather open the door.

“You missed it!” she informed quietly enough to not disturb the phone call.

I held up my free hand to indicate that I’d only be a minute longer. Autumn kept moaning on. It was
my great fortune that the volume was fairly low, otherwise I would be a dead man right then.

“How much longer are you gonna be?” she asked impatiently.

“Sorry, uh- I- just a minute…” I was so flustered that I didn’t even think to cover up the mouthpiece of
the phone.

“Oh- god is she- ah- right there?” Autumn gasped over the phone.

“Yeah uh- so I really need to get going,” I answered nonchalantly, as if talking to Scott.

“I- I can’t- ah- stop… I’m gonna- I’m gonna c-come…”

Despite my awkward horror at the situation, my dick was still like a rock.

“Okay then,” I replied, rolling my eyes at Heather like I was desperate to get “him” off the phone, “I’ll
talk to ya tomorrow.”

“I… mmph!...” it sounded like she rolled into the pillow. I heard a few more young and enthusiastic
moans through the line and my face started to turn bright red. There I was, hiding my cock from my
girlfriend, smiling nonchalantly at her as I listened to my teenage student come over the phone. It was
the most surreal moment of my life.

“Great. Yep. Okay then… Bye,” I faked the conversation, only hearing rustling on the other end of the
line now. I was afraid to end the call without some kind of confirmation from Autumn, but I was more
afraid to stay on with Heather in the room. So I did my best to act casual as I hung up and turned the
phone off.

“Sheesh, what did he need help with anyway?” she asked.

“Oh, uh, he was trying to put in a video card… um, for games. It’s a guy thing,” I smiled.

“Ha, you’re just like a little boy sometimes,” she joked.

Right then, I felt the tension break. This huge rush of giddy relief ran through me. I just heard Autumn
get off… I practically helped her… And my girlfriend was in the room and had no idea. But somehow I
got away with it. It was so bad, but whatever. Right then I felt high as a kite. And I will still horny as

“Well, let me show you what a man I can be then,” I grinned at her and got up, letting her see my hard-
on. She cocked an eyebrow once she saw, clearly not expecting it. I moved over to her and gave her a
light pat on the ass, “Now you’ve been a bad girl, interrupting me like that…”

I couldn’t help myself. The conversation with Autumn still echoed in my mind. Heather smirked,
clearly not knowing what got into me but at that point not caring. It didn’t take long before we found
ourselves in the bed, me fucking her enthusiastically. I probably couldn’t have been more into it unless
it was Autumn herself. That didn’t stop me from imagining it was her regardless.

I pretty much tuned everything out and only heard her young voice talking about getting herself off. I
fucked even harder as I was filled with the frustration of having admitted about my own guilt and
masturbation. When I started thinking about her sexy gasps and her squelched moaning, imagining her
little body quaking in her bed as she talked to me… I came hard. At that point I think Heather was just
along for the ride. In my head, I was shaking with pleasure along with Autumn.


Later that night, reality settled in and I was again sunk into restless anxiety. I panicked, wondering how
Autumn would react next. I seriously considered taking the next two days off of work to avoid her
completely, but I didn’t want to act out of the ordinary. Besides, she had yet to make any move in class
before, I was fairly confident she wouldn’t start now. At least, I hoped… kind of…

In class the next day, she was wearing khakis and a little sweater. Once the bell rang and everybody
settled down, I began giving some instructions. She unzipped the sweater and took it off, stuffing it into
her backpack. I noticed right away that she was wearing a skimpy little tank-top. One with a heart over
her tits.

As she sat back up, she made eye contact with me. For once I held it back, and her cheeks actually
turned pink. I felt my own face start to flush and I broke the stare. It was completely bizarre to see her
sitting there, nothing out of the ordinary… and yet knowing how entirely erotic she was under the
surface. I realized I had to force myself to ignore her as I recalled the amazing sounds of her muffled
climax. I’ve heard her come, but god damn I want to *see* it even worse… I want to *feel* it…

I really, really needed to get a hold of myself. The more I thought about her, the more I was letting
myself think it wasn’t some terrible thing. I shouldn’t even be rationalizing it, let alone anything else
that might pass through my head. It was wrong, and I had to stop it. At this rate, I was doomed to end
up in the national news for some sex scandal. Of course, then I would just wonder… would it maybe be
worth it… just a little?
That was it. I needed a break. The next day I called in sick and ordered a substitute for my classes on
Friday. I told Heather I was ditching work and wanted to spend more time with her. She had me the
whole weekend; I’d already decided it. She was a little surprised but agreed happily.

I occupied myself throughout all of Friday with whatever chores and errands I could keep myself busy
with. Once Heather got off work, I zipped over to her place. My plan was to stay there all fuckin’
weekend. I didn’t even want to go home; who knows what would happen there. Maybe Autumn would
call me. Or I call her? With the way things were going, she’d probably show up at my door for crying
out loud. No, I was going to stay the hell away and stick by my girlfriend’s side. I would get my head
screwed on straight and take on my problems next Monday.

And things were going mostly fine. Sure, I still thought about Autumn when I fucked Heather. But at
least I wasn’t obsessing over her every spare minute. That’s an improvement, right? Baby steps.

It was early Saturday afternoon. The two of us had gone out for a jog; it felt great to finally get some
legitimate exercise again (I was still too traumatized to return to the gym since this all started). We got
back and Heather hopped in to take a quick shower. Once she was out, I just hung out for a bit and
chatted with her as she did her makeup, thinking up plans for that evening. All we had lined up so far
was going to the post office. As she was finishing up, I finally got tired of being covered in sweat, so I
jumped in to take my own shower.

I turned up the bathroom radio and got lost as I cleaned myself up, enjoying the massage of the hot
water and letting it relax my muscles. After wasting enough of her water by just standing around, I
finally shut it off and dried myself off. I slipped on some shorts and put a towel around my neck, then
shut off the radio.

It was then that I heard Heather’s voice talking. I strained my ears to listen if she was trying to shout
something at me, but it was just to someone else. Must be on the phone with a friend? Then I heard
some laughter, and I immediately recognized two distinct voices. Hmm, she wasn’t expecting anybody
over today…

I looked around for a shirt but realized my spare stuff was in her living room. Oh well, not a big deal. I
walked down the little hall into the room to get one and see who the company was. They were both
sitting at a little dining table. Heather was on one side, showcasing a box full of jewelry that she makes
as a hobby.

I think this was a classic example of my brain halting in denial, because it took me so long to realize
who the guest was.

At least part of me knew, because I just stood there in my shorts, absent-mindedly rubbing the towel
behind my ears. Both of them stopped talking and looked over at me. Heather piped up, “Oh! Honey,
this is Autumn. She’s actually a student at your school… She is going door-to-door to collect donations
for their Senior Auction fundraiser!”

My face drained white as I made eye contact with my student. She was giving me a surprised, ‘Who
knew?’ smile and slyly looking my body up and down. I stared back in disbelief. She was wearing tiny
gym shorts and a tight t-shirt with our school’s colors and mascot on it. A little ponytail escaped out the
back of a baseball cap, and she had two streaks of eye-black painted on her face. My eyes trailed down
her thighs and along her legs, which were covered up from about the knees down with tall white socks.
She was dressed up like one of our softball players… one of our ultra cute, young, sexy student softball

“Hi,” I managed.

“I was showing her some of the jewelry I make… She thinks a few pieces of these might sell really
well, so we’re trying to pick some out!” Heather continued encouragingly.

“Oh… sounds great,” I replied, still frozen in place.

My girlfriend glanced at the clock behind me and got up, “But I realized that I need to mail that
package with Anne’s present in it. If I don’t get to the post office in a half hour, it’ll be closed and I
won’t be able to send it ‘till Monday. It’ll get there too late!”

Autumn made a show of looking back in the jewelry box and picking through the different pieces,
politely ignoring the conversation.

Heather walked up near me and grabbed her purse off of another table. “I had to let her in… What kind
of girlfriend would I be if I didn’t support my man’s school?” she whispered smilingly at me. “But I am
in such a rush! Just let her pick out a few pieces, I don’t care which ones, okay?”

“Uh, sure… I mean… Are you sure you don’t want to, uh- just pick some for her really quick?” I tried.

“I don’t want to get there after it closes!!” she pouted impatiently and started heading for the door with
the package. “It was very nice to meet you, Autumn! Just choose whatever you think is best. I have this
thing to go do, so you’ll just have to deal with him in my place,” she smirked sarcastically.

“Ya no problem! This stuff is totally great, thank you so much for supporting us!” Autumn chirped

And just like that, Heather was out the door and starting up her car.

I narrowed my eyes at nothing in particular, just thinking, ‘Really? Is this even possible?’

“Well this is unlikely,” Autumn said with some genuine surprise.

“Uh- yeah… So, did you pick some necklaces and stuff?” Was it even worth trying to be nonchalant?

“Um, not yet… Wanna help me decide?” she offered, tilting the box towards an empty chair next to

I paused for a moment, then flatly replied, “No. You shouldn’t even be here.”

She raised her hands up in self-defense. “Hey, it’s not like I planned this!”

I almost scoffed. “Yeah, well it wouldn’t surprise me.”

The chair pushed out from under her as she stood up, folding her arms across her chest under her tits.
Her shirt pulled up and revealed a tantalizing slice of her midriff. My eyes reflexively bounced up and
down her body. God she looks hot in that outfit. The juxtaposition of young innocence, playful tomboy,
and teenage lust was just… oof.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” she retorted.

“Come on, you’ve been after this for how long now?” That’s it… marshal the anger against her.

Her face turned bright red. “Ex-cuse me?” she look positively indignant. Her arms dropped down and
she balled her hands into fists on her hips, cocking her head to the side a little. “After what?”

“Uhm- maybe you should just, uh- take some jewelry and go.” It dawned on me that maybe I shouldn’t
piss her off; I didn’t want to give her a reason to turn hostile on me.

“No, answer me,” she pushed.

I waved my hands in frustration, “I dunno! Just forget I said anything. You should- you need to go…”

“You think I just want sex, don’t you?” She took a step forward. The way she punctuated the word
‘sex’ sent a shiver down my back. I felt the familiar surge down below as well. Suddenly I became very
aware that I was practically naked in front of her.

I made a move for the couch on the other side of the room where one of my shirts was, but Autumn
almost skipped in front of me. “That’s it, isn’t it?”

“I didn’t say that,” I answered annoyed.

Then she put her hand on my bare chest. “Well you’re thinking it,” she stated.

I took a sharp intake of breath. Looking down into her eyes, I saw both a commanding desire and
nervous apprehension. “You don’t wanna do this,” I muttered.

Her hand traced down to my stomach. “And like, what if I do?” she asked quietly, softening her voice.

My dick continued to grow, and there was no hiding the tent showing in my shorts. I gawked helplessly
as her fingers tickled my skin. Her clothes were so tight around her body; I just wanted to grab her. I
couldn’t manage to say anything back.

“You know, I missed you in class yesterday…” she purred.


“You don’t look very sick… I think you were playing hookie…” She brought her free hand down to
one of mine and took hold of me, then brought my palm to lay flat against her tummy, pushing her shirt
up. I didn’t pull it away.

“Yeah, well uh… Maybe I wanted a day off…” my voice trailed as I focused on the feeling of that flat

“Maybe you’re the one who needs to be punished…” Her smile was devilish as she pushed my hand
further up her skin, pushing her shirt higher and higher. Now her entire abdomen was exposed, and god
it looked good.

“Uh- no… You’re the one who keeps- uh…” Was I reasoning with her, or flirting? I wasn’t even
looking her in the eye. I was just staring at her body.

Her hand on my stomach traveled down to my waist and she began to dig her fingers under the elastic
band of my shorts. She took her other hand off of mine and grabbed my other free arm. “Oh that’s
right… You still need to, um, discipline me from earlier… when I cheated…”

I shivered from anticipation, my cock completely hard now. She guided my arm behind her and pushed
it into her side. I went along with it and rested my hand on her ass, hesitantly squeezing it. I practically
sighed from regret. “We can’t… we can’t do this…”

She kept slowly pulling my shorts down, first revealing my pubic hair, then dragging along and
exposing my cock. “I think we can,” she grinned, looking at my hard-on.

“My… ahh…” I finally sprung free and I couldn’t help but gasp at the rush of cool air. “She’ll be-
she’ll be home… soon…”

She wrapped one hand around the underside of my dick and softly rubbed back and forth. Oh wow…
“Hmm… So at least you admit that you want it…” she cooed.

I don’t think there was anything more I wanted in the world at that moment. “If she… If she…” I tried
to protest, but she continued to grip and twist her hand around my dick, forcing me to lose all sense of
concentration. My shorts fell the rest of the way to the floor. I was naked.

“It was so rude of her to interrupt last time, on the phone… I thought we were gonna, like, do it
together… But I had to do it all by myself…” she feigned a sincere pout.

My fingers dug into her skin as she continued to make my excitement grow. I knew I should push her
away… but I just couldn’t anymore. “Yeah… uh… sorry…” Sorry!?

“Did you even get to finish?”

“Um…” I tried to stall, but she gave a firm pull on the base of my cock which made my knees buckle
from the pleasure. “K-kinda…” Why was I telling her the truth?

“Oh I get it,” she sounded hurt, then paused for a moment, “But… would you rather have, like, finished
with me?” she asked hopefully.

My hand on her stomach reached her breast, still hidden under her shirt. She pushed her chest forward
for me as I fondled her. “God, you’re bad,” the words poured out in a groan.

She bit her lower lip. “Mmm… I’m so sorry for being such a naughty little girl…” She let go of my
cock and started to turn her body around. My hand slipped away from her chest and down her side to
rest on her hip as she faced away from me now. “Would it make you feel better if you, um, spanked me
now? Teach me a lesson?”
I ran my hands along her butt, sliding them down those tiny shorts and feeling the backs of her naked
thighs. Was I really willing to do this? Heather could be home any minute… That last thought was
barely a whisper. It was drowned out with, I can’t believe she’s offering herself up like this… That
perfect little body, so wrong, so bad…

She pushed her ass back towards me and my hands reached around from her hips to her pelvis. My
cock slid against the back of her shorts and I couldn’t help but thrust back into her, closing my eyes in
tempted pleasure. “Okay…” she answered for me, “But it doesn’t work unless my… my butt is, you
know… bare…”

She took a step forward and looked back at me innocently. I saw her hands move to the front of her
shorts and she began to loosen the drawstring. Then she stuck her thumbs down the sides of the shorts
and slowly started shimmying them down, shaking her little butt left and right as she did it. I was
practically drooling as I finally saw her ass naked for the first time. Once she pulled them down to her
knees, she bent over and kicked them off. She was still wearing those socks and the little shirt and
hat… It was fucking sexy as hell.

My cock was standing out, screaming for attention. I just had to reach down and grab it; I was going
nuts from the lack of touch. Autumn saw me and her jaw dropped a little bit from excitement. Then she
slowly walked over to the couch that was near us, running her fingers along the cushions suggestively.

The couch was pretty tall anyway, so she made a show of climbing onto it, wagging her ass as she did
it. She stayed on her knees, keeping her butt up in the air, and then put her hands on the back of the
sofa to steady herself. She looked back at me again. “I’m ready for my lesson, sir…” she announced

It was just too fuckin’ much. I’m only a man. That hot little thing had been teasing me for weeks,
making me want her. So what? She wanted it too… How could I deny her anymore? I started stepping
up to the couch behind her and she watched me expectantly. The eye-black and baseball cap had this
effect that seemed to emphasize her cheery youth… and the fact that she was a student. I couldn’t take
this bullshit. If she was gonna work this goddamn hard to get it, well, then…

“I know I’ve been bad… but still, be gentle…” she warned.

I was standing right behind her now, holding my hands out to her sides. I’m so fucked. I brought them
closer and rested them on the sides of her legs, then ran them up to her ass. My hard-on practically had
a mind of its own as it pulled my hips towards her. I could already tell she was aroused. It put me in
such a fog of lust that I couldn’t think about anything. All I knew were emotions: anger, guilt, passion,
desire, surrender…
She reached one of her hands down between her legs and reached for me, tickling the very tip of my
erection. The touch drew me in further, and she used her fingers to drag me closer to her. I was
between her legs now and she pushed my cock against her wet slit. I gripped my hands harder on her
body and swallowed my heart down from my throat.

Her ass rose a little bit and just like that, she guided me inside of her, sinking back down onto me
slowly. She let out a soft sigh of delight. I nearly grunted from the satisfaction of having my cock
enveloped in a warm and waiting pussy. She rolled her head back down and stopped looking at me, but
continued to gently roll her hips along my member.
I groaned in pleasure. This is heaven… I couldn’t believe I was finally giving in to this. But right then, I
couldn’t imagine doing anything else. Autumn kept making little pouts and moans, not really even
paying attention to me anymore. I just thrust into her and matched her rhythm… sometimes I barely
even moved and just let her slide along me in the ways that she liked. But the more she made noises of
shuddering pleasure, the harder it was for me to not just give in and fuck her for myself.

She finally put her head down against the back of the couch and really started pushing into me,
breathing out vocal moans with every pant. I knew she was bracing her body and straining herself now.
She wants to come… Seeing her want it so bad gave me a huge rush. I was almost light-headed and
wished we could keep going while lying down. A gasp caught in my throat as I heard her whisper, “So
close, I’m so close… God, I need it…”

Her begging nearly put me over the edge. I literally had to look away from her body and stare at the
wall for a few seconds and concentrate on not blowing my load. It was then that I saw the clock and a
brief window of reality. Oh shit, Heather could get home any second…

Not that I really think I would have had the wherewithal to do anything about it, but if I did, it would
have been shattered instantly by Autumn crying out with a sudden and cracked, “Oh-hhhh!!!”

I swung my head back to see her body make little circular jerks around my cock, seeing her legs shake
at the same time. She’s coming…! It set me off before I knew it. A wave of heat rushed through my
stomach and between my legs, and I was coming too. I knew she felt it because she cried out a
surprised moan. My primal urges took over and I just drove into her as far as I could, holding myself
against her as I was rocked by ecstatic spasms…

I was in blissful peace for the next twenty seconds as I rode my orgasm to completion. But then the
climax wore off. Autumn barely moved. I didn’t either. I continued to hold her and just stared straight
ahead in disbelief. The only sound was our ragged breathing and the steady ‘tick… tick…’ of the wall

What… have… I… done…?

I slowly pulled out of her and stumbled backwards a few steps. Her body slumped down into the couch
and turned to face me. The paint under her eyes was smeared a little bit now and her face was flushed.
Strands of hair escaped down the front of her eyes that escaped from her hat. She appeared just about as
amazed as I was.

I looked around dazedly for my shorts and found them. I have to get her out of here… *now*… As I
bent over to pick them up, the phone rang. I stood back up and the both of us turned to watch the
mounted telephone ring three more times, then the answering machine kicked on.

“Hey honey, are you there?” It was Heather on her cell.

A brief moment of waiting. “Hello…? Okay, maybe you’re outside or sleeping… Well I ran into my
old friend Lindsey outside the post office! It was so weird…! Oh I’ll just tell you about it later.
Anyway I hope you don’t mind, but I’m going to go have coffee with her down the street here. I’ll be
back in forty-five minutes, maybe an hour. Love ya!” Click.

My mouth hung open in dumb shock. I looked back over at Autumn and she was smiling from ear to
ear. She got up off the couch and looked at me. Reaching one hand up, she took off her hat and dropped
it onto the couch. She ran a hand through her hair and looked down my body, letting her eyes rest on
my cock. I immediately started getting hard again.

She brought her eyes back up to mine and then looked behind her, as if checking out the home. After
looking down the hall and seeing the doorway into the bedroom, she looked back at me and tried to
hide a naughty smile by pursing her lips shut. She turned away and started walking down to the room,
pulling her shirt up over her head and dropping it on the floor on her way in.

My dick jumped again at the sight of her naked back. I let go of my shorts and let them fall back down
to the floor as I followed her to my girlfriend’s bed.
It's really hard to explain how I felt at this point. It was almost like, I dunno, an out of body
experience. I knew my heart was beating hard, in all sorts of nervousness and excitement and
everything… But I felt it outside my skin... Maybe that makes no sense. Hell, I guess what I'm saying
is, all the apprehension, the nerves, everything was pushed just beyond my senses. I knew they were
there, but they hardly touched me.

So I was, in at least some fashion, calm as I walked into my girlfriend's room. Autumn was almost
completely naked; she only had those long socks on now. She was walking along the side of the bed,
letting the fingers on one hand trace along the sheets. Her back was still mostly to me, but her body
turned to the side as she reached the headboard. I felt the corners my lips curl up, coming to a sort of
surreal realization that I had never actually seen her breasts. Bare, anyway.

I let my eyes rest on them as she turned, and she noticed where my attention went. Her head tilted
down slightly as she understood the significance of it. I could tell her body tensed a little bit; a brief
display of insecurity, like she wasn't sure what to do. But just as quickly she relaxed and let her head
cock to the side, giving me a little smirk. I didn't even try to hide it. Seeing those fresh, firm tits sitting
high, leading down to that impossibly delicious stomach, her slender legs pressed close together in sort
of a shy pose…

It looked like she was about to open her mouth to say something, but she second-guessed herself. She
spun around, almost giggling, and let herself to fall backwards onto the bed, her arms sprawling out.
My cock continued to grow as I stared at her young body. She just seemed so goddamn flawless. I
mean, it had to just be because of her age… She was just coming into this gorgeous body, but she was
too young for it to have imperfection yet… She's so pristine…

I moved to the bed, closer to her, and reached out to place my palm on her thigh. She jumped a little,
but let out a soft, 'mmm…' For a split second I wondered if I should say something, but really, I didn't
have shit to say. So I just enjoyed her skin, running my hand down, all the way to her knee. I was now
standing in front of her legs and she looked up expectantly at me from the bed. I luxuriated in her long,
flat stomach leading up to her perky breasts. She was smiling, but it was a smile of anticipation. For
once, I felt she didn't know what was going to happen. Well, not exactly anyway.

She pressed her hands into the bed and began to push herself up towards me. "So…" she finally broke
the silence. "How do you…" a brief pause… "…want me?" I smiled. She's coming onto me! I
wondered if she thought all I wanted to do was fuck her. God, all I wanted to do was indulge her! She
looked at me hopefully, chewing on the corner of her lip.

Her legs parted a little bit to accommodate letting me closer to her on the edge of the bed. She scooted
towards me, bringing her hands up to my forearms to encourage me to lean down near her. I ignored
her and brought my own hands to her sides, feeling her body and letting my thumbs wrap over her
stomach, pushing up to her chest. She arched her back a little bit to give me better access, and I allowed
my hands up further. She stifled a little laugh as my fingers pressed into the soft skin at the edge of her
breasts, and I let my thumbs glide over her nipples.

Her hold left my arms and reached down to my, now completely full, erection. My eyes reflexively
shut as she wrapped her fingers around my shaft, sending tingles through my body. She brought the
palm of her other hand up to the head and, using her grip to keep me still, softly moved her open hand
around in little circles. My knees buckled at the pleasure and I let out a little groan. I opened my eyes
and looked at her; she was staring intently between my legs.

I moved my hands up to her shoulders and squeezed a bit. She softened her grip and looked up at my
eyes. With a quiet intake of breath, I gently started pushing her back. She let her body slide away, her
fingers trailing off of me. As she leaned against her elbows, she began to push herself backwards on the
bed, trying to get her legs up on it.

Oh no you don't… I moved my hands down above her knees and held her there. She made a cute little
scoff, "Hey…!" I answered with a smile; not on purpose, but just because I was really fuckin' happy
about what I was about to do. Still holding her knees, I gently pushed them apart as I knelt by the side
of the bed. Autumn's eyes widened as soon as she realized what I wanted.

Maybe I was a little dizzy as I leaned in between her legs. After all, here I was, about to willingly go
down on my own student that I had been deliriously trying to resist for weeks. I just didn't care
anymore. Not right then. I wanted to pour myself into her. All that pent up… lust. Her perfect little
body. God! I need to have her. To taste her.

I could practically feel her radiating anticipation. I breathed softly on her slit and she shivered a little.
She was still so wet… I wonder if anybody has ever done this for her… I really hoped I would be her
first right then. For everything she'd done to me, against my will or not, I wanted to give her something
back. And so… slowly, tentatively, I let my tongue out and allowed the tip of it to drag along her.

"Oh!" she squeaked, like it was still a surprise to her. It was music to my fuckin' ears. I continued
tracing my tongue up and down, teasing her a little bit. I let my hands slide up her legs to her hips and
held her in place. I watched her own hands slide over the sheets and finally clutch into the bed. She
doesn't know where to put them… The thrill turned me on even more and I pressed my face closer to
her in excitement.

I continued to let my tongue dance over her. It slid inside of her, focused along the top of her slit,
licked the inside of her thighs to let her relax. I pressed my lips against her and kissed, then sucked,
then dove my tongue back in. Her hips began to rock against my face, rolling on the bed. One of her
hands fluttered to her body, across her breast and down to press into her stomach. Her other arm
reached down to me, her fingers grasping my hair, unsure whether to pull at it or push me in further.

She was panting now; little moans whispering out of her breath. "Ah- ah… G-god… ohhh…" I looked
up along her body as I ate her out, watching her chest rise with each ragged breath. Sometimes she
lifted her head to look down at me, her eyes wild. Then she'd drop back into the sheets as I sucked on
her clit. "I- I… hmmmm…"
God, I think I can make her come again! I tried to pace myself, not to over-stimulate her in my own
exhilaration. But it was hard. I don't know if I had ever wanted to get a girl off so badly in my life. Why
do I want this so bad? I didn't give a shit. I kept at her.

"I th-think- ah - I'm uh- uh- close…" she was practically talking to herself. Hearing her moan that made
my cock twitch. It felt like a fucking gust of wind down there probably would've made me come. My
body was abuzz as I listened to the sounds coming out of her. She rolled her head to the side and was
practically pushing herself into the sheets, her eyes clenched shut hard. Suddenly her mouth opened
wide and she clamped her teeth over her bottom lip; sharp exhales of air coming out of her nose. Oh…
fuck yes… I had her now.

"Hmmph!" escaped through her teeth as I felt a surge of wetness wash in my mouth. I closed my own
eyes in blissful triumph, keeping my lips wrapped around her as she bucked her pussy against me. I
was so excited right then, I swear I would've blown my load had I not come just awhile before.

Her body relaxed and shrugged away from me as her voice cracked a little sigh. I continued to softly
lick along her, slowly bringing myself to a stop. I then pulled away from her and leaned back, taking a
deep breath. Her chest rose and fell sharply with each breath. She looked at me and managed a smile.
"Um… Wow…" she murmured. I smiled… almost shyly?

Suddenly I began to feel awkward. I stood up and the feeling got worse. Her eyebrows immediately
rose as soon as she saw my throbbing dick. "Oh wow!" she repeated. A flutter went through my
stomach. I mean, come on! No man is immune to being complimented like that. And by this fuckin'
little goddess who has had me wrapped around her finger? It was a new experience.

Now I'll be honest. I'm not entirely sure what was going through my head anymore. I mean, I was still
in a state of bliss over the situation… Like, I wasn't thinking about having broken every code of ethics
of a teacher fucking his high school student. Or about the fact that I was fucking her while my
girlfriend was out. In her own fucking bed! But I can say at least this: I actually didn't think I was going
to get anymore action. I don't know, I just assumed she would have had enough…

But she was looking at me, her hands sliding back up her body in this very 'come hither' sort of way.
And she said, and I won't forget this anytime soon, "Well? What are you waiting for?" God, is she
serious? My face must have betrayed my thoughts, because she answered in sliding her entire body
onto the bed, bringing her head up to the pillows. She kept her eyes trained on me the whole time;
pulling me toward her with just a stare. Fuck me, but I could not resist.

I climbed onto the bed, moving to lie next to her. She reached out and wrapped her hand around my
cock; I grimaced immediately in tortured pleasure. It was sensitive as hell. Before I could lower myself
to her side, she gently pulled at me to guide me on top of her. I somehow managed to refuse her and
slip out of her fingers. She seemed to follow my lead and rolled onto her side, facing away from me.

Her ass pushed into my crotch and I hissed a quick intake of breath. She took the queue and began to
roll her body against me, pressing against my erection and causing my entire body to tense. I put my
hand on her hip to slow her down and reached my face up to her neck.

"You've really wanted this…" she murmured as I moved closer to her. It was a statement.

"You made me want this," is all I could reply, in a low voice. I inhaled and could still faintly smell her
perfume. I was stricken again about how… inexperienced this all seemed. The aroma of a high school
girl and sex… and me… I closed my eyes and kissed her neck.

She sighed softly. "You… ah- looked at me…" I continued to kiss along her neck, allowing my tongue
to press into her skin, feeling the need to keep on tasting her. And she sighed out again, "…first…"

The image of staring at her body in the gym came surging into my mind. The secret admiration I had
that day, the awkward attraction since then… the suppressed lust until now. I felt a rush of adrenaline
pour over me as I wrapped an arm around her and pulled her into me, marveling in the amazing
sensation of her body pressed against mine.

Before I even knew it, she was on her back and I was over her; her legs already spreading for me. I
don't recall wasting any time. My pelvis was dropping down towards her, desperate to enter her again;
not even thinking about it. It was just happening. I don't even remember if I guided myself into her, or
if she took hold and helped me… I just remember barely stifling a "Jesus!" as I slid all the way down.
She was tight. She was wet. She was… heaven.

The blur continued. I saw her staring into my eyes, looking mischievous and pleased. I remember her
hands grabbing onto my ass and her trying to thrust into me with some force and speed. I knew
instinctively that she was doing it for me, trying to bring me off quickly, thinking that's what I wanted.
But I used my strength to slow her down and compel her to pace herself.

She looked almost confused as we reduced the tempo… I think I might have even whispered,
"Relax…" at some point. We fell into slow rhythm, first guided by me, but then slowly she got into her
own groove and took over. It was this subtle transition that almost got me off; I was actively holding
back at this point. She is starting to please *herself* again…

Her eyes were mostly fluttered closed. Her mouth hung open, her chin rising a tiny bit with each steady
thrust as her body arched up into mine. For a little while, there was kind of a tiny smile on her lips. But
it faded and became more and more concentrated. Her fingers were digging into my skin now, and little
'ah!'s were slipping from her throat.

As her face became more contorted, her struggle became more obvious. I clenched my own eyes shut.
It was too fucking hot. She wants to again! Her body was not thrusting against mine anymore, but
rather in a steady push, grinding in little circles.

Then her moans started. "God- God… I'm so- fuck! I- I didn'… God!"

She began to shake. I knew I couldn't hold out much longer; but I was counting on the same for her.
Hoping for the same. The familiar surge of an orgasm was building up inside of me, and I was biting
the back of my tongue to hold it at bay. If I could've thought straight, I would've probably been
surprised at how big a come I was about to have considering I had already done so not twenty minutes

"Fuck!!" she cried out, her voice cracking in a whine. And then her pelvis erratically shook against
mine as she trailed off in a surprised moan. My eyes flew open and I saw her staring at me, a look of
bewildered lust as she came. Any control I had over my own body vanished and I just stared back at
her, my own cum coursing through me and into her.
My arms quavered and gave out, and my body slid down completely onto hers as I lost myself in
orgasm. Her arms pulled up around my back and she held me emphatically… hugging me. One of her
legs wrapped around mine as we enjoyed each other and finished from our high.

I'm not sure exactly how much time passed after that. I think it was probably only a few minutes. But
for at least a little while, my body slid mostly off of hers, to her side. We laid there on the bed, covered
in sweat, breathing hard, no words spoken between us. What the hell was there to say? It was fucking
amazing, and I allowed myself, for those few moments, to bask in it.

The subtle and subconscious smile on my face fell right off as my head rolled to the side. I looked at
the table next to the bed and saw a picture of me and Heather. Oh- what the fuck did I just do…?

I jolted upright and pushed myself away from her, my calm reverie completely shattered. My heart
went into overdrive instantly.

"Mmm… Now I'm thirsty!" Autumn hummed nonchalantly from behind me.

"God… You- I… Fuck! Autumn… You got to, got to… I'm- I'm um… sorry. Uh- you need to leave…"

"Aww!" she pouted.

I got up from the bed, looking around for some clothes but realizing they were all still in the living
room. I turned and faced her, swallowing hard. Her eyes smiled as they looked up and down my naked
body in this relaxed sort of way.

"I- I'm serious… This was- I mean, shit!"

"Was what?" she asked, starting to lean up.

"A- a…" I wanted to say 'a mistake', but I stuttered and she interjected.

"Amazing?" Her smile was simultaneously sweet and coy.

Christ. Yes. I ran a hand through my hair in exacerbation. God, she looked so effortlessly sexy.
Beautiful even. What the fuck. Beautiful?? "Really. You need to, uh- go. I'm serious."

She sighed. "Fine… I get it." There was a twinge of annoyance in her voice, but also understanding.
Thankfully. She rose up from the bed and raised her arms in a stretch, her breasts and stomach going
taut as she did so. I couldn't help but to stare at every little curve and indent in her body, despite

At first I assumed she did it to show off, but she noticed my gawking and her cheeks actually turned a
little pink. She brought her arms back down and crossed them over her chest, covering herself up. I
couldn't tell if it was out of shyness, or if she was teasing me, or denying me…

She walked past me back to the other room. I stood there and blew out a shaky sigh, putting my face in
my hands. What the fuck. What the fuck. I needed to calm down; to get the situation under control. I
followed her out there… The first thing I saw was her bending over, sliding those little shorts up her
legs and then shimmying them up to her waist. The way her legs and ass shook a little bit from side to
side was so fucking cute. God, get a hold of yourself!

I began to grab my own clothes and get dressed. What the hell do I say right now? I felt like I had to
say something.

"Autumn… I…"

"Where's my hat?" she interrupted.

My jaw snapped shut. Huh? "Oh- uhh… Here, it's in the- uh- hall." I walked over and grabbed it for
her. She was fixing her hair back in a little ponytail as I brought it over.

"Thanks," she said flatly.

Is she pissed off at me? I felt very apprehensive about it. What if she tries to take it out on me? And
then there was another, quieter part of my mind that… frankly, just didn't want her to be unhappy.
What the hell. She did this- she brought this on…

"Sure. Um- so, Autumn…"

She pulled her hair through the back of the hat as she put it on. "I know. You don't want me to tell
anybody." Her eyes turned away as she said it.

I sighed, "Well- I mean, it would be bad…"

"Don't worry. I don't want you to get in trouble."

Another sigh, this time of relief. "That's good. I mean, for both of us. We uh- this shouldn't have…"
Her eyes narrowed at me and I stopped myself. "I gotta go. Like I said, no trouble." There was an
underlying sarcasm there that admittedly stung a little. She wiped at the eye-black on her face to try
and tidy it up, straightened her shirt a bit, and then let herself out.

I stood there alone, my throat completely dry. Involuntarily, I clenched my jaw and took a huge
unsteady breath through my nose. And that made me think. Oh fuck, it's going to smell like sex in
there… A glance at the clock told me enough time had passed that I was probably screwed. My only
hope was that Heather would be having a good time and run late with her friend. I burst into action; I
had to try.

Back in the bedroom, I threw all the windows open. Fresh air, I need to air it out… I looked at the
rumpled sheet on top of the bed, still a damp from our sex. Some areas worse than others. Should I
wash them? There's no time. I pulled up the comforter at the foot of the bed to cover the entire mattress.
Then I found some other folded up blankets and put them on too. I had to cover it up. Plus it would
help dry it out. If she asked, I'll just tell her I was just making the room look nice. It'll work. It'll be
Then there was me. I knew I smelled like her. I was all over her. Inside of her. I had to take another
shower… But I had just taken one before Heather left. It would look suspicious. Shit shit shit! I had no
choice. I would rush it and towel myself the fuck off as fast as I could. So I jumped in to at least rinse
off. No sooner had I got in that I quickly jumped back out and grabbed some toothpaste. I had to get the
smell of teenage pussy out of my mouth at the same time.

And so I rushed, my heart leaping every time I heard the slightest noise, hoping my girlfriend hadn't
come home yet. I was out of the shower; I had toweled off. She wasn't back. I might just fucking make
it. It was going to be okay. I mean, at least for right then. My mind hadn't caught up to the fact that I
just consummated an affair.

I was back in the living room, trying to make myself look comfortable on the couch and watch TV. The
images flashed on the screen, but my mind was blank. I was just breathing slowly, trying to get myself
under control. I think another fifteen minutes or so actually went by; so I was totally fine. I couldn't
believe my luck. Sort of. In spite of this, I still jumped a little bit when I heard her outside, turning the

"Hey baby, sorry I'm later than I said…" she started off with an apology. An apology!

I forced a smile. "Maybe I'll find a way to forgive you."

I watched her go into the kitchen to put her things down. And then my heart dropped. I saw the open
jewelry case on the table. She never took anything. I leapt up from the couch, peering into the kitchen
and hoping Heather wasn't paying any attention. My eyes darted over the table; I had no time to think
about it. I grabbed a few pieces that I guessed they had talked about and shoved them in my pocket.

She came out of the kitchen. "Oh! So did that student finally pick some stuff?"

I looked over her, swallowing down a huge lump. Did she notice? Did she catch me? She looked at me
casually. Another forced smile. "Uhh, yep! I tried not to let her completely clean you out!"

"Ha ha," she gave a sarcastic laugh, walking over to me. "Well I had to donate something! What would
they say if their finest teacher was romantically involved with a student-hating scrooge? There would
be a scandal in your school!"

A scandal. You have no fucking idea. "Wouldn't want that," I agreed with her. "That would be bad."

"Very bad," she smiled and reached in to give me a playful swat.


I don't know where I was for the rest of the day. My brain was completely jammed up. Half of me
could not stop thinking about every fucking moment of being with Autumn. Her body. The sex. Her
orgasms. But the rest of me… Just couldn't even fathom it. I was in denial. I mean, what did this say
about me? I've always considered myself a decent guy. I just… didn't know how to cope. Not yet.

At some point, I was back in my own home. The second I was inside, I closed the door behind me,
leaned my back against it, then sank down to my ass on the floor. My body began to shake and I almost
felt like I had to wretch. My life is over. My relationship. My job. Everything. I threw my head back in
defeat and hit it soundly on the door. Fuck.

I probably sat there for an hour at a complete loss. Could I get out of this somehow? My mind tried to
churn, but there was nothing. I wasn't even sure if I was able to maintain a coherent thought after
awhile. To hell with this right now. I need to do something else. I went by the kitchen to get some
water, then decided to splash it on my face, taking deep breaths to calm myself down. Then I went to
my desk and dropped into the chair.

Work. I'll just do work. There were grades to be uploaded into the school database. That was tedious
work, but that's just about what I needed right then. So I pulled out a stack of essays that were ready to
be given back to the class and flipped on my computer. Two minutes later, I logged onto my faculty
web account to access the school records. I noticed I had a few new emails.

Normally it isn't ever anything important; just run-of-the-mill announcements. The first one was from
our assistant principal- a brief memo about a spirit drive that the seniors were doing to raise money. I
cringed. Not gonna open that one. The next was from Lara, an elderly sociology teacher. She sent all
the staff pictures of dogs dressed like people. Enlightening.

The third message looked like spam; only in that I didn't recognize the email address. But we have
pretty good filters, so I opened it up.

There was just one line at the top. 'Something to remember our first time by…'

Then an image started loading under it. I stared helplessly as Autumn came into focus, wearing the
same sexy softball outfit from earlier that day. She was clearly taking a picture of herself with a digital
camera in the mirror… Her body was tilted to the side, her legs pressed together and knees bent, one
arm raised with the camera, the other folded behind her with her hand on her ass. Her lips were pursed
in this fucking adorable way, like she was concentrating on the picture. She wasn't even looking at

I scrolled down to the bottom of the email. 'I can't wait to make more memories with you! See you in
class, your favorite student.' A shiver went through my body. 'P.S. You can send me a pic if you
want :)'.

My hand twitched to close the email. No, no, no, no… She can't send that. She couldn't have sent that.
To my fucking work email. What the fuck was she thinking! Jesus, I need to get rid of it. I opened
message back up. I had to see it again, to really believe it. I started to feel lightheaded. I moved the
mouse to delete it, but I stopped myself at the last second. God, I shouldn't do this… Right-click. Save
as. I made a copy of the picture and put it on my computer. Then I nuked the email.

I pressed my fingers into my forehead, shutting my eyes. Okay. It's okay. She's young, she made a
mistake. She's not out to screw me over… She could have done that by now if she wanted to. I mean,
she likes me… Somehow. Wait. Did she like me? *Like* me? God, I sound like a teenager. But if she
did… I could reason with her. She wouldn't try to hurt me.

I felt my heart flutter. That was weird. I told myself it was just my nerves. I mean, it couldn't have been
because the thought of her having feelings for me was… God, shut *up*! I didn't let myself finish the
thought. I pushed myself out of my chair and paced around the room. Somehow, all this time, I barely
registered that I had class tomorrow. Need sleep.

