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(Prequel to Kitab Al-Azif)

by Al-Hazzard
{ Blair Crash


The time is twilight; the Midnight Queen

Moving on, to a later time, another Fool.
A Crown of Silver-Stars,twinkling & weaving;
exchanged for the throne of thee Orb-like King.
Light hitting the Spheres with a subtle hissing of
burning kisses...
The Wolfs Story tells of things to eat..
Deep in a Tomb festers rotting meat. Behind Them.
As the mourning Sun sheds Its silken Black Shroud
His breath whistles as the sound of howling winds.
The Pilgrim sees the things of the Far-East.
With purpose & standing still in time, as well
of Entrancement & entrance to the White-Abyss,
the Void of Nonexistence.

A roar incites: an old Man dies; a young Girl lives.

Such is the price of Sacrifice.
A whore once say; as you grow-old,the Darkness it seems,
is the only Reality! Sounds of Storms, summoning
other swarms. & now i pray for another Mans Soul.
Mayhaps,it were never here nor whole to start

Across a swinging-bridge, up treacherous switch-

Clouds let loose drops of rain, made of melted Gold &
molten Lead... & thusly,Heaven attacks!!
Adrift on a whim;in the Wilderness...
The Pilgrim was young,when He first began His
Tears run down His face, into His ears. For He has
lost His way,& no longer can He hear. Thoughts of Her,
sparkling;shining;stray sparks ignite to
incalculable fear & desire.

Oh Phoenix of the Frozen-Flame:

Oh horror of consumption,burning-up,in passion.
This is of that which is hidden deep within..
i have no Home... the Queen Of Night softly
The Pilgrim then indicates two Stars to His right.
One He callsAlgol;thee otherSothis.
Some Stars,He utters,can only be seen if you do
not look directly at them... Such is the
shimmering,of these celestial sights.

The Queen Of Night, dejectedly sighs..

Some stars shall elude a direct gaze he says..

Some Witches, will believe in shortness;

all the Hymns,Myths,Psalms,& Missals.
& of the Tarot of Tahuti.The Tower of Babil;
struck-down by the Power of Allahs Will.
Nimrod shall contend with Jibreel!

In shortness of Pneuma or breath,the Man & the

come to a bridge;without any Water under it.The Pilgrim proceeds to
fill the ditch with His tears! After crying for nineteen years; the Wind howls
Liliths name & wonders Who hears.The Pilgrim hears & He no longer fears.
Love in the Heart,Love in the highest,Love in the

The moonstruck lovers hop, jump, & skip. For They

discover unwittingly,they have undone a funeral
song, a dirge for which They seemed doomed to live!
They dreamed well & had many Kids.
What has thee to do with this?
The Home of the Trees,a passing Breeze,flowing
through their leaves. Mistress Night & Man of
His Pilgrimage complete. His Prophecies of Peace.
Where once two had met,now stands just
The Boy has become a Man,a Father to His
He has become as Everything; in reward of,embracing
NoThing. All-seeing,the teary eyes miss not a thing.
Is such a shady Family aloud to even blink?
The young Man, firstborn Son was named of Kain:
He cried to the Phoenix flames to come again.
The chance has not yet passed for thee, to truly reclaim thy
past & Name...

A YoungWoman,1st-BornDaughter;& Kains Twin,&

Kali was Her Namesake.SHE LIGHTS A SPARK TO
Skies,He forsakes the Day & they both become
twisted & insane.Kali calls unto Her Fairy.. Find Us
a Legion of Demons to seize, She doth entreaty.
Fly silently & do not let them see thee.
& the Faeri returned shortly the very next evening.
Kali receives Her companion; She is pleased.The
tiny Spy-Fayri has discovered a Party of Demon-
Things,Incubi,& Succubi; lulled into deepest-Sleep..
For The Firebird-Babies to eat.Just as-if in-
timing,the hungry Phoenix are become Hatchlings;
they are hatching.

Beauty lies in the LiarsMind,so ye might find,& ye

shall be seen as unclean,& the Night shall
persistently leave. Thus is the Pit; ever-
Bottomless. A device of equality.Free us all from
doubt,drought,& disease! Formed from
Hell,feeding immortality. The End has
encompassed the Pilgrims Dream. His presence
remains;Spirit of the Unseen. Of the Spaces
Inbetween. Of other Eons i must also seek to

Might of Man,Womans delight; veiled-mask of

sudden fright. Now leave-away from this, hear ye!
Leave it be,The Scourges Crooked Alchemy... No-
one should ever wish to recieve,the blind-eyed
Blessing of the Tatterdemalion Leper-King!

My dear Wasteland, Mystery over the Sea. Take
my Heart underground.. to beneath the dirt in
discovery of a hidden City; or an ineffable
blasphemy? Whence shall we meet? Whilst
oncoming Visions consume me, what are these
words of which you read? Alien vistas, beyond
sights ability to percieve.. The Harvest-Moon
dimly glowing. The low-hum of insects; of Bats,
screeching & crickets chirping. Spectres can be
sighted. In disguise as Mortals with old clothing..
Why dost thou Phantoms beseech me? Who now,
who endowed with; presence of desire; to kill on a
whim. Why? i say, to the cannibalism of decay. Tis
not Writings ability to speak? To thy imagination &
the Minds Imagery: in deepest of death-like
sleeps. These deeds may never leave, the Oceans
wrath of consumed palaces; unreal & unworldly!