I stripped down to my boxers and slid into the bed. I don't know who I was kidding, thinking I'd be able
to fall asleep so easily. I tossed and turned for hours. My mind played the potential scenarios of the
next day over and over. In some, I would get in trouble. In some, she would ignore me. In others, she
would try to talk to me. In more, she would try to fuck me. It was this last setting that I finally settled
into. At least I can take away the edge if I jerk off… There was some guilt as I imagined her coming
onto me again, telling me how amazing the sex was. I guess the real guilt was in me imagining that I
responded to her that, yes, it was the best I've ever had too.

At least I fell asleep after that.

Next day. Let's face it… I don't remember anything except waiting for the class. Hell, I can barely even
remember why I even decided to go. I had to see her though. If nothing else, than to tell her to not
fucking send me pictures of herself to my work email.

I was probably bleary eyed from my lack of sleep and stress. I had this feeling that it would make it
even more obvious to her that I couldn't stop thinking about it… But what could I do? I mean, we
fucked for crying out loud. The time for pretending I wasn't interested in her was pretty much over.

She was wearing tight jeans, a bit frayed around the waist, and a sleeveless black tee. The first thing I
noticed about the shirt was that it was tight. It was stretched against her skin, like she picked a size too
small. It rode up her tummy just a little bit, which was made more obvious by her fashionably tattered
pants. And it wrapped around her chest like… God. I knew I wasn't the only guy who noticed. I'm just
the one who shouldn't be. As if that wasn't bad enough, there was a pink skull designed on the front,
drawing your attention right to her.

And her hair was up in a ponytail again, but this time strands of her bangs fell over her face. She
walked in with one of her friends who was talking with her. For a moment, she turned away to face me,
and the faintest smile danced across her lips as she pushed some hair away from her face to get a look. I
felt myself grow hot, and hoped I wasn't blushing.

My lesson plan called for a discussion in class that day. Typically, I take excerpts from the students'
stories that they'd been working on and share them with the class (anonymously of course!). Then we
have a talk about why it's good, and what we think the story is going to be about. But I just didn't get to
it this time around. Not yet anyway. Gimme a break. I'd been… distracted.

Anyway, I wanted to go ahead with it regardless. The less actual teaching I had to do, the better off I'd
be. I already knew that my previous classes that day were pathetic in my available attention. For
obvious reasons, this was going to be the worst of them all. She was at her desk now and I glanced over
at her. She noticed and looked back at me. We both panicked briefly and looked away… Then looked
back. She broke into a little smile, maybe embarrassed? Then she mouthed a quick 'Hi!'

My heart did a little flip and I dropped my gaze. Not in class. Nobody can know. But I was inwardly
pleased at her attention anyway. Fuck, am I addicted? The bell rang.

I instinctively dropped into teacher mode. "Okay class, today we're going to get in touch with our inner
child and have a little show-and-tell. Since I know you all have copies of your papers with you at all
times, go ahead and pull them out now. Let's get a few volunteers to read an interesting snip of your
work and we'll have a discussion." About a third of the students started actually rustling for their
papers, the rest were hesitant. "And keep this in mind. If we don't have enough to talk about to take us
through the period, then I'll just be forced to assign you more writing so you can be better inspired
tomorrow!" More rustling this time.

The first volunteer was Sam. A fairly creative kid who wrote his story about meeting a ghost in his
closet who actually was supposed to be the haunting monster feared as a child. The ghost, however,
was rather morose and they ended up just having a lot of discussions about life. He read a passage from
one of these conversations and the class got fairly involved in talking about his setup.

This got the ball rolling and several more students got jazzed to share their work. A teacher's dream,
right? Normally I'd be thrilled. But each time I had to call for a new volunteer to share, I was secretly
dreading that Autumn might want to. She had her paper out, and she looked like she was on the verge
of piping up. I stole glances at her and she looked back, her mouth screwed in a hidden grin, like she
was contemplating whether or not go for it. Please don't… Don't make this any harder than it is…

"All right, we've got time for one more… Who wants to finish the class off today?" Nobody was
jumping at the opportunity. I surveyed the room and saw Autumn flipping the pages in her paper. She
took a breath and began to raise her hand. Oh *shit*. I know she saw me notice, and time slowed down
for an instant.

"Fine, I guess I'll do it!" a male voice in the back said. It was Jake, something of a slacker but still a
decent writer for his age.

"Great!" I blurted out, jerking my eyes away from Autumn. I caught a slight shrug from her small
frame and felt a twinge of guilt. Like I could feel her disappointment. "Um- so let's just get started. You
have a specific part you'd like to read?" Act natural.

He read a somewhat ambiguous section of his story, which I'll give him credit for. Having previously
read it myself, I knew that it was about an older woman who turns out to be a witch. However, from his
excerpt, he made it sound like a young man was seducing her. It was clever, and it got the class
speculating some wild things.

"I know it's just fiction, but be real! No woman is going to go after such a younger guy. She would
want a real man!" one girl laughed.

"Oh come on, that's totally unfair!" came a reply. "What a stereotype!"

"Yeah! Older guys get younger girls all the time!" another cracked.

"Only 'cause they're gold diggers!"

I was about to end this back and forth and try to get the discussion back on track to something more
constructive, but then Autumn chimed in, "What! Now who's stereotyping!"

Some more laughter in the class.

"Seriously! It's, like, those kinds of stupid attitudes that make girls want an older guy in the first place."
"Oh, and girls are immune to being immature, huh?" came a male retort.

"That's not what I meant!" Autumn defended. "It's just that… I dunno. It's so stupid how society treats
relationships with, like, any kind of age gap. I mean, there's all kinds of amazing examples where, like,
actual love isn't so neat and tidy…" There was an edge of seriousness in her voice that quieted the other
students. They were joking; she wasn't. "Isn't that right?" she concluded, staring at me for a reply.

I was a little lost in her words, knowing exactly what she was trying to say. Knowing she was really
talking to me to make some kind of point. I stammered, "Uh, heh… Well, there are lots of examples in
literature where love 'spans the ages', so to speak…"

"Yeah!" she agreed enthusiastically. "But what do you think about it?"

Now the class's interest really piqued up. I felt my skin start to grow hot. They don't know. They can't
know. They just like seeing the teacher put on the spot for anything remotely unusual. "What I think is
that…" a brief pause, "Jake has hit upon a very interesting theme and has managed to capture all of
your interest!" Nice. Good diversion.

I could see Autumn's complete irritation and dissatisfaction with my answer as she slumped back into
her chair. Several students groaned at my response, but Jake laughed and congratulated himself, "Yeah
yeah, I'm the next big thing in English!"

Small pockets of friends broke into the argument about age differences in relationships again, and I
realized I had completely lost control of them now. There was only a minute left in class anyway, so I
just let it go. "Okay everybody, great discussion today. Thank you to all the volunteers who braved
your peers…"

The bell rang and everyone began to shuffle for lunch. Okay, not bad. I was inwardly pleased with how
well I handled the class. Hell, even how I handled myself. But as I snuck another glance at Autumn
packing up her things, my demeanor began to crack. I had to talk to her. My heartbeat began to pick up,
and the events of the previous day came flooding back to me. She was simply picking up her backpack
now, but I suddenly saw her nude, lying back on the bed, eyes clenched in orgasm. Christ. I really
fucked her. The day's denial began to shake away all at once.

Students filed out the door, and I cautiously watched her, waiting for her to get near the front of the
class. I wanted to casually ask her to stay, as if I just remembered. I didn't want anybody else in the
room to even notice. But she was engaged with the same friend she came in with, chatting away. Damn
it. As she began walking to leave, she barely even looked at me. She's upset. Shit.

As she came closer, I second-guessed myself and almost let her get by. Finally I worked up the
courage, "Oh, Autumn. Can you stay back for a minute?" Her face shot back over her shoulder and
gave me an… interesting glare. One that I could not interpret for the life of me.

"Um, okay… What's up?" She turned and faced me. Her friend stopped too.

I didn't think someone else would actually wait around. "I wanted to speak with you about…" my mind
churned, "…the questions in your email. I thought the answers would be more clear face-to-face."

The corner of her mouth quirked up in a little smile. "Ummm- I don't remember any questions. It was
mostly, like, my own comments."

She's challenging me in front of her friend. "Ah, well I wanted a chance to respond to them. If you have
a couple minutes." I threw a glance at her friend, trying to hint that she might get bored. Go away!

Autumn made a little show of looking at the clock. "Sure, I guess." She was trying to be nonchalant,
but I could see the anticipation in her eyes. She turned to her friend, "I'll catch up in a minute, kay?"

She tried not to roll her eyes, "Okay, okay." With a sort of perplexed glance, she let the classroom. I
think she was confused; she doesn't know. Good.

Autumn waited until she was out the door and then crossed her arms over her stomach. "So?"

"About your email," I stated flatly.

"Did you like it?"

Yes. "It was, uh… inappropriate."

She made a show of a sigh. "Aren't we past this?"

"Excuse me?"

"Are you just going to pretend yesterday didn't happen?" Her stare was penetrating.

I was put on the defensive. "It- it isn't about that. I mean, you can't send that kind of thing to my email.
My work email. Do you have any idea…"

"Okay! Give me your home email then!" she interrupted.

I stood there staring back at her, coming up with nothing to say. My only reply was a look of dubious
confusion. I can't do that. I can't encourage her.

"Umm- otherwise I'll have to just keep using the same email I know, right? I mean, I want to be able to
talk to you. You're always, like, hiding at school. I mean, I get it. So let's just talk after class..." She had
loosened her shoulders a little and didn't seem so tense.
"I…" my voice trailed off.

Autumn looked back up at the clock. "Come on!" she prodded, stepping up to the front of my desk. "I
don't want to stop," she lowered her voice. "It was… It was even better than I thought." It was almost a
whisper, and she lowered her eyes, a sudden show of timidity.

Christ! I was filled with fear and sheer flattery.

"Okay?" she prompted again.

"Yeah- uh- okay, okay." I scribbled down my personal email handle on a piece of paper and handed it
to her. Did I just fucking *do* that?
"Thanks!" she suddenly brightened up. "Don't worry, I promise no more emails. To your work, I

"Good. That's… good."

She took a step back. "Was there anything else?"

What the hell do I even say? 'By the way, the sex was astonishing. Make sure you keep it under your
hat?' "Not at the moment."

"Hmm, okay," she turned and started towards the door. "By the way," she paused, "I saw you kept
looking at me funny. Did I do something, like, wrong?"

"No. Uh- I just noticed your… shirt. It isn't your usual style." Oh come on. That was lame. Now she
knows I pay attention to what she wears.

She gave me a sarcastic smile. "There's more than one side to me, you know. I'm not a one-trick pony."

"I didn't mean that…"

"Anyways," she practically winked at me, "Thanks for noticing!" And with that, she left me alone in
the classroom.

Why did I give her my real email address? Why couldn't I have come up with some fake one? Or made
up one last night? I must have known this was coming… I didn't want to admit to myself that, yes, of
course I knew this had to be coming. 'Cause that would mean I was just waiting to give her my email. It
was so stupid. The last thing I needed was a documented record of me talking to her. What the fuck
would happen if someone saw? God, maybe I should just never log into it again…

Of course, I could say that all I wanted. I could say anything, but it wouldn't stop the fact that the first
fuckin' thing I did when I got in the door was go right to my computer. Just to see if she emailed me.
Maybe she's bluffing. Maybe she will think I gave her a fake. I signed in and scanned my messages.
There was nothing from her. Huge sigh.

I sat there, looking at my screen, rubbing the back of my neck. I was relieved, but it was still early. For
all I knew, she wasn't even home yet. There was still time. What would she send? More pictures? Just
text? The more I thought about it, the more I feared I was looking forward to it…

I logged off my computer for about all of ten minutes before I got back on to check again. This is
pathetic. I didn't care. I left my email up in the background and decided to get some work done. An
hour or so went by when I saw the little popup for a new message. My heart leapt and I actually tossed
the computer mouse across the table in my excitement. It was just something from my credit card
company. Fuck!

I was flat-out expecting something from her. There was no denying it. I was loath to admit my
disappointment that the last delivery wasn't from her. But as the evening went on, still no message
came. Eventually I got hungry and decided I needed to make some dinner. Before I left the room, I
cranked my computer speakers way up… Just in case I got an email; I'd hear the ding in the kitchen.
God, this is embarrassing.

I debated making a really nice dinner, just so I'd have something to do. Something to occupy my mind.
But my appetite was lacking and I didn't want to waste the food, so I just threw something easy
together. I was just about to sit down when I was startled by my computer blaring an alarm.
Motionless… I was suddenly filled with anxiety. Is it her? Is it garbage? I sped back into my office
absurdly quickly.

An enormous lump formed in my throat. Here it is. It's from her. I eagerly opened it up and scanned the
message. The first thing I noticed was that there were no attachments, no pictures. My relief mingled
with regret. Then I read.

'Well here I am emailing you… I hope this is your real address. I don't think you'd lie to me? That
wouldn't be very teacher-ish ;)'

Right. Because I've definitely been an exemplary model of the ethical teacher.

'Write back so I know I have the right email…'

I drummed my fingers on the table. Of course I was going to reply. I mean, think how upset she would
be if I didn't? She might think I lied to her. Or that I'm ignoring her. I can't have her pissed off. Never
mind that I *want* to talk to her…

I hit the 'Reply' button, but then stopped myself. Don't seem anxious. I closed the window and walked
dazedly into the kitchen. I'd eat first. Then I'd reply. But what to say…

My mind turned as I sat in front of my dinner, absently forking food into my mouth. It didn't taste like
much, and I found myself eating slower and slower. Not like I had any real appetite at this point
anyway. A hundred little movies played in my mind of all the things that could go wrong if I emailed
her back, and if I didn't, and the different things that I could say. It was like all the reels in my
imagination were in fast-forward, all playing at the same time. Some of them were good though. The
ones I *really* shouldn't be considering.

Back at my desk. I had to get it over with. 'Well here I am emailing you back. Looks like the address is
correct!' Okay then. Short, to the point, somewhat light-hearted… Stop overanalyzing! I closed my
eyes and hit 'Send'.

"I need a drink," I mumbled to myself, realizing my throat was completely dry. I stood up and shook
my body, trying to loosen up. I was both stiff from the anxiety and trembling from the excitement. I
hoped I wasn't making the biggest mistake in my life. Besides fucking her at least.

I dug through the fridge and managed to find a beer in the back. It was quickly opened and I almost
found myself chugging it. Slow down, cowboy. Was I trying to calm my nerves, or loosen up?
Probably both. I flipped on the TV to distract myself. It didn't help much. Within twenty minutes I was
back, eagerly checking my email. Nothing yet.
I idly wondered if she would check for my response. It seemed like she would… But maybe she
wouldn't reply tonight? I didn't really know. I fell back into doing some work online and tried not to
think about it too much. In spite of this, I couldn't contain an involuntary, 'Finally!' when I noticed a
new email from her pop up.

'Yay! I hope we can finally talk, even if it has to be on the other side of a computer screen. Sooo…
Where to begin? We could talk about school if you want. You can tell me what you REALLY think
about my paper! Or we can talk about other things too…'

The mail trailed on for a bit longer, with her being fairly innocent and only using a little innuendo. This
helped relax my guard. I was relieved that she didn't just jump into talking about our… previous
history. I hit the 'Reply' button immediately and began to respond. I reckoned I didn't have to hit 'Send'
right away… But at least I could get some words down so I wouldn't be completely obsessed with
thinking about what to say.

'Well, I'm not sure what to talk about either. I've written comments on your paper; you know I feel your
prose and syntax is impressive. Had you written about something a little different, I would have loved
to share it with the class and some of the other teachers…'

I thought about this for a moment and struck out that last line. That sounded like I was baiting her to
get into a conversation about it. That wouldn't be a great idea.

'I'm happy to see you've taken a personal interest in improving your writing…'

I continued on in a fairly neutral, 'teacher' tone. I wasn't sure exactly what she was hoping to get out of
this correspondence. It seemed obvious that she was going to pry about the sex, and who the hell knows
what else. But I wasn't going to just dive into it. I had to test the waters, force her to make the first
move. Then how will I react? I shuddered and shook my head. Without thinking, I sent the email only a
minute after I finished writing it. Shit! Now she's going to know I was sitting here, waiting for her!

That was it. I shut off my computer, walked outside the room, and closed the door behind me. Just
leave it the fuck alone.

Somehow I managed to stay away for the rest of the night. I still thought about her though. Not just the
emails, but everything. I was filled with the (now usual) urge to be able to see her. Wanting to see the
picture she emailed me, but afraid to get back online, I settled for the page out of the yearbook stuffed
under the bed. This is ridiculous. Why can't I stop?

It was another long night.

The next morning, I checked my email before even getting in the shower. She had replied fairly soon
after I sent my email.

'Lame! You can talk to me with all your teacher comments all you want in class. We can email alone,
so be real with me :P I want to know seriously what you thought about it. Not just the grammar, but
everything. I thought you'd like talking about this- you do love writing, right? Otherwise we can talk
about something else. It isn't like you've never been honest before… Remember our little phone
conversation? Anyway, how about my picture that I sent? What did you think of that…'
My mouth dried out as I read on. I could feel her disappointment in her words, but also a kind of stern
resolve. I guess she knew what she wanted, and she sure as shit wasn't going to back down. I
practically staggered away from the computer and into my bathroom to start a shower. For probably
fifteen minutes I just stood in there, feeling the water pour over me, lost in thought.

How was class going to go now? Would she really not let on? How can she seem so shy sometimes, but
so self-assured at others? I mean, I'm her fucking teacher! And she thinks she can get away with
talking to me so casually. So flippantly. Although her strong will is kind of a turn-on…

I'm not sure at what point I got hard, but my hand brushed against my erection and reminded me how
badly I needed some relief. I toyed with the idea of going without, just to beat my lust. That was a
dumb idea though… So instead I tried to think about anything but her. My girlfriend. Old girlfriends.
Famous people. Nothing worked. Big surprise. Barely took any time once I gave in and just imagined
Autumn. Her penetrating gaze. Her young body. Her eyes clenched shut. The sound of her panting…

It was another guilty, great orgasm.

In class the next day, she was dressed very… flirty? A summer skirt that didn't quite come to her knees
and a tank-top that hugged her tummy and exposed a lot of back. She wore light colors that contrasted
nicely against her skin. But I knew she wasn't pleased, that she was trying to get back at me. For one,
she never looked at me. Not once. (Never mind that I would have been looking at her constantly to
notice this…). On top of that, she was all smiles and giggles. With everyone else in the class.

Now, this is a very 'teenage' way to get back at someone. I'm not really sure how I felt about it, to be
honest. In a way, I was actually glad for the lack of attention. But there was something gnawing deep
inside me that didn't like it. At first, I figured I was just nervous about upsetting her, thinking she might
do something stupid and, well, ruin me. But I didn't really believe that was the case. So what was it?
Am I actually jealous that she isn't focusing on me…?

I did my best to disregard those thoughts for the rest of the afternoon. But as I drove home, I wrestled
with the 'email problem'. Do I reply as soon as I get back? Do I wait until the evening? Exactly how
will I respond to her? Maybe it occurred to me that I wasn't even considering not replying. Oh well.

I ended up writing back fairly soon, if for no other reason than to just get it over with. And this time, I
wasn't going to bullshit.

'My intent wasn't to upset you. You're an intelligent girl; you must realize how awkward a position
you're putting me in. So forgive me if I'm not quite sure how to navigate these conversations. And your
story. What exactly did you want to know? The truth is I found it incredibly uncomfortable that you can
so easily paint a vivid picture of our 'encounters'. Not uncomfortable because of your talent in writing,
but because these situations are extremely dangerous. Obviously the memories are exceptionally clear
in my mind. Reading your work only reinforced those images and even filled in some blanks from… the
*female's* perspective. On that note, as to your question about the picture you sent, I'm confident I
won't need any additional aid to ever remember last Sunday. Am I to expect a new submission from you
detailing that? Then again, a picture is worth a thousand words. Perhaps that was enough?'

I read over the email once. Well, good as anything, I guess. Hopefully I maintained some kind of
authority over her, despite any tacit admissions hidden in the message. But again, who was I trying to
fool by this point? It wasn't like my attraction to her was a secret anymore. Not between the two of us

I clicked 'Send'.

A minute later, my cell phone rang. Jesus! I scrambled to dig it out of my pocket, thinking for sure that
it was her. Like she was just waiting for me to email her. I finally looked at the screen and shook my
head. Of course. I'm an idiot. It was Heather.

I sighed and answered the phone as casually as possible. Dinner? Sure, sounds nice. She wanted a
break for the evening and decided to swing by my place. She'd pick up some food on the way. I
wandered into the bathroom and splashed cold water on my face. How can I even look at her straight?
I can't tell her. No matter what I say, it can't be the truth.

I think I actually managed to act fairly normally once she arrived. I suppressed my guilt as far as I
could. We ate, talked, watched some TV, relaxed. A couple hours into the evening, she got up to use
the restroom. My pulse quickened as I knew I had a minute to myself. I slunk into the office and
quickly logged onto my email.

There she was.

'I didn't mean to come off all catty in my last email. I thought you were mad at me, and that's why you
didn't reply? I was looking forward to talking to you more. Maybe tonight will be different? Like I said,
nobody will know. I didn't tell anyone today, did I? Or the day before, or the day before. Trust me :)
Anyways… about you being "uncomfortable"… Why is that? Is it just because I'm your student…?'

There was more to the message, but I heard Heather coming back out and I just skimmed the rest real
fast before closing the window. She went on a bit more about her writing, that she was glad that I liked
it, and especially pleased that it had an effect on me. She even snuck in the hint that my "discomfort"
was more physical than emotional. I almost smiled at that. She's good for her age…

Then I wiped that fucking look off my face. What the fuck? I can't believe I'm thinking about this with
my own girlfriend in the next room. I shoved the thoughts to the back of my mind and went back to go
meet with her. My guilt was mostly overshadowed by my impatience. What I really wanted to do was
be alone. I needed to email her back.

Addicted. Face it, man. You're screwed.


Heather left fairly late, but I still emailed Autumn back. I couldn't help it. I read her message again…
This time with the picture she had sent me opened up in the background. The longer I sat there, the
more turned on I got. I tried to keep my tone fairly neutral and authoritative… But I'm afraid I allowed
myself to come off a little softer, a little more receptive.
By the time I hit 'Send', I was so hopped up on the anxiety and excitement of it all that I could barely
keep still. I maximized the picture and just found myself with my hand down my pants, completely
unable to help myself. Jesus, I ought to at least get some fuckin' tissue… But my eyes were glued to the
screen. I couldn't believe what I was doing; I kept getting more and more lost. Before I knew it, I was
soaking my boxers with my own cum.
My eyes gave way and closed as I leaned my head back into the chair. As my body relaxed, my
emotions resurfaced. With the sense of primal urgency gone, I immediately regretted how loose I was
in my email. Why did I let myself get carried away? I closed the image on the screen and waited for
about an hour, cursing myself and wondering if she was going to write back that night.
She didn't.
As I got ready for bed, I began to panic that maybe I went too far, or maybe she was sitting out there
somewhere laughing at my emails, getting ready to show them to her friends… I tried to disregard my
fretful thoughts. It's late. She probably doesn't stay up on the computer all night. She wouldn't even
have expected me to write back again… probably…
The next morning, my questions were answered. I had left my computer on until I was just about to
leave for work. Just in case she checked in the morning. Apparently she did:
'Hi! I totally didn't think you'd write back so late! I am about to leave for school, but I wanted you to
know I will reply to everything tonight! *And* I will make sure to stay up later this time :)… See you
My heart sunk and swelled at the same time. Sunk because I was letting myself get dragged in deeper.
Swelled because she emailed me back and I knew she was still interested… Sunk because her reply
was so brief… My heart isn't the only thing swelling…
That's how it went for the rest of the week. She continued to play it completely cool while in the
classroom. I was frankly impressed that she was able to resist trying to flirt with me or get some kind of
reaction out of me. She wasn't ignoring me… But there was just this… unspoken communication
between us. She was honoring the secret. And each day that went by made me feel that much more
confident that nobody would ever know.
And I guess that's why I kept emailing her. Longer emails. More detailed, more flirtatious. And she
sure as hell returned in kind. By the end of the week, I was staying up until 1:00… 2:00am. It didn't
feel like I was staying up late. I was just writing. And reading. And fuck me, but this girl was
interesting. The way she talked about writing, and how our "relationship" inspired her to really try
harder, and how it has made her feel… It was intoxicating. And, let's face it; I didn't mind this beautiful
young girl being so seemingly infatuated with me either.
Or the pictures. God. The pictures. Every once in awhile she'd send me another photo of herself.
Nothing really racy, usually just her smiling, or her sitting on her bed with the laptop next to her.
Things she'd take at the spur of the moment while waiting for an email from me. My favorite so far was
one of her sitting cross-legged on some pillows.
She was wearing these little pajama shorts and a flimsy tank-top, one strap had slid off her shoulder. I
was dying to be able to just pan the camera in the picture up a little bit, to get a better view of her legs
as what little fabric there got pulled up her thighs… Or to reach through the screen and massage her
naked arm, working my way to her slightly exposed chest…
By Friday night, or technically Saturday morning, she was finishing off our correspondence for the day.
'Okay, I totally need to sleep or else I'm going to be a zombie at this family thing I have to do
tomorrow. But I'll see you Saturday night, right? Online of course. Unless you'd rather talk face to face
somewhere ;) I wouldn't mind not having to type so much. My poor fingers!'
At some point a few days prior, I promised myself if I ever thought I was getting too carried away, I'd
take a break from the computer and, if nothing else, jerk off. Just to get back in my right mind. Up to
now, I hadn't bothered keeping that promise. But faced with the possibility of meeting up with her
again… Well, I had to do something before I let myself plot up something for too long. So while I
fantasized desperately about what another encounter with my student… "girlfriend?"… would look
like, I was at least stopping myself from replying about it.
I couldn't begin to count the amount of times I gave into masturbating that week. Tonight was no
exception. I would surely need to see my actual girlfriend that weekend. I almost wondered, cynically,
if there'd be anything left for her. Worst case scenario, I'll just think about Autumn. God, I was turning
into a fucking asshole. It's not like I asked for this… But I couldn't say no either.
I only managed a few hours of sleep before Heather called me up and was ready to hang out. First she
wanted to go to the gym together… I managed to convince her to drop that idea. I was just too fucking
tired for that. So we ended up meeting for lunch, and then we'd go for a walk in the park or something.
Then probably end up at my place.
There was this sting at first, like I was just going through the motions. I couldn't help feeling so fuckin'
guilty. By the time we were seated at the restaurant and had ordered our food though, things were going
okay. Autumn was, for the moment, starting to leave my head, and I felt like I was grasping a sense of
normalcy that I had lost weeks past.
Then I felt my phone vibrate.
A brief puzzled look, naïve, wondering who was calling me right then. I pulled it out of my pocket and
lit the screen to see who it was. 'One missed text message.' That was weird. Nobody really text
messages me… ever. My curiosity got the better of me and I quickly tabbed through the menu.
'Awww you never replied last night. It isn't too late to take me up on my offer to meet up today! Xoxo'
I felt the blood draining out of my face as I quickly turned off my phone and shoved it back in my
pocket. I didn't realize she had my number, but it made sense. She probably got it when I had to call her
from before.
"Who was it?" my girlfriend piqued up, losing patience.
"Uh- just Blake. He's being an idiot and texting me. Must be bored or something."
"Oh. What's he want?"
"I dunno… I'll talk to him later. I'm busy, right?" I gave her a smile.
You know that feeling when you're about to faint? Like, when your hearing starts to zone out as if you
were in a tunnel, and everything feels all sideways and in slow motion? That's how I felt for the rest of
lunch. I was only dimly aware of what our conversation was about, or the taste of the food, or how
much time went by… I just had this, literally, overwhelming sense that I was fucked. That I had no idea
what I was doing, and that I was definitely going to pay the price. And Autumn. I couldn't stop thinking
about Autumn.
The day just sort of floated by from there. I recall walking with her on some trail and mostly thinking
what it would be like to walk with my student. What would we talk about? Would we hold hands?
What the hell? Get out of my goddamn head! By the time we got back to my place, I think my
preoccupation was starting to wear thin on Heather.
I tried to tell her that maybe I was getting sick again. And no, I don't know why I had been constantly
feeling under the weather. Apparently I couldn't completely fight something off? I guess she bought it.
We watched some movie on TV, cuddling together on the couch.
By the way her hand ran along my leg as the show was finishing up, I knew she wanted to fool around.
For my part, I was getting increasingly anxious to have an opportunity to check my email, to see if she
had written anything. Or to turn my phone back on. But I was too afraid to even look while my
girlfriend was still there.
Anyway. I am only a man, right? I started to get hard. It isn't like she doesn't know what she's doing, or
what I like. Next thing I know, she's whispering, "I know what will make you feel better… just
relax…" and suddenly I'm about to get a blowjob. Like I said, I'm only a man. Nothing fixates a man's
concentration like sex… So this actually calmed me down. At least a little.
As I watched her go down on me, I couldn't help but think about the last time I got this kind of
attention. Of course, not from Heather. I shut my eyes and rolled my head against the back of the
couch. Picturing Autumn sent tingles through my body, making the entire thing feel so much better.
My conscience tried to grapple with itself. Just get off on your girlfriend right now. Don't think about
some fucking teenager. You have a beautiful woman sucking you off. Enjoy it for what it is… Even if
you *could* probably get this from her… With her little teenage body curled up next to you…
Inexperienced but enthusiastically trying to please you… She could'a been here right now, if you had
just emailed her... Oh god, Autumn…
And just like that, I was coming.
Reality came swirling back to me as I opened my eyes and saw my girlfriend leaning back up from my
lap. She had a satisfied little smile. "Well at least part of you doesn't seem to be getting sick!" Her
hands drew away from my lap, my own cum pooled in her palms.
"Heh, apparently…"
"So how do you feel?"
"Hmm… relaxed."
"Good," she seemed sincere. "The things I do for you!" she giggled and got up to go to the kitchen to
wash off.
I stayed where I was, still in a bit of a relieved daze. Heather was debating out loud whether or not she
should spend the night. She was going to meet up with her mom for a breakfast tomorrow morning, so
she might be kind of rushed. I encouraged her without even thinking. "Oh yeah, you can go home. I'll
be okay… I'll probably just be sleeping in anyway. Don't worry about it. I mean, if that's what you want
to do." I paused for a second. "Whatever works," I added.
When she agreed that she'd just go home for the night, my elation was subdued by my own guilt. What
am I doing? Part of me knew I was being a moron, that I was risking everything for… I'm not even
sure what. To pursue a completely inappropriate "relationship" with a student. She's not even old
enough to drink.
And yet, no sooner had I kissed my girlfriend at the door and showed her out, I was already logging
onto my computer.
'Sigh. I guess you didn't take me up on my offer. Didn't you want to at least? Tell me you considered
it… Be honest…'
My stomach turned as I read her latest email. My body was already growing hot from just seeing her
words. And the indecent thrill of the thought that, yeah, I would tell her I considered it… Of course that
would only encourage her, but I found it harder and harder to hide my feelings towards her. Confessing
to her felt… good. Then I got to the end of the message:
'Anyway, what about IM? Wouldn't it be more satisfying to talk in *real-time*? You can add me if you
want… I'll leave my Messenger up tonight, just in case…'
I couldn't fucking believe it. Of course it was a stupid idea. But come on, like it's a big surprise. I
opened up the instant messenger application on my computer, which I had never bothered using before,
and typed in her contact information. I only hesitated for a second before I clicked the mouse to send a
request to her.
As soon as I did, I felt a thrilling rush. I can't believe I did that. She'll be able to see when I'm online…
To know exactly when I'm typing… I rubbed my temples and got up from my chair to get a drink of
water. My skin was practically burning.
As soon as I stood up and pulled the chair away from me, my computer beeped and a little chat window
popped up on the screen.
TeacherPet: Hey!!
I stood frozen, staring at the little blinking box. Jesus, already? Fucking 'TeacherPet'? Really?
My throat was even dryer than before, but I just swallowed and fell back into my chair. If I wasn't so
nervous, I would have already been hard again.
Me: Hey..


We talked for hours.

Me: So all your friends know you as 'TeacherPet' when you're online?

TeacherPet: No silly, I made this email and IM just for you

Me: Ah… That's a relief.

TeacherPet: Ya it might be kinda weird. Wouldn't want them to think I liked a teacher right?

Me: Yeah… embarrassing!

TeacherPet: ya right! Well I guess it depends on the teacher. I mean, you're the obvious choice, but
who knows. Maybe old Mr. Crow in US Gov't!!

Me: Yeah, maybe… I didn't realize I was the 'obvious choice' at any rate.

TeacherPet: :P whatever. It would be even more obvious if I told everybody how amazing you are…
in other subjects besides English ;)

And it went on from there. Our rapid-fire chat was even more consuming than our emails… There was
no break. If I ever lulled in a response, she would almost always prod me with, "Well?" or "Don't fall
asleep on me…" Our conversations turned from the more well-thought out emails to a vacillation
between deep topics and totally frivolous ones. Her youth, and even her immaturity, came through even
stronger in this format.

Sometimes she would talk about shopping, or some silly thing that her parents did to tick her off. You
know, teenage shit. I found myself grasping at straws trying to relate at all. What could I say? Yeah, I
was your age once too. You'll laugh at yourself in five, seven years, wondering what the hell you were
thinking… I doubt she wanted to hear that. And you'd think that would turn me off. In some ways, it
did bring me back to reality… at least a little bit. It reinforced what I already knew was a very clear gap
between our places in life.

But… other times, she was completely articulate, confessing interests and thoughts that I'm not sure I
even had a handle on when I was in high school. This drew me in deeper, and I found myself
increasingly impressed by her. And this, of course, was all on top of the more basic attraction. The "I
can't believe this smoking hot teenager is into me" attraction. The "I never imagined I'd fuck my own
student, let alone get an emotion attachment" attraction. The "I wonder if she'll send me more
pictures…" Well, you get the idea.

TeacherPet: So is IMing me as good as the emails?

Me: It certainly cuts down on the wait.

TeacherPet: gah! sometimes it is sooo hard to get a straight answer out of you

Me: Yeah yeah, it is as good. Happy?

TeacherPet: of course! But you know what would be better?

Me: Do tell.

TeacherPet: in person ;)

Me: Ah, I should've known…

TeacherPet: do you disagree??

Me: You know that would be a bad idea.

TeacherPet: I'm pretty sure it would be a VERY good idea

Me: You know what I mean. The amount of trouble we'd get in.

TeacherPet: would it really bad that much worse than all the emails, and all the chatting that we've
done… and will keep doing?

Me: Uh, well, there's always plausible deniability. Maybe you're talking to someone completely

TeacherPet: oh really.

Me: Hey, you never know!

TeacherPet: then I guess there's no point in keeping it a secret right?

Me: I didn't say that.

TeacherPet: thought so :P nice try bluffing.

TeacherPet: anyway.. we can keep it secret

TeacherPet: Right??

Me: All it takes is one little mistake… One oversight, and we're both in the news. You don't need that
anymore than me.

TeacherPet: SIGH.

TeacherPet: so at least tell me, if you weren't so paranoid, would you do it?

Me: I wouldn't call it paranoia…

TeacherPet: whatever you want to call it

Me: Okay, sure.

TeacherPet: "sure"?? that's it!?

Me: Sheesh, I didn't mean it like that.

Me: Don't take it personally that I'm just cautious.

TeacherPet: all I'm asking is for you to tell me if you WANT to

Me: I think the answer is obvious

TeacherPet: then admit it

Me: Haha

Me: Yes, okay? I want to.

Me: But that doesn't mean we will.

TeacherPet: Yay!

TeacherPet: we'll see ;)

I was surprised how persistent she was, and how willing I was to give in to her. I worried that I was
giving in too much. Where was the power between us? I wanted to think it was mostly with me. As the
adult, as the teacher… But the more we went on, and the more I admitted to her, I wasn't so sure how in
control I was at all. She seemed completely confident that we would meet in private again. To fuck
again. And as much as I resisted, there was no denying that there was nothing more on this green
fuckin' Earth that I wanted more. I was so hard by this point in the conversation that I was leaking
precum against the fabric of my boxers.

TeacherPet: so what are you doing tomorrow?

Me: If I tell you, you might show up and corner me!

TeacherPet: mmm that sounds fun, but nah. I can wait.

TeacherPet: so tell me!

Me: You know, I have a question…

TeacherPet: go on

Me: Before, you were so aggressive. I mean, you always showed up and were so forward…

TeacherPet: hey, those were all coincidences! mostly…

Me: Yeah, well, suddenly you're being very patient. Like you've backed off.

TeacherPet: hmmm

TeacherPet: interesting

Me: That's not really an explanation.

TeacherPet: well, I get to talk to you like everyday now

Me: That's true

TeacherPet: ya, and besides… I got you. Now you've had me too, you know? Before, you were always
resisting me.. for all your reasons. You still are now, but

TeacherPet: not in the same way

TeacherPet: if that makes sense

Hell, it made perfect sense. And her insight into our situation unnerved me and impressed me even
more. And once again, I couldn't restrain my honesty.

Me: Yeah, it does.

TeacherPet: ha, so I'm right!

Me: I just said it made sense.

TeacherPet: whatever you say :P

TeacherPet: so you never answered my question

Me: I'll probably be doing work. Some errands and grading.

Me: Really amazing and exciting stuff.

TeacherPet: fun fun

TeacherPet: maybe I'll see you online again

Me: What? No offer for another face to face?

TeacherPet: oh, did you want one?

Me: Just surprised.

TeacherPet: Well I do have a life you know :P

TeacherPet: anyway, I am going to pass out on my keyboard

TeacherPet: it's like 2 hours until wake-up time. Haha

Me: Good idea

TeacherPet: goodnight

Me: Goodnight.

And so I logged off. As soon as the monitor went blank, I blinked my eyes and realized they were
totally dry. And I was overcome with exhaustion. Both physical from sitting anxiously in the chair all
night, and mentally from the new experience of the instant conversation. I was afraid I wouldn't be able
to sleep because my mind was completely wound up. But I was out like a light as soon as I hit the bed. I
didn't even have to jerk off. For once.

I was afraid to get online for the first half of the day. I needed to get some work actually done. Also, as
much as I felt silly for thinking it, I didn't want her to think I was desperate to talk to her again. But I
was still counting down the hours until I'd let myself get on. I ended up checking once in the late
afternoon, but she wasn't there, so I logged back off. I even felt a little sad. Don't be too disappointed,

Later, after dinner, I logged on again. Still no Autumn. This time I decided to just leave my computer
up. I was browsing the 'net and listening to some music when I heard her sign in. My heart leapt and I
instantly opened a message window to say hello. I barely managed to stop myself. Relax, don't seem

I waited a couple minutes to see if she'd say something first, but nothing came. I couldn't take it
anymore and sent her a 'Hey'. Then I waited more.
Still nothing.

I started to get annoyed, wondering if she was ignoring me or playing some kind of game. I minimized
the window and opened up Solitaire to pass the time. About halfway through the game, she responded.

TeacherPet: hi! Sorry, I turned my comp on but was doin something else

Me: No problem

TeacherPet: So how was your day?

Me: Not too bad, yours?

TeacherPet: pretty good.

TeacherPet: I checked for you earlier, but you weren't on

Me: Yeah, I checked too

D'oh! So much for playing it cool. But I couldn't help smiling anyway. So what? I was happy to talk to
her. Why try to hide it? So we chatted aimlessly about our Sunday, what we did, you know, just a
normal conversation. As the evening wore into night, innocent flirting slowly became less and less

TeacherPet: sooo

TeacherPet: wanna know what I was doing when I logged on?

Me: Sure

TeacherPet: taking some pictures!

Me: Ahh… Didn't realize you were an enterprising photographer!

TeacherPet: :P

TeacherPet: ok ok, if you're not interested..

Me: I was only joking. Tell me about the pictures.

TeacherPet: wanna just see?

Me: Sure, if you want to send

TeacherPet: k, gimme a min

Shortly thereafter, I got an email from her. Sure, I was hoping it was a picture of her, but I wasn't really
expecting it for some reason. Maybe a picture of her cat. But even if it was of her, I didn't anticipate
anything like, well, what I got.

She was holding the camera out away from with one arm, so I saw her from about the mid-thigh up.
She was wearing her little plaid skirt, and it looked like it was riding a little lower than normal, so her
flat stomach and abdomen just trailed on completely exposed. She had a little black tie on too, which I
hadn't seen on her before. It was small enough that it fit between her breasts and ended a little ways
before her bellybutton.

Yeah. She wasn't wearing a shirt. Or a bra. Her other arm was draped across her chest, teasingly
covering up her nipples. Her eyes twinkled a sort of grin and her lips were pursed in a very flirtatious
"kiss". Oh god, that is so… fucking… hot. I had literally forgotten about the IM and had to pick up my
jaw when it beeped at me with a new message.

TeacherPet: get it yet?

Me: I did…

TeacherPet: well?

TeacherPet: what do you think?

Me: Um

Me: Wow

TeacherPet: is that a good wow or a bad wow?

Me: GOOD wow… jesus

TeacherPet: oh good!

Me: Like you're surprised

TeacherPet: never know with you..

Me: yeah right

TeacherPet: ok, I may have had a little hunch ;)

TeacherPet: remind you of anything?

Me: Yeah

Me: a certain underage girl who snuck into a bar

TeacherPet: mhmm

TeacherPet: AND our first kiss

TeacherPet: :)

Me: That too

TeacherPet: I'm glad you like it!

TeacherPet: but I better never see anyone else with it :P

TeacherPet: or I'll know who to come choke

Me: Like I'd ever share anything like this

TeacherPet: I figured.. but just in case

TeacherPet: haha

TeacherPet: anyway

TeacherPet: that's like every guy's fantasy right? A schoolgirl?

Me: I dunno… It's pretty popular. But it might just be the outfit

TeacherPet: hmm

TeacherPet: I always figured it was the fantasy of the girl too

TeacherPet: like the innocence mixed with the naughtiness

Me: Well there is that too

TeacherPet: is that a fantasy of yours?

Me: Well like you said, every guy loves the plaid skirt

TeacherPet: ya ya

TeacherPet: but the GIRL

Me: Umm, not that I recall.

Me: I mean, I usually see students in a very different light that most people

TeacherPet: oh

TeacherPet: anyway

There was a pause as neither of us had anything to say. It was obvious I disappointed her… And I had
this urge to just come clean.
Me: So yes, you were the first that changed all that around

TeacherPet: really?

Me: yes really.

TeacherPet: :)

TeacherPet: good

Another pause…

TeacherPet: you got quiet

Me: Sorry

TeacherPet: distracted?

Me: haha, maybe a little

TeacherPet: hmm by what?

Me: don't play naïve

TeacherPet: :P

TeacherPet: ok

TeacherPet: how come I never get any pics of you?

TeacherPet: all I have is this tiny one from my yearbook

I felt a little flutter in my stomach at the mention. So I'm not the only one who resorted to that?
Although it's not quite the same if a student is digging out yearbook pictures for a crush than the other
way around... a teacher… Like I give a shit anymore.

Me: What else did you want?

TeacherPet: Everything!

Me: That's very descriptive

TeacherPet: ha

TeacherPet: well how about a nice face shot

TeacherPet: something bigger than this dinky one I have now

TeacherPet: and maybe an upper body shot?

TeacherPet: you have some of me, afterall!

Me: Well unfortunately, I don't have any pictures like that on my computer

TeacherPet: aww

TeacherPet: so take some!

Me: Not all of us have fancy digital cameras

Me: Teacher salary, after all ;)

TeacherPet: what!

TeacherPet: everybody has one!

Me: Obviously not

TeacherPet: LAME

TeacherPet: ok

TeacherPet: you will just have to borrow mine

Me: Haha

TeacherPet: I'm serious!

Me: Really?

TeacherPet: yes!

TeacherPet: I'll loan it to you at school

TeacherPet: just remember to give it back :P

Me: Ah…

Me: Not really allowed to accept that kind of thing from students

TeacherPet: oh

TeacherPet: but you're allowed to do everything else we've done?

Me: You know what I mean

TeacherPet: ya ya
TeacherPet: look, I have an idea

TeacherPet: I will put it in a little bag

TeacherPet: then leave it on my desk after class

TeacherPet: then you can pick it up and remember to store it

TeacherPet: because one of your poor students forgot it

Me: Clever

Me: Sounds kinda risky though

TeacherPet: whatever

TeacherPet: you owe me. So anyway.

TeacherPet: you better take it when I leave it so somebody else doesn't steal it in your next class

Me: I guess you're not leaving me much choice.

TeacherPet: nope

TeacherPet: :)

TeacherPet: well it is getting pretty late

Me: Yeah… or early as the case may be

TeacherPet: ya! And we have school tomorrow!

TeacherPet: how naughty to stay up

Me: Haha, yeah

Me: Should probably get some sleep.

TeacherPet: kk

TeacherPet: I will see you tomorrow

Me: Yep, have a good night.

TeacherPet: you too

TeacherPet: maybe I'll wear the skirt for you

TeacherPet: but with a little more clothes than in the pic ;)

Before I could respond, she logged off. Fucking tease. Once again, I was dead tired… This was
becoming an extremely bad habit. And like last night, I was… painfully turned on. But this time, there
was no ignoring it. Looking back at the picture she sent me, I pulled out my erection and gave into
myself. I attempted to start out slow, to just enjoy staring at her… Everything about her body was just
so perfect. I was practically falling in love with her. With it. I mean her body…

I didn't know what to focus on. Her lips, pursed in that young little kiss. Her perky tits just barely
hidden by her slender arm. Her taut stomach stretching down… The faint curves that turned at her
hips… The completely smooth skin around her pelvic bone, trailing down and getting hidden by her
plaid skirt…

A quick image of her dancing in the bar flashed in my mind. This time, I was aware of all the attention
she got from the other men. She really is a fantasy girl. And I had fucked her. All I could muster right
then was the thought that… I needed to have her again.

My orgasm ripped through me in a sudden explosion, and my shirt and boxers became drenched. I
sighed and stripped myself naked on the way to the bedroom. I was too damn tired to put anything else
back on.

She did wear the skirt on Monday. And she did wear more clothes. In fact, she was actually wearing a
somewhat bulky high school sweatshirt that hid the definition of her upper body. This actually had the
effect of emphasizing her slim and smooth legs even more, as they were the only part of her that was
really exposed. The conflict of such a modest top and sexy bottom was oddly innocent and teasing at
the same time.

I know I'm not the only one who was noticing her in the classroom. I just hoped nobody else realized I
was spending all too much time either behind a podium or sitting at my desk. My mortification that I
couldn't extinguish my own arousal during class was inwardly humiliating. And thrilling.

She had put her small leather camera bag on her desk with the rest of her things fairly early on in the
class, and I caught her giving me a slight and knowing look when I saw it. Her eyebrows rose a little bit
in silent confirmation, and I looked away. By the end of the class, I surreptitiously watched her attempt
to casually put all her things away and 'forget' the item. It wasn't the most convincing performance, but
then again, I was expecting it as well…

As she got up from her seat, I reminded the class that a draft of the last chapters of their stories were
due on Wednesday. "I know it will be difficult for all of you to find closure in the work you've all
become so attached to… But that will not excuse you from turning it in late. My cold heart will not be
swayed by emotional tugging!" A few students chuckled, more groaned.

Autumn was almost out the door when one of the more shy boys in the class got the nerve to call out to
her. "Hey Autumn! You forgot your, uh… bag… thing…" He was hanging back at her desk and
holding the camera bag.

At the sound of her name, she visibly paused in her step and almost turned. Then, as if suddenly
realizing what was happening, she resumed her stride and pretended she didn't hear anything. She tried
to hide the stumble with an overly loud, "I'm coming!" to nobody in particular and swept out the door.

He was walking up to the front of the class with the camera in hand, glancing at the door and at me.
"She leave that on her desk?" I inquired nonchalantly.


I could feel his disappointment. He wanted to be the hero and give her the forgotten item, but his
chance was blown. "Ah well. I'll take it and store it in my desk. Finders keepers! Errr, I mean I'll return
it in class tomorrow," I said with a wink.

"Okay, sure," he handed it to me and walked out of the room, still showing an air of dejection. 'Poor
guy,' I thought to myself. Then I looked down at the camera in my hand and almost chuckled. I have it
worse than he does. Poor *me!*

At the end of the day, I quietly took it out of my desk drawer and stuffed it into the bottom of my own
bag. I had this odd sensation that I was getting away with something, even though nobody could
possibly know. Still, I felt a sort of connection with Autumn right then… Like, we did it! Maybe it was
silly. Oh well.

When I got home, I took the camera out and familiarized myself with its controls. Then I held it out and
tried taking a picture of myself. After the flash, I pulled it back and looked into the screen. My head
was way off center and you could barely see my chin, but there was an excellent view of the wall
behind me. I guess I need more practice.

This awkwardness continued for the next fifteen or twenty minutes as I learned how to aim the damn
thing at myself, or use the mirror without obscuring the entire picture with a flash. If this didn't make
me feel awkward enough, it was even worse when I actually took my shirt off to get a picture of my
chest and stomach.

It was at this moment that I was keenly aware how vulnerable I was to Autumn. Here I was, half naked
in my bathroom, trying my best to get a good picture of myself for her. And the whole time, my biggest
concern was just that… getting a good picture. It wasn't the deep shit I would get in if caught by the
school. Or the fact that I was making these images for a girl other than my girlfriend… Let alone the
fact that the girl in question was a teenager.

After some effort, I settled on a few shots that were pretty good. Or at least I figured they were good
enough. I probably would have gotten online soon after that, but Heather called. She wanted to chat and
see how I was doing, what I was up to. Oh you know, snapping some body shots for one of my students.
Nothing too exciting. I felt bad because I didn't really know what to talk to her about. Not for any fault
of her own, but my mind was just someplace totally different. We didn't talk for too long because I had
a lot of "grading" to do.

Autumn was already there when I got online.

TeacherPet: hey

Me: Howdy
TeacherPet: oh are you a cowboy now?

Me: Sorry

Me: what up home girl

TeacherPet: omg haha

TeacherPet: never say that again

TeacherPet: hehe

Me: So picky…

TeacherPet: maybe

TeacherPet: so how are you?

Me: Not bad

Me: I have some bad news though…

TeacherPet: oh?

Me: It looks like you forgot your camera in class…

TeacherPet: Oh no!!

TeacherPet: :P

Me: Don't worry, I'm holding onto it for you.

TeacherPet: aww

TeacherPet: you're the best

Me: Pretty much

TeacherPet: ha

TeacherPet: so did you use it?

Me: I did.

TeacherPet: whoo!

TeacherPet: do I get to see?

Me: Maybe

Me: I trust you're promising not to ruin my career…

TeacherPet: oh don't be paranoid

TeacherPet: look what I already sent you :P

TeacherPet: so there

Me: Just saying

TeacherPet: ok

TeacherPet: soo

TeacherPet: Gonna send?

Me: Yeah

Me: Emailing right now…

The last little holdout of apprehension I had about sending her just a few pictures melted away at her
persistence and eagerness to see them. Now I was just anxious to see how she'd react… Which was in
itself kind of absurd. I mean, it isn't like she doesn't see me almost every day. She'd been with me
naked for fuck's sake. What am I so nervous about? Was I really that desperate for her approval?

TeacherPet: I like them

Me: You do?

TeacherPet: of course

TeacherPet: now I have something decent to look at when we talk online

TeacherPet: makes it easier to picture you

Me: Well good

TeacherPet: not quite as good as the real thing..

TeacherPet: but still ;)

Me: Ah…

Me: So which one do you have open?

TeacherPet: one with your face

TeacherPet: and no shirt

Me: I see

TeacherPet: which do you have open of me?

Me: Who said I had any open?

TeacherPet: oh

TeacherPet: well do you?

Me: Yeah

TeacherPet: :P

TeacherPet: so which one

Me: One with your face

Me: And no shirt

TeacherPet: LOL

TeacherPet: ok I think I know which that is

Me: Heh

TeacherPet: is that your fav?

Me: Oh, well, they're all my favorite.

TeacherPet: aww

I noticed the conversation began to slow down some, with more time passing before

she'd respond to me. At first I didn't want to make a deal out of it, but it seemed a little uncharacteristic
of her, considering our previous conversations.

Me: You seem a little distracted.

TeacherPet: sorry

TeacherPet: ive been really busy lately

TeacherPet: talking with this guy

TeacherPet: and I was supposed to be working on this homework assignment

TeacherPet: where I finish this story

Me: Aha

Me: Well I'll let you do your work… Wouldn't want to cause you any grief

TeacherPet: no I like talking to you

TeacherPet: but I do have to get this done too

Me: Of course.

The familiar surge of blood between my legs focused my attention as I thought about what she could be
writing. I assumed she had to be telling about what happened at Heather's house… At least, I know I
hoped she was writing about that. God, what will she say? How things had changed in such little time.
Before… I was petrified to read her work. Now I could hardly wait.

The evening went on fairly slowly, since we weren't talking so much. I found myself thinking it would
be a good opportunity to log off before 3:00am for once and actually get some rest.

Me: Well, I think I'll be heading to bed here shortly

TeacherPet: oh ok

Me: Oh, by the way…

Me: You want to pick up the camera before class or after?

TeacherPet: umm

TeacherPet: how about you just keep it for now?

Me: Are you sure?

TeacherPet: Ya

TeacherPet: in case I think up any other pictures I want ;)

TeacherPet: or in case you want to take any others and send

TeacherPet: im sure you will have the opportunity to give it back another time ;)

Me: Heh

Me: Okay

A few more silent minutes passed.

Me: Well, have a good night!

TeacherPet: You too

TeacherPet: sorry that I was kinda quiet today

TeacherPet: BUT

TeacherPet: I think you will like the story

TeacherPet: well I hope anyway

TeacherPet: goodnight!

The next day was more of the same: she didn't talk too much because she was busy with her
schoolwork. Although she said there was more than just the English assignment, every time I asked
what she was working on, she'd just say 'writing'. I wondered how much effort she had put into her
previous chapters; if this last one was any exception or not. At any rate, I was looking forward to her
handing it in on Wednesday more and more.

When the day came, I could hardly wait to have my students turn them in. Part of me was so excited
that I considered collecting the papers at the start of class, rather than the end. Then, just maybe, I
could sneak reading a few pages of hers while I gave them some other assignment to work on or
discuss. I knew it was a terrible idea, and I refrained… If for no other reason than the fact that I was
afraid of getting too turned on or flushed in front of everyone.

Anyway, you can imagine my utter distress when, once the bell rang to start class, there was a very
peculiarly empty seat in the back of the room. Where the fuck is she? My mind raced at the possibilities
of why she wouldn't show up for class today, but I was completely perplexed. Nothing made sense. I
guess she could be sick, but she didn't mention feeling bad at all last night… My distraction was

I found myself getting upset. Upset that she wasn't there. Upset over my own frustration. How can I let
this be affecting me so badly! My entire body was set in unease, simply because of her absence. It was
fucking insane. I could not shake the feeling for the life of me. And shit, this was only for the first ten
minutes. That's when she came into class late.

I felt relief pour through me as she quietly opened the door and slid in the room. Everybody looked
over at her, and he cheeks burned pink. Her shoulders tensed and she mouthed an inaudible 'Sorry!' to
the class as she made her way to her desk. I couldn't help but notice she was holding some papers in her

"Looks like somebody scrambled to finish for today…" a voice in the middle of the classroom cracked.
There were a couple low "Ooohs!" and chuckles.

Autumn's face clouded over. "Shut up- I had to print it in the library, and the stupid printer there
sucks…" she dropped her backpack to the floor and found her way into her seat.
"Oh, how inconvenient," he replied derisively.

"Yeah well, maybe you'd have already known that if you, like, knew where the library even was," she
snapped back.

This elicited even more laughter from the class. Even I couldn't hide my own smile. Part of me felt
proud of her for coming back. "Okay enough," I broke in, "Working knowledge of the library's
equipment is not the focus of this class. I will be teaching that subject in the summer, for anybody
who's interested in hanging back after graduation… or lack thereof."

Some more sarcastic laughter, but then it was dropped. I easily had control of the class for the rest of
the period. And I was feeling ebullient… in no small part because I was just happy as hell to see her. In
the last few minutes before lunch, I announced, "All right, please get out your drafts for your final
chapter. I'm sure writing this last piece was emotional for all of you, and it's completely okay to cry as
you turn it in. But don't be too sad, because you'll all have an excellent opportunity to make lots of edits
and revisions after I'm through with them!"

Their groans were drowned out by the shuffling of a roomful of students digging their assignments out
of their things. They began bringing them up to my desk as the bell rang and then filed out of the room.
Autumn's closest friend in the class was attached to her, babbling away some story at a mile a minute.
The two came up and handed in their papers together, and Autumn gave me a look of mild apology as
she slyly rolled her eyes and tilted her head at the girl.

I understood she would have liked to say something to me, but wasn't going to get free anytime soon.
They exited the class and I was left with a few students who lingered behind to ask some questions
about their work. I answered as patiently as I could, and tried to remind them to hold off on their
worries until I at least got a chance to read their submissions. "It is a draft, that's the point. Re-writing is
a part of the process… Sometimes more than others…" It was true, and these worries were largely the
sort stemming from a concern over grades than the actually writing. So I was at least a little annoyed.
But honestly, I just wanted a chance to look over Autumn's paper.

Once I was finally alone, I carefully piled up all the papers and then leafed through them until I found
hers. I pulled it out of the stack, looked out the class door to make sure nobody was coming in, then
flipped over the title page. A loose piece of ripped notebook paper slipped out and fell onto my desk. I
picked it up:

'I'm sorry I was late to class. My printer at home was out of ink so I needed to print out at school. I
went to the library at break and got on one of the comps.. this guy was there too and decided to not
stop talking to me. He was all "Need any help?" "Oh a story, can I read it too?" What an idiot.
anyway. I didn't want him to see what I wrote.. I think you will see why once you read it and forgive
me. Cant wait to hear what you think! xoxo'

My eyes lingered on that last sentence for a moment and I closed my eyes, picturing her lips pressed
together in a sweet smile. Then the image changed to her reaching up, wrapping her arms around my
neck, and stepping up on her toes to kiss me. I could almost feel her body as I pictured bringing my
own arms around her, pulling her waist into me.

"Is it nap time or lunchtime?" a voice joked at the door.

My daydream instantly receded, pulled away from me as my eyes snapped open and my head jerked
up. I felt a brief sense of loss, then remembered where I was. A colleague was leaning against the
doorframe with a banana in hand.

"Oh hey. Guess I started to doze, huh?"

"Looks that way. Come on to the lounge, you're always hiding in here these days."

"Ah… Well…" I trailed off, unable to come up with an excuse but looking down at the papers.

"Eat now. Grade later," he prodded, coming into the room a few steps.

"Yeah, okay. Sure." I didn't want him any closer. I stood up from my desk and shoved Autumn's paper
into the middle of the stack, then dropped the whole bunch in a drawer. Her note, which was still in my
hand, was quickly folded and shoved into my pocket. I followed the other teacher out the door and
joined him and some others for lunch. I realized as soon as I exited the room that I wouldn't get to see
her paper until I got home.

I'm not sure how well I hid my heavy sigh.

When the day was finally over, I tried not to rush out to my car too obviously. I briefly contemplated
pulling the paper out in the driver's seat and taking at least a little peek before I hit the road, but I
resisted. I wanted to be able to enjoy it in its entirety. Of course, I seemed to hit all red lights, and they
seemed to take twice as long to turn. I couldn't stop my fingers from drumming on the steering wheel
or my knee from bobbing up and down. I was dying of impatience.

All my things were carelessly dropped on the floor once I was home. I dug through the papers in my
bag so hastily that I think I accidentally tore a page of another student's. Oops. Found Autumn's though.
I took a deep breath, my lips curling up, and I moved onto my couch.

'When she was dressing up to go fundraising, she already knew she would need to wear something
cute. Fewer people would turn her away, and the contributions would come easier. But she wound up
looking… sexier than she originally intended. The truth was she had wanted, had fantasized, about
finding *his* house. She didn't know his address… she would have killed for it; to be able to show up
and surprise him. She was determined to make him want her, if by some chance she did run into him
and they did have another unlikely encounter. If she got lucky, she might just see him on her planned

So she didn't know where I was that day. Or at least, not according to this…

'Her stomach dropped out when a woman opened the door, about two hours into her route. She
recognized her immediately. The one that was always with HIM. She felt jealousy and animosity snake
up inside of her, but also distant hope that maybe, just maybe he was with her, inside. Or maybe he
lived close by and she would find his place? She brushed her thoughts aside as she acted friendly and
was invited to look over some jewelry to donate.

Her eyes secretly scanned everything inside as she talked with the woman, his *girlfriend*. She noticed
some rumpled up clothes by a couch. Men's clothes. Could he really be here? Had she gotten that
lucky? And then… Oh god! He came into the room and her skin buzzed with electricity.
He was shirtless, with a towel around his shoulders, wearing shorts. Beads of water clung to his skin;
he had clearly just taken a shower. She felt her breath catch, and her head felt lighter with her

I felt like my heart was turning as violently as hers in the story as I read on. She claimed to be
incredibly nervous once Heather left. Her descriptions went on, and I could hardly believe it for all the
confidence she displayed…

'She also felt this opportunity, this chance, and she had to seize it. All her nerves, her trepidation, her
fears… They were all pushed away as her instinctive desire and wanting took over. She even surprised
herself at how she acted; how she was trying to seduce him. In the back of her mind, she was afraid
that she would seem too forward, too slutty… and that he wouldn't want her, that he'd think she was
immature… But she couldn't stop. She seemed to be having an effect on him, so she didn't dare stop.'

The admission of her insecurity made my body flush with… I don't know what. Some kind of desire.
Something about her honesty in her youthfulness just filled me with a passion that I couldn't even begin
to describe. I continued reading through the pages, not realizing that one hand trailed down to my pants
and was gently pushing through the fabric at the base of my complete erection. My hips tensed and rose
as I touched myself.

'When she offered herself to him on the couch, waiting… revealed... her fear rose up. What if he
rejected her? Turned her away? She would be humiliated, embarrassed, hurt. But she looked back at
him and smiled anyway, trying not to let it show. She focused on his body, how hard he was. He had to
want her, she knew he had to. Now he just had to give in. And when he approached her, walking
slowly, she could hardly contain the shudders of excitement. It was going to happen, it would finally be

I was breathing heavy now, reliving the day more clearly than I ever had in the countless times I had
re-imagined it.

'She was surprised at the words coming out of her, how she sounded so confident, seductive… And she
kept going, purring to him, encouraging him… But when she told him to be gentle, she had meant it;
her worry pushing its way out. And then he was behind her, his hesitation still showing. So she reached
back and helped him… Touching him, easing him closer. When he entered her, she felt herself adjust to
him, letting him slide in. Her breathing sharpened. He was enveloped in her… Finally…'

My god. This was incredible.

'She lost all pretenses as he began to slowly thrust into her, moving with her. She was so turned on,
and before she knew it, she was close; right on the edge. She didn't even know she could come this way,
but soon she was panting, almost begging, to come. If she wasn't so lost in herself, so gone, she might
have been uncertain of how her desperation was looking to him. She didn't want to seem too
inexperienced, too anxious. But all of that was drowned out when she came. And when she did, she saw
nothing... only *felt* her body heighten and everything intensify. She felt him come too as his thrusting
got harder, stronger. The specifics were too hard to remember, even if she were to go back and write
about it… except that it was incredible.'

I realized I was strongly gripping myself through my pants, masturbating myself, and I almost came. I
dropped the paper and lifted my hands up, pushing them against my face in disbelief. My cock twitched
compulsively, crying out for more attention. I shook my head and picked the paper back up, determined
to get through it.

'She felt dizzy and light when they finished… And when his girlfriend called and said she wouldn't be
home soon, she felt victorious, confident, asserted. Like this was meant to happen. It *had* to happen.
She led him into the bedroom, convinced she was going to continue to give to him, to show him what
she could give. But she didn't know how wrong she would be… That it would be *he* that showed

I was practically trembling with happiness and excitement.

'She was stunned at his sudden assertiveness when he pushed her back onto the bed. At first, she didn't
understand why he kneeled down next to her. Then it came to her all at once. Her eyes went wide… She
had never done this before. She was filled with butterflies, both in anticipation and fear; she didn't
know what to expect, what to do. She felt shy and exposed… but his confidence reassured her. Just the
way he moved, the way he touched. She knew he would show her.

It didn't take long for her rapid thoughts to melt out of her and onto his tongue. Her body reacted on its
own. It felt better. Different. Hotter. She couldn't get enough of it, of his mouth and tongue on her. She
never ever thought it would be like this. Her body could hardly be contained, and she squirmed and
rolled on the bed, trying to be still for him. But she needed it so bad. Again? Already? This had never
happened before. Not with somebody else. And like the first time, she finally let go of her thoughts and
gave into her passion as her orgasm consumed her.'

"Jesus fuck!" I uttered. My hard-on was killing me. I was dying to jerk off. I'm not sure how I managed
to hold out this long. If anything, it was probably just my utter astonishment. Out of my discomfort, or
anticipation for release in a few minutes, I undid my belt and pants and shoved them down, letting
myself free.

'After that, she was absolutely determined to give something back to him. Not because she felt like she
owed it, or because she ought to, but because she desperately DESPERATELY wanted to. So she
offered herself to him again, provoking his lust. Even so, she was a little afraid of him now; the look in
his eye was pleased but fierce. She couldn't find a hint of all his previous resistance and reluctance.

No matter what though, she wanted him to take her. And she wanted to be as enthusiastic as possible
for him. So she tried, but he stopped her. She blushed, confused. He made her slow down. Was this
what he wanted? What he got off on? She didn't understand… She was so sure he would be an animal.
And part of him might have been. But he was still gentle, still concerned, and still strong.

Maybe it was all of those things that helped her body relax and melt into his again. Maybe it was the
way he moved, and he just knew exactly what to do. Maybe it was all of these things. Maybe it was just
months of pent-up desire… But she felt herself rising again to his touch. It seemed unreal that she
could find that release again.

The hint of it was there, but just out of her reach. She concentrated on it and pushed everything out of
her mind. She let him guide her body, and finally she felt her own body take control of both of them.
She was so relaxed and so tense at the same time. All she remembered was panting a certain obscenity
over and over as he brought her to another climax. And as she lost herself in it, she felt him come
again, pumping into her…

She didn't know what to call that encounter. It wasn't sex. That seemed too… detached. It wasn't just
fucking. There was something deeper there. She didn't know if it was making love… Whatever that was,
it didn't seem like it defined their passion. Even now she doesn't know how to define it.

But she was positive she wanted to find out. And she could not wait to give him another chance to
teach her…'

I couldn't let go of myself as I flew threw the last page. My eyes nearly stung for lack of blinking and I
was almost forgetting to breathe. I was squeezing myself vigorously, pulling the length of my shaft as I
read. My body began to swell up with an oncoming orgasm, but all I could do was soak in Autumn's
words. As I read the last couple paragraphs, I thought I could control myself for another few seconds-
but no.

Suddenly the paper was shaking in my hand as my entire body quaked without control. My climax
blasted out of me, spraying on the back of the couch, my shirt… and worst of all, onto the pages of her
paper. I couldn't gain any fucking composure at all. My eyes rolled in my head and I groaned
involuntarily… The kind of violent orgasm that masturbation can't really bring… Or so I thought.

I dropped the now stained papers on the floor and as my body was released from coming. All my
muscles relaxed at once, and I felt myself sink deeper into the couch, drained. I've never come like that.
Not by myself. That's what she's doing to me. And god! She wanted more. And I wanted more. Why
does she have to be my fucking student…? Some rational thought came creeping back into my head as
my arousal was subdued… But then again, there was only about a month left of class before summer…
Maybe I could hold out. But would she wait? Fuck, could *I* wait?

TeacherPet: hey

Me: Heya

TeacherPet: How are you?

Me: Pretty good. You?

TeacherPet: not bad

TeacherPet: what are you up to?

Me: Just some work

TeacherPet: grading?

Me: Yep

TeacherPet: the stories?

Me: Yep

TeacherPet: oh

I wondered if I should tease it out of her, or just tell her…

TeacherPet: so anyway

Me: Yes, I have.

TeacherPet: what?

Me: Read yours

TeacherPet: ooh

TeacherPet: well?

Me: Well…

Me: There were a few mistakes…

TeacherPet: hmm

Me: But I didn't catch them until I read it again

TeacherPet: again?

Me: Yeah, on the third time anyway.

Me: Because I was too amazed the first two times to notice anything else.


TeacherPet: really?

Me: Really.

TeacherPet: i'm so glad..

TeacherPet: that means alot

TeacherPet: coming from you, I mean

Me: Hey- "a lot" is two words. Don't ruin the moment!

TeacherPet: haha sorry

TeacherPet: I got excited

TeacherPet: so tell me everything you thought

Me: Ha

Me: Well it would be unfair of me to give you my comments before the rest of the class got theirs…

TeacherPet: :P

TeacherPet: pleeeeease

Me: But since you're my favorite student…

So I told her everything. And I was honest about it too. I started out more technical, explaining the
parts I liked the most. Not necessarily the bits that personally got me going (then again, wasn't that
pretty much all of it?), but those that were the most well-written. Then I also told her the excerpts that
intrigued me the most. It was usually the most insightful points into her own feelings at the time: her
nervousness and insecurity that she hid so well. The sensations from the female point of view that any
man can only try to dream up…

TeacherPet: wow I'm really glad you said that

Me: why?

TeacherPet: I was nervous when I wrote it

TeacherPet: that when you finally read it, you would think less of me

Me: Huh- I have no idea why you'd expect that

TeacherPet: well, it's hard to explain

TeacherPet: like you'd think I was too young

TeacherPet: and stupid or something

TeacherPet: I dunno

Me: Well

Me: Your honesty in your own feelings only highlights your intelligence

Me: that you are able to recognize how you feel and so easily make it translate in words

TeacherPet: :)

TeacherPet: thank you

Me: I'm just saying it like it is :P

And we kept talking. I gently pointed out some areas for improvement; usually some transitional areas
that came off too sharply, or sentences that didn't quite link naturally. She absorbed all of my
suggestions, and I felt an even deeper connection with her as she honestly got into her writing and tried
to improve it even as we talked.

Me: You don't have to do these corrections right now, you know

TeacherPet: I want to

Me: Okay, just checking

Me: But you already got an A, heh

TeacherPet: ooh goody

Me: By the way…

Me: I kind of ruined your paper

TeacherPet: what do you mean?

Me: Well, like I said before… It was good

Me: A little too good in some ways


Me: Okay, so I kind of had an accident

TeacherPet: im confused

Me: This is going to sound pretty embarrassing

Me: but I was touching myself as I read the paper

TeacherPet: you were?

Me: oh like that comes as a surprise to you :P

TeacherPet: well you never said..

Me: anyway

Me: as you'd expect, I reached my limit at some point

Me: and kind of made a mess on a couple pages…

TeacherPet: REALLY??

Me: yeah. Sorry

TeacherPet: christ

TeacherPet: really??

Me: why would I make that up?

TeacherPet: wow

TeacherPet: that is hot

Me: Is it?

TeacherPet: mhmm

TeacherPet: I wish I coulda seen that

TeacherPet: mmm

Me: Well that's good then

Me: I'm glad you're not upset

TeacherPet: ya right!

TeacherPet: that's like.. a total compliment for me

Me: :)

TeacherPet: so

Me: Soo

TeacherPet: tell me what it felt like


TeacherPet: when you "reached your limit"

Me: oh

Me: Really good ;)

TeacherPet: well duh

TeacherPet: details
Me: Okay

Me: I was already pretty excited before I even started

Me: You know, anticipation

Me: Anyway, I ended up touching myself pretty early on when reading

Me: not thinking about it

Me: aaaaaand it just kept building up, you know

Me: I had to make an effort to hold back

Me: and then I lost it

TeacherPet: what set you off?

Me: Everything I guess.

Me: And the ending, about how she couldn't define what they had

Me: and how she wanted to be taught

Me: that was good.

TeacherPet: thanks

TeacherPet: I hope that part didn't scare you ;)

Me: heh

Me: Maybe a little ;)

TeacherPet: hey

TeacherPet: I hate to cut this short

TeacherPet: but I need to get off early tonight

Me: Oh

Me: I already did that

TeacherPet: LOL

TeacherPet: good one :P

TeacherPet: sorry tho

TeacherPet: it's family stuff

TeacherPet: let's continue this tomorrow?

Me: Maybe!

TeacherPet: I want to

TeacherPet: so let's do it!

TeacherPet: bye

It was still fairly early in the evening, and I almost felt at a loss. Now what do I do? I was so used to
spending all this time with her… Maybe I could do some more work. Or just watch some TV. I was
trying to decide what to do when it occurred to me that I hadn't even considered calling up my
girlfriend. A wave of guilt washed over me. What the hell do I do about that?

I couldn't keep this up. It wasn't right. But… What did I really expect to happen with Autumn? It's not
like we could have some kind of real relationship, could we? Maybe after she graduated, but… Fuck.
She's only a teenager. What the hell do we have in common. Lots of things. But not enough. Not
realistically. What the hell do I want to happen? I had been living so in the moment that I hadn't
brought myself around to thinking about the repercussions of what I was doing. All I feared was getting
caught. But what happens if I don't?

These thoughts pushed me into a kind of moody frustration. And now I was tense. Fuck it. I decided to
go the gym to blow off some pent up steam. When I got there, I hit up a treadmill first thing. An
attractive woman got on the machine next to me as I took mine.

We made eye contact and she smiled at me, "Hey, how's it goin'?"

"Not bad, you?"

"About the same…"

Now as a guy, normally I wouldn't brush off a good looking girl wearing cute exercise clothes that
started up a conversation with me. But by activating my machine and returning some noncommittal
answer, that's pretty much what I did. I sarcastically wondered what I was doing. Who knows how
much I might have had in common with this person. Or maybe she was just being friendly. Whatever.
In my mind, there was only one thing I really noticed about her. She wasn't Autumn.

The next day in class, she gave me a little smile when she walked in the door. Her hand brushed up
against her face and tucked a few strands of hair behind her ear. Didn't I read someplace that playing
with your hair is a telltale sign of flirting across all cultures?
A few students started talking about their papers as they found their seats. When the bell rang, one
asked, "So when do we get our latest drafts back?"

"Yeah, you've read them all by now, right?"

"Now now," I replied, "If I didn't give each paper the attention it deserves, you wouldn't learn anything,
now would you?"

"I've learned you love red pens and hate a lack of commas," a girl joked.

I chuckled, "Well, there is no good writing, only good re-writing, right?"

"Seems to me like you only make a mess on the papers that need lots of re-writing," another sighed.

"I bet he makes a mess on the good ones too," Autumn suddenly piped up.

My eyes snapped to her and she had this wide grin, and then she sort of tensed and shrugged, like

I played it off, "Yes, I am messy towards each and every one. But you would all be heartbroken if I
didn't share my wisdom with you, so I'll accept your thanks now and we'll move on to today's

Glancing at Autumn again, she gave a subtle nod to acknowledge the exchange. After that, we didn't
particularly share any other "moments" for the rest of the class. I'd be sure to give her a hard time about
it online that night. If she didn't give me one first, anyway. I looked forward to it.

I had to run some errands, so I didn't get home until the early evening. I logged on and checked for
emails; there was nothing and she wasn't online yet. Bummer. A little disappointed, but I figured she'd
get on soon enough. It wasn't until about 11:00 at night that my patience had completely worn thin.
She's usually on by now. I wonder what the holdup is… I figured I'd wait a little longer. Like thirty
minutes. Or maybe an hour…

But she never showed up. This sucks. I went into the bathroom and brushed my teeth, leaving the
computer on until the last possible minute before I gave up and went to bed. Just in case. Nothing!
Defeated, I finally went to my bed and stripped down. That was when I noticed there was a message on
my phone.

I figured I missed a call from Heather, but when I picked it up, I realized it was a text message. She
never texts me. I opened it up…

'Lame! my internet is down and the company says it wont be restored till tomorrow. btw, does your
phone do text msgs? i forgot to ask last time'

Well yes, yes it did. I held the phone in my hand and pondered whether or not I should reply to her. I
felt so relieved having read the message, and yet a little unnerved that she contacted me on my phone.
It could be a dangerous precedent to text her back… Then she'd know she could contact me almost any
time of the day. Shit, even during school. Though the thought spooked me, I also felt a tiny rush
shudder through my body. Bad thoughts.
I rolled over onto the bed and tried to ignore it. I could just wait until tomorrow, she'd find a way to tell
me the same thing in class, and I'd be clear. Then we could just talk that night. It's safer this way. Don't
be stupid. I closed my eyes and imagined where she was right now. If she was lying in her bed too. I
had this sudden desire to tense my body as I thought about her. I wanted to hold her right then… What
am I thinking? This is more than just wanting to fuck…

I turned back to the table with the phone on it and opened up the message again. Fuck it.

'just got your msg. see you tomorrow.'

I hit send and let my eyes close, the phone still in my hand. I'm not sure how I felt about what I just did,
but for some reason, it soothed me. I began to doze off, and I was in a half-sleep when I felt the phone
buzz in my hand. I brought it up to my face and the screen lit up with a new message.

'thx for texting. didnt want you to think i was ignoring. goodnight'

My hand dropped back down to the bed and I closed my eyes again. I thought I'd be nervous, but I fell
asleep with a content smile.

The next day, I turned off my phone as I arrived at work. I didn't want to see whether or not she'd push
her luck and try texting me during one of my classes. Not until I was safely out of class. Besides, who
knew how I would react… I'd probably text her back, for fuck's sake.

Class proceeded with only one small incident. At one point, my students were up from their desks and
going from group to group for a little writing exercise, where one group would start a poem, and then
the next group would write a new stanza, and so on. During another switch up, Autumn swung by a
little closer to my desk than need be and furtively slipped a folded note onto my desk.

I opened it up a few minutes later and glanced at the message. All it said was that she'd be online
earlier this afternoon to make up for lost time. I folded it back up and stuffed it in my pocket. Looking
back up, I realized she was cautiously watching me. She didn't avert her eyes when I met her gaze, and
I gave her a curt nod. She smiled and went back to work.

It was a little after 4:00pm when I got home; a faculty meeting after hours kept me hung up. Autumn
was already there when I logged on. I felt a giddy flutter when I saw her, pleased that she wasn't
missing this time. We had only chatted for a little while when my phone rang. I rose my eyebrows,
wondering if she was choosing now to escalate things…

Nope. It was Heather. Don't be *too* disappointed, man. I picked up and started talking to her… still at
the keyboard. I probably should have at least stood up and walked into the other room so I wouldn't be
completely distracted, but instead I chose to divide my attention. Always a bad idea.

Before I knew it, I had agreed to go out to dinner and maybe a show with my girlfriend. I couldn't tell
you how I felt about that. I didn't want to dwell on the fact that I would've rather stayed home on
instant messenger with my student, but anyway…

TeacherPet: you seem distracted

Me: Sorry, I had to take a phone call

TeacherPet: oh

TeacherPet: but you're back now?

Me: Yep

TeacherPet: goody

TeacherPet: how about no more phone calls

TeacherPet: and I get you for the rest of the night?

Me: That would be nice

Me: But to be honest, I'm going to have to go out this evening…

TeacherPet: oh

TeacherPet: that's lame.

Me: Yeah

TeacherPet: what are you doing tonight?

Okay. This was awkward. Do I come out and tell her the truth, or do I beat around the bush?

Me: I'm just seeing a friend

TeacherPet: your girlfriend?

Me: Yes

TeacherPet: I see.

My chest tightened. I was sure I could feel her disappointment and irritation coming through the
computer, but then…

TeacherPet: well I guess we will just have to make good use of the time we have

TeacherPet: right?

Me: Definitely!

Whew! Was she really this perfect?

TeacherPet: so I've been thinking about our last conversation

TeacherPet: and about some stuff I wanted to put in the story

TeacherPet: but couldn't fit it in very easily

Me: Oh yeah?

TeacherPet: yeah

TeacherPet: and since you said you liked hearing about "my perspective"

TeacherPet: well anyway

Me: What? Go on…

TeacherPet: soo

TeacherPet: talking about how my orgasms really feel

Me: Hmm

Me: I would have definitely liked to read about that

TeacherPet: really?

Me: Yes really.

TeacherPet: well I had written some stuff up

TeacherPet: in another draft

Me: Want to send it?

TeacherPet: do you want me to?

Me: :P

Me: obviously

TeacherPet: ok gimme a min

I waited…

TeacherPet: shit


TeacherPet: I cant find it on my comp

Me: Oh
Me: that IS shitty.

TeacherPet: sorry

Me: it's okay

Me: maybe you'll find it another time

TeacherPet: well I dont want to leave you hanging

Me: So thoughtful!

TeacherPet: I know right??

TeacherPet: so now what

Me: I'm not sure

TeacherPet: is there anything you wanted to talk about?

Me: To be honest, my mind is kind of stuck on what you mentioned

TeacherPet: oops

Me: yeah

TeacherPet: well I guess I could just type it up here

TeacherPet: but it won't be as eloquent..

Me: I'll do my best to cope

TeacherPet: ok

TeacherPet: so I totally curl up my toes

TeacherPet: I know its cliche but I do

TeacherPet: also, I get kind of lightheaded

TeacherPet: like dizzy

Me: during or after?

TeacherPet: during

Me: interesting
TeacherPet: ya well

TeacherPet: it's like stronger the better the orgasm

TeacherPet: soo I was kinda dizzy the other week

Me: really?

TeacherPet: yeah..

Me: hmm… sorry?