A new demand has been placed on Our plates..

Two Entities, as one, They are Siamese. Such
disturbing fancies; of floating, piping Deities;
dressed-up as monstrosities. These Visions must
not come to fruition. Life.. gruesome offspring of
Allah. trying to break The Mountains of Mashu.
Striving to drown the Ocean Beneath the Sea!
Awesomely honor-bound to feelings.. So shall ye,
abandon all social misgivings; & such things shall
learn to walk; which ought to crawl.

The Man of Tears, occasionally abandons Cosmic

Awareness of the Skies & temporally caresses
bodies in need. Nor shall he lead or enunciate
clearly; for trickery, is the Way of the Legendary!
Eyes deceive, sounds shall ye not believe. So We
rethink of Four into Three.. of sinking Cities, &
volcanoes erupting from impacts of Meteors;
exploding. Thou mayest recall the usage of Siddhis
& Thaumaturgy... Remembering the Ways of the
Sage who was called, Mani or Manes... & of Sheikh
Adi; of thee Isawa Sidi. In fear.. i must retract the
bounds of my Poetry. Lest my wording encompass
a secret, unspeakable heresy.

What knows one such as i? Of concepts so ghostly

as Limbo or Purgatory? The box in which We are
kept is inside of a Cube. Beyond the Great I AM,
there lies Void, & further Desolations highly
unseemly. Wise was Mani; yet wise too were those
who smote Thee!
Thou must keep some secrets unknown; lest thy
lives shall the leave. These questions amount to
tragedies. Forget them over fermented strong-
drink. Dread Atlantis, Mu, & Lemuria shall arise
again someday.. Whence it comes; i know not the

The Gates of Delivery are opening. Khonshu &

Horus are communing. Overseeing the unforeseen
birth of Mary Magdalene.. Uncanny & Heavenly.. in
Glory & memory. Of how Allah works in Mystery, do
not whisper; do not teach.. Saurian or Reptilian
kinfolk or Species. Their Sort, fall-away-from
desperately. Intense feelings, abhorrent
conditions; of a need fro diversity. Of He-Whom-
We-Shall-Not-Speak; for We are unworthy. As all
the flesh is for feeding. None shall gaze upon His
face. Still, He existeth. Also, was He betrayed... &
didst thus, fade-away.

Just in Us We trust. Unlike the others, We didst

not issue from dust; but of Stars seeds, lissome
with lust. Dark shadows fall upon unused roads of
Humanity. Appeased, all untapped necessities.
With me now dost they abide? The shuffling desert-
sands shall not burn my feet. Zarathustra will
never cease to speak.. Neither shall thy Holy Magi;
pass-the-Torch to yon enemies. Tear out thine
perversions; if they be wordly. Those who cling-to
Life too voraciously, shall have It ripped-away.
Keep tyhe Shells at bay. Solemn vow of filth &
Oh wicked Queen of Solomon... Lady of Sheba, of
which was Her Namesake; would bear a Son of King
Solomons, a Chosen-One. Into the World of
Worms; wearing a shawl of invisibility. Days of
futures; past & forgot. The present-day Dreamer;
plans a plot. Say what you will of this drivel, this
Troth.. into the intrigue all such beauty is wrought.
Unraveling of Heavens twine...

From womb to bosom; far-flung from the Gates of

Midian.. To the Place of the Skull. Forgotten are His
Children.. Prithee? The coming of the Unbeheld...
Constructing the corner-stone of Infinity. Hells
domain shall abolished be! When you were young,
ye understood little of these sayings... Mention
not, Thee All-In-One One-In-All; for whom all is
occuring simultaneously, not consecutively.

Take ye thy fill of wine; when at last rest has

arrived. Of ye goblets drink thee fully! Partake of
Bore & Beef each, let them eat. Let us hear Our
Maidens glorious singing; like a Nightengale on
gossamyr wings. Arranging limitations on Lifes
crooked Games of Names.. Which no lips should
allow to leave. What is this sayings true meaning?
Why is it, that none may know, of the color of the
future King? What shall be the secrets of which He
will only impart at thee inception of a deeper
insanity. Leviathan & Behemoth, Lords of the Wilds
--- Things & Beasts. Of the Watery Deep... To me
are such trysts, undying.

By bone & arrow, to the insides of thy Earth,

burrough. Treasures abound; in the hidden tunnels,
frought with peril. Those of ye sterner still; those
who scream in the face of Infernos; waiting to
break-free... To the Highest of the Most-High; upon
Zions lofty peaks. The Shades shall return & the
lanterns will shake. For the Son of the Spawn, of
The Fire-Lake. On the feathers of a flying Snake.
Thou must not forsake thy Faith.

Die,die,die! You seers of No-Thing.. Of notes
which crookedly dance, amidst maniac piping
of sounds one can never intone.