TeacherPet: ha

TeacherPet: it's a good dizzy

TeacherPet: I cant really get that by myself

Okay, so, a hot girl talking about her orgasms is one thing. Having her tell you that you gave her good
ones is another. To have her then mention masturbating on top of that… I was, like, in boy-heaven. I
mean, I didn't even know how to respond to that. What am I going to say? KEEP GOING!!!

Me: oh…

TeacherPet: is that weird?

Me: I don't know

Me: if it is, it is weird in a good way

Me: I mean, at least it sounds like it… if that makes sense

TeacherPet: well I like it

TeacherPet: I'm glad you like it

TeacherPet: now that ive told you about it, I think I deserve more

TeacherPet: right?

Me: Ahh, deserve… yes

TeacherPet: good

Me: so anything else?

TeacherPet: well

TeacherPet: my mouth also gets wet

TeacherPet: like really wet

TeacherPet: umm that sounds bad

TeacherPet: it isn't like I'm drooling or something

TeacherPet: its hard to explain

TeacherPet: but my tongue especially

TeacherPet: and I have this overwhelming desire to lick

TeacherPet: I just want to lick lick lick

TeacherPet: when im cumming, I mean

Good fucking god, could I be *any* harder right now…

Me: wow..

Me: you never did that last time..

TeacherPet: well I was never really in a position to

TeacherPet: except during #3

TeacherPet: but by then I was just like.. out of it

Me: was that a good thing?

TeacherPet: very good

TeacherPet: fishing for compliments?

Me: Just asking…

TeacherPet: uh huh

TeacherPet: so what do you think?

Me: I like it

Me: Especially the licking thing

TeacherPet: really?

Me: Yeah it's very… primal

Me: and sexy

TeacherPet: ya

TeacherPet: well im glad you like it

TeacherPet: so next time I wont hold back

TeacherPet: deal?

I was so gone in the moment that I didn't even think about it before I typed it…

Me: Deal

TeacherPet: :D

TeacherPet: so you admit it

TeacherPet: there will be a next time

Me: ahh, well…

Me: it's not that I don't WANT to

Me: you understand

TeacherPet: yeah yeah

TeacherPet: well last time I checked

TeacherPet: we didn't get caught

TeacherPet: so I don't see the prob

Me: It's complicated

TeacherPet: *sigh*

TeacherPet: you're ruining the mood

Me: sorry

TeacherPet: so

TeacherPet: when's the last time you masturbated?

Me: This morning

TeacherPet: in the shower?

Me: nah, in bed

TeacherPet: what did you think about?

Me: What do you think?

TeacherPet: don't make me guess

Me: why not?

TeacherPet: cuz it's embarrassing if im wrong :P

Me: ha, now you have to guess

TeacherPet: no, tell me

Me: not till you guess

TeacherPet: tell meeeeee

Me: dum de dum

TeacherPet: fine

TeacherPet: was it about me?

Me: Yes

Me: Was that so hard?

TeacherPet: shut up :P

Me: I was thinking about that sunday

Me: and your story

Me: replaying it in my mind and trying to imagine better how you felt

TeacherPet: mmm

TeacherPet: was it good?

Me: It was

Me: No dizziness though

TeacherPet: :P don't make fun of me

Me: I'm not

Me: Don't forget I told you I lost it so bad when I read your story

Me: like that wasn't embarrassing

TeacherPet: true..

TeacherPet: but that was hot

Me: well what you say is hot too

TeacherPet: oh good

Me: So… your turn


Me: When's the last time you masturbated?

TeacherPet: last night

TeacherPet: after you texted me back

Me: Oh?

TeacherPet: ya, I was feeling anxious until then

TeacherPet: then I could relax

Me: What did you think about?

TeacherPet: About today.. telling you about my orgasms

TeacherPet: and you getting turned on

Me: Is it like you imagined?

TeacherPet: kinda

TeacherPet: except in my fantasy we ended up meeting up

Me: ah…

TeacherPet: wouldn't that be fun?

Me: yeah

TeacherPet: hmm
TeacherPet: how much time do you have?

I looked at the clock.

Me: shit

Me: I completely forgot.

Me: I need to go get ready actually…

TeacherPet: awwww

TeacherPet: why did I even say anything!

Me: Because you're so thoughtful?

TeacherPet: yeah that must be it :P

TeacherPet: why don't you cancel

TeacherPet: say you're sick

Me: ive been using that excuse too much already…

TeacherPet: but im having fun

TeacherPet: and im horny


Me: Yeah?

TeacherPet: ya…

Me: well me too

TeacherPet: so stay!

Me: I can't

TeacherPet: argh

TeacherPet: well

TeacherPet: will you be back on tonight?

Me: I'll try my best

TeacherPet: ok

Me: Talk to you later

TeacherPet: bye

So I went and met up with Heather at a fairly nice restaurant and settled into spending the evening with
her. It wasn't as awkward as I thought it would be. I mean, I had been in a relationship with her for
some time, so it's not like we didn't have anything in common. Or that I didn't care about her. It was
just, I dunno, the passion had been so subdued by Autumn, and then replaced with a fire for her

Anyway, somehow I managed to get Autumn out of my head for the majority of the evening and focus
on my girlfriend. I didn't think I'd have it in me to be so… I guess dishonest with her. Or myself, for
that matter. Although I sort of felt like I was going through the motions on one hand, on the other I
managed to store away the fact that I was having an undeniable affair, both physically and emotionally.
Yeah, it was unfair. I wasn't trying to be an asshole. I'm not one of those guys who cycles through
women and treats them like shit or anything. And, well, fuck it. I'm not going to make excuses for what
I was doing. I'm just saying what happened.

So anyway, I don't know if she could tell that I was distant or not. I think I was doing a pretty good job
of hiding it. Or maybe I wasn't actually hiding it. Maybe I was just more to terms with what I had with
Autumn… Somehow, I was less stressed about it than before. And things were getting even more
involved. Yeah, it was weird.

After dinner, we went to see some flick. I've already forgotten what it was now. I remember looking
around a lot, wondering if Autumn would show up like the last time I went to the theater. But she was
nowhere to be found. I guess our 'unlikely encounters' have come to a close… After the movie was
over, Heather suggested we go back to her place. This nagging voice in the back of my mind kept at
me, constantly reminding me that Autumn would be at home, waiting for me to get online. But I felt
trapped. Maybe I can get out of spending the night anyway… Probably not.

We were back at her place when my phone buzzed. My pulse instantly quickened and I waited for an
opportunity to see who called. It could have been anyone, and on a Friday night, wouldn't surprise me
if it was just one of my friends. But something was telling me it wasn't just anybody.

I was having a hard time getting a minute alone, so I went into the bathroom. I flipped the fan on and
sat on the toilet seat. It was a text message.

'can you get on soon? im still feeling like i was before. i thought we could have some fun online
tonight. or on the phone maybe. wanna make me dizzy?'

Fuuuuck. I had to work to stifle my groan of disappointment. I wanted nothing more than to get the hell
out of my girlfriend's place and back to my own right then. But somehow… I knew I couldn't do it.
Well, I couldn't and still get away with it somehow. I just had this gut feeling that it would be too
obvious, that Heather would freak out, and then all the truth would somehow get out… And I didn't
want her to know. Well, I didn't want anybody to know, but especially not her.

I quickly replied, still hiding in the bathroom. 'I would love to make you dizzy, but i cant till tomorrow i
think. sorry'

I hope she wouldn't be pissed. Not that I really feared that she would expose me for what we had been
doing, but because she was young. And young girls could be capricious. There's no telling how she
might try to take it out on me. But then again, maybe she won't be upset at all. She *is* remarkably
mature… in some ways.

After the message was sent, I turned the phone off. I was afraid to deal with any more messages from
her. So I got up and flushed the toilet, then washed my hands for good measure. Looking at myself in
the mirror, I had this odd sensation of the man looking back at me. This was a guy skating on thin
fuckin' ice. Someone who barely had any control at all anymore. Not the reflection I was used to.

And I was hard. Oh, to make her 'dizzy' tonight…

I left the room and Heather found me. She was being extra affectionate tonight, and it didn't take her
long to discover my erection. She cooed into my ear, "Yeah, it has been a little too long, hasn't it…"

Well, it wasn't really for her. But what could I do? As we undressed and fell into her bed, all I could
picture was the last time I was there. With Autumn. And here's the most fucked up part of the whole
thing. Did I feel guilty? Yeah, I did. Not because of why you'd think. But because I felt like I was
cheating. On Autumn.

Yeah. What the hell.

I had breakfast with her the next morning, and then we parted ways as she had plans. All the better for
me anyway. The first thing I did when I got home was get online. She wasn't there, but an email was.

'Well, here I am all by myself, and you are out doing who knows what. I have been thinking about our
conversation all day. I can't get rid of this buzz at all, I've been riled since you logged offline. I guess
you won't be able to get online tonight, which is really shitty because I think it would've been fun. I'm
going to go to bed, and I'm going to touch myself thinking about what could've been. So it won't be a
total loss, but I bet it would have been a lot better if we did it together. Hope you're at least thinking
about me.'

Ouch. I don't think I had ever gotten a guilt trip quite like that before. But I'd never been in a situation
at all like this before either, so go figure. My brain didn't know how to process the email. Do I feel
bad? Do I feel turned on? I think both. Maybe that was her plan. I wonder how I can make it up to
her… Then I tried to shake the thought out of my head. Gimme a break, I don't *owe* her anything!

I turned off the computer out of misplaced annoyance and tried not to think about it for the rest of the
afternoon. I had other shit to do anyway. I wanted to hit the gym again, had to go the store, maybe even
do some reading. Something besides emails and IMs and text messages.

And so I did all that. It was around 5:00pm when I finally decided to check online again, feeling more
clear-headed and ready to talk to her. Like I said, I don't know why I felt so put off before… I think my
emotions were running on empty and starting to short-circuit a bit. She was online, but marked as
away. So I sent her a message saying hello and then did some grading at my desk to pass the time.

TeacherPet: hey

TeacherPet: I was away

Me: But now you're here

TeacherPet: yes

TeacherPet: how are you?

Me: Okay, you?

TeacherPet: same

TeacherPet: what have you been up to today

Me: Mostly errands and stuff

TeacherPet: oh

TeacherPet: did you get my email?

Me: I did.

TeacherPet: did you have a nice date last night?

Me: eh

Me: I had someplace else I'd rather have been

TeacherPet: too bad you didn't find a way

Me: I know.

TeacherPet: anyway.

Me: So how was it last night?


Me: Well, you said last night wasn't going to be a total loss

TeacherPet: oh ya

TeacherPet: not really satisfying

TeacherPet: to be honest.

Me: That sucks

TeacherPet: I know.

TeacherPet: can only fantasize so much

TeacherPet: doesn't work as well when you've had the real thing

TeacherPet: I think anyway.

Me: Yeah, that makes sense

TeacherPet: so what are you doing tonight?

Me: No big plans

Me: Maybe hang out online ;)

Me: You going to be around?

TeacherPet: maybe

Me: Only maybe?

TeacherPet: ya we'll see

TeacherPet: depends

Me: On what?

TeacherPet: i'm feeling really antsy

TeacherPet: need to DO something

Me: Ahh

Me: jumping jacks?

TeacherPet: :P

TeacherPet: what are you wearing?

Me: Wow- subject change!

TeacherPet: yep

TeacherPet: so tell me
Me: Nothing special

Me: just shorts and a t-shirt

TeacherPet: oh

TeacherPet: im wearing a towel

Me: That's it?

TeacherPet: yup

TeacherPet: like that?

Me: Don't be coy

TeacherPet: wanna see?

Me: Sure

TeacherPet: okay

TeacherPet: oops wait…

TeacherPet: I don't have my camera anymore

Me: doh

TeacherPet: guess you'll have to come over to see

Me: hah, I wish :P

TeacherPet: Do you?

Me: Well you know how it is

TeacherPet: yeah yeah

TeacherPet: ive heard it :P

And before I could come up with a reply, she logged offline. I blinked in surprise. Did her connection
give out? Did she do that on purpose? Was it my internet flaking out? I opened up a webpage to see if
one loaded; it did. So I closed the Messenger and reopened it, to see if maybe that was wigging out. It
seemed fine, and she was still not there. And then, bzzzzzzz. It was my phone.

Maybe her internet shitted out again.

As I pulled it out of my pocket, it buzzed again. What the- it's not a text. Incoming call…
I looked at the call ID and recognized her number. I began to panic a little; I hadn't expected this at all.
Should I not answer? Now I was out of my comfort zone… My fingers did the thinking for me. I took
the call.

Bringing the phone up to my ear, I paused for a brief second, and then, "Hello?"


"Uh- hi…"

"It's me."

"Yeah… What's up?" I tried to sound relaxed.

"I wanted to talk to ya!" she turned a more cheerful tone.

"I thought we were talking."

"Well you have a nice voice, and I was like, bored of typing."


"So I had just taken a shower. That's why I'm in a towel."

"That uh, makes sense."

"Yeah. I don't just wear towels for the fun of it or anything. That'd be weird, right?" I could hear a
sarcastic smile through the phone.

"Well I'm not one to judge."

"Always so elusive!"

"Just saying."

"So, you like me in a towel?"

I swallowed a dry lump forming in my throat. Something told me this was bad, and going someplace
worse, but…

"Well it sounds nice."

"My parents aren't home," she stated flatly.

Not really sure how to respond… "Oh."

"Yeah. Last night, since I was home and everything, I told them, like, they needed to get out more. Go
do dinner and a movie, like other couples…" The point was not lost on me. "Anyway, I got the movie
times for them and convinced them to go tonight. So now I'm all by myself."

"How selfless of you…"

"I know. But don't you think I deserve some kinda company too?"



"You know I can't come over."

"But why?" she pouted.

"You know why."

"God! Nobody is gonna know!"

"You can't be sure!"

"Yes I can!" she retorted defiantly. "Nobody has found out yet, after everything! And you know it…"

"Yeah, well, we've been- uh- lucky…"

"It isn't luck! I have been really good…" she started to soften her voice. "I've kept our little secret. But
it's getting hard. I mean, you don't know what it's like… I'm sitting here alone and thinking, like, if I
just told somebody, then you wouldn't have any reason to hide anymore…"

Any control I thought I had on the situation was slipping through my fingers, and fast. "Uhh- it doesn't-
doesn't work like that, Autumn," I tried to reason.

"Haven't I been good?" she repeated.

"Yeah, but…"

"Don't I deserve a reward?" her innocence began to have a sensual drip.

I gave a nervous chuckle, "Well…"

"Nobody is here…"


"I haven't been able to relax since yesterday… Telling you about my orgasms… I can't stop thinking
about it- thinking about you, um… giving me more…"

Oh. Shit.

"We can't."
"We don't have to stay here if you don't want… We can go someplace. Anyplace else. I don't care…
Just come… Pleeease…"

"I don't- I don't even know where we'd go…"

"Well, there's your place," she insinuated.

"That's uh- not safe…"

"Fine," she whispered, "anywhere is fine… Come pick me up? Let's just drive… I can't wait

Jesus this was sounding tempting.

"God, Autumn…" I was breaking and she knew it.

"Mmm… It'll be so worth it… And…" she trailed off.

I had to know. "And…?"

"I'm- um… I'm already a little wet. Just talking to you."

My shoulders slumped. Even if my mind hadn't caught up yet, my body knew it was beat. I was

"Hello…?" she prodded.


"Does that bother you?" she was asking sweetly.

"No… not bothered…"

"Do you like it?"

"Christ. You know."

"Are you… hard?" her voice was young, curious, knowing.

"Yes," I hissed a sigh.

"Mhmm…" she sighed back, pleased. "So you're going to come?" She tacked on quickly, "Come over, I

"It's such a… a bad fucking idea…"

"No it isn't… it's gooood… Do you remember where I live?"

"I… I think so."

"Okay… I guess I can't just wear a towel if we're going to go somewhere else though…" she sounded
remorseful, but she was teasing me.

"Yeah." I answered, dazed.

"I'll try to make it up to you."


"So you're coming over now?" and persisted.

I hesitated.

"Because I need you…" she purred.

"Y-yeah. I am. I am."

I heard a rustling over the phone, almost like she was doing a wordless victory dance. "Okay! Okay,
so… You have my number. Call me if you get lost?"

"Okay- I think I remember."

"Good… I can't wait to see you…"


"Talk to ya soon."





I don't even remember getting into my car. It's like I was hypnotized. In a trance. I mean, yeah, I
wanted it. Her. But this was fucking outrageous. Going to see her was… not smart. Going to see her at
her house was just stupid. I mean, I know the plan was to just pick her up but… Hell! I didn't know
where we were going to go. A motel? Gimme a break. Like that wouldn't look suspicious, a grown man
and a teenager booking a room in the middle of the day. We'd have to go three towns out… Wouldn't it
be worth it though…?

I only vaguely remembered where she lived. That was awhile ago, and it was dark. And I was
distracted. So there I was, driving in circles around what I thought was the correct neighborhood. I had
thrown on a baseball cap and pulled the bill down. I didn't want to be recognized. But I didn't want to
look like a weirdo either. I had to call her before I started to look suspicious. And before you chicken

She didn't pick up until the fourth ring, which somehow increased my paranoia. "Hey, what's up?" she
sounded a little jumpy.

"Uh- I guess I don't remember exactly how to…"

"Oh! I didn't know if you were lost or if you just lived further away than I imagined," she interrupted.

"Yeah. Sooo…" I gave her a general idea of where I was, and it turned out I was pretty close. She
insisted she'd stay on the phone and talk me through it until I got there. Hearing her voice directing me
was kind of exhilarating, and it reinforced my insane desire to go through with this.

Finally arrived at her street and recognized her driveway. There was no way I was going to park up
there; I was gonna just line up on the curb. "Okay, I see your place. So, uhh- how do you wanna do
this? Are you just gonna come out and meet me down here?"

"Why don't you just park in the driveway?"

I almost scoffed, "No way."

"Umm… oh-kay," she responded in that annoyed 'if you say so' way. "So just park wherever and come
up to the door."

"Come up- what?" I was incredulous. "You said we'd drive out… I can't go in your house."

"Just for a second!" she pouted. "I just wanted to show you somethin' real quick. Nobody is home.
Don't worry about it."

"Look Autumn, this is crazy enough as it is."

"I reeeeeally want to show you something," she insisted, sounding much more insistent and…

"What is it?" I had parked on the street by now and was just slouching in the driver's seat, playing this
cat-and-mouse game on the phone.

"Come in and see," she taunted.

"Why can't you just tell…"

"Okay, this is, like, totally sucking up all my minutes," she cut me off. "Just come up to the door, okay?
I'll be waiting for you." That last sentence was said so nonchalantly, so innocently, and yet I felt like it
was loaded with something more. I don't know if it was on purpose or not. But before I could reply, she
hung up.
Bitch. I huffed a sigh and looked down at my phone. Do I call her back? Something told me I shouldn't
bother. That the battle was already fought and, I'm not sure how, but she already won. I felt like I
couldn't turn back now. Of course I could have… And I probably should have. I would have reasserted
some control and shown her that she couldn't just jerk me around. But fuck! I was right there. She was
right there… Just a short walk away.

I'd come this far. I almost felt like a kid. Shit, I was sneaking around, going to a girl's house while her
parents weren't home. Am I a teenager again? No, I wasn't. And this was much worse. I shut my eyes
and rubbed my temples. Her voice echoed in my ears. I pictured her little, tight body and that young
face looking up at me. And in my mind, I heard her repeat, 'I'm already a little wet…'

The next thing I heard was my car door slamming shut. I was already outside and walking up her
driveway. She had me. I didn't know what game she was playing. If I honestly thought about it, it
would have been obvious. Maybe I didn't even need to think about it. Maybe I already knew, and that's
just what I wanted. I didn't give a shit.

I could feel every unrelenting thump of my heart as I came up to her doorstep. My palms began to feel
clammy, and I shoved them in my pockets to casually wipe them off. I was in front of her door now,
and I momentarily paused. Knock or doorbell? Then I heard the clicking of the lock being unlatched.
The handle turned and the door swung open just a little bit. Just enough to see her head poking outside.

She had a this little blow pop thing in her mouth and sucked on it a little bit, just staring at me. Pulling
it out of her mouth, she smiled, "Sorry, I'm addicted to these things. Can't help it."

A tiny buzz went through all my body just at the mere sight of her face, knowing she was in front of me
and… that we were alone. I felt this dichotomy of excitement and calm at the same time. My
apprehension began to melt as the reality of her stood before me. I remained awkwardly at the door, not
knowing how to react. If I should try to go in, if I should try to lead her to my car… She's hiding for a
reason. I bet she's dressed up, doing the schoolgirl thing…

Then she pulled the door open a little more. Not all the way, but enough to unhide most of herself to
me. She still leaned on the side of the door a little bit, but…

Oh wow. Fucking. Wow.

Not the schoolgirl thing. She was wearing these painfully tiny, white boyshorts. And this tank top…
Jesus. It was white too, but the fabric was so thin, so sheer, that you could see through it. It was kind of
frilly at the top, and looked like something you could wear in public… if you had something on
underneath. But this little thing was stretched so tight around her skin. I mean, I could see the faint
outline of the curves of her abs, and her skin. And her tits.

It was a little long too, and extended down past her waist, even covering up a little of her shorts. All
that white gave this beautiful contrast to her lightly tanned skin… But she had this little necklace on,
that was all black, and had a tiny heart hanging from it. And her fingernails… She'd painted them black
since I last saw her too. Her body looked angelic… This youthful innocence just… wrapped up like
that… so fucking sexy. But the distinct black around her neck, on her nails, just added this little bit of
devilish something.
I actually croaked, "Oh my god…"
"What?" she asked innocently, then looked down at her body like she was surprised. "Are you
disappointed? I couldn't, like, answer the door in a towel! That would be silly!"

"Uh- no." I answered a little too emphatically.

"Phew!" she smiled. "So come in! I know, I know- just for a sec!"

I looked behind me to see if anybody was watching (as if it mattered at this point), then slipped inside. I
had no choice. We sure as hell couldn't go out with her dressed like that. And I sure as fuck couldn't
walk away from that, even if I tried.

She closed the door and leaned her back up against it as I looked around the entryway, then rested my
eyes back on her. "Okay, so…"

"Here we are!" she chirped, bringing the blow pop back up to her lips and swirling it a little bit.

"Yeah… So you wanted to show me something? Before we- we left?" I tried to put emphasis on the
word. I still didn't want to stay at her house. Yeah right, you want to have her right against that door.

"Yeah! Come on!" She pushed off from the door and did a little trot over to a staircase just beyond the
entry hall. I couldn't tear my eyes off that perky little ass as it bobbed from side to side, nestled
perfectly in her shorts. The little freckle on the back of her thigh reminded me of that first time I really
noticed her, in the gym…

"What? Where are you going…?"

"My room is upstairs!"

"We were- you said we weren't gonna stay here…"

"Yeah, but I just want to show you my room! Don't you want to see where I chat with you all the
time?" she said it, almost hurt.


"Don't worry, you can show me your room next time." And with that, she started up the stairs.

Well, I can't just stand here like an idiot. So I started following her. My cock was already starting to
twitch from the situation, even if I was completely out of my element now. Yes, I was nervous. But I
was also… well. You'd have to be there. Have to have seen her. She was almost at the top of the stairs
when I started climbing, and looking up…

I mean, she was shorter than me. But from that angle, her legs just looked like they went on forever.
And I've never been an 'ass man' by any means, but right then… praise all! I was converted. She
arrived at the top of the stairs and then turned to the side, smirking a little bit. Then she just looked
straight ahead, clasping her hands behind her back and then rocking on her heels, like she was
innocently waiting. The profile of her lean body and those firm tits… Well, I started to take the steps
by twos.
As soon as I was next to her, she snaked her arm around mine and grabbed onto my wrist. She pushed
into the side of my body and then started pulling me towards her room. To have her touch me, to have
our bodies meet even briefly again was… intoxicating. Every last bit of reason was slipping away from
me. Obviously I didn't have *that* much to start with, or I wouldn't be here…

We came into her room and I dazedly looked around. I had seen glimpses of it before, in the pictures
she had sent, but now I was here. It was difficult to take in her sense of decoration… there was just so
much going on. The sheets on her bed and the curtains were this kind of deep red. She had some
posters of musicians… some hard rock bands, some trendy rappers. There was a fluffy stuffed horse by
her pillows, near a stack of magazines on a side table. The one on the top was Newsweek. It seemed
like nothing in the room matched, and yet it all fit together to show this multifaceted personality…
Who is this girl?

"So what do ya think?" she asked, sliding around in front of me and pressing her waist and stomach
into mine. Her eyes looked up at me playfully, and I suspected in the back of my head, nervously.

I could feel myself growing against her as she did this sort of half-hug against me. "It's nice… Very,
uh, heterogeneous."

She couldn't hold back a small laugh. "Now there's an English-teacher word!" She let go of me and fell
back, dropping onto the edge of her bed. It made the mattress bounce a little, and I noticed her laptop
was in the middle of the bed and powered up. It was displaying a screensaver until the commotion, and
then the desktop popped on. I felt a thrill shoot up from my feet and into my chest as I realized she had
made the shirtless picture of me as her computer background.

"Yeah… hey, there's me!" I nodded toward the computer.

She looked behind her and glanced back at me, a little pink growing in her face. "Oops. Busted." Her
body fell backwards onto the length of the bed and she reached her arms above her to turn off the
laptop and close it. My tongue involuntarily rolled around my mouth as I watched her body stretch. Her
clothes still hugged her, but didn't hide anything. It was just a thin layer, giving only hints of her

She made no effort to sit back up after the laptop was off and pushed to the side of the bed. She knows I
like what I see. "Sooo, now I've seen what you wanted to show me?"

"Mmhmm," she hummed contentedly.

"And now?"


"Are we gonna…" I trailed off.

Her relaxed demeanor tensed a little and she propped herself up a little on her forearms. "Gonna what?"

"Ah- stay here? Or…?"

"Sure, if you, like, want to!" she stifled a grin.

Face it. You don't want to leave this room anymore than she does, let alone this house. I shifted my
weight between my feet, abruptly feeling a little clumsy just standing there and staring. What am I here
for? How am I supposed to do this? It somehow didn't feel right to just, you know, put the moves on

"So what's with the hat?"

"Oh, uh…" I reached up and took it off, running my hand through my hair. "Just wear it on weekends, I

Another awkward silence. And then…

"Oh… So, wanna lie down with me?" she asked tentatively.

I smiled. "Well if you're offering. I didn't want to stand forever…" I gently sat down on the edge of the

"Aww I'm sorry, am I a terrible host?" she pouted. "By the way, no shoes on my bed."

I gave her a sideways look, amused. "Of course, how rude of me, as a guest and all." My shoes came
off without even bothering with the laces. I took the liberty of slipping my socks off as well.

She noticed. "Ooh, planning on getting comfortable?"

Now it was my turn to feel embarrassed. I tried to hide it, "Well, it looks like you already are…"

Her mouth opened in a silent scoff, but I could still see a hint of a smile. "What are you trying to say?"

I rolled back and onto my side so I was now lying along the bed next to her. "Nothin'. I just didn't
figure you'd wear that outfit outside of your bedroom is all."

"What? You think it looks bad?"

My eyes roamed over her body and I couldn't hold back anymore. I reached out and rested my palm on
her thigh, slowly tracing up her leg. "I think you know that's not what I meant…"

Her body shivered at my touch and she rolled onto her side to directly face me. "So tell me what you
mean." She was almost whispering now.

"It looks good."

"What kind of good?"

My hand was up on her side now, enjoying the curve as I moved from her hip to her stomach. God, I
want to feel her skin. Fuck this shirt. I gave her a playfully sarcastic look. "Better than just a towel."

She dropped her eyes a little. I thought it was out of bashfulness, but then I realized she was looking at
me… down there. At this point, there was no hiding what was in my shorts. She reached out her hand
and tenderly ran her fingers along the tent in the fabric. I could barely feel it, but it was enough to make
my hips pull towards her touch for more.

"Mmm… Is this for me?"

"Maybe…" my throat was getting dry in anticipation.

"Only maybe?" she exaggerated her disappointment.

"Well, I probably shouldn't…"


"Lots of reasons…" My hand continued to trail up her side to her chest, and my thumb and forefinger
wrapped around to graze her breast.

"But you promised," she whispered.

"Promised what?"

"Last night… when you texted me… You, um, said you'd make me dizzy today…" there was an active
shyness in her voice, even though she still put on a sensual front.

"But I'm your teacher…" As I said the words, I became self-aware that I was actively flirting with her
and had zero intention of resisting at this point. Not at all like last time.

She sighed, "I know… So teach me something…"

My hand rested on her, lightly massaging in the same area. We stayed on our sides, lying next to each
other and staring into one another's eyes for a few moments. I began to slide my hand back down her
side, following the slight curve of her body again. She answered by bringing her hand to my hip and
pressed her thumb into my pelvis.

Suddenly the playful air in the room dissipated and my breathing began to quicken. I was back at her
hip now, and reaching around to cup her ass. Some of it was of course bare in those little boyshorts. We
continued to gaze at each other, and she bit her bottom lip. Next thing I knew, she slid her hand up
from my shorts and to my abs, under my shirt. Her soft skin against mine tickled from shock, and I
reflexively rolled closer to her, into her to hide my stomach.

She made a surprised little, "Ooh!" My entire arm had wrapped around her and I realized I was
practically hugging her on the bed now. We were so close I could feel her breath. I inhaled deeply and
enjoyed that youthful scent that I'd come to associate with her, and then I couldn't wait any longer. I
leaned my head into her and pressed my lips against her neck.

She reactively sighed and titled her chin up, allowing me easier access. I continued to kiss all along the
side of her neck. Down to her collarbone, back up to her jaw line. She began to melt away from me,
resting on her back instead of her side. I rolled with her, determined not to stop, and found each of my
legs around hers, straddling her as I kissed and kissed.

Her hands grabbed onto my sides and ran along them, then over my chest. She scratched her nails into
my shirt, then began to tug it up my chest. It was about halfway up my stomach when she reached
down and just pulled it up as far as it would comfortably go. Then she brought her hands back to my
body and continued to roam my skin.

I moaned approvingly into her as I brought myself around to the other side of her neck, kissing her
there, but now punctuating each one with a little lick. She giggled lightly but rolled her head in the
opposite direction, stretching her neck out and letting me continue. I kept on for a little while, then
traced her jaw right up to her ear, tickling the soft skin right below it by blowing softly.

She let out a quiet, "Ah…" and I knew I was on the right track, because her mouth never closed from a
wide, lazy open-mouthed smile. I began to very slowly kiss down her cheek, towards her lips. Her body
began to squirm a little bit under mine, and I pressed myself into her to pin her against the sheets a little
bit. I brought one hand up and gently held the back of her head. I was at the corner of her lips now, and
she finally closed her mouth and tried to tilt towards me, to kiss me.

I pulled back up and sat on my knees, towering over her on the bed. Her eyes blinked rapidly as she
looked up at me, and she narrowed them a little bit, irritated that she didn't get it. Her hands couldn't
easily reach me now, but she could still glide along my thighs and touch the waist of my shorts. She
began to tug at them with one hand, and teased my stifled erection through the material with the other.

"That doesn't look comfortable," she purred.

"It isn't," I answered in a low voice.

"So let's fix it…" Her fingers zeroed in on the button at the waist and began fiddling with it. She was
having a little trouble, so I brought my hands down to hers and helped her unfasten it, then began to
push them down. Her hands grabbed mine and stopped me, then guided me to the band of my boxers.
She hooked my fingers into them and then started pulling at my wrists. "Mmm… those too…" she

I obliged and began to push both down. I watched her as her eyes stayed steady on my actions,
revealing my pubic hair, then the shaft… still pulled down and restricted. Before I was completely free,
she reached out and let her fingers touch the base of it. I shuddered and flexed, my erection springing
out of my clothes at the sensation. An unexpected "Oh!" escaped her and she momentarily brought her
hand back.

I smiled sheepishly and she came back, gently running her hand under me and making my hard-on rest
in her palm. Then she wrapped her fingers around it and began to slide back and forth, very subtly. My
eyes closed and I sighed. God yes, finally. She played with me for about half a minute before she got
too frustrated from our awkward position.

"Take them off…" it was more of a command than a request. A tiny part of me wanted to rebel and
tease her longer. A much, ahem, bigger part of me wanted to do exactly what she said. So I climbed off
the bed, as well as I could with my shorts at my knees, and let them drop to the floor. I watched her
stare at me. She squeezed her legs together and smiled, bringing her eyes up from my cock to my eyes.
"The shirt too…"

I grinned, "You're kinda bossy…"

She stuck out her lip and pouted. "Pleeeease?"

How could I say no to that? Within three seconds the shirt was on the floor, and I stood in front of her
completely naked. "Wow…" she breathed.

My dick pulsed with the rest of my body at the compliment. "Hmm?" I tried to be modest.

"I'm, like, totally regretting not getting my camera back from you now…"

I couldn't hold back a pleased smile. "Oh… well, I offered…"

She sat up and scooted over to the edge of the bed. "Don't let it go to your head… None of your other
students can have you…"

"Who cares… I don't want any of them."

She positioned herself to sit facing me. I took a step closer to be next to the bed. Next to her. She
brought her hands up to my sides again and began running them all over me. Her nails gently grazed
my stomach, her hand cupped and squeezed my ass. She ran down my thighs and up the inside of my
leg. My erection twitched desperately for her touch, for any touch. I was about to grab it myself.

I hadn't even noticed that I put my hands on her shoulders and was squeezing them, subtly pulling her
towards me. She finally gave into me. One hand caressed its underside, and her fingertips grazed my
balls. Her other hand came up to the head, and she rolled it between fingers, teasing it with just enough
pressure to make me nuts. By now, I was holding onto her shoulders for support, because my legs
began to feel weak.

She looked so intent, both curious and concentrating. I guess she felt me watching her, because
suddenly she looked up at me and gave a sort of crooked smile. Then she pressed her lips together and
ran her tongue against the back of them. Oh, please mean what I think that means…

She leaned forward, bringing her face to her hands. I felt her breath on me, but she held still, continuing
to only use her fingers. One of my hands moved up from her shoulder to the back of her neck. I wanted
to encourager her, but I waited. Then I felt it. The warm tip of her tongue flick across me. And then
again. Then a long lick dragging across the length of my underside.

"Ahh…" I breathed out. My eyes shut and I just enjoyed the sensations that she gave me. She was not
flat-out blowing me… she just kept on teasing different parts. She'd focus on the base, then the head,
then along one side and another. The longer she went, the more desperate I became. My hips bucked
lightly on their own, trying to get more pleasure out of her. I continued to grunt and sigh as she
managed to hit another spot unexpectedly.

She must have gotten encouraged, because soon I felt her steadily pumping along me with one hand as
she began to keep the head of me in her mouth longer and longer. I began to feel lightheaded from the
constant pressure and soon knew that I'd lose myself if she kept it up. I already couldn't look at her…
Seeing that amazing young girl working so hard to please me was too much. I was sure I'd come if our
eyes met.

Not yet, man… Somehow I found the resolve to bring a hand down to myself and push her hands away.
She brought her lips off of me and leaned up straight. My eyes finally pried open and I looked at her…
Her face was a little flush and I could see her breasts rise through her shirt with each breath, her nipples
looking a little more prominent now… Was she sweating too?

I took a few deep breaths to calm myself down and smiled at her, "Your turn…"

She raised an eyebrow and briefly glanced down at her lap.

"I mean your clothes… You're starting to look a little overdressed."

"Oh…" she smiled timidly. "Okay." Her hands reached down to the hem of her shirt and she began to
pull it up. Even though I could practically see her entire stomach and breasts before, I still couldn't
blink as that thin lair was peeled away. Knowing there was nothing in my way now, that I could
explore her flesh… My body trembled.

Her back arched a little bit as her arms began to stretch up and pull it all the way off. Her perky tits
bounced a tiny bit as the tight fabric dragged away. A bubble in my chest felt like it burst and I nearly
dove into her, pushing her back onto the bed. Her tank-top was still tangled in her arms, pulled off her
body completely but not quite fully off her face. She shrieked in surprise and I quickly darted my hands
out to her arms, pinning them against the bed and basically blinding her with the shirt around her head.

"Hey!" she cried out playfully.

I ignored her and kept her restrained, then leaned my face in and licked along her flat tummy. She
yelped again and began to squirm. I kissed along her stomach some more, focusing around her little
bellybutton. "Let me go!" she began to laugh. "It tickles!"

Her whining was too cute, so I couldn't stop yet! I continued to kiss around her skin, lightly flicking my
tongue across her as she tried to roll her body back and forth. She kept laughing into her shirt and
struggling against me, but I held her arms down tight. "Ah! S-stop! Let me up!" she kept trying to
stutter between helpless giggles.

I decided I had enough and wanted to give her something else. So I leaned up her body and kissed
softly on her right breast. Her body jerked again under me, but this time a little differently. I continued
to press my lips all over her breast, zeroing in on her nipple. Then I finally wrapped my mouth around
it and sucked on her lightly, swirling my tongue in slow circles. She arched her back and quietly
moaned. I let go of her arms.

I brought my arms down to the sides of her chest and kept focusing on her tits, alternating from left to
right, trying to give each all the attention I could. Autumn had gotten loose of the shirt and thrown it off
the side of the bed. Her hair was a little frazzled and she was breathing hard, but I could tell she didn't
care. She began to slowly pull herself back towards the pillows, getting her entire body on the mattress.
I diligently followed her movements, keeping myself over her and continuing to kiss, and lick, and
She had made her way to lie back comfortably on her pillows now. My hands held the sides of her
chest, holding and massaging her as I did my best to please her. I was no longer straddling her evenly. I
had one knee on the outside of her legs, and one knee between them. Her hands dug into my hair,
lightly scratching me and occasionally pulling me to where she wanted more attention.

I'm not quite sure how it happened, but my knee between her legs found itself pressed up against her. I
was amazed to take in the fact that she was rolling her hips a little bit against it. Holy fuck, she's
humping my leg! I braced my knee harder and pressed it into the bed, giving her more leverage to rub
against. Another broken moan told me it was a good move.

I began to move my kisses up her body, around her collarbone now. She had moved a hand down to the
back of my neck and kept squeezing me, slowly guiding me up her body. As much as my attention was
focused on her, my cock was again aching for attention. It kept dragging along her body, usually her
leg, and it was all I could do to not just start pushing myself into her.

It was becoming uncomfortable to continuously prop myself over her, so I allowed myself to lie on my
side as I finally returned back to her neck. I pushed one arm underneath her pillow to help prop her up a
bit, and my free arm traced down that perfect stomach, then down to her thighs. My knee was no longer
available for her to thrust against, but her body seemed to want more, because her hips rose off the bed
as my fingers danced along her.

"Hmmmm…" she sighed happily and turned to me. Her eyes had this really content look in them, but
the rest of her body was still kind of tense. I knew what she needed, because I needed it too. I brought
my hand up to the waist of her little shorts and began to tuck my fingers underneath.

I was so lost in her facial expression, her slow blinking, her lips parting open in expectation, that I
didn't even notice she reached her own hand down between my legs. Suddenly I felt her hand cup
around me, with her palm at the hilt of my cock and her fingers wrapping around underneath me. My
eyes opened wide as I felt her press into the sensitive spot between my legs, behind my sack. She
rubbed her fingers around in little circles, eliciting instinctive thrusts from my pelvis. "Ah- whoa…" I

She almost looked concerned, "Does that feel good?"

How does a girl that young know about that spot? "Y-yeah- great…"

I closed my eyes and just enjoyed what she was doing for about a minute, and then remembered with
renewed vigor what I was going for. I brought my hand back to her shorts and eagerly slid down the
front, over her pubic bone, down to her slit. I slipped my middle finger along her and felt electric at
how wet she was. Her body quivered in response and she hummed another moan.

I brought my ring finger to bear as well, and offered a little pressure sliding up and down her opening.
She began to more fervently tug at my erection now, and her legs rubbed back and forth on my hand. I
kept at her, finally slightly dipping my fingers into her. She gasped and gripped me with reactive force.
I grunted in return, and we both sighed in union.

My hand continued to work at her beneath her shorts, doing my best to gently give her pleasure,
searching out for her clit. Her breaths became more audible as I continued, and her own attention and
fondling me began to drop off. As much as it was disappointing, I was more thrilled that she was
concentrating on what I was doing. She feels good… How good can she get…?

Her eyes were closed now, and I noticed her hand now completely slipped away from me and was
gripping into the bed. That's a familiar sign… I nuzzled my face next to hers on the pillow and began to
gently kiss below her ear again. Her shoulder crept up from the sensation and she smiled without

She continued to roll her hips, trying to help me touch her where she liked it best. Then out of the blue,
she brought her hand up and slipped it beneath her shorts, right on top of my hand. Her palm pressed
into my fingers and invited me to put more pressure on her. So that's what she wants…

I indulged in her encouragement and she responded with even more quick little hums and moans. We
went on like this for another minute, and I was amazed at how lost she seemed to get in the action. It
was like I was hardly even there… She was just using me to feel good. Don't get me wrong, I didn't
mind one bit. I was enjoying every second of it.

"Ohh… close…" she whimpered to herself.

Oh wow. I thought this was just foreplay… I pulled my face away from her and looked down at her
body. Her tits were bouncing a little bit from her increasingly ragged breaths. I could see a light sheen
of perspiration on her stomach, trailing down to our hands. Watching her body roll rhythmically to our
touch was mesmerizing. She looks amazing…

"Don't stop…" she moaned.

Why the fuck does she think I'd stop?? Then I realized she meant my kissing. I eagerly leaned back in
and ran my tongue along her neck again. She immediately responded with a frayed "Yeeaahh…"

Her hand pressed even harder into mine now, really forcing me into her. I kept rubbing in little circles,
right where she guided me. Her legs continued to shift, quicker and quicker, and I knew her entire body
was starting to shake a little. I could even feel her tensing her muscles and trembling through the

"Fff-uck! Make me- you're gonna- please make me…"

I was afraid to do anything but keep doing exactly what I was doing. Do it! Come for me!

Then her entire body went rigid and her hips bucked up off the bed. She took a sudden, huge breath in,
and her voice cracked and she practically shouted, "Ahh shi-iit!"

I was stunned by her intensity… Her hips stayed thrust in the air; my hand remained clamped between
them and her palm, which continued to press into me. Then suddenly her grip flew out of her shorts and
she rolled onto her side to face me. Before I knew it, both her hands were holding onto the sides of my
face and she was kissing me, opened mouthed, right on my fuckin' lips.

I felt her tongue dart against mine as she desperately frenched me. I returned her kiss without thinking,
or at least tried to, but she was completely overpowering me in… I don't know what. Lust? Passion?
Whatever it was, it was great! She forced her body on top of mine and was rubbing herself all over me,
our skin touching everywhere, my dick stimulated just against her leg. The sudden burst of energy from
her, plus her come, turned me on so much that I was afraid I would blow it right there.

Not wanting to lose myself that way if I could help it, I managed to push her off of me and roll her onto
her back. She kept her hands clutched on the back of my head and neck, continuing to run her tongue
all over my mouth and lips until I finally managed to pull myself up and separate from her.

Her head slumped back into the pillow and she gasped for air. "Oh my god… that good… fuck… with
just your hand… Jesus!…" she huffed between panting breaths. My eyes roamed her body as she
relaxed a little bit, her legs still scissoring back and forth as her thighs slowly rubbed together. She took
another deep breath and let it out slowly, shaking. "Mmmm- I love it!" she cooed to herself.

"Oh good," I almost chuckled.

She tilted her head to look at me and started biting her lip again. "You're, like… so patient!" Then she
pulled her knees up to her chest and looped her thumbs into her shorts. I could tell how wet she had
made them while she was in this position, but she quickly pushed them down her legs and threw them
on the floor. "I didn't think you'd get me that way…" she flirted. "I was expecting something else… I
still am…" and her eyes dropped to my cock, which by now had a steady drop of precum glistening on
the head.

Her legs came back down to the bed, and I ran my hand along her skin as she moved. I was about to
pull my body over hers when she quickly leaned up and put her palm flat on my chest. "Nuh-uh," she
purred, and started to push me back. I followed her lead and ended up flat on my back as she crawled
over me. It only took a moment before she had completely straddled me, my dick pressed up along her
pubis, desperately pointing up towards her. She rubbed her body along back and forth a tiny bit, and
leaned over me.

"Are you glad you came over?" she asked quietly, her lips next to mine.

"Very…" I breathed.

"Isn't it worth it…?"

"God… yes."

Her hand reached down and grabbed my dick, holding it in place as her body continued to rub against
it. "Mmm… I've been wanting to do this…" she raised her hips and guided me to her opening, "…for a
long time…"

My eyes rolled back as she slowly lowered herself onto me, sinking me into her pussy. Ohh fuck yes…
She rose and fell, taking more of me into her each time, until she finally rested completely on my lap,
taking me all in. I was so goddamn sensitive; it was like I could feel every contour of her around my

She rested on me like that, moving around in little half-circles, getting used to the feeling. Her hands
glided up to my stomach and rubbed all over me up to my chest. I simply rested my hands on her hips,
my fingers digging into her skin as she moved, holding onto her perfect, young body.

"Ah... I have a confession," she murmured.

"Yeah…?" I grunted.

"I've fantasized- hmm- about this… About being- um!- on top of you…"

I only answered in an audible gasp as she pulled herself up about half my length and brought herself
back down, raking her nails down my abs at the same time.

"But um…." she continued with her eyes closed, smiling blissfully, "In the- in class… Behind your-
oh!- behind your desk… Like you in- in your chair, and me… Me- ah… on you…"

The image jumped in my mind and my body tightened as I groaned, flexing all my muscles and
gripping her harder to keep control over my screaming arousal. "Fuck…" I groaned.

"Do you- do you like that?" her body was still laying over mine.


She shook, "Oh god!... It's like… such a hot fanta- ah!- fantasy…"

I clenched my eyes shut, trying to concentrate.

"Would you want to…" she continued, almost whimpering, "…do that with me?"

"Ah- Autumn I- Christ…"

"Mm what?"

"There's no way…"

"Please…" she pouted. "Just th-think about it…"

It was all I could do to not blow up in orgasm right there, thinking about it. "We couldn't… we can't…"

Her body slid upright and I opened my eyes to look at her. Her naked form riding me was just… a
dream. She had this glint in her eyes, the kind she gets when she's determined. "Oh- there are lots of
things that- that you said we can't do…" Her hands pulled off of me and ran up her own stomach, over
around her tits. She showingly cupped them for me. "Like this… right now…"

I felt my dick start to swell. Oh shit. "Oh god, Autumn…" I moaned.

"Mmhmm?" she purred, pushing herself down onto me again, grinding into me more fervently.

"You're fuckin'- uhh - I can't hold…"

She was immediately leaning over me again, her breasts pushing into my chest. Her arms wrapped
around my head and suddenly her entire body rocked up and down my body. "Yeah- oh- yes…" she
began to moan.
I ground my teeth, holding as long as I could. My entire body was ablaze with pressure, and everything
she was doing was just too much. I had no idea if she was trying to come, or if she was just trying to
make me come… But I actually cried out as I let go, my hips jerking up into her as she forced me back
down onto the bed with her own.

I came. And I came. My legs and arms actually shook as I climaxed into her. It was one of the longest
orgasms of my life, and she rode me like a fuckin' devil. All I remember was her repeating, "Yeah,
yeah…" and suddenly she was licking my neck. There were brief kisses and she even bit me a few
times, but mostly I just felt her tongue run all over my neck, up my jaw, in my mouth. My climax was
over, but all her attention still kept me surprisingly hard inside of her.

Even though my eyes were shut, I still saw little flashes of light behind my eyelids as she dug into me
with her nails and attacked me with her mouth. She finally settled on sucking on my lower lip, her teeth
all but biting me at the same time. I kept my body taut, trying to push back up into her and give her all
that I could. After a little bit, she finally began to slow down, and then all at once her body went
completely limp and fell on top of mine with no effort.

My arms wrapped around her to hold her, and I allowed my body to relax and sink into her sheets. We
lay like that for a few minutes, no words spoken between us. Just sighs and hoarse breathing. The sweat
from both of our bodies began to dissipate as I held her close to me. I have no idea what I felt right
then… I think my mind was mostly blown empty. But holding her like that just felt right. Quietly
enjoying her just felt right.

After a couple minutes she slowly rolled to her side, sliding me out of her. She wrapped her own arm
around me and cuddled with me on her side, nestling her head against my chest. It was comfortable…
emotionally comfortable even. Whatever that means. I felt totally accepting of the situation. I think we
both actually drifted off into a kind of wakeful nap, dozing quietly and enjoying the relaxation.

I didn't even think about where I was; just that I was with her. So that's why it came as a wrenchful
shock when she suddenly gasped and shot up from the bed. "Shit!" she cursed under her breath.

The levity of the situation vanished. "What is it?" I hushed, feeling my anxiety return in full force.

"The garage door… Someone's home."


"What do you mean someone's home!?" I cursed. A stupid question, I know.

"I... I don't know. They're home early..." she stammered. Her previous confidence and light-heartedness
vanished like it was never there. I pulled myself up from lying down and she grabbed a sheet to pull it
up over her breasts.

"Who?" I already knew the answer. But I had to try. Maybe she had siblings. Or an elderly, blind
grandparent. Or a fucking dog who had a garage door opener. Anything but―

"My parents."
I stared into her eyes and she stared back. I couldn't tell you what she saw in mine. There should've
been anger, fear, something... But as I looked on, my vision just sort of went out of focus. That's it
then. I'm dead. I could almost see the flashing blue and red of a police car. Hear my name on the news.
The latest scandal.

"Okay. Okay," she muttered, sliding out of the bed and grabbing some clothes out of a drawer. "You
just gotta... be quiet."

I shook my head and refocused my blurry sight onto her. Be *quiet*?? "I need to get out of here."

Out of the bed, pacing around the room, picking up all my shit. I looked at the door for a moment, then
moved over to the window. Autumn was trying to say something to me, but it was just a muffled din
outside the zone of my frantic concentration.

I was jolted when she forcefully grabbed my forearm. "Please! Just- just be quiet up here... I can- I can
fix this..." it was an urgent whisper.

My body sort of sank on itself. Can you?

"Just stay up here... Um- don't do anything, uh- crazy or anything." I could tell she wasn't comfortable
telling me what to do. "I'll be right back- as... as soon as I can. I'll fix it. I- I promise." Her eyes pleaded
with me, for some kind of response. I gave an unsure sigh and nodded my head. What else was I gonna

"Okay. Okay," she said to herself reassuringly. Who she was trying to convince, I'm not sure. She went
up to her door and took a deep breath, her shoulders tensing as she reached for the handle.

She had thrown on some baggy pajama bottoms and a loose t-shirt. Just before she turned the door, I
hissed, "Autumn!"

Her hand jerked and she looked back at me. I pointed to my neck. She crinkled her brow, then shot her
eyebrows up, mouthing a silent 'shit!' She'd left the little black choker on. It sure as hell didn't fit with
casual PJ attire. Her hands fumbled behind her neck for a few moments and it finally came loose.

She gave me a weak smile. "Okay..." she whispered. Then she slunk out the door, quietly closed it
behind her, and left me alone.

I stood there like an idiot for a few moments, no idea what to do. Really, no ideas at all. Just sort of
blankly stared at the door. I sighed and dropped my eyes down, noticing the bundle of clothes held
under my arm. For fuck's sake... I was standing there naked.

A shiver went through my body, suddenly feeling very exposed. I was sleeping in her bed. With her.
Naked. We fucked. I thought back on it and felt a different kind of shiver. God, did we fuck. Dropping
the clothes on her bed, I dressed myself as silently as I possibly could. My ears strained to hear
anything, but it was in vain.

Once I was back in order, I tried to figure out my next move. Do I just sit and wait? Do I hide? I
dubiously opened her closet door and peeked around inside. It was so completely packed that it wasn't
practical at all. I walked over to the window and played with the latch. Hmm, there's a screen, but I
could probably take it out... I started gently pulling the window up, but it squeaked a little, so I stopped.

Looking out the pane, I wasn't sure how sensible the plan was anyway. It was a two story drop... But I
thought I might be able to grab onto the siding on the way down to slow myself. That would probably
make a fucking racket. I even considered just trying to sneak out the front door and hope for the best.
Hiding up here is idiotic. I am an idiot―

Footsteps. I didn't realize how unusually calm I was until I realized how petrified I abruptly became.
How many pairs? How heavy are they? Shit, I need to get somewhere...

My head jerked back and forth, as if looking fast enough would suddenly uncover a good place to duck
into. Please just be Autumn, *please*... I took two large steps and pressed myself against the wall, so I
was at least positioned behind the door as it slowly began to open.

It only swung a little ways and then stopped. I held my breath.

"And how do you skip the previews?" a woman's voice carried from out of the room.

"Just press menu!" Autumn shouted back, through the other side of the door.

She slid back into view and closed it behind her, her eyes frantic until she saw me. "Ah! There you

I forced pathetic smile and exhaled deeply.

She moved up right next to me and put her hand on my arm. "Okay, so... It's not a big deal... They took
too long at dinner and were late to gets their tickets. So they ended up coming back. But!" she squeezed
and smiled, "I totally got them to watch a DVD! They'll be like, completely busy!"

Okay. This isn't terrible. I can work with this. "So uh- that's good," I cautiously replied.

"Come on! It's better than good!" she put her other hand on my chest.

I'm not some boyfriend to hide. She wasn't taking this seriously enough. I reached up and grabbed one
of her hands and pulled it away. "Autumn. How do I get out?" Straight. To the point.

She cast her eyes down. "Umm... You can't. I mean, not yet. The family room is right across from the
stairs... They would totally notice."

My muscles clenched. "Are you positive?"

"Y-yeah... But it's okay!" she looked back up. "They don't stay up that late! After the movie, they will
go to their room probably, and then you can get out!"

*After* the movie?! "Uh- that's going to be what? Two hours? You can't expect me to―"

"Please!" she interrupted. "I'm sorry- I... I didn't know they would be back. I- I didn't want it to be like
this..." she almost pouted.
I looked up and over at the window, pushing her slightly toward it and moving past her. "I think this
might work."

"What do you- No!" she actually emphasized loudly and hunched up her shoulders at the realization.
We both stood silently for a moment, my teeth clenched. "You'll- you'll break something! Your ankle
or your legs! There's no way!" she urgently whispered.

"I can do it... The siding, the drain pipe looks pretty secure."

Her hand latched onto my wrist. "No way. First of all- um- that would be stupid. I mean... Uh..." she
struggled for the words, and then blurted, "It would be noisy! All that clattering! My parents would
totally hear it!"

Fuck! My eyes darted back out the window, and my body just sort of sagged in defeat.

"Trust me," she said softly, moving both her hands to my chest. "They never come to my room... We're
totally fine."

I looked back down at her and tried to read her expression. There was an earnestness there, like she was
trying to please me or reassure me or... Fuck, I don't know. Did she plan this? Would she be that
fucking crazy? I opened my mouth to say something, but had no words.

"Look, I'll make it up to you... I'll do anything!"

Both of our eyes widened after she said it.

"Umm... That came out wrong," she blushed.

For a split second, as we stood there facing each other, I imagined her on her knees―making it up to
me. Absolutely not. That is insane. "Let's just, uh- sit down."

I put my hands on her shoulders and gently pushed her backward, toward her bed. She reached the edge
and plopped down to sit. I looked behind me and grabbed a chair that was in the corner of the room. It
had a couple stuffed animals on it, and I wordlessly put them on the floor.

"Aw, you won't even sit next to me?"

I turned around as I sat into the chair. It was small and wooden, and I suddenly had the feeling that it
was more decorative than utilitarian. "This is fine," I mumbled.

So we were seated, looking across at each other, an awkward lull filling the room. She put her hands in
her lap and scrunched up her mouth. "You don't look very comfortable."

"I'm fine."

"What?" she tilted her ear to me.

"I said I'm fine," repeating louder.

Another silence.

"You know," she got up from the bed, "We should probably stay closer to each other so we can like,
talk quieter."

"I- uh..."

She had already closed the distance and sat down on the floor next to me, her knees pulled up to her

"It's okay. I'll just sit down here on the floor," she tried to guilt cutely.

"You didn't- don't need to―"

"It's a cushy carpet anyway. I bet I'm more comfy down here than you are on that chair."

I suddenly felt irritated at how lightly she was taking the situation. "Oh," I mumbled flatly.

Uncomfortable silence. My eyes roamed over the room, searching for something to look at that wasn't
her. I heard her sigh.

"You know I really am sorry, right?" her voice was soft.

I shut my eyes. "Mm hmm."

"Seriously..." A gentle touch along my calf.

I flinched.

"But I promise nothing will happen... I mean, they won't find out." She continued to trace her fingers
up and down the back of my leg.

I had nothing to say, so she just kept on.

"You need to just..." she hesitated, and then rephrased herself to sound more demure, "Let me just help
you relax."

Relaxation isn't the problem here. "I'm fine."

Her hand squeezed harder on my leg. "You're super tense! I can feel it even down here!"

What the fuck does she want from me? I just want to get the hell out of here! I sighed heavily.

"Okay, you don't even have to move. I'll just do your legs first... and then you can decide."

She pulled her body in front of the chair, then rested herself on her knees. Her back straightened, then
arched a little bit as she brought her arms up high in a lengthy stretch. She slowly let them fall down to
her sides, still reaching out, then drew them in and put each hand on one of my legs.
I glanced over at the door. "Autumn... We can't- you shouldn't."

"Shh... It'll be worse if we just sit here and wait and not do anything." Her hands were wrapped around
my calves, her fingers pressing into the muscle while her thumbs held against my shins. It did feel nice.

She went on like that for a bit, coming up to the backs of my knees. I flinched when she used her
fingers to gently trace and tickle me there, and she made an exaggerated frown. "Sor-ry..." Her hands
immediately ran down my legs, to my ankles. She broke routine and placed both hands around the
same one. In her movement, she bent over and sort of leaned her head against the opposite knee, as if
she needed a closer look.

She dug into my ankle with care. Why am I letting this happen? I was keenly aware of every touch.
Even her hair brushing along my leg, and her breath glancing off my knee.

"Does this feel good?"

God. "It's nice..."

"Okay just tell me when you don't like it," she was still looking down toward the floor as she talked.
But she paused and matched her eyes to mine. "I only want to make you feel good." A brief smile,
almost looking for approval?

I couldn't suppress a wry grin in response. Damn it, don't flirt back with her. She lowered her eyes,
making a tiny, two-syllable giggle, and then switched to my other ankle.

Do girls really giggle? Or is it just some kind of inherent mating signal that they all know when to tease
with... Don't think about sex. Don't think about this beautiful girl kneeling between your legs. At least I
wasn't getting hard, even thought I would have at any other time. My only saving grace was having
taken the edge off earlier.

She was back up my legs now, sliding her hands along my knees, pushing her fingers into the tops of
my legs. Her hands would softly circle around to my thighs and squeeze. She gently raked her
fingernails along the sensitive skin back towards her and caused me to jump a little. I swallowed hard
and made a grunt, but she ignored me and resumed the massage.

As I stared down at her, I realized she stopped looking up at me all together, and continued to focus
intently on what she was doing. It dawned on me all at once that she had a direct view into my lap, and
was of course checking to see if she had any effect on me. I felt my skin grow warm at the thought that
she could catch me at any moment. Fuck, don't think about it...

As if reading my mind, her slender hands drove up my skin, through the openings of my shorts. My
muscles tightened and I immediately threw my hands onto my lap, grabbing onto hers through the
fabric. I stopped her, but she dug her fingers into my skin anyway.

"Hey!" she pouted.

Be in control. "Don't push it..."

"What do you mean?"

"Don't play games," I warned softly. Don't piss her off.

"What games? I'm just massaging you!"

"Not there."

She scooted in closer to me, nudging her body between my legs. Her eyes pleaded up at me, "I thought
it felt good..."

"Autumn." I tried to sound authoritative, but this was fucking ridiculous. I'm sitting in a chair in her
fucking room. It's ludicrous.

"I'm sorry, I just..." She was doing that pout again. Half sultry, half sad. "...I mean, before, you liked it
when I..." I had loosened my grip on her, and she started to slide further up my legs. I grabbed her

"Am I doing it wrong?" her eyes bored into mine. Oh fuck you. You fucking tease. She straightened her
back again, and I fought back a shudder. The blood started flowing between my legs.

"Don't. We can't."

"But I've done the rest of your legs... There's no where else for me to go!" She smiled impishly,
punctuating her words in a little girl's voice.

I pushed her hands back, out of my shorts. "Then I guess the massage is over."

She slipped her hands away from mine and darted them onto my lap, her thumbs pressing into the
indents of my crotch. It sent a jolt of pressure through my waist, and my dick reflexively picked up.
"No way, you're still toooo tense!"

Panicking, I shoved up from the chair and stood over her. Her jaw dropped open and she looked up at
me. I lifted my hands, flexing my fingers― not knowing what the hell to do. I ran them up against my
face. This is fucked. Her parents are downstairs. Get a hold of yourself. My hands shot to the top of my
head once I felt Autumn's grab my ass. I gawked down at her and she was biting her lip.

Oh shit. I realized she was now eye-level... or rather, mouth-level, with the increasing tent in my shorts.
She can't be serious! She squeezed her hands and stuck the tip of her tongue out, just enough for her to
nibble on it with her teeth.

"Uh- okay. You can do my back," I blurted out.

"Huh?" her eyes focused up to my face.

I took an awkward side-step away from her and towards her bed. "You said you wanted to- to um...
How about my shoulders?"

I saw her posture sink a little, but then she brightened up. "Your wish is my command," she breathed in
a silly accent.

Phew... She moved to her bed and sat down on the edge. Pulling her knees apart, she smiled and patted
the sheets in front of her. Suddenly in my mind, those baggy pajamas were off, and I was kneeling
between her little smooth legs...

"Come on! Sit down in front of me so I can do your shoulders!"

I blinked back into reality and started toward her.

"Unless there was something else you had in mind...?" she purred.

I blushed. I actually blushed in front of her. Fuck! "I just didn't realize I'd have to sit on the floor," I

"Oh poor baby," she stuck out her lip. "I'll make it worth it."

Now I was sitting with my back against the bed. She placed her hands on my neck and hummed, "You
know, it'd be easier if your shirt was off."

"Nice try."

She swatted me playfully. "What's that supposed to mean?"

I shrugged.

She sighed, "You can be so uncooperative."

We lapsed into silence as she dug into my shoulders. I was understandably tense, but it did feel pretty
damn good. I let my eyes droop closed and enjoyed the sensations, thankfully calming down my
hormones in the process. From time to time, I did try to strain my hearing for any evidence of what was
happening downstairs, if her parents were still watching a movie. But there was nothing one way or the
other. Maybe I really am going to get out of this alive.

"Scoot up," she broke the silence.


"I'm tired of leaning over... scoot!" she pushed on my back. Before I could really react, I realized she
was sliding her body down to the floor between me and the bed. Her legs wrapped around either side of
me and her hands grabbed my sides, immediately kneading into my skin.

This is a bad idea... I tried not to concentrate on her body wrapping around mine. I kept my own hands
lying between my legs, away from hers.

"This really would be easier with your shirt off," she stated again.

"Um... I don't think so."

"No, really, it would be." Her hands dropped down and started to pull my shirt up.

I reached behind me to stop her, and she immediately closed her legs in on me. "Leave it on."

She exhaled loudly. "Fine. But I am still going under it!" And just like that, her hands pushed up my
skin and resumed massaging anyway. My shirt still on, but now pushed halfway up because of her

Yes, I was irritated. But I couldn't help but love her persistence and playfulness. I was glad she couldn't
see my concealed grin. Wouldn't want her to think I'm enjoying this. I brought my arms back in front of
me and lazily rested them on her legs, my hands wrapping around her ankles.

Shit! It was reflex, but it was too late now. She made a content little 'mmm...' and wiggled her toes.
This is just gonna encourage her... And yet my fingers started to rub in little circles on her skin

She glided along my chest, just sort of feeling my skin more than massaging it. The more she did it, the
more I realized it was a sensual exploration. My eyes fluttered closed again as she continued. Down to
my stomach, along my abs. I started to feel the familiar twitch below...

Her fingers danced slowly over me, every once in awhile pushing into me as a show of a massage, but
less and less frequent. I got lost in the feeling and actually leaned back to stretch my stomach out.
Somehow that turned into my head on her shoulder. Soft fingertips inching closer and closer to my
waist. It tickled a little bit, and the sensation echoed down to my cock.
I let my hands pull up her legs, and was filled with annoyance that her pajamas were still on. I saw
myself pulling the fabric up her skin, but I resisted. Still, I couldn't help closing my grip around her
anyway, my thumbs rubbing up and down affectionately. And then she started to dig under the waist of
my shorts. My heart leapt in my chest as she made her way into that forbidden area, probing to the edge
of my pubic hair.

"Autumn..." I managed weakly, but my hips pushed up to try and give her better access anyway.

I gasped as her lips pressed against my neck. It was a brief kiss, but then followed by another. She
opened her mouth this time and I felt her hot breath caress me. She drew the kiss closed and then
another, this time pressing her tongue across my skin. It sent a shiver through my entire body.

Suddenly my biggest concern was that I was facing the wrong fucking way.

The comfort of her reach was impeded by my shorts, and she nuzzled her fingers into my pubic bone. I
groaned in response and she just pressed harder, vibrating her touch in little circles. There was no
hiding my erection anymore. I squirmed there on the floor, this awkward position not really giving me
room to reciprocate or, well, do anything except take it.

I made a feeble attempt to roll to the side so I could turn around, but between her legs and arms, she
had a pretty good grip on my movement. I lazily acquiesced to her silent determination that I stay, and
she giggled lightly into my neck, still resuming her kisses. Fuck, don't give me a hickey... Her hands
pulled out of my shorts and began to search for the button.

She was having a little trouble, and without thinking, I brought a hand over to help her. I need to be
touched. No sooner did the button snap open that she was tearing down the zipper, both of her hands
diving deeper into my shorts. She reached the base of my erection in no time, and my body jumped up
at the touch. I couldn't suppress a low groan.

My head rolled back again and I looked up at her. She had this concentrated look on her face, her front
teeth poking out as she bit her lip. She caught my eyes just as her hands really found their mark; one
gently closing around my shaft, the other inching down over my balls.

I clenched the muscles in my legs and swallowed another groan. She smiled at me and purred, "You
know... You really are kind of a stud."

That was it. She had me. I had to have her again. Had to fuck her again. You are too fucking much, you
hot little―

And that's when we heard it. A loud, booming, authoritative, fatherly "Hey!!"

I heard it again, during the half-second it took me to uproot my body, spin around, grab Autumn's
bewildered arms by the wrists, and mumble something along the lines of, "Jesus fucking Jesus!"

"It's okay!" she tried to rush.

"That's your fucking dad, isn't it?" I whispered.

"Yeah but- it's just..." she tried to wriggle her arms free, and I realized I was still gripping her firmly in
place. "It's just the cat!"

My eyes darted over to the bedroom door, which remained closed and undisturbed. It occurred to me I
was holding my breath, and I exhaled nervously.

"She scratches on the couch or chair when she wants attention... He always yells at her like that when
she does it!"

I looked back and met her eyes, pleading with me to calm down. It made sense. It isn't just too good to
be true... "The cat," I uttered back.

She smiled and pulled at her arms again. This time I let her wrists slip free. "Just the cat. We're totally

I was still too stunned to realize her movements. Her hands moved to my abs, under my shirt, and she
managed to start running them up to my chest. "Well, you are especially fine..." her voice completely
changed to a soft flirt.

There's no way. "We can't- we can't do this."

"Hmm, do what?" she hummed.

I leaned back away from her and pulled myself along the floor backwards. Her hands fell away from
me and I noticed her jaw tighten. "Your parents are downstairs, Autumn!"

"So what! They aren't gonna come up here!" Her demeanor cracked; she was a classic teenager again.
But so help me, she looked adorable. I actually felt a heartstring being tugged.

"I'm sorry, it's just... It's not like I don't want to..." Did I really just say that to her?

"This is just... This is like really unfair, you know."

"I know, but..."

"No," she cut me off, "you don't! Here you are, totally playing with my emotions!"

I blinked hard, taken aback. "Huh?"

"Come on!" she pouted. "You're completely seducing me! You know how much I want you... You're
like, taking advantage of it! And then you stop and play these games?"

My mouth just hung open. "Are you joking?"

"Am I joking? You always have to be in control! What is it? Do you like, get off on making me beg?"

Holy shit, *what*!?

"Look around you!" I blurted out. "I'm your teacher for fuck sake! I am hiding in your fucking
bedroom with your parents downstairs. Do I look like I'm in control?!" I was breathing heavily now.

She stared at me fiercely for a few more moments, then her features softened. "Okay... You might have
a point."

I saw an opening to lighten the mood and took it. "Of course I have a point... Like I said, I am your
teacher," I forced a smirk.

She let out the cutest little giggle and relaxed her shoulders. "Yeah, yeah. You like it though!"

I love it. "Maybe a little," I admitted.

Her eyes lit up, darting behind me and back. "Hey... Why is my closet door open?"

I turned my head behind. "Oh... I was looking uh- for a place to hide."

She laughed. "Are you serious?"

I looked back at her. "Yeah... When you went downstairs... What else was I gonna do?"

"You were snooping!"

I scoffed. "I was not!"

She crawled toward me. "You bad man! Snooping in a girl's closet! What were you looking for?"

"Um... Nothing..." I found myself caught off guard and a little mesmerized. How does she do that? Her
eyes stayed locked on mine, a mischievous glint, as she got closer.

"Well, did you at least see anything you liked?" She was right in front of me now. Still on her hands
and knees, rocking a bit. Something about it seemed so primal, so animalistic. I wasn't nervous, but my
heart rate was picking back up already.

"Well uh- definitely not a hiding place..."

She leaned forward, close enough that I could feel her breath. I should have moved away, shouldn't
have encouraged her, but god damn it, she is hypnotic.

"I have an idea," she almost moaned.

Before I could answer, she leaned in and pressed her lips against mine. I was powerless as soon as she
began. Inhaling her young perfume, I leaned forward into her and kissed her back.

I felt her hands on my shoulders, and assumed she was trying to push me down to lie on the floor. But
to my surprise, her face pulled away from mine, and she pushed herself up, using me as leverage. She
was standing over me now, flush and smiling.

"Was that your idea?" I asked dazedly.

"No, silly!" and she playfully mussed my hair with her hand.

"Oh." 'Cause it was a good one...

She was over at her closet now, and I had turned my body on the floor to watch her. She looked back
and made a mocking display of shock. "You can't peek! It's a surprise!"

My lips curled in an involuntary smirk. "What is?"

"I'm gonna pick out an outfit to wear for you! But you um- you can't watch me change!"

"I can't?"

She bit her lip. "Umm... It's bad enough that my teacher is here and I'm in my PJs... I'm so
embarrassed," she rolled her eyes playfully. "Now scoot back to the bed and close your eyes!"

I made my way to the bed and sat down, still facing her. She tapped her foot and folded her arms over
her chest in a show of impatience, and I smiled, closing my eyes for her.

"Now remember, no peeking!"

I waited just a few seconds and guiltily opened one eye. She was pulling her shirt off over her head,
and my heart skipped a beat seeing her long, slender back. Turn around, turn around... She dropped it
to the floor and tilted her head. I shut my eye quickly.
"Ah!!" she cried. "You were looking!"

I couldn't wipe the smile off my face. "No I wasn't."

"You're terrible," she pouted. "Here I am, just trying to change into something more appropriate!"

I heard some plastic flip from the direction of her closet and then her footsteps come closer to me.
Suddenly I felt something against my face, and I tried to open both my eyes to see what she was doing.
It was some kind of black cloth, probably a shirt or something, and she was tying it behind my head; a

"Since you can't seem to help yourself, maybe this will give me some privacy. And if I catch you trying
to pull it off, don't think I won't like, tie the rest of you down to the bed!"

My dick swelled at the mere mention of the idea. Don't tempt me... I remembered that, although my
shorts were still in place, they were still undone. I wondered how obvious it looked to her right now.
The helplessness of it made me feel a little self-conscious, but it was just as thrilling.

I heard shuffling noises back near her closet and I knew she was changing into something else. "Sooo
just so you know," she spoke idly, "all of the really exciting stuff is under the bed."

"Oh yeah?" I played along.

"Yep. You were totally snooping around in the wrong place."

"Uh huh."

"So do you hide anything under your bed?" she asked conversationally.

I tilted my head to the side and smiled. Can't see a fucking thing. "What would I hide?" Just the
pictures of you from the yearbook that I jerk off to.

"Oh I don't know... Just anything you wouldn't want anyone to see," she hummed.

"Hmm... Well if I did, it wouldn't be a secret if I told you."

Her closet door closed. "Well I'm sure I'll find out someday for myself."

I swallowed hard. "Oh."

"Oh what? Don't think you're allowed to be in my room and not return the favor!"

My face burned at the idea. I couldn't think of anything to come back with. She changed the subject
anyway. "Okay, you can take it off now. The blindfold I mean."

I figured it was going to be good. I didn't really know what to expect. Part of me figured it would be
lingerie or something. Would a girl her age even own any? I tried to act casual when I reached up to
undo the knot behind my head, but my heart was beating feverishly.
Oh wow. Checkered socks going up to her knees. Bare thighs up until her plaid skirt, riding low on her
hips. And a white dress shirt with only one button done along the middle of her stomach. It barely
covered her breasts... She kept her hands folded together in front of her lap, her arms helping hold the
shirt in place. Her posture was deferential. Sexy. Young.

"You said this was one of your favorite outfits in the pictures I sent you..."

"Yeah... I did."

"And it's a lot like that night in the bar." She took a few steps toward me.

"I remember." Oh god, how I remember.

She was almost directly in front of me now. "Do you still like it?"

I was almost salivating. "Yes..." I hissed resignedly.

Now she was at the edge of the bed, pushing her knees against the mattress between my legs, forcing
her body between them. She reached down and picked up my hands, guided them to her hips. My
fingers instinctually found their way underneath the loose material of the shirt to hold onto her skin.

"That was the night of our first kiss," she whispered.

I'm getting carried away. Don't let her do this. Not here... My rational mind desperately tried to claw
its way back up. I sat there, my hands resting on her body, staring at her in that outfit. I couldn't help
inching closer to her, to the edge of the bed.

"You're not saying much anymore," she pretended to whine.

"Autumn... I... You... look- um- great, but..."

"Thanks," she purred.

"But," I stammered, trying to continue, "I don't, uh- your parents..."

"There you go again... You know you were like, flirting with me just a couple minutes ago... You get
me all excited, and then you change your mind!"

"It's not that..." I couldn't bear to look her in the eye. I just stared straight ahead, at her amazing flat
tummy, the one button on her shirt that could reveal so much more.

"You never did answer my question," she softened her tone.

I swallowed. "Uh- which?"

"Do you get off on making me beg?"

She said it so innocent, so curious. Fucking little tease. I looked up at her and she was pursing her lips
in mock thought. She pushed her hips towards me, and my hands automatically slid up to the slight
curves in the side of her stomach.

"Cause you do it a lot... I think you like it."

I felt my head spinning. This was too much. "We can't..." is all I could manage.

"Please? Please just a kiss?"

My breathing had gotten so shallow that my body began to tingle.

She brought her hand to her navel, pointing at the naked flesh around her bellybutton. "Just here? A
harmless kiss on my tummy? Please?"

I must have been drunk. My head leaned in, drawn to her finger. I gave her the tiniest peck.

"Oh that was such a little one... Can I have another?" She reached her hand around and ran her fingers
into the hair on my head. "I'm sorry, may I have another?"

I kissed her again, this time a little longer.


I moved my tongue into her skin this time. She giggled and pressed her nails into my scalp. "That one
tickled!... Please do it again..."

So I did it again. And again. She continued to stifle tiny laughter, then started to drag my head up her
stomach by my hair.

"Okay it tickles too much now... Can you please go higher?"

I was near the top of her abdomen now, just below that one closed button on her shirt. I don't know
why I was playing along. Oh the fuck you don't know... I wrapped my arms around her and rested my
hands on her lower back, pulling her into me as I continued to kiss her.

She laughed. "Higher..."

I looked up at her. I knew what she was trying to get me to do. Some part of me, somehow, still tried to
maintain control. "Autumn..."

"You can undo the button if you want," she murmured.

I narrowed my eyes and tried to give her a stern a look as possible. Not a very effective gesture,
considering I was sitting under her, obvious tent in my undone shorts, just about worshiping her body.

"I mean... would you... would you please undo it? Please undo my shirt for me?"

How can I resist that? I rolled my tongue in my mouth, scolding myself for the quick defeat. I didn't
even remember my hands moving back around to the front of her body. I just knew she gushed an
emphatic, "Oh thank you..." as her shirt fell completely open in front of me.

My chest tightened as her unobstructed breasts came into view. I know I had seen them just an hour or
two earlier... but I was still completely mesmerized by her body. The tension of our situation just added
to the excitement. She put her hands on my shoulders and leaned forward.

I shut my eyes and let it happen. My mouth wrapped around one of her nipples, giving her a kiss for
two seconds... pulling off... returning, this time with my tongue against her. She cooed softly as I kissed
and sucked on her.

"The other one too... please..." she panted.

I resisted for a second, letting my teeth just barely nibble on her.

"Oh... ple-eeease..." she whined.

I dragged my tongue across her chest and obliged. She moaned happily, and the sound caused me to
clutch her body even harder.

"Don't stop... I need you to keep going... Ohh..."

I was holding her ass then. I squeezed her through the skirt and had to have more. As I continued to roll
my tongue around her nipple, my hands dropped down to her bare thighs. She moaned again, and my
fingers started to hike up her legs.

I wrapped around the curve of her ass, my thumbs still sliding along her. All I felt was smooth, flawless
skin. Is she wearing a thong? I rotated my hands so my thumbs felt the inside of her thighs. Her body
shook a little bit and she gasped.

"God I- I hope you're not just teasing me..." she whispered.

Then it hit me. I continued the motion, reaching closer between her legs. I stopped my attentions to her
breast as I proved it to myself. My thumbs grazed against her naked slit.

She gasped.

I pulled my head back and stared up. Her chest was rising with heavier breaths. "Don't stop."

Something about the situation flipped a switch in my head. She knows exactly what she's doing... and
I'm playing right into it. I was faintly aware that the only reason I had any rational thought was because
I had already gotten off with her so recently. Otherwise I would have been diving between her legs that

I held still, fighting for what to do next.

"Please, you're- god! You're making me hot... please..." she begged, rolling her hips a little and
tightening her legs.

I looked over at the door. I can't do this. We'll make too much noise. Maybe we can be quiet... No, it's
too risky―this is already insane...

She knew what I was thinking. "It's okay... I- I promise! Please don't stop... What do you want me to
do?" She was pleading now.

Why does she want it so bad? I couldn't believe that she was really that horny... Could she be? Was this
still just an act to get me to cave in? The more I questioned the situation, the more control I got over

"Okay- I'm sorry- I..." she stuttered nervously. "I've been selfish."

She kneeled down on the floor, still between my legs, staring at me fixedly. Her eyes didn't even leave
mine as she began to work the waist of my shorts.

"Jesus! Autumn... You don't- uh, need to―"

"No, I've been bad... I can be a better..." she paused, but whether out of drama or hesitation, I wasn't
sure, "...teacher pet for you."

One of her hands ran along the underside of my erection though the shorts, and I gasped against the
touch. Shit, she is aggressive... I should just give in...

I took a huge breath, put my hands on hers, and stopped her. "We need to slow down."

"You didn't want to slow down earlier..."

I had to reason with her. As much as I knew this kind of encouragement was a horrible idea, "If we get
caught, there won't be a next time."

That stopped her. We were both still. Silence... I think she's listening now!

Her eyes narrowed and her lips tightened as she took her hands off my lap. Still on her knees, she
moved my leg and repositioned herself to the side of me.

She's not happy. "Autumn, I'm uh- not trying to be an asshole..."

She averted her eyes and looked down to the floor. "You know, for someone who like, knows so
much... you are totally clueless right now."

"Uh, well..."

"I mean, you're stuck in here with me. You can't leave. I'm telling you nobody is coming up here..." she
started rummaging under the bed.

"You can't be sure."

"Please," a flat retort, not the demure begging like before. "I think I know my own house." She pulled a
box into the open.
"What are you doing?" I asked confused.

"Well, I can't get felt up like that and just... be left hanging." The box opened and she pulled out a...

"If you won't finish the job, then I guess I'll do it myself."

It was a little purple vibrator, just a few inches long. She propped herself against the dresser, sitting
parallel to the side of the bed. "You can watch if you want. See what you're missing."
Christ, what are you? Horny or pissed? Fucking teenage hormones... Was I ever this crazy?

She brought her knees up and pulled her skirt a little bit to give her access. Her eyes closed, breaking
our stare, as she brought the toy down between her legs. My mouth just went dry as I looked on. I
couldn't easily see how she was using it, and she didn't have much reaction to begin with. I gawked
around the room again, at the door, at the clock... How long have her parents been here? I should have
been paying more attention...

She started making little huffs through her nose. Her head rolled into one of her shoulders, her face
getting a more concentrated look on it. Now I couldn't look away from her.

Her eyes opened and glared right at me. "I usually... start with a picture of you- mm... and then I- I
close my eyes and imagine the r-rest..."

I just stared.

"I've imagined- oh!" her body jerked up in a quick motion, and her face screwed up in a concentrated
look. She got a hold of herself and refocused on me, "...imagined what it'd be like... us together in my
room... ahh... it was better than I- than I fantasized." She let the last word come out slowly.

"Christ," I muttered under my breath.

"How do- how do you do it when you- when you... think about me?"

My mouth opened but I just exhaled a sigh of disbelief.

"Come on... I told you... It isn't- oh... isn't like we're fucking or anything..."

I heard the steady hum from under her skirt suddenly become just a little bit louder. Her face reddened
and she ground her teeth together with her lips parted. "Autumn... you are terrible..." My hands gripped
the edge of her bed as I sat, growing hot as I watched my student masturbate. My erection was starting
to become extremely uncomfortable.

"Huh... what are you talking a-ah... about? You did this to me!..." her legs squeezed together on the last
syllable and her butt rose off the ground just a little bit. I could tell her hips were rolling in tiny circles,
moving to the pleasure on their own. She took in a deep, shaky breath and sighed out, her mouth
hanging open. "God I am so turned on right now."

I couldn't help myself. One of my hands moved to my shorts and gripped myself through the material.
She noticed. "I always thought you'd- uhm... be faster... easier but- ah- you take your time and it's so,"
she muffled a squeak and tensed her legs again, "so sexy... God on my- when you were kissing my
breasts I- fuck!"

She clenched her eyes and squeezed her legs as closed as she could. Her free hand shot up to her chest
and grabbed her breast, squeezing it suddenly and forcefully. She only made earnest gasps for a few
moments, then relaxed a little bit. I didn't notice I'd started to shove my shorts down and already had a
hand down my boxers.

"At least- ah- come down here and- and kiss me..."

Did she really just come? Seriously? I was pretty sure she turned the vibrator back down, because it
wasn't so obvious to hear anymore. Then again, I might have just gone into animalistic tunnel vision
watching her...

"Please... You know how I get when- mmm... when I come... I gotta- I just have to- to kiss you and..."
her eyes fluttered closed and she interrupted herself with a heavy swallow and moan. "Shit! I need to
kiss-you- and-lick -you- and-kiss-you-and-please!" Her words jumbled together in a rapid beg.

She wasn't playing a game this time. She's really begging... she really wants it. I stopped pulling at my
cock and took a deep breath.

"Come on I- I- I think I can one more time..." she panted.

I slid onto the floor next to her almost immediately. I can only take so fuckin' much. If you could've
seen her... Shit, you could see her skin starting to shine from her excitement. A thin mist of sweat along
her arms... between her breasts, down her tummy. Oh god I want between those legs... How wet is she

We were side by side, and she was all but panting from her excitement. I put my left arm around her
back and pulled her into me; she spread her legs back apart and put her right one between mine. My
free hand impulsively grabbed at her thigh and squeezed.

She made a pleased little squeak and nuzzled her head harder into my neck. "Yeah... yeah..." she
breathed quietly.

I moved my fingers all the way up her leg, brushing them along the most sensitive parts of her skin.
She trembled and pulled the vibrator away.

"Don't stop," I growled without thinking.

"Oh god, please just- just touch me... I- I... can't believe how many times I can- can come with you..."

I lifted my grip off her leg and grabbed her hand, gently bringing it back to the top of her slit, guiding
by touch. From my vantage point, I couldn't really see much between her legs; her skirt still blocked
my view. But something about that just made it better... Somehow more sudden, more passionate.

Her whole body gasped once we found her clit. I held her there for a moment, making sure she
wouldn't move back off, then dropped my hand down off of hers. My ring and index finger pressed
lightly against her opening. I thought I would have to be gentle, but fuck, she was already so wet.
"Oh yes- yes..." she moaned. She tilted her head against my shoulder so her lips could press against my
neck. It was a brief kiss, and mostly just hot, fast breaths against my skin.

I dipped my fingers into her and could feel the vibrations of her toy strumming through to me. I pulled
up to her clit and applied careful pressure, sandwiching it between me and the vibrator.

Her voice made a cracked cry and her entire body closed in around me. Her legs shut tight. She rolled
as much of her body into me as she could, her hips bucking against me and the floor. Her muscles
ground desperately into my hand. It would have been uncomfortable if I wasn't so far gone in lust.

"Oh f--..." she carried out the sound of the letter for a whole second, then gave up and actually bit me
on my neck. One of her hands flew to my lap and aggressively grabbed my cock through the shorts.

Her young, desperate voice started repeating, "Oh wow- oh yes- oh wow- oh... oh... uhnnn..."

The vibrator dropped to the floor, and her free grip latched onto my wrist and pushed me harder into
her. She didn't make any more intelligible words. Just brief, interrupted pants and gasps as she
frantically ran her tongue along my neck to my jaw. My senses were overloaded by everything
happening all at once, and her body seemed like a blur.

Abruptly, she had pulled away from leaning back, and was now facing me. Propped tall on her knees,
she pressed herself forward, grinding one of my legs between hers. She somehow kept one hand
fondling my erection while the other forcefully grabbed my chin as she pushed in for a kiss. She
pressed her lips against mine hard, pulled off, licked along my lower lip, and kissed me again.

I needed her body closer to mine. I slid my leg that was blocking her flat on the ground, and she
couldn't help but glide toward me. I grabbed her slim waist and pulled her closer. She started to
relentlessly suck and nibble on my lip, and all I could do was groan back at her.

She was kneeling between my legs, right up by me now. Both her hands were working my cock. She
was so earnest that she hardly bothered to try and get me out of my shorts. Suddenly her mouth moved
up, opened against mine, and let her tongue in. I found myself in the most enthusiastic, sloppiest
French kiss of my life.

I ran my hands all over her, just needing to feel. Over her tummy, across her breasts, around her back.
She wouldn't let up her kiss, and I had no idea if it was meant for me or for her. My body convulsed
when she finally managed to slide her fingers down to touch the skin of my erection.

I can't remember how it happened... I think my hips might have bucked up and she somehow pulled my
shorts down further. All I knew is I saw white flashes as she cupped her hand down under my balls and
pressed up against me, her other hand still firmly tugging at the base of my cock. The flood of direct
pleasure, after so much constriction and bullshit before it, was all it took.

I came in strong bursts; my cum shooting up and landing on my shirt, my shorts, her hands, the floor...
Thank god she was still kissing me, because I moaned loudly into her mouth and it muffled the noise. I
would have echoed through the whole fucking house otherwise.

As soon as my climax began to subside, and all the tension in my body slumped away, she finally
pulled her face back. I took a deep breath through my mouth, realizing my skin was tingling all over.
Autumn slid her head down to my chest and curled up against my body, leaning all her weight on me
and resting her hands between her own legs.

My arms found themselves wrapped around her, and we relaxed in silence, our heavy breaths slowly
quieting down. I found myself not really thinking any thoughts except for trying to place the scent of
her hair.

Evidently nobody heard us. In my memory, it seemed impossible... it was just too passionate to not be
noisy as hell. But believe it or not (hell, I can hardly believe it), nothing catastrophic happened. Her
parents never yelled up to see what was going on. Her dad never kicked the door open with a shotgun,
ready to see who was defiling his daughter. It was all just... quiet.

Not long after we had recovered, I had gotten fully redressed and she had changed back into normal
PJs. Autumn became much more accommodating, and did go on a scouting mission to see if it looked
safe for me to sneak out. Her parents were just getting ready for bed, upstairs and away from the front
door. So I took the opportunity of their distraction and finally managed to get the fuck out of the house.

Driving home, my emotions couldn't decide where they wanted to be. I chuckled from the
ridiculousness of the entire night. I hummed some nameless victory tune in triumph. I trembled in an
aftershock of nerves. I blushed in anger at how careless I let myself become. At least I was spent
enough to not get hard at any of the memory.

Once home, I briefly toyed with the idea of checking online for her. I dropped the notion just as fast. I
almost went straight to bed, but looking at the sheets, I just got this image in my head of making them
smell like teenage girl, which was bad enough in itself, but if Heather came by... My heart sank with
the guilt. What the fuck am I gonna do? I opted for a hot shower first.

It wasn't that relaxing at all. I didn't know what I even wanted. How am I going to get rid of Autumn?
How am I going to get rid of Heather? How am I going to...? This bullshit just swirled in my head until
I couldn't take it anymore. Thankfully I was exhausted enough to fall right asleep once I hit the
mattress anyway.

The next day, I had a shitload of papers to grade. I was falling unforgivably behind, thanks to spending
every free moment online. I started on them pretty early, and resolved to stay off instant messenger to
actually get some work done. After a few papers, I managed to get into a groove and didn't think about

An hour or so had gone by and my cell rang. I absent-mindedly answered it. Yeah, I know what you're
thinking. No shit, it's her. Look at the phone, idiot. Well, if you were a teacher, you'd understand the
sort of aloof mentality one falls into when marking essays. Anyway.


"Hi!" she chirped.

That was when I reconnected with reality. "Uh, hey."

"Don't sound too happy to hear me!"

"Sorry, I was just in the middle of something."

"Ooh- anything to do with me?"

"Just some work. I have a lot of papers to go through."

"Oh... Well, maybe it's time to take a break!"

"I uh- really need to get through this stuff before the week starts. Sorry."

"Aww, come on!"

I paused in silence, no response.

"Ooo-kay..." she continued. "Can you get online?"

"I don't know, I mean... Not right now. I really need to focus."

"What about later? I really wanna talk to you. About... you know."

"Yeah, uh- we do need to... do that. But not now."

"Are you, like... mad at me?" she sounded genuinely concerned.

God. My stomach twisted. "We just- we just need to slow down. Okay?"

"Well... I understand... But you do know you just admitted that we're still going, right? Just slower is

I rubbed my fingers against my forehead, as if pushing on my brain to get in shape and take control.

"Hello?" she persisted.

"Yeah, uh- so we'll talk later. Sorry Autumn." Why am *I* apologizing to *her*?

"It's okay. Think about me! Bye!"

And the line went dead.

I turned off the phone, shut my eyes, and just breathed deeply. Fuck this. I'm going to get my work
done. I'll just talk to her tomorrow. If she called me, texted me, emailed me, it wouldn't matter. I
wouldn't see it today.


The first thing that struck me on Monday, as she walked into the classroom, was an old baseball hat she
was wearing. That little bitch. It was my hat. I didn't realize until that moment that I had left it in her
bedroom. She was sporting a bouncy ponytail through the back, tight jeans and a white tank top. The
straps were so tiny that they didn't even begin to hide the pink straps of her bra over her shoulders. I
just shook my head. I was glad I never wore it on the job.

My planned lesson for the day went off without much issue. I don't know why, but I was surprisingly
calm about her presence that day. I knew she was going to try to talk to me at lunch. Hell, I was
planning on it. I'm not sure what it was, but if I had to guess... Well, after surviving an evening cooped
up in her bedroom without her parents noticing? Especially after what we did? Shit, this was nothing.

The bell was going to ring in a minute. "Okay, I know some of you want to ask me questions about my
latest marks. Remember that I am always available after the last period of the day if you'd like to
discuss. Now, I already see some of you frothing at the mouth from having to wait over the weekend,
but you're going to see me frothing if I don't get to eat during lunch."

And with that, and a few irritated looks, class was over. As everyone filed out, Autumn found an
excuse to let her friends leave without her and hung behind. She slowly made her way to the desk,
giving the last few stragglers time to leave the room.

"Hi," she said casually.

"Hey," I responded, pulling a sandwich out of my desk drawer.

"So do I have to wait 'till after class to talk to you?"

"Well I wouldn't want anyone to think I'm playing favorites."

"Hmm..." she pursed her lips and made a thoughtful pose. "Good thing for me I'm not here to discuss
my paper. So the rule doesn't apply."

I gave her a dry smile, and she grinned widely, scrunching up her shoulders and grabbing the bill of
her... my hat. "Very funny."


"The hat."

"You don't like it?"

"Oh, I like it very much. It's my favorite one."

"Aww, but this one is mine."

"Oh really?"

"Yep! My boyfriend gave it to me!"

Huh? That one caught me off guard. "Boyfriend," I repeated flatly.

She bit her lip. God, why does she always do that? It's so fucking adorable. "I don't know what else I'd
call the guy I spend all my free time with!"

"Yeah... about that. We gotta slow this down."

"We're not doing anything, remember?"

"Autumn, I'm serious. This weekend was... it could have been a fucking disaster," my tone was
completely level, and I could tell from her expression that it took her back a little.

Her cheeks colored and she suddenly dropped her cute posture. "Yeah... I'm really sorry about that."

"We can't be so risky. It's too dangerous."

"I just want to spend time with you," she said softly.

"Didn't you just say you already spend all your free time with me?"

She couldn't help but smirk. "I said with my boyfriend. Are you saying that's you?"

I bit my tongue. Damn it. "I'm being serious."

"That's just... online is one thing, but I want to be with you in person."

"We can't. You know we can't."

"It doesn't have to be..." she lowered her voice, "...sexual. How about I just come in and we can talk?"

"That would look completely inappropriate."

"About my paper! My story!"

"First of all, I have lots of students come to me during office hours. Secondly, we are not discussing
your paper."

"That's not fair!"

"You already got an 'A'. Deal with it."

"I promise I'll behave!"

"You're just going to have to settle for online right now. It's only a few more weeks until graduation
and then..." my voice trailed off.

"And then what?"

I sighed. I have no fucking idea. "And then you won't be my student anymore."

She looked at me curiously for a few moments, and then to my surprise, just said, "Okay."
Okay? That's it? "So uh- you understand then. No more inappropriate meetings. Or really any
meetings. It has to be this way."

"Well you can't kick me out of your class at least!"

I smiled. "Nope."

"I'll see you online tonight then? You never came on yesterday."

"Yeah, I'll be on."

"Kay..." She stood there, uncertain whether to go or try and stay.

"Enjoy your lunch," I hinted.

She made a resigned smirk. "You too." On her way to the door, without turning around, she also parted,
"By the way, thanks for the hat." She disappeared out into the hall and I just shook my head.

After school was out, I ran some errands. I was at the grocery store when my cell rang. I assumed it
was going to be Autumn wondering why I wasn't online yet, but I checked the screen and it was
actually Heather. My real girlfriend. Fuck.

"Let's do dinner," she stated.

"Uh- when?"


I sighed, "I have a lot of papers..."

"You had all weekend. We've hardly seen each other for weeks."

"I know, I'm sorry- it's just, you know, the school year is wrapping up and that translates into a lot of
work for me."

"So you're saying you don't want to?"

God. I didn't know what I was doing. Why didn't I just see her? Was it because I wanted to talk to
Autumn? Was it because I wanted to kill the relationship?... or whatever was left of it? I couldn't think
clearly through the layers of my own guilt.

"Come on, it's not that... Just―"

"Okay, okay, not tonight," her voice softened. "Let's just figure out a day this week?"


"Okay. Love you. Bye."

I stood in the breakfast aisle like an idiot, just staring at my phone in my hand as the call ended.
Hearing her voice pulled me further back into reality than I was used to lately. Autumn was completely
intoxicating me.

"Can I help you with anything, sir?"

Some stocking boy broke my trance.

"Oh... No, thanks."

I spent the rest of the trip distracted by doing mental gymnastics to try and resolve exactly how big of
an asshole I really was.

Once at home, I eventually did go online. I didn't really have anything to say to her, but I think I was
hoping she'd just entrance me as usual and help me forget my problems.

Me: Hey

TeacherPet: hiii

Me: I am online, as prophesized

TeacherPet: yep!

I waited a few minutes, confused. She is normally so much more talkative, and will dive into some
conversation. I was especially perplexed considering we hadn't really discussed the evening in her
room... I figured she'd be bursting at the seams to grill me on it.

Me: So... how are ya?

TeacherPet: not bad

TeacherPet: you?

Me: I'm okay.

Me: You seem distracted.

TeacherPet: sorry

TeacherPet: i'm doing some writing

TeacherPet: big assignment

Me: Ah

Me: Well I'll leave you to it

TeacherPet: nooo I want to talk but

TeacherPet: I am on a roll here

TeacherPet: you know what I mean right?

Me: Sure, no problem

Me: It would be professionally dishonest of me to keep you from your studies, after all!

TeacherPet: and you sure are a pro

TeacherPet: ;)

I mentally grabbed onto that little flirt and held onto it to keep my sanity for the rest of the evening. I
mean, after blowing off Heather and now getting blown off by Autumn, I had to zero in on something
to keep me level. Autumn and I barely spoke any more that night. At some point she said she was too
tired, and would see me tomorrow. She promised she'd be a better conversationalist. Actually, in her

TeacherPet: i'll have way more time to talk tomorrow

TeacherPet: I promise I'll be a better girlfriend :)


It was Tuesday, and class was wrapping up. Autumn had been smiling at me all day, and I couldn't for
the life of me figure out what she was up to. Cue the familiar song and dance of her finding out a way
to be the last student in the room as everyone else filed to lunch. And then she came up to the desk with
a handful of paper.

"I need some help with my story," she grinned.

I blinked at her calmly. "No."

She scrunched up her forehead. "No?... You can't just say no."

"One... I am not going over students' work at lunch. Two... I am not going over your story in this
classroom ever."

Her demeanor broke under my flat response. "Um- this is different!"

"Autumn," I lowered my voice. "I thought we agreed to be more careful."

She took a step closer to my desk. "I know! We also agreed to spend more time together!"

"Not like this..."

She dropped the papers onto the desk and pushed them toward me. "Just look at it."
"Autumn, I'm not playing this game."

"Just look!" she huffed.

I took a deep breath and gave in. Mostly because I didn't want to rile her up and have her cause some
kind of scene. I picked up the stapled pages and scanned the first couple paragraphs. My eyebrows rose
up in surprise.

"What is this?" I asked without looking up.

"It's a story! For the prompt, I mean."

That much was clear. It was something completely different. Had absolutely zilch to do with me or her.
At least from first glance.

"Why did you do this? I already told you that you, uh, scored fine on the other one." I glanced up at

"I know, but this is perfect! I had to like, start over from scratch... because the other one wasn't working
out. Aaaand... I don't know, I was inspired! It doesn't matter- but think about it!" she rushed her words
in youthful excitement. "Since it's brand new, and there isn't like a lot of time left, you can help me go
over it during lunch!"

I was trying to process her scheme, dumbly looking at her as she paused for a breath.

"I mean, after class could work too I guess but... you have all the other students and, I just thought,
since I started over, you could maybe give it some extra attention?"

I could tell her whole body was holding its breath in anticipation for my answer now. I looked back
down at the paper and flipped through the pages. "Is this what you were writing last night?"

"Uh huh."

"All of this?"


I let them fall onto the desk and leaned back. "You're incorrigible."

She blushed and dropped her eyes down as she smiled. "Does that mean you'll do it?"

"I didn't say that."

"You didn't say 'no' either..."

"You're really pushing your luck," I tried to suppress an amused smirk as I said it.

"Come on... I worked really hard on it!"

"Maybe I'll look over it tonight."

"Doooo it," she whined.

"If I can find the time."

She narrowed her eyes at me, then looked out toward the door to the hall. Watching the doorway, she
grabbed the bottom of her shirt and started to inch it up her body. "Hmm... what do I have to do to get
you to promise?"

My eyes popped wide as she raised it up, showing the skin of her hips bend in to that tight stomach,
going up above her bellybutton. "Autumn!" I coughed.

She yanked the fabric back down and looked me back in the eyes. "So you'll read it? Or do you need
more convincing?"

"Yes... Yeah I'll read it."

She smiled and tilted her head to the side. "Yay! Thanks, Teach!"

"Now go to lunch!"

"Aww, right now?"

I pointed at the door. "Out!"

She playfully stuck her tongue out at me and lazily sauntered out of my classroom, making sure to
accentually wag her ass on her way. Unbelievable.


TeacherPet: So have you read it yet?

I had. And it was nice to see some material from her, in this fresh light of our... relationship... that
wasn't based on us. It actually gave me a chance to analyze her writing more closely. You know.
Without the jerking off.

Me: Maybe some of it.

TeacherPet: only some?

Me: Well if you want me to just rush through it...

TeacherPet: :P

TeacherPet: no

TeacherPet: so what do you think?

Me: Can't wait until tomorrow, huh?

TeacherPet: well I am free at lunch

TeacherPet: are you??

Me: Hmm... Since I have you here now, I could just give you feedback online.

Me: Then you wouldn't have to come in at lunch

TeacherPet: ummm

TeacherPet: I think I learn better in person

Me: then I guess you'll just have to be patient

TeacherPet: then I guess you'll just have to see me at lunch

TeacherPet: :)

Okay. So I let myself get conned into this pretty easily. But really... she did put the effort into a new
story. And it did have some potential. I could tell she was trying to stretch herself. The setting was the
Civil War, and the plot hung around a Confederate soldier who had gone blind from gunpowder
misfiring into his face. He ends up staggering away from the battlefield, and gets left alone. A woman,
unbeknownst to him that she was a black slave, takes him in to the home that her masters had
abandoned and... Oh fuck it, you don't care about any of this.

The point is, it would be hard enough for me to turn down any student at any point who clearly put
some effort into writing something creative. Mix that in with Autumn and how am I to resist?

Me: Perhaps I can spare at least a little time to go over a chapter

TeacherPet: aww only one?

Me: A guy's gotta eat.

TeacherPet: this is true

TeacherPet: I guess I'll just have to keep coming in

TeacherPet: every day

TeacherPet: until we get through the whole thing!

Me: Haha

Me: I knew you could find a silver lining

TeacherPet: :P

TeacherPet: as if you didn't plan that out just so you could see me more often

Me: hey, YOU are the one who came up with this scheme

TeacherPet: ohhh of course

TeacherPet: blame it on innocent me

Me: Innocent. Right.

TeacherPet: what's THAT supposed to mean!!

Me: Oh gee, who knows?

TeacherPet: I am just the vulnerable, impressionable student

TeacherPet: just a little schoolgirl

Me: Uh huh.

TeacherPet: what?

Me: Don't think I don't know what you're doing

TeacherPet: what am I doing?

Me: You're flirting.

TeacherPet: nuh uh

Me: Yep

TeacherPet: i don't have to flirt

TeacherPet: not with you

Me: Why's that?

TeacherPet: cause girls don't HAVE to flirt with their boyfriends

TeacherPet: they already got them.

Me: Oh I see.

TeacherPet: you wanna know what I like?

Me: What's that

TeacherPet: the fact that you never deny it

TeacherPet: that you're my boyfriend now

Me: If I denied it, would it matter?

TeacherPet: I guess we will never know

TeacherPet: cause if you deny it now, it won't count

TeacherPet: its too late!

Me: haha

TeacherPet: :P

TeacherPet: so when are you gonna call me your gf?

Me: Not before you stop treating the English language so terribly


Me: "gf?" come on. Spell it out at least

TeacherPet: ohhh

TeacherPet: I'm sorry sir

TeacherPet: When will you start calling me your GIRLFRIEND?

Me: Sorry

Me: you can't expect me to just forgive and forget that quickly

TeacherPet: goshhhh

TeacherPet: whatever

Me: What-everrrr.

TeacherPet: lol

TeacherPet: soooo

TeacherPet: How much have you been thinking about the other night?

Me: Which night would that be?

TeacherPet: grr

TeacherPet: how about the one where you were in my bedroom and you made me cum

TeacherPet: and cum and cum

Me: Oh

Me: right

Me: that's pretty hard to forget.

TeacherPet: it was even crazier than the first time

TeacherPet: I mean, especially later...

Me: Yeah...

TeacherPet: so do you think about it?

Me: Gee, I wonder.

TeacherPet: tell meeee

Me: of course

TeacherPet: what was your favorite part?

Me: haha

Me: you coming

Me: and coming :P

TeacherPet: really?

Me: yeah

TeacherPet: why?

Me: there's nothing hotter than a beautiful girl coming

TeacherPet: aww I don't think you've ever called me beautiful before

TeacherPet: :)

Me: Well, it's obvious.

There was a noticeable lull in the conversation, and then:

TeacherPet: do you wanna make me cum again?

Me: Uhh is this a trick question?

TeacherPet: I don't mean you coming over :P

Me: Phew

Me: I don't think I can handle that again

TeacherPet: yeah yeah

TeacherPet: but do you wanna?

Me: of course

Mere seconds after I responded, I saw her log off. That's weird. Just as I was really getting carried

My phone rang. I looked at the ID and it was Autumn. I answered the call. "Yes?"

"I wanted my hands to be free. For this part, I mean," she purred.

"For what part?" I asked suspiciously.

"The part where you tell me what you liked about Saturday."

I waited.

"The part where I play with myself while you tell me about it," she emphasized.

"Christ," I whispered to myself.


So by the end of that night, I had added phone sex to my growing repertoire of sins committed with a
student. The conversation started tentative at first, but once I could hear her eager little pants
whenever I said something that excited her? That loosened me up real fuckin' quick.

And when she asked me to join her on my end? Like my hand hadn't already found its way down my
pants? Well I was all-too willing to share those details too. Hearing the shudder in her young voice
whenever she gets turned on and hits the right spot... I may have a lot of weaknesses exposed lately,
but this was some serious Achilles Heel shit.

She was able to come twice, and she gushed how before me, she never was able to more than once.
Luckily it took the wind out of her and made her sleepy. I had lost it myself between her two, and was
finally getting back in my right mind. I seized the opportunity to go to bed at a reasonable hour and
ended the conversation, before she could perk back up.

Lying in bed, I replayed the conversation in my mind, going back to the IMs. I realized that I had been
growing increasingly tolerant of this affair... chronically feeling less guilty all the time. I tried to place
why that was. Is it because I've gone so long without getting caught? Is it because the more I give in,
the hotter it gets? I'm not sure what I wanted out of all this. If I really intended to try and have
something sustainable with her after graduation... Fuck, does she even want it?

And then I thought about her new little game of calling me her boyfriend. It was cute. It was flattering.
It was dangerous. This, more than the blatant cheating lately, caused me to agonize over Heather. How
can I be even more of an asshole? This thought process spiraled me back into the guilt I was more
accustomed to.

Further still, as I tried to imagine Autumn's true feelings, I began to fret that I was taking advantage of
her. I mean, I'm a fucking adult. In a position of authority over her and... Oh fuck that. She had been
throwing herself at me since the beginning.

Ultimately? My racing thoughts weren't enough to keep me from falling asleep.

Wednesday came, and I had the first chapter of her new paper marked up with comments. I figured we
could go over it in ten minutes or less, and minimize the chance of any awkwardness of other students
walking by and noticing.

When she came into class, she was wearing these tiny jean shorts, frayed at the ends. A blue and white
plaid t-shirt. It was fairly tight on her body, and I could tell she wasn't wearing any other shirt beneath
it. The bottom few buttons were undone, letting the fabric scissor open and display a little midriff as
she walked. She had her hair braided in long pigtails.

It was hot.

The most surreal part was seeing the boys check her out. I knew what kind of things went through their
minds. But the fact that I could have it... have had it... It was ridiculous. Unprofessional. Arousing. Get
a hold of yourself.

The lunch bell rang and one of Autumn's friends was attached to her, talking a mile a minute about
something. She had her arm interlocked, and I saw Autumn make pleading eye contact with me. Like
I'm going to hold you back? As the two were about to exit the room, she mouthed to me, 'Don't leave'.

I obliged, and five minutes later she came back in; look of relief on her face. "Sorry."

I smirked. "No problem. Troubles on the farm?"

She looked down at herself and put a hand on her hip. "Nah, I just thought y'all would like it if I
dressed the part of my story," she tried her best southern accent.

"I'm pretty confident neither the Confederates, nor the slaves, dressed quite like that."

She walked up to my desk and leaned against the side, propping one of her smooth legs up. "Well
shucks, this was just the very best I could do! Don't ya like it?" She twirled one of her pigtails between
her fingers.

I chuckled. "Pull up a chair, cowgirl."

She grabbed a chair, and it looked like she was going to carry it around next to me. I gave her a
sarcastic look and pointed across the table. She stuck out her lower lip and complied.

"So what did you think?" she dropped the accent.

"It was good. But of course, there is no good writing. Only good re-writing..."

I pulled out her paper and started going over my comments. To my surprise, she dropped all pretenses
of flirting and absorbed everything I had to say. In the back of my mind, I was suspicious that she was
just being so attentive to flatter and please me. But she actually did ask some insightful questions, so if
she was faking it, color me fooled.

When we were finished, she got up. "Well I guess it's time for me to mosey on out," she smiled,
returning to the accent.

"Yeah I reckon so," I imitated her. "You best be goin' and feedin' them horses."

She grinned wide. "That's right. And you just know you can come by any time if y'all wanna go for a

I actually laughed at the comeback, and I could see her bristle with pleasure. "Yee haw," I rolled

She turned to the side and slapped her ass in those tight shorts. "Yee haw," she purred.


That night, she sent me some more photos of herself in an email. She said she had to be with her friend
that evening, so she wouldn't be around to talk, but that she wasn't joking about the ride. The pictures
were of her in her little outfit, the flannel only having a few buttons fastened around her navel. In
some, the shirt still covered her breasts. In others, she gave me the full view. The last two had her
shorts unbuttoned and started pushing them down, revealing the curve of her ass.

My biggest regret that evening was that when I jerked off, I wasn't able to do it on the phone with her.

Thursday. Thursday went about the same at lunch as Wednesday. She didn't wear anything outrageous
this time, and we went over the second chapter without so much as a mention of the pictures she sent.
This is good. She is behaving. Just like she promised. Maybe she really did just want to spend time with

But Friday. Oh fucking Friday. You knew this was building up to something, right? She was just
wearing jeans and a normal shirt (words emblazed across the front: Fatal Attraction to Cuteness). And
my hat, again. A little passive-aggressive flirting, but I didn't think it was a big deal. Hell, I kind of
liked it. It did look cute on her.
We were in the middle of our session at lunch, and she was questioning some of my edits about a
particular passage. I said it didn't fit in well with the transitions she had, she disagreed and... Okay,
okay. The important part, sorry.

The point is, I was jabbing my finger, pointing at a particular sentence that flat out didn't work. She
grabbed my hand and dragged it along to a different paragraph, trying to point out that she was
making a witty connection later. The touch was actually innocent enough, but the timing. Of course,
the timing.

"There you are!"

I jerked my hand away in primal fear. Heather was in the doorway to the classroom.

"Carol told me to go straight to the lounge, but everyone there said you hardly come around anymore."

A drought hit my mouth and I swallowed. Now just to back up a little bit, it wasn't unusual for Heather
to come onto campus. Carol was the front desk. She knew Heather. Half the faculty knew her. We were
an item, after all. Had been for awhile.

She walked into the room, up closer to me. I glanced at Autumn and her eyes were wide as well, but
her face at that moment was sort of hidden under the bill of the cap.

"Hey Heather..." I tried to sound pleased.

"I came by to... Oh, I didn't mean to interrupt... You're usually free during lunch..." she acknowledged
the presence of my student.

Autumn scrambled up from the chair and yanked the paper from the desk. "Oh it's okay. We were
done." She picked up her backpack and stuffed the paper in, zipping it up.

I forced out my most calm, teacher demeanor that I could. "Just think about the transition. I'm sure you
can rework it to flow better and still keep the spirit of what you're trying to accomplish."

"Um- yeah okay, I'll try," she replied, sinking into a tone of slight irritation.

She was about to make her way past Heather without any further comment when my real girlfriend
stopped her. "Oh, I remember you!"

Autumn stopped in her tracks and looked up at her. "Um... Yeah! Oh, thanks so much again for the

"Of course! At least tell me it fetched more than some spare change," she smiled.

"Oh definitely! People totally loved it!"

"That's great to hear."

"Yeah! So uh- thanks again! Bye!" and she scooted out of the room.
I just hoped it looked like a normal teenager trying to escape, and not anything suspicious. I got up
from my seat and moved to give Heather a hug. "So what's the occasion?" I asked.
"I wanted to give you this," she produced an apple from her purse, "for my favorite teacher."

"Oh, what a suck-up," I teased.

She looked behind her and said, "You didn't tell me she was one of your students."

My heart flipped. "Huh?"

"That girl. She was the one who came to my place."

"Oh, well... I have over a hundred students. It didn't cross my mind."

"I don't even think you had a shirt on, now that I think about it..."

"It's no big deal," I jumped in. "Students see me all the time. At the movies, at the store. They either
ignore me or probably just try to block it out. They probably hate the idea that I'm a real person," I

"Yeah right. I bet that one has a crush on you. I sure would if I had seen you half naked," she punched
my arm.

"You should've heard her bitching about her paper. She was not in a good mood."

"Ah well. I wouldn't get jealous over little girls anyway. I know my man needs a real woman," she
squeezed my waist. "Which is actually the other reason I came here."

My throat tightened at the jab at Autumn. Suddenly I felt defensive for her. Heather had no fucking
idea how much she should be jealous... Calm down, idiot... "Oh?"

"Dinner. Tonight. Not only am I going to cook it for you, but I'll bring all the food to your kitchen so
you don't even have to go anywhere. No excuses," she smirked.

"Well then, how could I refuse?" I tried to sound happy.

"You can't."

"Alright then... I'll see you at...?"

"How about six?"

"Sounds good."

"Excellent," she pecked me on the cheek. "I need to get going back to work."

"Alrighty. See ya tonight."

"Love you."
I tightened my jaw. "Love you too."

I wasn't pleased. I was irritated that she interrupted us. Dropped in unannounced. I was pissed that I
was almost caught. Pissed that she so flippantly disregarded Autumn. Irritated that I wasn't just
thankful about that. Why are you being so protective? That couldn't have possibly gone better,
dumbass. More than anything, I think I just really didn't appreciate reality barging in on fantasy. It
makes it harder to comfortably live two lives.

Oh, and I wasn't thrilled about how Autumn was going to react either. I expected her to show up after
class, even though some of my other students would be there. But it never happened. I wondered if she
was playing it cool and keeping her distance. This sinking feeling told me she was pissed though. I
mean, wouldn't you be?

It was around 4:00 when I got home. I pulled in to park and as I was getting out, I saw another vehicle
roll up right next to me. I glanced in the window and muttered, "Oh shit."

Autumn was driving the goddamn car.

She opened the door and started to slink out of the seat. "Hi," she called out.

I rushed over and confronted her. "What are you doing here?" I demanded in a low voice.

"Whoa settle down a sec!" she flippantly replied.

"I'm serious, Autumn."

She stood up straight and closed the door. "Oh, well since we got um... interrupted today at lunch, I
thought we could like, make up the time now."

"This is my home," I hissed.

"So what? You've been in mine."

"We agreed to slow this down. This is ridiculous."

"Oh you'll be fine," she tried to shrug past me toward my front door.

I grabbed her shoulder. "No. You fucking followed me back here. You know this isn't okay."

"Just stop making a scene! Nobody is looking. Nobody cares. Let's just go inside. I have my paper and

"Absolutely not."

"What's the matter?" her tone flipped extremely negative. "Is your girlfriend here?" She almost snarled
the word.

"It's not that. I'm your teacher. We can't do this."

"What the fuck? We've done this a couple times now. It's not fair for you to like, change the rules
whenever you feel like it."

I ground my teeth and took a deep breath. "I'm not playing this game with you. Go home." Turning
away from her, I moved to my door, determined.
She followed. "I'm not leaving until I come in."

"You're not coming in." Irritated, I shoved the key into the lock and turned it. I opened the door, and I
felt her body press against mine, trying to get close. I turned and put a firm hand against her shoulder.

I slipped inside and shut the door behind me before she could even respond. And I locked the fucker.
Sighing heavily, I waited for a moment to see if she'd try the handle, or try knocking... Nothing
happened. I tried my best to focus in on my normal routine of unloading everything for the weekend.

My phone rang. I looked down and, sure enough, it was her. I didn't answer. Oh, I would have loved to
turn the damn thing off, but I had to know if Heather was calling in. A few minutes later, it buzzed.

'Ill be waiting on ur porch till u change ur mind'

Ugh! I couldn't fucking deal with this. Bad enough she's stalking me. Bad enough that Heather is going
to come over. But she even had the fucking nerve to use that shitty text-messaging shorthand. Bitch!

I just need to wait her out. She'll get bored. Oh please just get bored. I went into my bedroom and tried
to relax. Couldn't. I picked up a book. Worthless attempt. Moved back out to the living room and
watched some TV. I debated whether to turn it up loud so she knew I was ignoring her, or to keep it
quiet so I didn't aggravate her further. Hell, I don't even know if she's still out there.

I tiptoed over to the door and glanced through the peephole. She was sitting there, chin resting on her
fist, fiddling with her phone in her free hand. Damn it! I settled in to watch the tube. Be strong. She'll
give up.

5:00 rolled around. I went to check again and she was still there. Determined little thing. I pressed my
fingers against the bridge of my nose, trying to concentrate. The longer she sits out there, the more
likely somebody is going to notice. It's fucking weird. And Heather is supposed to be here in an hour.
Jesus, what if she shows up early!?

I unlatched the door and swung it open. "Get in."


She lazily picked up her backpack and walked in, victorious little curve on her lips. I swung the door
shut behind her.

"What do you want?" I wanted to growl it, but I tried to sound as even-tempered as possible. Just gotta
reason with her.

"I already told you. We didn't get to finish at lunch."

"So you came all the way over here just to spend an extra ten minutes looking at your paper?"

"Well," she stood up on her toes and started looking around behind me. "Since I'm here, I thought you
could gimme the tour..."

"Autumn... Today is just not the day for this."

"No day is ever the day for it with you. Not until it just happens."

"We could get caught."

"You know... We could've gotten caught last time. And the time before that. In the end, I don't think
you seemed to mind too much." Her mouth hung open after the last word, giving her an especially
sultry air. She started to move past me.

"Cut it out. You're playing with my life here. It isn't exactly endearing."

"I wanna see the bedroom," she ignored me.

I started to walk after her, and then stopped in my tracks. This is what she wants. Don't fucking go in
that room with her.

"Ooh big bed!" she called out. "Much bigger than mine!"

"Autumn," I hollered back. "I'm serious..." Just level with her. "I have company coming over tonight.
You can't be here."

Silence... and then she actually walked back into view. I blinked in wonder. Deep down, I was sure she
was going to strip and just wait for me on my bed. Deep down that's what you want, fucker.

"Oh really?"

"Yes. Really."

She walked closer to me and dropped her bag on the couch, pushing her body into mine. "When?"

"Real soon, okay? That's why you need to leave. Now."

She put an arm around my waist and tried to slide her free hand underneath my shirt. "That's kind of
exciting..." she hummed.

"No it isn't," I grabbed her wrist.

"Come on... If you really believed that, then you wouldn't be in this mess right now..."

Her arrogance was really starting to make cracks in my calm expression. "Let's just talk about this later,
"Talk about what exactly?" she shook her hand free and shot it down to my crotch, giving it a squeeze.
"Hmm, are you hard?"

I wasn't. I mean, I don't think I was... not before that instant at least. But at that moment, she was
getting a different kind of rise out of me. I grabbed her hand again and this time pushed her back.
"Look Autumn. Think about this. If I get caught here with you? Then this... all of this is over. You
realize that, right? There won't be anything left."

She thought on it for a moment. "Why don't you tell your company to cancel?"

"I can't. You know I'm right about this." I stared at her intently, and I suddenly felt like I had hit a nerve
and was breaking through.

"What about tomorrow?"

"They're coming tonight."

"No silly... I mean me."

Oh fuck... I looked at the clock. At that point, I realized I had little options left. "Yeah... uh- maybe.
Let's just talk later, okay?"

She smiled and leaned over the couch to grab her backpack. She held the pose a little too long, and then
bent over further, pushing her ass out. "Are you sure?" she asked invitingly.


She straightened up. "Fine. But don't think I'm letting you off the hook tomorrow..." she took a few
steps and stopped. "Can I at least use your bathroom before I go?"

"Yeah, fine."

She found her way and shut the door. I rubbed my temples in relief. I was frankly surprised that she
became so amenable. After the lengths she went to in order to get inside... that she was giving up so
easily. It seemed so unlike her. But I guess if she thought she had me all to herself the next day...

I heard the familiar sound of water running through the pipes in the wall and then... God *fucking*
damn it!! She had turned the shower on. I rushed to the door and threw it open, hoping to catch her
before she got in. I was too late. I looked on in dismay to see all her clothes crumpled on the floor, her
silhouette behind the glass door of the shower.

"Someone's in here!" she called out innocently.

"What the fuck are you doing?"

She pulled the door open just enough to poke her head out, still hiding her body. "You know, for a
teacher, you can sure be pretty dense sometimes," she grinned.

"Autumn!" I cried, lifting my hands in confusion.

"You said I could use the bathroom!"

"I didn't say you could take a fucking shower!"

"You didn't say I couldn't!"

"Jesus! Get out!"

"I'm not done! Why don't you come in? You can help soap me up... It'll finish faster!"

I stared at her incredulously. Without even saying another word, I spun around and walked out,
slamming the door behind me. "Fuck. Fuck fuck fuck!" You know it's bad when my vocabulary takes a

I paced around the room, trying to think. I had to stall Heather. I knew she wouldn't take canceling as
even an option. I've put her off too many times. She wouldn't swing by to tell me she's coming in
person if she wasn't determined. I grabbed my phone and started dialing her... walking as far away from
the bathroom as I could.

"Hey," she answered.

"Hey... what's up?" I asked casually.

"I'm just at the store picking up a few last minute items for your big feast."

"Ahh... You're breakin' my heart!" I started.

"What is it?"

"I need to uh... delay our date. Just by like an hour."


Why? Why didn't I come up with something first?

"Because... I'm not gonna be home yet."

"Where are you?"

I paused briefly, and then, "I'm at Blake's. He called me just as class got out and needed help, uh...
moving in a new fridge."

She laughed. "A fridge??"

Come on, I could've done better than that!

"Yeah. His crapped out apparently. And you know, a friend in need, and all that shit."
"Well when are you leaving?"

"We're almost done. I'm just helping clean up the mess. How about I... call you when I'm heading
home, and then we can meet?"

"I don't think so. I'm going to be there at 7:00. No later."

"Well, what if I'm not back yet?"

"Then I'll be stuck outside in the driveway, getting cold and impatient. Think of it as a little incentive!"

I balled up my free hand in a fist and silently mouthed 'shit, shit'. "Okay, okay. That sounds fair. See
you at seven."

"Okay. Hey... I have one quick question."


"That girl in your classroom today..."

"Uh huh?"

"This might sound weird but, um... was she wearing your hat?"

"My what?"

"Your hat... the baseball hat... It looked like the one you always wear on the weekends."

Crap, are you serious!? "How would she get my hat?"

"I don't know..."

"Yeah, me neither," I interrupted, trying to come off light-hearted.

"Okay well, I guess I'll see you soon."

"Yep. See you at seven!"

"Yeah... bye," and she hung up.

Shoving the phone in my pocket, I made my way back near the bathroom. Does she know? Does
Heather fucking know? The shower water was still running, and I could actually hear Autumn
nonchalantly humming to herself.

Okay. I bought myself some time. I can't go in there... she'll just flirt her way into some bullshit.
Flaunting her tight, naked body... covered in water and soap... I shook my head. There had to be
another way. And suddenly I had an idea.

I trotted over to the kitchen and started the dishwasher. There were only two plates and a fork in it. I
didn't care. Bye bye, hot water. Within two minutes, I heard the shower shut off. I immediately stopped
the machine, not wanting Autumn to know what I was up to.

I waited, arms folded over my chest. I'm not sure what her next move was, but I was feeling a little
smug for that minute. Small victories. And yet, my confidence started to slip rather quickly once the
bathroom door opened. Steam poured out, and she stood in the arch, leaning one arm up against the
frame. She was just wearing my towel, tucked in around her chest.

"I feel much better now," she announced.

"Get dressed," I called back point-blank.

"Well I gotta dry off first, you know."

I was still standing in the kitchen, and was a ways away from the door she was in. Hold onto your
anger. She's fucking with you. She can end you right now. Don't look at her legs, or the water dripping
down to the knot in the towel, right above her tits...

She took a few lazy steps out into the open. "So who's comin' over anyway? Who are you kicking me
out for?"

"It doesn't matter."

"It's not nice to keep secrets. I tell you like, everything." She made her way to a little table that I usually
throw my keys on. It had a standing picture of Heather on it. She picked it up and inspected it

"You've had your fun. Get dressed and get out."

"I don't know," she disregarded me, "I kind of think I'm cuter. Maybe you should put up a picture of
me. I mean, you totally have a bunch to choose from."

I felt the blood rise in my face. I'm about to toss you out of here in that towel, you little shit. "Don't
push me."

"Maybe you should just introduce me to your company? Or is it her?" she waved the picture at me.

That's it. I started moving toward her. She was gonna put those fucking clothes on if I had to dress her

"Ugh! It is, isn't it? God, do you even like her? Are you gonna break up with her, or what?" she
sneered, tossing the frame callously back onto the table.

I'd had enough. I was right on top of her now, grabbing her shoulders. "Put your goddamn clothes on,"
I growled.

"What do you care? Are you embarrassed of me or something? What am I? Your little whore?" she
I pushed her back into the wall, and we were both shocked by the loud thud it created. "You're my
student. I can't be seen with you like this. Stop acting like a child and fucking deal with it!"

"Fuck you!" she cried. "I have been dealing with it! You are the one who can't figure out what the hell
you want!"

"I want you to get the fuck out of here before we both get caught," I spat.

"Yeah, well I just fucking want YOU!"

Her eyes were on fire, her lips parted open, breathing deep and angry. My own face was a mark of utter
exasperation, my heartbeat racing in anger and passion. I squeezed my fingers into her wet shoulders,
gripping her too tightly, and involuntarily pushed her against the wall even harder.

"Quit fucking with me!" I snarled.

She leaned her face forward, as much as she could with me pinning her against the wall. "No!"

In a moment of desperation, I breathed a loud and pleading, "Why!?"

"Because I fucking love you!" her voice cracked. Her eyes blinked in quick succession, shocked at her
own words, glistening with moisture.

I couldn't even comprehend it. Whatever was in me just boiled out, and only an animal was left. I
pushed roughly into her and forced a hard kiss onto her mouth. She responded with a muffled yelp and
then returned in kind. I felt her hands find their way up my back and to my neck, scratching at me and
keeping me in place.

Our kiss broke only for a moment, and we glared at each other... fierce emotion, no words. We both
dove in to each other and resumed our lock, this time our tongues probing into each other. My hands
dropped off her shoulders and ran to her sides. Before I knew it, I hooked my fingers underneath the
towel and jerked it off her in one quick motion.

I groped her naked body hungrily, my palms gliding across her stomach, her breasts, around her ass.
She moaned into me and let go of my neck, moving to the top button of my shirt. She fumbled with it
for just a minute, got it off, and then angrily started pulling against the material. I felt another button
give way, then another, and then a snap and tear. She was ruining my shirt, pulling it all the way open
on the way down.

I pulled my lips off of hers, and we both breathed ragged gasps. She looked down at my exposed chest
and bent over, kissing it and nibbling on the skin between her teeth. I rolled my head back from the
pain and pleasure, releasing my arms from her body to allow myself to get out of my own sleeves and
throw the shirt off. She licked down to my abdomen and wasted no time working at my pants.

They came loose and she immediately got her hand groping my naked, hard cock. I gasped and grabbed
her hair, pulling her face back up and kissing her again. She pumped at me angrily, pushing my jeans
down to the floor with her other hand. My hips bucked to the rhythm of her fist, the tip of my hard-on
grazing her tummy.
One of my hands slid down between her thighs. I anxiously probed with my fingers, parting her lips
and finding her already wet. She gasped at my touch and squeezed me harder. I fingered her like that,
making her pant for breath, splitting the kiss, and moaning loudly.

I had no intention of being gentle with her, of building her up and teasing her. She was wet. I was hard.
I couldn't even be bothered to throw her to the couch. I slipped my fingers out of her pussy and grabbed
her hips with both hands. She squeaked in surprise as I lifted her up, still propping her against the wall
to help bear her weight.

She reacted with me, wrapping her legs around my waist. One of her arms hung around my neck to
balance herself. The other, still pumping my cock, helped position it against her slit. As soon as I was
lined up, my body bucked forward, pushing my entire length inside of her. I growled and she hissed in
I ground into her as hard as I could, rubbing my pelvis against hers. Her body slithered along mine,
rolling like a snake along the wall, humping against me as much as she could. She knocked her head
back, stretching her neck taut. I immediately lunged forward and began kissing her there.

Kissing turned to licking along her skin. Her nails dug into me deeply, and her legs trembled against
my muscles. I began to suck on her, and she moaned desperately. I eased up and began to return to
licking, and she cried out, "Oh god, keep sucking me... ah- ah--... Mark me... ohhh-- I'm yours..."

I indulged her, devouring her neck. She howled out as I did it, trying to pull her body up against me,
getting me to fill her just how she wanted it. Abruptly she stiffened, craning her head back down,
gripping me as tightly as possible with her entire body, like she was holding on for dear life. Every
breath she exhaled was an uneven moan.

I felt the tightness around my cock... Whether from her coming, or from me getting ready to lose it.
Who gave a shit. There was nothing that could hold me back right then. I grunted out loudly, my knees
shaking as my climax poured into her. My entire body shuddered, and the only reason I could keep us
both upright was because I pushed forward and used the wall to balance us both.

Orgasm subsiding, I slowly lowered her body back down, and she brought her legs back to stand on her
own. My forehead banged against the wall as I gulped for air, and Autumn just stayed pinned beneath
me, fingers trailing down my back. We held ourselves like that for a minute, catching our breath.
Finally some of my senses returned to my brain.

"Jesus," I whispered.

The next few minutes were incredibly awkward. I had sort of stumbled back, tripping on my jeans
around my ankles, sheepishly pulling them back up. Autumn just stood there, completely naked, still
shining from shower water mixed with our sweat. She closed her legs together and crossed her arms
over her chest in sudden modesty.

I looked at the clock. It was after six. I had no fucking idea what to say. I went from furious to
astonished to exhausted. "Autumn..." I said softly.
She dropped her eyes.

"I'm uh... I'm sorry, but..."

"I know," she responded. "I...um... okay," she just kind of mumbled and shuffled toward the bathroom
to get her clothes.

I felt awful. Does she feel like a whore? Getting fucked and then sneaking out? Christ. Does she love
me? What the hell does she know about love? I inwardly grimaced. Maybe she just said it in a moment
of passion... Or maybe she means it.

I heard the scuffling of her getting dressed. I picked up the towel from the floor and brought it to the
bathroom, tentatively stepping in to make sure she didn't mind. She gave me an uncomfortable smile.
At this point I resorted to my only defense mechanism for embarrassment: bad jokes.

"So uh- the ironic thing is now we could both actually use a shower."

She exhaled a 'heh', and replied, "Too bad you're outta hot water."

I smiled at her, and she seemed to genuinely smile back. She was fully dressed now except for her
socks and shoes. She sat on the toilet and started putting them on, and I noticed my hat was sitting on
the sink counter. I picked it up, examining it, and recalled Heather's suspicion. I need this tonight.

I fitted it onto my head and looked at myself in the mirror.

"Hey!" Autumn instigated, but then grew softer. "I guess you're taking it back now, huh?"

As silly as it may seem, that very moment I felt my heart pulled inexorably toward her. I didn't want to
do anything to make her unhappy.

"I just didn't get to give it a proper sendoff. A man and his hat have a very strong bond, you know." I
looked down at her, and she simply stared back at me. "I'll give it back to you. I promise."

She gave me a ridiculously sweet smile, then stood back up. "Okay. I um... think I should probably go

"Yeah, okay."

We walked back out to the living room and I handed her backpack over to her. At the front door, we
stood facing one another, another surge of social weirdness.

"Okay, so... bye," she mumbled, and started to open the door.

I put a hand on her shoulder. "I'll talk to you soon, Autumn." And I leaned in and kissed her on her
head. It was impulse, and I didn't really think about it until she was outside and I closed the door
behind her. Then I realized that it felt oddly romantic. And then I realized I was standing there alone,
shirtless, sweaty, and smelling like sex.

It was 6:50. I threw my hat in the bedroom, stripped out of my jeans in the bathroom, and jumped in the
shower. I probably was taking a bit of extra time, making sure I got myself looking and smelling like I
didn't just fuck a teenager. It didn't really occur to me that I left the front door unlocked. I heard
Heather's voice calling through the door, telling me she let herself in.

I froze. Was there any evidence I neglected to clean up? Anything that Autumn might have left out in
the open? I shut off the water, dried myself off to a decent state, wrapped myself in a towel, and
stepped into the living room.

I could see her fixing some things and grabbing dishes in the kitchen. Didn't look like she had a knife in
hand and an urge to stab me. So far, so good.

"Showering just for me, huh?" she eyed me.

"Yeah, well... I didn't think you'd want me to be all sweaty after moving refrigerators. Real manly stuff
makes for really manly smells."

She laughed. "Ah, well I thank you for that. What's with the shirt?"

I looked down at myself. "I don't think I'm wearing one."

She pointed a wooden spoon at a chair, upon which the shirt Autumn tore off me was hanging. "It was
on the floor, and when I picked it up to fold it for you," she rolled her eyes sarcastically, "I noticed a
few of the buttons got ripped out."

"Oh. Yeah." Oh *fuck*!

"So what happened?"

"Uh- you know. My secret lover was here before you and she, uh, tore it off me in a fit of passion."
That's it. It's too ridiculous to believe.

"Ha ha," she faked.

I carefully walked through the living room and looked around, making sure there was nothing else to
incriminate me. "Actually..." I tentatively bullshitted, "when we were moving the new fridge through
his kitchen, we had the thing tilted, part of it leaning against my chest. Well we flipped it up too fast,
and it caught on my shirt and blam!" Not bad!

She bought it well enough. I went into the bedroom and put on some clothes. I debated whether or not
to put on the hat, but decided against it. No need to rile anything up. Turns out that was going to
happen anyway, though. Shortly after I rejoined her in the kitchen, she brought up that afternoon.

"So it was kinda weird in your classroom today."

"Why's that?"

"I don't know... Just that she was your student... What's her name?"

"Uh- Autumn."
"Well, the fact that she was in my place alone with you, and you were half naked..."

My heart started to sink. "It's no big deal."

"It's just... you know, sort of inappropriate."

"It was nothing; you're thinking about it too much," I tried to brush it off.

"Does she come to you for extra help a lot?"


"Do you ever wear that hat to class?"

God, just drop it! "Huh?"

"Your baseball cap that you always wear."

"No... why would I?"

"Well I was thinking, maybe she saw you in it and was trying to imitate it or something."

I continued to play dumb. "What are you talking about?"

"Come on, the hat looked exactly the same. I've seen you in it a hundred times."

"What exactly are you trying to say?"

"I don't know," she mumbled, returning her attention to the meal she was preparing.

I narrowed my eyes, trying my hardest to take the moral high ground. "It's just a coincidence, I guess."

"Yeah, I guess."

A weird uneasiness settled in for the rest of the evening. We talked about other things, but there was
this bad sense in the room. I kept wondering what she knew, what she thought was actually going on. I
pushed it too far. I blew her off too many times, and now she thinks I'm up to something. I was irritated
with myself, and with her for bringing it to my attention. The thought that someone might actually
know what I was involved in...

After dinner, we watched a little TV and relaxed, letting it do the talking for awhile. That lightened the
mood a little bit, but my chi was too fucked at that point. I had a nervous pit in my stomach that
wouldn't budge. She tried to be affectionate with me, putting her hand on my leg, resting her head on
my shoulder. Everything just felt off.

She suggested we go to the bedroom. Between the guilt, the suspicion, and having already put my best
energy forward in fucking Autumn... Well, I wasn't really in the mood. But I obliged, assuming I could
manage to get over it and perform. Once in the room, Heather noticed my hat on the bedside table. I
saw her expression sort of lighten when she noticed it. Glad I snatched that back.

Soon enough we were each sitting on the bed, and she was doing her best to be affectionate. She
whispered some things about it being too long since we'd been close, and her hand found its way to my
lap. I had nothing. After a couple minutes, she knew something was up.

"What's wrong?"

"I don't know... I'm sorry, I guess I'm just really tired. And, uh- sorta sore from earlier too."

There was no pity or understanding. She'd had enough. Her body moved away from mine and slouched
in irritation. "Sleepiness never stopped you before."

I felt awful. "I... I dunno how to respond to that."

"God, what do I have to do to get you attention anymore? Pretend like I'm one of your students?"

She said it completely sarcastically. I don't think she meant anything by it. I mean, not like that. I'm
sure she was trying to say that all I care about is work. But the situation was just so ludicrous, and the
image that just popped in my head―of Heather trying to imitate Autumn...

If I had been in a slightly different frame of mind, the mere mention would have put me even more on
edge. I would have been nervous, or upset, or anything, and I would have responded appropriately. But
for whatever reason, and this was the kiss of death, I made a sheepish grin in response.

That set her off.

She was off the bed in a second, waving her arms emphatically. "That's not funny! What the hell is
going on!?"

I tried to calm her down, told her I thought she was making a joke. It didn't matter. I'm not gonna try to
explain what she was feeling. How could I know? She's a woman. It was a flurry of pissed off ranting
and I barely got a word in edgewise. Who knows who I was trying to convince of what. I wasn't even
sure what I wanted anymore.

The last thing she said before she stormed out was, "I can't deal with you right now."

I sat alone, wondering what had happened. In retrospect, it was obviously just a fight. But at the time, I
kept thinking she had all but broken up with me. Obviously it was all my own fucking baggage that
was coloring my thought process. I was so numb from the sudden nature of everything that I didn't
know how to react. Did I feel free? Did I just lose something?

I called her. She didn't answer, of course. I left a message asking her to just let me know that she made
it home safely, and that I was sorry, and blah blah. She did call me back later telling me she was home,
but she didn't want to talk, that she needed some space and time to think. That's never good.

The more it sank in what I had done, the worse I felt. I resolved to leave it alone. I fucked it up, I was
only going to make it worse if I meddled with it. I needed to get my head straight. But fuck, I had been
needing to get my head straight ever since I started thinking of Autumn as an attraction and not just a
pupil. I wasn't so far gone to think I was going to figure it out now.

After some time of lying on my bed, cycling thoughts, I decided to check for Autumn online. I needed
to talk to her. I wasn't sure what I was going to say... but I felt like I needed to connect somehow.

She wasn't on instant messenger. I played some solitaire and poked around the web for awhile, hoping
she'd just come online by chance. After a half hour or so, I grew impatient. I grabbed my cell phone
and pulled up her number, see-sawing between calling her and texting her. I ended up just sending a
message, 'I'm online right now'

A minute later, a buzz told me she responded. 'for how long?'

I wasn't quite sure how to answer that, so I responded with the information she probably cared about.
'I'm home alone'

'ill call you in a bit'

I felt my pulse skip ahead. The idea of talking directly to her, especially tonight, seemed
exceptionally... I don't know. I was anxious about it. A nervous energy riddled through me. Do I tell
her about what happened? How will she react? Do I just ignore it? Do I talk about the sex? Do I bring
up what she said to me before? Did she even mean it? You'd think *I* was the teenager here with
thoughts racing this fast.

After waiting expectantly for five or so minutes, it started to occur to me that 'a bit' might be a different
measurement of time to Autumn. Turns out it was more in the neighborhood of a half an hour. I paced
myself and let the phone ring three times before I answered it. You know, as if it wasn't sitting on the
table in front of me, being stared at, willed to ring.

"Hello?" I answered.

"What do you mean, hello?" she asked sarcastically.


"It's weird. You knew I was going to call. You have Caller ID. Why wouldn't you know it was me?"

"Um- I guess I come from an older time. Back when you just never knew who was on the line."


This is a weird start to the conversation... "Ye-ep."

"So you're home alone, huh?"

"That I am."

"Seems kinda early still."

"That it does."
"So what's the deal?"

"Uh..." It occurred to me that I still didn't have any idea how to broach this.

"Did she just want a quickie or something?" She didn't say it very cutely.

"Not quite."

"Oh," she said flatly.

After a few more moments of awkward silence, I finally admitted, "We got in a fight."

Another bout of wordlessness, presumably while she processed the situation. "About what?"

"I don't know. Me not spending enough time with her, I guess."

"But you were just spending time with her."

"Yeah... I guess my head wasn't in it."

"Aww, and where was your head?" her voice was suddenly much more amenable.

"Gee, I don't know," I responded wryly.

"Oh. That's too bad."

"Huh. I thought you'd be happier."

"How come?"

"Err... Because... Uh..."

"Wait a minute. Did you two like, break up?"

"I'm not sure. Kinda. Maybe."

"What fucking timing," she sighed.


Perhaps you can understand my astonishment at her response. But she clarified fairly quickly. She was
going to be unavailable all weekend; checking out the local state universities that accepted her. She was
coming into school on Monday, but just to get her assignments for the week. Her parents had arranged
for her and her father to fly out of state to visit the rest of the schools interested in her. Apparently she
was gearing up to make a decision, and little expense would be spared to determine where she'd spend
the next four years or so.
"So I finally get a chance to have you all to myself, and now I'm going to be gone until like, next
Monday!" she pouted.

"Well, it's not quite like that."

"What do you mean? We can totally see each other more now!"

"You're still my student. We can't risk being seen together... inappropriately."

"We haven't gotten caught yet, you know."

"Yeah, well, we've been pretty damn lucky."

"Mmm hmm... We do get lucky," I could hear her grin.

"Just... now you can rest easy knowing for the last few weeks of school, you scared off the

"I want to be there to seal the deal," she murmured enticingly.

"I think you already managed that... several times."

"I do know where you live now. I could just come over any time. I seem to always get what I want..."

Considering I couldn't get it up for Heather, it was a testament that I started to feel the stir just hearing
Autumn over the phone.

"There's a fine line between seduction and stalking, you know."

"Oh, you like it."

I closed my eyes and smiled wide. I was glad she couldn't see it. "It's just a few more weeks."

"But what if I can't wait that long?"

The bantering went on for awhile, which had become sort of a flirtatious ritual for us. At some point I
really did want her to be serious though, and I brought up that Heather had mentioned her in the fight.
No, I didn't think she really knew anything, but we couldn't leave anything to chance.

She eventually acquiesced, or at least pretended to in order to drop the conversation. Oddly enough,
although she alluded to the sex, we didn't overtly talk about it. And certainly nothing about the L word.
Maybe I was making too big a deal out of it. Or maybe she was embarrassed. Why do I care so much?
Don't get carried away, man.

At any rate, we eventually went to bed. And imagine that, we didn't even get off at any point during the
conversation! The rest of the weekend passed rather uneventfully. I talked to Autumn in the evenings,
mostly harmless conversation about the schools she visited. She complained, rather embarrassed, that
her parents weren't happy that she let some boy give her a hickey... And I convinced her not to try and
go over her paper with me at lunch on Monday. No, I wasn't expecting any company, but just play it
safe anyway.

She pouted. "But it's the last time we're going to see each other for a week!"

"I think we can survive."

"Hmm, what should I wear... Something to make sure you don't forget about me."

"Trust me, you have plenty of outfits seared into my memory."

"Ooh, do tell!"

By Sunday night, by the way she was talking, I'd have thought she'd show up to class in lingerie. It was
one of the few things I hadn't seen her in. Still asking myself, 'Do teenagers actually buy that kind of

In reality, she came in a school sweatshirt. No big deal. Oh, and denim shorts. The kind that recently
came into style that are short, but have the pockets coming down past the cut of the fabric. I swear, just
to further emphasize that they're tiny. When I first started seeing them, I thought they were ridiculous.
Of course on Autumn, it made me salivate.

When the lunch bell rang, she came straight up to my desk; no pretense of waiting for everyone else to
leave. But, true to her word, she merely asked matter-of-factly for the rest of the week's assignments.
She was, after all, going to miss several days of school. I leaned back in my chair and told her I'd email
her some material we were going to read in class, and acted completely proper as everyone filed out.

I tried really hard to keep eye contact with her. Even when we were alone, it was like a battle of will to
not let my gaze drop and stare at her exposed thighs. She lingered just for a minute, and softly told me
she'd miss me. I smiled and opened my desk drawer.

"Oh, I almost forgot," I replied coolly. "I believe this is yours? I found it left by mistake."

I pulled out my baseball hat and waved it in front of her. She bubbled with glee and took it, putting it
on immediately. "Thanks!" she chirped.

It was pretty smooth, right?


Okay, so time to fast-forward a bit. She flew out to her first destination that night, and for the next
week, our communications were stripped down to an occasional text message. She was without internet
and without much privacy. It was the most uneventful week I'd had since all this started. I did manage
to catch up on all my work and clean my place though. I'm sure you care, and I appreciate your
Whether my head was cleaned out though? Well, let's not get carried away. My thoughts still drifted to
her often. I found myself imagining, more and more, what it would be like once she actually graduated.
It still wouldn't be proper if we were in an actual relationship. Publicly I mean. At least not right away.
And then I'd shake my head incredulously. This is absurd.
It didn't make me look forward to her return the following week any less. She texted me, letting me
know she had arrived at the airport and would be online in a couple hours. Of course I was there
waiting for her. I felt an inward disappointment that she hardly gushed at all about how much she
missed me. She was really excited about all the colleges she visited, and was shooting off information
like a machine gun, getting my opinion, bouncing her own off me. By the time we went to bed, I had to
admit a little sadness at the thought of her going out-of-state.

And to think, it wasn't that long ago when I couldn't think of a better solution to get rid of her than just


Prom was coming up fast. It was something that I had simply tuned out up to now, just another school
function. I have traditionally been signed up to chaperone at the dance. It's the unwritten rule that the
younger teachers "get" that job. I've never minded in the past. Faculty were even allowed dates if we
wanted, so I typically had Heather as consistent conversation. I remember always surreptitiously
pointing out students to her, telling her funny stories about them that happened throughout the year.

Not this time.

Me: So who's your date?

TeacherPet: who says I have one?

Me: well you're just too pretty not to

TeacherPet: aww

TeacherPet: well you never asked me

Me: that's accurate

TeacherPet: but you will be there

TeacherPet: right?

Me: don't get any ideas

TeacherPet: who me??

TeacherPet: :P

Me: Well?

TeacherPet: why? are you jealous?

Me: Ah so you admit it

Me: you have one

TeacherPet: kinda

Me: lucky guy

TeacherPet: its not like that

Me: not like what?

TeacherPet: he's just a friend

TeacherPet: a big group of us are going together

TeacherPet: most of us are just old friends

TeacherPet: we're kinda rebelling against the serious date stuff

TeacherPet: just have fun. you know?

Me: Sure. Makes sense to me

TeacherPet: so you're not jealous?

Me: I'm just fine

TeacherPet: aww

TeacherPet: not even a little bit?

Honestly? I was a lot jealous.


Nothing worth mentioning occurred throughout the week. Autumn was pretty busy catching up with
schoolwork, and gearing up for the big dance. It was that Saturday, and the day before, she casually
asked if I was going to wear a tux. I joked that I always chaperone in shorts and a tank-top, just to class
the place up. She answered that I should wear a blue boutonniere anyway.

Saturday morning, I admittedly made a last minute trip to the florist. I knew I shouldn't indulge her
but... Ah hell. Saturday evening, I started out the big event behind the coat-check counter. Autumn
arrived a half hour into it all, wearing a sleek blue dress. It went down to her knees, but had a slit going
up one leg, and very little back. I casually took her date's coat, and started writing up his ticket.

"Nice flower," Autumn said to me innocently.

The one I wore matched her pretty well. I grinned at her and winked at her date. "I guess we shop at the
same stores."

Eventually I swapped roles with another teacher and was now helping manage the line for photographs.
I noticed that as soon as I moved into this position, Autumn dragged her date into the queue. She
constantly made eye contact with me, and I could tell she was trying to position herself always for me
to admire.

I tried my best to stay cool to her. It wasn't too bad. I'm a gregarious sort; I can joke with all of the
students in the line. Just self-deprecate and they'll laugh. I gave her no special attention. I'm not sure
what she thought would happen, but I was determined to squelch it. I don't play games with stakes that
high. You know... historically, at least.

When she was next in line, she reached my position. I thought about trying to slink away before she got
there, but I guess my subconscious won out.

"So where's your hot date?" she asked with a smile.

"I'm flying solo tonight. Can't be distracted, otherwise all you hooligan kids will be able to run wild."

She giggled. "Does that mean you don't get your picture with anyone?"

"Oh, I still have my prom pictures. They're in a shoebox somewhere, to remind me that I was once
young like all of you."

"Psh," she waved her hand. "You're not that old."

"What are you talking about? I graduated last century!"

Some scattered laughs.

"Whatever. And here I was gonna offer to take a picture with you!"

Her date didn't seem awfully amused, but not particularly offended either. "Sorry," I put up my hands.
"That costs extra. These photographers don't come cheap."

She dug in her purse and produced her cell, handing it to her suitor. She made a loud laugh, "Here, take
a picture before anyone notices!"

He awkwardly took it and stared at her. She jumped out of the line and stood next to me, putting her
hands up on my arm and raising one leg, exaggerating the pose of a model. "Take the picture!" she

He complied. I so taken aback by the suddenness that I wasn't quite sure how to react. I gave a goofy
smile back, trying not to take it seriously.

"One more!" she giggled, and this time stuck her tongue out.

He clicked the picture again and lowered the phone, reaching it out to hand it to her. She reluctantly
pulled away from me and got back in line. She smiled at the pictures on her phone. "Wanna see?" she

"I'm all right," I politely declined.

She frowned a little. "Oh okay. Maybe I'll send them to you later or something."

I felt a little knot in my throat. Don't fucking say things like that. I outwardly smiled, but I'm pretty sure
she noticed the tightness in my lips. She didn't pay me any more attention while in line. Although I did
catch her gazing at me while she got her professional shots taken.

She came up to me a few more times throughout the evening. Each time trying to flirt with me a little.
At least at this point she came alone. She asked me to dance a few times. Asked if I wanted to share a
drink with her when I was milling around the refreshment table. Each time I declined, and finally
scolded her with an outward smile, "It was cute the first time, but you're drawing too much attention to
us. Cut it out."

After that, I could tell she was annoyed, and I saw her dancing extra sensually with her boy whenever
she caught me watching. Flashbacks to the bar. Flashbacks to fucking.

As the dance wined down, giddy couples and groups trailed out of the building. Soon there were just a
few scattered pockets of people, and we were getting ready to walk around and kick them out for
closing time. It was almost 1:00am. I was keenly aware (how could I not be?) that Autumn was now
sitting at a table. By herself.

I had hoped that she was just stalling a little bit. That her group of friends were outside, and she was
just shooting in the dark, hanging back to see if I'd talk to her. I resisted, hoping she would just leave.
Secretly hoping she would just leave and go straight home... sans date. But as time went on, it became
increasingly obvious that she was truly alone.

I finally relented, going over to her after informing a few other couples that it was time to leave. "It all
closes down at 1:00, you know," I stood behind her.

She turned to face me. "They all left."


"The group I came with. They all rented a bunch of hotel rooms and took off."

"But you're still here."

"Yep," she sighed.

"What happened?" I asked softly.

"I guess they decided tonight was about getting laid after all."

"Oh." How do you respond to that?

"Cooper I think actually took another girl. Once he found out I wasn't interested."

"Cooper. Being your date, I assume."

"Uh huh. And now he thinks I'm a total cock tease."

I chuckled.

"I'm glad you think it's funny," she said dully.

"Sorry... It's just, I know that's not quite the case." I pulled up a chair across from her and sat down. She
wasn't smiling. "I'm sorry," my smile died. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah, this just sucks. It was just supposed to be fun," she locked eyes with me. "I pissed him off. I
probably pissed you off. My friends all think I'm weird."

"You are weird," I encouraged her. "That's why I like you."

A glimmer of happiness in her face.

"Wanna know what I wish?"

"What's that?"

"I wish I could have spent the night with you instead."

I sighed. Is this a guilt trip? "Autumn, you know that couldn't happen." I looked around. "And you also
have to get out of here... How are you getting home?"

She looked at me blankly. And then it dawned on me. How could I not see this coming? "Oh... no." I
scooted the chair back and got up.

"I don't have anyone else!"

"Your parents. Call them. We're not doing this again," I said in a low voice.

"I can't do that!"

"Why the hell not?"

"They think I'm going to spend the night with Carrie and a bunch of other girls! If they pick me up,
they'll know something is wrong!"

"Nothing is wrong... you're just going home instead."

"That's so lame! And embarrassing!"

"Nobody is going to know."


"Sorry Autumn. I can't help you tonight." I looked at my watch. "You better call soon. You're going to
have to clear out in a few minutes."
I briskly walked away, and just then noticed my pulse was racing. I can't believe her. Actually, fuck
that. I can't believe *me*. I should have seen this a mile away. I busied myself, helping tear down the
setup and cleaning up. I silently pleaded that she not stick around, that she not make a scene.
Thankfully, thankfully it looked like she was gone.

I lost track of time. It was probably close to 2:00 when I was done and heading outside. I walked out to
my car, almost alone in the parking lot. As soon as I rounded behind it to the driver's side, I nearly
jumped out of my skin. Autumn was sitting on the parking curb in the next stall, knees pulled up, arms
clutching around her body.

She looked at me wordlessly. My body sank. "You didn't call, did you."

Her head shook slowly.

"Goddamnit Autumn," I cursed under my breath. She knew what she was doing. Like I was going to
leave her there. Even if I wasn't having an affair with her. Even if I didn't have feelings for her... I
would still feel obligated to help.

I unlocked my car, looking around to make sure nobody would see. "Get in."

I had given her my coat to use as a blanket. It was as much to warm her up as it was to just cover her
up. I wanted as little temptation as possible. "You realize I'm taking you home, right?"

"I guess," she moped.

"Don't play that game with me. You know better than to have pulled this stunt."


I looked over at her. "I'm not an idiot, Autumn. Do you really think I wouldn't realize you planned

"I did not!" It was the classic teenage knee-jerk denial that any adult can spot a mile away.

"Bullshit," I almost laughed. "Give me some credit. After everything we've been through? This fits
your M.O. pretty well."

She sulked. "Whatever."

I drove the point home. "No, not whatever. I'm right, admit it."

"Fine," she huffed. "What if I did? I thought you'd appreciate it. Do you know how much bullshit I had
to put up with for ditching my friends? Just so I could be with you?"

"Why can't you just wait? All I'm asking you to do is wait, for Christ's sake!"
"What? So you want me to go to some hotel with a guy I don't even really like and just... just fuck him

"Come on, that's not what I said and you know it."

"Whatever," she repeated under her breath.

We drove in silence for a few minutes, and I realized with sinking apprehension that I wasn't quite sure
how to find her house in her neighborhood. It was late. Dark. I was tired. Fuck.


"You're lost," she replied flatly.

I clenched my eyes for a moment. "Where's your house?"

"Like twenty minutes from here."

"Why didn't you say something?"

"Why didn't you like, ask for directions sooner?"

"Okay, which way?"

"I dunno."

"What do you mean, you don't know?" I muttered.

"I have no idea where we are. You'd have to backtrack."

I pulled over and started to turn around.

"And even then..." she trailed off.

"What?" I prodded her.

"I don't see why I should tell you."

I gripped the steering wheel tighter. "Do you wanna be driving around all night?"

"We won't."

I recognized the tone of voice. She had thought something through and was determined now. And as
my thoughts raced through the predicament, I already knew she had me beat.

"What makes you so sure?"

"Because you have no idea where to go. You don't want to drive in circles, getting pissed off, trapped
in here with me."

"Just tell me where to go."

"Okay. Let's go to your place."

"Damn it, Autumn!"

"What? Nobody is expecting me home. And according to you, nobody's expecting you either."

"That's not the point."

"Okay fine. Let's go to a hotel."

"Absolutely not."


"That's even worse, and you know it!" I was getting angrier.

"Suit yourself," and she turned her head, ignoring me and staring outside the passenger-side window.

I drove around for about twenty more minutes, thinking I might be able to recognize something and
find my way. But it was hopeless. I had nothing to say to her. I was getting increasingly furious that she
was playing me like this, but what could I do? Just kick her out of the car?

"You know..." she broke the silence.

"Hm," I muttered.

"I'm gonna have to um... go to the bathroom soon."

"Lotsa bushes around here," I retorted.

"You wouldn't!" she came to life.

"Oh? You seemed to know me so well a little while ago."

She sighed loudly. "God! Why are we doing this? It's the middle of the night! After everything you're...
you're still playing this game with me!"

I snapped back, "It's not a game, Autumn! It's life. My fucking life!"

"It's mine too! This is fucking stupid!"

"I don't know what you want from me!" I growled. "I'm still your―"

"Teacher! Yeah! I fucking get it! That doesn't change it!"

I blinked in confusion. "Change what?"

"Change... change that I..." she stammered for words.

Somehow the heat of the argument blinded me from what was coming.

"That I love you! Okay? I meant it! I- I mean it now!"

I almost ran a stop sign. Actually, I did run it, just as she finished saying it. Then my mind registered
what I was doing, and I slammed on the breaks, squealing to a stop in the middle of the intersection. I
glared at her, breathing hard. Her eyes were wild at the sudden commotion.

"Goddamnit it Autumn, I love you too, okay!?" I breathed all at once.

Holy fucking shit. Did I just say that? Did I even mean it? It just came out, I swear!

We stared at each other, not knowing how to react. I guess if it was the movies, one of us would have
leaned over and passionately kissed the other. But we were in separate seats, stopped askew in the
middle the road. I snapped my eyes back forward and pulled an awkward and highly questionable

"What- what are you doing?" she managed to ask.

"Going home."

Talk about a tongue-tied drive back. Thankfully it wasn't too far. Neither of us knew how to talk to
each other at all now. I didn't even know what my plan was. Just be sweet to her? Get her in my
bedroom and fuck her? It didn't seem right.

Once inside, she slipped my jacket off and asked if she could use my bathroom.

"You know where it is," I forced a chuckle. Damn this is weird.

Once back out, she smiled uneasily and leaned against the wall. She had let her hair down now, which I
decided made her look younger. Grown-up dress, teenage demeanor... So bizarre how her confidence
roller-coasters up and down around me. She was so sure of herself, of her little plan to end up here.
And now she didn't know how to react.

Maybe it's not as easy when love is on the line. I almost laughed to myself. Something about her
discomfort put me at ease. And I amazingly found myself feeling playful. Self-assured.

"So are you thirsty?" I asked.

"Kinda. Could I have some water?"

I opened the cupboard. "Water? Or wine?" I pulled out a bottle and presented it aristocratically.
Her eyebrows shot up. "Seriously?"

"But of course, Mademoiselle."

"Um... okay! I can't believe it..." she murmured as I pulled out some glasses.

"What's that?"

"You... um, of all people, serving me alcohol."

"Is that a problem?" I asked indifferently.

She had closed the distance between us and was waiting at the counter now. "I'm just surprised that my
favorite teacher is like, breaking the rules for me."

"Au contraire," I feigned an accent as I handed her a glass. "It's your prom. I'm pretty sure it's a rule
that you're supposed to sneak a little something."

She took the drink and smiled at me. "Oh, well if you put it that way."

"I do." I raised my glass, "To following the rules."

She giggled and clinked my glass with hers, then took a tentative sip. I smiled at her before drinking
mine, "You're supposed to say 'cheers' first, I think."

She blushed. "Well..." she rolled her tongue in her mouth, pausing to think. "So much for the rules."

I found her free hand resting on my chest and felt my pulse take off. "Cheers to that," I grinned, and
took a drink.


It wasn't long before we were complimenting how good the other looked all dressed up. We were still
standing by the kitchen, and Autumn's head rested on my chest as she drank. I put an arm around her
shoulders and mused, "You know... if we just sway back and forth a little bit, I think you'll get that
dance from me."

"Don't we need music?" she hummed into me.

"Is that a request?"

"I just wanna do it right..."

I tried to separate from her to go over to the living room stereo, but she endearingly hung onto me and
stayed in step. Shuffling through the CDs, I found something slow and romantic. Not mine, I assure
you... it was hiding between rock albums. It was Heather's, guiltily enough.

I hit play, and Autumn helped herself and clicked through the tracks until she found a song she liked. I
couldn't help but notice her confidence building back up. She took me by the wrist and guided me out
to the middle of the room, and we embraced to begin a slow dance.

By the next song, my hands were exploring her body. Down her back, reaching down to her ass,
coming back up her hips. She held onto me closely, pushing her warm body into mine, occasionally
letting out a soft hum of approval. It didn't take long after that for me to bend down to kiss her temple,
then her cheek.

She tilted her head to try and meet my lips with hers, but I tipped her chin up with my hand and went
for her neck. She made a pleasant 'ooh', which just encouraged me more. I continued planting soft
kisses, and she stifled a tickled laugh.

"You're not gonna give me another hickey, are you?"

"Mmm..." I mouthed into her skin, then gave her a lick. "As I recall, you asked for it last time."
"You ah- didn't seem to mind a-agreeing..."

"I'm very generous," still kissing around her neck.

"Oh... and I'm not?"

"Hmm... I never said that."

I felt her hands slide to the front of me, and she began working the buttons on my shirt.

"Be careful," I playfully admonished. "Last time you ruined my shirt."

"Ohh, poor baby," she pouted. The middle buttons were all undone, and she was now pulling the rest of
the shirt out from my slacks.

"Yeah. It was a nice shirt too." My hand found its way to her dress strap atop her shoulder, and I began
to fiddle with it with my thumb.

"I'm so sorry," she purred. "What can I do to make it up to you?"

"That's hard to say," I mused.

She pulled back away from me, just so she had the angle to undo the last few buttons along the top of
my shirt. Her mouth scrunched up in a fuss as she got to the knot of the tie, and she started to unravel it.
"I'm sure you can think of something. You are a very..." she pulled the tie loose, "...very..." and threw it
down onto the ground, "...resourceful man."

What is it about hearing a woman call you a man that always sets us on fire? Hearing it from my
teenage seductress is even worse. Or better...

She pushed my shirt open, exposing my bare chest, and smiling widely. I watched her eagerly as she
put her hands back on my skin, and then quickly raked her fingers down my abs to tickle me. I flexed
and stifled a laugh.
"What's the matter?" she teased.

I grinned back at her, my body afire with anticipation. She moved closer, keeping her face level with
my torso, but still tilting her eyes upward at me. You know the look. Like a fucking panther that's about
to strike. Her mouth hung open just a little bit, and I took a deep breath as I felt her slowly exhale onto
my skin.

And then it was my turn to receive kisses. They were slow, deliberate. She let her lips part open and
closed all over my abs and chest, occasionally letting her tongue drag along to a new spot. I sighed,
grateful for the attention, and worked my arms out of the sleeves to let the shirt completely fall away.

We stumbled backwards, my legs running into the back of my couch. I planted my hands on it behind
me to stay my balance and enjoyed her unyielding kissing. My erection continued to grow as she
continued, and I began to get impatient for a change in pace.

"You're very persistent," I murmured.

She stopped and looked up at me with big eyes. "I'm just waiting for you to tell me how to... make it up
to you. Sir," she added on innocently.

Oh wow. I grabbed her shoulders and spun us around, swapping places and having her propped against
the couch. "I'm starting to feel a little overdressed," I grinned, pulling at her shoulder straps.

She stuck out her lip. "Aww, I can't do anything right..."

Her arms fell down to her sides, allowing me to push the straps of her dress outward. I slowly pulled
down the silky fabric, down her chest, like I was unwrapping her. She suddenly trembled as she
became exposed, her nipples hardening as the air brushed against them. Once she was naked from her
ribs up, I left the dress hanging onto her.

"That's a little better," I said satisfied.

She smirked and wagged her chest back and forth a little bit. I took it as invitation enough. I leaned
forward, hands on the curve of her stomach, and kissed the top of her breasts.

"Mm... I thought I was supposed to be ah- making it up to you..."

I was making a very slow, deliberate trail down to her nipples... back and forth, from left to right.
"Hmm..." I mumbled back.

My kisses continued for a few more moments, and she ran a hand through my hair, tousling it up. I was
quickly getting lost in her body, inhaling deeply as I ran my lips over her, loving the scent. It's the same
smell I always seem to get washed in whenever we―

"I think I see something to make this more... of a treat for you," she broke my trance.

I looked up at her, and she was wearing a sly little smirk, peering straight ahead. I leaned up and looked
behind me, into the kitchen. She slipped away from the couch, lightly trailing her hands along my body
as she walked ahead of me. Watching her young body, half naked, leisurely draw into the kitchen... I
found myself mechanically going in to follow her. Can't stand being far away from *that*...

She went to the open cupboard where I had taken the wine. Glancing in, I had a pretty good idea of
what she was going for. She stopped against the counter and reached up. I moved in right behind her,
pressing into her. My erection was abundantly obvious, and I shuttered my eyes for a moment just
feeling the pressure against her backside.

She wriggled her butt playfully as she reached up and grabbed a can of whip cream. "If I didn't know
better," she teased, "I'd think you planted this here for me to find."

"Maybe my subconscious at work," I mused, unable to resist wrapping my arms around her and
cupping her breasts.

"Let me make sure it's good enough for you..." and she grabbed one of my hands and squirted some
onto my palm. She pulled it up to her face and evocatively licked, her mouth open wide, all the way up
to the tip of my index finger. "Mmm..." she moaned.

I felt a tremor run through my body. "So how is it?" I asked.


"My turn then."

"Where do you want it?" she slowly turned her body around in my arm, changing to face me.

I swallowed hard and looked down at her naked chest, then down further to her hidden waist. My eyes
popped up to meet hers. "Everywhere."

She stared at me, holding a steady, knowing smile. "Then I guess I better get out of these shoes."

I'm not sure which one of us led the other to my bedroom. All I know is she was on my mattress,
propped up on her knees, wearing only her frilly thong. She was shaking the can of whip cream,
admonishing me, "Looks like you're overdressed again."

I would have stripped down faster, but my eyes were glued to her. She was looking down at her body,
choosing places to squirt the can. She sprayed lines up along her thighs. Tried to make a heart on her
flat tummy. Created little mounds over her nipples. Finished off with a stream on the insides of each of
her forearms.

I was down to my boxers, silently debating whether to fully strip yet or not. She smirked at the obvious
tent, and unhurriedly sighed, "Oh don't be shy."

And then she languidly leaned back, all the way back, until her head reached the pillows. Her knees
were still bent, tucking her legs backward, and it caused her to arch her back to keep the position. Holy
fuck. It dawned on me at that moment, I had never seen a female in a sexier pose in my life.

My boxers were off in a second, and I eagerly moved up and climbed onto the foot of the bed. As I
leaned down to start licking up the whip cream off her taut thighs, I could only think, 'God, what a
woman...' At the time, I didn't have the state of mind to realize this was likely the first time I did not
mentally categorize her as a girl.

She squirmed a little bit, arching her back up and down. It looked so raw. Her arms were positioned at
her sides, and I put my hands on hers to pin them down. Then I began lapping along her stomach. I
thought she might laugh if it tickled, but she only moaned. I took my time, kissing around her
bellybutton as I cleaned her off, until her entire tummy was bare.

Then I crawled up and leaned over to one arm. My erection was hanging heavy, and dragged across her
leg as I bent lower. I had to resist the urge to just drop my body down and hump hers. Running my
tongue up her forearms did make her wiggle against my grip a little, but I held her firm. I finished one
off quickly, and immediately went to polish off the next... getting anxious for a real prize.

Releasing her hands, I pushed myself up and moved toward her chest. She responded by pulling her
arms up and over, stretching behind her head. This allowed her to tip her head back and arch her back
even higher, like she was offering her tits to me. I nuzzled my face down to her pert breasts and
wrapped my lips around the whip cream. Her chest jerked down at my touch, and then instantly pushed
back up to encourage me.

I could hear her breathing now, louder pants huffing from her mouth. I started to worry that she might
be straining herself, uncomfortable. "Lay down flat," I gently ordered her.

Kissing up to her collarbone, she maneuvered her legs out from under her, stretching them out and
letting her body fully sink into the bed. I was on my side, next to her. I brought one hand up to her face,
softly brushing some hair from her eyes, stroking her cheek. I moved my other hand down to her legs,
squeezing and putting mild pressure into her thighs, trying to relax her.

Our eyes locked onto each others. The kind of attachment you can really only get in the most intimate
of moments, when you're completely exposed emotionally. I interpreted her look as admiration and
hunger. At least, that's what I was feeling. My palm moved from one thigh to between both. I cupped
my fingers over the thin fabric of her thong and rubbed softly.

She made a tiny whimper and placed a hand against my shoulder. My fingers pulled the dampening
material away from her slit, and ran along her exposed pussy. She squeezed my shoulder and pushed
her hips up slightly. Two fingers found themselves sliding inside of her, without any thought of mine.

She made a sharp gasp, shut her eyes and parted her lips invitingly. I bent forward and kissed her at
once, and she made a happy 'mmm...' We continued to share slow kisses with each other as I moved my
fingers into her, reaching up to cause her hips to meet my hand.

I was surprised to hear her mumble between a kiss, "I'm ready..."

I pulled myself up, watching her look up at me with desperate eyes. I took my hand away from her and
she closed her legs together. Before I even made a move, she raised her ass into the air and held it,
waiting for me. I would have smiled if I wasn't so turned on. I reached over and grabbed the thin straps
around her hips, and began to pull them down.

As soon as I got them loose off of her feet and threw them to the side, her legs parted wide open. My
heart jumped at the sight, and I wanted nothing more than to lavish attention to her. I was still at her
side, so I moved down toward her pussy, but stopped and planted a kiss on the leg between it and me.

Her body rolled a little bit, snaking towards me, wanting the real thing. I took my hands and lifted her
leg over my shoulder, pushing my body down towards the mattress as I did so. I wasted no time
building up to my next act. My tongue laid flat against her wet lips and I closed my mouth around to
make a suckling kiss.

She cried out a moan, and I pushed my tongue into her. I pressed my face as hard into her body as I
could, fucking her with my mouth, swirling inside of her. I felt fingers grab my hair, nails digging into
my scalp. At first she pushed me into her, rolling her hips along me... but then she jerked my head

"No- ah... No teasing... I want it..." she panted breathlessly, trying to pull my body up to hers by my

My hand had been on her hip, and I reached up and tickled her side, causing her to writhe on the bed
and let go of me. I grinned broadly and brought my lips back to her slit, tonguing her clit without

She hissed an exasperated, "F-ffff-uck!" and grabbed my hair again. "P-please! I'm- I need it- y-ah...¬

Like hell I could resist her begging. Fuck, I needed it too. I slid away from her, bringing her leg back
down to the bed, and pulled up the length of my body to match hers, still on our sides. She reached
down, parting her thighs just long enough to anxiously and roughly grab my cock and guide it to her
opening. Instinct took over and I thrust into her easily.

I lost my own composure and groaned, "Oh fuck yes..."

And she panted, "Yes..." in return.

I began a steady rhythm of rolling in and out of her. It was like her body just melted all resistance and
let me fuck her. She pushed one hand into the headboard to brace herself, to keep her body steady and
give some resistance against the force of mine. Her other hand just roamed sensually all over, feeling
whatever she could. She reached behind her and just touched whatever she could find, then brought it
back and began caressing her own stomach and breasts.

Her eyes were shut and she simply took everything in, her mouth hanging open, releasing tiny moans
and yelps every few thrusts. She looked so fucking out of it... or into it... I don't know. So fucking
sexual. I wrapped my free arm around her, hugging her close to me and squeezing her tits. As soon as
she had more leverage against my body, I felt her tempo slow down.

Oh yeah... I knew what that meant. I measured myself to match her movements, making sure to let her
drive the pace. Once her body started making tight, clumsy little jerks, I knew she was close. I thought
I still had a couple more minutes while she concentrated, but she grabbed my hand and brought it up to
her mouth.

Suddenly she was clutching my palm, kissing the tips of my fingers hungrily. Her whole body started
to tremble, and I had to brace my own excitement to keep my composure. And then she moaned... Not
the sensual, breathy kind; but a long, sustained, loud cry. She stopped thrusting with me and just
pushed her ass backwards, shuddering and holding the position. She stopped kissing my fingers and
began to lick them, and then suck them greedily.

I had to literally bite my tongue to calm down and keep myself from blowing my load right there. Her
body slowed down and began to relax. She released her grip from my hand and lazily let it slide down
to her chest. Before I could so much as lean over and kiss her shoulder, she seized up again.

Her hand shot to mine and pulled tightly against her body, her nails digging into my wrist. She
squeaked out a surprised, 'Ah!!...' and tried to curl her body into a ball, still shaking against my crotch.
Fucking hell, did she come again already!?

As fast as it happened, she hastily pulled away from me, forcing my cock out of her with irritating
speed. I grunted in confusion and frustration. She scooted away from me slightly, laid flat on her back,
and brought her hand down between her legs.

"Get on me," she breathed.

I repositioned myself in front of her, placing my knees between her legs. She was carefully stroking her
clit, waiting for me to re-enter her. I grabbed myself by the hilt and slowly pushed myself in, feeling
the impatience of being out of her dissolve instantly. She continued to play with herself as I slowly
fucked her, but then repeated again, "Ah- on me..."

I leaned over her, still holding myself up with my arms to both side of her body. I dragged the length of
my cock against the top of her pussy as I thrust against her, and she let her hand fall away to let me do
the work. She reached up and began to stroke my abs and chest, beginning to make little whining
noises again.

"St-oh... Stop teasing..." she pleaded, and stretched her arms around my back, trying to pull me down.

I accommodated her and let my body descend onto hers. She sighed and wrapped her legs around me,
steadily rocking into me. I found her body quaking the most as I pulled my length up against the top of
her slit. It wasn't long of repeating this motion, running my cock along her like bow to violin, that her
breathing started to quicken again. We were staring at each other during these motions, eyes fixed in
place. God, she's beautiful... What is she thinking?

Feeling her body tighten around mine, I leaned forward and softly kissed her young lips. She moaned
quietly, and used her tongue to part my mouth open. It was only a few moments later that she took a
sharp intake of breath through her nose and started sucking on my tongue. The sensation took me off
guard, and I involuntarily drove myself into her rather forcefully.

She squeaked into my mouth, bucked her hips, and started to shake. Her mouth tore away with a loud
gasp, and she stammered, "Can- ah... can y-you... uh- ohh... come?"

"God, yeah..." I groaned.

"Fuck―d-do it!" she cried and jerked her head up, attaching her lips to my neck and sucking.
I relaxed my body, and in an instant, I re-tensed up in the way I needed. She was attacking my neck
frantically with her tongue, her body making little spasms underneath mine. I let out a low and long
animal grunt, and felt myself release into her.

She finished before I did; she stopped sucking on my neck and was just watching me come. Her mouth
was a little open, front teeth pinching down on her bottom lip, smiling up at me. As I came down, and
my thoughts returned to me, I dimly realized I had shot a lot. It was going to be messy.

My body felt weak, and I rolled a little to the side, sliding out of her. My body half laying on her, half
on the bed. We stayed quiet, catching our breath.

"Thank you," she murmured.

I blinked in puzzlement. "For what?"

"For everything... for being mine tonight. Just mine."

I leaned over and kissed her on the cheek. "Just yours, Autumn."


It took hardly any convincing from her to con me into let her spend the night. I mean, honestly, like
that wasn't the plan in the back of my head as soon as I turned the car around. And as late as it was, and
as worn down as I was after, uh, prom... Well, I was out pretty quick. I know I had a smile on my face,
as she was curled up next to me, head and arm draped across my chest.

Now, I know people always say when they wake up to something sexual, they're always dreaming
something hot too. Believe it or not, I don't remember a thing. I was asleep, and then my eyes started to
flutter open. Sunlight was pouring in through the windows, and I was in that lovely, comfortable state
you get in when you awake on the weekend and you know you don't have to get up.

Except there was a small hand pumping my morning wood. I rolled my head to the side, blinking away
the sleep. And there was teenage Autumn, playful smile on her face. The sheets were tousled down her
body, mostly because of her arm reaching down to my cock. It left her young breasts exposed and...
well fuck. What a sight to wake up to...

I grinned sheepishly.

"Good morning," she chirped.

"Good... morning..." I mumbled as my attention sank down between my legs.

"Dreaming of me?" she squeezed my hard-on.

"Mmm... Don't have to dream."

"Aww... Nice save," she said dryly.

I stretch my arms up and folded my hands behind my head.

"Oh, getting comfortable?" she prodded, suddenly letting go of my member and tracing her fingers
down to my balls.

"Ah... Well, uh- just waking up is all."

"Hmm... You feel pretty awake to me," she tickled around the hilt.

"That's the first part of any guy to wake up," I chuckled.

"Yeah... what's up with that, anyway?" she wrapped her palm around me again.

"Couldn't uh- tell ya..."

"So is this how you normally do it in the morning?" her hand began to pump faster.

I groaned, "Something like that..."

"Oh... Well am I doing it wrong?" she asked innocently.


"Is there something else I should do?"

Without letting me answer, she shifted her body so her other hand could reach me. Her soft palm found
the head of my erection, and began to rub in little circles. My body immediately convulsed from the
sensation and I groaned.

"Uh oh, does that hurt?" she pouted and slowed down.

"Er―sensitive," I croaked.

She responded by going at it again, holding my cock still with one hand, rubbing along the tip. I jerked
my hips downward, trying to get away from her touch. It felt fantastic, but it was also too much. But
she was persistent, moving her hands along with me.

I noticed that devious look on her face, and she was biting her lip curiously. Another jolt of sensitivity
ran through me and I clenched my eyes shut. My hand flew under the sheets and wrapped around her
fist that was gripping me. I moved her hand along my shaft, guiding her to jerking me off along the
bottom couple inches.

She got the hint and worked me on her own like that, torturing me with both hands. I squirmed
restlessly under the sheets, hardly able to take it. The pressure against my groin was building between
her ministrations and my own rising orgasm. She was practically giggling at my tortured groans.

"Do you want me to stop?" she purred.

"Don't!" I coughed back, my hips jumping into her hands, leg muscles completely tensing.
I was almost there. My mouth hung open, gasping between moans, my body still twisting at the over-
stimulation from the head of my cock. And then suddenly she let her palm slide off the tip, and focused
just on masturbating my shaft. It was a relief, if that's the right word, that I could now concentrate
completely on my oncoming climax.

"Fuck- yes!" I growled, my hands shooting down to the sheets and clutching at the mattress. My body
convulsed against her grip, and I felt ropes of cum hit the sheets, my abs, my thigh... Once done, I blew
out a shaky sigh and felt my body shiver into relaxation.

Autumn pulled her hand away and wiped it along my chest, spreading the mess on her fingers and palm
around. "Feel good?" she grinned.

"God, yes..."

"But now we're all dirty. Well, mostly you."

I felt overwhelmingly sleepy again, and I languidly smiled at her. "Oh yeah?" and to my own
amusement, I reached my arms around her, grabbed her, and pulled her entire body on top of mine.

She shrieked playfully, and I held her tight, rubbing her torso on mine, thrusting my hips along her
pelvis. "This'll even it up a bit," I laughed, and then kissed her playfully on the mouth.

"Mean!" she giggled between sharp breaths.

"Any other sassy comments?" I warned her mischievously.

"Hmm... I think it's time for a shower," she grinned.

Oh yes it is...

What's softer than beautiful, tight, naked teenage skin? Same thing, covered in soap. We couldn't get
enough of each other, just lathering one another up, and then rubbing and sliding our bodies all over.
It's like our whole selves were lubed up for hypersensitive grasping.

Shortly after we rinsed ourselves off, I somehow ended up on my knees, nuzzling my face between her
legs. The warm water poured over us as she leaned against the shower wall. The bathroom was
completely filled with steam by the time I got her to come off my tongue. Her hot moans sounded even
louder as she screamed out, the acoustics of the room amplifying her cries.

Funny how, when we calmed down, we both finally realized that she had no clothes to speak of at
hand, besides her prom dress. She dared me to just go nude with her, but with it being daylight and the
looming menace of reality just outside the front door, I convinced her to at least wear a pair of my
boxers and a t-shirt. Of course they hung loose on her, and it only worked to reinforce and exaggerated
her youthful appearance.
I was making us pancakes for breakfast when her cell phone started ringing from her purse. She went
and took a look, but didn't answer, telling me it was just one of her friends. Apparently a persistent one
though, because she called back two more times in the span of five minutes. Autumn relented and

It was someone from the group she was with the previous night, and she was wondering what happened
to Autumn: did she get a ride somehow, who did she end up with, why was her car still at her friend's
house...? At least, these are some of the things I picked up on as I listened in from the kitchen.
Apparently we dodged a bullet because her friend was only one more missed call away from trying
Autumn's parents' house to make sure she was okay.

It was this realization that put me back on edge, and I knew I somehow had to get rid of my student
fairly quickly. The afterglow of the previous night, and this morning, swiftly began to fade, and I
recognized how reckless I was being. I informed her that we needed to figure out how to get her back
in her car, where her spare clothes were, as soon as we finished breakfast.

She tried to resist, alluding and flirting to the notion of just going back to bed... But I refused, and she
relented. The most awkward part of the whole thing was trying to find out how to drop her off. Like
hell I was going to just pull up into a driveway, half-naked student in my car, wearing my clothes. But I
couldn't just drop her off down the block and expect her to walk like that either.

She ended up putting on a pair of my workout shorts and tucking in the shirt. I grabbed a hat and
sunglasses and tried not to look too fucking suspicious. She kept teasing me that we were acting like a
couple of spies.

At least she didn't expect a goodbye kiss when I pulled up along the street of her friend's house. She
thankfully just slipped out of my car and jumped into hers without any ceremony. I was gone before
she even started the ignition.

She did text me a few minutes later, 'the eagle has landed' and I managed to laugh out loud. Goddamn,
I can't believe we can pull this shit off...


Fast-forward. After prom, it was just shy of two weeks until graduation. Autumn was, along with most
students, mostly preoccupied with studying for finals and wrapping up end-of-term projects. She was
exceptionally giddy at counting down the days until she was 'free', and that we didn't have to hide
anymore. Yes, yes, she rolled her eyes, it can't be too obvious, too fast... But we'll be able to be
together! I tried my hardest to hide my own excitement and be the mature, reserved one.

She had been mentioning that her parents had been hinting at a big surprise for her graduation, and
once Autumn thinks there's a secret about her, she has to know. I just assumed it'd be a new car or
something, and didn't really give it all that much thought. At the time, I just interpreted her excitement
as kind of, I dunno, juvenile I guess. But then again, I'm not too big on surprises.

It was the day before the big day. My cell had been off for some reason, and when I clicked it on, I
noticed several missed calls, and a few texts from Autumn. All of them urging me to contact her right
away. I dialed her back in the late afternoon.
"Finally!" she answered, "What took you so long?"

"Well hello to you too!" I tried to joke.

"I've been trying to get a hold of you all day!"

"Sorry, my phone was off... Is something wrong?"

"Yes! Well, I mean... sort of!"

"What is it?"

"My parents! I finally got them to tell me the- the big surprise."

I rolled my eyes. Really? That's it? "Okay..."

"We're going to Europe!"


"Yeah, but... Like, right after graduation. For almost two months!"

Oh crap... My heart began to sink. "Wow..."

"They showed me the trip they planned... we go all over... it's insane!"

"That's uh- that's a pretty amazing surprise. I'm jealous," I offered.

"Yeah but this timing sucks! I want to be with you!"

"Pack me in your suitcase," I tried to be lighthearted.

"I'm serious! All this fucking time, and now we're going to be apart? Now!?" she huffed over the

"Well..." I tried to come up with something.

"I mean, I can get out of it. I've been thinking. My parents would still go, of course. They were just
going to go for the first month, and then I was going to meet with my aunt and uncle... But like, that
means I'll have the house to myself, and, and..." she prattled on anxiously.

"Autumn, slow down... You can't uh- just not go."

"I can find a way!"

"No... That's ridiculous. This is an amazing opportunity for you."

"I know," she sighed, "But god... This is like, a curse or something. What are the odds?"
"It's only, what did you say? A couple months? That's not the end of the world."

"It's a long time."

"I'll still be here when you get back."

"Will you?" she retorted instantly.

"Where the hell would I go?"

"I don't know... back to your, I mean..." she almost sounded choked up.

"Autumn... Think about this. I've been spending every second I can get away with... with you. Despite
everything. You think I'm just going to drop that?"

She sighed heavily. "I'll miss you so much."

"Europe does have phones and the internet, you know. It won't be all that different than normal."

"Except I won't see you."

"Well... This could be a good thing. You'll be gone for awhile, and when you come back, it won't be so
weird when we see each other. Publicly, I mean."

"I guess..."

"When do you leave again?"

"Tomorrow night. I'm supposed to pack everything today."

"Jesus, that's sudden."

"I know!"

"Well uh... I'll see you tomorrow at least, at the ceremony."

"Yeah. Real intimate. Just you, me, every other senior, and all their parents."

"True... But it'll just make our reunion that much better when it happens."

"You have an answer for everything."

"That's why I'm the teacher."

I heard her laugh a little, and I smiled. Inwardly though? I'm just thinking, god fucking damn it.
So I was standing on the stage that we put on the football field. Our facilities are pretty damn
accommodating. Mostly because, hey, why buy a new set of class books when you can refurbish the
stadium every year? Oh wait... anyway. The graduating class is sitting in chairs along the field, and the
families are in the stands.

The speeches had already been spoken, and the principal stood behind and to the side of me by several
feet, behind a podium. As he called out the names, students filed up to the stage from either the left or
the right. I handed out diplomas for one side, and a physics teacher covered the other.

Yes, I knew I was going to be in this role. And no, I didn't tell Autumn. This was the fucking home
stretch, man. As long as nothing absurd happened for the next hour or so, I was home free. Well, as
free as I was going to get, statute of limitations pending. To be fair though, I didn't know if she was
going to be called on my side or the other. Fifty-fifty, right?

Well it wouldn't be a fitting end if the coin toss didn't land for me. I had been scanning the audience for
her, but I couldn't tell where she was. They all looked the same... a sea of gowns and square caps.
When her name was called, I saw her pop up with a squeal of cheers around her.

So, not to get all sappy or anything, but I feel twinges of happiness for any of my students that I had
even a remote connection with, at least on graduation day. Watching Autumn walk up, I felt such an
awkward mix of emotions. The pride of seeing a successful student and... hell, what can I call it? The
anxiety... the surge of... whatever, of seeing the girl I had become so overtaken with.

I don't think my brain was prepared to handle the discord of the situation. I mean, fuck. She's a
graduating senior. As much as I kept putting that out of my mind, I couldn't ignore it now. Watching
her come up to the stage, I was just astounded how someone so young could be so... so...

I smirked at her as she walked up, wry glint in her eye. I pulled out the diploma and held it for her to
take, preparing to shake her hand like every other student (or the occasional goofy high-five). Over the
strum of the classic violin grad song, she reached out and chirped at me, "So it's official!"

"Congratulations..." I smiled genuinely, even if I was saying it to everyone.

As she took the paper, her body took one fluid step very close to me and reached up on her toes. "I'm
not your student anymore," she whispered loudly, right in my ear, and then kissed me on my cheek

In front of everyone.

A tide of exciting, 'Whoo!'s rose out of the student section, and I just stood staring straight ahead,
trying to grasp if that really happened. I was too stunned to realize my face had flooded red. I snapped
out of it half a second later, though it felt longer, and glared at her in surprise.

She wore a sincere look, half-apologetic, half-pleased. The principal duly was reading off another
round of names, unfazed by the commotion. Autumn began to walk away, but before breaking our
stare, she rushed out the words, "I left something in class for you."

I could barely hear it over the cheering and applause for the next students. She was walking down the
stairs in the middle of the stage, doing the track to get back to her seat with her friends. Thankfully I
didn't just stand there like an idiot (even if I felt like I was). My autopilot kicked in, and I already had
another diploma in hand.

He was a complete class clown, and was making a serious show of coming up to me to get his prize,
exaggerated strutting, drawing out laughter. Once he got to me, I handed the diploma over, covering
my embarrassment with another teacherly, "Congratulations..."

He put his hand out to grab it, then suddenly reached up and held onto my shoulders, ludicrously
kissing me on each cheek like some kind of Italian. The crowd burst into more catcalls and laughter. He
skipped back, grabbed the diploma, and raised his arms triumphantly as he danced off the stage. I
couldn't help laughing too. And hell, even if nobody else thought too much of Autumn's little stunt, I
felt like it defused the situation, anyway.

The rest of the ceremony was not nearly so interesting. Having seen where Autumn came from in the
crowd, I did constantly look over there and try to catch her eye. Inside, I kept wondering what it was
that she left in my classroom.


It was all over. The kids were taking last-minute photographs with each other and their families, and
then piling into buses to go on their senior trip. Some of the other teachers were getting ready to go out
for celebratory drinks. Hey, we're excited for the end of the year too, you know. I told the group that I
would meet up with them at the bar, that I had a few quick things to wrap up.

As I walked through the empty halls, I couldn't help but feel a heavy sadness. Yeah, yeah... I always get
a little sappy going through the school after it's cleared out. But add Autumn on top of everything. As
much as I wanted all of the stress and drama of her in my classroom gone... Well, I knew I was going to
miss it, in a twisted way. Mostly I knew I was just going to miss her.

My mind did churn at the thought of what she left for me though. A goodbye note? Another story? A
farewell picture?

I opened the door into my room, and immediately noticed a bright bow on a little box, sitting
conspicuously atop my desk. I didn't even bother turning on the light in the room. I bee-lined straight
for it and realized there was a little note attached. I folded it open and read it.

'Thank you for everything. I am going to miss you SO much. This present is something to remember me
by while I'm gone'

I picked the bow off and opened the box. All that was inside was a tiny piece of paper. Pulling it out, I
held it up and furrowed my brow.

'Look behind you'

I curiously turned around, and croaked, "Jesus!..."

Autumn was in the back row, standing arms folded. She was still in her graduation gown, sans cap this
time. "You didn't really think I was going to go without a real goodbye, did you?" she said softly across
the floor.
My head jerked around, scanning the rest of the room, paranoia jumping into overdrive. She began to
close the distance between us. "Everyone is gone," she stated.

I'm dreaming. She is *not* coming onto me in my classroom. She has *never* tried anything so―

I had backed up as far as I could, a whole step and a half, before I bumped into my desk. I jumped a
little, and muttered, "Autumn you- you scared the crap out of me..."

She stuck out her lip. "I thought you'd be happier to see me."

"I- I am. But uh... Aren't your parents...? I mean, you said you were going on your, ah- trip right

"I know. I am," she was standing right in front of me now. "But I had to say goodbye to my friends
first, duh!" and she winked quickly.

I looked out the door again, seeing nothing, but still expecting the worst. My eyes snapped back to her
once I felt a hand on my chest and another on my arm. "Autumn, uh... I'm not sure what- um..." What
does she want, exactly?

"Just a goodbye kiss," she smiled sweetly.

I felt my chest relax, just slightly, at the words. She blinked at me slowly, as if waiting for me to act. I
loosened up a little and manage to give a smile. "A kiss, huh?"

She nodded cutely and rocked up onto her toes. Despite my apprehension, I found my hands softly
cupping her cheeks, and I leaned down to press my lips against hers. We both closed our eyes, and she
melted into my chest, bending a little at the knees. It was a slow, strong kiss. Nothing overtly sexual
about it... But as we embraced, we kissed hard. Her hands squeezed into me, and the prospect of her
leaving on her trip surged within me, forcing me to treasure the moment even more.

We finally broke off and she sighed. "I really am going to miss you."

I brushed her hair behind her ear. "I'm going to miss you too."

She gave a sad little smile. "Well... I guess I need to go now."

"Yeah... okay."

Her hand reluctantly trailed off of me as she walked to the door. I took a deep breath as I watched her,
bittersweet ending and all. She paused in the archway.

"Oh, and one other thing," she looked out into the hall and then back at me.


"Do you remember a long time ago... That fantasy I told you about?"

Huh?? "Um... Sorry?"

She closed the door. "At my house. In my room..."

My mind reeled, trying to remember, trying to figure out what she was up to. "Autumn..."

"I said I always fantasized about, um..." she began to walk towards me, "...you and me... in your chair.
That chair," she nodded behind my desk.

I remembered now. Very clearly. Flashes of me on my back, on her bed. Her body slowly rising up and
down, sensually fucking me, telling me her fantasy.

"Do you remember?" she prodded.

My mouth had dried up. "Yeah," I croaked.

"So I have a confession," she reached out and grabbed my wrist. My fear of the situation, of just being
in my classroom, made me oddly compliant. She gently pulled me around the side of the desk, toward
the chair. She can't be serious...

"Huh..." I mumbled.

"The kiss wasn't what I came here for."

The blatant insinuation knocked at least a little sense into me. I was standing by my chair, but still
standing. I put my hands up, "Autumn... We're still- there are still people around..."

She looked down at herself, and wordlessly brought her fingers up to undo the buttons that kept the
gown closed. I felt my heartbeat pounding in my head. It only took her a moment to unsnap them all,
and I realized before she was done that―

Ho-ly fuck-me. She was buck-fuckin' naked. The fabric fell open to the sides, revealing her breasts, her
long stomach, bare legs... bare everything. I realized I was gawking at her body and I looked back up at
her. Her eyes were big, and she was nibbling on her lip.
"You said you wanted this too," she nearly whispered.

"You... You're..." I was at a loss.

"This is our last chance at this," she changed her tone, almost to a quiet urgency. She picked up my
hands and placed them on her stomach. "Think of it as a goodbye present for both of us."

Her hands went down to my belt.

"Autumn..." I groaned.

She began to unfasten my pants. "Yeah?"

My hands squeezed into her skin, running up along her sides. I narrowed my eyes, taking in the sight of
her lithe body revealed from the gown. "You're right."

Her eyes lit up. "Really?"

"Yes. Fuck it all," I almost growled. My hands shot down to my waist, and I pushed hers aside, deftly
working my pants undone and pushing them down, boxers and all. Her mouth dropped open, cocked to
the side, with impressed surprise.

My cock wasn't completely hard yet, but growing fast. I slipped my arm down to her side, and traced
my fingers around her hip, down her pelvis. She made an exaggerated gasp, and pushed her body
toward me a little. My other arm wrapped around her lower back and pulled her closer.

"Oooh... You're frisky..." she murmured.

My palm ran over her mound, cupping her slit. "You're going to get your wish," I said in a low voice. I
began to probe her lips with one finger, and found she was already a little wet.

She squeaked at the quick movement and threw her hands onto my hips. I ran my tongue against the
back of my teeth, looking her body up and down hungrily, my eyes drawn to the faint lines in her
stomach that led down to her pussy. "Getting excited?" I asked her forcefully.

"Wow what has- what's gotten into you?" she asked breathlessly.

"You," I answered flatly, sliding another finger into her and arching them up toward her clit.

She gasped again, involuntarily this time. A hand trembled down and surrounded my shaft in response,
tugging it almost awkwardly. Impatiently. Her mere touch was enough to bring my erection to a hard
fullness. It didn't hurt that I was fingering her perfect little body right there in front of me though...

She was staring intently at my hard-on as she worked it, and suddenly her body quaked from my touch.
A moan escaped her throat and her hands reflexively gripped me.

"Looks like you need to sit down," I asserted.

Her eyes leveled up to mine, nervous and giddy. I pulled my hands away from her and casually took a
step back, falling into my chair. I gave her an impish grin, feeling completely in control. "You want it?"

"Jesus," she whispered to herself. She held her position for only a moment, then took a step toward me.

I leaned forward in my chair and reached out my hands to her wrists. I gently held them and pulled her
closer, until she was standing at the edge of the seat. Then, without any warning, I wrapped them
behind her, grabbed her ass, and forcefully tugged her down into me.

She stifled a cry of unexpected shock, and slapped her hands onto my shoulders to catch herself from
falling forward. I continued to pull her into me, and her lower body slid forward, landing on my lap.
She had no choice but to wrap her legs around mine and hold onto me for balance. The chair leaned
backward, which caused her to lean even closer to me, her hair suddenly falling into my face.
I stabled my feet on the ground and kept the chair still. She gasped, catching her startled breath, and
looked at me with fiery eyes. My desk chair didn't have any armrests, so once she had her balance, she
looked pretty comfortable.

I looked down toward my lap, and saw my cock pushed up between her legs, the top resting against her
stomach. She looked down too and made a flirty, 'Hmm...' and brought a hand down to lightly trace
along the length with one finger.

Swallowing a groan, I squeezed her ass and stated, "I didn't think you came here just to tease it."

She made a little scoff. "This is so unlike you... So demanding."

"I thought you wanted it. It feels to me like you want it."

Her fingers formed a little fist around the base of my erection and she twisted her hand around, causing
me to grunt in pleasure. "It's my fantasy," she declared.

"It's my classroom."

She glared at me, challenging me. "But I'm not your student anymore."

"Autumn..." I said in a low, authoritative tone.


"Fuck me. Now."

I saw her try to hide a shudder. She rose her hips up, balancing against me on her toes, and placed my
cock against her slit. "Okay..." she answered in a submissive voice.

And then she slid down onto me, taking me all in at once, slowly and, fuck- wonderfully. Her eyes
flickered closed and she hummed to herself, readjusting her legs a little bit. Her body stayed flush
against my lap as she positioned her hips in a way that made her smile to herself, and then she slowly
began to sway her lower body in tiny circles.

I took a huge breath, luxuriating in the feeling of her warm tightness around me. My hands slid down to
her knees, gently holding onto the sides of her legs. She brought her palms up to my shoulders, right
next to my neck, and then started raising and lowering her body. Slowly at first, finding a pace she was
comfortable with.

For my part, I just hypnotically watched her body. Her young breasts bouncing slightly with her
movements. Her stomach undulating, pushing forward and back as she fucked me. She began to
vocalize panting moans, and her tempo started to pick up. I couldn't help grunting a little myself as she
bounced on top of me, causing the chair to squeak from the friction.

She brought her hands down to my lap, spreading her palms outward and bracing herself against my
pelvis. The weight and pressure she applied to the soft muscle beneath my pelvic bone caused me to
growl in pleasure. It sent a steady, pulsing jolt of pleasure between my legs, as if she was pushing more
sensitivity up and into my cock. The position caused her to arch her back, pushing her chest up against

My hands rolled up and caressed her back. It had the effect of pulling on the sleeves of her gown
against her arms, so she let go of me and lifted them up. We worked together and effortlessly slid it off
of her. It shook down her body and fell to the ground, leaving her completely nude, hiding nothing.

I craned my neck forward, grabbed her tits by the side, and indulged myself on her nipples with my
mouth. She moaned in delight and brought her arms up to her own body, placing her hands on mine.
Her gripped squeezed me, causing me to squeeze her, and she uttered, 'Yes...' at the feeling.

Her body was humping me faster now, her hips making an effort to roll forward and up against my
cock with each thrust. I knew she was using me, positioning my hardness to brush against her clit. It
may have been helping her, but it was doing fucking wonders for me.

I got greedy, shot my hands up to the back of her head, and pulled her face in for a kiss. I moaned hotly
into her mouth, my own body starting to tense up and match her thrusts. She kissed me passionately,
pulling her lips off constantly and coming in for another hard embrace. It all felt so fucking amazing.

My thoughts had been empty for several minutes, not comprehending anything except the movement of
our bodies. She stopped kissing me and leaned her forehead against mine, gasping for air, moaning
with each breath. Something about this triggered a synapse in my mind, and the realization just seared
across my brain.

I am fucking her in my classroom. Good fucking god, I can't believe―

I felt the tenseness in my stomach start to curl within. I held onto her tight; one hand on her waist, the
other holding her ass. My jaw began to clench, and I managed to utter, "Autumn, fuck..."

Her eyes flickered urgently. "D-don't come yet!"

My body seized up even worse. She saw the look on my face, and immediately clawed her nails into
my shoulders as hard as she could. I hissed in pain, all my attention shooting up behind my neck. She
relaxed her fingers and I sighed loudly, looking back into her eyes. It worked, and I grinned.

She smiled wickedly, inwardly pleased. "God that was- that was hot..." she murmured. "You- you
losing control...!"

Her movements had slowed only slightly, and she was speeding back up again, this time grinding into
me as hard as she could. I guess my close call had really gotten to her, or put the fire into her to hurry
up... Either way, her brief, vocal exhales began to merge into longer, staggered moans.

I brought my hand up against her mouth, suddenly having one rational thought of trying to keep the
two of us quiet. Her eyes opened wide and she kissed my palm, then snaked her tongue out and licked
it. I was surprised by the tickling sensation and yanked my arm back.

"Fuck yes!!..." she groaned, and rolled her shoulders down, arching her back forcefully. Her head tilted
up and she cried out, unsuccessfully muffling it by biting on her lip. I could feel her muscles vibrating
all over my legs, and I knew she was coming.
"Ah- A-utumn...!" I grunted, and stunned myself with an unexpected climax. It came out of nowhere.
My cock pulsed inside of her, desperately sending cum upward.

Her body collapsed forward, head falling onto my shoulder, arms wrapped around the back of my neck.
She was gasping heavily. I was too. I held her against my chest, naked and exhausted. Something about
it almost made me laugh. I had this train of thought in my head... And to think. I almost went through
an entire student affair without fucking in the classroom.


She left shortly after that. Apparently she had stowed her clothes in the nearest girls' bathroom. She
redressed in her gown and retreated back there, put her things back on and went immediately back to
her waiting folks in the field.

And that was it.

She was off to Europe for the bulk of her summer vacation. For the first week or two, she made an
effort to call me fairly often. She talked on and on about everything she was seeing and doing. She told
me she missed me. More fervently at first, anyway. At some point she apparently got scolded for the
outrageous roaming charges she was sure to be incurring, so that slowed down some of the calls.

I got some texts too. Mostly emails from odd hours when she could visit an internet café. At some point
she mentioned how she was surprised how forward European boys are. That they would flirt and
admire so much more openly than she was used to at home. I'm not gonna lie. The pangs of jealousy
were painfully there.

After a month, we hardly spoke at all. I began to get increasingly restless. My patience wore thin, and I
began to come to my senses. She was just a teenager, after all. Maybe I had overestimated her maturity.
I had clearly overestimated her interest in me... Or maybe it was just the long distance. Maybe when
she came back, things would be different.

But as time went on, and the intoxication of our illicit relationship slowly wore off, I found myself
increasingly pessimistic. An email came telling me which school she finally settled on. It was several
states away. That was the death knell. Even if things could have worked out when she got back... it
would only be for a few weeks. And then she'd be gone. College life.

So here I am. Back in the gym. I had fallen out of practice because of everything, and I was just now
getting back into a steady groove. My feet pounded on the treadmill, and I felt the sweat trickle down
my temples. I can't help but think about her whenever I'm here. I mean, this is where it all started. But I
don't get upset about it anymore. It was an amazing fuckin' ride. Impossible to believe, really. But it
couldn't last forever, right? It was, after all, an unlikely encounter.